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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  January 13, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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it is official, the silver and black will stay in oakland for now, and we have reports
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from houston and the reaction from mark davis himself, and reports from jason appelbaum. announcing a program that will pay off for the fans, and the vice president of community relations. tomorrow will launch the start of the oakland restaura week. we will tell you what is being served up. playing the raiders anthem and looking live.>> the autumn wind.>> we will start to talk with the raiders as we welcome you into the 9. we are talking about the fact that the raiders are staying in oakland for now. let's talk about this decision. were you surprised?
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>> i was not surprised it happened, but surprised happen yesterday and not today. that speaks how badly they wanted that team in los angeles, so i am surprised that it happened yesterday.>> and we will bring in heather holmes who is live in houston. what did mark davis have to say about the decision from yesterday? i know that several reporters tried to pin him down, but he would not go there.>> reporter: no, he would not comment at all as to where the team may be playing after 2016. good morning, from houston at the westin hotel, and here's where it went down yesterday. i have one person that equated it to the soap opera, the young and the restless, equating it to the rich and restless. we had 32 league owners above us on the fourth floor,
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debating the fate of the three teams. we all knew that the nfl wanted a team in la, but it came down to which stadium, and the stadium proposal by the st. louis rams will be the league's biggest and most expensive by far, $3 billion. we know that the nfl is a business, and money and power comes into play. but when the nfl commissioner and the owners involved walked into the room behind me, it was definitely not a celebratory mood. mark davis made it very clear that he was disappointed with the decision.>> this is not a win for the raiders today, but at the same time i am very happy for stan kroenke and the rams, and inglewood, i want to congratulate the mayor of inglewood, a good friend of mine. we will see where the raider nation ends up., and we will
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work hard to find as a home, and that is what were looking for. don't feel bad, we will get it right.>> reporter: shortly after that, davis left the news conference, the first owner to leave. when he did, i had an opportunity to ask a few questions, to clarify what he meant the fact that it was not a win for the raiders, and clarify the next step. he basically said that the world, america, is a possibility for the raider nation. and here's a little bit of my q&a with mark davis. what is your role?>> to get a stadium for the raiders. initially we tried to get something in oakland, and la, but those did not happen for us.>> reporter: he said oak
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glen is not happening, la is not happening, so what is next? there were questions about san antonio. let's say that the chargers joined the rams in la, would he be interested in going to san diego. he didn't say anything, but i think the headline is that after all of these discussions, mark davis is still looking for a home. all of the teams wanted out of the home market for whatever reason, and that disappoints the fan pays in the -- and base -- fan base within the home market, but he was really vague about the future. >> did you get it cents when you read his body language that he wanted nothing to do with oakland in the future?>> reporter: that is the sense that i got, and every reporter
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was asking him if he wanted to stay in oakland, and he basically said they tried that and it did not work, so is basically looking for other options. we asked about that $100 million he was offered to build the stadium in oakland and we asked if that would help. he said it would help, but it would not be nearly as much as they need.>> were hearing -- so we are hearing from the mayor libby schaaf of oakland. >> i know that the raiders have put a lot of effort into this quest, so i want to give him a moment. but i am ready to call him up, energized and committed to getting down to the hard work to make a deal actually happened.>> mayor libby schaaf reiterated that they will not provide tax dollars, but they can pay for the infrastructure
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improvement. what are your thoughts?>> i think it is anybody's guess. i think they will play in oakland this coming season, unless they find a home very quickly. maybe they can play at the wembley stadium, he said he could take the team all of the world, and i guess he is fed up.>> he ruled out mars. >> it was a reared -- a weird situation, and a somber mood, and sam was the only winner, and he did not come out and blow it up because he has to deal with the fans in st. louis. but he did say that the raiders fans would find a home, and the raiders fans are mostly in oakland, so they are celebrating. and they are doing cartwheels. a lot of people say that the
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raiders owner is not wealthy enough to own the team. he has never had a chance to get to la, and stan kroenke is a deep pocket guy, and no way that the chargers will pass up the opportunity to be in television market number two.>> the chargers would be foolish to pass on this opportunity. they could not get a stadium where they live, and with the rams joining that region, they will lose 25% of the fan base, but the chargers will probably go, and the raiders will be back at square one. the raiders fans are happy that the team is coming back, but about four minutes later, it reopened the entire thing for the fans. they will have to deal with this going forward.>> they are back at square one, but with $100 million to build a new stadium. they need these new businesses that are headquarter, with a
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step up and fill in that blank?>> it is a never ending story, and mark davis says he would put up $500 million, nfl 100 million, and there are some loans, and you are up to $800 million. you would think that something could get done in oakland, if he really wanted to stay, but maybe he does not want to stay. that would make more sense than going to southern california, but there is a contentious relationship. >> that is the problem and why a lot of people they that mark davis needs to go. he does not want to share the stadium.>> and the owners are not going anywhere, and he is not going to give up the team. >> st. louis is looking for football team.>> they mentioned st. louis in san antonio.
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st. louis could be a possibility because the community has pledged $400 million in taxpayer dollars to build a stadium. i don't think that the texas air, jerry jones, the owner of the cowboys, he is very powerful. i think you would lobby hard against that. get some rest, and we will talk about this all day, and thank you for joining us here on the 9, and let us know what you think about where the raiders should go, or whether they should stay. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, the president talks about his hopes for the future, breaking it down.
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today's weather was a little bit wet, but the commute did not do very well. as talk about the rain.>> we won't get a lot of rain today, that one little hick up and we have traffic issues. the north bay had storm activity in santa rosa and calistoga, and the heaviest rain will stay up to the north. we have a little bit of a break, and we went outside, and blue skies and clouds, but were not completely done with the rain. i am going with scattered showers and opportunity for thunderstorms in marin county, and in northern napa and were in this weather pattern for the next 5 to 7 days. were at the new restaurant, called the dock.>> reporter: we will talk to him about why he chose this location, and this is the big time restaurant
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scene in oakland. last night president obama delivered his final state of the union address.>> he touched on minimum wage, the cost of college and climate change. >> he also said that the decline is on the rise. >> the united states of america is the most powerful nation in the world,.. period.>> it seemed like a campaign speech for his fellow democrats, as well as his final address.>> were in the thick of the campaign season, and he talked about the economy, climate change, foreign intervention. he talked about keeping politics clean, but the overarching message is that ed several responses to the gop
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candidates, but they have been talking about recently. he took on donald trump several times, ted cruz, and the candidates in general. he never mentioned them by name, but take a lesson. >> this is not a matter of political correctness. this is a matter of understanding just what it is that makes us strong. the world respects us, not just for our arsenal. it respects us for our diversity, and our answer needs to be more than tough talk, or calls to carpet bomb civilians. that may be working on a tv soundbite, but it does not pass muster on the world stage. >> that was obviously aimed at ted cruz saying that we should carpet bomb the middle east,
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and him saying how completely ridiculous that was. his first comment was referring to donald trump speaking about the muslims, is anti-muslim comments, and that has gone on and on. we hear that from donald trump all the time, and he is saying that he is not politically correct, but is saying what everyone is thinking, and the president taking issue with that. >> and we talk about that seat left in the, symbolizing the victims of gun violence, and he has been very vocal about the gun violence, but in the address, he used the word "gun" just wants in his speech i think.>> this is about his overall legacy, so i think he is trying to refrain what has happened over the past year. he really laid out what he plans to accomplish in the future, already focused on gun violence, and now he wants to
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talk about the economy, climate change, and perhaps solving cancer, and naming the vice president as the cancer czar. >> he talked about the acrimony in washington, seeing a lot of polarization, and he talked a lot about the big ideas, almost going back to the beginning of his presidency. and he broke with the statesmanship, so is that what he is trying to do? >> i think that is exactly what he is trying to do, i think that is what he regrets the most. >> it is one of the few regrets of my presidency. that the rancor and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better.>> that was a surprising comment coming from the president himself. but i think everyone in the bay area certainly believes he has been somewhat humble. i think in the world stage, people thought that it sometimes he has been humble, but i don't think the
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republicans think that. >> 80 judge the effectiveness of a state of the union address?>> we won't know for few days, but it will depend on whether his approval rating bounces, so we won't know for a few days. we won't know how is judged in history until he leaves office and after private diaries are released, and a chance to really think about what was going on during his tenure in the white house. >> the speaker did not stand up that much. every now and then. >> he appeared to be smirking. and the response of nikki haley is probably one of the best responses by republican i've seen, and she proved herself not to be as far to the right as many republicans. many republicans said she went rogue, and she actually took issue with her own party.
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and she said there was a silent call for the angry voices, and many believe she meant donald trump, a little bit surprising for someone speaking for the republican party. >> you think nikki haley would be running for the vice president? >> not if donald trump would be running, but i think she opened a lot of eyes. not a lot of republicans are extremists, and i think she looked really good last night. i think that was the best republican response we have ever seen. >> why is compromise such a dirty word in washington dc? president obama once again call for compromise, but it seems that the parties cannot even see eye to eye on the small things. >> this is come to the front over the last 5 to 10 years, and the president mentioned this last night. the senators and representatives have to go back
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to their district and state and deal with the base, which is more polarized than ever before, and they do not like compromise. that seems to be coming from the voters in these districts. we will talk about the republicans as the race for the white house titans in iowa. -- race for the white house titans up in iowa -- tightens up in iowa, and ted cruz had been leading.>> we know that kid crews has avoided attacking donald trump and has embraced them, but now donald trump is bringing up the circumstances of ted cruz's birth and whether he is eligible to be president. >> and the polls show that bertie sanders is leading over
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clinton, and sanders has taken a lead in new hampshire as well.>> the republican debate will start at 6 pm tomorrow night, seven candidates on the stage, the smallest group so far, and you can watch this on the fox business network.>> we will be back here with ross on friday morning to talk about the big debate. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, a plumber is trapped in a hold for more than 13 hours, finally free. we were there when they finally pulled him out, and why the rescue was so challenging. they pulled their money together and thought they hit the powerball jackpot. the mixup that led to this epic letdown back east in new jersey.
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we have an update on the condition of the man that was trapped in a trench for 13 1/2 hours, and mr. esperance up remains in the hospital, sore but okay. he could be released later this afternoon, and the firefighters pulled him out of a 15 foot deep trench around 2 am this morning, and he had been stuck there since 12:30 pm yesterday afternoon.>> i want to thank everyone in the neighborhood. we are very happy.>> esparza was part of a four men group installing a sewer line on 21st avenue, but they did not store up the sides of the trench, -- shore up the sides of the trench, and it collapsed, and another man got out, but esperance a could not get up --
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esperance a -- esparza could not get out.>> you never know unless you are in the trench with the firefighters, but hats off to the firefighters. the 10 navy sailors detained by iran have been released, and they were held overnight at the iranian base in the persian gulf. the navy says there is no sign that they were harmed, and they were on two small boats and one of the boats had a mechanical failure and drifted into the iranian waters. and there were rumors that tom coughlin went to interview,
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and there is a result that the 49ers are no longer in the hunt for hue jackson, but they say that no team is out. the warriors in the mile high city, and tomorrow night back home hosting the lakers, and kobe bryant final game. it is not known whether he will play, and he left the game yesterday against the pelicans with a sore achilles heel. they expect it to be a very special night. >> he has done so much for the game, and being in this division in his entire career, he has had plenty of battles here, and i'm sure the fans will give him a great response, and the game will go on. >> curry said that his first interaction with bryant was when he attended basketball camp at the age of 13. he was hoping to be just like him, and it looks like he is
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getting there.>> i wonder if they could circle back at camp. coming up, talking all things super bowl 50, and the host committee announcing the program. could be good for one lucky fan. we will take a look at the cuddly souvenir being unveiled today, designed to give back.
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welcome back, and it is time now to check on twitter. send us your thoughts on the raiders. should they go worst day -- should they go or should they stay.>> one tweet says they thought they would go to la,
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but he wants them to stay with the new stadium in oakland.>> and another tweak, seems like davis got pushed around because he does not have as much money, and i agree with that. the raiders have more fans than the rams is what it says, but i don't know about that. i think that mark davis not being a multibillionaire did play a role.>> let us know what you think. and this super bowl 50 continues, and every day we learn more about what the fans can expect. >> the host committee is about to announce a program that could reward the fans that make extra effort.>> and the president of community relations, and welcome back to the nines. how can the fans actually help in giving back?>> there is a
9:31 am
program where announcing that announces the objective of the environmental stability, and gives the fans a chance to win two tickets to the super bowl 50. they can pledge to take actions that would be environmentally sustainable, like taking fans to the game, taking refillable water bottles, and in exchange they will get 50 gold coins, and on the 25th of the month, we will announce the four attendees, and the gold coins will amount to $200,000.>> i take the ferry every day to work, and live in san francisco, so how do i know if someone approaches me and sees me going into the super bowl city and wearing an emblem or what? >> you can go on our website and make the pledge.>> you get
9:32 am
the notification on the 25th, i know you can direct the gold coins, and we actually have investors on the ground that will be reporting the behavior at that moment. >> so i will see someone? >> you will see someone that will reward you for making the contribution. >> and the super bowl 50 happening in the bay area, and we are much better on the four "rs" or should be be educating out-of-towners that are not accustomed to doing the four ours -- "rs". exactly. we will have refills for the water bottles, and we will be directing people to compost and recycle, and for us locally we do it all the time, and it will be great for the
9:33 am
fans to see that, and we want them to pledge of participate, and get a chance to win the ticket to the big game.>> the think this might catch on for the future super bowl cities?>> yes, and we work with a company called impact that has done this for companies around the world, and we hope this will catch on. they have a great environmental recovery program, and they been doing food and waste recovery for many years, so we had been doing this for many years.>> what is food recovery?>> there are a tremendous amount of events that happened through the week, and we have partnered with these locations, and we have told them how they can pair up with the event to recover any unused food that can go back. >> like this second harvest.>> before we let you go, another
9:34 am
program. >> another exciting partnership, the philanthropic organization made a $250,000 grant, and that is the stub hub organization.>> are you surprised by the giving? >> i am not, and this is a great location and we have a great community and organizations that are generous in their giving.>> thank you so much. stay tuned, and you can get more information and register for the "lay your part" -- play your part program on our homepage. and were at union square macy's with a look at the gobi
9:35 am
bear. -- goldie bear, and tell us what this is. >> reporter: this is a cute bear, and the kids can have this, and all of the procee benefit charity. explain exactly, where does the money go, and how much is the goldie bear?>> the bear is $24.99, and it goes to help the development agencies that provide grants and we are proud to be the official sponsor of the host committee still in the goldie bear, and there are fun facts around this goldie bear. it is the official bear, the first time it has ever been created by an official host committee, and it represents
9:36 am
the golden gate in the golden state.>> how long will you be selling these? >> right up to the super bowl, and they are done.>> reporter: so you need to act fast and grabbed a bear. and this helps to benefit the low income kids?>> correct, and he gives back to though income community.>> reporter: and you can purchase the goldie bear guilt free, because you know it is going back toward a good cause. and here is the super bowl scarf with the skyline of the city. how does this look? and then they had these little bags, and put this on. look at this. this is the little fisherman's had. and we have these cute little
9:37 am
footballs with the 50 on the side. and they have t-shirts, golf shirts, pillows, and a lot of stuff. if you want to keep a piece of the super bowl for ever, you can purchase some of this merchandise, or get the goldie bear that is a great way to give back to the community. i may have to snag this goldie bear.>> i like this scarf, but i don't know about that had. -- hat.>> reporter: they are not sure about the had -- hat.>> understated elegance. tonight someone could win the biggest lottery jackpot in history, the powerball jackpot at $1.5 billion, and it could get higher. and we are live, and you are at
9:38 am
a lucky store.>> reporter: somebody here in 2014 one -- won $425 million, so it is considered a lucky retailer. i broke down and got my ticket, and i only spent four dollars, but a lot of people here are putting down about $20 or so. we asked the cashier, and he said that the most someone spent on the powerball ticket is $200. we are told that this chevron convenience store, the sales of been very good the past three days. the big draw, $1.5 billion, the largest jackpot in history. the lump sum comes up to $930 million before taxes. we spoke with someone that is in the pool with her coworkers. >> i buy lottery tickets twice a week for the last i don't
9:39 am
know how many years, and the biggest jackpot ipad is $69, but i am patient.>> reporter: how much did you spend today? >> i got $100 out of my savings account, and i'm spreading the wealth of. -->> reporter: and $1.5 billion can bite you a lot. the baltimore ravens, a 3000 trips to mars on space x rockets, or you could run the st. jude's children's research hospital for two years and 20 days. a lot of possibilities, something to keep in mind. there are five states where you can stay anonymous, but california is not one of them. a lot of people say this is a lot of responsibility, and a little bit scary.
9:40 am
and some people would like to stay anonymous, but the best thing to do would be not to do anything immediately, and hire a lawyer, someone that could put that money within a trust, and named it after something else, and that is one way to avoid having to put your name out there. you can see this long line, and some of the people i spoke to bought some ticket. and it will be like this for the rest of the day, and the closer we get to the drawing, it seems like ticket sales just keep going up. >> a lot of people say they have never played, and this time they play, and a lot of first-time buyers. >> and nobody, if they don't win, think of that jackpot on saturday. heartbreaking, some restaurant workers in new jersey.they won the powerball jackpot on wednesday.
9:41 am
they were celebrating after the bartender got a text message listing what he thought were the winning numbers in the jack hot. the problem was they were the winning numbers from the last wednesday drawing. >> before taxes. before we knew it, it was all over with. and they were all different numbers. >> the workers say that they are not giving up, and they have another pool for the jackpot tonight. >> a shame they did not win. imagine having a job that works around your schedule instead of you building your life around eight work stafflyschedule, and this company is doing that.>> there are many reasons why you may need temporary or part-time work. you are student, juggling work
9:42 am
with family, and heidi find a job to fit into your complicated schedule? and the san francisco-based staffly works with part-time workers, and they take care of the hard work finding the qualified people, and they act as the employer, during the interviews, running background checks, and of the paperwork, timesheet and paper processing. >> on the flip side, we are able to give the staffers, the part-time workers enough hours to meet their financial objectives, by putting them into 2 to 3 retail stores a week. >> i can make my own availability, and it could be very short term if i'm not available tomorrow, up until later this evening. and then is something opens up i could make myself available for the staff.>> as opposed to
9:43 am
applying directly if that is not a good fit on either side, the employer or employee can quickly move on to something that works. the company currently has several hundred staffers, 100 retailers in san francisco, and the goal is to expand the staffly model across the country. >> it sounds like a decent idea, and we hope it does well. coming up, open restaurant week officially kicks off tomorrow, and steve is already out at a trendy restaurant. he was show us what they are picking up.
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♪ give it to me i'm worth it ♪ ♪ baby i'm worth it ♪ ♪ uh huh i'm worth it ♪ ♪ gimme gimme i'm worth it ♪ ♪ give it to me i'm worth it ♪ ♪ baby i'm worth it ♪
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tomorrow starts the start of the oakland restaurant week, the representative sunday the 24th .>> recently named oakland one of the best food seats in the country. what is going on?>> reporter: you guys just touched on the 100 restaurants that will participate in the open restaurant week. this is a restaurant manteca -- restaurant mecca, and we had the chef, and you have two other restaurant. what is your main restaurant. >> it is on piedmont avenue, and we have been open since
9:47 am
2009.>> reporter: and one in the east bay. and this was his mother's restaurant. >> i grew up in the kitchen, and that is how i got my hands dirty and a love for food. i was born in thailand, but raised here since i was two years old.>> reporter: and i know you want to contribute to the oakland schools, and we will touch on that. we will start with what?>> this is the supper club, and this is a signature dish that has been on the menu since day one. this is vinegar with spices, salt, pineapple juice, candied pineapple, chinese cumin, allspice, sea salt. we will make some care mel --
9:48 am
caramel. we will make the caramel, amber colored, and this is puried garlic with thyme.>> reporter: what was the biggest influence from your mom?>> fresh ingredients, and working with your hands. being instinctual and not so much mechanical. a lot of it comes from using your senses, smells.>> reporter: and this is more of a supper?>> it is much more of a production, and we had the caramel almost done. pineapple juice going in. and once we get to the decide
9:49 am
color of the caramel, and it can be very dangerous, so try to stay back a little bit. it is important to eat the pineapple juice to the same temperature as the caramel, so it can temper. now we take it off of the he. -- heat. i like my caramel dark. it adds complexity. now we will add it together.>> reporter: it sounds good. [ sizzling ] back in once the splattering stops, we add the rest.>> reporter: it smells
9:50 am
fantastic.>> add that quick, salt, spices. vinegar.>> reporter: we have to move quick.>> steve, do you cook a lot at home?>> reporter: i do cook a lot at home, but not this much or this well.>> after this cools down, this is hot.>> i love the story of cooking at the elbow of the mom, that is the way to learn.>> added to the mixing bowl.>> reporter: and we get the wings, dump them in, roll them up and ready to rock.>> bring us some back.>> reporter: i will bring some back, i promise.>> we used the rice flour, and it coach --
9:51 am
coats better. it depends on how much sauce you like, i go heavy on the sauce. this is a good social dish. and the candied pineapple goes on top.>> reporter: argued done with three restaurants, or are you going to do more? >> i don't know, i don't wonder pigeonhole myself. it is so fun.>> reporter: this is an amazing smell. let's wrap up.>> some sauce, a
9:52 am
little more spices. make it festive with the candied pineapple, and some sea salt. there you go. this is jerked chicken wings at the dock in oakland.>> tell james we can almost smell that from here, and thank you so much. more information is online.>> all of the restaurants participating, menus and how to make reservations, and look for the oakland restaurant week on the home page. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9.>> i have goosebumps.>> there you go, the bay area rocker sammy hagar, an anniversary treat, and he gets a surprise of his own.
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tonight american idol will hit the streets of philadelphia at -- as the judges continue their search for the 15th and final winner. >> the last season of american idol, and philadelphia was the first top in the seven citysearch of contestants that took place last summer, and you
9:56 am
can catch the action tonight at 8 pm, followed by the premier of the science-fiction show, "second chance." and you remember this photo, it was posted last week after it he failed to appear on a dui shot charge. -- dui charge, and he didn't like the shot, so he takes matters into his own hands and sends in a new photo. he said the other photo was terrible. of course the police put it on the social media, and it leads to his arrest in florida. and celebrating the 25th anniversary in the bay area, and sammy heger called to offer
9:57 am
them a meal at his restaurant. >> this is crazy, i have goosebumps. we met in virginia beach 25 years ago.>> it turns out that hagar in his wife met at the same time and place that that couple did, when he was on tour with van halen in 1981. thank you for joining us this morning and try to stay dry. no way. ?q savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin
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with real butter. mcdonald's all d breakfast menu.
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> the kids have come to play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight no chaser. now, here's wendy! [ cheers & applause ] ♪


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