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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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good afternoon. still a few scattered showers out there. there is a break in the rain across most of the bay area for now. we saw showers overnight well into the morning. let's bring in our meteorologist with how much rain we have seen and when to expect the next round. >> some parts of the bay area are picking up over an inch of rain. it was productive this morning. here is the live camera. mostly cloudy skies. still a few scattered showers in place. almost approaching the midway point through january. so far 2016 is active in the
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bay area with multiple storms. san rafael an inch of rain in the last nine hours. nearly half an inch for napa, oakland. redwood city a quarter inch. the system fizzled out by the time it reached the south bay. here you can see live storm tracker two. the main passage of the system this morning, over the past 12 hours with the approach of the front. this is a closer look. we have scattered showers to talk about as you take a closer look here. and reports of light rain in the north bay, sonoma county for santa rosa and napa. one of those deals where you will have breaks in the action but you want to keep the umbrella nearby because you may encounter some of the showers. the main focus is up in the north bay. we expand the view in the pacific. another storm to talk about entering the picture. we will talk about that and also a winter weather advisory up in the sierra in a few minutes. >> thank you, mark. of course rain here means fresh powder in the sierra.
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we have the conditions from blue can i don't know. >> reporter: the storm brought heavy snow to the sierra. it came in with a vin general with wind gusting over the sierra crest of over 100 miles per hour. in the blaugh canyon we saw gusts 30 miles per hour. that has settled down a bit. the snow tapered off as we picked up a quick inch, inch and a half of snow. the forecast calling for a foot at pass level and two feet for the ski areas. that's great news as the snow pack continues to pile up in the sierra. so, if you are heading up to go skiing or snowboarding the next couple of days, be ready for winter driving conditions. have the chains or good snow tires. you will need them getting through the storms. at blue canyon, brian hickey, ktvu fox 2 news. >> we hope you stay with the weather team on air and online and with the weather app keeping you one step ahead of
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the weather. marin county sheriff responded to where a body was found in the surf. it was found on the beach about 10:35 a.m. the death is considered suspicious. right now there is no word on if the body is that of a man or a woman. we will bring you more details as soon as we get them. today a plumber that spent 13 and a half hours trapped in a trench in oakland is recovering. about 2:00 this morning rescue crews were every were able to strap the man in a harness and pull him to safety. he was stuck in a 15-foot deep trench in dirt up to his chest since 12:30 yesterday afternoon. he was taken to the hospital. firefighters say he was alert and responsive. a plumbing foreman identified him as rafael esparza. >> i want to say thank you to the neighborhood. we are very happy for him.
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>> he was part of a four man crew. they apparently didn't shore up the sides of the trench and the sandy soil collapsed on two of the workers. one man quickly escaped but the soil buried another up to his chest. the rescue took a long time because the soil kept collapsing. the rescuers made sure he was never in distress and vitals stayed strong. oakland raiders are in limbo after nfl owners decided the team could not get moved to l.a. the announcement drew cheers from some fans, but the owner is still looking at other options. >> no, i don't know that -- where we will be. we don't have a lease right now at the oakland coliseum. >> reporter: that was raiders owner mark davis after the announcement that the rams were green lighted to move back to los angeles. the raiders for now won't be moving to l.a. but could the silver and black
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be moving to another city, perhaps san antonio or san diego. >> is san antonio a possibility. >> america is a possibility. >> reporter: nfl owners voted 30-2 in favor to move the rams and give the owner its blessing on the stadium complex in englewood, california. >> we understand the emotions involved of our fans. it's not easy to do these things. they are purposefully made hard. >> reporter: the agreement amongst the owners gives the san diego chargers a one year option to move to englewood alongside the rams if they can reach a deal. if the chargers don't exercise the option, the raiders would be given the opportunity. >> i will look at all the options. i will take time here. we do have some options. >> reporter: mayor libby shaft says by no means is the city popping the cork in celebration. she plans on using the year to work with the raiders to build
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a stadium. >> 9 opportunity for development is something that we are discussing. we know the raiders rail have you that game day experience, the tailgating. so, a guarantee of parking is something that they really value. we have to balance the raiders needles with the oakland a's. we love our baseball team, too. that's part of the complexity that made an oakland stadium different. >> reporter: the mayor said there is about $600 llion identified toward building a new stadium but that still leaves about 300 million left to raise. she is looking at options like development rights. in oakland, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> while the city of oakland hopes to keep the raiders, the mayor is moving ahead with plans for a new ballpark for the a's. mayor shaft is pitching the idea of a waterfront ballpark north of jack lemmon square. others could be a postal service facility in west oakland but the mayor prefers
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the who barred terminal location because only a quarter would be used for a ballpark and the rest for development. a new development in the deadly san bernardino terror attack that left 13 people dead. the widow of a man killed in the mass shooting is seeking $58 million in damages. her husband, michael wetz err l was a father of six. she filed four claims listing the county and 25 unidentified individuals. the claims alleged his death was preventible. a spokesman for the county says each claim is being carefully considered. a santa clara county sheriff's deputy is on leave possibly facing criminal charges. santa clara police arrested 33- year-old benjamin lee early sunday morning on suspicion of dui. they say he pulled out a gun at a jack in the box near lafayette street before 3:00. he was upset about the long line at the drive through and
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lost his temper. the sheriff's department said lee was not on duty at the time. he is no longer in custody but has been placed on administrative leave. the union representing sheriff's deputies released a statement saying it was saddened by the deputies arrest adding dui by anyone is unaccept i believe, doublely so when it involves a deputy sheriff who are held to a higher standard. san jose police arrested a man in a string of purse snatchings. officers say a surveillance operation at a supermarket lead to the arrest of a man saturday. they say he targeted older vietnamese women heading to their cars after doing shopping. san jose police say you can see the suspect on surveillance video driving up to another car. watch at the top of the screen. you see a man get out, walk up to the victim and grabs her purse. letter detectives say that robberies such as these happened two other times in in the same parking lot at center foods which is why they decided
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to patrol the area there. police say he may have an accomplice and they are asking anyone with information to call them. the u.s. navy is investigating how ten sailors detained overnight ended up in iranian territory. they were on two boats that accidentally crossed into iranian waters after one had a mechanical problem. the sailors, nine men and one woman were picked up by iran and taken to a base. they were released this morning and escourted to a u.s. missile cruiser in the persian gulf. >> it is clear that today this kind of issue was able to be peacefully resolved and officially resolved and that is a testament to the critical role that diplomacy plays in keeping our country safe, secure and strong. >> iranian authorities say the
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sailors and u.s. officials apologized for crossing into the waters but the state department and vice president joe biden said that is not true because there is nothing to apologize for. last night president obama delivered his 7th and final state of the union address listing some accomplishments while in office and promising to work for more. the president made calls continue to crease minimum wage, make college more affordable and fight climate change. he said the u.s. has made progress in the fight against terror during his time in office as well as strong economic gains. >> anyone claiming that america's economy is in decline is pedaling fix. we are in the middle of the strongest streak of private job creation in history. >> we are feeling a crushing national debt. health plan that is less affordable. >> south carolina nikki haley delivered the republican response. she said if republicans win the white house, they would lower
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taxes and reform both health care and education. and the race for president is tightening up in iowa with two weeks to go until voters go to the polls. republican candidate donald trump is leading ted cruz in iowa by two points. marco rubio is in third place. that is a reversal for cruz who has held the lead in recent weeks. trump has been questioning whether cruz is eligible to run for president because cruz was born in canada. only seven candidates will take the stage in south carolina, the smallest so far. you can watch the debate at 6:00 p.m. on the fox business network. a new report alleged wrongdoing by pg&e. what the utility reportedly ordered after the deadly san bruno explosion. a sand off at a wildlife refuge in oregon continues. now they announced plans to leave.
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there is a report that says pg&e ordered a worker to destroy paperwork after the explosion that killed eight people in 2010. a form manager worker said she was hired to clean up the records after the explosion. the paper said that worker found an analysis of the pipe that exploded that was done before the deadly blast. prosecutors say the utility
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relied on records that its executive new might not be accurate when reporting to government safety regulators. pg&e denies wrongdoing. a new look at the mexican drug lord el chapo. two mug shots have been released. these photos were taken at the same maximum security prison where he escaped. he has been moved from cell to cell. the government is looking into how he came to give an interview with sean penn and kate dell castillo. after nearly two weeks of occupation at an oregon wildlife refuge, the activists announced they will have a community meeting and announce when they will be leaving. this comes on the heels of another emotional meeting where
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the cries for them to leave are growing louder. >> the same message from the sheriff. >> i would like to ask these folks to go home. >> reporter: the bundy group is not planning on leaving. if anything, they are digging in their heels deeper. they renamed the wildlife refuge and some in the community are not happy. >> gone from the refuge. >> reporter: the issue continues to divide the community. >> [ inaudible ] [inaudible]. >> there are people that i go to church with, they are not speaking to us. >> even those who support the bundies. >> i said i wish they would go home. >> reporter: as the opposition against the armed occupation keeps building. >> there is an hour glass and it's running. >> reporter: no word on the fbi's plan or investigation and said judge grassy said the only ones escalating the situation
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or the armed occupiers. >> law enforcement will go out guns ablazing. i am convinced that will never occur. >> reporter: in the middle of the meeting, pete santilli from ohio is thrown out for interrupting the sheriff numerous times. [ applause ] the small town of burns, it's anything but back to normal. [ inaudible ] [ applause ] >> standing ovation for 15-year- old ashley as the armed occupation of the refuge continues. here at home, south san francisco police stepping up patrols following an increase in residential burglaries. there have been four since january 5th. investigators say suspects are forcing entry through the rear
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of the homes. they ransack the homes, get away with value answer and they have happened at various times of the day from morning tonight time. back to the weather. maybe now is a good time to do it. >> a little bit of a break. run outside because a passing shower could be pacing you a visit in the northern half of the bay area. we are tracking a storm series. the main organized front moved through this morning. here is the san jose camera. breaks in the clouds. we will hold on to scattered showers. the primary focus in the northern half of the bay area. rain and we are tracking another system that could be coming on board later in the day tomorrow. this is 12 hours of satellite and radar showing you the organized system moving through. lingering moisture in place. you can see the focus in the
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north bay. santa rosa, napa, marin valley, light rain activities. coverage out there. but as i back the maps to the south, you will see this, not as much coverage. a little activity out to san jose where we showed you breaks in the clouds and light showers in the bay itself. winds are a factor. take a look at the winds. fairfield, a southwesterly wind sustained at 29 gusting to 36 miles per hour. we have blustery conditions. you will see napa winds over 20 miles per hour. more wind reports, sfo winds out of the southwest over 20 miles per hour. temperatures are mainly in the 50s to the lower 60s. san jose 61. half moon bay 67. and the live camera showing you this, lots of clouds over the oakland alameda estuary. we will hold on to the possibility much a few showers. at 1:00 sky cast showing you that. you will notice the snow out to the sierra and then we take this to the 3:00 hour, still a
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shower and in the evening hours, partly to mostly cloudy skies. the clouds could break up a bit but overcast out there. the storm out in the pacific, we traced in the upper level winds. here is the story for thursday. a chance of showers later in the day, especially by the evening hours and friday as well we could be talking about showers by friday evening then rain into saturday. in the sierra, lots of clouds. this picture snapped a few million dollars ago. they have a winter weather advisory until midnight. snowfall totals could be on the order of 6 to 12 inches. here we go. the chance of a shower at 4:00 this afternoon. then tomorrow we should start out dry. we will bump up the rain chances in the north bay during the afternoon hours. the' line spreads to the south. friday morning dry. later in the day friday, friday evening we could talk about more rain and first thing saturday as we start the weekend, talking about more downpours as well. 50s and lower 60s for afternoon
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highs this afternoon for wednesday afternoon. scat tend showers and you can see the storm is active over the next few days. we have a rain cloud in every five-day panel. maybe a chance of rain friday morning and then later in the day friday i think we will have more action and into saturday as well. a lot to talk about. letter we will keep an eye on the changing weather pattern. >> like it. >> i like it, too. >> see you at 4:00. super bowl l has arrived. signs are going up around the airport welcoming travelers as they arrive. they are posted on the concourse, pagac -- baggage claim. and a big number 50 and some displayed the lombardi trophy. right now in san francisco, a town hall meeting is being held for food truck vendors that want to get permits for the super bowl celebration. health officials say they will crackdown on vendors without permits especially around super bowl events in the city. officers will be on patrol and
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shut downey vendors without a permit. the meeting is being held at the health department office. another meeting is for next thursday. now just over seven hours left if you buy powerball tickets for a chance to win the largest jackpot in history. on carne asada or carnitas. not agree but four out of five who got their health insurance through covered california got help paying for it. find out if you could be one of them at enroll by january 31st to avoid the irs tax penalty. ♪ now and then we all appreciate a little help. through covered california, health insurance could cost less than you think. and most uninsured californians could get help paying for it.
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trying a look back at the
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opening bell, they were all smiles but here we are half an hour ahead of the close and we are watching a major slide on wall street. the dow is down 300 points. nasdaq is down by 2 1/2 percent. s&p 500 is dropping a full two points at this point as well. we will watch the numbers for you and have them later this afternoon. tonight is the night. someone could be $1.5 billion richer. the powerball jackpot is the largest in history with a lump sum that would be worth $930 million before taxes. this morning we saw a steady stream of people buying tickets. some say this store is lucky because someone won big there about a year ago. we spoke to a woman in a lottery pool with her coworkers and told us about her strategy. >> i buy lottery tickets twice a week for the last, i don't know how many years. the biggest jackpot i won is
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$69 but i'm patient. >> how much did you spend today? >> well, i got $100 out of my savings account and i'm spreading the wealth. >> let's say she wins. what could she do with that money? you could buy the baltimore ravens football team or you could get 3,000 trips to mars on spacex rocket or you could run st. jude children's hospital for two years and 20 days. the odds of winning are one in 292 million. it was a big question for fans of the first lady michelle obama, who made the dress she wore to the state of the union. now we know. the dress was made by designer narcissa rodriguez. it was on sale at neiman-marcus for $628. don't go to that web site any more. the dress is officially sold out. you can find one on e-bay but
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that will cost you $1,500. it took 13 hours to free a plumber from underground. luckily he will be okay. it was a dramatic and delicate rescue. coming up on the 4:00 we are talking to one of the rescuers about how they went about saving that man and how they really worked together as a team. these stories and much more on the 4. see you then.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> fashion felonies featuring el chapo. that hideous shirt. $128 selling like hot cakes. james came up with this. were you at the store? >> i seen those shirts before. [laughter] >> james shot that shirt in his closet. [laughter] >> so an interesting group of girls went out partying last night. it was kendall jenner, bailey baldwin and kourtney kardashian. what do they have in common? >> they all banged justin. >> does a guy want that? >> no. >> does a guy want three chicks he slept with? >> if the car is coming to his house, yes. >> we got mike d from the


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