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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  January 14, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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looking for a man who injured an officer. we'll tell you more about the chase in an unusual quiet part of the city. three tickets matched all the numbers. they are not the winners, but it was their store, including one in california. mornings on 2 starts now. it is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning and thank you for joining us on thursday morning, friday eve as you like to say. >> you stole my line. >> i take it you didn't win the powerball. >> i'm here. >> and i didn't travel to chino hills. >> who do we know in chino hills? steve, did you play? >> of course. >> you might as well play. >> we're all here. what does that tell you. we didn't win. we have a break and fog is
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out there. watch out for that. and another system is moving towards us and it will be in the north by by later this afternoon and tonight. we get a break and the lows are much colder. we're seeing 30s. nap is in there and santa rosa. and because the cloud cover is coming in they'll have a cool day. and livermore at 37. i'm sure there will be a few others. sebastopol and everybody else. the cloud cover is racing across so we'll go from maybe partly sunny early to cloudy, mostly cloudy, and rain will be developing. cloudy, rain to the north bay and cooler low. and low 50s. warmer to the south. sal, good morning. good morning, steve. we are off to a good start if you're driving around the bay area. let's take a look at what we
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have. the bay bridge toll plaza is not bad. it looks pretty good as you drive into san francisco. it's nice and light. and we're looking at i-880 north and southbound. and the traffic here is off to a good start. we don't have construction to worry about. and if you're driving in san jose you can see traffic in the santa clara valley looks good. green means at or near the speed limit so nothing to worry about. let's go back to the desk. there were three tickets sold that matched all of the numbers, including the powerball and that historic jackpot. >> one was in california, one in tennessee, and another in florida. the winning numbers are -- pull autoyour numbers, four, eight, 19, 27, 34, and the powerball number is 10. the california winner is in chino hills in san bernardino
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county and that community is celebrating. we have a report from the 7- eleven. >> reporter: no one here claims to have picked all six numbers. >> we want to celebrate with the citizens of chief knee hills. >> reporter: so you're proud of your city? >> i'm happy for that person. >> reporter: they found themselves inundated. >> it's like a little bit. and people were facebook updating and now it's all like packed and crowded. i had to go buy beer. >> excuse me, excuse me, i would like to make a purchase please. >> reporter: it's overwhelmed but happy. >> happy, yeah. >> reporter: do you know how much? >> i'm not sure but i think it's two persons. >> still a lot of money. that store gets money.
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here are the wins numbers, four, eight, 19, 27, 34, and the powerball number is 10. and there were 12 tickets sold in california that had five of six. one was in vacaville and the clerks there were proudly showing off the printout proving they had a big winner. the actual ticket is worth $638,000, not too bad. the winner has not come forward yet. three other tickets like that were sold in santa rosa, clover dale, and santa cruz. if you want to take another look at the numbers just to be sure we have them posted on click on the powerball story on the home page. new reports of a terrorist attack in jakarta. you can see it circled there.
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indonesia police describing it as a paris style terror attack. witnesses report five blasts at a major shopping district. one suicide bomber blew himself up at a starbucks and hostages were shot. the u.s. embassy has told americans in jakarta to stay indoors. san francisco police say a suspect being chased by police rammed into a patrol car and injured an officer. we do not have details but police tell us the officer spotted the stolen car and gave chase. during the pursuit, the suspect hit the squad car and injured the officer's right arm. he was able to chase after the suspect onto i-280 and lost the driver. bart is now releasing surveillance photos of the suspect in the deadly shooting on a bart train over the
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weekend. bart police say this is the man who fired several shots at another passenger as a san francisco bound train arrived 7:45 on saturday night. the gunman then ran off the train. the suspect is seen exiting the west oakland bart station. >> we have a pretty robust camera system. we have cameras on trains. we have cameras on the platforms. as you can see, we have cameras on -- when you first come into the station. and we have cameras in the offices. >> according to a report in the chronicle, bart police have no on board shooting video because most of the cameras are fake, meant to deter crime but incapable of capturing footage. police say he is possibly latino, about 19 to 25 years
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old. highway 20 is back open after explosives were used to remove a huge boulder. the 20-ton rock fell near chi beers -- traffic was backed up in both directions on highway 50 for about seven hours. while rain fell here in the bay area yesterday, more snow fell in the sierra. this is blue canyon. a lot of snow there. they received at least a foot of snow. uber is relaxing the screening requirements for drivers in california with a criminal history. the ride sharing company will allow people who have had felonies reduced to misdemeanors to apply. the ballot measure allows people with nonviolent felonies to apply to have it changes to
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a misdemeanor. uber will continue to reject drivers with felony convictions for violent crimes. the moveable median barrier on the golden gate bridge has done a good job. the moveable barrier has prevented at least four potential head-on collisions since being installed last january. before the median was put in place, thin plastic yellow pylons separated the north and southbound traffic. big rig trucks have hit the median and moved it but no vehicles have crashed through it. google is moving its developers conference out of san francisco. it's traditionally been held at the -- center but now it's coming back to mountain view. it will run may 18-20 at
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shoreline amphitheater. google will release more information in the coming weeks. the raiders owner says he's not interested but there's more talk of his team moving in with the 49ers. what santa clara's mayor is saying about the idea and how it could help the city. and we'll have a live report from the debate in south carolina. the constitutional issue dividing donald trump and senator ted cruz. if you're looking at a morning commute, now is a good time to go. traffic looks good on the east shore heading to the macarthur maze. and the same can be said for weather. our system is moving in. rain will start to move in to the north bay. not for a while but it's getting closer.
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welcome back everybody. republican presidential candidates square off tonight for the 6th debate of the campaign. with only 2 1/2 weeks until the caucuses, look for the candidates to come out swinging. we have a report from north charleston, south carolina. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, brian. looks like there'll be a fight between donald trump and ted cruz. the stage is all set in charleston which is being hosted by the fox business network. the candidates have been gearing up. >> ted cruz has been really,
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really nice other than the last couple of days. a lot of lawyers say you can't run. you can't be born in canada. >> reporter: as the texas senator and the billionaire are neck and neck in many iowa polls. >> it's very interesting that this issue didn't seem to concern donald until a week ago when he was trailing in the polls in iowa. >> the two have mostly played nice in past debates. experts expect that to change. >> donald trump will be beating him down. and cruz needs that moment. rick santorum, mike huckabee, and carly fiorina are taking advantage of the extra tv time.
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>> the pie is the same size. it's just that all of us get a bigger slice. >> with the iowa caucuses less than two weeks away, tonight could be a game changer. >> tonight's debate is on the fox business network. and it begins at 6:00. the warriors the nuggets last night. late in the game, the warriors made sensational 3-pointers. on the final play with the warriors down just 2 points, the nuggets beat the warriors 112-110. the warriors are back home to face the lakers. kobe bryant -- the future hall of famer is listed as
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questionable. he so scored 1792 points against the warriors and the most of any team in his career. the warriors might give draymond green a night off for extra rest. >> almost pulled it off, my friend. >> and i'm glad they rested draymond green. you can't just push your players to the point where they don't get a break. >> and they've only lost three games. >> i think they have some leeway. good morning, everybody. let's take a look at what we have now at the san mateo bridge. we are looking pretty good heading out to the high-rise with no major problems this morning if you're driving to the peninsula. and when you get to highway 101 or farther, the traffic looks good on all the peninsula freeways. at the bay bridge toll plaza
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the same thing goes. we're off to a good start. you don't have to rush out of the house unless you want to. traffic looks good getting into san francisco. and we're looking at the south bay commute and all the freeways look pretty good. on the peninsula as we mentioned the traffic is moving nicely. at 4:16, let's go to steve. >> resting the stars works for the spurs. >> that seems to been their strategy, right? they rest players sometimes even they are not hurt. >> how is that working for them? >> very well. we have a break and fog is popping up before the system starts to spread in cloud cover. the next five to seven days is looking wet for the north bay. south, not so much. but things are starting to come together in what looks to be a rainy pattern and it may be marin county northward but today we'll deal with the clouds increasing and rain will move in. we have a ways to go but fog in
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the morning and a little bit of sun. and the cloud cover is inching in and none of this is reaching the ground. a lot of energy and there's a series of these behind this. folks around santa rosa and northern sonoma county and points north. the clearing allows temps to take a plunge. santa rosa 19 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. east bay temps, antioch, 42. fog to go around. some of it can be thick. the back edge of the system is going to take a while to get here. but because it doesn't take much to get the rain going, there's a plume of moisture attached to this. north bay, i don't think it will take long. cloudy and afternoon rain and
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most of it north bay. by tonight and tomorrow, everyone in on it. a lot of these temps will be hard pressed to get above 51, 52 in the north bay. warmer to the santa clara valley. rain comes in tonight. and another one late friday. and rain and wind early next week. if you're going golfing, pam, sunday morning. >> now it has to be morning. not just any time. >> the earlier you go, the better. >> i might hunker down and watch a bunch of movies. >> we have a bunch to watch. >> the big short. >> spotlight is very good. >> there's a bunch i have to catch up on. >> you have no excuse weather- wise. right now a life size statue is missing from uc berkeley. it features one of the school's
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most famous coaches. the significance of the 300- pound statue and how police think it was stolen. first-- ♪ [ music ] >> paying tribute to david bowie, the celebration in san francisco as fans remember the music icon.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the obama administration is laying out a new plan to defeat
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isis. ash carter gave details at fort campbell yesterday. 500 are being deployed to iraq next month. some will be training and supporting iraqi forces. one immediate goal is to retake the city of mosul in iraq. the family of a man killed in a terror attack is suing twitter. twitter knowingly allowed isis to spread terrorism. they claim isis uses twitter to attract recruits. and twitter says it regularly removes accounts but new ones pop up. shimon peres was rushed to the hospital. he is in excellent condition following a heart procedure and is expected to stay in the
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hospital for a few days. he won the nobel peace prize and completed his seven-year term as president in 2014 and stays active in the public eye. iranian state video has released a video of 10 u.s. sailors who were briefly detained after crossing into persian waters. two small u.s. naval boats entered iranian waters as the ship traveled. one of the soldiers apologizes in a video. >> it was a mistake. it was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. >> u.s. military central command says the sailer in the video is clearly making an apology as an effort to diffuse a tense situation and protect his crew. government officials called the
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quick resolution a victory for diplomacy. hundreds gathered to celebrate the life of david bowie. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: a group called first church of the sacred silver -- a silver described >> band performs the music of their idol, david bowie. >> i like to think of him as the patron saint of the outcasts. >> that special quality bowie had in reaching his audience transcends audiences. >> he was writing to you and for you. taking you under his wing and saying you'll be okay. >> the band founder admired his creative restlessness.
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>> he's an icon for transformation. >> that was a very early memory for me. >> the lyrics and the dancing, a nit to remember the man and the artist who androgynous style is freeing. >> seeing his music on television and listening to his music in our house was always an integral part of my upbringing. >> she met bowie during his 1997 performance. she says his death came as a shock. >> i'm getting sad now thinking about it, but the music remains and the memories remain. that will never ever change. ♪ [ music ] 100,000miles. ♪ >> that was amber lee
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reporting. san francisco is a fitting place to pay tribute as bowie and the city are known for accepting those who are different. the renovation of delores park grand opening is being postponed. the project has cost $20 million. the park will be more accessible to the disabled. time is 4:26. and we're hearing from the man trapped in a trench in oakland for 13 hours. >> thank you to them. there are not enough words to be able to thank them and i'm grateful they rescued me. >> how he describes the moment he knew he was in trouble. the mystery deepens, new information about the bones found in a planter box in san francisco backseat in november. the reason police say there may be more than one victim. good morning. we are looking at a commute
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where traffic is not bad if you're driving on the east shore. we'll tell you a little bit more about the commute. a little bit of a break. and it's colder by 20 degrees for some. and clouds are on the move again. more rain -- yes. we'll talk about when.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's thursday, january 14th. i'm brian flores. >> good morning. i'm pam cook and if you do not live in chino hills or didn't travel there to buy a powerball, you're not a winner. weather -- >> always a winner. >> when is the rain coming in. >> this afternoon in the north bay. and there'll be more moving in.
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fog and colder temperatures and a bigger story than rain and i think it will get in here pretty quick. it doesn't take much. and there's a lot of energy coming across the old pacific taking a more -- marin county north and more likely santa rosa north. there could be a lot of rain over the next five to seven days. i've seen projections of a foot. 30s and 40s and i expect these to start going up. look at the difference from 24 hours ago. our system will continue to spread in cloud cover and the back side of that there's a lot of energy taking aim. you're getting a funnel of moisture and that's heading more to the north. and it's going to keep the north bay in the rain for a while. rain develops first in the north bay and everybody by


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