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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  January 14, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> good morning. isis claiming responsibility for a new deadly terror attack in the capital of indonesia. how several attackers stormed a busy shopping area setting off suicide bombs and launching a gun battle with police. and new details about a man who fell to his death at a cemetery in the east bay early this morning. the reason sheriff's deputies were chasing him. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. well, our other big story we're following for you this morning -- did you win? that record $1.6 billion powerball jacket did have some
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winners, someone bought a ticket at a santa cruz gas station that matched five numbers. three tickets did hit the jackpot. and we'll have more coming up in two minutes. one of the tickets, southern california. >> that's right, that's right. >> contact all the relatives and people you've ever known in your life. >> welcome back to mornings on 2. it's thursday, january 14th. i'm pam cook. >> and we're talking about the weather and traffic. and steve paulson is here and things are about to change. >> we have fog and colder lows and clouds are on the increase. and this looks like a setup for the north bay for a while where they'll get steady, moderate rain. southward not as much. and we'll fine tune the details as we get closer. focusing most of the energy to the north. and we get light rain and there's some showing up off the san mateo coast. and there's two parts to it. you can see the plume of
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moisture on the back side of that is heading to northwest california. and therein lies the forecast for the heaviest rain. the lows have plunged. 30s and 40s with the cloud cover coming in. it's going to be a cool day for some. look at the difference in 24 hours. cloud cover means a cloudy day and light rain developing, fog, clouds on the move. and cloudy with afternoon and late morning rain to the north. and cooler lows and afternoon highs and a lot of low to mid- 50s. sal, are you still okay? >> we're still good. but i want to ask you something about this afternoon's commute. what do you think? rain? >> especially in the north bay. with that said, that means that this morning your drive to work, there'll be no rain but coming home you might be dealing with a rainy commute. and not everyone is a good driver like you are. that other guy over there drives like an idiot.
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so just plan for that. let's take a look at the commute here. traffic is moving along pretty well on 880 north and southbound. there are no major problems as you drive past the coliseum. at the bay bridge toll plaza the traffic is okay coming up to the pay gates. 680 from concord to walnut creek. we have a developing story in the bay area. during the night a suspect fell to his death at a cemetery in san lorenzo. a spokesman with the alameda county sheriff's office said deputies spotted a stolen car and tried to pull it over. the driver slowed down and did not stop. the driver eventually stopped on highway 238 and then got out of the car, ran to a fence on the highway and jumped over. he died after falling 30 feet off the highway and into the
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san lorenzo pioneer cemetery. alex savidge will bring us a complete report coming up at 5:30. if you're just waking up. there are three winning tickets from the record setting powerball drawing and one of them was sold in southern california and four others sold in this part of the state matched five numbers and they are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. and janine de la vega is in santa cruz where one of those tickets was sold. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, pam. yeah, somebody bought a winning ticket that matched five out of the six numbers, not the powerball number. but the big winner was from chief knee hills -- chino hills, california. >> reporter: people flooded into the 7-eleven store where one of the winning tickets was sold. they didn't care they weren't
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the winner but they were proud it was bought in their city. people were taking selfies with the clerk. the other winning tickets were sold in tennessee and florida. the jackpot was $1.6 billion. the store owner will get a $1 million bonus for selling the ticket. [ indiscernible ] and they were happy for me and i was happy for them. >> reporter: there were 12 tickets in california that had five of the regular numbers and not the powerball number. four are in northern california besides the chevron in santa cruz. there was a 7-eleven in vacaville and the other two stores are in clover dale and santa rosa. each of the tickets are worth
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$638,000. so they are second place winners. that's a big number. twelve tickets here in california. the winners will be getting money. and we're waiting for the manager to arrive to get a little bit more information if they know when that ticket was sold and that sort of thing. and we'll hopefully have more info coming up at 6:00. >> and the store is happy because they get some of the money and the publicity also. >> yeah absolutely. it's 5:06 and here are the numbers. four, eight, 19, 27, 34, powerball 10. time is 5:06 and new developments from jakarta, indonesia, where explosions set off by terrorists in a shooting rampage are being compared to paris. the video captures one of the explosions. two people were killed. and there were five explosions
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in a major shopping and business district. and one suicide bomber blew himself up at a starbucks. the attackers took hostages and shot some of them. isis has claimed responsibility. and five of the attackers were killed. americans in jakarta are advised by the u.s. embassy to stay indoors as the police continue a search for suspects. new information is coming in about a deadly shooting on a bart train. allie rasmus is in the newsroom now with new surveillance photos in the investigation and a startling claim from the san francisco chronicle about security cameras on bart. >> reporter: that report says many of the bart cameras don't work. we'll explain why in just a second. bart's police chief spoke about the investigation into the shooting and there are a lot of questions he and investigators were not able to answer. >> this is a pretty brazen, random act. >> reporter: and police believe the man in this picture is the
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person behind that brazen, random act. 7:45 saturday evening. police say the man exited the west oakland bart station minutes after shooting and killing a fellow passenger on board a san francisco bound train. the investigators do not know the motive for the shooting. they do not know whether any sort of confrontation led up to it or if there was a relationship between the shooter and the victim. and investigators do not know who the victim is. he had no i.d. on him. he's between 19 and 25 and possibly latino. the picture of the alleged shooter came from video cameras at the station entrance and exit. and bart is supposed to have cameras on the trains, but many >> of bart's train cameras are decoys, fake, incapable of capturing video. the chief was asked whether there's video from on board the train. >> can you answer whether or not there was a camera on the
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train? >> again, these are the photos that we're prepared to release regarding. i understand but this is what i'm answering. these are the photos we're prepared to release and we're asking for the public's assistance in helping us identify this suspect. >> reporter: and according to that report in the san francisco chronicle, bart police have no on board video of the shooting because the camera on the train was not working. and there were no bart police officers at the west oakland stakes when the shooting happened. the officers arrived about eight minutes after the shooting. and they -- the bart police chief said they would not -- they have noted ad additional officers to ride the trains since this all happened on saturday. so a lot of information coming out from this press conference yesterday although there were a lot of unanswered questions. >> and people want to know. they want to be safe on bart.
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thank you, alley. 5:09 is the time and san francisco police say a suspect being chased by police rammed into a patrol car and injured an officer. it happened before 9:00 last night on the grade highway. we don't have many details, but police officers spotted a stolen car and chased it. the stolen car hit the police car, injuring the officer. still the car kept chasing the stolen car and the driver eventually got away. time is 5:10. leonardo dicaprio made an emotional speech. and today he may be nominated for an award he's never received before -- an oscar. you'll hear the nominations as they are announced live. first we'll have a live report from where the presidential debate will be held in south carolina. is it constitutional issue
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dividing donald trump and ted cruz. we're looking at a decent morning commute. i don't think it looks bad at all yet anyway. this is 880 north and southbound. you can see it's a good looking commute. >> fog, colder lows and clouds on the move. and rain and something in the atlantic that hasn't happened in a long time in january. 3h no way. com7 savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all d breakfast menu.
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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2. the republican presidential candidates will hold their
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first debate of the 2016 year. the stage is going to be smaller and the attacks will probably be a lot sharper. our reporter, doug luzader, is joining us live outside the north charleston coliseum. >> reporter: and this debate is in south carolina because this state is coveted by republicans. it's the third contest after iowa and new hampshire and the first in the south. it gives us a better idea of the broader appeal some of these candidates may or may not have. >> reporter: the stage is coming together in a state that could play a major role in the battle for the republican nomination. >> they polled all of the debates and every single poll i've won. >> reporter: his trademark confidence but he may face attacks from ted cruz tonight. trump and others have questioned whether cruise is qualified to run for president. >> ted cruz has decided that if
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he doesn't fight back, jeb bush, done, ben carson done because they could not find a way to fight back. >> and beyond that many of the candidates on the main stage have spent recent days with a strategic goal, fighting for second place behind trump. and for this debate, it all comes down to poll numbers. it determines whether a candidate appears on the main stage or has to be in the under card debate. and two candidates didn't make the cut. carly fiorina and rand paul. and that's a disappointment for fiorina who clawed her way up to the main stage after a strong performance in the first debate. rand paul meantime has chosen to skip the event questioning the methodology. >> there's good evidence we should be on the main stage. desmoines had a new poll and we're ahead of three people on
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the stage. >> that was doug luzader reporting from south carolina and tonight's debate is on the fox business network and starts at 6:00. the warriors rested draymond green and ended up losing. on the road against the nuggets, the warriors made it a close game with two sensational three pointers near the end of the game. steph curry sunk a 30-footer. and thompson hit from the top of the key. and thompson's three point shot -- well, off the rim and the nuggets beat the warriors 112- 110. the warriors face the lakers, and at lo of people want to see kobe bryant play. kobe is listed as questionable due to a sore right achilles. he has scored 1792 points --
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just against the warriors. and the warriors might give draymond green another night off. mike shanahan is one of the choices to be the 49ers head coach. he is strongly back in the mix and an announcement may come soon. he was the offensive coordinator from '92 to '94. he has not coached in two years after being fired by the washington redskins. a former top contender, hue jackson, he's the head coach of the cleveland browns. he'll have significant control of the personnel in cleveland which he would not probably have been given in san francisco. there are reports that the hiring could mean the end of
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joni -- johnny manziel's career. let's check back in with sal for a look at the traffic. it's been sort of quiet. >> started off doing well. and one of the things we're thinking about is not this morning's commute but this afternoon's commute because steve says it's going to be raining. right now it looks good. let's take a look at what we have with the morning commute. starts off in the east bay. this is a look at 680 southbound and you can see traffic here is not bad. there are no major problems as you drive through. if you're going to any of the main's bay spots like the toll plaza or san mateo bridge, any of those cameras, you should see light traffic so far. at 5:30 at the toll plaza, we take a look at the toll plaza. take a look now. because at 5:30 is when they turn the metering lights on. and then we might see slow
5:19 am
traffic. this is a look at 280 in san jose. 280 northbound looks good. so steve, it's going to be raining and people leaving the house with no rain will be dealing with it this afternoon. >> north bay, especially. farther south, maybe not. we do have a lot of cloud cover on the way. and right now we're just looking at fog and much colder lows. 30s and as much as 15 to 20 degrees colder than 24 hours ago. and people are complaining about not getting much rain. but we're getting rain and we'll be getting more. before we get to that. something that hasn't happened in the atlantic in january since 18978. we have a tropical storm. say hello to alex. not alex savidge. this is only the 4th time since 1851 in january. heading to the azores.
5:20 am
and it's going to weaken. a ship report did not report any tropical storm winds. so it's going to weaken considerably. but the mere fact that it's there is pretty impressive. back home we have a system on its way and it's looking good for northern california. marin county north. rainfall to the south won't be much. to the north, a half inch to 3/4. and this is the first of what could be many systems over the next five to seven days. could be light precip ahead of this. maybe some on the san mateo coast. and so far i can't find anything yet. there's a pretty plume coming in behind that. and look where there is taking aim. northern california in the mix. and when you get in this kind of a pattern it can begin to stack up. 30s and 40s, much colder for some. as much as 16 from livermore for 24 hours ago. san jose is 12 degrees colder. 19 in santa rosa.
5:21 am
cloud cover is coming in. i don't think it will impact areas to the south. 30s in morgan hill and gilroy. scotts valley, boulder creek. and a winter weather advisory starts at 2:00. and the snow level will be 4500 and go up to 5500 feet. this is not a big system with two images of snow. but many behind this will play into the weather. late sunday, monday, tuesday, beginning to look pretty wet. a lot of cloud cover on the move. we're okay for the morning. and heaviest rain will be to the north and much lighter rains to the south. clouds on the move. and they'll increase throughout the day. and afternoon rain mainly in the north and cooler lows and high temperatures, low to mid- 50s. active pattern continues for a while. all the way into early next week. it's beginning to look really wet, especially northern california. >> we were just talking about
5:22 am
one of the truly great actors who just died. allen rickman. >> i know he was in harry potter. but i've seen diehard a thousand times. >> a lot of people know him as professor snake. >> allen rickman died at the age of 69 so just letting you know. time is 5:22. still ahead a change in the way uber screens the people who want to be drivers, why someone who has a criminal record can now apply for a job.
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welcome back. new this morning, we're talking about a beloved actor known for his roles in the harry potter movies has died. alan rickman -- demonstrating his wide acting range. he appeared in diehard as steve mentioned and love actually. he never won an oscar but did receive a golden globe and emmy. he was just 69. back here at home. san francisco police are searching for a shoplifter who threatened people with a knife. take a look at the surveillance video. the so called makeup bandit. the man went straight for the makeup counter, stuffed his pockets and tried to walk out. and employees tried to stop him. the man in the santa hat is
5:26 am
pulling him back inside. employees let the suspect go when he pulled out a knife and rode off on a bike. if you have information about this. call san francisco police. uber now relaxing its screening requirements for drivers who have a criminal record. the ride sharing company will allow those who have had felonies reduced to misdemeanors to apply. those with nonviolent felonies can apply to have the felony removed and have it changed to a misdemeanor. uber will continue to turn down drivers with felony convictions for violent crimes. highway 50 is back open after a boulder blocked the road and caltrans had to blow it up. that's a big boy. that boulder weighed 20 tons
5:27 am
and toppled down on the road near kivers. >> for seven hours traffic was backed up in both directions as caltrans removed the boulder. raiders owner mark davis says he's not interested. but there's more talk about his team potentially moving in with the 49ers. what santa clara's mayor is saying about the idea and how it could help the city. >> reporter: and an overnight chase in the east base coming to a deadly end after investigators say the person on the run from deputies jumped off a freeway and landed in a cemetery. we'll slain when mornings on 2 continues.
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good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. i'm talking about oakland restaurant week. i'm anxious to try out new spots. >> i believe there's 100 participating. >> let me know your favorite spot. >> there's a two star -- >> a very big deal. >> and you told me about lake shall lay.
5:31 am
>> and the weather will be -- >> cloudy. don't sit outside at lake chalet. a system is on the way. a series of systems. i mean there's some signs of really heavy rain from santa rosa north over the next five to seven days and it will get there. clouds on the move and they continue to move in. this is a weak system to the south. and the lows are much colder, zeros and 40s and -- 30s and 40s. and it will be cloudy to mostly cloudy and the moisture is taking aim at northern california. morn fog and clouds on the increase. cloudy with afternoon rain, mainly north bay. colder lows, highs low to mid- 50s. 5:31. how are you, sal? >> just like clock work the bay bridge is backed up. we can show it to you. the traffic is backed up because the metering lights are turned on at this time.
5:32 am
and they are turned on because the volume gets to where they need to be turned on. and we have a 5 to 10-minute delay. and it gets worse throughout the morning. no problems other than that. let's take a look at the rest of the east bay freeways. i'm pretty pleased at what i see here if the you're trying to have a relatively easy thursday. we can go to the maps. i always look around for slow traffic by looking for red. and i see some red on westbound 590 just after 205. and the rest of it looks okay. a little bit of room to get out before the huge crowds show up. 5:32. and let's go back to the desk. here's the latest on a still developing story in alameda county. a chase of a stolen car ended with one person dead. the sheriff's office says that person jumped out of a freeway trying to get away and fell to
5:33 am
his death. alex savidge is at the cemetery where the suspect fell to their death. >> reporter: good morning to you. a bizarre end to an attempted traffic stop. according to investigators, the man on the run decided to jump off the side of the freeway. that's highway 238 just above us there. and as this man jumped he landed near what is a cemetery down below. and the person died from the 30- foot fall. this all started with a chase. it was not necessarily a chase. it was an attempt to stop a stolen vehicle at 12:30 this morning. the alameda county sheriff's deputies tried to make a traffic stop. and the driver eventually pulled over on the side of highway 238 above hisperian
5:34 am
boulevard. the driver ran away from deputies and climbed a fence on the side of the freeway and jumped right over. investigators also say there was one other person who was inside that stolen car. it's unclear exactly what happened with that person if they were taken into custody or simply questioned about what was going on. there was a man being pursued by deputies and jumped 30 feet off the side of the freeway in an attempt to escape capture and ultimately jumped to his death, dave. >> all right, alex savidge in san lorenzo. thank you. one of the three winning tickets for world's largest lottery jackpot was sold in california, chino hills. look at that. mobbed by hundreds of people. they weren't stepping forward to claim to be the winner. most of them said they wanted to celebrate something good that happened in their city.
5:35 am
>> it's really exciting. it happened so close. i didn't win but i'm happy for that person. >> chino hills is the chant. the clerk at the store felt overwhelmed by all the people in the store. and he says they were all in good spirits and there were no problems. state lottery officials will go to the store and present the owner of the store with a check for a million dollars for selling one of the winning tickets. in case you haven't checked the numbers, here are the winning numbers. four, eight, 19, 27, 34, and powerball 10. the two our tickets were sold in florida and tennessee. time is 5:35. newly revised figures show san francisco could pay $4.5 million to host super bowl related events. that's a half million dollars more than the first estimate. the extra expenses are for hiring parking control
5:36 am
officers. the city says the figures were accidentally left out of the original cost estimates. there's been criticism about the price of hosting super bowl events. the city says the economic benefits outweigh the costs. >> as super bowl l approaches, there's an increasing effort to make people aware of human trafficking. it's known to increase around big events. employees underwent training yesterday to help spot human traffickers and their victims. airport workers had the same training on monday. this kind of training is especially important right now ahead of the super bowl. a flight attendant who was a victim of trafficking years ago. told us the huge influx of people will create opportunities for human traffickers to smuggle in victims. >> trafficking today is modern day slavery. for individuals who are first responders and see things, this training is critical. >> law enforcement officials
5:37 am
say large events attract people who try to buy the service of victims. and anyone can become a victim, including young girls, boys, women, and men. after the nfl rejected the oakland raiders' bid to move to southern california now there's renewed talk about sharing with the 49ers. mark davis has repeatedly rejected that option but it may be the smartest move instead of building a brand new stadium. levi's stadium was actually built for two home teams and has l.e.d. lighting to change the stadium's colors if the raiders were to move in. if the raiders don't make a decision soon. the nfl may strongly suggest that the team move to santa clara. >> my gut is telling me mark davis doesn't want to move to levi's stadium. but my gut also tells me if the
5:38 am
oakland stuff does not pan out. the nfl will nudge mark davis to look at playing at levi's stadium. >> santa clara mayor jamie matthews is open for discussion and if the raiders moved to levi's stadium it would be a financial boost for the city. with the rams moving to the los angeles area, a lot of rams fans are getting rid of their gear. some of the fans have started burning their jerseys. and some have dumped gear outside the edward jones dome. one local bar owner found a silver lining to the disappointment of the fans and the feelings of abandonment. he's organized a clothing drive to donate unwanted rams gear to the homeless. >> that sounds like a better idea than dumping it in the trash. we can understand how upset they are. >> frustrated. 5:38 is the time and we are
5:39 am
hearing from the man trapped in a trench in oakland for 13 hours. >> there are not enough hours to be able to thank them and i'm grateful they rescued me. up next, how he describes the moment he knew he was in serious trouble. good morning, we are looking at a commute that's getting more crowded around the bay area, including at the bay bridge. not too bad though. we'll give you a drive time if this and for other freeways. colder lows, and fog and clouds on the increase. and it's going to lead to rain for some. we'll have a timeline for that and for the next five to seven days.
5:40 am
?q ♪
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drew goddard for the martian. >> we're getting oscar nominations in beverly hills. let's listen in. [ applause ]
5:42 am
>> for original screenplay the nominees are bridge of spies. xmaquina. inside out. josh singer and tom mccarthy for spotlight. and jonathan herman, andrea -- and for straight out of compton. >> for original score the nominees are, thomas newman for bridge of spies, carter bureau well for carol. and-- for the hateful eight. and joahnn -- for sacario. and john williams for star wars the force awakens. [ applause ] >> in the best foreign language film category, the nominees are from columbia, embrace of the
5:43 am
serpent. from france, mustang. from son of saul. and from denmark, a roar. [ applause ] >> if achievement in directing, the nominees are adam mckay for the big short. george miller for mad max fury road. the revenant, and rooms. and tom mccarthy for spotlight. [ applause ] >> for a performance by an actress in a leading role, the nominees are cate blanchett in carol. brie larson in rooms. jennifer lawrence in joy. and charlotte -- in 45 years.
5:44 am
and brooklyn. for a performance by an actor the nominees are bryan cranston in trumbo. matt damon in the martian. leonardo dicaprio in the rev january. steve jobs, and the danish girl. and finally, we are pleased to announce the films selected as the best picture nominees. they are the big short, brad pitt, dede gardner, and -- bridge of spies, steven spielberg, producers, brooklyn, mad max fury road. doug mitchell and george
5:45 am
miller, producers. the martian, simon kinberg, wrigley scott, michael schaeffer. >> the revenant. room, ed -- producer. and spotlight, michael -- nicole rockland, and -- producers. >> for the complete list of all the nominees, visit >> and join us sunday night, february 28th to celebrate these incredible artists and films at the oscars with our host chris rock. see you then. >> wrapping up the nominations. eight films for best picture. the big short, bridge of spies,
5:46 am
brooklyn, mad max fury road. the martian, revenant, the room. and spotlight. >> and our friends getting a nomination for best original screenplay at inside out. >> and straight out of comton. and we brought it to you live. >> i've decided with the weather i'll catch up on the movies. i've only seen inside out. >> this is a time when you start thinking about what movies, not just this year. i'd love to hear. i was about to put it on social media. i'll tell you first. let me know what movies you just have to see that are classics, i mean, the godfather or anything that you think. >> steve said we have to see spotlight. >> and the big short. >> the big short. >> he's giving nods. >> i saw the big short and it's
5:47 am
good too. >> let me know. hit us up on social media. >> classics and new movies, anything you think is good i'll take. thank you. there's going to be some inside weather coming up. maybe tonight. let's take a look at what we have as the weather relates to the commute. it's okay this morning. it's backed up to the macarthur maze, a 10 to 15 minute delay and no major problems on the bridge. but we'll likely see rain all over the area. and that means a bad commute or at least a slow commute. the san mateo bridge looks good heading to the high-rise. and slow traffic on 580 from just after 205, the tracy triangle. but for the most part no major problems on 580 from livermore to castro valley. >> can you go all the way back
5:48 am
to the '30s or '40s? >> if you think i should see it, recommend it to me. we're talking about me. me. it's all about me. >> off the top of your head, steve. what would you recommend? >> oh, my gosh. that's a toughy. there's to many. the adventures of robin hood with errol flynn is a classic. let's take a look at a tropical storm in the atlantic. it's only january and it's there. it's not going to do much but it's there. and this is the 1st one since 1978 and only the 4th since 1851. it's not going to do much and is heading to the azores. but it has formed and wind is about 51 miles per hour. pretty impressive. we have a system that's
5:49 am
taking aim at northern california and won't do much south but it will produce steady to moderate rain to the north. sierra snow about two to 7 inches and at 2:00 today, a winter weather advisory kicks in. the atmosphere is pretty juiced up already so it wouldn't take much. and the signature on the radar is beginning to develop. that's mainly north. and around trinity county and northern mendocino county, about 11 inches of rain between now and next thursday. there's going to be heavy rain moving in to the north. how much makes it south looks to be iffy. the temperatures took a plunge over the last 24 hours, nine to 20 degrees for some. napa airport is 19 degrees cooler than yesterday. north bay temps are starting to go up a little bit because the cloud cover is inching in. i saw a lot of 30s and now low
5:50 am
40s. 43 in monterey. cloud cover will give us a mostly cloudy day and light rain will develop and maybe moderate to heavy rain if you're watching us farther to the north. there's a series of systems here. and nothing too strong until early monday or late sunday to monday. we get another system friday, saturday. it's going to add up over time in the north bay. and monday, tuesday, could be more of a widespread rain event. heaviest to the north and lighter to the south. and some will make it, even down to san jose. pockets of fog out there. and clouds on the increase here. and we'll turn cloudy and afternoon rain, 50s on the temps, and a few in the santa clara valley pushing 57, 58. overall, system tonight, early friday, another one late friday, early saturday. and late sunday, monday,
5:51 am
tuesday is looking wet. >> be advised. >> the da vinci code and usual suspects. it's very surprising. i often figure out. and that's up with that surprised me. >> more talk of movies still ahead. and also the stage is set for the gop presidential candidates to face off. and coming in 20 minutes we'll have a live report from south carolina and tell you what to expect in tonight's heated debate. and oakland restaurant week is serving up sweet dishes, the rapid growth of restaurants on the east bay and how they are important to the economy.
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life... is unpredictable. life is deaths. and births. sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all.
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not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's lif
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former 49ers running-back lawrence phillips has died in prison at the age of 40. he was found dead in his jail cell. it's being investigated as a suicide. he was serving a 31-year sentence for domestic violence and vehicle theft. in 2013 he was accused of killing his cell mate. phillips yesterday was found unresponsive in his cell and pronounced dead at a hospital. at this point we don't know why investigators believe he committed suicide. family and friends are mourning the death of a santa cruz man killed while base
5:55 am
jumping off a cliff in arizona. matthew kenny died in a canyon near the arizona, utah state line. this is the mountain where the accident happened. take a look at the photo. sheriff's officials are working to retrieve his body which is trapped in a crevice. an east bay man who was trapped in a trench in oakland is talking about what he went through. the 40-year-old was working to repair a broken sewer line tuesday afternoon on 21st avenue in east oakland and he was speaking through a translator and said the moment when the walls caved in. >> translator: it's my job, there's nothing we could do. it just happened in seconds. >> two dozen firefighters worked really hard to get him out. he is recovering from minor injuries and hopes to get out
5:56 am
of the hospital today. cal osha is investigating. oakland's restaurant week is bringing plenty of great deals for the foodie in you. more than 100 restaurants are participating in restaurant week. visit oakland tourism organization says there's been explosive growth with 300 new restaurants opening since 2013. >> oakland is this -- feels like the epicenter of something really exciting happening right now. and we just feel like we're right in the middle of it. >> every dining check means more tax revenue for oakland which last year pulled in $10 million from restaurants and hotels. restaurant week runs through january 24th. that's what i'm talking about on facebook. i don't come over to oakland to eat out. >> but there are so many and
5:57 am
new restaurants too. >> i hear from you and steve. >> play catchup. changes are coming to the way uber screens its drivers. up next why your driver's resume may include some jail time. and the numbers are in. there are three winning tickets in last night's record breaking powerball drawing. one of them is right here in california. where the big winner nabbed their ticket. the morning commute is not bad. this is a look at the bay bridge getting crowded on the way to the city. fog and colder lows and another system will bring us rain. we'll talk about when and how much.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> reporter: one man is dead this morning after he jumps off the side of a freeway, trying to escape sheriff's deputies in the east bay. we'll explain how he was killed. plus-- your looking at southern california. one of three winners of the historic jackpot. and four tickets in california have all five of the regular
6:00 am
numbers. we'll have more as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. some people are waking up with a lot of money, right? >> yeah, yeah. >> the rest of us are waking up to a nice view of oakland and the estuary. and this is our roof cam looking out towards oakland. and steve said the weather is changing. probably by the evening commute. we'll check with him. thank you for joining us, it's thursday morning commute, january 14th. and i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. so take an umbrella? >> evening commute. >> mainly north. just to be safe. it doesn't take much once you get in a rainy pattern. another system is moving in. the pattern is favorable especially to the north bay. north bay had an inch of rain.


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