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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  January 14, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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yeah, we are live in santa cruz where the wait is over. the powerball winning tickets were announced last night, and there were some winners here in the bay area. didn't win the brick jackpot, but we'll tell you what they did win. plus, a sad strange end to a traffic stop here in the east bay overnight after a man in a stolen car jumped off a freeway and is killed. we'll tell you where he landed coming up. this is ktvu "mornings on
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2". . >> ♪[ music ] 7:01 on a thursday morning. a live look over the city of san jose and the gorgeous bay area. still listening to david bowie. of course, the world mourns his passing this week. so many people turning to his music even more than we have all along. always nice to hear. welcome back to "mornings on 2", this is january 14. >> a good choice. i am dave clark. let's check our weather and traffic. steve paulson is here. boy, things are coming our way? >> they sure like they are going to over the next few days. a lot of cloud cover in here now. it's colder this morning. plenty of 30s for a while. they are coming up as the cloud cover -- there is a lot of energy towards the northern
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part of the state. this looks be to a marin county north event over the next three or four days. probably for everybody by the time we get to sunday night, monday, and tuesday. next couple of days there will be far less amounts. this is the old line. used to draw the line around the golden gate bridge to vallejo and north. that's where the heaviest rain will be. not much showing up yet. this is more in the afternoon, evening event. you can see what's in store for some on the north coast and down to the north bay. everywhere else 30s and 40s. boy, are the temperatures colder than 24 hours. 10 to 20 degrees colder than this time yesterday. not only this system, but there is a lot more in the old weather pipeline that have to come through. active here. fog. increasing clouds. cloudy with afternoon rain. could be some earlier before that. more to the north bay. far less to the south. highs today though staying stuck it looks like in the mid-to-upper 50s. sal, getting better? worse? what?
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>> it's more crowded. no crashes. better in that department. good morning to you at home. if you are looking at 80 westbound, not too bad right now driving from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. a 27-minute drive. the bay bridge toll plaza slow traffic. backed up for a 20-minute delay before you make it onto the bridge. also i want to show you the traffic is going to be slow on 580 heading westbound over to the area. southbound 880 at 8th street an earlier crash cleared. 880 is slow from hayward to union city. part of fremont slow as well. dumbarton and san mateo bridge not bad. relatively uncrowded on the peninsula. 7:03. back to the desk. so much happiness. they did not have the winning ticket for last night's powerball game. they are celebrating because one
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of the three big winning tickets was sold at that store in southern california. that 7-eleven in chino hills was mobbed. people we talked with say they are just happy that something great happened in their city. >> it's really exciting. yeah. i didn't win. i am happy for that person. >> chanting chino hills, chino hills. the clerk was overwhelmed by the people in the store spilling outside. they were all in great spirits and there was not a single problem. today state lottery officials will go to that store and present the owner with a check for $1 million because that store in santa barbara county sold one of the winning tickets. but you don't have to have all six numbers to have made a lot of money in last night's game. here are the numbers. the winning numbers are 4, 8, 19, 27, and 34.
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the powerball number is 10. now, there were four tickets sold in northern california that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. one of them sold in santa cruz. that's where we find ktvu's janine de la vega this morning. janine. >> reporter: gasia, nobody has walked in whyette to this chevron convenience store here on socal avenue in santa cruz, but the clerks are certainly waiting. they know that someone matched five out of the six numbers in last night's drawing, but they didn't win the actual jackpot. but whoever bought the ticket here will win $638,000. now, there were 12 winners in california who matched the five numbers, but not the powerball number, and they will all get that same amount. now, four of the stores that had winners are located in northern california. besides here in santa cruz, there was a 7-eleven in vacaville on nut tree road as well as stores in santa rosa and in cloverdale. we talked to some customers this morning. they are not too bummed out because they know their chances
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of winning were slim. >> it's hard to check 100 tickets. >> reporter: you haven't checked them yet? >> no, i had to feed them all through. it wasn't easy. honestly, i won $4. >> reporter: how are you feeling? >> i don't think i am going to get that $4. you didn't even claim it. >> reporter: so now the jackpot goes back down to $40 million. still not shabby. we found people who say they'll still buy a ticket for saturday's drawing. back out here live, this chevron is corporate owned. so we still don't have permission and the managers inside can't tell us too many details really at all about when the winning ticket was bought and how much of a bonus this store might get. so we're still waiting to hear back from the corporate office on that. gasia. >> can't believe he didn't claim his four bucks. that's better than nothing to me. >> reporter: you know, he was
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just, you know, kind of like, whatever, you know. he was being a little bit sarcastic. so, you know. >> george here, my photographer, he won $4. he hasn't -- >> george! >> reporter: he hasn't gone in and claimed -- yeah, weighs a big win -- he was a big winner. he hasn't claimed his 4 bucks. >> once he does, and if i know george like i think i do, he will buy a field's coffee for you and one field's coffee for you, janine. >> reporter: we'll see. we'll see about that. >> all right. thank you. george is saying no. we will let you go. bring you back later on. thank you both. powerball isn't legal in nevada, but one las vegas casino is giving lotto losers a second chance to win. they are offering up to $24 in free play for powerball tickets that didn't win any prize. if you spent, let's say, $10 on losing ticket, you can get $10 credit to play any casino
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game. they are hoping to draw more visitors to the games during a relatively quiet season overall there. some people in texas have problems buying tickets for a chance at the big powerball jackpot. a lot of ticket machines around the state idea went on the blink. on the twitter page the texas lottery commission said it was experiencing technical issues at some retail locations. the problem was blamed on a satellite communication issue. the system was down for about 45 minutes. the problem was fixed before the buying deadline. time is 7:08. new this morning now we know the name of the suspect who died a couple of hours ago in san lorenzo while trying to get away from sheriff's deputies chasing a stole an car. deputies chased him off to highway 238. he jumped off the freeway and fell to his death in a cemetery. ktvu fox 2's alex savidge where this happened. alex. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. really a bizarre end to this traffic stop this morning.
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a man who was trying to escape sheriff's deputies this morning, he decided to jump off the side of this freeway. that's highway 238 just above us here. and this man jumped off the freeway and he landed near what is a cemetery down below. this is san lorenzo pioneer cemetery. the man ultimately died from that 30-foot fall. this started 12:30 this morning. alameda county sheriff's deputies spotted a stolen car. they tried to make a traffic stop. the driver slowed down and eventually pulled over on highway 238 right above hisperian boulevard. the man ran from the car, according to investigators, climbed a fence on the side of the freeway and jumped over the side ultimately he died. the man who was killed this morning was identified as paul giacomi. he was 40 years old.
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authorities could not say what city he lives in. back out here live, there is a chain-link fence right on the side of the freeway, and apparently the man climbed over that chain-link fence as well and then full down, down below to what is a cemetery in this area. investigators also say there was one passenger in the car with the driver who jumped. it's unclear though, dave, exactly what happened to the passenger. >> alex savidge live in san lorenzo. thank you. now to developing news overseas. we have been following this for you all morning. brian flores just reported new explosions were heard in jakarta,nesia. we are getting reports that noise may have been a blown tire. certainly people in the capital of indonesia are on edge after a terror attack early this morning. attackers hurled grenades at police and blew themselves up. one blast happened at a starbucks. at least two people have died with one of the victims
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reportedly a canadian. isis just claimed responsibility for the attack on twitter. time is 7:10. we are gonna bring you a live report from the site of tonight's republican presidential debartolo in south carolina. the constitutional issue that's divided donald trump and ted cruz.
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7:13. new this morning a beloved actor known for his role in the harry potter movies has died. alan rickman demonstrated his wide acting rim. he was in die-hard and love actually. rickman never won an oscar but received a golden globe and em h he had been suffering from cancer. he was 69. san francisco police meantime are trying to extract dna to identify bones found back in november buried in a planter box. they now know that the bones
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belong today a child and another unidentified person. the bones were found outside of an apartment building on macallister street near alamo square. investigators say the bodies were somehow dismembered, maybe with a saw. they say they are going to be looking into missing persons and cold cases, including the case of kevin collins. he was only 10 years old when he disappeared in 1984 from a bus stop about 13 blocks from where those bones were found. well, the republican presidential candidates, they will debate tonight. the first of this new year in south carolina. and with the polls showing a neck in neck battle at the top, a hot confrontation is expected tonight. our reporter caroline shively is outside the coliseum where that debate will take place. >> reporter: hi there, dave. it looks like there will be a fight between ted cruz and donald trump at the gop debate tonight. the stage is set for tonight's
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debate in charleston, which is being hosted by the fox business network. the candidates have been gearing up all week. >> ted cruz, he's been really, really nice other than last couple of days getting a little testy. a lot of lawyers say you can't run if you do that. you can't be born in canada. you can't be a canadian citizen. >> reporter: trump hits cruise hard on his citizenship as the texas senator and millionaire are neck in neck in many iowa polls. >> it's very interesting. this issue did not seem to concern donald until a little over a week ago when suddenly he was trailing in the polls in iowa. >> reporter: the two have mostly played nice in past debates, but experts expect that to change tonight. >> donald trump is going to be beating him down and beating him down and cruz actually needs that. he needs that moment and he needs to be able to endure it. >> reporter: rand paul didn't make the cut for the main debate and says he won't come at all if that doesn't change. but that's not stopping carly
7:16 am
fiorina, rick santorum and mike huckabee from taking advantage of the extra tv time. >> you know, from my perspective, that's great. it leaves three of us. the pie is the same size. it's just that all of us get a bigger slice. >> reporter: with the iowa state caucuses less than three weeks away, tonight could be a game changer. dave, back to you. >> thank you. time is 7:16. sal castaneda is getting you out the door. >> good morning, gasia and dave. good morning to you if you are just about to leave the house. we do have slow traffic for you in the usual spots at the bay bridge. it starts to back up before you actually make it down to the maze. backed up a little bit before that, but nothing unusual, and the carpool lanes are doing very well. there are no problems as you drive into the city on the bridge once you make it there. we are also locking at some of the other -- looking at some of the other commutes. >> the san mateo bridge is busy to the middle of that span. we talked about the san mateo.
7:17 am
what about the san mateo evil twin the dumbarton bridge? backed up out to the toll plaza and across to menlo park. now, when over to highway 101 it's not too bad. a little bit slow in san mateo and palo alto. if you are driving on 101 northbound into the city, it is just a little bit slow once you pass that old candlestick exit. 7:17. let's go to steve. i like the view from the dumbo as you are driving over. >> it's nice. right now there are a lot of other people looking at that view with you. >> that's true. saw, sal. all right. we will get right to it here. increasing clouds. colder this morning. the key though is we may be setting up for some pretty good rain for the north bay. not so much to the south. people are saying, what's going on? hang in there. hang in there. pattern is looking rather impressive. and if it pans out, that being some of our long-range forecasts, the end of the month is looking wet and the next five to seven days wet to north as
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well. suffice to say i think we are an active pattern and it's going to get more so. this next symptom coming in will tend to lean more towards the north. rainfall amounts south could not much to, okay, not bad. that's from about marin county northward. the breeze picks up. sierra snow 2-7 inches. weather advisory 2:00 today. 4500 feet to 5500 feet. could get light rain in advance of. this so far cloud cover. radar not picking up too much. but it's going to be a really, i think, a very wet pattern from about santa rosa north. if you are in the north coast, looks wet here. 30s on the panel or 40s. colder by 10, almost 20 degrees for some compared to 24 hours ago. the first system is moving across. this is almost looking old school here, if you will. but you can see where this plume of moisture that i'm standing
7:19 am
right in front of, look at that. i mean, that's impressive. there is going to be between now and, i'd say, next thursday maybe about a foot for some on rainfall total. we will be in the category of continuous rain for some, and some of that will be steady. so rain develops tonight into early friday. then late friday into saturday a stronger series of systems or some moisture moving in late sunday. monday no tuesday widespread rain for everything. today a north bay event. heaviest there. lighter to the south. but the cloud cover is for everybody. so some morning fog, clouds increasing. if there is any sun, believe me, it's not going to last long. rain in the north bay. for everyone else, later on. the evening commute, especially 101 north, marin county, sonoma county, opportunity for some rain on the way home an everywhere else. 50s on the temps and a lot of cloud cover here is in the mix. it's almost impossible to time
7:20 am
it. suffice to say i think we are in rain for here. >> a lot of people are asking me if i'm driving up to the snow this weekend, timing getting up on friday, saturday. >> get the out by sunday night. >> so a lot of people have monday off for the holiday. >> i think you will be stuck monday. >> get out sunday? okay. >> unless you don't care, you snow? if you are off on monday and deal with it tuesday. >> with eight hours in the car. >> there you go. that, too. >> okay. >> thanks, steve. time now 7:20. uber often criticized for background checks may be changing things. new reports of the new policy may affect potential drivers who have a criminal record. in 20 minutes, what that new policy may be. and take a look at your screen. a dramatic piece of surveillance video here. you are watching walgreen's workers trying to take down a make-up thief in san francisco. what that thief did that finally caused the workers to let him go.
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7:23a struggle caught on surveillance video here. you are watching as workers at a walgreen's store in san francisco try take down a shoplifter. this happened on chestnut street december 18. a man san francisco police are calling a make-up bandit went streit for the make-up counter, stuffed his pockets. you see employees trying to stop him. the man in the santa hat and blue shirt pulls the thief back inside, but the man pulled out
7:24 am
a knife. he took off on a bicycle. police want to hear from anyone with information on what happened. san francisco police say a suspect being chased by police rammed into a patrol car last night and hurt one officer. this happened before 9:00 on the great highway. police are only telling us the officer spotted a stolen car and chased it and during the chase the car hit the police car, injuring the officer's right arm. the officer kept chasing the stolen car on the interstate 280 but the car got away. time is 7:24. a man trapped 13 hours in a trench in oakland is telling us what that was like. 40-year-old row helio esparza was repairing a sewer line. he described through his translator the moment when the walls of the trench caved in. >> it just happened in seconds.
7:25 am
>> more than two dozen firefighters were out there to rescue him. he is recovering from minor injuries. he is hoping to get out of highland hospital today. cal osha is investigating what happened. 7:25. a miracle. a lake county dog that went missing during the valley fire four months ago now is finally back with their owners. take a look at tia. a husky pit bull mix. darcy andrews says she was trapped in the home when evacuations began in september. authorities wouldn't allow the family through roadblocks to rescue their pets before fire destroyed their home, but somehow too he a got out. it wasn't until just last week that a neighbor down the street spotted tia still wearing her tags. >> this guy started describing tia over the phone to me, that he had her. and i started bawling. he is like our family hero right now. >> that's what neighborhoods
7:26 am
do. this captures the happy reuian. the family believes tia was trying to return to where their home once stood. an unusual lawsuit filed by the family of a man killed in a recent terror attack. why they are putting the blame on twitter. also, decoy and broken cameras on bart. next the reported security gaps we are learning about following last weekend's deadly shooting on a bart train. good morning. we are looking at a commute here that is still okay. nothing major, but there's wait doing here at the toll plaza and on some of the other bridges. we will take a check coming up. clouds on the increase. temperatures colder this morning and rain's on the way for some. maybe not for all. it could be pretty good in the north bay. more on that.
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7:29 this thursday morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2". >> and good morning. i am dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve paulson, you've got a lot to tell us? >> i do. not a lot of time, dave and gasia. a system moving in that will give rain to the north bay. the lows were colder this morning. 30s and 40s. this cloud cover is going to trap everything. it's gonna be a cool day. a lot of 50s. this is sean. south bay seems pretty average. sure doesn't feel like el nino in sunnyvale. be patient, okay? el nino does not mean heavy,
7:30 am
heavy rain. it means more continuous rain. if you go back to january in 1998 in san francisco, i think they had 25 days out of 30, 31 that this rain, measurable, but nothing greaterrer than 1.75. it just keeps going and going and going. that pattern developing right now may be one of those for the russian river north. there are many systems in the pipeline. everything is leaning towards what looks to be a wet pattern. there will not be a lot south of san francisco, oakland, and concord, but there will be to the north. some of the projections are 7, 10, 11 inches of rain north of mendocino or ukiah. 30s on the temps here. cloudy today. temperatures held in check because of the cloud cover with rain developing. so there is some fog out there. clouds already moving in. so cloudy, afternoon rain more to the north, far less to the south, but it will make it. temperatures low-mid 50s for some, but upper 40s i think far to the north. sal, what do you have for
7:31 am
us? >> good morning. i am just looking at my list here. chp doesn't have a lot of incidents, but we have slow traffic out there. so i don't want to mislead you. it's not great, but it's not as bad. i think this afternoon, as you heard the man say, it's going to be raining in many areas and that means the afternoon commute is not going to be a good one. prepare for that driving home. you know, you drive great, but that other guy, boy, that other guy drives terribly in the rain. moving along and taking a look at the commute on the san mateo bridge. that traffic is moving along okay as you drive over to the high-rise. when you get over to highway 101, the traffic there looks okay. there are no problems there. we look at our road sensors and highway 101 and 28 0 are doing very well. 101 is slow from about the brisbane area near the candlestick exit and it stays that way to caesar chavez. back to the desk. >> thank you. some new information coming in now about a deadly shooting over the weekend on a bart train. ktvu fox 2's allie rasmus is in
7:32 am
our newsroom telling us about some new surveillance photos and a pretty startling came from the "san francisco chronicle" about the security cameras on bart trains, allie? >> reporter: dave, according to the chronicle, many of the cameras on bart trains are dummy cameras meant to deter crime, but not capable of recordin any video. that comes after the police chief spoke about the investigation into a fatal shooting on board a bart train this weekend. >> this is a pretty brazen, random act. >> reporter: police believe the man in this picture is the person behind it. on 745 saturday evening police say he exited the west oakland bart station just minutes after shooting and killing a fellow passenger on board a san francisco-bound train. the chief said investigators do not know the motive for the shooting. they do not the know whether any sort of confrontation led up to it or whether there was any relationship between the shooter and the victim. investigators don't know yet who the victim. shooting is. he had no identification on
7:33 am
him. they described him only as a man between the ages of 19 and 25 who is possibly latino. now, the picture of the alleged shooter came from cameras at the entrance. bart is supposed to have cameras on board their trains. according to the investigation by the "san francisco chronicle," many of bart's train cameras are fake. they don't record any actual video. now, chief rainey was asked several times whether there is any video of the shootings on saturday from on board that train. here's what he said. >> reporter: can you answer whether or not there was a camera on this train and if it was working? >> again, these are the photos that we're prepared to release regarding -- >> but -- i. understand. this is what i'm answering to your question. these are the photos we are prepared to release at this point, okay? we are asking for the public's assistance in helping us identify this suspect. >> reporter: now, according to the "san francisco chronicle" today, bart police have no on board video of the shooting
7:34 am
from saturday because the camera on that train was not working. now, we've reached out to a bart spokesperson to ask them to respond to some of the claims in "the chronicle's" report but we have not heard back. >> thank you, allie. 7:34. you probably went to bed last night knowing you did not win the powerball. there were three tickets sold that matched all the numbers to that historic $1.6 billion jackpot. one in california. the others in tennessee and florida. winning numbers are 4, 8, 19, 27, 34. powerball number is 10. take a look at the numbers. double check your tickets. unless you went to southern california, i don't think you have that ticket. however, we do have a reporter in southern california. mario ramirez at the store where that winning ticket was sold. talk to us about chino hills in santa barbara county. people are celebrating, hundreds of them, like they personally won? >> reporter: yes. last night a big celebration. this morning still a big
7:35 am
celebration. what a big day for this 7- eleven in chino hills. we have three big winners. two tickets sold out of state and one here at this 7-eleven in chino hills. but we want to show you the excitement spreading through chino hills. take a look at this video after the news broke last night. a large crowd began packing the store. even spilling into the parking lot. each third of the jackpot, listen to this, now worth $528 million if taken over 30 years or a lump sum of $327 million. nonetheless, the community here in chino hills came out and showed its support. the store owner has been at this 7-eleven for 24 years. he says he was completely you shocked to hear this news. >> i was home. i have a friend, they was calling me here. somebody win the lotto in chino. your store. i say, i don't know. and then like i was watching tv. he said at that time i learn,
7:36 am
oh, that's my store. >> reporter: don't rip up your tickets just yet. in addition to the three big winners, 12 tickets in california matching five of the six numbers now worth $638,000. here are the winning numbers again. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, and the lucky powerball number 10. back out here live, this is the machine why that lucky lottery ticket came from. state lottery officials are planning to hold a press conference here at 11:00 this morning. but again that winner here in chino hills has not come forward. keep in mind they have about a year to claim the prize. reporting here in chino hills, we will send it back to you in the studio. >> talk to me a little bit about the town of chino hills. from what i understand, it's been ranked as one of the best places to live. people there have a fairly high average income. tell me about the town itself. >> reporter: well, chino hills is about 40 minutes from downtown l.a. a little suburb. here is the interesting thing. chino hills has never seen a
7:37 am
big win like this. we've done our live shots all week at hawthorne, bluebird liquor store. that's the lucky spot. look on the wall. this is where the last lottery winner was named. only $4,956. so nothing compared to this big prize here, and a lot of people in chino hills celebrating, walking in congratulating the store on the big win. >> people calling their relatives. mario, thank you. revised figures show that san francisco could pay more than $4.5 million to host super bowl-related events. that's about a half million dollars more than the first estimate released last week. the extra expenses are for hiring extra parking control officers. the city says those figures were accidentally left out of the original cost estimates. as we have been bringing you, there is some criticism about the price of hosting super bowl events, but san francisco says the economic benefits will far outweigh the costs.
7:38 am
7:37. an incredible day. explosions and gunfire this morning rocking the capital city of indonesia. jakarta, indonesia. now isis has claimed responsibility for these deadly attacks. at least two people have died. one of the victims reportedly a canadian. now, this is the first terror attack in jakarta since 2009 brian florida joining us now. this is very fluid? >> reporter: yes. according to several news agencies, isis is claiming responsibility for this attack which police say was meant to imitate the attack in paris a few months ago. want to go to new video now of the aftermath from the explosions and gunfire that rocked the capital city of indonesia during the mid- morning hours there. a lot of damage at a starbucks coffee shop located you in a busy shopping area of the city not far from the country's presidential palace and the u.s. embassy. now, information is still coming in. from what we understand, there were five attackers in this. at least three of those attackers had suicide bombs
7:39 am
that went off. two of the attackers targeted a nearby post office with guns. now, all five, according to police, were killed. also killed were two people. one of them according to several reports was canadian. the other a police officer. up to 20 other people were injured. now, police say the situation is now under control, but in the meantime the u.s. embassy in jakarta will close on friday as a precaution. they are warning americans there to remain vigilant and to stay away from crowded areas like malls and movie theaters. this is the first terrorist attack in the city since 2009 where suicide bombers targeted two hotels there killing seven people. guys, when we spoke the last hour, reuters had reported that there were another set of explosions. they have clarified that and said they were tires that had exploded from -- i mean tires that went off from a truck. as you can tell, i mean just -- >> everybody's jittery. >> reporter: exactly. the nerves are on edge. >> right, right, right. all right. thank you. we will continue to follow it.
7:40 am
thank you, brian. now, we're also learning about links between a sacramento terror suspect and a man in houston charged with planning to bomb two malls. omar syed al har dan pled not agree yesterday in texas to charges that include trying to provide support to isis. prosecutors say you he was coordinating efforts with a fell lerefugee. they allegedly used facebook to talk about getting weapons training and sneaking into syria to fight alongside isis. time is 7:40. a lawsuit by the family of a florida man killed in a terror attack in jordan last creek. they say twitter knowingly allowed isis to use the social network to spread terrorism. they claim isis uses twitter to raise money and attract recruits.
7:41 am
twitter says it regularly removes such accounts. the company says it is saddened for the family's loss, but calls the lawsuit without merit. coming up on 7:41. more jobs leaving the bay area. this after san mateo-based gopro reported less than expected earnings. how many jobs will be cut. also, the nominees for oscars were announced this morning. you watched this live here on "mornings on 2". up next, the movie that is already ahead of the rest. we are looking at a commute that is still very busy in some areas, although what you see this morning may not be what you get tonight. steve and i will be back to explain. we'll be back shortly. not tonight. that's for sure. we have cloud cover moving in. rain's on the way. plus, something in the atlantic that's very rare for january.
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time is 7:43. a lot of people discussing the recently announced oscar nominations. one movie is ahead of all the rest. >> leonardo dicaprio and "the revenant." >> the nominations were announced this morning in beverly hills. the revenant leads with 12 nominations, including best actor for leonardo dicaprio. the frontier drama took top honors at the golden globe awards. mad mad next is. the eight nominees for best picture are "the big short," "bridge of spies," "brooklyn," "mad max" furry road, the martian, "the revenant" and
7:45 am
"spotlight." before that the nominations are out for the so-called worst movies of the year. does this look familiar to you? "fifty shades of grey" leads the back. the razzie awards for worst actor, actress, worst film. adam sandler's pixel. the golden razz . let's check in with sal. make sure everybody is behaving on the roads. . >> that last movie looked so horrible. you don't have time to see all the movies out there. >> no, no. >> so don't spend your time seeing the razzie's, right? >> right. >> we don't have time to dilley daly on this commute. if you are driving to the city or in the south bay, we have had some slow traffic there. look at 280. it is going to be slow as you
7:46 am
drive up highway 17. as a matter of fact, i have pulled up the south bay map to show you the rest of the south bay other than 280. you saw 280. 85 is not better and neither is 101. all the freeways are crowded getting into the valley, and 880 south from hayward to fremont is slow as well. dumbarton and san mateo bridge also very crowded. bay bridge toll plaza as you might imagine going to see a backup from the macarthur maze. there it is. i hear that music. boris has his own music. our spider is there. the traffic is backed up for a 20-minute delay at the toll plaza. steve, i asked people, because it's oscar season, tell me the greatest movies they have ever seen. since alan rickman died, some of those films are coming up. >> well, a couple. die-hard, my goodness. galaxy quest was in there. >> any others? >> well, harry potter movies.
7:47 am
he was in love actually. >> there you go. >> thank you, sir. all right. let's get to it. a little bit of sun. a lot of cloud cover on the way. it's going to continue to move in giving us a cloudy, mostly cloudy day. doug ahrens sent in a tweet. he says, why did they name a hurricane after alex savidge? well, atlantic hurricane. actually, it's a confusing. in the eastern atlantic since 1938, the first in the atlantic since alice in 1955. very rare on many levels. too confusing here. but heading towards the azores. moving northward. it's not, you know, it's not going to make much of an impact unless you are by the azores. napa valley, kathy, not a bad sunrise today in napa. i'll say. there were a couple of reports of that. i had a couple of photos of the
7:48 am
pattern is looking wet for some. not so much for others. we will still get some rain. heavier amounts to the north bay. this system will give not much. san jose area about .05. santa rosa north .75-inch and sierra winter weather advisory starting at 2:00. cloud cover already moving in. a cloudy day. rain beginning to develop on the north coast and there is going to be some heavy rain here. not necessarily from this system, but over the next five to seven days. the lows took a plunge this morning because skies were clear for a while. the cloud cover coming in stopped the temperatures from dropping farther than they did. but the temperatures will be on the -- hard pressed to get above upper 40s, low 50s in the north bay. a lot of cloud cover. it's taking aim at the north. active rain pattern here tonight into tomorrow morning, and then again late friday into saturday. those are going to be in the north bay. sunday night and then maybe
7:49 am
monday, tuesday looks to be heavier rain for everybody. now, we he'll see still four, five days away. that's the way it's looking right now. the rest of the month is looking active as well. north bay rain from this next front, heaviest to the north, far lighter to the south. cloud cover is here. that's beginning to move in. rain will develop. evening commute should be dicey going north. cooler lows means high temps again with all the cloud cover. upper 40s, low 50s northward. mid 50s for everybody else. what we're looking at is unsettled pattern. rain tonight friday, late friday, saturday, sunday night into monday. back to the desk. >> thank you. time is 7:49. uber is making headlines this morning, but the ridesharing company may not be happy about it. uber may be fined and suspended over reporting practices. >> pam cook to tell us. a convicted criminal may soon be your uber driver. what is uber planning? >> a lot of things happening today. they are talking about relaxing the screening requirements for
7:50 am
drivers in california. that could mean drivers have a criminal history. the catch is that the applicants have to get their felony convictions reduced to a misdemeanor or have the crimes expunged under prop television 47. now, prop 47 reclassifies certain felony offenses as misdemeanors. that includes possession of drugs, check fraud, and petty theft. they have to be non-violent. if you have failed a background check with uber in the past, you might be able to resubmit once that has been changed. also today the california public utilities commission votes on whether uber will be suspended or fined $7.6 million for failing to meet data reporting requirements in 2014. a judge ruled uber did not follow state laws that ensure customers are treated fairly when calling for a ride, that drivers don't discriminate based on where someone lives or ethnic background. uber appealed, but the courts
7:51 am
levied a higher fine adding contempt. after the decision today, uber will have to pay the fine immediately or suspend services for 30 days. i just got off the phone with a spokesperson for uber who says that connecting people with the non-profit organization is what they are doing to help to fix their criminal under prop 47 so they can get a job. as for the cpuc, it's kind of strange that that organization oversees uber. we will talk a little bit more about that in our next hour of "mornings on 2". she tells me that uber plans on paying that fine. we will have -- rather than suspending services for 30 days, that would be big hit as a business. >> wow. >> more on that in the next hour. >> okay, pam, thanks. time is 7:51. you have heard people say their heart skips a beat when they met the one. now how your vital signs could be used to help you find your soulmate. first, he coached the raiders not too long ago, but now one of the 49ers top
7:52 am
candidates for head coach, he is taking another head coaching job. who the 49ers are reportedly focused on now. great change : a@8ñ mk comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry.
7:53 am
it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
7:54 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2". time 7:54. happening today a san francisco judge will hear arguments about requiring a catholic hospital to perform a contraceptive you procedure. a woman is suing mercy medical center in redding. it refused to perform a tubal
7:55 am
ligation after a c-section. she said she and her husband didn't want any more children. the nearest hospital that would perform the surgery is more than 70 miles from where she lives. the hospital's lawyer says the surgery is not medically necessary and would violate the hospital's right of freedom of religion. after the nfl rejected the oakland raiders bid to move to southern california this week there is renewed talk about the raiders sharing levi stadium with the 49ers. mark davis has repeatedly rejected the option. some say it could be the smartest move financially and geographically instead of building a new stadium for the raiders. officials say levi has two home locker rooms and l.e.d. lighting that can change the stadiums colors if the raiders were to move in. if they don't make a decision soon, the nfl may strongly suggest that the team move to santa clara. >> my gut is telling me that mark davis does not want to move to levi stadium. my gut also tells me that if
7:56 am
the oakland stuff does not pan out, the national football league will nudge mark davis to look at playing at levi stadium. >> santa clara's mayor says he is open for discussion and if the raiders moved in to levi, it could be a big financial boost for that city. there are several reports this morning mike shanahan is now one of the top choices to be the new 49ers head coach. espn reports shanahan is back in the mix. shanahan was the 49ers offensive coordinator from 1992 to '94. he has not coached in two years after being fired by the washington redskins. meantime, former top contender for the 49ers job hue jackson here, he is now the new head coach of the cleveland browns. and it's expected he'll have a lot of control over the personnel there. he probably would not have been given that in san francisco, and there are reports that his hiring could mean the end of johnny manziel's career in
7:57 am
cleveland. the quarterback, he has been involved in several controversial off the field incidents. 7:57. there is a new report this morning that a controversial hospital expansion project won't be done any time soon. in minutes, why the santa clara board of supervisors may do some backtracking over valley medical center. plus, an overnight traffic stop here in the east bay ends with a man dead. authorities say that he was in a stolen car and jumped off the side of the freeway freeway. we'll tell you the unusual place he landed coming up. good morning. you are looking at a commute here on eastshore freeway that is still busy, but getting a little better as you head out to the macarthur maze where you will be waiting in traffic before you make it onto the bridge. cloudy to mostly cloudy already. it's on the cooler side today. rain's on the way. not for all, but for the north bay. more on that.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
no way. ?q savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. the wait is over. three powerball tickets won the jackpot last my, and one of them was in california. we will tell you which city and how many tickets won second place in northern california. this is ktvu "mornings on 2". good morning. thank you for joining us. thursday, january 14. i am dave clark. >> i am gasia mikaelian. let's check weather and traffic starting with steve to help you get out the door. today is the day for a jacket,
8:01 am
but maybe not a raincoat? >> until later. not right now, but, yes, later. the morning's okay. fog out there. it's much colder, that's for sure. cloudy here. if there is any breaks, i don't think they will last long. this isetting up to be start of a wet pattern. i think eventually for many in the north bay. first we will ease into it. albert up in fort bragg. this is the wide receivers winter ever. "fifty shades of grey" i get it, thank you, albert. a little comedy there. fort bragg will see heavy rain over the next couple of days. the first system is beginning to move on now. again this is heavier to far north out of my forecast zone. i know you're up there. rain develops in the north bay later this afternoon and tonight. it will be steady. i don't want to say heavy, but steady. heavy will be far to the north. we will have to wait until late tonight into tomorrow morning. 30s and 40s. temperatures take ig a plunge until that cloud cover came in and you can see there is a lot
8:02 am
of cloud cover. boy, that moisture plume is aimed right at the north bay. so morning fog santa rosa, napa, among others. cloudy. right rain developing later on tonight into early tomorrow morning everyone else. 50s on the temps. low-to-mid. sal, things getting better, worse, what? >> a crash. 880 northbound. i want to go right to it here. 880 northbound up to the coliseum there is a crash at 66th. there is emergency vehicles. can you see it's right there. it's also causing a slowdown on southbound 880. look at all this backup here getting up to the scene. so it is going to be slow for the time being on 880 northbound, and that crash, we can see it there, still there in that fast lane. looks like there is -- look, there is a fire truck trying to get up to the exit and scene. so it looks like it might be there for a bit. again 880 northbound, you might want to think about 580 as an alternate. we will check that out coming up. let's go to the toll plaza. right now traffic at the toll
8:03 am
plaza is going to be slow as you drive from the macarthur maze. now lets go back to the maps because i just showed you that crash. there it is on the nimitz freeway. 580 is backed up from san lorenzo as you drive through -- san leandro as you drive through. i would go that way, to be honest with you. i wouldn't deal with this. that's ridiculous. use 580 as an alternate for the time being. 8:03. back to the desk. new this morning an odd but true story coming to us from alameda county. a suspect fell to his death at a cemetery. >> he was driving a stolen car trying to get away from sheriff's deputies this morning. ktvu fox 2's alex savidge has been on this story for hours. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. really a sad and strange end to this traffic stop early this morning. this man was driving a stolen car, according to investigators. he was trying to get away from sheriff's deputies and decided to jump off the side of this
8:04 am
freeway. this is highway 238. after the man jumped, he landed down below. down below you can see here it's a historic cemetery. this is the san lorenzo pioneer cemetery. the man ultimately died from that 30-foot fall. this whole situation began around 12:30 this morning when alameda county sheriff's deputies spotted a stolen car that the man was in and tried to make a traffic stop. now, the driver slowed down and eventually pulled over on the freeway on highway 238 right above this boulevard. the man immediately ran from the car, climbed a chain-link fence on the side of the freeway, and then jumped over the side and ultimately was killed. now, the man who died, he has been identified as paul giacomini. he was 40 years old according to authority. we are not getting any information where he lived.
8:05 am
investigators this morning are also saying that there was a second person inside of that car with the driver when this car stopped on the freeway last night. it's unclear exactly what happened to that passenger. >> all right. alex savidge in san lorenzo. thank you for the update. we will talk to you later. 8:05. the other story people are talking about, there are three big winners in that historic powerball jackpot drawing. whoever holds those tickets will split the money from the world's biggest jackpot. those winning tickets sold in southern california, florida, and tennessee. >> but there are some second place winners, and those winners may be right here in the bay area. ktvu's janine de la vega in santa cruz. that's where one of the second place tickets were sold, janine? >> reporter: yeah. it is very cool for this chevron convenience store here on socal avenue. even better for whoever it is the person who won. you can see here the store behind me, the person who
8:06 am
bought this matched five out of the six numbers for powerball. and they may not even know that they're richer this morning yet. that's because nobody has claimed the ticket and gone inside the store. the ticket is worth $638,000. there were 12 winners in california who matched the five numbers, but not the powerball number, and they all get that same amount. four of the stores that had winners, they are located in northern california. besides here in cruz, a 7- eleven in vacaville, a 76 gas station? santa rosa and a quick stop? cloverdale. some customers knew their chances of winning were slim, but they woke up a little bit disappointed. >> i know the statistics are we are not gonna win. i do it for my parents. my parents seem to get this kind of visceral kind of feeling of, i don't know, elation when they buy one. so i actually thought that there was going to be another shot at it this saturday.
8:07 am
>> reporter: there is another shot saturday, but the jackpot is a lot lower. >> exactly. so i'm kind of bummed out now. sad morning. >> reporter: so now the jackpot goes back down to $40 million. and we did talk to people who said they will still buy a ticket for saturday's drawing. now, we are still waiting to find out more details from this chevron convenience store. we are trying to find out from the clerks, like, hey, do you happen to know who the customer is who bought the ticket? you know, how much are you guys going to get as far as a bonus? it's a corporate-owned store and we haven't heard back from the corporate offices. gasia. >> okay. disappointment. >> yeah, yeah. >> thank you, janine. san francisco police are searching for a shoplifter when threatened store employees with a knife. it was a struggle and it was caught on surveillance video as we're showing you here. workers tried to take the man down. this happened at the walgreen's on chestnut street on december 18. san francisco place call him
8:08 am
the make-up bandit. he watch here as a number of employees tried to stop him. one worker, the man there in the blue shirt with the red santa hat, pulls the man back inside. then the shoplifter pulls out a knife. the employees let him go. took you have a on a bicycle. police want to hear from anyone with information on what happened. san francisco police say a suspect being chased by police last night rammed into a patrol car and injured an officer. it happened before 9:00 on the congratulate -- on the great highway. officers spotted a stolen car, chased it, and during a pursuit the suspect hit the police car and injured the officer's right arm. now, he was able to still chase that suspect onto interstate 280, but he lost him. a controversial hospital expansion in santa clara county may cost more and take longer to finish than first thought. the san jose "mercury news" reports it could cost an extra
8:09 am
$126 million to finish valley medical center's new building. the consultant said it will take 14 more months to finish. this report comes months after county supervisors fired turner construction saying the company kept missing deadlines and raising and increasing costs. turner denies those claims. but the paper reports this new estimate is actually the same as turner construction's bid, and that the county is considering hiring turner once again. we have been following a developing story from overseas. explosions and gunfire. there has been another deadly terrorist attack. this time in indonesia. at 8:30, who claims responsibility and the target of the attack. but next, it could be a turning point in the 2016 race for the white house. we will bring you a preview of tonight's republican presidential debate. al good morning. we are looking at a mess on interstate 880 because of a crash here on 880 northbound. it's right there at the top of
8:10 am
your screen. hasn't gone anywhere. unfortunately, the longer it stays, the worse this commute's gonna get.
8:11 am
8:12 am
tonight is a big night for the republican presidential candidates. it comes as the iowa state caucuses are two and a half weeks away. >> fewer candidates on the stage tonight. our reporter caroline shively live in charleston, south
8:13 am
carolina. good morning. >> reporter: morning, guys. >> let's start by talking about the frontrunners, donald trump and ted cruz. what do you expect from them tonight? >> reporter: things are gonna get a lot meaner. they haven't a exactly been a love 49er, but they have held on the attacks. it brings up the issue of citizenship. cruz has been blowing that off for weeks, but just this week he is taking a turn. he knows he needs to take a change. to quote one of the moderators, there arele some grenades thrown tonight. >> loot of eyes on trump and cruz. for the others on the stage should we expect them to make big gestures to try to get some attention? >> reporter: i think so. there is limited media time after and of course on the
8:14 am
morning shows. they want to have had the zingers. to have the interesting policy points. they may make some desperate plays or get their names into the members. you might see cruz and rubio have a face-off. christie trying to get in there. he has made strides in new hampshire. but he needs to make a splash as well as jeb bush. the money is drying up for. so the candidates. they need attention. they need donors. they need money. and they need people to be talking about them tomorrow morning. >> right. now, i know you're gauging the mood down there in south carolina. anybody anticipating a game change tonight? >> reporter: it could be. it really could be. any little you movement could change things up. iowa less than three weeks away now. we are within the margin of error between trump and cruz. that could be a game changer. also, if anybody makes a big goof. if anybody doesn't step up or says something awkward, now voters are making up their
8:15 am
minds. last week it was a half to a third of the voters in new hampshire and iowa haven't picked a candidate yet. so they need to pick one. if anybody messes up, yeah, they could be out of the race within days. >> plus, carly fiorina, rick santorum, mchuckabee at the kids table. rand paul is not participating. do any of these candidates still have a chance? >> reporter: it's interesting. it would have to take a leap. a major leap. they are out in the 1%, 2% in the national polls. just about that in the iowa and new hampshire polls. so it would be huge. some these guys may be playing for a vice presidental spot at this point. tonight's debate is going to be the smallest field on the big stage we have seen so far. just seven people up there. and that's what happens. that's natural. voters are discarding who they decide they don't want and picking up the guys they do
8:16 am
want. >> thank you so much. time is 8:15. we have got to go to sal because you are talking about what is happening on 880. what's going on? >> a crash there, dave and gasia, northbound 880 as you pass 66. just north of the coliseum. within the view of our camera. i will show it to you here. northbound 880 as you come up to 66, this crash has been there now for the last 25 minutes or so. looks like they have some tow trucks in the area trying to clear it out. it's also causing a backup southbound. but the traffic is slow and it's backed up all the way out. in fact, i want to show it to you here. westbound 580 is the alternate route as you drive. you think it's better. you will see slow traffic, but it's better than trying to wade through the slow traffic on 880. so keep that in mind. looking at some other maps in the south bay, 101, 280 and 85 are slow getting into the valley. really mountain view bound drivers on 101 are going to be
8:17 am
in for slow traffic on 237. the bay bridge toll plaza. that is backed up for a 15-minute wait. let's bring steve in here. thank you, sir. plenty going on here locally and it's only going to increase, that being rain over the next few days in the north bay. maybe not so much towards the south bay. i have seen this pattern before. speaking of, cloudy skies. there will be some off and on light rain. north of the golden gate things could get interesting here. speaking of interesting, we have an atlantic hurricane. very rare for january. first since 1955. alex. now it is moving north. what's interesting is we also had in the central pacific tropical storm pali. so we had one in the pacific. now one in the atlantic. very unusual for january. pali is running into too much sheer and close proximity to the equator. it's just a tropical depression now. alex formed rapidly last night. it's heading towards the
8:18 am
azores. also something we were looking for last year. we hope not too much of a good thing. won't be around here. to the north coast first. there are projections of heavy rain the next five to seven days. the rest of the month looks wet. more favorable for us towards sunday, monday, into tuesday. today a lot of cloud cover. there are some watches and warnings out on the lee side. a wind advisory. there is a winter weather advisory for the sierra and the northern mountains that kicks in about 2:00. a lot of rain that's taking aim at northern california. also shasta, lake shasta. so this could be very good for them for a while. for us it looks like it's setting up for the north bay. 30s and 40s on your temps here. there is plenty of moisture coming in. there is a series of systems. the one coming in on sunday night, monday looks wetter for everybody. the next few days it may be one of those ones, if you are talking to somebody in the northbound, it's pouring rain, and in the south bay, nothing here. cloudy. afternoon rain more to the
8:19 am
north bay. upper 40s, low 50s for some. temperatures don't look like they are going anywhere any time soon. i think we are stuck in this pattern for a while. a little bit of sun towards the santa clara valley or the east. rain is on the way tonight into friday night. friday night, saturday, and then a break sunday. but sunday night, monday looks like a pretty good system. >> wow. okay, steve, thank you. 8:19. probably felt your heart skip a beat when you meet someone special. >> oh, yeah. >> a european dating service is tracking that adrenaline rush and increased heart rate. the dating site allows users to sync their fitbit to their app and lets them see their heart rate in real time had they get a glimpse of that match. they say the app makes it easier to know when someone really makes another user. right now it's available in the u.k., france, and spain. no word yet on when it will be available in the united states. >> make that heart pitter patter. >> i love that feeling. time is 8:19.
8:20 am
uber expanding and changing rules on who can drive for the company. at 8:30 who they are now allowing to apply for a job and how california voters help make it happen. next, more jobs leaving the bay area. just how many jobs will be cut from san mateo's gopro. increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? r2, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base. for every family that lives star wars, this is the place where star wars lives.
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where xy far, far away... closer than ever before. move along. come join star wars awakens. and right now you can save on premium rooms at the disneyland resort.
8:22 am
the opening bell rang on wall street today taking a quick peek at trading now that it's
8:23 am
been underway for two hours. the dow is up almost a full percent. let's talk jobs. number of americans playing for first time unemployment benefits increased last week. the federal labor department says nearly 279,000 workers filed for jobless benefits. that's up 4,000 from the week before, but still near historic lows. jobless claims have stayed below 300,000 for ten months. that's considered a sign that companies are holding on to workers. gopro, the san mateo company that makes those cameras, they are having tough times. they are gonna cut about 7% of their work force because of weak fourth quarter sales. 105 people are going to be laid off and gopro stock dropped 71% in the past year. there are fears the wearable camera market is drying up. a bay area based online university says it's going to guarantee graduates will find a job. >> we are talking about
8:24 am
udacity. a protester fold "usa today" they will refund the cost of tuition if students don't get a tech job six months after finishing one of the four nano degrees. they are in android and io west development, web development and machine learning. the cost of the online courses $299 a month. the company offers a number of free classes online. well, cyber attackers may be encouraged by a new study. it's performed by the cloud security alliance. >> 25% of companies surveyed say they pay hackers not to release sensitive information. 14% of companies said they'd be willing to give up $1 million to keep information private. not surprisingly companies that have cyber insurance that would cover the costs are more willing to pay up than businesses not insured. the fbi says threats of cyber attacks are more and more common. just like kids, retirees now have their own playgrounds.
8:25 am
i am not kiddell. they have been popular overseas for years. it's for the 50 plus crowd. like a typical child's playground, they have fitness and play time equipment, areas for socializing and water fountains. developers say it's a great way to get older people outside and help them be more active, flexible, fit, and make friends. today oakland's restaurant week, and i am getting hungry, officially is underway bringing a lot of great deals for that foodie in you. >> that's right. food in high spirits. oakland last night the quickoff party. more than 100 restaurants participating the sixth restaurant week event. the visit oakland tourism organization says there has been explosive growth with more than 300 new restaurants opening in oakland since 2013. it may mean nor tax revenue for oakland. last year the city earned $10 million from restaurants and hotels. the mayor says she hopes to
8:26 am
bring more restaurants and small businesses to town. restaurant week runs through january 24. all right. our time is 8:25. from explosions to gunfire, it has been quite a morning. another deadly terrorist attack. this time in indonesia. brian flores coming back with the details of what happened in these attacks and who is claiming to have done it. here at home a new report that questions for a security system, why some of bart's surveillance cameras won't record a sill second of video. good morning. looking at a commute where traffic is slow in part of the east bay and southbound, too. northbound 280 slowing at 217. we will tell you about a new problem. not much sun the next few days. a lot of clouds. steady rain in the north bay. we will talk about other areas coming up.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> ♪[ music ] you know, gasia, as we look at this beautiful live picture, starting off the 8:30 half hour with music of kanye west. the song is called good life. we're doing that because some people in northern california are waking up this morning with a lot more money. >> that's right. some people are just waking up happy that they have got a great family, a great job, a car that gets them where they neighborhood to go. let's focus on the new millionaires. one in northern california. several people won $630,000 for nearly winning. that's not bad. >> yeah. and even more won thousands. now, if you haven't double checked your tickets, here are the winning numbers. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34.
8:30 am
that powerball number was 10. >> but all eyes today are on southern california after someone there bought one of three big winning tickets. >> and even after they split the winnings with the other two jackpot winners, according to lottery people they will get $500 million. our reporter mario ramirez live in chino hills. you're at the store that sold that winning ticket, mario? >> reporter: that's right. good morning, guys. a lot of people trying to ride off that lucky win. 85 million tickets sold yesterday alone. a lot of these people waiting to see if the winner will possibly walk in here. meantime, it could have been bolly who sold the winning ticket. it was a party when the news was announced. taking you to the video. the excitement spreading through chino hills last night. a large crowd began packing this store, spilling into the parking lot. listen to this. each third of the jackpot
8:31 am
approximately worth $528 million if taken over 30 years, or you're looking at $327 million if taken as a one-time payment. but nonetheless, the community here in chino hills showed its support big time. the store owners says he has been at this 7-eleven for 24 years. he is completely shocked about this news. >> i was home and i have a friend, they was calling me here. somebody win the chino. it's your store. i say, i don't know. and then like i was watching tv, and there was the news. so at that time i learn, oh, that's my store. >> reporter: well, we want to show you the winning numbers one more time. in addition, 12 ticket around california matching five of the six numbers now worth $638,000 each. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, and that lucky powerball number 10. back out here live, this is the machine where that lucky lottery ticket was printed.
8:32 am
the store owner says that he thinks he has an idea who it may be, but not confirmed. state lottery officials planning a press conference here in about two and a half hours. we will hear what they have so say. reporting live in chino hills, back to you in the studio. >> all right. mario ramirez. thank you. time is 8:37. welcome back to "mornings on 2". >> let's get you out the door. checking your weather and traffic. if this is the day you think you don't need that umbrella, steve will help you reconsider that. >> maybe up north. not south. the cloud cover is coming in. rain will be developing. it could be steady over the next few days. won't be continuous, but there is going to be off and on rain taking us all the way into next week and maybe beyond, especially for the north bay. today developing on the north coast. it's inching closer. if you are up around santa rosa north it's going to be a wet pattern here. for others it might be a slight rain for a couple of days, but does look like a stronger system later. today cloudy to mostly cloudy.
8:33 am
there are watches out. that's for wind on the sierra side and for the northern mountains. shasta about 2:00 here. snow level around 4500, 5,000 feet. rain is moving in up on the north coast as well. 30s and 40s, much, much colder this morning. cloud cover is here. there is going to be a lot of clouds and some rain. but you can see most of this is taking aim to the north of us. more rain to the north. far greater, less amounts, i should say, to the south. but i think marin county north looks to be in the mix for the next few days of some off and on rain. temperatures held in check been the cloud cover with 50s. sal, one issue last time. is that cleared up, or gotten worse? >> that has cleared up, steve. northbound 880 at 66, we had that crash there. we have a new issue and a different freeway to replace it. a car fire blocking a part of the freeway on highway 4 westbound. this is after a lot of people have already gone through, but it's causing big backups out of pittsburg and bay point over to concord. if that is you, if you use
8:34 am
highway 4, beware they are putting out a car fire and people can't pass a car when it's fully engulfed. 680 a little bit of he slow traffic through walnut creek and alamo. live pictures now. this is 880. it's cleared up quite a bit since we had that crash as you head up to the toll plaza. and if you don't like spiders, turn away from the tv. this is a look at westbound as you come up to the pay gates of the bay bridge. it is backed up. the backup is improving here, as you can see. you can also see our spider. 8:34. >> thank you. the american embassy in jakarta, indonesia, telling americans stay indoors. be on alert after terrorists killed two people today and injured at least 20 more. >> brian flores helping us learn more. there is a new discovery, brian, by police that could have made the situation even worse? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, gasia and dave. local police in jakarta are continuing to discover new evidence in this case.
8:35 am
according to the ap, the new information we're learning is that six homemade bombs were found inside a coffee shop there in jakarta, but lucky those bombs never went off. there are also several reports that isis is claiming response thability for this attack that happened during the mid-morning hours in jakarta. reports say there were five attackers in this. three of them had suicide bomb vests strapped to their bodies. one of the explosions you see right there caught on video in front of a starbucks coffee shop in jakarta. the ap reports two other suicide bomber attacked a nearby police booth and the remaining two gunmen targeted police. now, caught in the crossfire, the two people that were killed as well. one was an indonesian police officer. the other from what we understand, a canadian citizen. 21 others injured as wall. secretary of state john kerry reacted to the recent attack. >> these acts of terror are not going to intimidate nation states from protecting their
8:36 am
citizens and continuing to provide real opportunity, education, jobs, possibilities of a future. there is nothing in any act of terror that offers anything but death and destruction. >> reporter: now, local police tell media that the area is secure. they know who the attackers are, but the city, according to reports, remains under lockdown. starbucks he released a statement as well saying, in part, they are saddened by this senseless act and all other stores? jakarta will reopen by tomorrow. this is the first attack in jakarta since 2009 where suicide bombers targeted two hotels killing seven people and injuring do dozens more. back to you. >> brian, thank you. the fbi is now investigating the shooting ambush of a philadelphia platform at a terror attack. police say the suspect edward archer told them he was acting in the name of islam when he started shooting at a police car earlier this month. photos show him reaching inside
8:37 am
the car and shooting at officer jesse hartnett. archer is charged with attempted murder. he is -- he has not yet entered a plea. time is 8:36. we are learning about links between a terror suspect in sacramento and a man in houston charged with planning to set off bombs at two malls. omar faraj saeed al hardan pled not guilty yesterday in texas to charges that include attempting to provide support to isis. prosecutors say al hardan alhardon were talking about sneaking into isis. a family of lloyd fields jr. accuses twitter of knowingly
8:38 am
allowing isis to use twitter to spread terrorism. they claim isis uses twitter to raise money and also to attract recruits. now, twitter says it regularly removes such accounts. twitter says it's saddened by the family's loss, but calls that lawsuit without merit. iranian state television released a video of ten u.s. navy sail areas briefly detained after they crossed into water in the persian gulf. they detained the sailors after two small u.s. naval boats entered iranian waters as the ships traveled from kuwait to bar rain. in the video one of the sailors apologizes for entering iranian territory. >> it was a mistake. that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. >> u.s. military central command saying he made an apology to diffuse a tense situation and protect the his crew. government officials from both iran and the u.s. called the
8:39 am
quick resolution of the incident a victory for diplomacy. well, our time is 8:38. at the home new questions this morning about that deadly weekend shooting on a bart train and why surveillance cameras on the train didn't capture it. >> allie rasmus back in the studio with a startling report from "the chronicle" about phony and just not working at all cameras. >> they call them dummy cameras. they are props. they are made to look like a real camera, but they don't record any actual video. according to the "san francisco chronicle" today, many of the cameras passengers may notice in bart's train cars are in fact those dummy cameras and they don't work at all. this comes after bart's police chief spoke with the fatal shooting of a bart passenger saturday night. police say this man seen in this video exited the west oakland bart station minutes after shooting and killing a fellow passenger on board a san francisco bound train. now, the picture came from video cameras at the station
8:40 am
entrance. bart is also supposed to have cameras on board their trains, but again the "san francisco chronicle" says many of those cameras do not work. bart police chief wouldn't specifically answer the question about whether or not there was working video from the train car where the shooting happened. >> yeah, we have a pretty robust camera system. we have cameras on trains. we have cameras on the platforms. at you can see, we have cameras on the ingress and egress. we have cameras in our offices. >> reporter: "the chronicle" reports two anonymous sources with bart told them there was no working video camera in the train car where the shooting occurred. we reached out to bart. they have not yet responded to us. one other thing we should mention. chief rainey at the press conference described the shooting as a, quote, brazen and random act. investigators don't know if the victim and the shooter knew each other. they don't have a motive. they also don't know the identify it i of the victim yet
8:41 am
because he didn't have any id on him. they are just describing him as a young man between 19 and 25 years old, possibly latino. a lot of unanswered questions coming out of that press conference yesterday with the chief. >> back to the dummy cameras. i know that they are used in stores and other mass transit systems. studies have shown that if people think they are on camera, they will be on their better behavior. so we don't know yet if this camera on this train was a dummy camera or if it wasn't working? those are two separate things here? >> right. that's what the chief specifically wouldn't answer at all yesterday at the press conference. several reporters specifically asked him, is there working video from the train car? and he sort of basically dodged the question and said all we're prepared to talk about is this. >> even those dummy cameras help cut down on lower level crimes? >> that is the idea behind it. it's supposed to serve as a
8:42 am
deterrent. "the chronicle" article mentioned by 2017 and 2021, when bart gets its new fleet of cars in, bart spokesperson, according to that article, say that those new train cars will have, all this working cameras. so the thought is maybe in the interim while they wait for these new cars they are just using some of those prop cameras as a deterrent. >> okay. allie rasmus, thank you. time is 8:42. the company that makes a popular lip balm has legal problems with people who filed a class action claim. a fine of almost $8 million for youtube. uber. we are looking at a commute in the east bay that is finally beginning to get better after earlier glitches. 80 looks good driving through berkeley.
8:43 am
8:44 am
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turning these tree loggers... into tree lovers. spicy jalapeños, chipotle sauce with grilled bacon, eggs and cheese. the jalapeño bacon breakfast burrito. only at jack in the box. welcome back to "mornings on 2". 8:45. pay up or take your drivers off the road for 30 days. that's the court order to uber. pam cook is back in the studio with more on what this case is about and what uber says about it. >> reporter: yeah, i just talked with a spokesperson for uber who tells me uber plans to pay this fine so the company can continue to operate. but here is what's happening. the california public utilities commission votes today on
8:46 am
whether uber will be suspended. now, a judge ruled that uber did not follow state laws that ensure customers are treated fairly when calling for a ride. and that drivers don't discriminate based on where someone lives or their ethnic background. uber appealed, but the courts levied a higher fine, adding contempt. now uber must pay $7.6 million or suspend services for 30 days. now, the uber spokesperson tells me, quote, while we are disappointed by the decision, we look forward to making our case to the california court of appeals. in the meantime, we will pay the fine and continue to work in good faith with the commission. now, uber contends that it has given the cpuc all of the requested data. the other thing that's happening today for uber is a change in policy for the drivers. the company is relaxing its screening requirements for drivers in california, and it could mean your driver has a criminal record. now, the catch is the applicants have to get their physical any
8:47 am
convictions reduced to a misdemeanor or have the crimes expunged under proposition 47. prop 47 reclassifies certain felony offenses as misdemeanors, including possession of drugs, check fraud, and petty theft. the offenses do have to be non-violent offenses though. uber tells me with the passing of prop 47, california voters are telling companies that people with non-violent, low-level offenses must be given a chance to get back on their feet. >> that's interesting. that's a lot of news about uber at one time. >> yes. they are dealing with a lot. we will hear officially. they say they are going to pay the fine, but continue to fight that one. >> all right. thanks, pam. time is 8:47. a lip balm is being sued. we're talking about eos lip balm. one user filed a lawsuit in southern california and she is represented by famed lawyer
8:48 am
mark geragos. she says it caused a rash and blisters on her lips and her skin eos told yahoo health the products meet the safety standards and say the lawsuit is without merit. 8:47. let's check your commute once more. sal. >> good morning. yeah, we are looking at a commute here that is still a little bit slow, but i am going to give you some good news, dave, and everyone else who uses the bridge to get into san francisco. now would be a good time to try to get over there. in fact, you probably don't need to rush because unless there is a new crash, we are good for the next little bit here getting into the city. however, there is a crash in san francisco, and i'll tell you about that in a moment. let's take a look at 880. it's cleared up a little bit since an earlier accident near the coliseum. southbound 101 in san francisco caesar chavez there is a crash clearing out. i also want to mention there was a car fire on highway 4 just over the hill from willow pass
8:49 am
road there. willow pass west and concord. traffic is slow out of bay point and pittsburg over to concord. 8:48. let's go to steve. all right. sal, thank you, sir. we do have, well, increasing clouds. out on the estuary, not much of a breeze. no rain yet. taking a break there, i can see. we have some rain on the way for the north. i think there will be moderate to heavy rain. can you see a pretty good system is lining up. again north bay looks to be the southern edge of that and south towards san francisco, peninsula, east bay and south bay may not be much rain at all over the next few days. more promising late sunday into monday. rain beginning to move in up north. it's going to dip into mendocino county, lake county, and i think northern sonoma and parts of napa county. our system won't do much to the south. it will drag across some rain later tonight into tomorrow morning. san jose less than .05.
8:50 am
there are advisories for the northern mountains and sierra starting at 2:00 from 4500 to 5,000 feet. heavy rain crescent city, eureka, point arena and fort bragg and mendocino county. 20s on the lows for many this morning. then we have the fog. so that's still there. 39 u tie a. with the cloud cover coming in, 29 on the high. plenty of clouds. rain will develop in the north and settle in later on. some of that makes it to the north bay. an active pattern for a while. the next seven to ten days, towards the end of the month. today's rain develops north. not much here. another one late friday into saturday morning, saturday afternoon. sunday night, monday has more potential looks like for everybody getting in on some rain. today the heaviest to the
8:51 am
north. north bay more so than anywhere else. morning fog, clouds, cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions here. afternoon rain. it will move south later tonight. evening commute heading north could be dicey as the rain moves in. light rain makes it in the south later on. emphasis on very light. another system late friday, saturday. break late night saturday night, sunday. sunday night, monday, that looks better. >> all right. steve, thank you. time is 8:51. the gritty frontier movie "the revenant" is the movie to at at the academy awards this year. >> leonardo dicaprio and "the revenant." >> yeah, "the revenant" leads the oscar nominations with 12. if leonardo dicaprio wins, it would be his first academy award. the movie and dicaprio took top
8:52 am
honors at the golden globes. "mad max: fury foad" next with ten nominations including best picture. the other eight are "the big short," "bridge of spies," "brooklyn," and "mad max: fury foad." also "the martian," "the revenant," "room," and "spotlight." the academy awards will be handed out on sunday, february 28th . >> . nominations are also out for the so-called worst movies of the rear year, including "fifty shades of grey" leading the nominations for the razzie awards. nominations for worst actor, worst actress, worst director, worst screenplay, worst screen combo, and worst movie. wow. adam sandler's pixels also six razzie nominations. the golden razzzies are handed out the day before the awards. sad story this morning. a beloved actor known for his role in the a harry potter movies has died.
8:53 am
alan rickman played professor in the harry potter franchise. he had a wide range of acting. he did so many things, and he did it good. appeared in movies like die- hard and love actually, just to name a few. he never won an oscar, but he received a golden globe and emmy. he had been suffering from cancer. alan rickman has died at age of 69. well, bay area fans of david bowie, last night they turned out to remember the rock legend. > ♪[ music ] >> hundreds of people were at a celebration of the life of david bowie at slim's in san francisco's south of market neighborhood. they called him the patron saint of outcasts and miits who helped people express their true selves. >> he was writing songs, he was writing to you, he was writing
8:54 am
for you. you're going through changes, but it's gonna be okay. i'm with you. >> now, the band said that news of david bowie's death left them saddened. they said his music will live on. 8:53. we'll be right back.
8:55 am
8:56 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2". there are several reports this morning. mike shanahan is now one of the top choices to be the new 49ers head coach. espn reports he is strongly back in the mix and an announcement may come soon. shanahan was the offensive coordinator from 1992 to '94. he has not coached in two years after being fired by the washington redskins. meantime, former top contender for the 49ers head coaching job hue jackson is now the head coach of the cleveland browns. it's expected he will have a lot of control over team personnel there, and there are reports that jackson's hiring could mean the end of quarterback johnny manziel's career in cleveland.
8:57 am
manziel has had a lot of controversial off the field incidents. well, the golden state warriors rested draymond green last night and low lost. against the denver nuggets, he was sitting down. the warriors made it a close game. they had two sensational three-pointers. steph curry hit that 30-footer he. here is klay thompson at the top of the key. but on the final play the warriors down by just two. klay thompson's shot hit the rim. just clanked away. and the nuggets beat the warriors 112-110. the warriors are back home tonight. they will be playing the lakers, and hopefully kobe bryant will be playing. this would be his last game in oakland as the future hall of famer retires after this season. he is listed as questionable. he has a sore right achilles. kobe has scored 1792 points
8:58 am
just against the warriors. the most of any team in his career. the warriors may give you draymond green another night of extra rest. all right. the 9 is just on tap here. oscar nominations are out and some people are already criticizing because lack of diversity. they have been criticized for this before. also, somebody finally won that lottery. so we can stop talking about it, right? >> that's exactly it. >> and guess what? andy cohen, you might know him, he is going to be here on the 9 tomorrow. we will talk about that coming up on "the 9". 3hcom7 shining, shimmering, splendid tell me, princess, now when did
8:59 am
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powerball fever has broken with a handful of people taking home the billion dollars prize. we have a report from just outside of los angeles where one of those winning tickets was soldiers. speaking of money, are you in the market for a new home


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