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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  January 15, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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good morning. and happy friday. >> happy friday >> if you work monday through friday. sometimes it's not your friday. it is friday january 15th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm brian flores many don't put away those rain jackets and umbrellas away yet. more rain is falling. while it's not expected to fall touring the morning commute, more wet weather is coming down. meantime, the snow came down hard in the sierra. you can see cars were definitely going slow. snow plows were not enough to get off the road. cal tran had to bring in some
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plows for help. >> the snow is very slick and wet. as a result of that, it's a lot slicker. >> caltrans is reminding drivers to allow extra time to get to their destinations and, obviously slow down if you are headed up to tahoe or reno, the afternoon is your best bet. more snow is forecast over the weekend. >> if you make it up there, you'll get first snow. >> let's very fire that with the weather authority. >> it is a wet cement snow, too. >> that's okay. >> it's okay for the water supply. >> yes. >> not for driving and skiing: right. >> the systems continue to move in now. some areas get some pretty good rain. thunderstorm activity yesterday afternoon around 3:30 to 4:30. so there is still a lot of
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energy. the folks system is moving right across. snow coming up, but we see some mostly cloudy skies. things have calmed down considerably. 50s, to low 40s. look at this. i mean, the train of moisture is going to go unabated here and there is a power house lull there, but the tail end of that front will be here tonight into saturday. a break early sunday. sunday night, monday looking wet here. mostly cloudy to mostly sunnies. mild tells, lingering morning rain, but mainly to the east and south. more rain moves in. these are not cold systems. happy friday, sam. >> same to you, steve. >> we made it to friday. >> all right. yes. that's good. you know what? the traffic is actually doing very well around the bay area even though it's wet.
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i encountered a little bit of wet weather but no track on the way to work. nice and early. let's if ahead and see what we have now. traffic here at the toll plaza is light. no major problems driving through and getting on to the bridge. lets awful my a long and take a look at 880 southbound. this commute looks very nice. all the east bay free way, i can show you a map. you can see green and when you see green on map, that means that traffic is near speeds. police are investigating a shooting a near the old navy and bed bath and beyond store. the shooting involved a group inside a car and two men obi- wan kenobiing in the parking lot. no one was hurt but police say at least one car was hit by bullet. two men were detained inside the mall in question shortly after, but police say it's not
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clear what was involved. planned parenthood is suing the antiabortionists for a smear campaign. the antiabortion activists say that the videos reveal planned parenthood's pack 'tis selling aborted fetuses and body parts for money but planned paraphernalia hood says that the videos were illegally reported. >> it's time to hold them accountable for the harm that we suffered when the real intent is to discredit planned parenthood. >> the center for medical progress responded to the lawsuit by calling it frivolous and a desperation charge. 23-year-old al-jayab is accused of lying to federal authorities about his overseas
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travel. he went to syria and fought with the terrorist group but when he is questioned about his trip, he told investigators that he was visiting his sick grandmother. if convicted, he faces up to eight years in prison and a $250,000 fine. al-jayab was born in iraq and came to the u.s. in 2012. investigators say they don't believe he was plotting any attacks against the u.s. and new developments in the terror attack in indonesia we told you about yesterday. three men were arrested suspected of being linked to the attack that killed two people and injured more than 20 others. isis is claiming responsibility. indonesia's president visited the scene the attack and tried to assure people that they are safe. an isis flag was found in the home of one the aattack on americas. some republican candidates may be nursing some wounds
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after a lengthy and at time bruising attacks. doug luzader has the highlights. >> reporter: we suspected this might company the donald trump and ted cruz show and that's how it played out last night after spending weeks not attacking one another, that has all changed. the stage itself during the debate tells the story. donald trump flanked by ted cruz, first and second. almost out of the gate, the question about ted cruz's canadian birth to an american mother. that trumps cruz's ability to run. >> since september, the constitution has not changed. but the poll numbers have. right now, why are you raising this issue now? >> because, now, he is doing a
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little bit betterment no, i didn't care before. >> with a rough crowdey racks for trump, cruz may have come out on top but it may have reversed later >> when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more beautifully than new york. >> trump also tangled with jeb wiewsh. marco rubio had tough exchanges with both chris christie and ted cruz >> every single time there have been a defense bill in senate, three people teamed up to vote against it, bernie sander, rand paul and ted cruz. >> and there were attacks at hillary clinton. >> unlike another woman in this race, i love spending time with my husband. >> reporter: and, look, that was a line that went over well
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with this republican crowd. democrats will have a chance to return the favor this weekend on sunday. also here in south carolina, the next democratic debate and we have seen the degree at which things have been heating up between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. >> it becomes more and more important as we get closer to voting time. time is 4:08. today marks the anniversary of the miracle on the hudson, remember that? flight 1539 hit a flock of birds while it was more than 3000 feet in the air. it shut down both engines. captain chess lee sully sullenberger and his first officer jeffrey skiles were able to execute a landing on the hudson. all 155 people on board survived. b.a.r.t. police are admitting many of the surveillance cameras on board trains don't work and
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that some of them aren't even real. this comes of a last week's deadly shooting. images of the suspects were captured on cameras but out side of the train. b.a.r.t. police chief is not saying how many of the on board cameras are decoys an elementary school teacher in palo alto is on unpaid leave accused of molesting a girl for three years. michael berra was booked wednesday on four charges including continued sexual abuse of a child. the district said i had learned about the charms yesterday and began the process of firing him immediately. he is accused of sexually abusing a young girl from 2002 to 2005. the latest contract talk about ity college of san francisco and a local teachers union has broken down. a rally and picket plan is
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planned. the impasse means that the negotiations go through through the public employment relations board. the union is made up 300 teachers. the main issue is pay cuts and the number of classes offered. city college posted on its website that the accrediting commission granted the college restoration status for two years. san jose police chief larry he is could -- esquivel turned in his vag. we'll hear what he misses the most. news about the 49ers new head coach. we have more on the future of collin kaepernick and how area fans are responding. and we are looking at morning commute here looking pretty good. golden gate bridge commute
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traffic is looking pretty light. after rain last night and early, early this morning, we get a break until the next system arrives. more on the weekend forecast. no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu.
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welcome back, everybody. time now is 4:13. and he's here. we are talking about the new 49ers head coach chip kelly. he will speak at a news conference in santa clara next
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week. the 52-year-old kelly will help the team move the ball, the team says. he is considered an innovate for by some, nobody for having quick strikes offense, won a rose bowl at the university of oregon, later went to the philadelphia eagles. after two ten-in years, he was fired after a 6-9 record. however, the team says they are pumped about the offense. >> he runs a great offense, very fast. i'm excited about it. i hope he does not wear our defense out. >> we should mention that other fans are not too happy bit. kelly released this statement. >> now, one of the players kelly may help is collin kaepernick. he was widely speculated to have played his last down with the niners. the one-time super bowl quarterback lost his starting job this season during to his
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poor performance but cap may have received a second chance. kelly's offense which is tailored tuesday a mobile quarterback fits kaepernick's position. the kelly-kaepernick connection may have helped him. it was reported that kaepernick's jersey was on clearance but now they are back on full price going for 100- dollar or more. kobe bryant ended up playing what was his final game in oracle arena. the warriors played a message from team executive and lakers legend jerry west. bryant finished with 2 point. the night also belonged to steph curry. he scored a game high 26 points including eight three pointers as the warriors cruised past
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the lakers 116-998 but kobe bryant got a standing ovation. >> there was respect for him even though, for many years, he did torch the warriors. >> sal, what do you think is this. >> he is a great player. he torched us for many years but you can't deny that he has been a great player. back when the lakers were a good team, he was the center point. >> he has had some pretty amazing seasons. they are fun to watch. >> he is a champion. he is basically one of the best players ever. >> there you go. >> there you go. >> good morning, everybody. traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on the commute to the bay bridge toll plaza any time soon. you are driving into the city with little or no delay. traffic looks pretty good. interstate 880 continues to look good in the east bay. doing well. not a lot going on. as we look at some of the areas, going to the map, the
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traffic does look pretty good here on 101, 280 and 85. this is a time where you don't have to rush out because it's going to stay this way for a little bit because there is a crash. that's why i'm here. if there is a crash, i'll let you know about it. >> we do have a little break, the twix and the tweens: we are in between the two systems, and the next one is already on the horizon. it looks to be a pretty strong system sunday and monday. here gilberto says it looks like california is going to get really wet. not california, northern california. southern california is like, where is the rain. where is the rain. but we are. especially, i would say, cape mendicino north, i would not be surprised by a foot of rain. look at this. that low, by the way, is producing about 50-foot waves. some of that will make it to
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the west coast, not 50-foot but 20 to 30 feet. that does bear watching for an increased swell. for us, the system moves off, snow continuing in the sierra which is a good thing and moving into the valley. also down to the valley, so very good system, top to bottom. 43 santa rosa but a lot of 50s here. not much in the way of breeze. i cannot find much in the way of rain anymore. we'll get some sup some sun here in the system. look at that, a tropical cap. does look like it will start to move in late saturday. heaviest woo will be to the north again. mostly cloudy, partly sunny, lingering temps. more rain tonight and that will take us right into tomorrow. 50s to 60s on the temps, starting on the mild side here. will not take much to get out
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there. today, a break. then we get some rain. saturday rain, break early sunday and sunday, monday, tuesday, pretty heavy rain, especially in the north bay. >> thank you, steve. the search for the next american idol is heating up. the judges are looking for new talent in denver and little rock. >> you guys ready to get started? >> farewell sea soften american idol continues the search for its next and final superstar. this time, returning to denver, colorado, and little rock, arkansas. >> a lot of enthusiasm for people excited to be on the farewell season a lot of contestants that i talked to grew up watching the show so that's a special sea isn't for them. >> reporter: many hopefuls had potential but harry connick, jr. says that being good enough won't cut it this time around. >> i don't think that singing is for you but that should not
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take the wind out of your sails. >> the last couple of years, we put a lot of faith on these young contestants to improve during the course of the season. that does not happen a lot. we are trying to get people who are a little bit more ready to go out of the gate. past idol winners stopped by to lend a hand. while the contestants did their best to shoot for the stars, the judges took a break to shoot hoops many although a lucky few left the room with golden tickets, they said that singing in front of the judges was pretty scary of course whenever you first walk in, the judges are sitting there, looking at you and all the lights are so bright, it's intimidating but so awesome. i got pumped up. >> when you walk in, the nerves are flowing. you're so nervous. you walk in, you are talkative. my first song was shaky. let me sing a song and another
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song. you feel so much confident. the audition round continues next wednesday when idol revisits four more cities. a lot of talented people out there. >> yes, you can watch american idol right here. ktvu next wednesday and thursday at 8:00. coming up, another bank settles over the financial crisis that the sun tri is still settling from.
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time is 4:23 and people on the east coast are cleanings up after a big snowstorm. more than a foot of snow fell in northern new york. snow and ice in missouri has been causing problems on the roads. snow and plow trucks worked through the night to make the roads safe. >> this is the type of snow we love. it's real light, fluffy easy on the trucks. we keep going. >> just keep going. the temperatures are expected to rise in the northeast the next couple of days before dropping back down to below freezing next week. new this morning, goldman sachs has agreed to pay a settlement in the role that the bank played. more than $2 billion will go to consumer relieve. the rest of the money goes to state and federal entities for penalties. goldman sachs is one of the
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last banks to settle over the mortgage crisis with regulators. >> we are still trying to find out hot mystery winners are over the wednesday drawing. the winners have to share the $1.6 billion jackpot but they still get over $1,100,000,000. you are looking at the checks handed to the owner of the store at mend sino. asked when he wants to do with that money, he says he wants to share his good fortune. that will go to charity and then i'll be like sharing with my employees and my family. >> the other winning tickets were purchased in a small town mum portland, tennessee and florida case affluent melbourne
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beach. on february 8th, chipotle will shut down all of its restaurants for a day to talk about food safety. the restaurant chain announced it would launch a new marketing campaign in hopes of recovering from the fallout. >> very interesting yeah. 4:26 is the time. a popular music store in downtown san francisco is now closed. the shock and surprise when customers showed up in downtown san francisco. plus, gunfire outside the bayfair mall in san leandro last night. nobody apparently was hit by those shots, but a very scary situation. we'll tell you about the leads that police are following this morning. and the east shore freeway traffic is okay. so far. getting a little more crowded. right now, the traffic looks
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good. a little break from the system. i know many of you listening and not watching. but take a look at the screen. look at the bases. a lot of 80s, 82, 84. more underway. del
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friday january 15th. iet brian flores >> and i'm pam cook. let's start with weather. it's been the story of the week. >> month. >> month. >> last two months. very good, cold, now it's getting wetter and wetter and wetter. >> not as cold but more rain. >> that's correct. >> we do have a system moving through up in the sierra. that's where the focus is. it will still be up. there is the next system. that is a power house low
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generating some huge seas. some of that well making it up to sunday night. we will have a high surf warning out by sunday night, monday morning. we get a break, though. the system is producing snow in the sierra but there it goes. not much behind. most of the stuff zipping out of the area. issues on 50 and 20, calming down but still an hour or two of snow. 40s and 50s in some temps. i doubt they'll get cooler. a little bit of morning sun there. mostly cloudy. partly sunny and turning cloudy. rain comes back in tonight. that will take us into saturday. 50s to near 60 degrees. 4:30. let's hope it's friday light. >> it's friday light right now. >> hopefully: right now around the bay area, looking at the east bay freeways and everything because there is


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