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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  January 15, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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we are live in san jose where police are on the scene of a fatal hit-and-run accident. we'll tell you what we know about the suspect vehicle and the impact on traffic. planned parenthood is taking activists to court over what it calls a smear campaign. the claims the organization is making about highly publicized undercover video. it's all ahead on "mornings on 2". this is ktvu "mornings on 2". >> good morning and welcome to "mornings on 2". this is not the start to stocks we were hoping for. taking a look at wall street this morning, stocks are sliding more than 2%. falling oil prices and signs of
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weakness out of china are hitting the u.s. market hard. here we see the dow jones is down by 2.25%. down 372 points right now. at a point, it was down by more than 400. the nasdaq and s&p, those indexes down by two-plus points this morning. a rough start to the day on stocks. we will help you through it all this friday morning, january 15. i am gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i am dave clark. also breaking news in the south bay. san jose police are searching right now for a driver who hit a bicyclist twice and killed him. ktvu fox 2's janine de la vega, you're there. janine, you talked to police a little while ago. what did they say? >> reporter: well, they are gonna be here for a couple of hours and they said that traffic may be a mess for those morning commuters in downtown san jose. santa clara street is closed in both directions from autumn to the entrance of southbound 87.
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it's here near the shark tank and near the transit hub. people are going to have to find alternate routes because they are investigating this fatal hit-and-run accident and the body of the victim is still here on santa clara street. this is video we took earlier. this took place before five this morning. we were told by police that a man riding his bike on santa clara street near delmus as hit by a pickup truck and that driver sped away. paramedics rushed to the scene. at that point the man was unconscious but he ended up dying of his injuries. a lieutenant told us there were witnesses at the time and they say that this pickup truck veered across traffic and clipped the victim as well as a concrete wall. then he ended up hitting the victim again. hear what the lieutenant has to say. >> we think when the suspect vehicle went to flee the scene, he put it in reverse and then ran over the victim one more
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time. we don't know if he was doing that to cause harm to the victim or fleeing the scene. >> reporter: now, here is a description of the suspect vehicle that police are looking for. they describe it as a model, it's a late '80s, early '90s white pickup truck. they suspect there is frond end damage to the truck. there was a lot of junk in the pickup bed. it sped away in the southbound direction on delmas. again, find alternate routes. maybe take san fernando to ought u be away that the police are going to be investigating and santa clara street will be closed for the be next couple of hours. the victim's identity hasn't been released. it's a 60-year-old man. police believe he may have been
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a transient. sal, any other advice at all as far as, you know, how people can get around this? >> stay on 87 if you are driving through the area. thank you very much for that report. and there are -- it's not as if there aren't some streets you can't use in that area near sap to go around, but it's best if you can avoid the area because of the closures. the unexpected closure there, as janine mentioned. we will find out more about this story as it develops. let's take a look at some of these other pictures we have for the regular morning commute on the freeways. at the bay bridge toll plaza we have a little bit of a backup as you drive to san francisco. 25 to 30-minute delay before you move on and get into the city. we're also looking at some of the east bay freeways. it hasn't been that bad yet anyway on 880, 580, 24, 680. definitely looks like a little bit of a lighter than usual day. i want to look at the maps because the dumbarton and san mateo bridge commutes are doing well. there is a little bit of slow traffic when you get over to
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the peninsula, but nothing too bad. a pretty light start. 7:04. let's go back to steve in the weather center. all righty, sal. thank you, sir. a break here. mostly sunny in the morning. pockets of thick fog. if you write me on twitter or facebook and say, steve, it's foggy here, i need know where here is. tell me where here is. we have some in petaluma. also alan from santa rosa to geiserville. a little bit around san jose. very active rain pattern because we are not getting howling wind or damage. signs of being stronger and stronger towards sunday and monday. we get a break today. we get a break late tonight, into saturday. the next system moves in. late sunday into monday, maybe tuesday, i'll get out of the way, that looks to be a pretty good system. there is going to be better forcing, there is going to be more consolidation of the jet stream and probably a little bit more of a subtropical tap, which would definitely help.
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the next system is tonight. a break most of today. you could get rain in the north bay sooner once the atmosphere is this saturated, then it doesn't take much to get things going again even though we have had relatively high pressure. you can get rain when the barometer is on the high side. these are warmer systems. sierra nevada snow level up, up, up. way up. still good. a wet snow. 30s, 40s, and 50s. how about that? napa 38 finally. you get the clearing, but now fog. a break in the morning. looks pretty good. then clouds rolling in. this system moves in late this afternoon, north bay tonight. look, i mean, these systems are stacked up well across the pacific. this is a bomb of a low. seas 50 feet, some observations have been reporting. some of that higher swell. some of it. not that high. we will make it the west coast sunday, monday. mild temps. not cold at all.
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i know, 38 is cold. but warmer than december for sure. watch out for patchy fog. more rain comes in tonight. send it back to the desk. just letting you know we are going to get a live report from the sierra for you in two minutes. >> i bet sierra cement. heavy water content, that's good. when you get runoff, that adds move to the reservoirs. >> all right. we will get pictures in a couple of minutes. an elementary school teacher is on unpaid leave accused of molesting a girl for three years. mike arrow was booked wednesday on four charges, including continuous sexual abuse of a chimed. he teaches fourth and fifth grade at aloni elementary. officials learned about the charges yesterday and immediately began the process of firing him. he is accused of sexually assaulted a young girl.
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the city of oakland has got a temporary restraining order against a man who applied to be a firefighter. this is steven eldridge right here. the city recently gave him a conditional offer of employment, but they rescinded it after it was revealed eldridge is a registered sex offender because of a 1991 rape conviction. ktvu has learned the city took out that restraining order after eldridge started stalking firefighters. this video was taken by a firefighter outside of a fire station. according to court documents, officials say eldridge has engaged in, quote, increasingly erratic and threatening behavior at various fire department personnel. >> the individual is very studentious and composed at times. other instances he is erratic and altered, if you will. >> they say this incident is putting a negative light on the department's hiring process. human resources for the department say background
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checks are not done until later in the process because it would cost too much to check everyone who applies. planned parenthood is going after anti-abortion activists over controversial undercover videos that surfaced over the summer. brian flores is in the newsroom with the legal action that planned parenthood is now taking. >> reporter: yeah, gasia, good morning. this is a civil lawsuit filed at a u.s. district court in san francisco. it says that the group center for medical progress, or cmp, engaged in several illegal activities, including wire fraud, invasion of privacy, illegal secret recordings, and trespassing. now, you recall that back in july the center for medical progress released a series of videos on youtube. they say it reveals planned parenthood's practice of selling aborted fetuses, fetal tissue and body parts for money or profit. this is a claim that planned parenthood denies. the group went undercover in videos to talk with doctors or affiliates of planned parenthood. this lawsuit claims many of the
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recordings were illegal, heavily edited and misleading. they say they created a fake fetal tissue company which they say allowed them to gain access to speak with planned parenthood affiliates. >> it's time to hold them accountable for the harm we suffered when what we know now is the real intent was to discredit planned parenthood and end access to safe legal abortion. >> reporter: now, the center for medical progress is responding to this lawsuit in a statement by calling it frivolous and also saying, quote, this last-ditch move of desperation is going to expose all of the sorted dealings of the california planned parenthood affiliates and the public will see them for the corrupt abortion and bay bridge parts prop tears they are. investigators by manically republicans in congress, planned parenthood says because of the release of the videos, many
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doctors and affiliates and patients are concerned for their safety. gasia and dave, back to you. >> brian, thank you. time is 7:10. a shooting in the san leandro parking lot of a mall. how shoppers reacted and the two people being question the by police. good morning. we are looking at a commute here where traffic is going to be busy on 280 northbound getting up to highway 17. not bad, but there is some slow traffic here am we will tell you more about the south bay problems when we come back. from petaluma to santa rosa, a break in the morning. more rain is on the way.
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shining, shimmering, splendid tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide a whole new world welcome to aulani
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it's hawaii with a touch of disney magic. for special offers visit or call your travel agent new developments from yesterday's terror attacks in indonesia. three suspects were arrested linked to the attack in jakarta
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where two people were killed. more than 20 others were hurt. isis has claimed responsibility. indonesia's president went to the scene of the attacks today trying to reassure people the city is safe. the five attackers were killed. police say they did find a flag of the islamic state terror group in the home of one of those attackers. time is 7:14. snow continues to fall in the sierra, which is great for ski resorts, but not so great for those of us here in the bay area trying to get up to the snow and driving on the snow-clogged highways. brian hickey did that for us. made it to blue canyon this morning. how was your drive up today, brian? >> reporter: our drive was pretty snowy up the mountain this morning. we ran into a guy named hayden, for anyone who knows him in the bay area. they got an early start and made the trip over interstate 80 this morning. it was pretty snowy on interstate 88 0. you need the chains from baxter
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to truckee. as we tilt up it was snowing when we got here. it was snowing an hour ago and then just out of nowhere the clouds were gone. a couple of contrails from the jets up there. or than that, we have got bluebird skies. aka bluebird powder day in the sierra. this is the -- what? maybe a little powder day here. maybe do a little sample of the product here. on the ground here 3 or 4 inches of snow. and pretty heavy snow here. pretty warm when we got here. again, it's cleared out. i guess the news here is, if you are leaving the bay area today, come up into the mountains over 880, you likely won't need chains later today once the sun comes out and melts off the road. plan your exit strategy. more storms coming through the weekend. you got to be ready to drive back off the mountain monday if you are here for the long weekend. that's the story in the sierra. the storms keep on coming. great news for the resorts.
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great news to someday break this drought. great news to enjoy this scene. >> brian, is it that heavy, wet sierra cement that our meteorologist referenced? you said it is wet. is it that cement quality yet, or no? >> reporter: classic el nino snow. a lot of it. these storms have been warmer than usual. so down here what was very wet wet snow is starting to set up now that the skies have cleared. the temperatures dropped. so it's starting to get a little crusty at this elevation. we are at 5,000 feet. the resorts up around 8, 9,000 feet, hopefully the snow will be better quality. >> brian, before you go, will you build a cave this time? >> reporter: my house. you know i built my shelter back there. it's right up to the eaves on my lean-to structure. i built that nine years ago using eagle scout technology. all these years later it's there. i think this might be the last time we see this with these storms coming in next week. i imagine my little house might
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be buried. >> you are still the man. brian hickey in the sierra. thank you. all right. time is 7:16. the other man is sal. sal, your hands are full. we have got a lot of commute stuff to talk about. >> yes, we do. and just want to throw in what brian, he may have said it or actually i was paying attention to something else. 80 and 50 have chain requirements. so you know, if you are leaving the bay area, put those chains in the trunk. pay someone to put them on or know how to put them on. all right. let's take a look at the commute. traffic is moving along well in many areas. the bay bridge there is a bit of a wait at the toll plaza. it is backing up for a 20 to 25-minute delay. no major problems. traffic looking okay once on the bridge. i also want to mention that 880 and 580 are better today. 880 doesn't look bad. neither does 580 in oakland in case you are wondering. i want to peninsula and some other things we have been
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talking about here. 101 is okay. look at the san mateo and dumbarton bridge. the santa clara traffic is okay. we do have that problem at santa clara avenue on santa clara street, pardon me, delmas avenue. a fatal hit-and-run. there is not a lot of congestion right now in that. 7:18. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we do get a break here. also in the sierra. things have calmed down considerably. we get a break on friday. but there will be a series of systems. the next one late tonight into saturday. also sunday night into monday. so be ready here. today would be a good day to travel because we get that break. increasing clouds coming. there is some fog out there from petaluma and santa rosa to geiserville to ukiah. that i do know. let's look at some of the good snow comments coming in. just me. just me. better known as ski swim. a foot of new snow overnight in
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truckee. that's a nice photo. the ski reports are fantastic. i am sure there is more than this. suffice so say, look at the bases. 82, 84, 87. there is more on the way. the water content is a little bit higher. napa valley chick, our good friend kathy, likes the break in the rain. cool and cold. my hair is happy for the break in the rain. mine too, kathy. thank you. we get some of the rain totals coming in. mount tam at 2 inches of rain. occidental russian river 1.64. kent field an inch of rain. santa rosa two-thirds. mountain view a quarter of an inch. union city about that. oakland 12 one hundreths. now, the break today and late tonight, saturday more rain. the sunday night, monday looks to be heavy. could be isolated areas, 4 inches up in the north bay. that might have a little bit more going for it, that system
7:20 am
on sunday. today increasing clouds, next system into tomorrow. rain develops. all right this morning. 30s, 40s, 50s on the the lows. sunshine in the morning. as brian just said, things are also on the -- improving in the mountains. 40s to 52 at sfo. the system is going to spread more rain into the north bay. increasing swell will move in late sunday from the next system as well. clouds, sun in the morning. turning cloudy to mostly cloudy by this evening. patchy thick fog. more rain tonight in the north bay. spreading over the area saturday for everybody. pretty wet saturday morning. a break saturday night, early sunday. then sunday, monday looks like off and on rain. >> you will be resting up for monday. >> of course. absolutely. >> all right. steve, thank you. >> you bet. make sure you stay up to date with all the latest weather conditions in the sierra or back here in the bay area. download our ktvu weather app. it has live and future radar, plus forecast information and
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warnings for your location. it is free for phones and tablets. just search the app store for ktvu. you can also follow our weather team for updates on facebook, twitter, and instagram. after 30 years, san jose police chief seville is turning in his badge today. in minutes, we will hear what his toughest moments were on the job. we don't know who the powerball winners are, but the store owners who sold the lucky tickets got some big checks. how two of them are already giving back.
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>> ♪[ music ] >> oh, yeah, this was the jam. it still kind of is the jam. motown philly, boyz ii men. and dave clark being from philly, i am sure you love the song. >> exactly. >> it's motown philly requested by ashley core. today's theme is boy bands. if there is a song you want to hear, hit us up with hashtag ktvu. listen to this. >> that's good. thank you, sal. 7:24. some 49ers fans are pumped about the team's choice for head coach. the 9ers say chip kelly will help the team move the ball next season. he is considered an innovator, quick strike offenses.
7:25 am
he won a rose bowl at the university of oregon and later went on to the philadelphia eagles. he was fired with a 6-9 record. kelly released this statement. my immediate focus is to build the best coaching staff possible. 72 a. the motion picture academy is being criticized by the lack of diversity in this year's oscar nominations. no minorities nominated this year. this is spark add hashtag on social media that says oscars so white. oakland native ryan kugler, who directed the movie creed, he did not get a nomination. and "straight outta compton" was left out of the best picture category. it is up for best original screenplay. both of the screenwriters are white. coming up for you in our 8:00 hour, we are gonna bring you a live report about some questions and criticisms
7:26 am
concerning diversity and inclusion in the movies. we are we are still waiting to find out who were the three winners, the mystery winners in wednesday's powerball drawing. the winners are going to share that record $1.6 billion jackpot but still each get about $300 million ar taxes. that's if they choose to take the prize in one lump sum. one of the winning tickets was purchased in at a 7-eleven chino hills. when asked what he plans to do with the money, he said he wants to chair his good fortune. >> i gonna give to some charity . one kentucky woman who won about $1 million from the powerball jackpot gave back after she won by giving blood.
7:27 am
linda onely decided the first thing to do after thee picked up her cash prize was to go to the blood drive in front of the lottery headquarters. the 41-year-old mother of three told "usa today," quote, it just made sense. i had $1 million fall out of the sky. she was one of 73 people who won $1 million. sparks flew at last night's republican debate. >> who the hell knows if you can even serve in office? >> we will have the latest on the heated battle between donald trump and senator ted cruz. good morning. we are looking at the east bay commute. if you are driving around there, you can see traffic at the toll plaza is still a little bit slow trying to get into san francisco. we get a little break here this morning. some sunshine. temperatures cold up in the north bay. 30s there. more rain is on the way. we will talk about when.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". 7:30. the picture on stock market hasn't changed much. the dow jones is down more than 2%. we are watching all of wall street this morning. stocks are sliding after oil fell below $30 a bell. energy stocks taking a beating. that along with more signs of economic weakness in china hitting the u.s. markets hard. the dow jones industrial down
7:31 am
right now at 333 points. it was down by 400 points this morning. the s&p and nasdaq also down heavily this morning. we will stay on top of the numbers and try to help you understand what that means for you and ultimately your budget. it is friday morning, january 15. i am gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i am dave clark. we want to talk about the weather not only in the bay area, steve, but in the mountains, too? >> it's clearing up there. a foot of snow. that's good. we had a couple of pictures coming in. it's clearing out now. so we get a break. you get those skies to clear and the temperatures drop and you can get some fog mainly in the north bay. thick up there. also colder as well. but some sunshine for a little bit here in the morning and then clouds in the afternoon and then we will cloud up again tonight. this is that north star. mid mountain at north star. thank you, brian. a good foot here. truckee a report of a foot. we are in between systems. our next one is washing out.
7:32 am
not impacting southern california. central sierra a little bit and san joaquin valley a little bit. the clouds are moving close to the picture. not for a while. late morning we will start to see increasing clouds. temperatures took a drop here. napa 37. santa rosa now 39 degrees. you get 50s towards san jose. and with the 30s and upper 30s and 40s thick fog as well. so be careful. up to geiserville one report of that. rain comes back in this evening for the north bay. overnight tonight into saturday for everybody else. series of systems here. sunday night, monday is looking rather wet. clouds later. sun in the morning. mild temps. i know it's cold right now. patchy fog. we will see upper 50s to very low 60s. sal, things better? are they still a little dicey here? >> things are actually okay. it's a nicer commute for many today, steve. i would say that. let's start off with eastshore freeway and start on 80 webb out to the macarthur maze.
7:33 am
22 minutes is not a bad commute. there are no major problems into san francisco once to the bay bridge. the traffic is moving along okay once you actually get onto that span. we have been looking at that fatal hit-and-run crash in san jose near the sap center santa clara street at delmas avenue. i can show you the area, if we can go to that. you can see traffic is going to be okay generally on 87 and 101. it's affecting local traffic. 7:33. let's go back to the desk. >> sal, thank you. a shooting last night right outside the bayfair mall in san leandro is being investigated this morning. ktvu fox 2's alex savidge is there to tell us what witnesses and the police are saying. >> reporter: dave. good morning to you. this had to be, you imagine, a scary situation for the shoppers who were here at bayfair mall last night. bullets flying in the parking lot. according to some witnesses, really this was described as a shoot-out between a couple of
7:34 am
groups. and it all played out here in this area where they are this morning, right in front of the old navy store and next to the bed, bath, and beyond. and this all happened just about 6:30 last night here at the mall. thing shopping center was for a short time put on lockdown as police moved through and searched for the shooters involved here. now, not long after the shooting police did wind up detaining two men inside the mall. witnesses had seen them running away from the scene. they were detained by police and at last check they were still being questioned about what happened. now, witnesses described this as a shoot-out between some people in a car and then two men who were walking nearby in the parking lot. police wound up finding a car hit by bullets, but they are trying to figure out who fired at who. >> we don't even know if both parties shot at one another, or just one group shot at the other. those are the things we're gonna look for when we kinda try to die sec the security video that we can hopefully get when we
7:35 am
are debriefing the witnesses who saw this tonight. those are the pertinent questions we will ask them. >> reporter: and detectives, of course, are also going over surveillance video from the mall and from some of the stores inside the mall. there is quite a bit of video to watch, we understand. investigators continuing to interview shoppers who witnessed the shooting as well to try to identify the people involved. police are also checking with nearby hospitals, trying to see if there were any gunshot victims that may have come in last night who potentially were hit by the gunfire and involved in what again witnesses describe as a shoot-out. police don't have any reports of anybody being hit by gunfire last night. they did not find any victims here. but they are still checking to make sure that is the case and still searching for all the people involved here. no arrests made as of yet. >> all right. alex savidge in san leandro. thank you. time is 7:35. well, today is the last day on the job for san jose police
7:36 am
chief larry esquivel. he is retiring after 30 years of protecting people in his hometown. says he'll miss the people the most. he spent the past three years as police chief, and it has not been easy. he has been dealing with low morale and also a police force that went from 1,200 officers down to just under 900, mainly because of pay and disability cuts. >> it was very difficult for us. i mean, we had, in terms of staffing levels and the retention issues and lack of stability, it was difficult. always assessing our staffing needs and trying to provide core service for our citizens. >> eddie garcia, he will serve as the acting police chief. esquivel is heading to tracy to become the new police chief there. this morning some of the republican candidates for president coming out of last night's debate a little bruised and battered. as ktvu's jenna reports, frontrunner's downtown and ted cruz took aim at each other.
7:37 am
>> let's get started. >> reporter: the gop candidates started off aiming their barbs at president obama and his state of the union speech. >> if i am president, there won't be stupid deals any more. we will make america great again. we will win on everything we do. >> reporter: each vying to position themselves as the gop's best chance against hillary clinton. >> if you are worried about the world being on fire, you cannot give hillary clinton a third term. >> reporter: with weeks until the iowa state caucuses, they clashed showing the wides within the republican party. trump and cruz over questions whether canadian born cruz is a natural born citizen, qualified to run for president. >> there is a big question mark on your head. and you can't do that to the party. >> i am not going to be taking legal advice from donald trump. >> reporter: marco rubio jumped in with attacks on president obama. >> when i become president of the united states on my first day in office we are gonna repeal every single one of his unconstitutional executive
7:38 am
orders. >> reporter: chris christie pushed his record as new jersey governor. >> i am the man who can bring us together to do that. >> reporter: and governor jeb bush seen as a conservative blasted trump for continuing to call for a ban on muslims entering the u.s. >> sending that signal makes it impossible for us to be serious about taking out isis. >> we are not gonna solve this problem with traditional politics. the only way we are gonna solve this problem is we with the people. >> at the end of the day, the country needs healed. i have heard a lot of hot rhetoric. >> now, carly fiorina took part in the undercard debate yesterday because of her low poll numbers along with mike huckabee and rick santorum. rand paul skipped that debate, saying he deserved to appear in the prime time debate. the poms are tightening up for the democratic presidential candidates. a new des moines register poll shows hillary clinton at 42%. bernie sanders just two percentage points behind at
7:39 am
40%. clinton and sanders are currently campaigning in new hampshire. the primary there is tuesday, february 9. meantime, president obama still trying to push some of the themes he addressed in his state of the union address on tuesday. today he'll be interviewed live at the white house on youtube by three youtube personalities. it begins at 11:15 this morning pacific time. you will find it at our web links section at the top of 7:39. new this morning, walmart just announced it's gonna close more than 260 stores around the world this year. that includes 154 stores here in the u.s. walmart says this will affect 16,000 workers, including 10,000 in the u.s. now, many of the stores that will close are smaller stores. they are called walmart express. it was part after pilot program. walmart has not yet released a list of the stores that will be
7:40 am
closing. new this morning the u.s. marines are searching for 12 people missing after a collision between two military helicopters near oahu. the two marines transport helicopters crashed just before midnight. the aircraft were reportedly conducting a training operation. officials say there were six people on board each helicopter. a debris field has been spotted two miles off the north shore of oahu. tough times for chipolte call for tough action. at 8:00, why that restaurant chain has decided to completely shut down temporarily in order to get better. plus. >> a millisecond my hands left the rail. it was an instant regret. >> he is one of the few people who jumped off the golden gate bridge and survived. up next, we'll talk with kevin heinz about a suicide barrier that will soon be installed on that bridge. we are looking at a commute where traffic is going to be
7:41 am
okay on 280 northbound up to highway 17. we'll tell you more straight ahead. well, sunshine and a break from our systems, but there is another one on the way and another one behind that. friday is not looking bad. the weekend is a little iffy. we will have more on that.
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in four seconds i fell 75 miles per hour, 25 stories, and i hit the water. i was in the most physical pain i had ever experienced. >> he is among the 1% who jumped off the golden gate bridge and survived. now he is sharing his story to try to spread awareness about suicide prevention. that's kevin heinz and he is now a global advocate for mental
7:44 am
health. he has helped push through the suicide barrier for the golden gate bridge. he is live in the studio now with ktvu's pam cook. >> so great to have you and talk with you this morning. we have to start from your story of what brought you to this place. jumping from the golden gate bridge is something most of us can't even imagine. give us a little glimpse of what was going through your head at that moment in time. >> imagine the worst day you have ever experienced times sen. suffering with bipolar disorder, hearing voices in my head saying i had to die, being compelled to take my life not because i wanted to, but because i believed i had to. i went over that rail. and it was, as i said in the video, in the millisecond a free fall, i said to myself, what have i done? i don't want to die. god, please save me. i hit the water. i had an instant regret, which is the same thing that 19 of the 34 survivors said they had. instant regret because you are
7:45 am
shocked into reality. it's terrifying. >> that's an amazing message to get to people who are considering that same thing. not from the bridge, but you have that moment of regret. we will touch on that a little bit more. and you do in your documentary. the suicide prevention net, that median barrier, they have been talking about it for 15 years. we see it. you have news we will see it soon? >> that's right. the median barrier, one death per year. the golden gate bridge death by suicide range over 2,000. and only 34 have survived. we are going to raise the net. the funding has been allocated. the bid is going out. and it will be built no later than 2018. a net under the bridge, 20 feet below, that will not let anyone else die by suicide off the golden gate bridge. >> and i think a lot of us are probably shocked to hear 2,000 people per year? >> over total. in the last 80 years, over
7:46 am
2,000 people have died. >> over 80 years? >> yeah. >> we don't cover it in the news because we don't want to give other people the idea or glorify it in any way, and that's part of your message also. in your documentary that you are doing, it is kind of a silent thing people keep to themselves. you are encouraging people to reach out? >> encouraging people to tell their story. we are reaching out to people from all over the world asking them to share how that ripple effect of suicide had an impact on their lives and how they can help other people stay here. >> all right. we are gonna have more on that documentary, these stories you are hearing from people all over the world now and certainly making a difference. you are gonna come back the next hour, kevin hines is going to be back with us and talk about some important signs you should pay attention to if you or maybe someone you love might be suffering from a serious mental
7:47 am
illness. we are going to give people help with that to identify. thank you. meantime, we want to provide the national suicide prevention lifeline is another place to go. 1-800-273-talk. we will have more information on the website as well. we will see kevin in an hour. gasia and dave. >> really good information. thank you, pam. time is 7:47. sal has information about our commute. i know you are watching the bridges as well as the roads, sal? >> yes, we are. we are seeing slow traffic today. it's kind of a moderate day. we have had some bad problems, obviously. we have also had some commute issues that have gone away and also have had some decent commutes here on the san mateo bridge. this commute is not bad. the commute here is actually doing well over to the peninsula where you are going to see some slow traffic. we will talk about that in just a moment. looking at the bay bridge, we had an earlier wreck on the bay bridge. it wasn't there for that long, but it was there for a little bit. a little bit slower than usual
7:48 am
on the upper deck. not a big issue now. a 15-minute delay before you make it on to the span. i promise to look at the peninsula. highway 101 is slow near 92 and in palo alto. for the most part, it looks okay getting in and out of the valley and also getting in and out of san francisco. 7:48. let's go to steve now. >> sal, remember last january we couldn't find any snow? >> right. >> bone dry. it was awful and boring and i was depressed. >> that's not the case today. >> thank you, sir. this january is a complete flip-flop. we love that. squaw valley. a lot of reports coming in this morning showing a foot of snow. i know at north star, state line. oh, that's pretty. that's a pretty picture there. we will take that snow. i don't care what the water content is. we will take -- it's actually pretty good. it was much higher -- or lower, i should say, in december. these are warmer systems. everything is looking good. great day to head up there right now. i believe, i think i just heard
7:49 am
carson pass is open. there are still closures on state route 88. much better driving conditions on 80 and 50. get up there while you can because late tonight, tomorrow the next system's on the way and the snow report is fantastic. last year we had to make stuff up because there wasn't anything. now pretty good. it's going to increase here. the snow level will go up. these are warmer systems. i would think maybe above lake level here for a little bit as these warmer systems come in. mount tam 2 inches of rain. occidental and forestville an inch and a half to an inch and three-quarter. cobb mountain and petaluma with a half-inch of rain. daly city a third. union city two tents. and oakland .12. laura k says it rained pretty hard yesterday, but we only got .2 in more ago a. want more.
7:50 am
there is a lot of reports in the north bay. this is jake. 39 on the north border of rohnert park. very active pattern for us. we get a break tonight. rain spreads south into saturday. an okay system. signs for sunday into monday. much stronger. maybe some tropical tap. better dynamics. better forcing. i think that has opportunity to give good rain for sunday, monday, maybe into tuesday. tonight we will deal with the next system in the north bay. we get a break today. enjoy it because sunshine. increasing clouds. first system washes out over southern california. they are not going to get in on this. they will have a little bit of rain. there could be hefty totals next five to seven days over the northern mountains. especially around shasta. we will take that. east bay temps, low 40s.
7:51 am
friday morning's okay. friday afternoon we get cloudy. friday night into saturday, that's your system. not only that. there is going to be some high swell coming in, really powerhouse low generating huge waves. some of that will make it. not extremely high, but maybe 20, 30 feet sunday night into monday. plenty of activity across the pacific. today is a day to kind of take a step back, take your breath, take a look around. hills of green. it's all good. get more rain tonight into tomorrow. then we will see a break late saturday, early sunday. then sunday, monday, tuesday i would plan on rain. >> sure sounds like it. thank you. 7:51. a list of bay area water wasters is revealed. in minutes, which city east bay says wastes the most water. first, catching a bus where you want it when you want it. next, the on demand bus service testing out in one part of the bay area.
7:52 am
7:53 am
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♪ round, round, i get around, i get around, i get around ♪. >> much consternation. some people say this is not a boyband. others say this is a boyband. i decided to play it anyway. our director says that this counts, lynyrd skynyrd is a
7:55 am
boyband, too. >> hey now! >> this was requested by jim bryant. see, jim, i played your song. thank you, jim. this is a special song you want to hear, our theme is boy bands. apparently, we are being fast and loose with that definition. 7:54. back to you. >> thank you. you thought you could get around with a new bus service? call uber or public transportation. it's been launched into south bay. the flex program was unveiled yesterday. riders use a mobile phone app to let a bus driver know they want a pickup at a designated flex stop. the cost is two or $3 end ding on the time of day -- depending on the time of day. >> it's convenient. short distance. absolutely, i will take advantage of it. >> you are tailoring public transportation to your needs. right now there are 150 flex stops. they plan to test it for the
7:56 am
next six it 12 months. 75:00. a popular san francisco music store has closed with no warning. a lot of music fans found out yesterday rasputin on powell street was closed. now, this is the -- not the right video for it. i can tell you when we called the store location there was a voicemail saying the store was closed. this is the second major record store to close in the last year. street light closed down last summer after 35 years. rasputin is the biggest chain of record stores in the bay area. san francisco has a location on haight street. as of now, we don't he know why the powell street store was closed. the harlem globetrotters are in town and they were out draining shots on the rock. >> anniversary. welcome to the rock. >> yay! >> look at that. >> i could do that. >> sure you do. >> no, i can't. >> but acquaints.
7:57 am
>> he did it. remember we met him on tuesday here on "the 9"? they were out at alcatraz yesterday working inside the cell blocks, making amazing shots around the prison. the globetrotters begin a round of exhibition games tonight in the bay area. >> they are fun. time is 7:57. there was some heated exchanges last night during the republican presidential debate. at 8:00 we will sit down with a political columnnist about the highlights, lowlights, and who may have a chance at the republican nomination. good morning. we are looking at a morning commute that is not too bad. it's beginning to get a little light in some areas. unfortunately, right here it's still slow passing the coliseum on northbound 880. sunshine and thick fog for a few. a little chilly here. we have a break from the rain. there is more on the way.
7:58 am
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this is ktvu "mornings on 2". >> another volatile morning for trading on wall street. taking a live look again at the board at the new york stock exchange, the dow is down below the 16,000 mark, losing at this point 388 points. a lot of people say this is because of falling oil prices. >> yeah, gasia, there are reports this plunge was caused by falling oil prices. a lot of people talking about it. we will keep checking wall street through "mornings on 2". it is friday, january 15. i am dave clark. >> i am gm. we are keeping an eye on stocks. a lot of news happening around the bay. weather also a big concern where weather you are staying here or heading up to the snow? >> there is going to be rain.
8:01 am
today we get a break, you guys. it's okay unless you are in that fog. that fog set up shop fast this morning from petaluma park, santa rosa, geiserville, ukiah. plus, cold. that temperature took a plunge. it wasn't that bad when i came in. the fog in napa now. phillip pryce. we had rainfall totals, the 24 total at .64 from the last system. a quarter of an inch to an inch for some. there is going to be a lot more higher amounts. we talked about this yesterday. marin county, russian river north up to mendocino county looks wet going forward. we are getting a break now. 40s, 50s on the temps. a few 30s around. didn't find any on the peninsula. the clouds didn't clear out fast enough. 40s and 50s. san carlos 51.
8:02 am
a lot of 50s around here, atherton, menlo park, all good. temperatures could be a lot colder. cloud cover on the way. it's not here now. morning sun and increasing clouds. clouds ap sun. cold temps. rain returns tonight and then for everybody overnight into tomorrow. all righty, sal. 8:02. anything, good news to report? >> there is some good news to report, and that's what we're seeing traffic begin to lighten up, steve. that's always good news. let's look at what we have at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up a little bit, but not much. all of a sudden -- we just saw the spider there, too. the traffic is light. we even had a minor crash on the bridge for a moment there. there is no stopping the light volume. that doesn't really make sense. it's just light. how about leaving it at that. 880 northbound driving up san leandro to oakland it's a little bit slower. i want to show you the big map here. we haven't seen a lot of slow
8:03 am
traffic. southbound 680, concord to walnut creek, we had some slowing. an earlier accident in the walnut creek area. so please give yourself extra time driving through. 8:02. back to the desk. >> thank you. we continue to follow breaking news in san jose. the search for the driver of a pickup truck that hit and killed a bicyclist early this morning. >> yeah, that hit-and-run happened near the sap center. ktvu fox 2's janine de la vega is there. that area has been closed about three hours now? >> reporter: yes, and it still is. we don't have an eta when santa clara street is going to be back open. santa clara street is roped off in both directions were autumn to highway 87. you can see there in the distance the bike laying on the ground that the victim had been riding. right now the traffic team, they are collecting evidence here from the scene because they are hoping that it will help them track down the suspect in all
8:04 am
of this. now, police say before five this morning a pickup truck traveling on santa clara street near delmas jumped the curb and hit a man riding that bike that you saw. witnesses told officers that the driver backed up and hit the cyclist a second time. police aren't sure if that was intentional or if the driver was trying to get away. the cyclist was unconscious when paramedics arrived and ended up dying at the scene. plus now are looking for a late '80s, early '90s white pickup truck. it has a lot of material in what's described by police as junk in the truck bed. there is also some front end damage, paint may have been scraped off, it has some scratches on there. it was last seen traveling southbound on delmas. >> he did veer all the way across opposing lanes of traffic, jumped up on the sidewalk. you would think there would be some kind of drugs or alcohol involved or potentially fell asleep at the wheel. we don't know until we make
8:05 am
contact with that person. >> reporter: police are checking surveillance video from the area to see if they can get more information about that vehicle to help in their investigation. officers though tell us that the victim was a 60-year-old man who appeared to be a transient. this investigation, besides traffic, has impacted the 522 and 22vta bus line. both have been rerouted. the service streets are affected around santa clara street because drivers are being told they have to move around this. so we'll stay on top of this. but right now no word as to when santa clara street will open back up. dave, gasia. >> janine, by what police are telling you, it doesn't seem as though the driver could not know that he or she hit someone. the fact the bicyclist was hit twice. that doesn't seem to be plausible to you at this point, does it? >> reporter: yeah. it seems like he would have had to know because what caused him to back up that he was on the
8:06 am
curb? i mean, they were just speculating. but they think that second time that the driver hit the victim, that that really was the fatal blow here and they really, really want to make sure that they get that person in custody. >> okay. well, we have that vehicle description. we will keep putting that out there. thank you. 8:06. new this morning the u.s. military in hawaii searching for 12 people missing after two marine helicopters collided over night oahu. this video is from the search area along the north shore. firefighters have joined the navy, the coast guard, and the marines. the coast guard says two ch53 transport helicopters crashed just before midnight. six people were on each helicopter. there are reports they were on a training operation at the time. now, debate has been spotted in the water about two miles off the north shore of oahu, but that search is hampered by
8:07 am
rough seas in the area. well, time is 8:06. planned parenthood is going to court now against a group of anti-abortion activists who they say illegally taped conversations and put patient safety at risk. >> ktvu's brian flores in the newsroom with the lawsuit filed right here in san francisco. >> reporter: good morning. this is a civil lawsuit filed at a u.s. district court here in san francisco. it says that the group center for medical progress engaged in several illegal activity, including wire fraud, invasion of privacy, secret recordings, and trespassing as well as breach of contract. if you recall, back in july the center for medical progress released a series of videos on youtube. they say these videos reveal planned parenthood's practice of selling aborted fetuses, fetal tissue, and body parts for money or profit. a claim that planned parenthood denies. the group went undercover in some of the videos to talk with doctors or affiliates of planned parenthood. this lawsuit allegations many of the recordings were illegal,
8:08 am
heavily edited, and misleading. it also says the group created a fake identification, a fake fetal procurement company called biomax which they say gave them access to speak with many of the planned parenthood affiliates. >> they omitted from the tapes key disclaimers and donation -- and denials of wrongdoing. >> the real intent was to discredit planned parenthood and end access to safe legal abortions. >> reporter: the center for medical progress is responding to this lawsuit in a statement by calling it, quote, frivolous and also saying in part here, this last ditch move the desperation is going to expose the sordid deals of the planned parenthood affiliates and the public will see them for the corruption abortion and bay bridge body parts profit ears
8:09 am
that they are. planned parenthood says because of the release of the videos, many doctors, affiliates and patients are concerned for their safety. dave and gasia, back to you. >> brian flor he is, thank you. . time is 8:09. terrifying moments last night at a popular mall in alameda county. shots were fired in the parking lot. in 20 minutes, we will tell you more about the search for the shootser. next, sitting down with a columnnist on the highlights, lowlights of last night's republican presidential debate. if there were any game changing moments. good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is beginning to get better around the bay area. even 237, which is normally slow here, a little bit of bunching up. but it's getting better on the way to sunnyvale. quiet now. lots of sunshine. some thick fog for a few. even skies up in the sierra are
8:10 am
clearing where a foot of new snow fell. there is more on the way. san jose looking at sunshine right now.
8:11 am
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8:12 am
you know, back in september, my friend donald said he had his lawyers look at this from every which way and there was no issue there. there was nothing to this
8:13 am
birther issue. now, since sent the constitution hasn't changed. but the poll numbers have. >> if for some reason he beats the rest of the field, the democrats are going to be bringing a suit. you have a lawsuit over your head while you're running. if you become the nominee, who the hell knows if you can even serve in office? so you should go out, get a declaratory judgment. let the courts decide. >> now, that was one of the most talked about moments of last night's republican presidential candidate's debate. donald trump challenging the legitmacy of ted cruz's citizenship. even after that heated exchange between the frontrunners, there were more moments where some of the lower polling candidates gained some momentum. all of this with a little more than two weeks away from the iowa state caucuses. >> joining us live, deborah saunders, columnnist for the
8:14 am
"san francisco chronicle." thank you for joining us this morning. >> i am so happy to talk about this. that was a fun debate. >> coming off that exchange about, you know, where were you born, it's no surprise donald trump said, i guess the bromance is over between he and ted cruz? >> that's right. i think a lot of people look at this debate as really being a two-man race. ted cruz, senator from texas, and donald trump dominated because they really land in great punches on each other. ted cruz sort of laughed off this natural born citizenship birther question saying, hey, in september your lawyers looked at it. that got a huge response. then donald handed it back to senator cruz on the new york values issues because ted cruz had been saying that donald trump new york values, who doesn't like new york values, right? >> right. talked about patriotism. he talked about rezil ensy. he won that one. >> there is no question.
8:15 am
people love new yorkers. one of the great things about new york is it is a blue- collar. it's a glamourous town. donald trump is mr. new york. he definitely won that one. i don't understand. he says that recall your. ted cruz should have been ready for it. "new york times," which senator cruz trashed, had a story about what a great debater is. >> awful candidates were really -- all of the candidates were really well coached. who was the best coached in your opinion? >> i think donald trump is his own best coach, and i think ted cruz has really modified how he is working on the debates. he gets more time in. he was a college debate team wonder. he is really good at it. i think he is good. boy, poor jeb bush. he is trying. >> yeah. >> he is trying. he made some good points. he is improving. but he is just not making it over that hump. >> some people saying ben
8:16 am
carson, why was he there? john kasich, hello? who do you expect to see drop out of the race next? >> man, you're going to make me answer that question, aren't you gasia? you know i don't want to answer it. i think all the candidates would be wrong to get out of it too soon when you have iowa and new hampshire around the corner. once that happens, if john kasich doesn't score in the top three in new hampshire, he is out. ben carson, i think he's gonna be out. >> and he was a number two at not so long ago. >> let's talk about marco rubio. it's a two-man race. you have ted cruz and donald trump, and everybody is saying it's between these two guys. weren't they saying that about ben carson a little while ago? insiders are looking at this and thinking, you know, marco rubio, he is smart not to peak too soon, like he is trying to, right? but they are saying that this is good because ted cruz is going to go down a little bit. this birth issue, by the way, it's going to hurt ted cruz in the long run because what is
8:17 am
donald trump great at? planting seeds of doubt. that is where he is just a master. so he is gonna go down a little bit and a little bit. and marco rubio, a lot of insiders think he is going to start going up. and people are looking at him as the alternative. >> donald trump remains the frontrunner. who might be angling to be a vice presidental nominee? >> a lot of people thought it might be ted cruz. donald trump said he is not a natural born citizen. i don't think so. maybe nikki haley. you saw that nice exchange. governor the south carolina who gave the rebuttal to the president's speech. there was a little slap, a little tickle slap at donald trump. he started fighting her, or his people did, and now they made up last night. at the beginning of the debate, donald trump gave a shout out to nikki haley. i think she is somebody to look at. >> even the way he treated women historically over the years with his comments, nikki haley might say yes?
8:18 am
>> here's the thing. trump's genious, everybody thinks he doesn't mean what he says. so, i mean, yeah, that's just donald. >> wow. okay. we'll have to see. are you going to iowa? >> sorry. afraid not. >> i think we are. the democrats are going to be debating again. >> that's right. sunday night. >> we will be watching that as well. thank you, deborah saunders, for bringing us your intel here on ktvu "mornings on 2". we will read more of you in the "san francisco chronicle." >> my pleasure. time is 8:18. let's check our commute again. sal is back with the latest. >> all right. dave and gasia, thank you very much. let's look at what we have. it's going to be slow in some areas. but we've seen a lot of improvement out there. i keep showing you the toll plaza because you might want to see it. nice and light. and so you don't have to necessarily run out and be all worried about time. can you see traffic is moving along well. interstate 880 is slow past the coliseum. the traffic is going to be
8:19 am
busy. i did notice we have a lot of snow traffic coming in through concord and walnut creek. unfortunately, concord and pleasant hill, walnut creek people are not sharing in the wonderful commute. we have some slow traffic there. 818 typhoon. let's go to steve. i was talking to deborah. all right. good morning, everybody. he with get some breaks here. the skies have cleared off. there is sunshine. a lot of fog for a few locations. the snow pictures coming in, i tell you, this is fantastic. i mean, i can't post as many as i can fast enough on facebook. but you're seeing plenty here. about 12 to 13 inches. i know at some of the resorts, north star, also at sierra tahoe, squaw, heavenly. my goodness. it seems to be about a foot. but they are getting blue skies right now. so it's a perfect time to head up there. the next system is on the way for tonight into tomorrow. this is from brian summer at the top of north star. 8600 feet. there is one picture there and then another one.
8:20 am
that's a party one. pretty. i have seen other areas picking up the same, 12-13 inches of snow. we get a break. the system is moving off. the next system's beginning to inch closer with increasing clouds. it will be clear for some. boy, it's cold for others. 30s popped up on some of the temps. along with the fog, napa county, parts of sonoma county all the way up into mendocino county as well. 40s for some. we will start to bounce off these morning lows. clouds and sun, mild temps. patchy fog will give way. more rain in the north bay. wouldn't take much once you are in this pattern. even though it's clear and barometric pressure is high, rain comes in pretty quick. we will get that this evening in the north bay, everybody overnight saturday, and a much stronger system sunday, monday. >> thank you. 8:20. a new list of water wasters,
8:21 am
and it reveals hundreds of customers who have been fined. an investment firm executive out of danville. water officials say she used an average of 6700 gallons of water each day over a two-month period late last year. a uc berkeley professor on that list for using 5700 gallons of water a day at his home in el cerrito. alamo the most with more than 200 residents using too much water. water officials say overall there was a 28% reduction in water use for repeat offenders. our time is 8:21. still to come, he is one of the few people he jumped from the golden gate bridge and survived. in a couple of minutes we'll hear from that survivor. he shares his story to spread the word about suicide prevention. and walmart is shutting down hundreds of its stores. coming up, the reason why just how many people will be out of work, as well, because of the closure.
8:22 am
8:23 am
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8:24 am
yes. i am playing it. > ♪[ music ] >> now, this is a boyband. jackson 5. i think michael was like 10 when this came out, right, dave? >> right about that age. >> jackson 5 dancing machine was
8:25 am
requested by riley king. thank you, riley. this is a great song. i jam this sometimes up in my place. if you have a song you want to play hit us up on ktvu. hashtag #ktvu, facebook, twitter or instagram. 8:25. back to you. it was all smiles at the opening bell, but here we are at 8:25 and checking stocks. they are still down sharply. at this point the dow is down 380 points. nasdaq and s&p down sharply as well. many people say this is on a fresh batch of disappointing u.s. data and the fact that oil is now $30 a barrel. a major slide in stocks. we'll track it for you through the morning here on "mornings on 2". gasia, here is something else. walmart is going to close more than 260 stores around the world this year, including 154 stores here in the u.s. 16,000
8:26 am
workers will be affected, including 10,000 here in the u.s. a lot of the stores will close are smaller stores called walmart express, it's part of a pilot program. so far walmart has not released a list of the stores that will be closed. on february 8, chipolte will shut down every single one of its restaurants, but only for a few hours. that's done so chipolte can have a company wide meeting to talk about several things, including food safety. last month chipolte took a 30% sales hit that came after several food poisoning outbreaks at chipolte restaurants around the country. they also announced it would launch a new marketing campaign in hopes of recovering from the fallout. goldman sachs greed to pay $5 billion in a settlement over the role the bank played in the mortgage crisis. $2 billion will go to consumer relief in mortgage forgiveness and refinancing. the rest of the money goes to state and federal entities for
8:27 am
penalties. goldman sachs is one of the last to settle over that mortgage crisis with regulators. a big thumbs down for hollywood. coming up, the complaints about the new oscar nominations and why so many say there is a bigger problem reflected in who is being left out. plus, a frightening situation for shoppers here at the bayfair mall in san leandro as gunfire breaks out in the parking lot last night. nobody was hit here. we we will tell you about the two people detained by police coming up. good morning. we are looking at a commute here where traffic still going to be slow in some areas, but 80 has recovered nicely. we will give you a traffic time for this drive and look at the bay bridge coming up. lots of sunshine this morning. clouds though. they are not going to hold off. they continue to roll in here. we get a break today until tonight. on the weekend, more on that.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
♪that girl is poison, poison ♪ ♪ >> that's bell biff and devoe. >> 8:30. looking around the skyline, a beautiful friday. we are listening to boy bands. this is bell, biv, and devoe. >> love it. that's the theme. boy bands. we got a couple more chances to play stops. hit up sal on twitter and let us know what your favorite boy bands are. we are going to start you off by getting you out the door. >> steve paulson has the forecast. lots to talk about. >> not bad right now, guys. we get a little break. that rain last night, and more tonight. but in between we have sunshine, thick fog, and some chilly
8:31 am
temps here. but overall it will be a sunny morning and then we will start to see increasing clouds and they will continue to thicken up and then by this afternoon, this evening it will be cloudy and today more rain and that will take us into saturday. a break early sunday, and then more rain sunday night and monday. over 2 inches at mount tam, cazadero, occidental, an inch and and a half. cobb mountain, petaluma in there as well. daly city a third. oakland .12. good looking system. it's going to take a while to get here. the clouds will filter in during the day. 30s, 40s, and 50s. the temps took a plunge, especially on the north bay when that cloud cover cleared out. a lot of 30s and the cleared up. our next system will spread rain in. moderate to heavy to the north. lighter to the south. it's still rain and it's also snow. so clouds, a mix of clouds and sun. more sun in the morning. mild temps.
8:32 am
patchy fog though. 50s to 60 degrees. all right. sal, at 8:31, what do you have for us, sir? >> we have improving conditions. i think you like that, steve. and anyone who is going to be driving any time soon. and if we have some good traffic karma, i think we can make this last for the rest of the morning barring any major accidents. 80, for example, 28 minutes to drive from the carquinez bridge. you will see at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic so much lighter than it normally is getting into san francisco. i want to take a look at the silicone valley now. northbound 101 traffic is okay. a little bit of slowing after 280, 85. things are lightning up for that santa clara valley commute. 8:32. back to the desk. >> thank you. this morning police in san leandro are searching for people who opened fire in a parking lot of bayfair mall last night.
8:33 am
>> ktvu fox 2's alex savidge live in san leandro. no one is hurt but it must have scared a lot of people and put many of them at risk? >> reporter: absolutely. a lot of people were at risk last night, caught in the middle of this shooting. it was apparently a shoot-out between two groups of people according to witnesses. it played out in the middle of this busy parking lot. one of the keys to making arrests in this case will likely be surveillance video and we want to push in here so you can see there are a lot of cameras all over this shopping mall and inside many of the stores as well that will help investigators. the shooting happened in the parking lot right outside of old navy and bed bath & beyond. if you are familiar with this shopping center, the shots were fired after 6:00 last night and the shopping center was placed on lockdown for a short time as police moved through in search for the people who may have been involved here. now, not long after the shooting, police wound out detaining two men who were running through the mall. at last check, those two men were being questioned about
8:34 am
exactly what happened. witnesses described this as a shoot-out between some people in a car and a couple of men who were walking nearby. police did find a car that had been hit by bullets. they are trying to figure out who exactly fired at who. and investigators say, again, they don't think anybody was hurt here. they don't have any shooting victims, but they are working to make sure that is, in fact, the case. >> police detectives are checking with local area hospitals being the fact we don't know if we have identified or located all the people involved. we are checking to make sure no other gunshot victims went to the hospital. >> reporter: and again detectives now are pouring over all the surveillance video from the various cameras here at the bayfair mall. we understand there is quite a bit of video to watch. investigators are also spending time interviewing shoppers who likely witnessed last night's shooting. again it happened just after 6:30. so quite a few people were
8:35 am
here, as you can well imagine. so far no arrests have been announced by san leandro police. we reached out by a -- to a spokesman. we have not heard back. >> i know bayfair hall has private security, as many malls do. appears we are losing him. my question was if they are increasing security or not. we will keep reporting on this through the day. remember yesterday we brought you the academy award nominations living here on "mornings on 2". well, this morning after these announcements the topic is still trending obviously. many people are using the hashtag #oscarsowhite. >> it's a big issue. joining us live from los angeles kevin mccarthy, the entertainment and film critic for fox. kevin, thank you for joining us. >> gasia and dave, an honor to be on with you. it's a pleasure. >> i appreciate it. so talk about this backlash.
8:36 am
major lack of diversity. people who were not seen or nominated, major names, tell us about it. >> yeah, i had a really big problem with the academy award nominees yesterday. i want to say in the beginning here that "mad max" was my favorite movie of the year. i was happy to see that movie get nominated and "the revenant." but more importantly were the nominations that were left out. "straight outta compton" and "creed." two of the best films of the year. compton blew my mind from an emotional standpoint and the importance of that film. also left out will smith for best actor. "star wars" was not in the nomination for best picture. also missing out on sicario. there is a bigger issue that the oscar are out of touch in general. and i have been saying this for so many years in regards to the academy awards. i lost all my faith in the oscar on march 21st, 1999, when they
8:37 am
gave shakespeare love best picture [ inaudible ]. now, i will say this. over the years if you look at the history of the academy awards, they have never really been in touch with what movies have generally been great in the public eye. a great example of that is alfred hitchcock, stanley cue brick and orson welles never won oscars. i have never seen a bigger lack of diversity in the nominations this year considering the talent and the performances we saw in films like compton. jason mitchell, who plays easy e in that film, unbelievable. it was unbelievable. >> you guess chris rock will be wear his tux when he hosts.
8:38 am
he is going to address the issue? >> right now when it comes to the academy awards, the most thing i am looking forward to is chris rock's monologue. i think he is a great addition for a host. i love his energy. i think he has done an amazing job of hosting in the past. i am looking forward to it. [ inaudible ] this year alone, i think he is the perfect host in general regardless of the issue. now that he is hosting the show and the issue, it's going to be a bigger deal for him connection mccarthy -- >> kevin mccarthy, thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. time is now 8:38. well, it is looking like the oakland raiders will stay at
8:39 am
the coliseum for another season. the bay area news group reports that the authority is to meet today behind closed doors to lay the groundwork for a year-long lease extension. they expect to meet next week with the raiders team president. now, a league source says nfl rules a would make it hard for the -- would make it hard for the raiders to pull up stakes right away. ktvu news has learned the san francisco police department's gang task force is looking into whether a series of attacks in the mission district this week are connected. investigators reported three violent crimes on tuesday. police say man wearing a hoodie beat a pedestrian over the head with hammer. a few hours later another man was shot and ran into the bar for help. in the evening a mob of ten men attacked people at a bus stop, stabbing them several times. >> it was violent.
8:40 am
they were outnumbered. a mob attacked the victim. >> it's not rare to hear that. >> are you talking about the city or the mission? >> talking about the mission. >> police are increasing the presence on the streets there. officers encouraging people in the mission district to call in tips and those tips, by the way, can be anonymous. the city of oakland taking very extraordinary steps of getting a temporary restraining order against a man who applied to be a firefighter. now, this is steven eldridge. the city recently gave him conditional offer of employment, but they took it back after it was revealed he is a registered sex offender because of a 1991 rape conviction. ktvu has learned the city took out a restraining order because eldridge started stalking firefighters. this video taken by a firefighter outside of a fire station. now, according to court documents, officials say eldridge has engaged in, quote, increasingly ear rat ig,
8:41 am
threatening and violent behavior. the firefighters say this is casting a negative light on the department's hiring process, but the human resources officials say background checks are not done until later in the process because it would be too expensive to check everyone who applies for a job. new developments in the terror attack in indonesia we brought you yesterday. indonesian police have arrested three men they suspect are linked to the attacks in jakarta that killed two people and injured more than 20 others. isis claimed responsibility for them. indonesia's president visited the scene of the attacks today to reassure people the city is safe. five attacksers were killed. they found a flag of the islamic state group in the home of one of the attackers. there have been 1600 suicide deaths on the golden gate bridge since it was built. we will talk to a man who is
8:42 am
one of the few and he has a very important message about suicide prevention. good morning. we are looking at the east bay commute. it is getting better even in some of those spots where it's usually kind of bad. it's a little bit bad here. but the rest of 880 has improved. we will tell you where coming up. sunshine here friday morning. we get a little break from the system last night. but there is another one coming in tonight and another one sunday night. we will take a look at those.
8:43 am
8:44 am
no way. yó savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter.
8:45 am
mcdonald's all d breakfast menu. it's okay not to be okay. it's not okay to ask for someone to back you up. >> those are the words of kevin hines. he is one of the few people who jumped off the golden gate bridge and survived. connection hines is now a global spokesman and advocate for mental heal. he is encouraging people. share your store's and heal themselves and others. he is back in our studio with pam cook. >> so great to have you here, hearing those -- what you just said. just to catch people up, you shared your story about how you jumped from the golden gate bridge. thankfully, you are here to tell your story. and that message, it's okay to not be okay. what do you mean by that? >> it's not okay to not ask for someone to back you up. you have got to ask for help. that's the common theme we see in people who suffer in silence
8:46 am
with mental battles. they are not reaching out for someone to help them. i tell people, no one can fight the war of mental illness by themselves. you have to have help. >> and this comes in -- you're making a documentary. you are encouraging people to share their stories. what is the mission for this? why is it so important to share your story? >> the documentary ripple effect is about stories of tragedy that have led to suicide and how they have the ripple effect on so many people's lives. but the powerful and positive ripple effect we express in the film, which is the crux of the film, is that stories of hope, of triumph over tragedy can lead to helping people heal, stay alive, and recover with mental illness, addictions, and other behavioral health challenges. it's about reaching out to people and saying, you share your life with us. we'll share that with the world. >> something i have noticed.
8:47 am
people tend to throw around the term bipolar. oh, my gosh, he is bipolar as, you know, someone might be moody or depressed or angry. are there real signs where we can tell? how do we tell the difference between someone moody or sad and someone who needs professional help? >> there are a lot of people with high energy and they have sad moments. does that mean they are bipolar? , no. if you have someone who is, to find out if someone is clinically depressed or suffering mental illness you have to look at these activities going on for two, three, four weeks at a time and not stopping. the ups and downs constantly. that's going on. constant mood swings, if they are occurring in an individual you love or care about and you're wondering if that may be the case, take them to a professional, a clinician, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, get them assessed. get the depression screening that is offered by so many. look up organizations like
8:48 am
nami, read about what you can. go and get the book bipolar for dummies. >> really? >> it's as simple as that. >> really? >> yeah. and you have got the opportunity to learn about it. educate yourself so that you can make that decision. >> i posted on my facebook page a little interview that you and i did off camera as well. i just -- i was struck by the powerful message that you had in our last hour that the moments after you jumped from the railing, you had immediate regret, and that is very common of people who have lived? >> the people who have lived through their suicide attempt, not all, but so many recall feeling this instant regret from their actions and the belief that it's too late. and for so many, of course, it is. we are trying to let people know, suicide is never the solution to any problem. >> suicide is never the solution. i know that's one of your
8:49 am
messages on there. curve thank you so much. get more information. go share your stories. thank you so much for sharing yours. dave. >> pam, kevin, thank you both. 8:49. let's check the commute one more time. sal, what's happening? >> we are looking at a commute, dave, that is not too bad. there is still some slow traffic. i am going to go to one of the slow spots that's still lingering out there. that's 880. from the last time we showed you this, it's beginning to improve heading up to downtown oakland. today 580 westbound is better than this. you can use that as an alternate. getting up to the bay bridge toll plaza, look at this. nice and light. no major problems getting through. and if you are driving in san jose, northbound 101 and 280, you see slow traffic there approaching 237.
8:50 am
that's about it. 8:49. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> a break this morning. we had the rain yesterday and then it ended pretty early this morning and then the sun came out. we will enjoy it while we can because there is more clouds on the way. pretty cold conditions. north bay this morning fog as well. quiet in the sierra. a foot fell for many locations. all good now. if you have to travel 50, 80, carson pass there might be issues on state route 88. today a great day to get up there. next system brings clouds in later and rain this afternoon, evening to the north and for everybody overnight into saturday. we will get a little break saturday night, sunday. emphasis on a little. i mean, these systems are rolling along. 30s, 40s, 50s on the temps. look for temperatures to increase. mildnessmild conditions. strong waves from that big power hugs low there in the middle of
8:51 am
the screen. there is a series of systems coming across. it looks favor. >> sun in the morning. clouds in the afternoon. a mixed bag of that. temps cold for some. mild later. more rain comes in tonight and that takes us into tomorrow. temperatures upper 50s, mid 50s maybe to the north. near 60 for a few. it does look like rain again saturday and a break early sunday. more rain sunday, monday, and maybe again on tuesday. dave. >> okay, steve. 8:57. a popular music store in downtown san francisco now closed. the shock and surprise when customers showed up at rasputin right there on powell street. we'll tell you more when "mornings on 2" continues.
8:52 am
8:53 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2". 8:53. there are fears about a devastating blow-out at that leaking natural gas well that's driven thousands of people out of their homes in southern california. the "l.a. times" reports efforts to plug the well near the
8:54 am
porter ranch neighbor in the san fernando valley may have weakened it and made things worse. there is another report that said samples from the leak showed twice the amount of cancer causing benzine considered normal. a scientist from uc davis says the plume is emitting 1,000 tons of methane every day. state officials are due to hold a briefing about what's happening out there later today. well, the city of san francisco fired a subcontractor after several gas line ruptures in the haight-ashbury neighborhood. an investigation found workers with synergy project management ruptured gas lines five times while replacing sewer and waterlines. a foreman was lowered down a manhole as two others were holding on to his legs. synergy claims pg&e's underground maps are not
8:55 am
accurate. the utility says their maps are fine and synergy ignored recommendations to use hand tools. not heavy equipment. 8:54. a popular san francisco music store has closed with no warning. a lot of music fans found out that rasputin on powellle street in san francisco was closed. news about what happened was first reported in reddit by a former employee. when we called there was a voicemail recording telling customers, yes, it's closed. some music lovers we talked to this morning say they're not surprised. >> due to the fact that i could just google or youtube any song on this right here and the song is right there. i really don't see much of a purpose in shopping for like a cd. >> this is the second major records store to close in the past year. street light records shut down last summer after 35 years. rasputin is the biggest chain of record stores here in the bay
8:56 am
area. now, san francisco still has a store on haight street, but we don't know why the powell street store closed. well, we are waiting to find out who the three mystery winners are in wednesday's powerball jackpot drawing. the winners have to share that record $1.6 billion jackpot, but they will each still get about $300 million after that taxes. one of the winning tickets was purchased in chino hills near l.a. lottery officials presented the owner of that store with a $1 million check. and when the owner was asked what he planned to do with the money, he said he'll share his good fortune. >> i gonna give to some charity, and then i'll be like sharing with my employee and family and friends. >> now, the other winning tickets, they were purchased in the small tennessee town called
8:57 am
mumford and in melbourne, florida. happy friday, everybody. my three-year-old decided to wake me up at three in the morning. she said, dad, movie my blankie. i said how far. i moved it three inches. she said that's perfect. i said that's it? she said yes. my goodness, gracious, i am wrapped around her finger. if you haven't heard, the eagle has landed and "the 9" is about to take off. stay with us. we are back in just a couple of minutes. 3h
8:58 am
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com7 shining, shimmering, splendid tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide a whole new world welcome to aulani it's hawaii with a touch of disney magic. for special offers visit or call your travel agent the 49ers hire a new head coach. kobe bryant says he is passing the torch to steph curry. we're talking sports with ktvu sports anchor jason applebaum and 49ers fan girl tracy sandler. and it's the interview i've been waiting all week, no all my life for. bravo's andy cohen in the bay area for a show with anderson
9:00 am
cooper. but first he's joining us live on "the 9". plus, are you headed up the snow for the holiday weekend? we go live to kirkwood where up to a foot of fresh powder it expected to fall just this morning alone. . >> we had a theme for traffic jams this morning. it was boy bands. welcome to "mornings on 2 the 9". along with gasia and mike, i am sal. happy friday. >> happy friday, sal. >> gasia. there is someone that you want to see. >> oh, my gosh. i have been on andy cohen watch for like the past 15 minutes. head of bravo, creator of all things "real housewives," is joining us on "the 9" today. he is going to be in conversation with anderson cooper in san francisco in oakland and here. he is joining us on "the 9" this morning. i have so many things to ask hip.


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