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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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bottom line is more important than any impact it might have on any community. the sign on the door told of doom of the store. the oakland walmart will be gone forever and in two days. east oaklanders are sad and feeling pretty much put upon. >> this store has suitable prices for the community and the fact it is closing down, i'm worried about the people that work here and the community members like where will they go. >> the store is cheap and practical. i don't know what we will do. >> it is always busy so it will affect the community because a lot of people come here and you got everything you need. >> despite the packed parking lot. it is one of 154 u.s. walmart including this the monterey highway and the consumers left
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with fewer choices. >> they will charge a arm and a leg and and we can come to walmart and get it at a good price. the california economy is so healthy the stores are profitable enough to survive. 115 overseas walmarts being closed and 60 in brazil. libby shaft issued a statement saying our focus is supporting the oakland employees as walmart works to relocate them to one of the four remaining locations within 15 miles of the edge water site or provides severance. shaft expresses confidence that city can find a new beneficial way to improve. i want to come here and shop. i love it here. now in reality for walmart that has more than 11,000 stores, this is a bit of a realignment, yes, they are closing 269 stores and that will have problems but walmart says that this year it will open up 300 other new stores
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elsewhere. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu, fox 2 news. you mentioned that store will be closed in two days. why so fast? >> well, i mean we are talking about hard feelings here, both internally with the employees and externally with the people and what they don't want to do is have a long closing period will people might get angry and demonstrations and where there could be an increase in theft and stuff like that. it is a very bad situation so what they would rather do is close it down and call it quits and move on and unfortunately they fully intend to move on. >> tom, oakland city council larry reed says in his opinion the fact that oakland raised the minimum wage may have played a role. and also the parking lot is known for car burglaries, at one point last year they were averaging one car burglary per day. do you think that had anything to do with the closing?
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>> reporter: it could. the way you decide to close the store is ancillary stuff and how much money do you generate per square inch. if they have expenses in terms of security and a lot of the expenses in terms of theft and other expenses it will figure into it and then they will say they will close the store. think about san jose, one of the hottest markets in the country and that's being closed as well. have to feel bad for the folks in east oakland. your retirement account took a big hit and stock markets are now off to a declining year. economists blaming on fueling gas prices. the dow jones lost 393 and the nasdaq down 126 and the s&p fell 41 and all three in what wall street considers a
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correction. we get more from liz clayman on wall street. call it a red tide. a sea of red and declining movement on wall street. market prices falling below the 16,000 level since september. no surprise oil taking most of the punishment settling down $30 a barrel. when it was all said and done the dow plummeted 391 points. the s&p had a down day as well lower by 42 points and the nasdaq lost 127. hyatt hotel taking a tumble and hitting its lowest level since november of 2012 and goldman sachs is down as well and chipotle mexican group is a surprise gainer up two percent and chipotle working to restore
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confidence after hired experts to reorganized the food preparation system. at the new york stock exchange liz clayman. chipotle will close on february 8:00 for several hours and will have employees take part in meeting to discuss new food safety measures. all chipotle will open at 3:00 p.m. instead of the usual 11:00 a.m. and this stems from e. coli in october and a norovirus problem in boston last month. let's talk about the weather because the weekend is here. a nice day but more rain is on the way. nice to see the sun for sure after all of the rain we have seen. more rain on the way and it gets here late and you can see it behind me in the monitor. nice looking weather system getting in here late tonight after the afternoon commute fortunately and it lingers into your bay area for saturday morning. it will be wet. here is how it looks at the current point. showers showing up in the north
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and showers spreading south and it will impact not the evening commute fortunately but it will impact the late night folks coming home from dinner and going for a movie. you will notice it 11:00 showers in san francisco. 8:00 tonight, there we are, beginning of light showers and check out 10:00, more scattered showers and then watch what happens saturday morning, tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., the main crux of the system, it will be wet. if you have 18 holes of golf planned some type of outdoor activity you may want to push it back in the afternoon. when i come back we will dial into the rest of your saturday and this is not the only system we are dealing with or as we move into next week. i will have the specifics. the warriors will play another year in oakland, that means the world champions won't play in the new arena in san francisco until 2019. the delay is due to a recently lawsuit file by mig bay alliance.
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the group calls it a victory for the opponent of the new warriors complex. the warriors released a statement saying it is disappointing and wasteful and harmful to workers and small businesses and neighbors in the mission bay counting on this venu. we are looking at the opening the sports entertainment center in 2019. we know the name of the 19- year-old shot. the victim was carlos misael funez-romero of antioch. bart police have released new pictures of the suspect who they are still looking for. police say this is the man who shot the victim several times last saturday night and then ran off. investigators at this point still don't know what the motive was. a south bay police department is reeling from word that one of its own is facing serious criminal charges as ktvu john suzuki reports the
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police chief was visibly upset. >> officers received news that no department wants to hear. >> the police department arrested dan yesterday for charges related to possession of child pornography and so we have immediately placed him on paid administrative leave. >> the chief is talk about this man, dan palmer this joined the police department in 2001 working as dispatcher and reserve police officer. and he served on the peer support team. in 2010 he was recognized as police dispatcher of the year. >> dan was an excellent dispatcher and has always been in the 14 years he has been with us. >> i talked with tracy police by phone but they would not comment on the case. they are the lead agency although there is an independent investigation. >> ag -- as far as i am aware none of the activity occurred at the police department. the officers of fully cooperating. it is shocking to the
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organization and has shaken us to the core. we pride ourselves on being ethical and holding the highest of standards in the police department. the chief says while this case hits everyone hard there is more than enough dispatchers to serve the community. a teacher in palo alto is being accused of sexual assaulting the daughter of his former live-in girlfriend. 34 michael christopher yarros surrendered. he sexually abused the 2-year- old between 2002 and 2005 before he started working at a loney elementary. he is facing four felony charges including lewd and lascivious acts with a child. the palo alto school district has placed him on unpaid leave. a shooting happened in the parking lot of bay fair mall last night around 6:30. no one was hurt but there were
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shoppers around at the time. witnesses described it as a shoot out between people in a car and two men that were walking. police later found the car nearby that was hit with bullets and questioned two men inside the mall but those two men were determined to just be witnesses. police have not made any arrests. the oakland raiders have set a tentative date to meet with the coliseum authority about where the team will play next season. the raiders lease at the coliseum ends next month. it lost its bid to move to southern california. a meeting could happen next week. larry reed is a member of the authority and hopes that the raiders will stay in oakland. >> it is up to the raiders. our lease agreement expires in february. and after that, the raiders can determine if they want to go to levi stadium. they will have to resubmit another relocation package to the nfl. also today the coliseum authority agreed to repair the
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bathrooms and repair the food and beverage service at the coliseum and will add electric car charging stadiums in the car parking lot. police are looking for a hit-and-run driver that struck and killed a bicyclist this morning. it happened on santa clara street around five this morning. the driver left the roadway and jumped the curb and plowed into a man. the police believed the car struck the victim twice and police are looking for a car with front-end damage. late 80s, early 90s, something like a chevy pickup truck and it appears that the bed of the truck had quite a bit of items in that truck. not known what the items were. the cyclist was unconscious when paramedics arrived and died. a short time later at the scene. police tell us the victim was a 60-year-old man that appeared to be a transient. tonight at 5:30.
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businesses around levi stadium looking to meet staffing museum as they prepare for the crowd coming to town for superbowl 50. an inspirational story. see how one man turned his life around. he used a specific form of exercise to live a healthier, happier life. next, the unique way businesses in one area of san francisco are working to deal with the issue of teen
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homelessness. if the sidewalks around san francisco seems cleaner it is because of a program putting homelessness to work. they are not working for money but something that they need more. >> almost every day in san
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francisco as bury's district young homeless clean up the streets where they once hung out. >> people throw out garbage and don't pick it up. >> rebecca would often sleep in golden gate park. now with her four-year-old son eric rebecca picks up the trash. >> a lot of needles and a lot of caps. a lot of toilet paper. >> rebecca is one of a dozen young homeless people part of the street clean program and they work for a hotel room. >> i am at the end of my rope, i don't make enough money when i did have my job to afford rent. >> street sweepers called taking it to the streets and the brain child of carly la duke and christian shadinsky a former drug addict. >> when you get to the point of going to drugs and whatever and
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there's the road that you get your life together and nobody at that crossroads and i wanted to be that for the kids out here today. >> the program is funded through a grant from the city and by many of the shop owners across the hate that say the streets have gotten cleaner. >> by lunchtime the block is clean. >> a lot of times the people leave their dog mess and they usually clean that up. >> in the last few years since the program began the co- founder says 50 people once on the street are off. >> people that live outdoors want to get off the streets and want to get their life together and know there is an option to support that. >> no drugs or alcohol allowed that allows this 19-year-old that is following a chance to get back up. >> it reliefs stress and worry
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and then you realize you are happy. >> street sweepers is getting so popular that they are hoping to double the program by the end of the year. rob rock, ktvu fox 2 news. nothing better than a win- win story. >> win all the way around. >> let's talk weather. let's take a look outside. look at that beautiful shot. >> there have been fantastic sunsets. el nino is good because you push a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. a lot of clouds and when you get clouds you get colorful sunsets. >> this morning i got to say you mentioned it, it was so nice on my way to the gym, the sun was bright and the roads were wet you could tell it had rained but that sunshine and warmth. >> we appreciate it because for a while it was sun, sun, every day for four years. essentially throughout the winter and now we are getting rain so you really do appreciate the sunshine.
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it was a beautiful morning and more rain. overnight rain to the early morning hours and clouds for the afternoon. the bulk of the rain will happen before you leave the house tomorrow. there's the system. comes in late tonight. i got the model set up. it comes in late tonight after dinner. and maybe right around dinner time and kind of winds down quickly for the bay area tomorrow. and should just be cloudy for most of your saturday. radar spinning and and doesn't show much. the morning showers the main event. sunday rain kicks in and that deal on sunday is a pretty good system and monday looks pretty wet. there's the system and take a look at it and rolls in here and this one we are checking out. this system will bring the first round of rain and a series of rounds of rain.
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here we are at 7:00 a.m. it will rain overnight and starts at nine or 10:00. scattered showers and the real rain starts at six or seven and the north bay and works its way south and then by lunchtime it is sprinkling scattered showers and mostly cloudy and by this time tomorrow night there is sprinkles lining up for the next system that wants to roll in here. tomorrow is a day that starts off wet and kind of ends up cloudy. the five-day forecast with the bay area in view which is right here fortunately weekends right upon us. scattered showers and the forecast and certainly in the afternoon but the morning it will be rain like early morning. then it is scattered showers and you will see sun. sunday is your wettest day. and you go through the afternoon to the evening it is wet. into monday morning's commute it will be wet as well. as we go through the period you will see winter storm warnings in the mountains and travel plans to the mountains. the skiing will be fun but the
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driving around will be a drag especially getting home sunday night. if you want to do that, stay up sunday night and leave monday morning which people do to avoid traffic. monday morning will be sketchy for tahoe if you are thinking about heading up there. there are breaks where you need them and rain and tomorrow morning you will hear the rain drops on the window. >> that's a long wait. you better leave it morning or you will be backed up. protestors call for the resignation of rom emanuel. the latest bringing police brutality to the forefront. it went this week and this sign for superbowl 50 has been targeted by vandals.
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>> this is not appropriate. >> what is interesting, why it didn't take long to clean up
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the mess. calls for chicago's mayor rom emanuel to resign continue as there is a new video of an officer shooting an unarmed teenager suspected of a carjacking. the third video in the last several months where police are shown using deadly force against unarmed black men. matt fin has more from chicago. >> we understand that the people that rom listens to are the money people. >> reporter: protestors in
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chicago seeking the resignation of rom emanuel and to affect major changes in the police force sought to shut down economic activity by camping out in the board of trade and mercantile trade. it mimics the disruptions in chicago's magnificent mile a black friday and christmas eve. >> billions of dollars are transacted and many of them not aware where people are in neighborhoods outside of downtown that don't have schools and hospitals and clinics. the latest protests sparked by another video showing a white officer fatally shooting an unarmed black teenager. cedrick blackman accused of carjacking and running from police. the video prompted clergy to interrupt the breakfast honoring martin luther king which mayor emanuel attended.
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>> countless members of clergy have called to boycott the ministers' breakfast, the mlk breakfast tomorrow because we have enough of rearranging the chairs on the titanic. our city is in a crisis. >> how do we work with a mayor who is also part of the code of silence? >> there are growing demand for mayor rom emanuel to resign but he has fortunefully resisted all of the calls to step down. his second term expires in may of 2016. search and rescue crews looking for 12 marines missing after two helicopters could collided in hawaii. debris has been spotted two miles off of the north shore of oahu. the marines say there were six crew members on board east of the two ch53e transport helicopters which were on a
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training mission at the time. the tennessee winners of the powerball jackpot have come forward to claim their prize. lisa and john robinson arrived in nashville to have their ticket examined and verified. the winning ticket is one of three from wednesday's powerballs. the robinsons will share a prize worth 1.6 billion dollars. they will continue to work and pay off their daughter's loan. >> we will take the lump sum because we are not guaranteed tomorrow. the two other winning tickets in florida and southern california. and those winners have not come forward. the california nurse thought she had matched all six numbers after getting a text from a family member but that woman reportedly started to celebrate with her colleagues at a nursing home until she learned she was pranked by her son.
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airlines are getting better by staying on schedule but complaints are going up. department of transportation says flights arrived on time an average of 84% of the time. that was a little better than in november of 2014. however, complaints to the government were up 56% although the number of actual complaints was less than a thousand. here is how the airlines ranked for on time performance. hawaii airlines first with 94 percent and delta second at 90% and alaskan at 89% and united at 84%. a popular business in san francisco abruptly shuts its doors. why the closure may be a sign of the changing digital times. see how two kids on a fox reality show came together to help smurf. businesses hope to catch in on superbowl tourism and today they worked to fill positions
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in preparation. the superbowl at levi
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stadium is fast approaching and not too late to be part of the action. great america is hiring now hoping to have people in place before the festivities and the superbowl parties begin. applicants have been lining up at a job fair all afternoon. ann. >> reporter: they are looking
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for chefs, servers, bartenders, and attendants and they need them to get up to speed fast. >> all around levi stadium superbowl preparations under way and gearing up and building up and staffing up. that is certainly true at california's great america that happens to sit next door. for the theme park it means private parties in the pavilion and game day event around the amphitheater and they need to start hiring now. we are hiring a month earlier than we normally do so we have the staff to be able to execute the event. >> i have worked in kidsville, sighco mouse. >> applicants say that applicants won't be different from the hospitality they already provide. >> like any special event day there will be more guests in the park and a few more additional mvps but it normally means more excited atmosphere and it is fun working those.
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perspective employees call it a perk and chance to be close to the action. >> we like football and anything to do with the superbowl would be awesome. >> great america expects to hire about 2500 people this year. about 300 will be expected to start immediately to handle the superbowl festivities and that means in some cases six extra weeks of work. >> i think it is great that they are hiring and we get to know people earlier and get the experience even more before the actual season opens. >> in a year when santa clara's minimum wage has gone up to $11 an hour applicants are feeling optimistic. >> most definitely will help pay more bills. the job fair at great america runs this weekend and next week. the superbowl is february 7th and the theme park opens on march 25th. ann, thank you. the latest talks between city of college san francisco
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and a local teacher's union has broken down. this was the scene this morning at the colleges ocean avenue campus. they will go through the public employment relations board. the union is upset about pay cuts and the college's plan to reduce the college classes being offered. investigators have made two arrests in connection with a brawl in turlac. it happened sunday when a large fight broke out between two groups of worshipers. police said that the dispute between two factions at odds over leadership. >> the guys came after one congregation. they started to beat the people
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and they were like panicking. the two men arrested are facing a number of charges including assault with a deadly weapon. turlac police say more arrests could be coming as the investigation continues. the largest chain has closed one of the stores. brass street and music shut its doors without notice this week. a message about the close ing was left on the door. brass music was founded in 1971, may be a victim of the internet age for some music lovers. due to the fact that i can google or youtube any song on this right here and the song is right there. i really don't see much of a purpose in shopping ... >> the pal street store had five stores of records and cds. the store on hate street is still opened. a rescued kitten named
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smurf got to meet celebrities. he was dyed blue and appeared to be used as a chew toy for dogs. he is doing better now in redwood city and he has a friend, a blind kitten. here is what happened. two of the contestants from the master chef junior show, sam and gavin played a visit because smurf likes to watch the show. >> it was really funny. i started nice and i could imagine smurf watching and telling him what to do. the vet says smurf took to the two boys and the kids are healing and appears to be getting over the incredible trauma. all national parks and forest are free this week for mlk day and as rosemary orozco reports in this edition of weekend watch there's plenty to do all around the bay area. bay area foodies now is your chance to experience the east bay culinary scene. oakland restaurant week is under way for the next several
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days. top oakland restaurants will have a special lunch and or dinner menu. it goes on through january 24th. this week marks the 26th anniversary arrival of the sea lions. they came in droves after an earthquake hit in san francisco. this weekend is the perfect time to celebrate the legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. cal tran will have a separation train that begins in san jose and ends in san francisco and a march and parade will begin at cal train to celebrate. the gardens will host a festival with live music and a children's discovery hunt. a profootball hall of fame exhibit will be on display in the south bay in celebration of
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superbowl 50, santa fe's museum of art will be free. in sports warriors on the road and sharks host the stars. i'm rosemary orozco and that's your weekend watch. why criminals say they deserve a chance to be employed. a chance of a man turning his life around and inspiring others through dance. a major show down between new hampshire and iowa.
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president obama took part in an interview streamlined on youtube at the white house by three youtube personalities. answered questions on topics including gun control and the minimum wage and terrorism. many of the answers pushed the themes he talked about in his state of union address earlier this week. this is his second time doing this. the coal mine industry is facing new scrutiny from the obama administration. the government is going to review prices and the environmental impact from the industry. companies currently pay washington a twelve-and-a-half percent share of what they
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sell. the president is pushing its way towards dirty energy and saying the country should help coal workers make money in solar and wind power. >> let's not have them stuck in old jobs that will be slowly declining, let's give them a new job to go up. >> the plan to halt new leases is facing criticism. paul ryan releasing a statement that read: coal belongs to all americans and the president is denying people access to their abundant energy source. the announcement will not put a stop to coal mines under lease. after a fiery debate in south carolina. the 2016 candidates are hitting the campaign hard with a few week to go before the first votes in iowa and new hampshire. >> a strong debate performance
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donald trump fired up the voters saying there is a dead heat with ted cruz and donald trump. cruz's poll numbers have surged. in iowa as you know in the last three polls i am beating you. you shouldn't misrepresent how well you are doing. cruz continues to face questions raised about his eligibility. his mother is an american citizen. meanwhile jeb bush who is struggling to gain traction throughout the primary season receives an endorsement this morning from his one time rifle senator lindsey graham that dropped out of the race due to low poll numbers. the last guy he demonstrated somebody in my view is ready on day one for commitment. >> bush's protege mark rubio hammered away at president
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obama's policies rather than on his gop rivals. the bigger issues is the challenges before america and the damage that barack obama has done and the damage hillary clinton will continue to do. on the democratic side and bernie sanders and o'maley will meet in south carolina this sunday. the ride sharing company uber is changing its hiring practice. how a recently pass the law may help people with a criminal record drive for the company. a man is driving notoriety for turning his life around to use music to be happier and healthier. tracking the rain. we got rain about 12 hours away. it will continue through the week end.
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the forecast coming up. the new year comes with losing weight and for this man it has been a lifetime battle. at one point he weighed more than 600 pounds but we learn that he is now dancing his way to a happier life. the videos are fun. they are about dancing and performing. but it is about more than that. another day of cardio done.
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this is a journey. >> i want them to know that it is hard and fun and i document it all. you get to see the whole thing. it notes just overnight i love my self. every day is a different day. >> for this man it started a few years ago but his battle of weight has been lifelong. >> i went to the doctor for like a checkup and i just got my weight and it was like 550 something and i was like wow this is dangerous. >> how old were you? >> maybe 24 maybe. >> was weight always an issue. >> it was always an issue. >> when you were a kid? >> yes, i was always overweight. 200 pounds in middle school. >> what did you top out at. >> 624 pounds, yes. >> were you depressed? were you feeling bad about it or were you positive because you are a positive guy. >> i am positive. a positive person in the world
5:48 pm
but at that time i was shut in and off in the world. >> but the videos came and life changed. >> i how did you come up with fat guidancing. >> i saw fat girl dancing and fat guidancing and they were like joke videos and i was like maybe i can make it something fun and talented and i wanted to be an example to people not to be afraid of who they are. and what started as fun started to get attention. >> rihanna performed that songs at the vma and there was another video going viral and talking about mine and they wanted me to be on the show and they have that video and they did an interview. >> what is your message. >> don't be ashamed of who you are. >> he has a ways to go and honest about that. >> my goal is to be healthy and
5:49 pm
show people that they don't have to be afraid to live their life while being healthy. i would love to be in the 200 range and enjoying the journey. >> a journey where dancing is required. good for him. quite the inspiration. our most recent storm has left several inches of fresh snow in the sierra and resorts are preparing for a rush of visitors for this three day week. you have to be ready for driving. there were blue skies in the sierra that made for a great day on the slopes but more snow on the way and our weather team is here with the latest conditions in the sierra. back here in the bay area as well. you can also follow us on twitter and facebook and instagram and download the ktvu weather app. or pay attention.
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want to go to our chief meteorologist bill martin, more snow on the way for the sierra and more rain. >> significant rain and snow and more rain tomorrow night and morning. so we are getting the breaks and continuing to see systems stacked up off of the coast and that means more rain and snow in the mountains. you couldn't ask for a better setup. look at this bad boy coming in for tonight and tomorrow. a good looking system and a lot of moisture with it. it is going to drop. we could see a half-inch to two- and-a-half to two inches of rain. one of those deals. most of the activity will be san francisco north and the heaviest rainfall and showers south of san jose and showers towards redwood city. showers, not really making it on the radar yet. showers east of you. the model here, saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. there is the main hit.
5:51 pm
showers really just moistening up the atmosphere when the dynamics get here and the real storm and wind kicks up and the rain starts to come down, five or 6 or 7 or 8:00 at night will be the heart of the storm and a lot of folks have not left the house. after it moves through it is mostly cloudy and a sprinkle and check out your saturday afternoon. clouds and sprinkles and nothing big and sunday morning and sunday afternoon. sunday morning starts off with clouds and kicks off sunday afternoon to monday. looking at monday. they keep coming and break upon break upon break and good. it looks like we will continue to get significant rainfall in the north bay county. this is over the next five days but over almost two inches and perhaps two inches of rain in san francisco and the next five days. a good chunk of change. in morin county up to six
5:52 pm
inches up around the reservoir. they could get six inches. there is the five-day forecast shaking out with saturday being the scattered showers day after the main event goes through and sunday lights up. this is the real rain. may see small stream advisory. some product getting area for the burn area. they will issue that because you only need an inch of rain. we con down the line with more showers. a progressive pattern. so so different than last year. i was just thinking with the pictures of the snow in the sierra. remember the last snow packed survey, no snow at all. yes. >> and now you look at it and that is what it should look like. >> and it is a little more. by the end of the weekend over 100% of rainfall for the bay
5:53 pm
area. >> we are over 100% of water content for the mountains and it will keep coming. doing well this winter so far and need more. as for february keba and frank, that's the month that el nino can have the greatest impact. it will be a little less cheerleadery in february because there will be a lot less frost. changing the way uber screens drivers. how it is trying to make it more fair for people with criminal histories. it didn't take long for this superbowl sign to become a target for vandals. why cleaning it up didn't take so long. it's exciting to get all of
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these people coming in. from treehouses to theme homes, top nine properties that people wish for. according to tech insider the company came up with the data by measuring how many people added the homes to their wish list. five of the top are treehouses and cottages in the woods including number one outside atlanta. a mushroomed dome made the list in santa cruz county and the second most popular, a home designed as sea shells and that one in mexico and probably the most interesting the pirates of
5:57 pm
the caribbean and this one right here made the west. >> ride sharing company uber is easings the driver prick restrictions. the driver says it was removed to giving ex-convicts a chance to get back on their feet. ride service uber is allowing more drivers to get job with more controversial reform to background checks. >> there are good men and women that are out here ready, willing and able to go to work if not for having this background issue. >> mark ranger says uber is driving organizations in what is done as band the box movement to comply with california's proposition 47, uber will allow applicants with nonviolent and nonsensal criminal backgrounds to seek employment if they can get
5:58 pm
their felony dropped down to a misdemeanor. >> when someone comes out of prison we expect them to get back on the straight and narrow but how can you do that if you can't get a job. >> crimes like check fraud d petty theft will no longer be flagged on the background check system but anyone with a driving related offense like a dui won't be eligible. at the company's headquarters, mixed reaction to the reform from current drivers and uber riders. >> you don't want to ride with someone that has a criminal record. out of the question. for many transportation, buses and uber or limos. this is a bad rep. >> this is a nonviolent crime. it is hard for people with records to get employment. so if uber allows these people to be hired it gives them a way to get up on their feet. uber insists the new policy
5:59 pm
is not about competition with other ride sharing companies or an effort to get more drivers to meet demand. the company says that it is simply doing its part to help the community and in accordance with prop 47. reporting in west la ktvu. fox 2 news at six starts now. the sun has set and rain is on its way and we are tracking the latest in the series of storms to make the long weekend wet in the bay area. good evening, i'm keba arnold in for julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. more wet weather is on the way for the bay area. i want to show you a live look at the conditions on the bay bridge. beautiful shot of the new eastern span in the foreground. dry but later tonight we are expecting showers. let's go to our chief meteorologist bill martin. how much rain are we expecting throughout the weekend. the long weekend into early next week, we can see three or four inches of rain and some of the heavier locations a half
6:00 pm
foot and that camera showed you the bay bridge. traffic was pretty jacked up, not raining and not the bay bridge but the shot we showed before it was beautiful and the clouds increasing, the clouds will thicken to the point of 10:00 and we got sprinkles from the weather system. significant system. i have been telling you this is a parade of weather hits as they come across the pacific. that is textbook in terms of what we are expecting. the lines running through. a ton of moisture and thousands of cubic miles of water vapor in the atmosphere heading towards the west coast. the next in a series of storms gets here tonight and heaviest hit will be tomorrow morning at five or six or seven a.m. in the north bay and the patrol bay. right now a few showers at clear lake


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