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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  January 18, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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half. >> some of the totals from marin county coming in. some are about one to three. the good news is the system is done. most of this fell while we snooze: there's a winter storm warning in the sierra until 10:00 this morning. we are going to get a break the rest of the day. snow level continues to be high. but it's on the mild side with the temps. mid-50s for some. 56 seems popular. no cold air associated with this. and we get a break and a mix of sun and clouds. and the next system will be tuesday for another round of rain. we'll tackle that tomorrow. and the rain ends and sun and clouds and patchy fog and a few lingering showers and 60s on the temps. and 60s on the highs. sal, 4:30, sir. >> today, steve, just to be clear since there's no traffic
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really. no more rain today? >> most of it is gone. i'd say no. >> it rained a lot at my house. there's a little bit of a break traffic-wise. traffic is light and we're not expecting it really to be a huge commute just because of the holiday. some people have today off as a holiday. and others have to work. so we'll see what happens. we're not expecting a big crowd at the bay bridge. highway101 looks good approaching the 80 split. no trouble on 580. traffic is moving along pretty wet. just got a sig-alert. all lanes are blocked due to a downed tree. there are going to be delays. eastbound 152 east of mount ma daughter know. let's go back to the desk. the storm system is
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bringing snow to the sierra. and several inches of fresh powder fell over the weekend. and up to 10 inches more could fall in higher elevations as steve mentioned. the new snow is leading to hazardous driving conditions on i-80 and highway 50. and chains are required for drivers on both of those roadways. and search and rescue teams are looking for a ski instructor who went missing at sugar bowl ski resort. is search was suspended yesterday due to bad weather. why crews are holding out hope. >> reporter: multiple challenges for search and rescue crews from california to nevada as they hit the slopes looking for carson may. slushy weather has increased avalanche danger. >> we've identified six slides and they came from a couple of days ago. and they were in areas we were
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able to get into. >> there are more than 60 members on the search and rescue mission including law enforcement and nordic ski experts. carson may's cell phone ping stopped sending signals two days ago. so there's no beacon. >> he had season passes at sugar bowl. he knows how to ski and knows the area. >> reporter: they are searches inside the boundaries and out of bounds using shovels, avalanche beacons, and whatever it takes. >> we'll be here all night if we have to be. >> reporter: experts say his best chance for survival is to disa snow cave -- near a tree. the team spent the night in the area and plan to join the
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search. the placer county sheriff's deputy has not set a time limit on the search but the chances of his survival are getting slimmer with each passing hour. big problems in pacifica. big waves pounded the seashore and washed out a chunk of sidewalk on beach boulevard. workers brought in backhoes and boulders so try to fix the sidewalk. the doors at the walmart in oakland near higher elevationenberger -- higgenberger have closed. and washington post reporter jason rezaian and others are now in germany. he was released after 18 months in an iranian prison over the
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weekend. celebrations are being held across the country in memory of dr. martin luther king jr. >> we will be able to transform the discord of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. >> this is video from the i have a dream speech during the march on washington in 1963. five years after that speech, he was assassinated in memphis, tennessee. martin luther king day is a federal holiday and a day of service. the family of mario woods is holding a news conference calling for the u.s. department of justice to investigate the san francisco police department. woods was shot and killed by five police officers last metropolitan. civil rights attorney john burris says the family is outraged that ed lee has directed the police chief to review the department's use of force policies. there needs to be an
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independent investigation into the department's practices he says. this morning's conference is 10:30 at the ame church in san francisco. there was protests at san francisco international airport last night. demonstrators marched through holding signs and reciting the names of people killed by police. they marched around the terminal even though they were told to stay in a contained area. they were allowed to march as long as they did not interrupt the flow of passengers. >> we have come here -- >> we have come here -- >> to say the names -- >> to say the names -- >> of lives stolen by cops. >> this is something we don't normally allow but because of
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the situation the police and i conferred and decided that it was better to allow them to go around the airport as long as they didn't impact any passenger movement. and so far, they have been meeting that. >> police kept a close eye on the demonstrators. they are honoring martin luther king's call for direct action with the protests at sfo and similar protests at the oakland airport saturday night. >> rise up! >> rise up! >> rise up! >> four dozen people from a group called asians for black lives gathered outside mayor
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lee's home. police kept protesters away from the front door. early they lined the street with fake dead bodies. they have called for the chief to be fired. this mayor, mayor lee is expected to speak in honor of martin luther king king. this is video of mlk day last year. the interfaith council will hold an mlk commemoration. mayor lee is expected to speak at noon at the yerba buena center for the arts. all events are free to the public. >> >> and the train leaves 9:45 from the san jose station and arrives in san francisco an hour later. the ride the to remember the 54-
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mile selma, alabama march. organizers stopped it last year due to low attendance. those wanting to celebrate with a day of service can head to candidatele stick park -- candlestick park. organizers expect 300 people to sign up. san francisco police are continuing their investigation into the death of a man hit by a tour bus on saturday. it happened at post and divisadero. police are now trying to to figure out if the man was in the crosswalk when the bus hit him. the driver of the hop on, hop off tour bus stopped and is cooperating. this is the third tour bus crash since november. and last month a crash at the ferry building injured nine people.
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riders -- will be using a shuttle bus for the next couple of days as crews complete repairs to a sinkhole and sewer line. it opened up on church street on new year's eve. now they've started a bus shutting for portions of both lines that run through the area. regular service is expected to be restored by 2:00 wednesday morning. a man who bought a powerball ticket in santa cruz worth $638,000 has come forward. albert graham bought the ticket at a gas station. there they are. he bought $40 worth of tickets. he matched five of the six numbers and he says his plans are to give the money to his kids and grandkids and then take a trip to hawaii. >> $40 turned into $638,000.
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>> that's a nice investment. there's only three candidates and things got pretty heated during last night's democratic debate. >> we'll take a look at the jabs between hillary clinton and bernie sanders as they try to rally up more votes. and we are talking about the number of people impacted by skimming at a north bay gas station. we'll have the latest on the investigation underway, including the two men police are now looking for. the east bay commute continues to be wet from overnight rain. and right now it's not raining on the east shore and the traffic is light as you head to the macarthur maze. rain all night for most. and it's moved off. we're going to get a break but not for the rest of the week. there's more rain coming across the old weather highway.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 everybody. be prepared for wet roads. the phrase wet roads. take it slow on the roads because it's wet. and we're getting a slight break in the weather. steve says it's a fast moving storm and more rain is coming in the next few days. steve will have the full forecast coming up as well. police are looking for two men they say are stealing personal information from customers at a gas station. investigators believe these two men used skimming devices in san anselmo. 50 people reported having their credit card information accessed. anyone who has shopped at the gas station and recognizes these men should contact the
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bank and review your statement. vacaville police are asking for the public's help in finding two men who robbed a best buy store. miss say the men took several mac books before running out of the store. and police in petaluma are looking for vandals who trashed an elementary school over the weekend. a security alarm went off saturday night. when officers arrived they found several doors forced open and classrooms damaged. anyone with information about that is asked to call petaluma street. and hayward police are looking for suspects in a midday shooting that injured a man on harris road. the victim is a 30-year-old man who was in mississippi car. it's not clear if the man was driving or parked when he was shot. he is in the hot in serious
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condition. new this morning, a suspect is behind bars after an ohio police officer was shot and killed overnight. police got a call just before midnight. a woman was warning danville, ohio, police that her ex- boyfriend had weapons and was trying to kill an officer. his body was found shot outside of a local government building. the suspect, herschel jones was arrested. a suspect is dead after a confrontation during an armed robbery. a witness flagged down a sergeant while a kfc was being robbed. the officer went in the restaurant and the suspect ignored demands to drop his weapon. the officer fired two shots, killing the suspect. we learned there's a number of witnesses who were inside
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the restaurant. and let me point out this act by this sergeant was very courageous because of the number of not only employees but customers who were inside and the sergeant took all that into consideration. >> the sergeant was not injured during the incident and the shooting is under investigation. it's 4:47. let's check in with sal. hopefully, no big problems and definitely the rain could cause flooding. >> and this morning i ran into a lot of standing water. some of the drains can't take all the rain we had overnight. >> that was a lot. >> yeah, it was a lot. so far, so good with major incidents. just a lot of standing water and roadway flooding. let's take a look at the commute. and you can see traffic is going to be okay as you drive on the westbound bay bridge approach. there are no major problems there. traffic continues to look pretty good if you're driving
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this morning. traffic is moving along well. we have a look at 880 in oakland and traffic is moving along nicely. there's a problem southbound 101 at san bruno. the car fire caused a big delay on -- or a closure on 101. they'll open the lanes at about 5:30. the good thing is it's been so lightly traveled. we'll keep you updated on that. our rain is -- well it did its job. it's moved off but not before picking up impressive totals. north bay, santa cruz mountains, the leaders of the pack, but today it was widespread and that's what we needed to get the streams going. and get the ground to soak up
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water. rainfall totals in the santa cruz mountains three and a quarter. and kentfield, almost 3 inches of rain. down by santa cruz, 2.38. oakland, just shy of 2 inches of rain. sfo just about an inch. and san jose just about an inch. and 1.75 -- 24 hour total. highest january total since 2008. 8inches of rain in sausalito with more on the way. end of the month might be stormy. there are signs of significant systems coming in but i'm getting ahead of myself. our first system is moving off to the valley and the sierra nevada where the winter storm warning continues. look at the temperatures. these are mild systems. snow level has gone up.
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and the jet stream is roars crook the pacific. and they are as we say lined up here. and looks like a series of systems will continue to give us an active pattern. it doesn't take much in these systems. the morn rain ends and rain returns tuesday and it will be a mild system. we're saying goodbye to the rain. patchy fog as well. mild temperatures. the temperature -- 60s for almost everybody -- would not be surprising. rain returns tuesday, and should be a break. wednesday to thursday another system comes in on friday. and to be honest with you probably beyond that as well. >> you're still saying rainy through the end of the month. >> very rainy end of the month.
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something to watch. >> yes. looks like strong systems. >> i'm glad we have you to keep an eye on it. 4:50 is the time now. the superintendent of the west contra costa school district plans to retire at the end of the school year. it may have to do with allegations of wasteful spending and fraud. harder has been leading the school district for 10 years but on wednesday he'll ask the board to change the terms of the contract so school officials can look for a replacement. city owned signs vandalized in san jose. we'll show you more of the damage and the search underway for the person who did it.
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the search continues for 12 missing marines in hawaii. they were aboard two helicopters that crashed. the coast guard spotted debris but rough weather is complicating the search efforts. a former taco bell executive seen in a viral video is suing an uber driver for $5 million. the dash cam video shows him hitting the driver repeatedly.
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now he says it was recorded without his consent and he says he was afraid for his safety when the driver tried to kick him out of the call. he suffered emotional distress after losing his job. the driver is suing golden for more than $25,000 in damages. san jose police are asking for the public's help to track down who vandalized a city owned sign. this is what the sign used to look like from google maps. it's the welcome sign in the area. right next to the almaden lake park. the vandalism was reported on saturday. if you have any information. contact police. people in san francisco are mourning the death of a well known figure in the city's
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fashion world. wilkes bash ford opened a high end clothing store in 1966. he counted the former mayor as his friend. san francisco will not be the same without him. our thoughts and prayers remain with his family and friends at this time mourning and sadness. david bowie's final album is hitting it big. >> look up here. i'm in heaven. >> black star -- 181,000 copies were sold. news of his death fueled sales of previous albums. 4:56 is the time.
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coming up in the 5:00 hour. more wet weather leading to heavy surf on the california coast. waves became too dangerous in the town of pacifica. we are looking at a morning commute that should be a little better today at the bay bridge toll plaza. doesn't look bad getting into the city. the system has done its job and left behind good rain totals. we'll take a look.
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good morning. wet and windy weather brought damage to parts of the bay area. we'll have the very latest on when things are going to dry out a bit when mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning, thank you for joining us. if the you have the day off you can relax and stay with us. it's monday, january 18th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. the roads are wet. >> but the rain has ended. >> that's good for the commute. >> if you have to work as you two said. >> things will calm down and we'll have sunshine for a while. and i think we'll go partly to mostly cloudy. for the most part we can say goodbye to this system.
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an inch to 3 inches of rain. so far the heaviest amounts have been in the santa cruz mountains. snow continues in the sierra. mid-50s on a lot of the temps. and there are a lot of systems coming in. things are looking quite active. the rain ends for the today. sun and clouds and patchy fog in the mix. and mild temperatures as well. 60s on most of these. we're at 55 now so it wouldn't take much. 5:00 in the morning. probably quiet, right, sal? >> i think it's going to be a little quiter. a lot of people have today off. most schools are closed so there you go. let's take a look at the commute. and traffic is moving nicely up to the bay bridge. the bay bridge toll plaza, not a big delay. and looking at the 880 freeway in oakland. tr


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