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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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. the 10:00 p.m. news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. 45 blockade on the bay dredge -- >> a blockade on the bay bridge, the protesters have been booked. good evening everyone. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> a shut down of the bay bridge heading into san francisco is how protesters
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capped a day of demonstrations on this mlk day. traffic backed up for miles. ktvu's debora villalon is live where the protesters were taken. >> reporter: within the last hour their arrests were processed and away they went. 25 people hauled off the bay bridge this evening and now facing a variety of misdemeanor charges as they were chart away on route -- carted away to jail they could be seen smiling through the windows. thousands of drivers brought to a stand still today. >> the bay bridge is sometimes blocked by accidents but today protesters holidaying -- halting traffic about 4:00 p.m., officers faced off with them. some chained together and a chain strug through their cars.
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one in each lane -- strung through their cars, one in each lane. they called it a stand against racism and terrorism. >> reminding people what dr. martin luther king, jr.'s legacy is about. direct action. he was a radical. >> reporter: some drivers had a close view of the blockade as thousands backed up for miles. chp heard a protest might happen and had officers on the span but -- >> they were able to get up on the bridge and control the lanes. >> reporter: able to do it in a simple way. driven to the bridge and flank each other side by side and then slow to a stop. >> it happened. it was coordinated and they were able to do it. if there sagrievance, this is not the -- is a grievance, this is not the way to do it. >> reporter: in half hour they
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were cuffed and lined up and cars allowing 3 of the 5 lanes to open. stranded drivers were able to get moving again, slowly. as for the inconvenience and hazard of blocking the bridge? [ indiscernible ] >> perhaps they will do right by us. we are not about making things comfortable for people. the lives we experience as black folks on a daily basis are -- are -- are -- is disrupted all the time. >> reporter: they will be charged with unlawful assembly and false imprisonment. if there are hints of this happening again? >> we get officers out there and we are in full plain view patrol and we hopefully can prevent that. >> reporter: chp says there
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were no emergencies in the backup but numerous cars did stall out. about the time the bridge action started chp was preoccupied with marchers on the emeryville side trying to getten to interstate 80 -- get on to the interstate 80. >> they had officers on the bridge but still couldn't stop it from happening. thank you. another protest and march earlier today marking dr. martin luther king, jr. day. a group gathered to listen to speakers to talk about police brutality and the recent shootings. sky fox 2 was over head when they walked down downtown oakland. they stopped by opd headquarters before continuing through west oakland.
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the march was largely peaceful. justice for mario woods. justice for mario woods. >> members of the justice for mario woods coalition interrupted a dr. martin luther king, jr. speech given by mayor ed lee. they said mayor ed lee should be fired for the handling of the mario woods shooting by police. mayor ed lee responded by saying he is working with the police department to try to increase trust between officers and the communities they serve. a civil rights attorney called on the department of justice to investigate the deadly police shooting. >> officers essentially engagedane fire squad activity. -- engaged in a firing squad activity. >> police say the 23-year-old mario woods was armed with a knife when he was shot between 15 and 20 times by officers last month. he claims the killing is
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another example of racism within the san francisco police department. and our coverage continues on where you will find more photos and video from today's protest. and other mlk day event. to the weather in & the -- and the next el nino storm. sky fox 2 captured these clouds tonight and chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the rain. more rain and how it will impact the morning commute. >> more rain. a lot of rain last night. tomorrow morning's rain will have a big impact on your tuesday morning commute. let's go back to this morning and last night. the rain fell hard and heavy. four inches in marin. 3.5 in the santa cruz mountains. a lot of rain in 24 hours. here comes the next system. similar to the last system but not as much rain. instead of four inches we may
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see 3 inches. still a lot of rain. anywhere from an inch and a half to half inch of rain throughout the bay area. more or less in the hills. in the morning hours, 4:00 a.m., there it is. getting ready to get up, it is raining hard. 5:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m. it is going off. a lot of rain coming down now. rainfall rates will be strong. there will be standing water and check this out. secondary wave about 8:00 a.m. that will be heavy as well. your morning commute will be wet. very wet. 10:00 a.m. it tapers off and by lunchtime a break. afternoon commute will be fine but the morning commute will be a mess. when i come back we will time this out and the next system that will have an impact on friday morning. >> thank you. download the free ktvu weather app to follow the forecast anytime. new at 10:00 p.m. b.a.r.t. officials confirm the man who
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was shot and killed last week on a b.a.r.t. train did have interaction with the suspect on the bus that same day. the suspect shot a 19-year-old of antioch as the b.a.r.t. train pulled into the west oakland b.a.r.t. station. surveillance video places both the shooter and the victim on a transit bus as they road to the pittsburg bay point b.a.r.t. station. they had an interaction on the bus that carried overren to b.a.r.t. there was word today vandalism on fiber optic cables could be connected to a potential threat against the super bowl. ktvu's amber lee spoke to a retired fbi special agent and amber joins us live in san francisco. >> reporter: we are at justin herman plaza where construction is set to start in 5 days.
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this saturday. and federal officials are assessing all possible security threats. >> reporter: vandals attacked fiber optic systems in various bay area cities since 2013. the fbi says there have been 15 cases that remained unsolved. >> absolutely it is a concern. >> the fbi and department of homeland security are looking to see if they may be tested by plan to target the super bowl. >> if it were cut it would be a disaster. this is one of the largest events that we have in america. the super bowl. >> reporter: he was a counter terrorism expert for the fbi before retiring in october, he has seen the super bowl threat assessment memo from officials. >> every criminal act doesn't have to be terrorism because it is disruptive to silicon
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valley. people can get a lot of bang for their buck by targeting the fiber optic systems. >> reporter: it could cause massive problems at super bowl seat or levi stadium. potentially stopping the super bowl itself. but they say the bigger concern is the type off tack carried out by lone wolves. >> we have a fairly, you know, good read on what groups could be -- what terrorists groups could be planning. the fear is the san bernardino or paris like attacks. >> reporter: super bowl organizers say there will be four entrance rates for the people attending the festivities. there will be metal detectors and other security measures. whether it be here at super bowl city or levi stadium. the threat of a fiber optic
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attack is minimum. >> this is a possibility. not keep an eye on things. >> reporter: federal officials always according to harp assess the security threats for all super bowls. >> so many things to think about and so many basis to cover. thank you. journalist who spent 18 months in a prison in iran is going through a reintegration process in germany. he was part of a prisoner support between iran and the united states. ktvu's john sasaki spoke with his brother. he didn't believe that he was free until the plane took off. >> reporter: the washington post released these photos showing him with his wife, mother and brother and two editors from the newspaper. he is a thinner man than when he went in.
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before seeing him and after talking to him his brother was encouraged. >> sounds strong. hopeful. all together. which is great. you know, i think it will be work but he will get better. >> the post editor said he hold them about his confinement in prison. at one point he described being held in solitary for 49 straight days. took months to get him and the others released. in exchange the u.s. freed some iranian men. critics say it took too much to secure their freedom. >> this deal is a really problematic deal. and it reflects a pattern we have seen in the obama administration over and over again of negotiating with terrorists and making deals and trades that endanger the u.s. >> we don't feel like we
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traded. we enforced the law. we put them in law and kept the sanctions in place and lifted them when the agreement was met and we thought it was appropriate to get our people home. >> reporter: after the release was announced the release was in question till the last minute. >> till they took off i didn't believe it. you know? it was always waiting, concerns something would go wrong. >> reporter: this conclusion reminded somebody people of a movie, argot. as the times is reporting even though he was free to leave iran was holding his wife and mother. took intervention from the u.s. to make it happen. john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. a boy caught of the message. the message two hollywood
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figure want it to send. -- want to send. >> the impact all this wet weather is having on bay area water supplies. >> i would have never thought he would approach me and attack me. >> she was stabbed 14 times. tonight why a crime victim is speaking out and telling her story.
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a south bay woman survived a violent attack is speaking out. she is recovering after being stabbed 14 times and left for dead. ktvu's azenith smith is live. she wants people to hear her story and hopes the attacker is caught? >> reporter: yeah. she wants everyone to look at this sketch. she is afraid this man could harm somebody else and that person may not be as lucky as she is. >> this is a bad one right here. they did knee surgery on me. >> reporter: she is in good spirits but still in shock. she showed us her stab wounds. >> i really feel like it was a miracle i was able to live after 14 stab wounds. >> reporter: she was alone at the park tuesday night. a park she has been to
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countless times. she said a man approached her asking for matches. when she didn't have any he attacked her. >> he grabbed me and pulled me down and started stabbing me. i was in pain. you know? kept stabbing and kicking. i was screaming. there was nobody to help me. i thought i would be dead. >> reporter: he took off running with her wallet and cell phone. when she woke up she walked to her car and by chance a police officer was there. >> police right there. like angel. you know? guardian angel. he was there. >> reporter: she spent six nights in the hospital. doctors say it will take months for her to walk without a cane. right now she is grateful warning others to be cautious and not to take the risk she did by going there alone at
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night. >> i never thought it would happen to me. i could have been dead actually right now but i got a second chance in life and i am going to take full advantage of it for the good. >> reporter: again, here is that police sketch. the man is latino in his 20s. 5'6" with a thin build. he does not appear to be a transient. if anyone recognizes this man do not hesitate to call police. >> amazing she was stabbed 14 times and was able to walk to her car and found the police officer. thank you. the man who was struck and killed by a tour bus in san francisco saturday has been identified. the medical examiner says the victim is a 82-year-old of san francisco. he was crossing post street when he was hit about 1:00 p.m. saturday afternoon. winces said -- witnesses saw
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the man waving his arms. the driver and a tour bus company are cooperating with the investigation. rescue crews looking for a missing ski instructor at sugar bowl turned up nothing. it has been 4 days since carson may went missing. they did an aerial sweep but the risk of a avalanche hampered search efforts. he went skiing thursday and didn't return. authorities plan to continue the search through wednesday. to the series of storms moving through the bay area. the rain is in a wellsome site where drinking water comes from reservoirs. new at 10:00 p.m. ktvu's ken pritchett is where folks are worried about too much of a good thing. . >> reporter: high tide and heavy rain leads to flooding
10:20 pm
here off highway 1 in mill valley. light showers earlier today. these breaks we have had in the weather worked out pretty well here in marin. >> reporter: a sight and sound that hasn't win witnessed in a while. the spill way out of phoenix lake near ross is gushing. >> nice to have it back. >> reporter: she says the spill way started blasting water last week. >> i noticed it right away. the sound of the water coming down. today it is really strong. >> the 7 reservoirs that serve the water agency are now at 84% of capacity. up from 63% just last month. unlike most bay area water agencies that rely on snow pack for drinking water customers rely on rainfall from the water shed. the water supply is now in
10:21 pm
plain view. visitors are now enjoying the swollen creeks after the dryness of the four year drought. >> we have flood alerts. >> reporter: residents and business owners are glad for the storms but keep an eye on the creek. it is not threatening now but a sustained down pour could change that. >> 10 years ago, the flood came four feet of water all over. it was hectic. we are prepared. >> reporter: flood gates are ready as are sand bags and precautions. >> i would not be surprised if we have to put them up absolutely. i thought we would have to put them up last night. it was pouring. >> there will come a time. we will be aware of what level it is at. >> reporter: workers next to the creek have lined the outdoor patio with sand bags. >> we got sand bags all across
10:22 pm
the entire restaurant. >> reporter: it is how things used to be before the drought. >> there is so much water and it is green and lush. feels like the real marin i used to know. >> reporter: there are some mixed reactions here. people are happy to see the reservoirs filling up but they are concerned we could get too much rain too fast. >> and more is on the way. ken wayne, thank you. no rain out there right now but showers are on the way and they will have a major impact on your morning commute on tuesday morning, tomorrow morning. there is the system i am tracking. it is coming across the pacific. high temperatures today upper 50s, low 60s. that is warm for a cloudy day. tomorrow upper 50s, low 60. warm air mass. holds a lot of water. rainfall accumulations heavy at
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times during the morning hours. that was last night's system. now we are in a dry slot. which is great. we get a chance for the creeks to go down. and then as we go into tonight radar is clean. next six hours it will light up again. tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., the rain is coming down hard. lunchtime for you now. lunchtime still a few scattered showers. but tapering off. the main event tomorrow will be during the morning commute. 4:00 a.m., to 9:00 a.m., scattered showers till noon. and maybe beyond that. morning commute will be a mess. rainfall inch to an inch and a half. when i come back we will talk about tomorrow's forecast, the next system that gets in here on friday. see you back here. a woman attacked as she returned to her home, the dangerous encounter. >> some rough play at the
10:24 pm
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rescue swimmers from the san francisco fire department pulled a man to safety. the man was trying to snap a picture on the rocks beneath the cliff house when he got trapped by the rising tide. everyone maze it back to shore -- played it back to shore without injuries. today's rescue shows how important it is to take high tides seriously. there was concerned tonight after a woman coming home with her dog was attacked by an intruder. ktvu's henry lee spoke with investigators and neighbors about what happened.
10:27 pm
>> reporter: it happened about 12:20 a.m. this morning when a woman returned to her home in redwood city. >> she stepped in to her yard to let her dogs out. she noticed a unknown suspect, male, in front of her in her home. she was startled and screamed. >> walking in from the backyard a male followed her and started to choke her. >> immediately the suspect grabbed her, and grabbed her by her throat. she continued to scream at which point another family member who was home at the time heard her screaming and immediately the suspect flowed out the door. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies and police converged on the neighborhood, woke up residents to warn them and search the area. but the man escaped. authorities say they haven't confirmed how the man got in but we learned from a neighbor
10:28 pm
that the victim hadn't closed her door all the way that could have allowed the intruder to follow her inside. here sadistribution -- is a distribution, 25-years-old. slim built, 5'6", 160 pounds. blue genes and a burgundy baseball had and had many tattoos on his forearm. residents of the neighborhood were surprised by the incident. >> i don't think it is typical of the neighborhood. we feel very safe here. we feel safe raising our family here. i hope that is not a trend or something. >> i hope that the woman is okay and that it doesn't happen again. >> i am surprised. >> the woman was checked out but did not require hospitalization. authorities remind residents to keep your doors and windows
10:29 pm
secure and report suspicious cars or activity immediately. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. word came this afternoon that eagles guitarist glenn frey died today at the age of 67. [ music playing ] >> he formed the band in the 1970s in los angeles. they were known for their mix of rock 'n' roll and country. two of their biggest hits were hotel california and take it easy. the band said he died in new york of complications of rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis, and pneumonia. the eagles were when ducted into the hall of fame in -- were inducted into the hall of fame in 1998. coming up, a sink hole 40 feet wide, the work done today to shore up a sunken sidewalk. and a boycott of the academy awards.
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new developments tonight after two hollywood figures announced this dr. martin luther king, jr. day they will boycott the academy wards. ktvu's johna -- awards. ktvu's johna k is -- jana katsuyama is here with more. >> reporter: they issued a statement they are heart broken and frustrated about the lack of inclusion. jada pinkett-smith and spike lee announced today they will not attend the award ceremony. >> the academy has the right to acknowledge whom ever they
10:33 pm
choose. >> reporter: jada pinkett-smith posted her statement on facebook monday, calm but critical saying she will not attend or watch the academy awards that included no black actors on the list of nominees for the second year. >> reporter: spike lee posted his statement on instagram. he says he applauds the boycott. >> we have been dependent on hollywood to put out our movies. >> reporter: many people say there were important films this year, creed, straight out of compton that featured black actors that didn't get a nod. >> the black films are stellar and about very topical and acute issues. >> reporter: issues that he
10:34 pm
says many academy members might not understand. >> i think that is why you didn't see them nominated because the voting academy is not of that ilic. >> reporter: he hopes they will answer the call to invest more resources. >> black people need pull their resources together. >> the academy awards will be hosted by chris rock. a black comedian and jada pinkett-smith and spike lee support him. the academy president says in a statement tonight the academy is taking steps to alter the make up of the membership and they plan to review membership recruitment. it will be interesting to see what happens. chris rock is an outspoken person. >> thank you. despite having a budget
10:35 pm
surplus figures show a problem for the state of california. governor jerry brown says the state is facing $220 billion in unpended pension and healthcare liabilities. he wants the workers to take on a larger share of the burden by paying more in health and retirement costs and she expected to make proposals when the state enters talks with state workers later on this year. warning about the over use of drug resistant germs. officials are concerned doctors will give in to patients demanding anti-biotics. advice on when they are appropriate, they say bronchitis doesn't qualify. strepthroat. and sinus infections if they
10:36 pm
won't go away. drug resistant bacteria caused 2 million illnesses each year in the u.s. we talked about the rain for tomorrow morning's commute, there is more rain heading our way and it will have an impact on the commute. >> new clues in the search for 12 marines missing off hawaii, the gear searchers have now recovered.
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recovered. new developments in the search for the 12 missing marines aboard two helicopters that crashed last week. life rafts that were on the helicopters have been located. officials said some of the life rafts were inflated but it is
10:39 pm
not clear how they came to be inflated. at this point crews have no plans to end their search as the rescue effort moved in to the 4 4th day. there is a search underway to find three americans in iraq who went missing over the weekend. it is believed they were kidnapped from the home of their interpreting. security forces have been doing a door to door search. officials say they worked for the state department but it is not clear if they were involved with security or diplomatic efforts. photos of two men wantedane credit card -- wanted in a credit card swimming case. some 50 people have reported they have been victims of fraud. the card swimming happened in the past two months. san jose police are hoping someone can help identify a
10:40 pm
burglary suspect seen walking up the stivers a home -- stairs of a home. he burglarized a second home and took a vehicle. he was in plain sight of the camera. at one point he walks away and then came with a bandanna covering his face. happened january 8. if you can't get to the football hall of fame the next best thing is in the bay area. it is called gridiron glory and it opened today in santa clara. it is a traveling exhibit of items selected by the hall of fame. and included are items from the raiders and the 49ers hall of famers. fans can also test their skills throwing and kicking footballs in exhibits. >> there is hundreds of rare artifacts, very one of a kind
10:41 pm
nfl footage. it is worth coming down. >> you can check out the equipment that early players used. it is free and there is free parking and it is open every day through april 3. a surprise for lucky b.a.r.t. passengers, the performance they got from the harlem globetrotters aboard gart. >> chief meteorologist bill martin -- b.a.r.t. >> chief meteorologist bill martin tracking the storm systems. >> and the damage done by yesterday's rain and wind.
10:42 pm
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all the rain we ever been getting is causing a prevent in pacifica where a large sink hole opened up over the weekend. ktvu's noelle walker reports it is effecting an area that is popular to tourist and locals alike. >> reporter: if you want to
10:44 pm
know the power of mother nature look down. you are not supposed to be able to see the ocean through the sidewalk. >> tells you, you know, nature has a way of taking back whatever it -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the promenade was built in 1984. the sink hole opened sunday morning. it is 40 feet long, 8 feet wide and 14 feet deep. public works crews worked all day to shore up what is left, dropping a dozen boulders weighing 12-tons each into the hole. it is a temporary fix to hold mother nature at day. >> they had a lot of damage along this peer. >> reporter: for most a few sand bags do the job. with more rain expected some are getting ready for the next
10:45 pm
round. at 17th and fulsome in san francisco the sand bags are part of the decor, almost every business has a sand bag. >> we put them up preventative anytime it will rain or when it does rain heavily. this is a low point. >> reporter: it looks like the bay area is back in its winter groove. first we prepare for rain and then we clean up after it. a downed tree claimed a few parking places. the same in oakland. the wind and rain just too much for weakened and heavy branches. >> it will happen all weekend. >> the clean up is temporary. >> i love it. >> reporter: the next storm will leave this same mess. she thinks it is a part of the beauty of nature. >> we are safe. as long the sink hole doesn't
10:46 pm
spread we will be fine. >> reporter: that is the goal to keep it from going anymore for now. in pacifica, noelle walker, ktvu fox 2 news. no rain out there right now but in the next few hours the rain will begin and your commute tomorrow morning could be nasty. anywhere in the bay area. it will spread from north to south. if they come in at a lower mid- latitude, right, it goes straight in to the coastal hills, east bay mills is produces a lot of rain. that is why the oakland hills had over 2 hinchs of rain. head -- inches of rain. santa cruz mountains 3-1/2 inches of rain. it will be wet and messy on the morning commute. lunchtime it will be through.
10:47 pm
the forecast tomorrow looking for rain in the morning and then clearing as we head towards the late afternoon. scattered showers in the morning. there we go. 4 a.m., going off. heavy rain. wouldn't be hard to get a flood advisory. you will have heavy duty rainfall rates. that is 4:00 a.m. 6:00 a.m. roads are wet and it is coming down. a secondary wave about 8:00 a.m. this looks really strong. lightning and thunder and plenty of wind. morning commute will be dicey. 10:00 a.m. breaking out. and then 5:00 p.m., afternoon commute should be over. maybe drizzle. that will be it. and then the break wednesday. wednesday morning, fog wednesday morning and wednesday afternoon the next system gets in here 14 hours from here,
10:48 pm
more of a friday morning, afternoon thing. a break on wednesday and thursday. which is crucial with how much rain we ever been seeing. san jose tomorrow 6:00 a.m. raining. santa rosa 6:00 a.m. raining. scattered showers in san jose noon time and then dying down. that is the plan. as we move forward, the five- day forecast, rain tomorrow and rain again on friday. both heavy storms. tuesday and your friday. wednesday and thursday in between. forall the creeks to go down. as soon as you don't see a couple suns then you have to worry. if tomorrow and friday were back to back we would have problems. >> they are fast movers. they move in, dump the rain,
10:49 pm
stop, we get the break and then they come back. >> thank you. coming up next here, a very interesting ride for commuters on b.a.r.t. what they found coming up after this. >> call your mom, tell her we will be late. here in vineland, new jersey where progresso light soups are made,
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[ music ] you don't see that every day. an b.a.r.t. today the harlem globetrotters took b.a.r.t. from san francisco to oakland and putoon show. -- putoon show and performed ic- - put on a show and performed. they played two games last week and two more this saturday and they play in san jose on friday. and again on sunday. they are so talented. >> i love that. imagine walking through b.a.r.t -- >> how bought about that? >> reporter: maybe is here now -- mark is here now. the warriors, an easy win. >> harlem globetrotters have nothing on the golden state warriors tonight. steph curry said i hope the locker room still smells like champagne. last year all they did was wine about not having everyone healthy for the finals.
10:53 pm
the cavs just got embarrassed by the warriors. steph curry played only 28 minutes tonight. 35 points. they come out blazing. steph curry screams into the court, gets it up top and they were off and running. cleveland was never in this game. blazing by movement all night. curry. curry with 7 of 12 from three. let's loose right there. just a great game for the warriors. they are back in the business of playing the stout defense. the steal. fresh legs. 20 points off the bench. steph curry blind sides lebron james. he takes it the distance. the warriors led by 44.
10:54 pm
curry right here. working. landfallwhile you see that. 132-98 the warriors are now 38- 4. warriors happy to come out of this with a victory. maybe they should be happy they came out in one police. lebron james shoved steph curry. curry took a tumble and later j.r. smith of the cavaliers will be ejected for that cheap shot on barnes right there. the cavs -- barnes could have been injured on that and smith is ejected and humiliation and embarrassment. think about this, 30 guys finalists for representing the united states team u.s.a. in rio.
10:55 pm
5 from the warriors. the roster for team u.s.a. will be trimmed down to 12 later this year. i guess really when you talk about the health of steve kerr their coach, showing signs of improvement. he was that shoot around today. no telling yet when he will be back on a full time basis. no such thing as home ice advantage, sharks, the tank. senators forcing them into over time. sharks 5 game win streak is snapped. 2-2 in the third. great movement. he will find the back of the net there. 12 minutes left. sharks 3-2 but the senators get a penalty shot and smith tying
10:56 pm
things 3-3 with 5:30 left. over time proves nothing. shoot out. the desired right there for the visitors. the sharks are now 8-13 at home. spring training creeping up on us. free agent market, snapped up, $132.7 million and six years for justin upton with the tigers. hit .251, 26 homers, 81 rbis last year. he can opt out of the contract after two years if he feels like he could get more on the free agent market. >> he is good, not great. >> thank you. and thank you for joining us tonight. up next modern family.
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>> have a good night.
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[ telephone ringing ] okay. i'll -- i'll get that. [ beep ] hello? manny's getting his outfit together for the dance tonight. i was just taking some supplies out to the car. isn't this exciting -- the boys' first dance? greatest day of my life. does phil have a green pocket square for him? teal! [ exasperated ] teal. i don't know. i don't think phil's really a pocket-square kind of a guy. wow! wow. why don't we conference in mitch? ay! look. this might work. well, except that it's turquoise... oh, and a bra?! do you think the kids in my village had pocket squares? here we go with the village. dad, are you still there? unfortunately, yes. please ask claire what time do i need to be at the school to help set up. gloria wants to know -- claire: no, i heard.


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