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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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good afternoon. i am gasia mikaelian. crews in marin county say the search for a missing surfer in the water off fort cronkite is now a recovery mission. this is a live look from sky fox. we are seeing rescue crews on jetskis in the water combing the water for any sign of 40-year-old dan dafoe. an official said two other surfers found him face down in the water yesterday evening at about 5:30. they tried to give him cpr in the water but they were hit by a large wave and just couldn't hold on to him. the surf was eight to ten feet
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at the time. dafoe was last spotted at a cave at the north end of the beach. >> we are still doing analysis of the wave barns and the -- patterns and the water currents. we hope we will provide closure for the victim's family. >> dafoe was a long-time experienced surfer. the marin independent journal says he is described as saying, quote, there is nothing like being here when it's good. we are learning more about this afternoon about a young father killed in a violent crash light in oakland. the impact from the accident split the car in half. now a six-month-old child is left without his father. more on that story in a moment. now to san francisco where fire crews made quick work of a one alarm fire in the city. the fire on jones street. the fire apparently started in a second floor light well. no one was hurt. today the san francisco
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police department's 20-year use of force policy is under scrutiny. just a few hours ago a board of supervisors committee held a special meeting to evaluate the policy and discuss alternatives to the use of deadly force by police. then at 6:00 tonight the san francisco police commission is set the hold the first in a series of hearings seeking public input on a new policy. they are looking to come up with a new policy, one that focuses on ways officers can deescalate a tense confrontation without using force. about 70 police officers attended last night as police meeting. they rallied behind the officers involved in last month's deadly shooting of mario woods. the controversial case prompted the investigation into the department's use of force policy. five police officers shot woods after they say he refused to drop a knife. several officers spoke at last night's commission meeting while protesters interrupted and demanded justice for woods. >> i'm here to support, on my
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day off, i am not getting paid for this, so i'm here to support my fellow officers. so by me showing up and other officers who are off duty showing up to support their officers is that wrong? that's not wrong. that's saying, okay, hey, i am going to support you. until i find out what's going on, until i know the whole truth. >> mario woods supporters held banners calling for the firing a crash that one police officer simply described as horrendous. investigators say the speeding acura slammed into a tree on macarthur boulevard near high street just before 11 last night. the front end of the car wound up 200 feet down the road. amazingly enough, the passenger
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walked way from this crash, but the driver, 21-year-old jamiel brown, was killed insantly. his uncle tells me brown just had a son six months ago. >> he knows a lot of stuff that goes out on the streets. he wasn't one of them kids. he had a good head on his shoulders. he had good family support. this comes at a bad time. >> reporter: dante johnson says brown's sudden death is another devastating blow to his family. just four years ago his brother was shot and killed in oakland. johnson says finding out about this crash was almost too much to take. >> it was hard. it was real hard because, like i said, he lost his brother three years ago. i can't understand or feel like what his mother is going through at this time. >> reporter: it's unclear exactly how fast brown's car was going when he lost control, but his uncle says this accident is a reminder to slow down and buckle up. the young man who lived through
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this crash was wearing a seat belt. the passenger who survived told me another car clipped theirs, causing brown to veer off the road. oakland police say they are investigating to figure out if any other cars were involved in this deadly crash. in oakland, alex savidge, kent brantley fox ktvu fox 2 news. a dash mounted camera records the front view of the bus as well as a view of the driver. the ntsb has sent eight investigators to the bay area to try to determine if it was driver fatigue or something else that caused a bus to crash on highway 101 at 85 tuesday morning. investigators moved that bus from a gilroy tow yard to hollister yesterday evening to allow them more room to inspect the wreckage. >> the vehicle itself and its mechanical condition, human performance, which will look into the driver and their actions leading up to the
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crash. >> the crash killed two women and injured about ten other people. most of them have since been released from the hospital. road crews have set up new yellow bins at the crash sited as a temporary safety barrier. permanent guardrails will be installed later. just over an hour ago for the 14th time in his career governor jerry brown delivered his state of the state address. joining us now with information, not a lot of new themes? >> no, the governor didn't announce a single new program. he told lawmakers to, quote, bite the bullet when it comes to new transportation, taxes and fees. his focus is to pay for what we already have and increase the state's surplus. brown is still urging financial restraints. today he also spoke of the growing economic inequality and how the state has addressed it with a minimum wage hike, tax credit for low-income workers, and health coverage for the children of undocumented
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workers. he also talked about new taxes and fees to deal with the state's infrastructure, bridges, levies and roads. we need an estimated $77 billion in repairs and maintenance. >> we have no choice but to maintain our transportation infrastructure. you are doing so without an expanded and permanent revenue source is impossible. that means at some point sooner rather than later we have to bite the bullet and enact new fees and taxes for this purpose. ideology and politics stand in the way. one way or another, the roads must be fixed. >> well, the governor spoke with our water crisis and prop 1, $7.5 billion that will help with it. he mentioned the santa barbara shootings and how the world shapes everything here in california. the primary focus was all tied to the economy. brown pointed out that he has
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turned around the staggering budget deficit that he inherited in 2011 and turned it into a surplus. his plans includes billions of dollars for schools but not permanent increases to social programs that some critics wanted. the big headline was the possible increases in taxes and fees when it comes to transportation. >> the governor saying bite the bullet. how are lawmakers taking this news? >> he wants to double car registration fees up to $65 and add six cents a gallon for taxes on gas. republican lawmakers have said that that is a dream. it won't happen. today he was joking around a little bit with them. he really wants them to reconsider to get this through because the infrastructure is decaying and crumbling as we all know. >> okay. and i know we'll see you on the 4 with more. >> absolutely. >> see you at four. thank you. wall street rebounding today as energy stocks bounced back from yesterday's big loss. we'll give you a live look here at what's happening with the
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dow. at this point it's up almost 100 points. the story is the same, slight gains on the nasdaq. a little bit better on the s&p. but at this point all three indexes on the positive side. oil and gas companies leading the way, higher on the stock market. and there is going to be more tracking of the numbers through the day. not much calm before the storm to report for you back east. a state of emergency declared in washington, d.c., maryland, and pennsylvania ahead of an expected blizzard. as doug luzader reports, the snow that arrived overnight is already causing major problems for people in the nation's capitol. >> reporter: we had one
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the storm that begins tomorrow could bring snowfall amounts that this part of country hasn't seen in years. maryland preparing for the onslaught of snow. always a harried time for public officials who have to thread a needle with these things, wary of doing too much or too little. >> every single agency is involved. we are watching it carefully. it looks like a significant storm event. >> reporter: the president made it home to the white house last night, but hardly at a presidential pace. the federal government open for business today. tomorrow may be another matter. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. a pioneer in the bay area
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environmental movement and a founder of save the bay has died. >> we just are thrilled that this is going to be a safe park. >> the group says sylvia mclaughlin died at her home in berkeley on tuesday. she and two friends started save the bay in 1961. it helped create legislation to prevent the bay from being filled in. it also helped ensure public access to the water and restored countless wetlands. she continued her activism into her 90s, even spending time as a tree sitter. she was 99 years old. still ahead, new details about a plot to poison a former russian spy. how the president of russia is said to have been involved. here in the bay area more rain on the way. meteorologist steve paulson tells us when it expect that rain. >> nd a ski resort in the sierra is looking to sue the snowboarder accused of posting this video. why they say he jeopardized the
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safe of hundreds of others.
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russian president vladimir putin is being accused of involvement in the death of a former russian spy. as benjamin hall reports, a british judge said putin most likely approved the killing. >> reporter: a big accusation against vladimir putin. a british judge says the
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russian president most likely approved a plan for intelligence officials to murder former kgb agent alexander litvinenko. >> the ssb operation it to kill mr. litvinenko was probably approved by mr. patruca, then head of the fsb, and also by president putin. >> reporter: the findings coming off the britain open and inquiry into the killing. litvinenko fled russia in 2000. the 43-year-old dying in london six years later after being poisoned with a radioactive iso type. >> mr. litvinenko ingested it while drinking tea. >> reporter: the british government sum mining russian's ambassador and freezing assets of the two suspects. russia refuses to extradite them but international arrest warrants are in effect. >> the conclusion that the
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russian state was probably involved in the murder of mr. litvinenko is deeply disturbing. >> reporter: his widow happy with the inquiry's findings. >> i am of course very pleased that the court saw my husband on his death bed when accused mr. putin of this murder has been proved through. >> reporter: the kremlin and the two men accused of the actual poisoning deny any connection to the killing. in london, benjamin hall, fox news. after outrage were the public over use of decoy surveillance cameras on bart that transit agency says it's ready to make changes. bart is going to replace the decoys with real cameras. the switch comes amidst the investigation into a deadly shooting on a train at the west oakland station. in the days following that shooting, the bart police chief revealed some of the cameras were fake. bart now plans to install real cameras on every car. >> we have heard loud and clear
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from the riders, the public, the bay area that they want a camera that's working in every single train car. >> bart says it doesn't have an exact timeframe as to when the cameras will be installed, but says it will be done as soon as possible. the agency also says it doesn't know where the money do so will come from, and it has to work out the details of exactly how bart police will monitor the cameras. federal product safety regulators are issuing a warning for hoverboards. they say if you see a safety certification on the packaging it's probably a fake. the issue are those ul marks. ul is a company that provides safety certifications for products sold in the u.s. and typically a ul certification would indicate that the product has been tested and is safe to use. but ul says it has yet to test any hoverboards. one of the brands singled out for featuring a fake ul mark is swag way, one of the biggest hoverboard manufacturers. this morning comes as amazon is offering full refunds on any hoverboards sold on its site.
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that's after several cases of hoverboards catching fire or people taking bad falls. federal regulators are currently investigating 40 reports of hoverboards smoking or bursting into flames. the fires may be related to lithium ion batteries overheating. a snowboarder is accused of triggering an avalanche. that was posted to youtube. the resort is working with the sheriff's department to bring charges against the snowboarder identified as christian michael mars. the report says he put himself and other snowmobilers at risk by trespassing in an area marked as closed. the avalanche is not related to the search for a missing sugar bowl ski instructor who went missing last thursday. that search was suspended yesterday after five days of searching for him with no luck.
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happy thursday afternoon, everybody. kind of an interesting pattern here. we are waiting on the cold front. we get some sunshine for the morning hours and then we will cloud it up. a rather strong easterly breeze towards vallejo this morning. higher elevations as well. brent johnson asks, are we mostly done with the 30s and low 40s in san francisco? well, 30s are not an issue. we did have some 40s. i would say maybe not yet. don't see any cold air. there will be cool air coming in on saturday. but right now i don't see anything. we still have a month and a half to go for winter. i wouldn't give up on those just yet. 30s probably. 40s certainly a possibility. big possibility for what's coming in for ice storm, it looks to be the carolinas. that will be on friday. any major snowstorms in the offing for much of what looks to be washington, d.c. the mid- atlantic states, it's you a fine line on who is going to get slammed. i mean, washington may get a lot. new york some. boston may not get any. the ice storm in the carolinas
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could play into a pretty dramatic situation here. that's the worst weather i think is to get the ice storms. back home king tide started this morning. was not a factor but it might be tomorrow. the 21st today through saturday golden gate high tide tomorrow. 6.7 feet at 8:57. also rain that time. that's something we will keep an eye on. high clouds. we are getting a little bit of a break here. overall, the system is still on its way. i mean, it slowed down considerably. what's new? it is aligning itself north to south and also developing thank what looks to be a low within the system itself. rain starts this evening. tonight in the north bay. the wind has been whipping up. i talked around napa, fairfield, vallejo, benicia, concord. it's been an easterly breeze and the temperature difference is we are warmer. some locations up to 7 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. water temps close again. 56 to 57 degrees are holding steady. this system continues to march it. looks like well weaken a little
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bit. it's going to give us rain starting late tonight, tomorrow, then some cold air begins to come in. that has not been associated with the last couple of systems, but that will sweep in late friday and keep the rain going into saturday. timeline on this doesn't look like much tonight. maybe late tonight for the north bay. tomorrow morning everybody else. friday night into saturday we will keep rain going. sunday cool and breezy. mix of sun and clouds. now more clouds later. breezy and mild. rain to the north bay later. very warm in the south bay. some mid 60s with the sunshine. i know we had some low 60s this morning up in the santa cruz mountains. so very mild there. about you get ready for rain. comes in, i think we are okay today, but tomorrow dealing with rain. a colder rain on saturday. clears out sunday. monday looks okay. some poker players in stockton won big in last week's record powerball jackpot. >> it was a lot of this. oh my god, oh my god, i can't believe we won. >> he was hysterical. he was like oh my god.
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i said you need to calm down and tell me i need to get a straight answer. >> well, the straight answer is this. 11 members of the club picked five numbers and won more than $779,000. yesterday they got together at the store where they bought that winning ticket. not the first time the store's had a big winner in. 2014 one lucky winner won $11 million. each of the poker players are taking different approaches on how they plan to spend that cash. >> i plan on paying off credit cards. i am gonna take my wife to paris. something she always wanted to do. i am going to let the california lottery give me and my wife a nice vacation that she deserves. >> treat it as a gift and not abuse it and, you know, just -- i don't want to make any major changes. >> each member of the poker group is taking home almost $71,000. still ahead, "star wars" fans may have to wait seven months longer than originally expected for the next
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installment. also, just about a week away from super bowl 50. the preparations already underway in san francisco as the bay area gets ready to host the nfl's biggest games.
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taking another look at the dow jones industrial average, at this point up by 140 points. it was in the red ever so briefly early in the session. here we are now with about 35 minutes before the stocks close
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and it's looking good so as far as. work is underway for super city. the area at market and the embarcadero is being transformed for concerts, interactive games for fans and lots of places to get food and drinks. media organizations setting up for coverage, including our crews at ktvu. we will be there from morning well through the afternoon and evening with the 9, the noon, the 4 during the entire week leading up to the game. free experience opens up saturday, january 30 disney you announced "star wars" episode 8 will be released on december 15 of 2017. that's at least seven months later than originally expected. right now disney isn't saying why there has been a delay, but there are reports the director is rewriting the script. shooting is set to begin next month. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news today at noon. we are always here for you at
12:27 pm as well as twitter and facebook. we will have much more for you coming up on the 4 with mike mibach and keba arnold. see you then. see you then.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- harvey: stephanie seymour gets a d.u.i., and mysteriously her mugshot disappears. >> i'm not saying that she swayed the police officer in any way. instead they released a still while she's sitting in the station talking to cops. >> i wish they just released one of her old modeling shots. [laughter] >> mugshot. >> we got candy spelling last night calling out her daughter. harvey: amex is suing tori for like $38,000 for not paying her bill. >> i'm paying all of her bills now. >> really? >> i am not paying extras. >> is it really tori's fault? if she was raised and conditioned this way, pulling the plug when you're an adult isn't going to all of a sudden bring you down to earth. harvey: do you honestly believe -- >> i'm not going to say.


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