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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  January 25, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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christmas lights. i think everybody has them down. >> i saw santa outside a haircut place. >> your hair looks nice. >> we have a weak system. and there's light drizzle and light rain to the north. but it's only a morning event and then we see partly sunny skies, and it's moving on out. as it does, it's leaving a lot of cloud cover. so lows are holding up a little bit. it doesn't have much support. 40s and 50s. everyone is pretty close. palo alto is 43 and san jose 44. and speaking of palo alto on the peninsula, a lot of 42s. warmer up to san mateo at 47. partly sunny today. and there's lots going on. it's not going to impact us until the end of the week. partly sunny here. and patchy fog but with that sun kind of muggy. and a lot of humidity in the
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air. low 60s for many. and a few upper 50s. let's hope it's quiet. >> i saw christmas lights and there's a block i just happened to drive in the east bay. and three or four homes still have christmas lights on. and i like the spirit. i think they all haven't taken them down. maybe i'm take a picture. they are still out there. it was strange to tell you the truth. let's take a look at the commute. traffic is moving along pretty well if you're on your monday morning commute. at the bay bridge, it's still light. and on 237 millipedes, that looks good. we have a little time here. and no major problems to 101. 101 looks good on the peninsula and driving into the santa
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clara valley. let's go back to the desk. actually, i'm sorry. guess what. the countdown is on for the super bowl. allie rasmus is live with the biggest traffic hot spots to watch out for. >> reporter: the biggest closure that's going to have a major impact on san francisco is the closure of the southbound lanes of embarcadero and market street to beale. they started closing down for super bowl city. on this end of the closure, again, the northbound lanes are coming through just fine. but southbound is where the cars are being diverted. and you can see the barricades already up. and the traffic cones, and if we pan off to the left, you can see why it's shut down. they have lots of trucks and equipment and they're building
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sound stages. that started this weekend. this morning is the first time that commuters will have to deal with it. the closures remain until february 12th. the super bowl is february 7th and the crews need time afterwards to break everything down. and commuters are making plans to avoid the traffic mess. >> my plan is to park my car for the last three weeks and not get in it and go to the train station. >> i'll be walking to work for a little while. i don't think i'll be trying to navigate the streets. but it's pretty exciting. while super bowl city is going on at the embarcadero. the mustache ceo knee center -- moscone center will host an event. traffic is always a mess there anyway. you can expect delays.
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they are expecting as many as a million people to come to san francisco for the super bowl attractions over the next three weeks. back to you at the desk. >> it's certainly going to be packed and we have complete coverage of the super bowl and the events leading up to it. check out the special super bowl l section on -- where else -- all of the major indexes are closed. the japan and china showed strong gains. the story is not as good on the european markets. i'm going to get a reading rile now. major markets slipped early on as crude oil prices began heading down again. right now most of the major markets are pretty flat. maybe slightly up or slightly down. it could affect warm street
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this morning. the stock futures are all down just a quarter of a percent for the dow, s&p 500, and the nasdaq. bay area company twitter will announce that four top executives are leaving the country. media, engineering and product vice presidents are leaving. there had been report that is all three of them had planned to leave. the human resources vice president a also leaving. and the head of the video app vine tweeted that he'll start working for google. sort of a mass exodus. and dorsey is trying to regain the trust of investors. twitter stock is worth a third of the price from may. the islamist state group has released a gruesome new video that shows the terrorists who carried out the paris
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attacks. it shows them killing captives in syria. all nine men were killed in the paris attacks. in the video, isis threatens to attack britain next, following the vote to join the coalition carrying out strikes on isis targets in syria. three inmates escaped from a california jail with bed sheets tied into a rope. authorities at the orange county men's central jail noticed the three men were missing friday morning. the men cut through a metal grate. made it to the roof. and rappeled down with a homemade rope. they are considered armed and dangerous. >> we will not stop until the individuals are back in custody. and i am confident that will occur. >> it's not clear if the men had help from outside or inside
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the jail. and authorities are offering a $50,000 reward for information that leads to their arrests. in san jose police are hoping someone comes forward with more information after the search for a missing man turned into a murder investigation. 39-year-old steve flee bow was arrested in los altos. they seized his pickup truck as part of the investigation. janine de la vega will have more at 5:00. today there's a court hearing in the case of ray mcdonald who is accused of assaulting his fiancie last may. he's charged with false imprisonment and three misdemeanor counts including child endangerment. his ex-fiancie was holding their infant son at the time of the attack.
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it's not clear if he'll appear at today's hearing. the oakland coliseum authority is set to meet with the raiders to talk about keeping them in oakland for at least one more season. many are hoping for a new stadium. >> some prefer a closed dome. i prefer open to the elements. it should be enough to sell out yet not too much where it would be empty. >> raiders fans gathered to express support. many would like to see the new stadium at the site of the current one. the closed door meeting is set to start at 8:30 this morning. one of the most anticipated games of the season takes place tonight. the two teams with the best records in the nba will go head
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to head. the warriors will be plays the spurs. they'll be putting the winning streak on the line. the spurs will be without one of their big stars. tim duncan is sitting out with a sore knee. do we think he'll pop up off the bench? >> i don't think so. >> what time is the game? >> 7:00, 7:30 if it's here. >> i wish they'd play earlier. >> for us morning show folks. >> a lot of us will be watching. more controversial remarks from donald trump and bickering between two other gop candidates about the east coast storm response. in 20 minutes we'll have the latest from the campaign trail. and green and gold fans came out in droves for fan fest. see the new and old faces of the oakland a's.
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good morning. we're looking at the north bay commute. and right now it looks pretty good on the golden gate bridge heading south to the toll plaza and through highway 101. we're going to get a break until the end of the week on the rain. we can take a look at the rainfall. percent of normal. everyone is doing pretty well. i would hope so after an active december and january.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 4:42. a japanese rocket maker says a large piece of metal that washed up on a beach in thailand is likely not part of a plane. there had been speculation that the metal could be from the flight that disappeared in 2014 with 239 people on board.
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the rocket maker says it looks like part of a rocket launched by japan. investigators from thailand and malaysia plan to inspect the metal further. this is what it looked like yesterday in one city in southern china. temperatures are expected to drop more today. the unusual cold snap is being felt across east asia. 65 deaths are being blamed on the cold weather. u.s. gas prices continue to tumble. the national average is $1.83. that's according to aaa. and it's down 17 cents since christmas. the lowest price in seven years. industry experts say that's because of the low prices of crude. they add that it could change if oil prices start going up consistently again. bay area gas prices are higher than other places in the
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country. we're paying 70 cents more a gallon. the cheapest local price is in the east bay, $2.54. up in the north and san francisco's average is $2.68. pitchers and catchers report to spring training in less than a month. >> the oakland a's held a fan fest over the weekend. scott reese was there with the new and old faces wearing the green and gold. >> reporter: the field doesn't exactly conjure up images of the dog days of summer. but in the middle of winter, baseball is in the air. >> finally, we don't have to watch all basketball on tv. >> reporter: yes, the a's are back. they enter 2016 with new names, some harder than others to pronounce, new faces, new haircuts. and new accents. >> i'm happy to be a part of
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this. back in the green and gold. >> reporter: some are braving the elements. >> we had a tough snowstorm. >> reporter: the team knows all about weathering the storm after 94 losses a year ago. >> i can't speak for everybody. but i'm pretty sure i wasn't the only one that wasn't happy. it hurt. it hurts to watch other teams celebrate when you know you've been there before. >> the years we've been at our best, we've had that chip on our shoulder and played with that edge. every night we go out with something to prove. >> reporter: that's down the road a bit. sunday there was nothing to prove. a's fans love their team unconditionally. >> just coming out and being at the stadium and being around the players and getting
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autographs. it's fun. >> we grew up as a's fans and our parents are like diehard a's fans. >> they have a lot of cute players. >> regardless of the motivation, fans turned out in good numbers, especially considering the competition by the nfl and championship sunday. and the a's open up at the coliseum on april 4th against the white sox. scott reese, ktvu fox sports. >> a's fans are pretty hard core. >> and giants will hold their fan fest february 13th at at&t park. it's the day that single game tickets go on sale. anquan boldin is finalist for one of the nfl's highest awards for performance off the field. he's one of the three finalists
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for the walter payton man of the year award. he's with a group that fights global hunger. and his foundation provides free entertainment and scholarships in florida. the other two finalists are eli manning and ben watson. >> that's an awesome honor. good for him. >> for all the work they do off the field. sal is here with traffic. and i'm sure your watched a couple of football games. remember the guy with the arizona cardinals tattoo? >> yes, right. >> sal said i keep thinking of the guy with the arizona tattoo. >> didn't we all think that was a bad idea? i was thinking come on, man. >> he wanted to mark the occasion either way. >> and he said he could fix it. he's a tattoo artist.
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>> i know, i know. but he may have jinxed them. >> a lot of people will blame him. >> obviously, there's not a lot going on with the commute. we're easing into the monday. and the east shore freeway is taking 16-minutes from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. and 101, 85, and 17, traffic is moving well. if you have to go early, at least you'll be going without a lot of delay. at 4:48, let's go to steve and the weather center. >> don't you think he'd warrant to forget that game. >> cam newton looked good, didn't he? >> he looked great. >> and they're favored by the way. >> by four? >> four and a half.
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>> that half is huge. >> smartest guys on the planet, women odds makers. we have a weak system dropping down. i think most of it is going to end quick. drizzle, light, and misty. paul cueto, good morning. calm the moon is bright over the weekend. but some partly cloudies in the mix. and most of it is starting to move off. not much of that system. high pressure trying to build in. and even though high pressure builds in, there's a lot of clouds that breakthrough. 40s and 50s and patchy fog as well to the south. and cooler temperatures here. morgan hill and gilroy, low 40s. a couple of upper 30s boulder creek and the santa cruz mountains. saratoga cooler. 40s for many.
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sacramento 48. and ukiah is in there. and monterey. partly cloudy and a lot of cloud cover. and everything is quiet until about friday. and then we see this system -- a plume of moisture start to drop southward. patchy fog for the morning. and mostly sunny and dry tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. maybe a few upper 60s. morning clouds partly sunny and morning drizzle as well. most of this should end pretty quick. low 60s on the temps and close to seasonal averages. 58 to 26. so we're close. and it will get warmer, especially towards wednesday and thursday. and then we start to cloud up friday. and there could be rain in the north bay. but for everybody over the weekend. >> for everybody. >> everybody. >> okay, thank you, steve. 4:50 is the time now. 19 countries in 102 days. up next we'll take you on a
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luxury cruise ship due to set sale from san francisco today. >> i want to go.
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welcome back. some time 4:53. and seven people were hurt after an american airlines plane hit severe turbulence. the flight out of miami had to be diverted to canada as a result. you're taking a look at the scene from last night.
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there were more than 200 people headed to my lawn, italy. flight attendants and passengers were taken to the hospital. american airlines was working to get the rest of the passengers to italy. a two story building collapsed in india and it was captured on video. that happened on friday. the building collapsed after consecutive excavation work was done to a neighboring building. people already evacuated after parts of the building started to crumble. and no one was hurt. concerns ant sex trafficking are growing. and that's prompting a san jose charity to step in and help the victims. volunteers with the grateful garment project gathered in sunnyvale to fill 200 backpacks. they are meant to restore dignity to sex trafficking
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victims. clothing, toiletries, pillows, books, and food. >> working with the safe houses and shelters, we learned for example that these people need flashlights. a lot of times they may be held in a dark environment. and being in the dark is fearful. and they need the light on when they sleep. >> authorities expect an increase in sex trafficking during the super bowl because human traffickers can hide in crowds. the demand for legal services may increase among visitors. in the sierras, a resort south of reno is going up for sale. according to the reno gazette journey, the owner is looking to retire. no timeline for the sale. day-to-day operations will continue as usual. what some describe as a luxury cruise of a lifetime is
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set to sale from the port of san francisco. passengers on the crystal verity will be underway for 102 days and will visit dozens of ports. it will take passengers to honolulu, sydney, bali, and tokyo. >> the jacuzzi looks good to me. >> the cruise ship staff says passengers will represent two dozen nationalities on the voyage. >> san francisco is a great getaway port and with the new facilities, it was a given that we start our world cruise out of the san francisco. >> i wouldn't mind seeing sydney or bali. >> the cruise costs $22,000 per passenger. the ship will have sailed 26,000 nautical miles. >> this is why we're not going,
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$22,000. but there's some nice cheese on board. one of the top vaguen movie theaters in the world. the new parkway has an eclectic menu -- not electric. the theater provides dinner, drinks, and comfy living room style seating for movie viewers. it's not just vegan. everybody can eat there. raymond chow tellless his side of the story. an exclusive jailhouse interview weeks after his conviction for racketeering and murder. and everybody has been keeping an eye on the east coast buried in snow. the closures still in place this morning after this weekend's paralyzing storm. the morning commute is not bad. right now it looks good on 80 westbound. we'll tell you about all the
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commutes when we come back. pretty quiet until the end of the week. so close in central pa, a new record.
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good morning. keeping a close eye on a crumbling cliff, the state of emergency in pacifica, the
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crashing waves are sweeping away chucks of the coastline. and a suspect is under arrest and a body has yet to be found. the homicide investigation underway in san jose as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> thank you for joining us. it's monday morning, january 25th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about the weather and traffic. of course, steve paulson from a to z knows everything. >> pretty quiet by the end of the week. >> it was nice in the city yesterday. >> saturday was wild. >> yes. >> and a little bit of everything on saturday. but it was quieter yesterday. and a little -- just one little system. but i don't think it's going to do much except drizzle. and we'll go mostly sunny in the afternoon. a lot of moisture and patchy fog as well and rain reported to the north. and things are winding down. and there was a little bit of drizzle in oakland. that's what i


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