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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  January 25, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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it could be a challenging commute for drivers in san francisco. road closure now in effect on some major thoroughfares for super bowl attractions. we will tell you what areas of the city you might want to avoid driving through into a missing man from san jose has been declared the victim of a homicide even though his body still hasn't been found.
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the search about to get underway in this unusual case and more ahead on "mornings on 2". this is ktvu "mornings on 2". monday morning, january 25. i am gasia mikaelian. >> i am dave clark. we are checking weather and traffic. steve says leave the weather home. >> after this morning. it's okay here. but up north. >> all right. >> until the end of the week. then you better have to handy. we do have a few breaks in the clouds. kind of an interesting -- well, the full moon was over the weekend. if you get the breaks in the clouds, you can see there it is worse. where is that sound of the wolf crying? that's it. very good. scott was that you or ken? scott, very well done. gold star. a couple reports up in hillsboro. pouring or drizzling. greg said, steve, drizzle in
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healdsburg the last couple of hours. tough to pick up. we had some okay totals, especially up in mendocino county. willits almost a half-inch. petaluma, santalina, .04. santa rosa .1. there it goes. so there is plenty of breaks now. most of this is gone. a little bit of drizzle in the mix here. there is still some clouds offshore. partly sunny here. 40s, 50s on the temps. 30s down the santa cruz mountains. scots valley 38. boulder creek 39. morgan hill and gilroy at 40. overall, after this morning we see a little break until the end of the week. morning clouds, partly sunny, maybe a little patchy fog in the mix. you can get that sun, kind of muggy. plenty of moisture in the air. 50s and 60s. sal, gonna be a little busy with the closure in san francisco? sure is. we are gonna have a live report from right in the middle of all of it after my traffic update.
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but i will generalize that today, if you are driving in the city, a lot of areas will be affected by the closures surrounding super bowl 50. the fan village and also there is a nfl fan zone at mosconi center. we will talk about that coming up. right now let's talk about the macarthur maze and getting into san francisco. you will see the traffic is okay coming around the corner. there is a big backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. 25 to 30-minute delay. and you might expect more people on the ferries today because some people just don't want to take that car into the city given what's happening. all right. let's take a look now at another live picture. that would be the san mateo bridge. that's okay getting out to the high-rises. the silicon valley here, and traffic is okay on -- slow traffic 101, 880 and 85 and 280. 880 from hayward heading down is going to be slow just after 238 on down to fremont.
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as we mentioned, steve and i were talking about it, there are a lot of street closure because of super bowl festivities. allie rasmus is live in the city with all of the activity going on. allie. >> reporter: hi, sal. we are at washington and embarcadero. this is the cut-off point for southbound traffic at embarcadero. not sure if you can see across the street from us. northbound lanes traffic moving through just fine. but the southbound lanes is where traffic is being diverted. it's called super bowl city. that's going to be taking place at justin herman plaza. and the street closure here at embarcadero go from washington street over to don cheat way. also market street from embarcadero over to beal. we haven't seen much of a backup yet this morning, but it is expected to get more congested here. and also over by the mosconi center for the next three weeks
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where some of the super bowl attractions in town. they are playing host to the nfl experience. the san francisco municipal transportation agency estimates as many as one million people will come to san francisco for the super bowl attractions. super bowl city around justin herman plaza is a fanfare for super bowl 50 with concerts and events. it is free, but it is going to be fenced off and the area will be transformed into a pedestrian mall. no vehicles will be passing through. public transit, bart, and the ferries will be unaffected, although several muni lines will be rerouted and bicycles will have to detour. >> it will be bad if it's backed up everywhere and the side streets are going to be crowded. >> reporter: are you doing anything differently because of it? >> not driving. >> every now and again. i am going to find an alternate solution, if you will. i can't drive during the super bowl week or during the
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festivities. no. the ferry or a train. >> reporter: now, you can see some of the barricades and traffic cones set up across the street where the southbound lanes are closed. over the weekend they had some parking control officers making sure drivers went around the closure. we haven't seen any yet, although i see a gentleman in a yellow vest. not sure he is with security for the super bowl event or parking enforcement. but this part of embarcadero and market street from embarcadero to beal is being going to be closed for the next three weeks from now until february 12th. san francisco knew miss pal transportation agency the expects as many as a million people coming into the city for these attractions. so the advice is to avoid driving if at all possible and take public transit. back to you guys. >> that's right. bart and the ferry are your friend. thank you. now to the game itself. super bowl 50 at levi stadium will the be carolina panthers
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against the denver broncos. the broncos beat tom brady and the new england patriots in afc championship game. patriots kicker stephen gostkowski missed extra points in the first quarter and that proved to be costly. the first extra point he missed in nine years. denver's defense was on brady. the game forcing dozens of incompletions. brady almost engineered a comeback with 12 seconds left in the game. brady was intercepted in the end zone. broncos came away with a 20-18 win. they will face the carolina panthers february 7. the panthers routed the arizona cardinals 49-15. carolina scored early and often including this one from ted gin jr. they had four interceptions. the panthers are favored over the broncos to win the super bowl. there was a scary moment during the panthers-cardinals game. look at the left side of your screen.
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it just happened for you real time. a fan falls out of the stance. the fan appeared it to be okay. watch it again in slow motion. >> wow. well, there is extra security for super bowl 50 both in santa clara and in san francisco. federal and state law enforcement as well as local police, they have been training in both cities, as you know. "the chronicle" reports the fbi and other agencies, they will be working from a secret location watching surveillance cameras. there will be plenty of plain-clothed and uniformed officers out there, and san francisco police reportedly canceled all time off starting saturday until the end of the super bowl events. now, ktvu has complete coverage of the super bowl for you and the events leading up to it. go to check out our special super bowl 50 section. time is 7:08. a new don't in the case of a missing south bay man.
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family and friends are about to resume their search for kyle myrick who vanished friday. san jose police are calling it a murder investigation. ktvu fox 2's janine de la vega live where searchers are gathering in mountain view. janine. >> reporter: yeah, people just started arriving here in the parking lot of the century 16 movie theater on shoreline. they are gathering here because they are going to go out and search. they want to bring kyle home. police were called on friday to gp sports. that's where kyle mir i can worked. officers were told he was missing several hours under suspicious circumstances. they searched the area, conducted interviews and determined he had been killed even though his body wasn't located. they identified a person of interest, 39-year-old steve lebo and arrest the him saturday for murder. he owns a white gmc sierra 1,500
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truck which police believe is associated with the disappearance. investigators want to know where that truck was from 5 p.m. friday night to 2 a.m. on saturday morning. there has been a plea on social media from friends and relatives of merrik. they want to spread the word about the truck. they would like help on doing the search. back out here live, kyle's stepfather just showed up, wanted to talk to him. this is john speary. you are going to search this area near the bay, right? near palo alto. why this area? >> the police suggested that this could possibly be a good area to search. and so we were as lexington reservoir yesterday. they thought that might be a potential area. that's where we're here. >> reporter: how are you holding up through all of this? i can't imagine. >> it's tough. i am trying to stay focused. our whole family is. we have a job to do. >> reporter: tell me a little bit about your stepson kyle.
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>> really good guy. 28 years old. he got along with everybody. he was fun. he was funny. worked hard. just a good guy to be around. >> reporter: do you know anything about this suspect? we are hearing that kyle worked with him. >> yes. i believe he only worked with him for four days. kyle was new to this shop. according to the other co-workers, kyle didn't make any enemies. he got along with everybody. worked hard. i think this guy just has a screw loose. i don't know. >> reporter: and you are holding on to hope he may still be found? >> yes. yeah. we need to find him anyway. but, yes, we are hoping that he is a alive arrive. >> reporter: they are asking anyone who wants to do the search, they know it's a work day, but they will be here in the mark parking lot and sort
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of dispatching people here at the parking lot of the century theaters on shoreline boulevard in mountain view. back to you guys. >> thank you. all right. time is 7:11. more homes are in jeopardy in pacifica this morning. we will show you the crumbling cliff side and the danger along it. what the city is doing to help out. also, buried in snow. a live report on the closure still in place on the east coast after this weekend's paralyzing storm. good morning. we are looking at the bridge commute and right now it is just okay getting into san francisco. but remember getting into the city, once you get there, city streets are going to be more crowded. we will tell you more about that coming up. still some drizzle holding on. especially up around ukiah to santa rosa. other than that, some fog. we will get a break from the rain until the end of the week. more on that. d
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". it's 7:14. cameras that have face detection capabilities, they are about to be installed along some busy san francisco streets. the municipal transportation agency plans to put 150 cameras mainly along van ness avenue and franklin and goff streets. officials insist they will only monitor traffic. not people. however, these cameras upset privacy activists. they worry this could lead to mass government snooping. the cameras are expected to be installed in about three years. 7:15. a lot of changes in san francisco already. let go ahead and bring in sal. it relates to the super bowl. sal, a lot of people might say, really? two weeks out from the game it's already happening? >> yeah. it takes a while to set these things up. so they have, as you saw allie's report, make you didn't, embarcadero is closed between washington and don chi way, which is a half a block from mission. for all intents and purposes,
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embarcadero south is closed from washington to mission. and it's going to be that way for the next three weeks. today is the first weekday, and that's going to cause traffic to be diverted onto other financial district streets. so have your patience out there. good morning everybody. let's take a look at these other commutes. we are going to take a look at the east bay commute. here is the bay bridge. it is backed up for a 15 to 20-minute delay. traffic is going to be busy. i just got a ex it from someone who i asked to text me about the ferry. today the ferry is extra crowded getting into san francisco from the east bay. people don't want to deal with driving in that area. let's move along and take a look at the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. they are pretty crowded. as we push in you can see livermore traffic is okay. 680 walnut creek to concord is moderate to walnut creek. a little bit of slow traffic heading into danville as well. 7:61. let's go to steve.
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we still get some light rain, especially up north. santa rosa, ukiah and lake county. it's low level stuff. radar doesn't pick it up. i will show you totals here in a second. also marin county around port reyes some rain. there is plenty of breaks though. a partly sunny -- i say that because there is fog dancing around as well. some of that will lift. but we have a combination of low clouds, high clouds and drizzle as well. morning drizzle up into healdsburg. i did update this. and willits is over a half-inch of rain. ukiah a third. point reyes station .08. santalina, petaluma .04. santa rosa now with a .02 on the rain. that gives them 19.60 for the rain season. that is 98% of normal. san francisco is now 107%. and san jose 117%. we will get a little break. more rain on the way.
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speaking of up to the north, it's just -- you just can't -- the beam goes right over the top of it. there it is. lake county .10 to .15 up there. heavier amounts in mendocino county. we are not completely done, but mostly done here. this system doesn't have much left to it. 40s and 50s on the temps. i don't think they have really moved all morning long. 39 now in gilroy. they are checking in. 39 boulder creek. santa cruz at 43. 44 coupe teen -- cupertino. a very, looks like, long fetch of moisture will set up to the north on friday and work its way towards us. it looks to be a rainy beginning pattern going into the weekend. today morning drizzle, light rain to the north, patchy fog out there. upper 50s, low 60s on the mild side here. these are not cold systems by any stretch of the imagination. temperatures will begin to head up and move on out. 63 to 66.
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68 by wednesday, thursday. then we he cloud up. rain in the north and spreads over the entire area in the weekend. >> rain in this area. a lot of snow back east. >> a lot of snow. this morning a lot of people in the east coast still digging out from that monster snowstorm over the weekend. more than 2 feet of snow fell in parts of new york. some government offices and schools are still closed this morning. at least 30 deaths are being blamed on the weather. reporter doug luzader is live in washington, d.c. you have a mountain behind you, doug. >> reporter: yeah. considerably more than 17 inches behind me. this is where the snowplows have been converging and this is the story all over the city. some streets are relatively clear, like the one behind me. you see people out walking. you see cars. others are not so easy to get through. this was my walk to work this morning. not that unusual until you see where i'm having to walk.
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in the middle of the street where it's at least relatively clear. digging out and driving my car, you see, wasn't really much of an option this morning. and what really gets you, as you walk through these streets, is just how quiet it is. nobody's out and that's really not going to change much through the course of the day. at least as far as work travel is concerned. and despite hitting on a weekend, the digout is going to take days and the federal government is shut down again. so are nearly all area schools. >> we will see continued slick and dangerous roadways. so continue to stay off of the road. >> reporter: with huge snowplows clearing runways, air travel is resumed on a limited basis. the train system is hit and miss. this left a mess heading north, too, into philly and new york and along the jersey shore coastal flooding. at least 30 deaths have been
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blamed on the storm. but there was a lighter side, too. a highly coordinated snowball fight in d.c. and, yes, there was sledding, with families taking full of the new relaxed rules that allow thrill seekers to take full advantage of capitol hill. now, we showed you the train station in washington, d.c. and how it was relatively empty this morning. the same cannot be said about penn station up in new york. you know, new york got a lot more snow than a lot of people were expecting, and they tried to kind of start the commute again today and the train station there got absolutely packed because so many trains were canceled. so new york trying to get back on its feet. washington really didn't even try. i mean, they just pretty much called it a snow day and everybody stayed home for the most part. we will see what happens
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tomorrow. it's entirely possible the federal government may be closed tomorrow. it depends whether these conditions improve much over the next few hours. back to guys. >> doug, this is a very california question. i have never lived in snow like that. do the cities plow the main roads and then it's up to the homeowner to get myself out of my driveway to the main road? who pays for all that? >> reporter: well, you know, that's the thing. that's the reason why d.c. gets hit so hard with these snowfalls, because it just doesn't make sense for a city like this to have a huge, you know, inventory of snowplows when they are not used that often. so when it hits, it's tough to deal with. they do the main arteries first and then get to the side streets. you are responsible for your driveway, your sidewalk, and the city can actually fine you if you don't shovel your sidewalk after a certain period of time. >> okay. >> true. >> doug luzader, thank you so
7:23 am
much. good information. time is 7:22. a search goes on this morning, gasia, for three inmates. they escaped from maximum-security prison in southern california. up next how they got out and the reward being offered for their capture. i was walking home. just picked us up two breakfast croissants for four bucks, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up and took care of the beast, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant.
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new this morning the islamic state group has released a new gruesome video that shows the nine terrorists who carried out the november 123rd attacks in paris. we are not showing the video, but it does show the nine men
7:26 am
training with weapons and killing captives in isis controlled territory in syria. all nine were killed in the paris attacks. in the video they threaten to attack british next carrying out airstrikes on isis targets in syria. a manhunt goes on for three inmates who escaped from a southern california jail. now, authorities at the orange county men's central jail noticed they were gone friday morning. they cut through a metal grate, climbed up to the roof, repelled four stories down. they are considered armed and dangerous. now, we don't know yet if the man had -- men had help from inside or outside the jail. authorities are offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to their arrest. new this morning we are just finding out how expensive those
7:27 am
two big wildfires were in california last year. there is a preliminary damage estimate for the valley fire and the butte fire. it says the two fires combined for more than $1 billion in insured losses. the valley fire destroyed some 1300 homes. the butte fire destroyed more than 800 buildings last september. six people died in those two fires. the insurance department says the final damage assessment won't be available for months. 7:27. raymond chow speaks out for the first time since being convicted on racketeering, money laundering, and murder-for-hire charges. >> and i'm truthful, but i cannot bring the jury because my past is very scary. >> the former chinatown crime boss talks exclusively with ktvu, opening up about his past while maintaining his innocence. and we are looking at a morning commute that is full strength in many areas.
7:28 am
that means stop-and-go traffic, like here at the bay bridge. we will tell you more about this commute coming up. some breaks in the clouds. weak little system still giving some drizzle, especially to the north or light rain. the pattern looks to be dry to the end of the week. more on that.
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sometime 7:30. our producer said, alex savidge making me a little bit nervous.
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they are doing what they need to do and get us this shot. this is the scene in pacifica. you can understand why there are concerns about a number of homes sitting right on that crumbling cliff. big waves from the recent storms have been sweeping away chunks of the cliff. ktvu's alex savidge and our photojournalist are there. they are talking with people to talk about what they can do and what the city is doing to help prevent any further damage. 7:31 on a monday morning. i am gm. >> good morning. i am dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic get you moving. steve paulson has the forecast. well, the wave heights will be increasing end of the week. another series of systems come in. so a little bit of a lull now, but it will increase later on all along with the rain. there has been some light rain to the north. this system is weak. the rest of the week looks quiet. fog around. san jose looking good on the
7:32 am
sunshine. light drizzle up north, santa rosa north to mendocino county, lake county, northern napa, northern sonoma county. the wave heights not too bad monday, tuesday. ramping up thursday, friday, saturday. khloe loves cloud. currently 46 and mostly cloudy in clearlake. light east breeze. high temp 58. some of the rainfall as a percent of normal, santa rosa 98%, san francisco 106%, and san jose 117% of normal. if you get the chronicle, there is a very, very good article. we are doing well. we are making up ground. below historical averages on some. still a lot of rain to go and the snow melt hasn't kicked in yet. things are looking positive. this week looks dry after today. light rain to the north. some partly cloudy.
7:33 am
some fog this there. 40s, 50s, a few 30s to the south, especially gilroy and santa cruz mountains. after today we warm up a little bit. morning clouds. a little drizzle and patchy fog floating around. if you can get that sun, it's on the muggy side. there is a lot of moisture. so 50s and low 60s. 7:33. sal, what do you want to talk about, sir? >> we are talking about eastshore freeway, steve, because there is a backup building on 80. we are going to start with our commute time on 80 westbound coming out to the eastshore. and that would be 43 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. when you get to the toll plaza, you will be waiting there as well before you get into san francisco. i want to remind you that today driving in san francisco is going to be different with closures all over the place for super bowl set-up. it's not events yet. those events start next week. we will see some closure. all right. let's move along and take a look
7:34 am
at the toll plaza. traffic slow in many areas, many lanes, i should say, up to the bridge. highway 4 has been slow from pittsburg to bay point, which is typical. 680 has been slow from concord to walnut creek. westbound 24 in lafayette also. 580 through livermore clears up by the time you reach the dublin interchange. 7:34. you heard gasia a moment ago. there are concerns this morning about several homes in pacifica right there sitting on a crumbling cliff. the crashing waves have been wiping out chunks of the coastline, threatening some of those cliff side homes. this is the same area where several apartment buildings were abandoned in 2010 because of erosion. ktvu fox 2's alex savidge has been out there. tell us what the city is doing about this. >> reporter: well, they are taking a number of steps, dave. good morning to you. they are trying to shore up this cliff side here. we will get to those measures
7:35 am
in a moment here. we can tell you the city of pacifica has declared a state of emergency because of the damage done by the recent el nino storms. this is a problem area where we are here. we are on esplanade avenue. these apartments back up to the cliff side. you can see that the ground in some spots is giving way and it's all because of those el nino storms. the crashing waves down below. we can show you some video here from this weekend taken by a drone. this shows these structures, a number of these buildings on the edge of this cliff. in certain spots the ground below is giving way. these coastal bluffs are reroading -- eroding because of the rains and soaking rainstorms in last weeks. some of these buildings were evacuated in 2010. but the hillside remained relative any in fact the -- tact the last few years until the
7:36 am
recent el nino storms moved in. despite how much the ground appears to be giving way, a man living in these apartments told me he is actually encouraged by what he sees on that drone video. >> basically, what the drone information that ktvu did the other day, it actually shows there has been no bluff loss in front of 310. in fact, pretty much everything is the same as it was back in 2010. >> reporter: what workers are doing to try to preserve these crumbling cliffs is they are piling rocks down on the beach below to try to lessen the impact from the waves, and also covering parts of the cliff face with concrete as well to shore it up. because of the storm damage to the bluffs and also the damage that was done to the nearby pacifica pier, the city has declared a local state of emergency with the goal being to get more state and federal
7:37 am
funding and free up that funding. tonight the city council will be discussing that emergency declaration at its the meeting and talking about the damage that has been done here. as you can see here from this picture we are showing you, these apartments are certainly in jeopardy, but everybody in this particular building that you're looking at, that is closest to us, they have not been moved out yet by the city. but again there are a number of other apartment buildings that were evacuated back in 2010 and they do remain abandoned still. >> all right. hey, alex, before you go, you know you are safe. do you feel nervous standing out there? >> reporter: sure. >> yeah. >> reporter: absolutely. yeah. of course. chip is closer to the edge than i am. he is the braver one, clearly. >> all right. thank you for bringing it to us. thanks. alex savidge. let's move to a story you will see only on 2. it's an exclusive interview with raymond chow, the former chinatown gang leader, who talked to us for the first time
7:38 am
of being convicted of more than 160 charges. >> he says he is not surprised by the jury's verdict because of his past. brian flores is back here on the set to tell us why he insists he is innocent. >> reporter: he spoke to us for about an hour, gasia and dave. his demeanor was calm. it appeared he was at peace with himself despite a jury convicting him. wearing an orange prison suit he sat down with amber lee. he talked to us about his criminal past, which he says started when he was just 8 years old growing up in the streets of hong kong. he said it continued when he moved to san francisco when he turned 16, admitting to selling drugs and robbery. chow was the subject of a 2008 history channel documentary about san francisco's chinatown gangs and how in 1977 he survived a shoot-out inside a chinatown restaurant. five people were killed at that time. in this case, though, he says he was guilty based on his reputation. >> i listen to all the tape
7:39 am
that's there. i many, many, many occasion trying to corrupt me, trying to have me involved with the crime and try to push me into the crime, and i told them no. and i'm proud of myself, overcome to the situation li a lot of temptation. >> reporter: now, the other question is, what was his relationship to former state senator leland yee. the two were among the dozens of people targeted by federal investigators in a five-year probe that included gun running and other illegal crimes. he says he knows him from doing volunteer work. he never got a chance to speak to yee after the arrest. we will have more on this interview on "mornings on 2". if you would like to see part one, go to we have to posted there. and then part two is going to be aired tonight during the 10:00 news. >> very interesting. brian, thank you.
7:40 am
>> okay. our time is 7:39. the oakland alameda coliseum authority in just about an hour they are due to meet with the raiders team owner mark davis to talk about a lease extension for the team to keep the team in oakland for one more season a lot of die-hard fans are hoping for a new stadium to be built right here. >> get it done here in oakland. that's where they belong. they are back, you know. just stay here and move on and be positive. >> the raiders fans, large and small, gathered yesterday in oakland expressing their support for the team. a lot of them say they would like to see the new stadium at the site of the current one. now, that closed door meeting is due to begin at 8:30 at coliseum. one of the most anticipated games of the season takes place tonight at the oracle arena. the 40-4 golden state warriors play the 38-6 san antonio
7:41 am
spurs. of course, warriors coach steve kerr is back. the spurs will be without tim duncan. he is sitting out the game with a sore knee. 7:41. the blizzard of 2016 made life miserable for millions on the east coast. that did not stop some people from having some fun. >> ♪ start spreading the news i'm leaving today ♪. >> 8:00. what happened to these snowboarding daredevils after they were pulled over by police in new york city. and at twitter the top executives leaving the company. good morning. we are looking at this morning's commute and we do have some slow traffic out there on the golden gate bridge. so it looks good heading into san francisco. we will tell you about certain street closure that may affect your driving in the city. still some breaks in the clouds for some south, but light
7:42 am
drizzle continues to the north. we will take a look at some of the totals and what's in store for the rest of the week.
7:43 am
7:44 am
welcome back. time is 7:44. a week to go before the iowa caucus and democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is in a dead heat with vermont senator bernie sanders. sanders is enjoying a one point lead over clinton in iowa. however, he holds a 19 point lead over clinton in new hampshire. that's all according to a new poll. now, in the meantime, sanders sporters on the west coast say right now they are focusing on the upcoming iowa caucuses. they have not turned their attention to the golden state.
7:45 am
volunteers hit the phone banks in sacramento over the weekend. they have been calling iowa voters urging them to support the vermont senator. now, here in the bay area about 100 people held this march in oakland on saturday supporting bernie sanders. the group marched and they chanted their way around lake merit and the surrounding neighborhoods. on the republican side, donald trump once again making headlines for something he said at a campaign rally. listen. >> the people, my people are so smart and you know what else they say about my people? they say i have the most loyal people. did you ever see that? where i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. >> his campaign staff says the candidate was obviously making a joke. the critics say with concerns over recent mass shootings, gun violence isn't something to joke about. all right. our time is 7:45. there is a major shake-up at the bay area base twitter. this morning we hear from the
7:46 am
ceo, but it's still not clear who decide today to make changes. pam cook is back in the studio with more on the news. pam, how twitter's stock is responding. >> reporter: it has been confirmed that four top executives are leaving twitter. some for other companies, others to, quote, take time off. the people living are in charge of some very important departments at twitter. they are the head of engineering, head of products. the human resources department leader is leaving. now, twitter's ceo and founder jack dorsey tweeted out the executives are leaving to take much needed time off. he had a lot of praise for them. he has been making changes at the company as he tries to regain the trust of investors. twitter stock is trade agent $17 a share right now, down
7:47 am
about 3%. [ inaudible ] down 77% from 2013. facebook has 1.2 billion users. instagram has 400 million. that's a newer company than twitter, which just has 300 million. so very interesting to see why the changes are being made and what will happen. but in our next hour of "mornings on 2" we will talk about what analysts think about the changes. >> thanks. 7:47 a lot is different in the city. sal is also going to talk about problems elsewhere, i'm sure. >> yeah. we are looking at some slow traffic in some areas getting to the city, and also in the city as embarcadero is closed. the first weekday of the closure between washington and don chi way, which is right before mission. it's southbound embarcadero closed from washington to mission. let's take a look at the commute here and you can see that traffic is going to be busy at
7:48 am
the toll plaza. about a 25 to 30-minute delay. remember still some time getting there on eastshore freeway. we are also looking at some of the other commutes around the bay, including in the east bay, san mateo bridge. that traffic is busy from 880 to the cause way. 580 slow through livermore. 680 slow out of pleasanten. so you are going to see a little bit of slow traffic there. 7:48. let's go to steve in the weather center. sal, thank you, sir. well, kind of a mixed bag this morning. some breaks in the clouds. could see the sun earlier. low clouds and drizzle or light rain. some of that rain was good in mendocino county. we will look at that coming up in just a second. after this morning we are going to get a little break here until probably friday for the north bay and then for everybody over the weekend. i have to be honest with you. the 10 to 15 day outlook looks wet. very wet leading right up into that little game down there in
7:49 am
santa clara. we will ease into that. it does not look sunny and warm. what is up with the weather? i think gilberto, i believe i messed up on the a. one day the wind blows from the north. the next day from the south. some days from the sides. i think from the sides, you mean the east or the west? well, lately when you get fronts coming in you get a south wind ahead of it. then you get a west-northwest wind. right now it's light and variable. i've seen north. i've seen east. it's just calming down right now. won't be as strong today. fort bragg .34. santalina .04. santa rosa .04. i have updated this three times this morning. that 19.72 for santa rosa season total. stay 117% of normal. we are doing well on the rain.
7:50 am
82 to 120% of normal. we are doing okay. we will see a break for most of this week. it's hard to pick up some of this light drizzle up towards windsor, hills berg, santa rosa heels berg. still plenty of low clouds. fog which makes since with so much moisture in the air. 40s, 50s on most of the temps. palo alto checking in at 44. san ramon says 44. still some pacs to mostly cloudies at time. the there is going to be a plume of moisture taking aim at the pacific northwest and by about friday it's going to start sagging south. so in the north bay certainly mendocino county, lake county. late friday it moves south into saturday and then into sunday as well. this looks like a pretty wet pattern and also turning cooler. and there is more rain in the extended outlooks well to
7:51 am
february 9th or 10th. morning clouds. some morning drizzle. some fog. with so much moisture, a little humidity in the forecast there. 50s, 60s on the temps. these are near average for this time of year. they will go above towards wednesday and thursday. then we cloud it up and then start to bring rain back in. it looks like rain into the weekend. >> we just talked a minute ago about the snow back east. someone on twitter told me, you know, sometimes some young strong teenagers offer to shovel snow for a few bucks. i said great. >> used to do to back in detroit. >> right. >> you did it in philly, right? >> i did. >> grew up in california. >> back when he had a strong back. >> right. that's the trick. thank you, steve. see you in a few. time is 7:51. some bad publicity after microsoft after yesterday's game between the patriots and broncos. what happened during the game that may have hour the reputation of one of microsoft's products. a large piece of metal washes up on a beach in
7:52 am
thailand. there is speculation it could be from the missing malaysia airlines plane. why a japanese official says that's not the case. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders.
7:53 am
just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at
7:54 am
7:54 now. a deadly shoot-out over the weekend in the mississippi gun shop and the community is in mourning. this happened saturday in pearl river county. the owner and the 17-year-old son argued with a customer and his son about a $25 service charge.
7:55 am
that's when investigators say the shoot-out started and the gun shop owner and his son died at the scene. the customer and his son are in critical condition. at this point it's not yet clear as to who fired first and whether or not any charges will be filed. time is 7:54. tight security today. egypt is marking the fifth anniversary of the overthrow of long-time military leader and president has any mubarak there has been a wave of arrests at checkpoints in the downtown area. an area popular with activists. egypt's current patient -- president has been in office since 2014. a japanese rocket maker says a large piece of metal that washed up on a beach in thailand on friday is likely not an airplane part. there has been speculation the metal could be from the missing malaysia airlines flight that disappeared in 2014 with 239
7:56 am
people on board. the rocket maker says the metal looks like part of a rocket that was launched by japan. that's based on photos and videos. investigators from thailand and malaysia plan to inspect that metal today. 7:55. there was a big earthquake in southern spain. it was a magnitude 6.3 quake. it struck about 100 miles southeast of the spanish city of malaga earlier today. the quake was followed by six smaller aftershocks. hundreds of calls came in from people reporting damage to homes and businesses and several buildings lost power. so far no serious injuries have been reported. there was another big earthquake that hit alaska early yesterday morning southwest of anchorage. it was a 7.1 magnitude quake. they felt it over a good portion of alaska. this video was taken by someone at the alaska airlines operation center at the airport. that's about 130 miles from the
7:57 am
epicenter. several explosions were blamed on the earthquake damaging four homes. there was no tsunami warning and no injuries have been reported. time is 7:56. we are tracking another up-and-down day on wall street. the dow is down one half of one percent. we will continue to follow developments coming up coming up at 8:00. >> reporter: a search for man missing since friday. police say he has been murdered and need help from the public. we will have a report coming up. good morning. we are looking at the east bay commute and getting slower now in oakland heading up north. this is a look at 80 westbound as you come up to the eastshore freeway. you will see slow traffic there as well.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
lots of activity happening on the embarcadero this morning for the instruction of super bowl city and it is affecting traffic. take a look at this. we are going to tell you the areas to avoid driving through coming up. family members and friends in san jose searching for the body of a man killed over the weekend. we are out there now to show you the search. "mornings on 2" continues now. this is ktvu "mornings on 2". >> good morning. monday, january 25. i am dave clark. >> i am gasia mikaelian. we will get you out the door. this is going to be, i think steve paulson, one of the driest weeks we have seen in a month or so? >> that is absolutely spot on. and then it turns wet again this weekend going into february. early february.
8:01 am
it's going to be close. >> yeah. >> sorry, guys. we get a little bit of a light drizzle, light rain up north. some breaks in the clouds. some fog around. generally, after today through about thursday night things look quiet here except muggy, warm side. all eyes will be on a return to a wet pattern. to get two or three tuition of dry weather in the winter, it happens all the time. it's not happening any time soon. kind of quiet right now. the wind has tailed off. all right. my good friend bob, gfs, the global forecast some for last year, good for, is what michael polanski says, shows 7 inches of rain in the bay area super bowl week. had 4.26 inches of rain last week in danville. el nino on the doorstep. well, if it's on the doorstep, tell them to wipe their feet for crying out loud. that is true, by the way. looks like a very wet pattern starting this weekend and going to about "the 9th" or 10th of
8:02 am
february. rain doesn't show up on radar. it might be getting light drizzle. it's been stacking up here. partly cloudy. mostly cloudy for some. partly sunny for others. 40s, 50s. few 30s to the south on the cruz mountains and towards gilroy. but just too much in the way of 40s here. high pressure builds in. it's not that strong, but it will protect us to friday and then a good plume of moisture will drop south from the pacific northwest on friday morning. clouds, partly sunny, drizzle, fog out there. with the sun it's a lot of humidity in the mix. so 60s on the temps. all right. sal, 8:02. san francisco closure. you have something new on the screen? what do you want to do? turn your mic on there, sir. it happens. >> can you hear me? >> yes. >> anyway, so there are some closure in san francisco as you have been hearing all morning long. the traffic is going to be busy in the financial district
8:03 am
because of the embarcadero closure southbound. it's going to be closed for three weeks for the updating super bowl festivities. now getting into san francisco from the east bay, you can see traffic is going to be busy. it's about a 20 to 25-minute delay. no major problems getting on the bridge but crowded on the span. also a commute here, if you are driving on 880, which is slowing down past the coliseum, it stays that way almost all the way to downtown oakland. not quite. if you are looking at the east bay in general, a lot of slow traffic. it is not a light day. i don't want you to get that idea. 580 is slow in livermore and also slow again san leandro to oakland. and 880 slows from 238 all the way down to fremont. 8:03. back to the desk. you know there is going to be a lot of super bowl entertainment options in san francisco, which could cause gridlock. we know that. >> right. that's right. allie rasmus in the city with
8:04 am
what's happening today and the areas you might want to avoid if you have to drive in. >> reporter: one of those areas, gasia and dave, is washington and embarcadero. i want to he show you the sign here pretty much says it all. construction zone. that's exactly what's happening beyond here. these are the southbound lanes of embarcadero at washington. they are completely closed. and we have seen trailer after trailer coming through this morning hauling equipment. it looks like they are setting up some sort of stage off in the distance. it's about a block way from where we are standing. they are building something here. a super bowl attraction called super bowl city. it's supposed to be a fanfare of sorts here at justin herman plaza. the street closure not only affecting southbound embarcadero, but also market street from the ferry building all the way over to beal. it is, as you can imagine, having an impact on traffic. i want to show this intersection. washington and embarcadero, all the northbound lanes trying to turn left here and the southbound lanes, since they
8:05 am
can't go through beyond this point, are turning right. now that the morning has gone on, we have seen a little bit more congestion out here. expect it to be tricky for the next three weeks. these closures are going to be in effect until february 12. san francisco municipal transportation agency expects as many as a million people to come to san francisco for the super bowl city event and another super bowl attraction called the nfl experience. that one is taking place over at the mosconi center. so expect traffic in that area to be congested for the next couple of weeks. the recommendation, of course, is to avoid driving in san francisco. ba are the -- bart and the ferry system is not effected. this morning we talked to some business owners who say they have to drive. they don't really have a choice. but they were planning ahead. >> multiple jobs around the city. mostly the financial district. what we've done is we've done -- look ahead as far as our projects go that we're working
8:06 am
on. we made to sure and get the materials and stuff we need ahead of time because delivery is going to be an issue. >> reporter: now, again, just to recap the closures we are talking about southbound embarcadero at washington. this is the intersection we're showing you right now. southbound lanes of the embarcadero are closed to don chee way on the other side of the ferry building. market from the ferry building to beal along with some of the side streets in that area. spear and main are also going to be closed. and these closure are going to be in effect until february 12th. these super bowl attractions don't start until january 30th. so we're still five days away, but they need time to construct all the attractions here and build up this super bowl city, and they also need time to tear everything down. that's why the closure is going to last three weeks. back to you guys. >> allie, just to repeat, southbound embarcadero is closed from washington to don chee.
8:07 am
i have joanna on twitter asking me is northbound embarcadero open for business as usual? >> reporter: yeah. take a look. northbound embarcadero is open. it's going to be congested though because, take a look at this left turning lane. there is a lot of cars trying to turn left here to get around this closure. you can drive northbound on embarcadero, but it's going to be a little more clogged than it usually is. and we all know that driving in the city is usually a hassle. there is always traffic driving in san francisco. expect even more so with the attractions going on. >> thank you for the answer. time is 8:07. super bowl 50 at levi stadium will have the carolina panthers playing the denver broncos. the broncos beat tom brady and the patriots in the afc championship game. the patriots kicker stephen gostkowski missed the extra point. that turned out to be costly. the first extra point attempt he
8:08 am
missed in nine years. denver's defense was all over tom brady forcing dozens of incompletions. they grabbed two interceptions. tom brady almost had a miracle. he hit rob gronkowski with 12 seconds left. the patriots had to go for the two-point conversion to tie it, but brady was picked off again. the broncos came away with a 20-18 win. now, the broncos will be playing cam newton and the carolina panthers on february 7th. the panthers just ran all over the arizona cardinals. 49-15. carolina scored early and often, including this 22-yard touchdown by former 49er and a bay area guy ted gin jr. carson palmer committed is six turnovers, four interceptions. the panthers, by the way, are favored to beat the broncos in super bowl 50. and then there was this scary moment. now, we slowed this down for you. i want to show you a fan
8:09 am
actually fell out of the stands right in front of the linebacker lou keekley. here he comes. he appeared to be okay, and-he helped him get back. an extra focus on security in santa clara and san francisco. federal and state law enforcement level employs have been training in both cities. "the chronicle" reports the fbi and other agencies will be working from a secret location watches surveillance cameras and monitoring police radio. there will be plenty of plain clothed and uniformed officer. san francisco police canceled all time off saturday until the end of the the super bowl events. san jose police are asking for help in a murder case. they have arrested a suspect. >> they have not found a body. ktvu's janine de la vega live in mountain view where the search for the man is about to begin. earlier on "mornings on 2", janine, you spoke with the
8:10 am
man's stepfather. clearly heartbroken. >> reporter: yes, he is. and he is here in the parking lot of the century 16 movie theater. on shoreline boulevard in mountain view. he is standing behind his car right now on the phone coordinating efforts. volunteers are already out. they are searching. they are searching the stevens creek reservoir and another area near the water. you can see those are maps that he has printed out to help look for his stepson kyle myrick. let's go to video. another picture of 28-year-old kyle myrick last seen on friday at gp motors on camden and union in san jose where he worked. co-workers called police after he went missing for hours under what they say is suspicious circumstances. officers arrived. they searched the area and they found evidence which leads them to believe that myrick was murdered, even though his body hasn't been located. they arrested his co-worker
8:11 am
39-year-old steve lebo in los altos on saturday. this vehicle police believe is associated with myrick's disappearance. they recovered the truck but are asking for the public's help. investigators want to know where that truck was from 5 p.m. on friday night to 2 a.m. on saturday morning. >> did the two get along? >> from what i understood, they did. i mean, they worked at separate locations and we deliver bikes to them and they bring bikes to us. everyone was always friendly. so i can't understand why it would happen. especially to kyle. he was a really nice guy. >> reporter: family and friends of kyle myrick are determined to find him. they have posted on social media about this case yesterday. they searched lexington reservoir in the santa cruz mountains because that's where the suspect grew up. today the area they're searching is near the bay from palo alto.
8:12 am
they are going to be looking in waterways. the reason that they are searching those areas today is because kyle's step-dad asked police. while police have done their own search, they gave the family secondary areas where they could search. they are hanging on to the belief that they will find him somehow okay and that they won't be searching for his remains. that's what they're hanging on to and focusing on. they are going to be in this parking lot. a representative from the family will be here until it gets dark today. gasia. >> janine, thank you. time is 8:12. several oceanfront properties in pacifica are in danger because of a crumbling cliff. at 8:30 we will hear from alex savidge. he is near the properties to find out what's happening this morning. and the east coast winter storm may be over, but the effect continues this morning. up next another live report on what's happening in our nation's capital. good morning. at the bridges this morning we do have a little bit of a crowd
8:13 am
trying to get across the bay at the bay bridge. we have some improvement here at the toll plaza. a mix of sun, clouds. some high. some low. drizzle up north. it's on the muggy side here with some sun. i think you will notice it. we will have that plus the week aad forecast.
8:14 am
8:15 am
the big dig continues this morning after massive amounts of snow fell across the eastern
8:16 am
seaboard over the weekend. the blizzard of 2016 broke records from tennessee to new york. >> our reporter joel waldman live in washington, d.c. joel, good morning. and i'm interested how business in d.c. has been affected. >> reporter: dave and gasia, good morning to you. good afternoon out here. biz is hurt -- business is hurting a little bit. the roads are impassable. that is why the government shut down today. schools are also closed. we are seeing a little bit of foot traffic. i am not sure if you can see the road behind me here. it is pretty clear back there. these are the major arteries around the capitol. so you have to keep that in mind. once you go, you know, to the side streets, it is a whole lot worse. we got dumped on with about two feet of snow. an interesting story with that. the snowfall totals for reagan national were 17.8 inches, which puts us in fourth place on the all-time record list. tied there. but then a story broke overnight. there is some intrigue here. it turns out that the weather
8:17 am
observers there actually lost the instrumentation in the blizzard. how do you do that? so separately, the park service measures at the white house. they measured 22 inches, which -- i believe 20 inches, i should say, and that would have put us in second place. and so now the official reading has to come from reagan international. basically, they are saying that's not the real total and the real total is probably closer to this second biggest storm on record. so a pretty interesting plot twist through all this. >> joel, a lot of people understand that in washington, d.c. people come and go. it depends on the administration. i mean, there aren't a lot of people who are born and raised and live there forever. this might be a lot of people's first and only really big snowstorm. >> reporter: absolutely. we have heard that quite a bit, actually. it's a transient town, as you said, when different administrations come in, people come and go. and people who are not from
8:18 am
this area, this was a blizzard of a lifetime. as i said, this ranks fourth on the all time totals, and potentially second. people are having fun with it. at the capitol over here people were sledding all day yesterday and the day before. i am sure there are people over there today. an interesting side story without getting too inside politics with you, when they voted on the ominous spending bill in december, they made sledding legal and okay. prior to that, it was prohibited even though people actually still did it anyway. guys. >> thank you. and while millions of people were snowed in, that didn't stop people from having some fun. >> ♪ the blues are melting away ♪. >> there is a flag being pulled by the suv. they went snowboarding on the streets of new york city.
8:19 am
one point new york police pulled them over and let them go. you can hear the officer say, someone complained so we're going to act like we are talking to you. the driver said, you're awesome. the video has gone viral. five million views already. >> only in new york. only in new york. all right. time is 8:19. we have sal right here watching our commute. the east shore and everything else. >> yeah. well, no snow or rain. >> yeah. >> but we have slow traffic out there, dave, gasia. good morning to you once again. let's see the eastshore freeway. the traffic time is a little bit better from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze of 35 minutes. not too bad as you drive to the bay bridge toll plaza, which is also improving a little bit. but we have our spies out there in the financial district already saying the financial district traffic is a mess because of the closure at the embarcadero. you didn't expect them to close the embarcadero and it have no impact, did you? well, then you were wrong if that was true.
8:20 am
let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. that is backed up for a little bit getting into san francisco. we don't want to forget our friends in the silicon valley. we have slow traffic there. i am going to put it on the map here. all the freeways are slow into mountain view and sunnyvale and 880 packed to steven son in free month. 8:20. let's go to sunny i saw that -- >> i saw that tweet, sal. it's gonna get worse. we do a little break from some of the rain. drizzle up north. it looks to be winding down. there is a lot of humidity in the air. it's only going to get worse. for us it will be a quiet week until the end of the week. then we bring more rain in. today kind of a mix of low clouds, some breaks in the clouds, and some of that fog. i don't think the fog's going anywhere. you need a good area of wind to scour that out. as things calm down though, brian sumner, i believe this is
8:21 am
north star. stunning today, steve. how about that? yes. we will take it. looks good. more on the way as we head towards the weekend. we get a break here. some of the rainfall the last 24 hours, mendocino county .5- inch, fort bragg a third. i mean, there was a tenth to a quarter parts of lake county as well. point reyes station .08. santalina, petaluma and santa rosa with .4. i updated santa rosa's to date rainfall three times this morning. 98% of normal. san francisco 106. san jose 117%. we need a break here. ground's saturated. we are going to get more rain. you see some of that clipping the north. it's just right there. but after that everything else was very levels. so low cloudiness in place. there is still some offshore. mostly cloudy to the north. i think mostly sunny to the south. occasionally low clouds will be with us nights and mornings. 40s, 50s. a few 30s towards santa clara valley and into the santa cruz
8:22 am
mountains. 50 pacifica. 43 woodside, menlo park and palo alto. your money morning superfecta. 44 bookends monterey and fresno. high pressure is building in. won't be completely clear. anything like that. we will get a few high clouds breaking through. moisture lines up in the pacific northwest starting thursday into friday and head this direction. patchy fog, drizzle for us. partly sunny, mostly cloudy in the morning. partly sunny in the afternoon. fog will be with us nights and mornings. i don't think that's going anywhere. generally a dry pattern. mid-to-upper 60s possible santa clara valley wednesday and thursday. morning clouds, partly sunny here. drizzle should be ending soon. the fog lifts as well around 9, 10:00. muggy with that sun. sultry, if you will. 50s and 60s about normal for this time of year. but they are going to go above the next few days.
8:23 am
but mild to warm wednesday, thursday. cloud it up. rain starts in the north and for everybody on the weekend. >> we can handle it. >> you got it. some people see this as a shake-up. twitter's ceo says it happened to work out there way. at 8:30 the top executives who are leaving the country. and it may not be deflategate, but it caused a problem yesterday during the patriots-broncos game. how microsoft caused a pause ring the game.
8:24 am
8:25 am
great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
8:26 am
the dow jones industrial is down by almost 100 points. nasdaq and s&p are suffering similar losses percentage-wise early on in the session. the dow, as you can see, is hovering just below that 16,000 point mark. mcdonald's fighting to win customers back in the latest earning report shows it's working. mcdonald's saw u.s. sales jump 6% in 2015. analysts say customers like mcdonald's' all day breakfast menu. mcdonald's stock is up about $2 after that report. well, san francisco based fitbit got some ammunition to use after being sued. the lawsuit is claiming two of fitbit's products don't properly track heart rates. it claims the higher a user's pulse goes, the more inaccurate the trackers are. after that lawsuit was filed,
8:27 am
"consumer reports" tested the products and says they are accurate within three heart beats per minute. so far no response from the people filing that class-action lawsuit. microsoft says a network connectivity issue is to blame for sideline tablets going offline during the afc championship game. coaches review plays. the patriots say they didn't have access to their tablets for at least 20 minutes. the broncos didn't have any issues. nfl rules require that tablets be shut down for both teams only if they malfunction before the game starts. all right. 8:27. now that the raiders are staying in the bay area at least for now, here is the question. will they play in oakland? in our next half hour, what's expected at today's meeting between team owner mark davis and coliseum officials. plus, there are concerns this morning in pacifica about this cliff side. parts of it are giving way. what people living in this
8:28 am
area, in one particular apartment building, what they think may happen next and we will tell you what the city is trying to do to shore up this bluff. and only only ktvu fox 2 repeated crime lord raymond chow speaks out. hear what he has to say about his recent conviction. we have a traffic mess in the financial district. guess why? when you take away one of the major streets, that's what happens. we are also looking at the east bay commute that is busy on the east shore. we are looking at a quiet week except this will be fog. more rain in the extended outlook. we will show you when.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
time is 7:30 -- 8:30 now. there are concerns this morning about several homes in pacifica sitting on a cliffside. you are watching pictures some of that cliff crumbling and eroding because of crashing waves that have been wiping out chunks of the coastline, and that's threatening some homes. this is the same area where several apartment buildings were abandoned in 2010 because of erosion. >> ktvu's alex savidge in pacifica to morning to tell us what the city is doing. alex. >> reporter: well, good morning. the people living in these apartments here on esplanade avenue have been told that they may have to evacuate if the situation gets worse. we will tell you what the issue is. take league can you look right over the edge and you can see what the problem is. the cliff behind these apartments in some spots is giving way, and that is the concern this morning. now, take a look at some drone video that was taken over the weekend that shows these buildings on the edge of this cliff. parts of that bluff were falling down to the beach below. of course, this erosion is caused by huge waves and the
8:32 am
soaking rainstorms we have had in recent weeks. some of these buildings, they were originally evacuated in 2010 as storms moved into this area, and this hillside, it remained relatively intact for the last few years. that was until we had these recent el nino storms move in. now, we talked a short time ago with a man who lives in this cliffside apartment. he is worried more rain and large swells could force him and others to evacuate. >> we have more high tides at six foot and storm swells at 18 to 23 feet over a week period, i would say that chances of property surviving along pacifica coast is going to be problematic. >> reporter: and what workers are doing to try to preserve these crumbling cliffs is they're piling up rocks, huge rocks down on the beach below.
8:33 am
also covering parts of the cliff face with concrete as well. now, because of all the storm damage here to these bluffs and also to the nearby pacifica pier, the city has declared a local state of emergency. they will be discussing that declaration at a city council meeting tonight and discussing all of the damage that has been done around town. back out here though to a live picture. again we are behind these apartment buildings on esplanade avenue. i was told by one of the folks who lives in these apartments that he was told by a city employee that would have to happen before they evacuate the apartments is that the land would have to -- this cliff would have to erode back to this drain area before they would evacuate the people are from these apartments. obviously, as you can tell, that likely would take some time, you guys. >> so, alex, if the people are evacuated, are they on their own financially when it comes to going to a hotel?
8:34 am
is there any monetary help from the city or fema or anything? >> reporter: let me ask. bart, if they moved out of here, would you -- would they put you in a place to stay? what would they do for you? >> well, for me, basically one of the things that happened is, which i was happy, the police department, captain clement, basically called all of the tenants on the numbers that i gave just so see if they all had an evacuation plan, which is a good thing. then to find out if there are any people who are financially challenged or might not have the ability to get out of here should they evacuate. and i think that the police department basically is the best source for getting the red cross in here and people like that who can, you know, take care of people like that. >> reporter: hopefully, you wouldn't be on your own? >> no, no.
8:35 am
i think the city police department is pretty much prepared for that, which i'm happy to see. >> reporter: thank you, bart. i appreciate it. bart is one of the folks who lives into these apartments. he feels strongly, you guys, that they will not be leaving these apartments any time soon. that is his contention. especially, he says, after seeing that drone footage that we took this weekend. he says that really he doesn't see that the cliff has eroded any more than it had back in 2010 when they had the storms back then. he is feeling good about the situation all in all. >> all right. and if they need to leave it sounds like they will be getting help. thank you, alex. time is 8:35. steve paulson is here with our help with our weather forecast. speaking of pacifica, you see waves picking up out there? >> next 10 to 15 days the not very promising. higher waves and a series of systems coming in. we have a break in the pattern, although there was some light rain this morning.
8:36 am
steady rain in mendocino county, parts of lake county. we are winding down. the fog will be in the picture. the wave heights will be increasing by the end of the week. we get a break until about friday evening for the north bay. then the rain will return and take us not only into the weekend, but the first eight or nine days in february. this is midge in alford. warm. speaking of, carolyn said muggy. unpleasantly warm and humid. synonyms, sul i have, sticky, oppressive, airless, shifting. the rain is ending pretty soon. still partly cloudy, mostly cloudy to the north. mostly sunny for the south. 40s and 50s on the temps. there were a few 30s towards the klay valley and gilroy and a combe in the santa cruz mountains. lots of moisture around. morning clouds. partly sunny. we will split the difference.
8:37 am
that drizzle is about done. fog and humidity is not going anywhere. 60s on the temps. what do you want to start with, sal? san francisco? there is a couple of road closure, i have heard? >> yeah, the city streets in san francisco in the financial district aren't doing well. now, there could be an adjustment period. the ferries were crowded getting into the city. people have taken hold of the closure in the city. if you are trying to drive over there, beware. it's going to be a tough drive the next couple of weeks because of super bowl and activities. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge. that traffic is okay driving from the hayward side over to the peninsula. 101, by the way, getting into the city from about south city is slow passing 280 and up to caesar chavez. to slows in bridge bay and stays that way into downtown san francisco. across the bay northbound 880 is slow from 238 all the way up to
8:38 am
downtown oakland. 8:37. let's go back to the desk. >> all right, sal, thank you. new this morning we areato dot casino coliseum. the raiders are expected to talk about a lease extension to keep the raiders in oakland for one more season. it's a closed door meeting. it's due to begin any minute. we are watching as much as we can. die-hard raiders fans are hoping a new stadium will be built right in oakland. >> get it done in omar in oakland. that's where they are. >> the raiders fans big and small gathered in oakland yesterday to watch the playoffs and also show their support for the teams. a lot of them say they'd like to see a new stadium go up right near the site of the current one. well, despite an injury, a
8:39 am
jury convicting former chinatown gang leader raymond chow, he maintains he is innocent. >> chow spoke with ktvu about his past and why it affected the outcome in the latest case. brian flores with the interview. he starts off shaking hands with reporter amber lee, waving to the camera, lots of smiles. >> reporter: exactly. you know, it's interesting, you two. when you hear former notorious china gang leader you think imposing or intimidating figure. when he spoke with amber lee, he was very approachable, she says. often smiling and seeming at peace with the jury's decision. that being said, raymond "shrimp boy" chow maintains he is innocent. a jury convicted him on january 8 on 162 counts, including racketeering and murder, of another chinatown leader, alan lung. chow admits to having rough past which included many of the same charges he faces now. he did serve ten years in
8:40 am
prison but was released in 2003. he says after his release though he was changed man often volunteering at schools and helping young kids from leading a life of crime. he was arrested though in 2014 alongside state senator leland yee in a corruption scheme that included gun running and other illegal crimes. he says he did not parse in any of it and he was arrested by undercover investigators based solely on his past. >> i am like a trophy to them. you cannot find any worse scapegoat than me. my past record, you know, get the whole chinatown shake. and every time, you know, big trouble, yeah, everybody point a finger at me, you know? and i become perfect scapegoat in that situation. in the last case i did a lot of -- i did a lot of bad thing, you know. i messed up my part.
8:41 am
this time, no, i'm good. >> reporter: chow says he tried looking for work but nobody would hire him. he also says he didn't have any money. he says he knew leland yee during his time as a campaign volunteer. he wrote son of the underworld. it remains unclear if it will ever be published. part one of the interview posted on our website part two airs tonight during the 10:00 news. >> thank you. time is 8:41. a man accused of killing his two nephews in los angeles county, he was arrested in hong kong. i want to show you video of the man wearing a black hood. he is in the back of a police van in hong kong. you see hum on the left there. 44-year-old dion she is accused of beating his teenage nephews to death and fleeing to china. he allegedly attacked his wife and he ended up in the hospital.
8:42 am
he was arrested as soon as he landed in china. officials believe he killed the boys because he was angry after his wife asked for a divorce. there was a deadly shoot- out over the weekend in a mississippi gun shop and that community is in mourning today. it happened saturday in pearl river county. the gun shop's owner and his 17-year-old son argued with a customer and his son about a $25 service charge. that's when investigators say the shooting started and the gun shop owner and his son died there at the scene. the customer and his son, they are in critical condition. we still don't know who fired first and whether any charges are going to be filed. seven people hurt after an american airlines airplane hit severe turbulence. the flight out of miami had to be diverted to canada as a result. this is the scene from last night. there were more than 200 people on that flight heading to milan, italy. three flight attendants and four passengers were taken to the hospital for their injuries.
8:43 am
at last check american airlines says it was working to get the rest of the passengers to italy. new this morning now we're finding out how expensive the two big wildfires in california last year really were. the state's insurance department now has a preliminary damage estimate for the valley fire in lake county and the butte fire in cal beres. now, it says that the two fires combined for more than $1 billion in insured losses. the valley fire destroyed 1300 homes. the butte fire wiped out more than 800 buildings last september. six people died in the two fires. insurance department says a final damage assessment, that won't be available for months. the pleasanton school board may ask residents if they would aboard a bond measure. they will consider sending out a community investigator to help gauge support for a bond to fix schools, libraries and student
8:44 am
drop off areas. the pleasanton unified school district hasn't passed any bonds for years. the "x-files," that iconic tv series returns tonight on fox 2. >> what are you doing here, scully? >> you hang up on me. you are on some jag about the "x-files." >> i figured it out. it all makes complete sense. all these years we have been deceived. >> i don't know what you mean. >> i couldn't call you because it's going to sound crazy. >> that's why i'm here mulder, as somebody who cares about you. >> you listen to me, mulder. >> trust me on this. >> i have seen this before. you're on fire believing you're on to some truth that you can save the world. >> this will finally be their undoing. >> it will be your undoing, mulder. >> this is my life. this is everything i believe in. >> listen to me. as your friend and as a physician, you e on dangerous ground here. >> i know what i'm doing.
8:45 am
>> mulder and scully pick up right where they left off, uncoughing a conspiracy. >> we are giving a lucky viewer their very own "x-files" ultimate fan kit with ex exclusive collectibles. there is time to enter this contest. >> right. go to the ktvu facebook page and click on the contest link. entries are accepted until 12:00 noon today. you have to be at least 18 years old and a legal california residents to enter. the price has an approximate value of $340. >> one winner will be selected by random drawing january 26. complete rules and online entry at and we wish you good luck. don't forget the second part of the two-night premier of the "x-files" premieres 8 p.m. tonight on ktvu fox 2. let's look inside that fan kit. the winner gets four canvas
8:46 am
prints, three t-shirts, three pop toys and seasons 1 through 9 on blu ray. the set alone is worth $300. time is 8:45. we are a week away from the iowa caucuses. the democrats are getting ready to face off once again. coming up on "mornings on 2", the big topics we expect to hear tonight. next the shake-up at twitter. what the ceo has to say. . getting into the city on the bridge is not too bad. once you get there, the financial district traffic is not great. we'll tell you more about that coming up. well, it's not a flying saucer in the sky this week, but the sun will make an appearance here and warmer temps. we have fog to deal with first. more on that and when the next rain will arrive.
8:47 am
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increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? r2, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base. for every family that lives star wars, this is the place where star wars lives. where a galaxy far, far away... closer than ever before. move along. come join star wars awakens. and right now you can save on premium rooms at the disneyland resort. welcome back to "mornings on 2". it's 8:49. some key executives are leaving twitter. the co-founder and returning ceo tries to get the company back in favor on wall street. pam cook is back in the studio with reaction. >> wall street's reaction mixed. it seems most analysts say in the short term it's not very good to have such a major shake up at a company. in the long run, they are still
8:50 am
getting on jack dorsey. he returned as ceo in october. he says his focus is to make twitter easier to use. twitter has nearly 320 million users, but it has lost ground to instagram, which so much newer with 400 million users, and facebook with a whopping 1.2 billion users. the executives who are leaving the company are in charge of some important departments at twitter. they are the head of engineering, the head of media, and the product chief. the human resources vice president is also leaving, and last night the head of vine, which is owned by twitter, tweeted out that he is leaving for google. now, dorsey sent a tweet praising the work of all the executives who are leaving, says they are taking some well deserved time off. now, on the news twitter stock trading at $17 a share right now. down almost 4%. but it's down 77% from its peak in december 2013. >> wow. >> investors for the most part, i don't know if they care so much about who is running the
8:51 am
department there. they just want to see that stock go back up. see what happens. >> pam, thank you. time is 8:50. let's check in with sal. see what he sees on the roads. you are watching the toll plaza, right? >> that's right. and it is getting better. >> good. >> heading in san francisco. a little bit anyway. it's slightly unusual. that's good. at the bay bridge we don't have a big backup. here it is just before nine. it's cleared out. but it could be, because some people may be avoiding driving san francisco. the ferries were full. also from marin to san francisco for people who work in the financial district. there has been a lot of slow traffic on financial district streets now that the embarcadero is closed southbound beginning at washington really all the way down to mission. it's closed at don chee way, which is a small alley. that's next to mission. let's move along and take a look at some of these other commutes. the san mateo bridge traffic is moderate as you drive out to the high-rise. the east bay commute looks
8:52 am
normal. northbound 880 slow to 230. 24 is still slow from walnut creek to oakland. 8:51. steve. thank you, sir. we have some low clouds around. there are some breaks in the clouds for us. humidity factor will be high, even though it's january. temperatures aren't that warm. they will warm up through midweek. stim some rain in ukiah, light drizzle continuing up there. .04-inch. willits over a half-inch of rain. santalina, petaluma and santa rosa with .04. no the much, but it adds up. santa rosa now 19.62 on the rainfall. 98% of average. san francisco 13. and san jose says, ha, percent of normal, i can beat you all at 117% of normal. there is more rain on the way. and about the off and on first seven or eight days of
8:53 am
february, it looks like. mostly cloudy to the north. some drizzle holding on there. partly sunny for everyone else. 40s and 50s on your temps. 27 up in truckee. 48 arcade a. 49 santa barbara. we have a lot of 40s in the mix. can you see there is cloud cover here. that low cloud deck will be in place for a while. morning drizzle mainly to the north. patchy fog not going anywhere. muggy for us. if you get that sunshine, then humidity factor is high for us. so upper 50s, low 60s. and the 60s look like they will continue to warm up a little bit next few days. high pressure builds in. some mid-to-upper 60s certainly possible wednesday and thursday in the santa clara valley for sure. we cloud up on friday. rain starts in the north end for everybody on the weekend. dave. >> thank you. time is 8:53. he gained national attention for his ban on sugary drinks. now he is thinking about running for president.
8:54 am
next we'll tell you when former new york mayor michael bloomberg could make a decision about that. [♪] ♪ take the time ♪ in your life ♪ just before ♪ it passes by ♪ then you'll know ♪ to keep it slow ♪ so here we go [♪]
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welcome back. time is 8:55. a week to go before the iowa caucuses and hillary clinton is in a dead heat with vermont senator bernie sanders who is enjoying a one point lead over clinton in iowa. however, in new hampshire bernie sanders' lead over clinton is 19 points. that's according to a new poll. meantime, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg reportedly is thinking about running for president. he is expected to make a decision after the first week of march. now, according to a long-time friend, if after super tuesday it's looking like bernie sanders could win the democratic primary and the republicans seem likely to pick donald trump or ted cruz, well, that friend says bloomberg's odds of running are
8:57 am
at least 50-50. terrorism is expected to be a major topic of discussion tonight adds the democratic presidential candidates appear the final time before the iowa caucuses a week from today. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley will take that stage for a town hall meeting in des moines, iowa. the polls in iowa show clinton and sanders are neck in neck right now, which is important. the voters head to the caucuses next monday. meantime, the republican candidates will debate on thursday on the "fox news" channel. that debate will be held in des moines with a focus on the economy. the participants have to be in the top six in national polls or the top five in iowa or new hampshire just to be on that main stage. most, but not all, polls in iowa show donald trump with a lead over texas senator ted cruz. make sure you stay right here with ktvu for our coverage of the race to the white house. ktvu political reporter ross
8:58 am
polumbo will be at the iowa caucuses next week. ross will bring us full coverage. guess what? the super bowl preparations are underway and when you close the major streets in san francisco like the embarcadero, there is traffic. who knew? ferries are crowded. we are going to talk to the ceo of super bowl 50 -- super bowl city is what i meant to say. we are also talking about some of the other day's news. mike and gasia, we are going to hit it hard coming up on "the 9".
8:59 am
9:00 am
the teams have been chosen. the roads are closing. we are less than a be week way from the opening of super bowl city. this morning we're live with the ceo of the super bowl 50 host committee. and the east coast is digging out after a massive snowstorm. we go li


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