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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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. and good afternoon everyone. i'm mike me back. >> we begin with developing news out of oakland. dozens of students are out of class and protesting. >> they're upset about video that surfaced this month, an altercation between a security officer and and student in 2014. that student filed a civil rights lawsuit after a guard allegedly put a choke hold and then punched him. >> we have crews on the scene. this picture was taken by one of our photographers there. one oakland police vehicle has been damaged and you see them in this photo. a woman has been smashed.
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we'll stay on top of the developing news and bring it up to you on the 4. people in pacifica has been forced to evacuate due to the crumbling cliffside. >> ktvu christina was there and is live with what the congressman had to say. >> reporter: hello gasia, and mike, this devastation is really dramatic. she's not only concerned about all of the stuff at risk right now. she's concerned baseball the future. as she took a tour this morning along with an administrator from fema, the state representative from the officer of emergency services, they took a look at the difference places in pacifica. they say that the state must declare a disaster before fema can come in before providing assistance to individual. given what's happening in pacifica, they're looking at other ways to try and get
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funding here. the state has $30 million from the federal government that the city will have to apply for. that can be used for public facilities like the pier and the seawall that has been damaged. it can be potentially used to buy the homes that have been yellow tagged or red tagged. unfortunately it does not provide any assistance to renters. >> i am firmly convinced that the federal government, now, has got to recognize that an el nino is just like the superstorm sandy, except it happens over a greater portion of time, and should be treated much like superstorm sandy in terms of federal involvement and support. >> initially the folks there, some of them did react, have an initial reaction that was, they did not want to believe that they had to leave the premises, that my city staff and
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primarily the police department has contacted and worked with them and we received assurances from every apartment unit that they, now, understand that they do need to leave and that they are cooperating. >> and that was city manager laurie talking about those apartments at 310 esplanade that were yellow tagged on monday. >> unfortunately those $30 million that could be used from the state would not apply to the renters there. unfortunately there's going to be other ways they'll have to be utilized to get these people help. that's where they stepped in. we'll do everything we can to get the renters some assistance. they want the first given to these people, in order to do that, they need to find another place to live first. unfortunately not immediate help right now, the help will come in a weekend, we should mention that those official that is spoke this morning at the press conference will be
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touring the apartment complex this morning just to see how bad that damage is and how close that apartment is to the cliff. right now that apartment complex remains yellow tagged and i asked if they were going to red tag and they couldn't comment on that yet. >> it's nice to see the supervisor is trying to step up to the plate and help out these renters. firefighters in oakland they had to rescue a man stuck waist deep in the mud. this is the scene on oak hill road not far from the sequoia country club. he was hired by a homeowner to check soil samples following a mudslide last thursday. they were able to shovel him out in 50 minutes and he was not hurt. there are policy changes designed to how they handle protests in the city. this was as a result of the
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black lives matter demonstration a couple of years ago. >> this was the scene on december 6th 2015, as people took to the streets in berkeley about the police killing unarmed black men. they used tear gas on protestors. a number of them protests police used excessive force. they used less than lethal weapons. last night the city council accepted the commission's report. >> collectively our employees and officers and commanders have never seen that before. it's a huge new experience for us. our job is to grow from this, be as good as we possibly can and that's what we're trying to do. >> police are pushing for police accountability. the recommendations don't go far enough. the police department will be working with the review commission and will update the
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city council every three months. >> the couple charged with the death of a third child are back in court today. >> 39-year-old tammy huntsman and another pleaded not guilty to murder and child abuse and torture charges. two children were found in a storage locker in reading. they died from ongoing physical abuse. one child was found freezing and starving in is an an suv. a santa clara woman face as charge for drowning her child. they found her adopted son partially floating face up in the bathtub in her home. he was pronounced dead, she claims the drowning was an
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accident, but later confessed to it. the trial is set for february 1st. we've been talking about, there are several detours in place in that area. it's not just the drivers being tested. it's a rough ride on bart and the ferries. >> get ready san francisco, the superbowl traffic and transit troubles are already beginning. they are asking people to heed warnings on embarcadero. the driving through the detours has not been easy. >> it's been brutal. >> the game plan for many commuters. >> i will not come down, i'll take public transportation for sure. >> it's been heavy and we're only expecting worse. so, yeah, it's noticeably different. >> ridership was up tuesday morning by 6,000 people, signs about downtown detours were
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posted on the platform and bart said it will add to the cars in the week. >> we have nonessential cars out there, we'll have as many cars out there for service. >> some riders are saying their strategy is to stay home. >> i work from home. >> yeah, yeah, the plan is to not come into san francisco. >> at the ferry building, ferry lines were long. >> last night for example, i made the ferry here by 6 people. >> it's been busy since the superbowl stuff started. >> i got concerned about the traffic congested and the road blocks. >> it's a little anxiety. well, authorities say ferry ridership is up as 40% on some of the routes this week compared to last week. they plan to add extra boats if all the departure times fill up.
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human traffic tends to spike when big events come to town. district attorneys from san francisco san mateo and sacramento counties got together and san francisco international airport large events might attract people who try to buy the services of victims. >> the realities of human trafficking is a modern day slavery and it's occurring around the world and certainly in our country, the bay area happens to be one the high points for human smuggling. >> the d.a.'s office says anyone can become a victim, young girls, boys and adult women and men. workers at all three bay area airports have gone through training to stop victims. >> san francisco city officials are scheduled to give a breaking at public safety preparations, the police chief, fire chief, head of department of emergency management and the
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city's transportation director are expected to attend. they've been working with the state and federal officials to increase security for all the superbowl festivities and they've cancelled all time off starting saturday until the end of those festivities. >> we hope you stay with us on all things superbowl 50. >> we have a special superbowl section for you. we'll be broadcasting live from superbowl city here at 9, noon at 4. >> an arms stand off in oregon. one member was shot to death by police last night. they're working to remove the remaining occupiers peacefully. this we'll have why the tense situation has turned deadly. >> 55 la destroy fin couple was part of a group called center of constitutional freedom. he was driving with some of the
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leaders of that militia group. state and federal police stopped them on the highway and during the arrest. if inicum was shot and killed. >> it didn't have to happen. we all make choices in life. sometimes our choices go bad. >> well, we got down the hill there was also blockaded state police, and then we started to realize something was up. >> a freelance reporter who has been covering the story last month. they started taking over a wildlife refuge area. they said the government has taken over the land of private ranchers. >> they were respectful and nice to me and other reporters. these guys wanted to overthrow the u.s. government. >> federal and state and local police would not reveal how he was killed. some of the supporters say his hands were up when he was shot.
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other members said that was not true and one has said he charged at one of the officers. adam bundy and an 8th turned himself in police. they all face federal charges for impeding officers of the united states with threats and use of force. >> this has been tearing our community apart. it's time for everyone in this illegal occupation to move on. >> but the stand-off isn't over. federal agents have blocked off entrances to the refuge area. there's still hold out. fox 2 news. >> we're days away from the caucuses in iowa and bernie sanders meets with president obama. >> and we announce plans to skip tomorrow's debate in iowa. >> we're warm and sunny in
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parts today. we'll tell you how long this will last. >> a warning to parents about a duct tape challenge, making the rounds on social media and one mother trying to spread the word on how her son nearly died.
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today president obama meant
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privately with presidential bernie sanders in what he called a productive and constructive meeting on a number of issues. >> this comes when donald trump says he will not participate in tomorrow's final debate before the caucuses and as peter reports some of the candidates will take the spotlight in his absence. >> donald trump says he's skipping tomorrow's debate. >> wale have something where we raise money for the veterans and wounded warriors. >> with trump out it could be a prime opening for some of the strongest challengers. >> you think first of marco rubio because he's in a position to finish third in iowa and potentially to move up in future primaries and
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caucuses. >> with an unusual campaign aid mark luck beis in a push last minute voters hoping for a surprise surge. >> every years we have this played out. every four years something happens that no one saw coming. and ben carson is fending off criticism that he's weak on security issues. on the democratic side candidates could be taking part in a cue of the dnc and the new hampshire union newspaper are planning an unsanctioned newspaper and it comes after months of criticism that the dnc scheduled too few debates. >> in iowa today a university pole shows frozen democratic rates, and sanders is edging
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out hillary clinton. fox news. >> you can watch the debate at 6:00 in the evening our time. >> russ problem bow will have the latest on the debate and young caucuses. >> her son will make a full recovery after he was hurt online. >> we're talking about the duct tape challenge. there are a number of videos showing teenagers to see who can break out of the fastest after being taped up. he hit his head on a window frame. it caused bleeding on his brain that required immediate surgery. >> if he would have hit it differently, an inch over he could have died. if his friend didn't flip him over, he could have died, he
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suffered permanent eye and nerve damage. he wants to warn how dangerous this game can be. dollar he is park in france is fully -- delores park is fully open. >> there are plenty of features there at the park including new benches and grass and off leash dog area and the people are invited to light up the park tonight from 4 to 7 in the evening. bring flashlights or wear glow in the dark clothing led accessories. whether you're going to the park, san francisco, mark is here to tell us whether the weather is cool and clear. >> that's right. lots of sunshine over the bay area. we're talking about the rainfall january long, it's nice to have these breaks. there's hazy sunshine out there right now. there's been dense fog. this is a look at the bay
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bridge toll plaza out in the distance, we're expecting a nice wednesday afternoon with more 60s on the maps. we're tracking activity out the district. there's a frontal system here as we approach the bay area for thursday, up in the north bay. here's a closer look at the satellite and the radar. that could be changing a bit by thursday night and into friday. take a look at some those mild numbers out there. san francisco right now, 58, livermore 59. santa rosa is checking in at 58. and 60 degrees at last check. we have a still have an active storm system. we're talking about multiple rain chances in the next few days. count on this on friday. get ready for that on friday, possibly into sunday, we could be tracking another system. the chances could miss the bay area and head to the south. it's close enough to warrant rain chances for the second
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half of the weekend. it's a cold air. we have temperatures for the weekend forecast. the next friday, it approaches the cold air will be on the way. tomorrow will be the transition day, with more clouds and possibly a few showers up in the north bay. here we are this afternoon, 5:00, looking good and then into your thursday, mostly cloudy skies, you'll notice a chance of a few showers up in north bay, thursday afternoon, and then into friday. we'll bump up those rain chance that is you can't see here in the afternoon hours. this will favor the northern half of the bay area. south bay not as much. we can't go completely dry, then sunday, possibly more rain approaching the bay area. it's definitely going up. the swell hasn't built in in the past day. the waves are topping 20 feet. forecast highs in the afternoon, it's mainly in the
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upper 50s out there. san francisco, the lower 60s and as you can see from morgan hill and gilroy and livermore in the lower 60s as well. look to ahead you can't see showers, it's primarily focused north of the bay area, we'll have to hold on to the chance, and rainfall likely on friday. a chance of showers on saturday and more rain clouds to the second half of the weekend as well. of course, we're keeping it close on the superbowl forecast, it's going back and further, right now we're trending towards a dry pattern, to be honest we don't know yet. we'll keep an eye on that. >> it's like if the superbowl. we can't decide ourselves. >> there's tributes to one of the darkest chapters of the 20th century. [ music ] [ music ] . survivors of the -- nazi
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holocaust marked the answer anniversary of the liberation. more than 1 million jewish people were killed in world war ii. they say lack of tolerance is on the rise and we need to stop hatred. big news for san jose as apple makes plans to expand.
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. they're hoping for a strong storm, they may scale back interest rates. they were closely monitoring global economic actions, the do you is gown 1.5%. s&p is losing 1.25%. they're looking for a new campus in san jose for apple. it's on the north side of 101 near the highway 87 change. this could bring 16,000 jobs to the area. reportedly apple will use the new campus for research and development work. 27% of the employees live in san jose. and my space cofounder says don't let time go, if you let him stay i'll pay you.
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>> anderson posted can we keep tim if i pay for t anderson can afford it since he sold my space for $580 million. he underwent hip surgery and has not pitched since june. >> it doesn't mean he can't be part of the bullpen. >> we'll have to see you. we'll see you on the 4th. thanks for joining us.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: there is a backlash in the rap world. machine gun kelly is not apologizing for being a white rapper. >> i'm comfortable in my own skin, man. i can't help other people be the same way. >> direct shot at macklemore. >> shade on macklemore. >> the best part about all of this is white people are fighting, which is priceless. >> can you imagine the twitter wars. dear, sir, i take umbrage with your latest tweet. >> khloe's going to be living next to lamar odom again. he recently rented a house very near her and the lease is in her name and he plans on living there, which i think is a very poor decision. >> can you picture lamar, like, can i borrow a cup of cocaine?


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