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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  January 28, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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and mostly sunny south side. there's a change in the forecast. but it will be a slow process. not much of a breeze. we've had an easterly breeze. that made for a nice day yesterday. and there's plenty going on in the north bay. 47degrees in hayward. and partly cloudy. my body -- a walking barometer -- says rain is in the forecast. and we have an advisory for high surf that starts at 4:00 and goes through 5:00 on friday. waves 25 feet. and the system is looking pretty good but just the leading edge and moving into the north. that puts cloud cover and light rain. mendocino county, lake county, and south of that it will be mostly sunny. a few 30s and a lot of 40s. we'll check in with a few 30s.
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on the peninsula, a lot of low 40s. woodside will come in as well. to the north. too much cloud cover and the plume of moisture is on the way for us. turning cloudy, cloudy to the north bay and warmer to the south with less cloud cover. mid-60s there. and more clouds and light rain northward. 65, 66, san jose and morgan hill. mostly 60s i see there. >> yes, sir. >> all right. steve, we have problems on bart. i just found out that bart has equipment problems. here's the issue. i can show you on the map. bart has a track problem between hayward and south hayward. i just found out from a bart person that the track where i've circled is without power. that means the trains cannot get anywhere south past bay fair unless you're going to dublin. the blue line is working but all the lines to fremont and
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back are not. you cannot get on a bart train in fremont, union city, south hayward or hayward. that's not an option for you. you have to go up to the bay fair station or find another way to get to work. you can get to the dublin station, those trains are running. and this is a major problem for bart and we'll keep following it. we have a reporter on the bay by the way. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. and our camera is showing the traffic will be backed up here but not major yet. if you're on the san mateo bridge any time soon, this commute looks good to the peninsula. we have breaking news in the south bay. police are investigating reports of a home invasion in sunnyvale just before 2:00 this morning. you're looking at video here. separately, san jose police just arrested three people in east san jose near cammerrer avenue. and the video included police
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dogs and a helicopter. the three suspects have outstanding warrants. they are not responsible for the home invasion. authorities say the victim in that attack told officers the three people arrested were not the same ones who broke into the home. the search is going on now for the home invasion suspects. ktvu's janine de la vega is on the story. and she'll bring you a live report coming up at 5:30. verizon now has until 5:00 tonight to meet a deadline set by the city of san francisco. take down a giant super bowl ad on the side of four embarcadero or face a lawsuit. allie rasmus joins us to explain the controversy. >> reporter: this verizon super bowl ad is attached to two sides of the building downtown and is 30 stories tall and went up a few days ago. the cell phone company is under orders to take it down. and so is the company that owns the building.
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the city attorney sent a letter to the company and the business owner saying the office received numerous complaints and it violates san francisco city law. why are these signs illegal? it's because of an ordinance passed 14 years ago. when the planning code banned new general advertising signs citing these reasons. we took a look at the planning code. they can distract motorists, contribute to blight and visual clutter. and the city has to protect the character and distinctive appearance. and back then, 14 years ago. city leaders decided there was an ample supply of general advertising. the super bowl committee is promising to modify the signs so they are in compliance with city law. this may not be the only ad recently plastered on the side of a san francisco high-rise. we'll show you another ad that looks similar.
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>> it's just so big so it's very interesting. >> you can't miss it. >> no, you cannot. with the kickoff of super bowl city just two days away. security is actually a top priority in san francisco. on saturday, the city will activate the emergency operations center to look for potential threats and there'll be extra officers on the streets both uniformed and plainclothes. >> we've been planning for this for three years. people from the city went back to new york when they hosted the super bowl. and people went to phoenix. >> there'll be extra paramedics to handle an increase in 911 calls. and only bags smaller than 18 inches by 18 inches will be allowed in. there are no credible threats to the super bowl celebrations
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but if you see something, please say something. uber is expanding the pool service for super bowl week. it allows users to share rides and pay a cheaper fair. usually it's only available in san francisco. and starting on saturday, passengerrings can share between san francisco and san jose. the service will be available 24/7 through super bowl sunday. it hasn't been built yet but the proposed new arena for the warriors in san francisco already has a name. it will be called the chase center. jpmorgan chase bought the naming right, for an undisclosed price. the 18,000 seat arena is due to open for the 2019 basketball season. meantime the warriors won again, beating the mavericks, and now the warriors have gone a full calendar year without a regular season loss. and clay thompson -- he had 45
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points. the warriors beat the mavericks 127-107. last month it was the mavericks who beat the warriors, one of the four losses this season. they got some revenge last night. the record is 42-4 tying the 1966 philadelphia 76ers. the chicago bulls were 41-5 for 46 games during their '95, '96 season. a bay area congresswoman is promising to help the people in pacifica. jackie spear saw firsthand the damage caused by the pounding surf. >> i promise the community of pacifica which i love that i will do everything in my power from a federal perspective to make sure that dollars are made
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available. >> reporter: you don't have a place, do you? >> no, no. this was my place until three days ago. >> some people are living in emergency shelters and relying on the red cross. congresswoman speier wants to free up federal dollars by convincing the government to recognize el niƱo damage as a natural disaster. california is about to receive millions of dollars from the federal government to pay for the cleanup costs stemming from a pair of destructive wildfires. fema will reimburse the state $107 million for removing debris from private property burned in the fires last year in lake and calaveras counties. those fires burned 200 square miles, six people were killed, and 200 homes were destroyed. you're looking for a job. we'll tell you about a major
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hiring push by ac transit. >> i don't like being taken advantage of. >> it's an important debate leading up to the iowa caucuses. the reason donald trump is standing firm with a boycott. we are looking at a major bart delay. i'm talking about a delay that's thousands of people not being able to get on bart trains on a major part of the system. we'll let you know what's happening coming up.
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with just hours to go. donald trump is still planning to boycott the gop debate in iowa. doug luzader has more on the last minute drama and the implications for race. doug-- >> reporter: good morning. there will only be seven podiums on the stage in iowa. donald trump is not going to be at this debate at least as far as we know. he's planning an alternate event in protest to fox news. this is a look behind the scenes in iowa. production crews prepping for the debate. and there are seven, not eight podiums in place for the main event literally setting the stage for a trumpless debate. and his boycott will stick and he'll be at an alternate event for vets despite last minute entreaties. >> what they did -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> and we'll have a great event
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tomorrow night. >> he's taken issue with megan kelly and a fox statement that targeted trump over the debate drama. his absence will not doubt change the debate. ted cruz wants a one-on-one matchup with trump. >> he doesn't want to answer questions for the men and women of iowa about his record which doesn't match what he's selling. >> the matchup could be held in canada, trump mockingly said. and the larger question will be whether it builds credibility with supporters or turning off iowa voters who expect him to take part. >> how this plays out with traditional voters who are protective of the prerogatives might be one thing. and we won't know until next week. >> reporter: it's tough to predict the fallout. and if it's a mistake, there's not much time to bounce back.
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the iowa caucuses are monday night. and stay with us for continuing coverage. our reporter ross palombo will bring us live reports. . bernie sanders met with president obama at the white house. it's the first meeting since the white house bid. president obama has not officially endorsed any candidate and recently told a reporter that he thought hillary clinton would be quote ready to go on day one. >> i know there was some discussion the other day about a political interview where he was tipping the scales towards secretary clinton. i don't believe that at all. >> reporter: as for the details, they talked about foreign policy, the economy, and yeah, some politics. >> some, yes. >> some politics.
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>> 5:14 is the time and sal has some traffic. right? >> i will let you know that we are getting new information from bart. they have restored the trackway problems they just had. this is just coming in right now. and i can put it up on the map. they had a power issue between hayward and south hayward. that track was dead and trains were not getting through. but now they have just restored it. we just got a tweet saying that the trackway has been repaired and the power is back. but there's still some delays. now the trains are running throughout the entire system so if you're looking at taking a train from fremont you can do that but it's going to be delayed. still major delays on the system. and i think a lot of people were holding their breath. a lot of people have been taking the trains because of the super bowl closures.
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let's take a look at some other things. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. and that has been so far not too bad today. and when you get to the san mateo bridge in case you're trying to cross there, this commute looks okay. just to recap. bart is running as normal but it's going to be recovering from major delays. let's go to steve now in the weather center. you want to say that again in case people haven't had a cup of coffee. >> bart is recovering from significant problems on the fremont line. if you take a scheduled train, they'll be delayed this morning. we have a system on the way, it's mainly to the north today. to the south, mostly sunny and mild to warm. i'm splitting the difference. san francisco, oakland, concord north. more clouds south of that, not as many. fog was an issue but not so much today. steven dunlap in fort bragg, no rain yet.
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partly cloudy and 48. the nws says rain at 10 a.m. i'd buy that but there's probably some right now. but the main band is offshore and still has a ways to go. south bay is like -- what are you talking about. it's nice. and it will be. rain will begin to increase in the north. and it's going to take a while to get here. 40s on the temps, a few 30s. 50s for some. and cloud cover will stop the additional cooling. and gilroy says we're 37. scotts valley is in there. cupertino is sleeping in. and 42 in santa cruz. a chill on the coast. clouds continue to roll in and a cloudy, mostly pattern to the north. lots of moisture. and it's going to play into our weather. and over the weekend some much colder air is on the way for sunday to monday. and an active pattern and not a lot of rain out of this unless you're up north. and rain is likely on friday
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for the bay area. heaviest amounts will be north. high clouds yet and mild to the south. turning cloudy slowly and morning sun for a few. and not the north bay. they'll deal with a lot of cloud cover. and mendocino county, lake county or north of santa rosa -- that will increase later on tonight. and mid-60s santa clara valley, down to santa cruz as well. and a cloudy day on saturday and a colder system moves in sunday to monday. >> do you want pam to bundle up today? >> not today. >> i'm taking a break for the heating bill right now. as i said earlier, i was able to open the windows and let some fresh air in and save the heating bill for a few days. and then cranking back up. >> sunday, monday. we're looking at the financial markets of course that have been pretty volatile. a mixed day for the asian financial marketings in their trading session overnight. china's shanghai index suffered
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another big loss dropping 3% for the day. it's now down nearly 50% from the all time high set in june. and now at the lowest level since 2014. the major markets in japan and india were also down. and singapore and hong kong finished with gains. low crude oil prices have been driving the market downward and they are inches upward today. and the opening bell is a little more than an hour from now. financial analysts are giving facebook a big thumbs up. they're 4th quarter revenue was up. facebook released the earnings report after yesterday's closing bell. and facebook stock -- actually, the futures look like it's going to open a little bit lower today. but that company has really made a rebound 'cause people were thinking facebook was headed out. it's gaining popularity once again. time is 5:19 and it's
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affecting pregnant women in south america. and now there's a new concern in the u.s. why the zika virus is creating concern in california.
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5:22. and a day a lot of people remember. today is the 30th anniversary of the space shuttle challenger disaster. that launch had extra attention because one of the mission
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specialists were christa mcauliffe. the shuttle exploded killing all on board. the families of the challenger crew gather for a memorial ceremony. nasa will be paying tribute to the crew of the space shuttle columbia which disintegrated returning to earth in 2003. and the three apollo astronauts who died in 1967. >> i was on the air at that time describing it. i'll never forget it. meantime a senate subcommittee will hold a hearing on how many migrant children in central america have been sent to live with convicted criminals. the department of health and human services relaxed requirements in an effort to get the kids into private homes. the associated press found that two dozen migrant children were sent to homes where they were sexually assaulted, starved, or
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forced to work for little or no pay. the head of the activist group occupying a while life refuge is asking his followers to come out and go home. three members of the group surrendered to authorities. bundy was arrested tuesday night along with seven others in a traffic stop by the fbi during which one of the militia members was killed. after bundy appeared in federal court yesterday his lawyer delivered a message to followers. >> go home and hug your families. this fight is ours for now, in the courts. >> court documents reel the armed group had explosives and night vision goggles and they were prepared to fight. a judge refused to allow bundy and others to be released on bail. there was concern they would go back to the refuge.
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an emergency meeting on monday will be held toed if the zika virus should be an international emergency. it's been linked to birth defects. a dozen cases are confirmed in the u.s. the virus causes some babies to be born with abnormally small heads. doctors say if a mother is bitten later in the pregnancy by an infected mosquito. the baby has better odds of not being affected. >> if she gets infected at 18 or 20 weeks which is a pivotal time for the brain to evolve. that's where you may see the micro receive lee. they recommend that pregnant women do not travel to those places. there's no vaccine or medicine
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to treat the zika virus. san francisco supervisors are due to debate incentives for builders who include more housing for low and mid-income families. according to the examiner, the proposed ordinance would allow projects with five units to skirt the height or density regulations as long as they include 30% below market price units. the paper says the plan would apply to 30,000 pieces of land in san francisco. and could bring 5000 affordable units to the market in 20 years. we're getting information about the killing of a man in the south bay. very disturbing evidence revealed in court documents leading to murder charges against the suspect even though the victim's body still has not been found. >> reporter: suspects were chased through several cities this morning. we'll have the latest on the police investigation and some arrests. good morning. we're looking at the bridge commute. and right now traffic is moving
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along pretty well on the bay bridge getting into san francisco. it's actually a better day than yesterday. we'll give you a look at the toll plaza coming up. changes are on the way and developing up north. no rain yet but there'll be some in the mendocino county area and for us later. and we'll take a look at the south bay which could be pretty warm.
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good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. thursday, january 28th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook.
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thank you for joining us. just about 5:30. steve is here. and we have another fairly nice day i guess. >> for most. northward a lot of clouds. it's the leading edge of what's on the way. >> on the way. tomorrow afternoon? >> tomorrow morning. north bay today. >> okay. >> i'm paying attention. >> we're ready. we have increasing clouds to the north and some rain yet to the south bay a mild day. partly sunny, mostly sunny with mid-60s. and there will be increasing clouds. that was the chamber of commerce day yesterday after the morning clouds and a hint of spring in the air. well, things are changing back. and by sunday and monday here we go again. a little bit of rain towards mendocino county and lake county. the north coast there will be a lot of clouds. there's 30s in the santa clara valley and the santa cruz mountains.
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and 40s with the cloud cover to the north. two forecasts, mostly sunny south. and mostly cloudy with rain to the north. the cloud cover is for everybody tomorrow. and more sun to the south bay. and light rain possible. upper 50s and 60s. mid-60s to the south. all right, sal. we had an issue on bart and that's all taken care of. has there been a delay? there are still delays. there was an issue on backyard. and we had power issues on the tracks between hayward and south hayward. and those problems are gone but there are still delays in the system because it has to get ramped back up. the trains are running and recovering from the major delays. i would say there would be delays but things are looking a lot more like normal. let's go to a the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up now like clock
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work. 5:30 here and the heaterring lights are on and it's backed up to the macarthur maze. interstate880 is not a bad commute. traffic looks good in both directions in oakland. if you're driving in san francisco, you've noticed that the traffic has pretty much been slow all over the city. not just in the financial district. places like van ness and hyde are having more traffic. people who are avoiding the financial district are going out farther. bring your patience. only a couple more weeks of this. let's go back to the desk. >> true, because of the super bowl. a story we've been following since 4:00. an early morning police chase across the south bay ended a short time ago. it did include a ground to air search and three arrests. it appears that officers may not have caught the right suspects. janine de la vega is in sunnyvale to sort out the complicated -- three people arrested for something else and
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still looking for people suspected in a home invasion. >> reporter: that's what it sounds like, pam. we are waiting for police to update us and come out of the station. they haven't yet. here is what we know. i want to go to a map to show you where this all started. before 2:00 the chp starts chases a black suburban. it was reportedly connected to a home invasion. that pursuit ended in east san jose near 680 and jackson avenue. san jose police were called in to help. three suspects in a car got out and ran away. officers were able to track down and arrest all of them with the help of the continuer and a k-9. but police tell us is victim in the sunnyvale case was brought to san jose and when that victim looked at the suspects they told police those were the wrong suspects.
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police still arrested them for evading officers and drugs were found in the suburb. the suburban was towed back to sunnyvale. and there's no active search we know of. we're trying to see if there's a description of outstanding suspects from the sunnyvale case, and we'll stay on top of this because it sounds like this is developing. pam-- >> thank you, janine. very confusing and sounds like they are getting us good information. police in san jose arrested a man for sexually assaulting and killing his girlfriend's 2- year-old son. he is manuel lopez of san jose. he was arrested tuesday, 10 days after the child died. he's been booked on charges of murder and child molestation. there's no information that lopez committed crimes against any other children. we're also learning new, disturbing details about the disappearance and suspected death of kyle myrick in the south bay. police found a severed human
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ear and blood in a vacant building next door to where myrick and the suspect, steve hlebo worked together in san jose. investigators also found blood in his truck. now, he made his first court appearance yesterday and did not enter a plea. he told ktvu in a jailhouse interview he did nothing wrong. myrick's body has not been found. and his family is asking for help to continue the search. >> my family wants everyone to know is what we want is for kyle to come home. any and all volunteers come out and help us bring kyle home. >> hlebo is being held without bail. he's due back in court on february 16th. the former head of the san francisco police officers association is lashing out at the board of supervisors. on tuesday, the board declared a day of remembrance in honor
5:36 am
of mario woods, a stabbing suspect who was shot and killed by police last month. retired inspector -- called it a slap in the face to every police officer. in a post on facebook he called the supervisors buffoons. he said the legislation is quote the most disgusting, idiotic, and pathetic he has seen in 35 years of p.o.a. involvement. and he also said and i'm quoting to honor a street thug who stabbed another african- american is so far over the top i am speechless. and the ultimate blame lies with the voters who put the supervisors in office in the first place. investigators are hoping new surveillance video will help them find four people accused of stealing from a nike store in san jose. it happened on december 20th. the thieves left, carrying several boxes of shoes worth $950. they were seen leaving in a
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bronze hyundai. crime stoppers says any tips leading to their arrest could lead to a cash reward. a big hiring push is on at ac transit. alex savidge joins us with the jobs available. looks like you've been put to work. >> reporter: they are putting me to work. we're inside ac transit's training facility in hayward this morning. i got my air gun going, and i'm getting a lesson from lenny. he's teaching me what it takes to remove giant tires from an ac transit bus. we just pulled off the lug nuts. it's not coming off, lenny. help me. oh, there we go. these two tires are 500 pounds. that's why you have a rack. i'll try not to throw my back out. ac transit is hiring 125 bus operators and mechanics. and that's why we're getting an up close look at what it takes
5:38 am
to be a mechanic inside the training facility. and they're looking for the best and the brightest out there. and in terms of being a mechanic you need to have qualifications. and i want to bring in robert lyles. who are you looking for? >> we're looking for the best, and brightest and folks with great attitudes, particularly for the bus operators. they are the face of the transportation network when they are out on the streets. and we're looking for those who interact with the public incredibly well. 100 bus operators in the next 90 days. and we're looking for candidates who have at least seven years of driving record or a driver's license. you need to have a clean driving record and you need to be able to pass a criminal background check. for the journey level mechanics, a little bit more technically involved. we're looking for focus with four to six years experience.
5:39 am
and we have two tests, a written test and an actual hands on mechanical test. >> and the reason for all of this. the reason ac transit is looking to hire is because you are expanding service. that's big news for riders. >> we are significantly expanding service. it's called the service expansion plan. up to 14% and it goes into effect in june. it means greater frequency, and longer hours of operation, and less transfers. to do that we have to have people behind the wheels of the bus. >> i appreciate that. and the hiring push is underway. folks can go to to apply. and they'll be accepting applications over the next three months, trying to hire bus operators and mechanics so they can expand service. that's the big news. you'll see buses running more
5:40 am
frequently and service will be expanded with extended hours as well. a lot of folks hired in the next few months. >> people are getting jobs, more people are getting buses. what do you think lenny? >> we want to keep you alex. tell them thanks but no thanks. we'll hang onto you for now. alex has all kinds of skills. >> time is 5:40. and 10 days and counting until super bowl l. this may become the most profitable sports event in u.s. history. many events are being held in san francisco. and the south bay is also catching in. >> reporter: when nfl teams arrive at mineta san jose
5:41 am
airport, they'll touch down at a new hanger, part of the $85 million private facility for jets and corporate airplanes. >> super excited. it's a huge deal. and we're able to add this -- a lot of infrastructure for the airport so that we can host even more people coming for the game. >> already, more than 100 reservations booked for private jets a week before the game. >> a 30 second ad on the super bowl is $5 million. we're going to have three hours of play in santa clara. >> reporter: the 4000 hotel rooms are full. and he expects the game will easily pump hundreds of millions of dollars to the south bay alone. and unlike san francisco -- >> we negotiated so that all of our base costs are covered by the host committee. everything is net benefit for santa clara. >> we've had more people that we usually have in two months. >> reporter: the hidden jewel, the gridiron glory exhibit has
5:42 am
seen foot traffic jump from 50 on an average day to 500 people. it features jerseys from past super bowl teams. >> we're getting calls from all over the world, australia -- hey, we're flying in for the game. >> and here at bennigan's, the restaurant hired 20 temporary workers for a three day super bowl party in a tent in the parking lot. >> and that was as net smith reporting. a free community concert will be headlined by the rock band heart. and if everything goes well, the mayor of santa clara may bid to host the super bowl again in five years. >> why not? keep the party going. the nba all star teams continue to shape up. and now we know who will be coaching. coming up at 6:00. the reason it won't be steve kerr or luke walden, despite the warriors having the best record. and a homeowner living on
5:43 am
the edge. the mud slide threatening his house and why the drought may be to blame. all right, well, we're looking at the macarthur maze. and traffic is busy this morning. not as wad as yesterday. and now we're getting word of another problem on bart. it has to do with a power issue. we'll tell you more about what the latest going on there is.
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welcome back. it's 5:45. and tonight an annual march and candlelight vigil for a girl who disappeared in dublin. it's been 27 years since she disappeared while walking home from school. it's believed she was kidnapped. her parents will lead the march and it will end up at saint
5:46 am
remained catholic -- st. raymond catholic church for a prayer service. the drought may have contributed to the mud slide you see here because there was a heavy top layer of dry ground which slid down the hill after recent rains. the contractors are laying tarp and trying to keep future storms from making a bad situation even worse. >> just in time to see the entire hillside and trees just sliding down the hill. and >> reporter: what were you thinking? >> it was the most terrifying thing i had ever seen. >> as an example of the threat and the danger in the area, a contractor surveying the slide on tuesday -- even he got stuck in the mud and had to be rescued by firefighters. more than 20 local transit agencies will share half a
5:47 am
billion dollars to modernize their systems. $97million to muni to replace aging buses and trolleys. bart will receive $67 million for railcars and track upgrades. call train using $52 million towards the plan to replace diesel powered trains with electric vehicles. and ac transit will receive $36 million to replace its aging fleet and by 10 new double decker buses. time is now 5:47. sal, as you come in i have to say thank you. i'm giving you the credit for fixing bart this morning. you took air of the problem quick. >> you should take that back. >> oh, no. it's not fixed. >> there are new problems. it's a power issue. and they fixed the problem between hayward and south hayward. and now there's an issue on the dublin line. earlier this morning we had a power issue between hayward and south hayward. essentially, the track was
5:48 am
dead. and you know, bart is powered by a third rail and the third rail was dead. that's fixed and now we have a problem here in dublin, pleasanton where they are having some power issues. they store trains at the end of the line. and they can't get the trains out. and now the trains are short. they are four car trains. they don't have capacity to get everyone on the train. if you want to get on that train at all. get to the station early. it's not that service is stopped. they can't get the trains out of the yard. sounds complicated. but it might be a tough morning if you take the dublin, pleasanton line trying to get into san francisco. and i'm telling you. we've had a couple of bad days on the system. let's take a look at the macarthur maze. this is a look at westbound 80. it's backed up again. it's backed up around the macarthur maze. so we're seeing the same pattern. people getting into the city early, trying to get over there
5:49 am
and get their stuff done. sometimes it clears up by midday. if up to go to the city and you can go during the middle of the day. that would be slightly better. morning and afternoon not good. let's go to the south bay and the silicon valley commute has not been too bad. the super bowl closures in santa clara county near the stadium have not caused much of an issue. there have been minor delays and it's not anything likes the been in san francisco. 5:49. let's go to steve now. >> sal, i don't want to put you on the spot but are there different rules for the tailgating that will take place, different from a 49ers game? >> there's no tailgating at levi's stadium. >> in the main parking lot. >> that's not allowed. >> you have to go to the off parking lots. >> the off parking lots are following suit not allowing
5:50 am
tailgating either. there are a lot of places to go and get a couple of man sodas before. but there's not going to be any tailgating and i'm glad you brought that up. it's for the security purposes. >> okay. thank you. we do have a little different twist in the forecast for the north versus the south. there's already light rain northward and before we get there. let's take a look at the reservoir levels. shasta continues to go up. 47%. and remember, a lot of these are based on snow melt. oroville being one. 39%, probably 40 soon. the historical average is 60. and folsom is has a 79 historical average. shasta is going to get more rain and it's going to focus its energy there. this is barry in north boulder creek. a beautiful clear and chilly 36 in north boulder creek.
5:51 am
won't be going outside. 66 inside. you need a digital thermometer so you can look in the house. 37 gilroy. 42 saratoga and santa cruz, 42. and we'll get a little bit of rain in fort bragg right now. so we have a ways to go. it's a sign of things to come. the main front is still offshore. mostly sunny south. and molly cloudy north. 39 san ramon. closed for livermore. and they'll eke out an upper 30. 48 ukiah. 40s for sacramento. and truckee is 18. south lake tahoe at 19 and reno is 30 degrees. clouds are increasing and winter storm watches likely friday. today is a good day to travel. there'll be copious amounts on the north coast.
5:52 am
the leading edge of the system is moving in now. cloudy to mostly cloudy to the north. and mostly sunny to the south bay and mild to warm. mid-60s there. upper 50s, low 60s, mendocino county and mountain view, 64. san jose, 65. 67 warm degrees in gilroy. rain is on the way to the north. and friday for everybody. saturday looks cloudy. sunday a colder system moves in. and you'll notice it sunday to monday. everything is ready. >> it's still winter. >> yes, it is. we want more of that. 5:52 is the time. two time cy young award winner tim lincecum is now a free agent. there's one social media site founder who has offered to help the team re-sign him.
5:53 am
5:54 am
great change ?q comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures.
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so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:55. some east bay mud water customers labeled as water wasters may have been wrongly accused and the claims may have been miscalculated. when east bay mud released the list of excessive water users, they based it on a 60 day
5:56 am
billing period. some were actually 120 days making the actual use half of what was reported. >> and we apologize to those customers that did experience the longer billing cycles. east bay mud says even if the list was based on a standard billing period. the majority of water wasters would be over the thousand gallon a day limit. the annual count of homeless people in continue rain chances cost that -- contra costa county -- last year, 3715 were identified in the county. and that information is needed for federal and state funding and also to develop more effective outreach programs. tim lincecum is a free agent. but the cofounder of myspace really wants him to stay with the giants. tom anderson jokes that he
5:57 am
would cover the cost. he tweeted the giants can we keep tim lincecum if i pay for it? hash tag -- he underwent hip surgery in june. the chronicle reports he plans to pitch in a showcase for the major league teams next month. we'll see, pam. there was a police chase through several south bay cities this morning. why three suspects were arrested despite not being connected to the crime they were being chased for. help could be coming to people in pacifica forced out of their homes because of the crumbling cliffside. what congresswoman jackie speier wants the government to do.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. we are live in fremont where there are issues on the bart line. we'll tell you how this will affect your morning commute. >> reporter: a police chase through several south bay cities and an arrest. we're live in sunny skies to tell you about the investigation. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. and thank you for joining us.
6:00 am
it's thursday, january 28th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. thank you for joining us. let's check weather and traffic. steve paulson has things to tell you. >> things are on the way in the form of clouds. we have light rain in mendocino county. it's a sign of things to come. and we have a high surf advisory that starts at 4:00 and goes to 5 p.m. friday. waves 15 to 25 feet. and the first of the system -- there'll be three pieces to it -- is beginning to move into the north. there's been light rain up to the north. the rain gutters in fort bragg are dripping. there's the first sign of rain. looks like it ended. the leading edge is still away but it's a hint of things to come. it's going to take a while to get to other areas. 30s, 40s, and 50s, down on the peninsula it's close. 40 in palo alto. and


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