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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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staff 16 hours to realize the men were missing. the orange county sheriff says they got away in a white gmc savannah van. if you see it call 911. we do have a reporter on this story and stay with us as we gather more details on the case. now that weather -- the latest storm is coming with the high surf advisory. big rains have been battering the coastline in pacifica and that has cause add cliff to give way and forced authorities to tell dozens of people that they had to move out of their apartment complex on the coastline. the high surf advisory will remain in effect until tomorrow morning. >> a gray day on the bay. let's go to bill martin tracking the weather conditions for us. >> it is definitely surf on the coast. the pier comes up to 30 feet and the waves you saw breaking up.
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high surf advisory and rain falling and mostly in the north bay and we got lesser amounts here. oakland 300ths of an inch and .2 in more raggo and almost an inch in mill valley. north of mill valley to the cazadero area an inch-and-a- half. rain and making a mess of the afternoon commute. currently you see the showers really focused on point marina northward out of our area and that is where the heaviest rain is falling. you are getting significant rains up in the lake shasta orville area and that -- those are the prime reservoirs for the state of california. how that goes, even though bay area not getting dumped on the reservoirs getting rain and will continue to get more. this one is winding down as the
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afternoon commute winding down so is the rain. we will dial more weather up for and just know if you are waiting for somebody to get home it may be a slow go with wet roadways. >> we want to show you a look at the traffic conditions on this friday night. the current conditions. the green means traffic is flowing. red means that there is heavy traffic. you see both the areas there red and green. now, we want to show you another picture. a live look at the traffic at the bay bridge plaza. this looks good for friday night at this hour. >> and people making their way in the city and it looks like from what we can see not too bad in that area. >> and this is the san mateo bridge. the headlights are heading eastbound. the commute direction. it looks heavy but pretty much what you would expect on a friday night at 6:02. by the way you keep tabs on el nino with the app that has live radar and forecasts and more
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and it is free to down low. >> we have new details from the f.b.i. early this morning. someone stole three guns and a badge from an f.b.i. vehicle in bamisha. henry joins us with the latest on the investigation. henry. >> julie unbelievable it has happened again. more law enforcement guns in the hands of criminals. this time thevick is the f.b.i. and the general public. the latest thing that happened on mccall drive early this morning. the burglar took two 40 caliber handguns a glock 22 and glock 27 and a 45 caliber handgun. the thief took an f.b.i. badge and credentials and other property be longing to an agent out of the sacramento office. we don't know if the burglar knew it was an f.b.i. vehicle but it was locked and unclear that the guns were in a lock bok or not. authorities are asking residents to check the security camera for evidence.
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there is a $5000 reward. the f.b.i. is not saying that agent could face nissan shuns. i think this comes as a big embarrassment coming a day after agents proudly showed off the command center for the superbowl and said they were prepared for any threats. now it seems like they can't keep their own guns secured. at this point it is the latest in the string of cases. one gun was stolen last year that led to a killing. and the berkeley police chief has loss guns as well. this is another black eye for law enforcement. >> do we know it is unusual for an agent to keep three guns versus one. is it unusual to have three guns in one vehicle. >> it might be. unclear if they are on or off duty and what combination thereof. we know that officer -- the agent may face sanctions but unclear why the guns were not secured anywhere other than the vehicle, julie. >> henry lee live in the
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newsroom. thank you. and we mentioned the kate stiey case and it was a flash point over immigration reform. the man accused of killing kate tylenol wants his case dismissed because he says the judge made approval mistakes. the defendant was charged with second-degree murder for the murder date of stinely. she was 32 and walking with her dad when sanchez lopez allegedly shot and killed her. sanchez lopez was in the country illegally and released from jail in san francisco even though federal immigration authorities wanted him to stay in custody. the sheriff says he was following city policy by not cooperating with federal immigration officials. the case has been continued until march. the field at levi stadium is ready. sky fox 2 flew above the stadium and both end zones in the team's color and the superbowl logo and the sidelines have been picked.
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both teams to arrive sunday at san jose airport. tomorrow at this time thousands will be in san francisco for the start of the superbowl events. superbowl city and the nfl experience at man cone center. >> this is superbowl city. something that has never happened. >> it is exciting. >> crews are putting the finishing touch on the food booths and demonstratings. >> it is a small autonomous robot. >> people can build robots and engage in interactive displays. >> we have a little bit of san jose to superbowl city. >> security will be tight at 4th and howard. that's where the nfl has the mo
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cone center with superbowl ring displays and hall of fame busts. >> seeing actual players live up and personal and on the autograph stage. >> there is obstacle courses for the kids. you can try to pass a pass or kick a field goal or get slimed at the nickelodeon display. i faced off with john suzuki to see who had the better arm. okay. wasn't expecting that. better luck next time, john. later we hit the reality display where fans can experience what it is like to be up close and personal on the field. tickets for the nfl extravaganza can be purchased online. >> tickets are $35 for adults and 25 for kids 12 and under. >> there thereby 9 vince lombardi trophies on display. the cases are empty right now and not coming out until tomorrow so that means you have to come in person to see them. in san francisco, tara
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moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. liberty busy this weekend and going right on through superbowl sunday. we want to let you know you can stay connect with the ktvu app. it will give you the info you need to get around the traffic problems and tell you what the weather is going to be like and it has a list of events and right there at your fingertips. download the ktvu news app and you can find out all of that information. the san diego chargers announced that the team will stay in san diego for the next season and it could stay there for longer than that. the team's chairman says he is working with politicians and business leaders to build a new stadium in san diego. they have a one year option to join the rams and they are keeping the options open. the chargers reached a deal to join the los angeles rams in the stadium in englewood in 2019. if the chargers don't take the option to move then the raiders
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would be able to make the move. investigators found the body of a missing campbell man in the santa cruz mountains. 28-year-old kyle myrick had been missing since last friday. investigators say that his body was found off of jamison creek road near boulder creek. his boss at gp sports says that's near the same area where myrick used to like to mountain bike. last saturday police arrested his coworker steve lebo on the suspicion that he killed him. he denied the accusation earlier this week. new at six. a well-known private social network taking heat from the city of oakland. city officials accused them of racial profiling. john suzuki reports that oakland residents that use the app agree. the diamond district of oakland is a multi-cultural area that long time residents appreciate and not everyone that lives there feel at home.
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>> they feel stereotyped and they feel racially profiled. it is just football coaches a good feeling. >> not the feeling that anybody wants in their neighborhood but that's how some people of color feel because of what they see on the next-door neighbor social network. >> it is anonymous and people use it. hey there is this guy that makes the wrong skin color and i'm scared. and it is people's worse fears that come out. >> and so you do see a lot of it. >> i do see a lot. >> the app is used for all kinds of purposes informing residents of missing pets and upcoming garage sales and suspicious behavior in the neighborhood. >> suspicious character. vehicles. suspicious vehicles. >> invariably the users say the suspicious people are people of color. >> racial profiling is there. >> all too often neighbors will report suspicious behavior and only name race and gender. what they are describing and sometimes it is actually lawful behavior. >> this woman is angry because
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she says next door has not done enough to post information. >> creative form you have to click through and say the person had long hair or short hair. they were dark skinned or light skinned or wearing white tennis shoes or a hat and driving in a red or blue car and there is the suspicious behavior. pulling on every single door handle like the doors on my street. >> the next door officials appeared next week and campbell says they are not as receptive to change as they would like and plans to invite them back and demand they change their policies. in oakland, i'm john suzuki, ktvu news. san francisco police say that a teenager girl escaped her abductees and went to police. two men and a woman from the east bay are under arrest. the teenager walked into the mission police station and told officers she was forced into prostitution. police from the mission station and the department special victims unit quickly
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launched an investigation. she escaped. she had her wits about her. she realized there was a moment of opportunity. and she wanted to take advantage of that moment and went to the police station immediately where we were able to give her protection and make the arrest. >> police have identified the three people arrested. they are 21-year-old randall to haveval and 22-year-old gregory gamble of oakland and 18-year- old kiara franklin an san leandro. the charges involve human trafficking and kidnapping and pimping and pandering as well as conspiracy. the mugshots are not released because this investigation is ongoing. superbowl excitement starting tonight in the south bay. coming up. we will show you more. and part of many text messages. the funny icons known as a mow gee. how one is being used in a campaign to call out an t an
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end to bullying. the same ad agency that created the got milk campaign is taking on bullying. high school reporters and art students met with the creative team behind i am a witness emoji. the symbol was created to point out messages to posts that could be considered bullying. students at the press conference said this was an idea whose time had come. >> they like that they now can partner with other witnesses who don't think bullying is cool and they can stand up with others and fight cyber bullying. >> organizers demonstrate how
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to find the i'm a witness emoji by scrolling through just before the clock icons. the superbowl week is bringing a mix of public and private entertainment to the bay area. today we got a sneak peek at one of the private vi p spaces. the visa credit card company has a lounge over looking superbowl city with views of the bay bridge and the embarcadero. and the lounge is ready for a variety of invitation superbowl week events. >> corporate events and be using it for some entertainment around the superbowl. >> it is a wonderful space. >> the exclusive lounge is locate on the 7th floor. superbowl festivities kick off tonight in the south bay. the caesar chavez plaza has
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transformed. the goal is to leave something lasting for the locals. >> right in the heart of downtown san jose, the plaza for caesar chavez is ready for a week long party. there is superbowl festivities and a mini football field and a beer garden and coffee shop and for those hanging out. there were hammocks and chairs. >> the park is a hub of activities and meeting place for visitors and the plan is that fun won't end when the superbowl does. >> our hope is that what we are putting here much of it can stay afterwards. >> fuel by the knight foundation and adobe and the city of san jose it takes the long view. >> i think it is like cleaning up your house when guests arrive and when they leave it
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looks great. >> there were plenty of projects. san pedo streets will have a pop-up lounge and there is a chance to escape with celebrities and while they don't last executives with the downtown association says the positive exposure for san jose will. >> we are trying to trump it, the attributes of san jose. >> call it a kickoff to downtown improvement and hoping that it goes beyond game week and the improvements your seeing here, the activation and enthusiasm continues. >> they will be paying attention to what is popular and possibly get tried out in other parks as well. if you governing -- going to those events you want to
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know what the weather is. >> today was an ugly day. just never got right. >> wanted to stay inside into. >> it is rare i get that way but it was one those days. drizzling but tomorrow and sunday much nicer. won't be the same at all. you might see sunshine tomorrow and sunday. not a ton but a little bit as the moisture kind of screens onshore. and most of the rain has been up here and the next system that comes in on sunday drops the rain pretty much south of the bay area. the heaviest rain in here today. heaviest rain on sunday will be in here. we fall in between. doesn't mean we will be dry but it does mean that we will avoid the heavy or we should avoid the heavy rainfall accumulations. we could get up to an inch of rain in the north bay and most places a quarter of an inch and .3 and san jose trace amounts
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and a drizzly mess in mo raga and rainfall rates barely coming down. the active storm pattern continues. we had today's system and this sunday's system. you can see how much further south it is. it will come under the bay area and most of the action, tomorrow, most of that action will go to southern california. as you see the system, this is it. if it came into us it will be productive. it will hit perpendicular to the coast and further on latitude and an inch of rain and when drop underneath us. places like san jose will see more rain than san francisco or redwood city. this is a the opposite. radar or computer model says tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon it is like this. not bad. don't change your plans tomorrow. there is that guy. that's the one that comes in underneath and you saw that reverse flow. getting northeast and easterly wind as the low center. it doesn't happen that often.
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this is your tomorrow morning. look at sunday. not bad, right? i hope that transpires because i think that would be a nice little deal. and then on monday, just for selfishly it would be nice to see sunshine. monday a break and then weather next week. the five-day forecast pretty much this thing is over. a few lingering showers in the morning. shouldn't be an issue and maybe a sprinkle in san jose on sunday. so it looks like it will be not overly nice week but as crummy as today was. i think everything will look good for saturday and sunday. good news. it is good news. all right. thank you, bill. the bay area is obviously in full superbowl swing mode. superbowl mode. preparing for the week long activities prior to the game. and the denver broncos getting the last practice before heading to santa clara. time to check with keba like in the newsroom and what
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we are working on for 7. the countdown is on in iowa as the presidential candidates vy for votes with three days left for the caucuses. check the campaign trail and we will talk winners and losers. those stories and all of your top headlines at 7 over on tv
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36. superbowl. what else are when he going to talk about. a week away. all superbowl. >> pretty much it. both teams will arrive in the bay area. sunday afternoon, sunday night and we will focus on the denver broncos. of course it could be the
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storybook ending of peyton manning's career. the denver broncos have the most superbowl losses of anyway. they have lost five of them. you see them working out. if he does retire it would be perfect if they did win, it would be his second, he won with the colts but not ready to officially say he's done. win or lose in the superbowl. bill belichick it is out there, it might be your last rodeo. >> i don't know if it has been confirmed or not. what happens to private conversation on the 50-yard line. they don't exist anymore. no confirmation on that whatsoever. we are on to carolina. >> there you go. not ready to confirm one way or the other. the year is young. 2016 but i have my favorite interview so far. it took place after a women's college basketball game
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wednesday night and wisconsin's coach and her name is bobby kelsey. not happy with her team's performance and she made a statement about the youth of today. you got to hear the post-game's comments. >> i am sure she didn't wake up and say going to be good shooters. you got if get your butt in the gym. seth curry saw you that. i saw him in high school, he looked like a two-year-old but he could shoot. and what did he do, he kept shooting so if you get it on the pillowcase it ain't going to happen. you can't nap your way to being a great shooter. you need to put the phone down and stop face timing and tweeting and get your butt in the gym. absolutely love that. i love that. >> they have heard me say that a few times. >> can you come to my house? >> no question. i think we are all dealing with that. >> we got to get to breaking news. we want to let you know that
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two escaped inmates from southern california are now believed to be in san jose. coming up on tv 36 and on the 10:00 news right here on fox 2, we will have the latest on that search and what led authorities to the south bay. we have a reporter gathering more information. we will be back with more at seven and ten. have a great night.
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