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tv   KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition  FOX  January 30, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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there are many kids and families around. >> inmates who broke out of jail in southern california are hiding out in the bay area it is believed. big super bowl attractions will open in san francisco today. what fans can see and experience . we are counting down to the first vote of the year. the iowa caucuses are two days away. candidates are making their final pitches to the undecided voters. ross palombo is on
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special assignment this weekend. >> he's at the center of the political world. let's go to ross live in des moines. >> reporter: as you say this is the center of the political world this morning. all the major candidates are here crisscrossing the state and even donald trump who was campaigning in new hampshire yesterday is back in iowa this morning. we see where he is going to be. i think he has nine stops in one day as all the major candidates do. bill and hillary clinton back together again campaigning together. nearly half of -- 30% of iowa voters are still undecided. it's amazing these final few hours really counts. it's the final push. we have live coverage all morning long. in the bay area
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it's the final countdown to super bowl 50. and of course the all-important forecast coming up next. the temperature here in des moines iowa is 34 degrees. whatever you have on tap in the bay area i'm sure it's warmer and better than this. >> no wonder you are so awake. >> we check back in with you later. not as cold here. it feels mild outside. >> you are right. we have wet weather remaining in the forecast but we are mainly dry through the afternoon. if you're going out to super bowl city we have a nice start to the day. tracking a little shower activity but the system is winding down and this afternoon we will be in and out of clouds
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with only a slight chance of a few sprinkles. northbay first. light rain falling now. from the coast into petaluma in santa rosa. to the east we might have around napa and to the north vacaville light rain. mostly dry conditions on the east bay. peninsula mainly dry. a little in the santa cruz mountains into san jose. into the sierra we have an advisory in place with snow falling until 10 am. that means along i 80 you could find some wintry travel. let's look at futurecast. in and out of clouds we see a few breaks.
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and probably some sunshine today. at 4 pm still some moisture lingering but don't think it will be much. we could have a few scattered showers but that's going to be it's. temperatures will be cooler this afternoon. the full forecast coming up. new this morning the usgs recorded a swarm of earthquakes around lafayette's. they were very small but they detected eight quakes from 10:54 until to death 20 this morning. if you woke up thinking what is that? it was not in your mind. seismic activity included 2.4 got to put zero and 1.6. no report of any damage. we are eight days away from super bowl 50. let's look at the san francisco nfl experience at the moscone center. is interactive theme park where
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fans of all ages can celebrate the nfl and the history of the game. we're out there this morning. how are things looking? >> reporter: things are quiet. it doesn't open until the 10 am. but we're giving you guys a look around we're in the nfl experience in this attraction is has taken over fourth and howard street. where we are standing is normally the middle of howard street. marley there would be cars driving through here but they have transformed it into a major football field. this is where fans coming in can test some of their skills. they have three cone drills a broad drum -- jump and test the times against the pros. this is one of the attractions. there are 2 other halls full of other events. nfl super bowl paraphenalia and hall of fame information.
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. nothing is open until 10 am and we cannot get inside the home. but they have many things in store for fans coming by today. the big event at 10 am a fedex truck will pull up with the lombardi trophy. three-time super bowl champion and former 49er roger craig will help bring it into one of the halls or it will be on display for the next week. at noon former 49er and simple champion joe montana will be signing autographs for fans and there is some stuff to do if you are not exactly the biggest football fan. say you prefer to find out more about fashion or custom- designed. they will have costumes from some of the iconic super bowl halftime shows on display. it's a big event for people who love football or the other
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fanfare surrounding the game. it kicks off at 10 am this morning. if you're not into the teams this is a way to get into the fun. how often to the super bowl come to your city? it's a good way to enjoy. it has taken over the entire neighborhood. another big super bowl attraction opens today in san francisco. thousands of people will visit super bowl city and justin herman plaza along the embarcadero. player appearances and interactive games to celebrate super bowl 50. there will also be a a may sees fireworks show later tonight. >> i'm looking forward to having a good time. i've never experienced anything like this. i want to see what it's all about. >> i'm excited for the atmosphere. and the energy. >> it should be fun. super bowl city is free and
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will open until february 7. chris isaak is scheduled to perform tonight and alicia keyes will perform next saturday at the super bowl eve concert. a protected scheduled for the grand opening for super bowl city. protesters say they are there to the mystery against the police shooting death of mario woods. that will start at 11 am at union square. processors will march to the grand opening of market street. it's one of several protest planned during super bowl week. san jose kicks off its super bowl celebrations. a weeklong festivities will hurt in the cesar chavez plaza. a beer garden hammocks and a stage for live music. many of these improvements will stay long after the big game is over. >> all of our hopes are that this will be permanent. that what we are putting your now much of it can stay afterwards >> it's a cleaning up your
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house when guests arrive. it's all great but once they are gone it still looks great. >> the project was funded by the knight foundation. the city says that the improvements are well received this week similar change could also be made at other parts. the light show on the bay bridge will be turned on tonight as part of the super bowl celebrations. a free ceremony and fireworks show on the embarcadero starting at seven at 25 tonight. the light display was supposed to be temporary and will last year to allow caltrans to do bridgework but the lights will be turned back on permanently thanks to a fundraising effort. for everything related to super bowl 50 go to our website we have a list of events links to buy tickets and traffic information. in developing news a manhunt is underway in south bay for fugitives who broke out of the orange county jail. 20-year-old jonathan tieu and
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hossein nayeri along with bac duong. he first returned orange county with coming to the bay area with other scabies and stated the alameda hotel in san jose. >> it was scary. there are kids around here and families. it's of little creepy. >> we did show among shot to the hotel guest he said they recognized the men. she said they stayed in room 14 but that he had shaved his head. the hotel owner confirmed the fugitive stayed at the room for a few days but left thursday. he's accused of kidnapping and torture while tieu is waiting for retrial for murder. they stole a white van is be in the south bay or fresno. three gun stolen from a federal agent car indonesia but that's not all that was taken. the other valuables the thief stole and what investigators
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are asking for from the public. a san francisco home on the verge of signing downhill a stolen down -- torn down.
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happy saturday. we have a live look outdoors. a mix of sun and clouds with a few lingering showers. a fairly nice weekend in store. details coming up. crews have demolished a home and 10 fransisco that was starting to slide downhill. but now they are concerned about other nearby homes. a neighbor noticed the driveway separating from the sidewalk on monday and called the city. the home was not safe and needed to be demolished
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immediately. the owner just bought it four months ago and was planning to move in after the remodeling. 4 other homes near his have also been tagged by the city. >> unfortunately our home has been demolished but is it the canary in the coal mine for a much larger issue? we have to find the cause. the water issue is causing this. >> reporter: neighbors say they been told to have their homes inspected within the next few days. the rain always plays a factor in sliding hills. but we are getting a break >> with a high surf advisory yesterday and that has expired. which is also great news. hartley cloudy skies today. here comes the sun. we have a mix of sun and clouds saturday. a second system will move in sunday but that looks to hit areas south of the bay area. let's get back to storm tracker.
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in the north bay we continue to see light scattered showers. some stretch from sonoma to napa. along i-80 we have some light rain there. to the east bay we see light rain along i-80. in livermore and tracy. south bay mainly dry even santa cruz mountains mainly dry. they think about 1 inch of rain. of portions of the north bay we saw these at rain but most of us salt 1/4 inch or less. as we get into the sierra we continue with an advisory until 10 am this morning. if you're going to the slopes they have a little bit of snow falling along i-80 and highway 50. was the plume of moisture that streams right over the bay area . this will shift south and
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that's what the next storm looks like it could miss most of us. futurecast into 7 pm partly cloudy skies in and out all day. a few sprinkles. we are mainly dry but the moisture does not go away completely. tomorrow morning there is the line of rain to the south of us. even south of monterey. we have the possibility of some scattered showers tomorrow but this could shift. it could move further north but now it was ugly have a mainly dry day and a breezy day sunday. 51 degrees san francisco. 48 walnut creek. today the mix of sun and clouds with a chance of light sprinkle. 57 oakland. 58 mountain view. the extended forecast a chance for showers sunday but it's not likely unless the models change. we will be breezy and dry monday and next chance for rain will be tuesday night into
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wednesday. download the free ktvu weather app for the latest on conditions in the bay area. it has live radar updated forecast and more. the iowa caucus is on monday. all eyes on the heartland this weekend. ross palombo has been and wind sends wednesday -- in the morning -- in des moines iowa since wednesday. every candidate is picking up speed as they start running out of time. >> reporter: that's right. every major candidate is in the state today crisscrossing the state. and bill and hillary clinton are together again on stage last night. they will be together now through the caucuses coming up on monday. hillary clinton saying that we need to focus on the economy and should not return to the policies of the past. bill speaking about his wife in
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loving terms. listen. >> if what i've seen for 45 years his she has never touched a thing she did not make better. and when you are president, there will be great days. it will be a great day. a great date when she brings all americans into american prosperity. it will be a great day when we get to 90% to ensuring 100% of us we get the drug crisis down and healthcare costs down. >> reporter: they will be campaigning together throughout the weekend up until the caucuses open on monday. all this is happening in the enough scandal is picking up steam. just yesterday the state department says 22 emails of
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hillary clinton's contained classified data and will not be released. the ap is reporting seven of the mills had top-secret information. hillary clinton says that none of the emails were classified when she sends them out. she his battling that scandal once again. joining us live is doctor ben carson. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: what you think about the enough scandal? >> what i would say is that here is a woman who first lady for eight years and around the white house a lot. the us senator and secretary of state. she doesn't have the judgment to understand what this classified and what is not what things should possibly be put into place where they could be compromised and what things should not. if you're going to take someone who lacks judgment and cannot even understand to this day that that was the wrong thing to do, how in the world do you
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not give that person the keys to everything? >> all the polling showing the democratic base is not that interested in this issue. it's primarily a republican issue. was a factor at all in the iowa primary? i was be a growing problem we finally get to the general election? >> i guess the question is what is happening to our society when integrity and honesty and judgment is no longer a quality they look for in their leader. we really need to do some self- examination if in fact -- i don't care what you are in terms of political affiliation. those things don't matter to you that you need to do some soul-searching. >> reporter: let's talk about you seeking the gop nomination. the last poll released on friday showed donald trump 10 points ahead and ted cruz at 31 -- 10 crews at 21 anywhere down to 9%. what do the poll numbers say?
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is that realistically what iowans are thinking? >> i suspect many people are still trying to decide what they're going to do. i'm certainly seeing a lot of shifting in the public events we are doing people coming up and saying i have changed my mind. because a lot of what they thought before was a per trail that was given to them by media or by political people. who have different agendas. i must say if i listen to some us up this about me. >> you're all about the ground game and meeting iowans face-to- face and shaking hands. are those your plans for the weekend? >> yes we will continue to do that. we've been doing it for the last couple of weeks. and also remember when the polls are done they tend to pull likely voters and other people we see are not people who've been involved in the process of pulling. >> reporter: if you were still
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in the race and you intend to be through the primary, what do you believe your appeal is to bay area voters? >> i believe bay area voters should be like everyone else. people have lost faith in our government. almost to the point where we expect dishonesty. we need to remove that. we need also to show people that accomplishment is what leads to a good leader. i encourage people to look back at the lives of everyone who is running and see what they have accomplished against what i have an outside what kind of leader they will be. >> reporter: i know you you of my stops today. thank you for joining us. that is the latest from des moines iowa. of all the major candidate doctor ben carson heading to an event now. we will be here all morning to bring you the latest. this
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el niño is bringing plenty of rainfall to the bay area. coming up why that is making things more challenging for all the people who are here for super bowl 50. time for our pet of the day. look at that face. this is jelly belly. she's a four-year-old pitbull terrier mix who is people centered. you can meet jelly belly at the contra costa animal services.
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a federal judge has denied bond for three men accused in the armed standoff at a wildlife refuge in oregon. the judge says ammon bundy and the others are all a danger to the public. she will only let them go if the standoff comes to an end. now for people are still
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occupying the wildlife refuge. his lawyer says his client is not associate the remaining group and one protester says they will only leave after all the defendants are pardons. dozens of tenants in oakland apartment building have until tomorrow to move out they are not happy. the city protect their building earlier this week saying it was unsafe to live in. they cited several violations including illegal wiring unprinted stairs now fire alarms and inadequate exits. property manager say they want to bring the building up to code but tenants say they do not want to leave while the improvements are being made. >> if it was really bad dyer, why did you let us live here all of 2015 and then now we've got to get out? >> i'm not the only one who feels that way. we put a lot of time and effort into building what they have and this is their home. >> an attorney for the building manager says the tenants will be allowed to come back after
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the work is done but the tenants say they are worried the rents will go up and they won't be able to afford to move back. san francisco police say a teenage girl kidnapped and forced into prostitution managed to escape and went straight to the police. she walked into the mission police station is to morning and told officers where her kidnappers work. police quickly launched an investigation. two men and woman were arrested. police of lisa the names of the three people arrested they are randall snowball, -- snowball, gregory campbell and carol franklin. the charges involve human trafficking kidnapping pimping and child endangerment. the raiders in the mix for a possible move out of oakland. the other cities where the could relocate. we're a days away from the super bowl but the attractions and events are hoping this morning to the public.
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the story coming up.
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presidential hopefuls from both parties are crisscrossing iowa this week. the iowa caucus is on monday, of course, and as usual, turnout will be key. >> and ross polombo is live on a special assignment.
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he normally would be this right here, but he is busy at the center political world in des moines. ross, i would imagine a very, very busy day for candidates trying to pack everything they can into meet and greet and all sorts of stuff as time runs out for them in iowa. >> reporter: that's right. good morning, claudine and good morning, rosemary. crazy time here, down to the wire, all major candidates there crisscrossing the state. it is really all about meeting voters here. that's what works in iowa, about the ground game, shaking their hands, looking at them in the eye and telling them what you believe in. today, e-mails continue to plague hillary clinton. we interviewed dr. ben carson. he says that's a matter of judgment. does she have the judgment to be a president. no doubt that all the candidates will be talking about that. we'll have more on that and catching up with all the
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republicans coming up. back to you now because the countdown is on to super bowl 50 and we have the all- important forecast. as i've been telling you, rosemary, 34 degrees when we first got out here this morning in des moines, iowa. i think it's warmed up to probably 35 degrees. >> yeah, oh, man. >> down right balmy. put your jacket. >> looking at the weather, it looks pretty. but there is a pretty big storm expected to move into iowa looks like it will just miss monday night. it will move in late monday into tuesday. we'll track that between now and then. >> reporter: well, yeah. as you know, weather is key in almost anything we do, specifically here for the iowa caucuses. if it's too cold or too much snow, that's a low turnout. iowans are used to rough weather. they can deal with a few inches. the weather is good and everyone is praying it holds. >> thanks so much, ross.
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we'll check back in with you at 7:45. let's talk about the weather here. really can't complain when you are talking about 35 degrees overnight. a mild start. >> yes. >> we'll get a break from the rain. >> yes, we'll get a break from the rain. models said that we'll get quite a bit of rain for things leading into the super bowl. those have backed off quite a bit which we know we need the rain. you know, for spokes visiting and want to be out at super bowl city, we have some nice weather in between. we showed you that picture of san jose. most of us are waking up to partly to mostly cloudy skies. from the radar, we are still lingering with a few showers. we'll get into the north bay where we had a few scattered showers, stretching from snowman to napa. in and along i-80, if you do have a morning drive between fairfield and vacaville. in we have a little bit of
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sprinkle activity here. some of that drizzle and light rain, not even being picked up on radar. it falls below the radar. it is impossible to tell if you have a few sprinkles going on, maybe on the west edge of san francisco, not seeing it. it is likely that we have a little bit of drizzle out there in some areas this morning. here is a look at the sierra. that rain-snow mix line right around kyber. we do having that on in the morning. there is a winter storm morning that will remain into effect. you'll find a little bit of slick roadways going on as we get through the morning hours. and then it will begin to taper off as well. in and out of the clouds. they don't go away completely. nor does the moisture go away completely. but they will be dry. a few bits of sunshine in and out of the day. in the syria, it will begin to take off into the afternoons. temperatures cooler than where we started. we'll land a little bit cooler
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as well. i'll have a look at the numbers today and a peek at the forecast we are just hours away from the opening of two of san francisco's big super bowl attraction. you have super bowl city at justin hermann plaza and the nfl experience at moscone center. we sent allie rasmus to the nfl experience. give us a preview because it's not open yet. >> right. it opens at 10:00 to the public. they are getting things ready right now. organizers want people to document, take pictures of their nfl experience. there are props like the football helmet here, the giant football helmet at fourth and howard, completely taken over by the nfl experience. they have 16 helmets out here. the rest of the teams in the nfl are on the other side of the field. the nfl experience has taken the area around the moscone
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center. the attraction is one of the events or one of the things that fans are looking forward to. this will open to the public until 10:00. we are not allowed into the hall yet, but inside, there are a lot of displays and activities for football fans and kids as well. we'll show you some of that video that we have a preview inside the nfl experience today. they have super bowl rings and other paraphernalia on display. fans can test their football skills against the pros on led screens. they have a quarterback challenge. another big event is the kickoff of this nfl experience. 10:00, they'll bring in the lombardi trophy. and roger craig will hold it. and joe montana, four-time super bowl champ, beloved 49er, will sign autographs here. later on this morning, we will
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be allowed and be talking to someone at the nfl experience shop. one of the things that they are selling, designer super bowl 50 footballs and a super bowl 50 cap that is apparently guilded in 18 carrat gold, supposedly the most expensive nfl cap. hopefully we'll take a look at that. >> that sound awesome, allie. tell me about getting in and around. we have been talking about getting to super bowl city and all these places. you are on what was a street even though it is now filled with helmets. >> you can't even see the markings on the road. this was a functioning street as of maybe 48 hours ago when they shut it all down. but, yes, your best bet, coming down here, is to take public transportation, take b.a.r.t., of course. the montgomery b.a.r.t. stop is two or three blocks
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away. good luck finding parking here. we had a hard time finding parking. there is parking limited even for the media here. take public transit. >> that says a lot if you can't find a space, being in the media and before the event starts. take public transportation. thanks, allie. the future of the oakland raiders could rest in the hands of another team, the san diego chargers. they have announced a deal to play with the rams in los angeles. however, they are staying in san diego in 2016 in the hopes of reaching a deal to build a stadium. if the chargers head to l.a., the raiders could relocate to san diego. another city in the mix could be las vegas. the sand casino corporation tweeted a photo of raiders mark davis treating with billionaire
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sheldon adelson. he talked about building a stadium near the university of las vegas, which could be used by the university teams as well. as you might expect, this is bothering the fans here. >> are you kidding me? al davis did it to loyal fans. fans. >> the alameda county officials will hold a meeting to discuss the future. a man grabbed an 11-year- old girl on wednesday night, made lewd comments and then tried to pull her into a car. it all happened outside of a business on petaluma hill road. the girl did manage to get away and she describes him as light skinned, possibly latino, 5'10". he may be driving a black honda
7:40 am
civic modified for racing. there is a $5000 reward to find out who broke into an fbi agent's car and stole three guns. that happened friday morning. the thieves took everything of value in the car, including an fbi badge, credentials and three handguns. >> no officer at all wants to have their gun taken away. also be used in the future in a crime. this is horrendous to think that. that's a guilt that somebody has to live with for the rest of their lives. >> investigators are asking residents in the area to check their security cameras. the fbi won't reveal if the ain't will be disciplined but this is the latest in a string of cases in which guns belonging to local state for federal officers were stolen from their car. congress woman barbara lee is hosting a town hall meeting to talk about gun violence. she is expected to cover gun
7:41 am
control efforts on both the federal and local levels. today's town hall is set at 1:00 at the taylor memorial united methodist church in oakland also today, there is a dedication ceremony for a middle school named after a late japanese american civil rights leader. members of the contra costa unified school district voted unanimously to rename a school to fred t. komatsu. he spoke out against the internment of japanese americans during world war ii. this among's ceremony was set at ten and there is going to be a celebration dinner tonight. we are getting closer to the return of a celebrated art installation on the bay bridge. why the thousands of lights on the bridge will be able to stay in place for good. also. >> i did something that was re risky and i think that turned out great. >> risky but donald trump is pretty happy with the decision.
7:42 am
we'll check in with ross polombo in iowa following all these presidential candidates.
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oh, my. a picture perfect day on this saturday morning giving you a view there of the golden gate bridge, alcatraz. a few puffy crowds there. the system that brought you the light rain and drizzle out of the area. we do have a second system moving in for sunday but looks like it may actually miss the bay area. i'll have details on your weekend coming up. well, the bay area got another round of rain. it just so happens this el niño rainfall is coinciding with a lot of tourists expected for the super bowl 50 festivities.
7:45 am
there are many downtown detours in san francisco. >> there are going to be a lot of out-of-towners who may not be familiar with the area. >> police are urging drivers to be patient and with low visibility, they say do not forget to turn those headlight on and be sure to pay extra attention to track. traffic a concern around counsel down san francisco throughout the next week. allie told you about the nfl experience and super bowl city along the embarcadero. what is the best way to navigate through this maze of football fever? here is ktvu's sal castenada with his super bowl traffic strategy. >> reporter: i'm sal castenada. here are some of the super bowl strategies that i have for this next week. starting this week and going
7:46 am
into next week, we'll have super bowl city here at the foot of her justin hermann plaza. some of the other streets where you can cross market are drummond and davis. those might be delayed here. battery street is a good place to cross if you happen to be in the area. but that's very congested. one of the things that i suggest is to go up to vanness or hyde if you want to stay away from the area and avoid super bowl city. the best way to get down to this area is b.a.r.t. the embarcadero b.a.r.t. station drops you off right there. if you are coming to the city and don't want to be a part of the crowd, go to the embarcadero station on powell street stations and avoid the crowd. bring your walking shoes if you want to park at the fifth and mission grabbing. you want to walk down a few
7:47 am
blocks. go to our website for more on my super bowl strategies and click on the traffic tab. >> he is always there for us. >> always there. >> how to get in and around. and the weather, you know, i'm sure they are pretty happy about, you know, having some sunshine for the opening of super bowl city. >> right. >> and i'm like, okay, so, you know, we have some rain coming, we are more prepared. we are prepared, yes. >> have the rain gear. >> like you said, we are looking good. a week ago, looked like we were going to be west leading into the super bowl, now, we are trending quite dry. we still do have a few chances in the mix. let's take a look at beautiful view of san francisco. waking up to partly cloudy skies. last bit of moisture moving through the area on this way to the sierra. if you are on your way to the sierra, be prepared. snow is still falling along highway 50 along with i-80 but that's a gorgeous shot.
7:48 am
wow. temperatures cooler because of the clearing skies. 57 santa rosa, low 50s in oakland. san jose at 52. as we get into the afternoon, we'll remain between the sun and the clouds and the chance for just a few sprinkles. a look at storm tracker 2. you can see we still have some of it dancing around. heading to the north bay, tracking a little bit right along i-80, fairfield and vacaville. east bay, continuing with a few scattered showers. heading east of livermore, you'll find some there. diddiablo range, some scattered showers. showers will continue over tahoe and if you are just joining us, there is actually a winter storm warning in place for the next few hours that will expire at 10:00. the next system moves in early sunday morning. if you look at the future cast model, you have to look south
7:49 am
of monterey to see that rain. looks like it's going to pretty much miss us. we'll leave scattered showers for the forecast. going to be breezy but we could be mainly dry. we'll keep tracking it for you because it could shift as it gets closer. here is a look at the afternoon highs. redwood city, morgan hill, 55 santa rosa. extended forecast, chances for showers tomorrow. i showed you what we could be looking at as we head into monday. next chance for rain moves in tuesday night, could linger into wednesday. could be cool, though, mid- to upper 50s. >> can't really complain about that. >> nope. >> thanks, rosemary. turning now to the race for the white house. the first major test of the 2016 presidential campaign is monday in iowa. mykoamy coanchor ross polombo is there. he went to the gop debate. you have great weather, even though it's cold.
7:50 am
makes it easier for the candidates to be in and around des moines, right? >> they needed to be easy because all the major candidates will be here making multiple stops. front runner donald trump will be returning to the hawkeye state. he was in new hampshire. he was still out with the controversial comments, though, at this event. he called ted cruz, quote, an anchor baby in canada. he says his poll numbers have gone up by skipping the debate here in des moines on thursday. >> i did something that was very risky and i think it turned out great because i am in the front page of every paper. i'm getting more publicity than if i -- you know. >> reporter: ted cruz spent the day campaigning in rural iowa in the northwest part of the state. he reiterated that, as president, he would rescind every, quote, illegal exec give action taken by president
7:51 am
obama. he will investigate planned parenthood also. >> he is entrusted the department of justice and the irs. and every other federal agency for the persecution of religious liberty today. >> marco rubio also on the campaign trail. he took a stab at sanctuary cities like san francisco saying they would lose federal funding if he were president. he also spoke out about immigration, the very issue of amnesty that he has been accused of flip flopping on. all of this is happening as a new poll came out saying that donald trump is still on top and his lead is widening. he has 312% of the vote, cruz 21 and rubio 10%, claudine. so when it comes to the gop
7:52 am
candidates, the polling is showing that donald trump is still outpacing them. in fact, his lead is we had inning. coming up in a few minutes, we'll check in with all the democratic candidates. we'll tell you where they have opinion and where they'll go. >> interesting to watch all the polling that's coming in and the momentum, ross. i wonder how many candidates are actually -- you talk about the crisscrossing the state and trying to get in and around the places. how many candidates do you know are in des moines? are they, you know -- what does the schedule look like on a bail basis today and tomorrow? >> you know, the candidates actually tend to fan out more in the rural areas. we have 99 counties here in iowa ted cruz, for example, has been to each and every one of them. the campaigning here in iowa is different than other parts of the country because of the caucusing system they have here. the candidates really try to go out and meet every single one
7:53 am
of them, shake every hand and look at them in the eye. this is the tried and true way to win here. that's why we have seen candidates who have done poorly in the poll like rick sand rum who got the gop win during the last cycle. there are some prices here. you don't know what is happening on the ground. the polling is not accurate. the polling is less accurate for republicans than democrats. good looking at the poll numbers but it is more important to follow them where they are going to see exactly how good maybe the ground game is. >> reallying from. >> we'll check back with you, ross. new studies on the benefits of breast feeding. why everyone should pay attention to the latest finding. but, first. >> i guess you are telling something about your age when you say you remember super bowl i which was not even called the super bowl. it was called the a ffl-nfl
7:54 am
championship game. which i remember going to my neighbor's house and watching on their black and white television. yes, i'm that old. >> that's fun to listen to joe fonzi there. stay with us. we'll be right back.
7:55 am
7:56 am
the deadline to sign up for health insurance under cover california has been extended but only for people who start the process by to. thousands of people have flooded the website over the past few days to sign up before that window closes. if you already have start that had process or made an apipe. to get help by tomorrow, you will now have until next saturday to finish. people without insurance will face tax penalties there is new evidence suggesting that breast feeding could be saving child death by 8000 per year. there would be a 30% decrease in the number of deaths for children under the age of two.
7:57 am
researchers also found that increasing breast feeding would reduce health care costs by more than $300 million in the u.s. each year. the findings are published in the lancet medical journal. thanks to a lot of help, the snack bars around the cal ripken fremont baseball field is almost ready for the season vandals broke in and trashed the snack bar, stealing equipment from the store shed. members of the community pitched in and donations for equipment foamed. and the san francisco giants donated a signed posey jersey to be auctioned off. the ashes of david bowie will be scattered along the
7:58 am
indonesia island of balli. crews are ready to welcome tens of thousands of fans coming to the super bowl. we'll talk about how the area will benefit long after the big game is over.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
it's scary. there are a lot of little kids down here, a lot of families down here. we were just down here. it's a little creepy. a man hunt underway for two escaped inmates recently seen in the area. and take a look. these are official super bowl footballs but not the kinds that will be tossed on the field. take a look. super bowl 50 right around the corner but festivities are
8:01 am
taking off today. this is not video of super bowl 50, however. this is video of iowa and we're going to be talking about that and how busy things are as they approach the caucus on monday. we, of course, are counting down to the first of the year for the rest for president. the caucus is just two days away. candidates are making their final pitches to these undecided voters. >> yes good morning to you. we are live this morning in iowa with ross polombo joining us with all the events going on there this morning. hi, ross >> reporter: good morning, rosemary, good morning, claudine. there are two countdowns here, countdown to the first vote of the 2016 presidential elections all the candidates are here. bill and hillary clinton are together again campaigning now together at every event coming up through the caucuses. there is still the question
8:02 am
over her e-mails. new information on that. and then coming up in a few moments, we'll talk about a fox news anchor martha mccallum on what the latest reaction has been coming out of the state department. we'll talk about where all the democrats have been. i know you want to get back to super bowl 50 and that all- important forecast. we have been doing the temperature for you here this morning in iowa. started at 34 degrees. now, rosemary, up to 37.5. >> 37.5. >> it's going up. going in the right direction. >> the sun is coming up. >> thanks, ross. he mentioned the cold temperatures there. >> yes. >> that's pretty mild here and people going down toexperience, they are happy. yes. some sunshine, scattered showers but that's not going to impact our day as we get -- >> oh, great. >> speaking of the devil, a
8:03 am
live look over moscone center in san francisco where we have excitement building. super bowl excitement going on. i think you will have some sunshine there. we do have just a very, very slight chance of a few lingering showers as this moist moisture continues to flow across the bay area. take a look at storm tracker here. it's going to be cloudy, a few scattered showers. i have to throw in a few scattered showers. i have to throw that in there because if it does happen, i'll hear from somebody, rosemary, you didn't say it was going to rain. east of livermore at this point. and in the sierra, it continues as well with a winter storm warning for highway 50 as well as i-80 lasting until 10:00 this morning. we are looking at mainly dry
8:04 am
weather. in and out of the clouds. another system will move in for your sunday. but at this point, looks like it's going to miss the bay area. i'll show you that with the future cast model. more coming up. >> all right. sounds good we are just eight days away from super bowl 50. experience underway at moscone center. fans can interact. allie rasmus is there with the preview of what people can expect. you moved locations, giving us a little inside look? >> reporter: right. as part of the nfl experience, i something called the nfl shop. we got to get inside a little early. as soon as i walked in the door, claudine, i'll show you what caught my eye. these footballs have a lot of bling. these are official designer footballs. there is one signed by avadia
8:05 am
sun, one designed by nicole miller. these will be auctioned off for some nfl charities. chris terranova is with the nfl. how much are they going for? >> it is for charity. they can go for various prices. >> one of them, you said, is already up to five grand. >> most definitely. being that they are designed by fashion designers lawout the country, they are going for a pretty penny. >> yoo what's the idea behind it? benefit charity? >> most definitely. we are raising money for the nfl charity foundation. >> reporter: one thing we should mention to folks out there, nfl experience is a paid event. you have to pay $25 or $35 to get into most events but this nfl fan shop is free.
8:06 am
there is a line of people trying to get through >> stories open from 10:00 to 10:00 from today to saturday. that's a four-game day. the nfl shop at zoo world presented -- these things are free. roger craig to david carr will be here. at noon, we'll have joe montana for a free autograph signing. >> you guys are prepping over there. joe montana is going to be at that stage over there. one thing we mentioned earlier is the 18 carrat gold guilded nfl cap that you're going to be selling here. we can't see them here but how much do they go for? >> they go for $1500. and we put that together because we knew that the super bowl was coming here to san francisco and we made some really high-end items. >> if you want any of those
8:07 am
knitted caps, you have to shell out about $1500. >> or you can just buy them for us because you like us so much. >> or we can just look at them. >> 1500-dollar cap, $5000 footballs. really, very high end event there. maybe you can get me a t-shirt. >> very high priced tag. >> thanks so much, allie. another big super bowl attraction also opens today in san francisco. thousands of people are expected to visit super bowl city. that's over in justin hermann plaza and all along the embarcadero. there are going to be live concerts, player appearances and interactative games there as well to celebrate super bowl 50. there will also be a macy's fire work show later tonight. >> i'm looking forward to having a good time. i never experienced anything like this. so i just want to see what it's all about. >> i'm excited to feel the energy. >> it should be a lot of fun. super bowl city is free. it is going to be open until
8:08 am
february 7th. singer chris izaak is scheduled to performing tonight and alicia key is supposed to perform next week. there is now a mini football field, a beer garden, hammock. >> all of our hopes is that this is actually permanent. what we are putting here now, much of it can stay afterward. >> i think it's like cleaning up your house when guests arrive. it's all great but once they're gone, it still looks great. >> the project was founded by the knight foundation and the city of san jose. if the improvements are well received this week, similar changes could also be made at other parks. the light show on the bay bridge will be turned back on overnight as part of the super bowl celebrations. there will be a free ceremony and fireworks show along the
8:09 am
embarcadero starting at 7:25 tonight. the light display was supposed to be temporary. it was removed last career to allow cal tran to dobridge work but it was put back on thanks to a fundraising effort and the manhunt for two escape inmates from southern california still underway. jonathan tieu and nayeri escaped. bac duong turned himself in after escaping with the other two inmates. >> this is creepy. >> we showed mug shots to a clerk who stayed at room 14 but
8:10 am
that nayeri shaved his head. the fugitives stayed on tuesday but left on thursday. nayeri is accused much kidnapping and torture while tieu is awaiting trial. the future of the oakland raiders could rest in the hands of another team. in 25 minutes, why the chargers paved the way to whether the raiders may stay or go. but, first, the obama administration finally confirmed that former secretary of state hillary clinton had top secret information on her home e-mail server. up next, what the justice department is prepared to do.
8:11 am
8:12 am
with the iowa caucus on monday, all eyes are on the nation's heart land. my coanchor ross polombo has
8:13 am
been in iowa you have said ground game, that's the big deal right now. these caucuses are so different than what we are used to, obviously in california and how we vote. that makes it a little bit more difficult to monitor the progress, right? >> reporter: that's exactly right because most of these candidates crisscrossing the state and going into very rural areas bill and hillary clinton are together again for the one- two punch. they were together in davenport, iowa. hillary clinton said that we were not going to the past in terms of economic policies. and bill had some moving words about his wife. >> we have been for 45 years. she has never touched a thing she didn't make better. when you are president, hill,
8:14 am
there will be great days. it will be a great day. a great day when she brings all americans into american prosperity. it will be a great day when we get from 90% to insuring 100% of you will and we get to drop prices down ant health care costs down. it will be a great day. >> reporter: we also cut up with the clinton campaign here in des moines. hillary clinton pointed to the gop debate saying that's what americans don't want. but many were still undecided despite the cheering crowd. >> personal. personal decision. personal decision. so, yes. to hear hillary today and hear bernie on sunday. at that will be good for me >> reporter: does she have your vote? >> she might -- i'll going to
8:15 am
watch bernie on sunday. we'll see how that plays out. >> reporter: bernie sanders also campaigning in iowa's wesleyan college. he was speaking about the growing income inequality the worst it's been. he also went of a wal-mart yesterday saying that companies like that simply pay too little. keep in mind that the latest polls here in iowa show that hillary clinton is still beating bernie sanders and o'malley down to 22%. we'll tell you what the gop candidates have been doing here and what they have they are doing later in the day. the obama administration finally confirmed that hillary clinton had top secret e-mail on her server. a justice department spokesman says that they will
8:16 am
investigate. clinton says that she never sent any e-mail that was classified top secret from her private account. >> nice day. >> we looked up, sought sunshine and said, this looks better than we thought. partly cloudy skies. nice to get a little bit of sun. even amongst the clouds. partly sunny, partly loudy skies, a few scattered showers still falling over portions of the bay area. storms are winding down. we do have a second system for the second part of the weekend but that one looks like it may actually move south of the bay area. a beautiful view here with the partly sunny skies in store. a little bit of soft sun light. we will be in and out of the clouds for today. we're going to lead in just for a chance for a few sprinkles. now, we are mostly cloudy in oakland. oakland checking in at 52. 50 degrees in san francisco. santa rosa, 48 this morning.
8:17 am
upper 40s in livermore and san jose we started out with a few scattered showers in areas like napa, vacaville. now looks like the east bay is continuing alongside i-80. if you're going to be traveling closer to 205, and as we get closer to the bay, dry conditions. i do see a little bit more scattered showers moving in. we'll again have that possibility of a few sprinkles as we get into your afternoon today. here is a look at the future cast model, in and out. notice not a lot of rainfall there but we will be with this moist flow as we get through the next 24 hours. even 48 hours. the sierra, there is a winter storm warning in place until 10:00 this morning with the snow continuing to fall along i- 80 as well as highway 50. now into sunday morning. notice, as we wake up with partly to mostly cloudy skies, and rain to the south. that's what the model is showing up. even south of monterey. this could shift a little bit. the models not really in
8:18 am
agreement. we have a few that we watch after, but this one is showing us that we'll be mainly dry for your sunday, perhaps even mostly sunny for the afternoon and breezy for the afternoon. we'll be tracking it for you right now. we'll call for the possibility of tracking showers for your sunday but we may turn out mainly dry. here is a look at the afternoon highs. 57 in oakland, 58 redwood city, mid-50s antioch. extended forecast, a few showers for today, a few showers for tomorrow. dry on monday. next chance for rain will move in tuesday night, perhaps lingering into wednesday. claudine? >> looks good. can't complain about that. the seattle seahawks- carolina panthers game was intriguing for many but not as much as for this young man. and the actions the school did not take that may have you
8:19 am
ratching your head.
8:20 am
8:21 am
welcome back. oakland students will do a trip to deliver some supplies to students in kenya who can't afford solar electricity. the students were hand picked to deliver the suitcases to
8:22 am
schools. two are joining me. good morning. welcome. thanks for joining me. you talked about how you guys were involved, how important is environment to you guys? >> well, the environment is super important because we live on it. and we can't destroy it in one day. we have to provide the needs for -- we only have one planet. >> yes, that is true. >> dorothy, you said that your work harass been eye-opening in. >> yes, eye-opening because, like you said, it's like one planet and our environment, just one thing, in our planet. and without the environment, like, humans -- >> absolutely. i know that you guys packed these suitcases in your classrooms since march. so for a little bit of time, wrapping around the show. show us, let's get right into it and show us how you -- how you -- how you worked these things. how complicated is it?
8:23 am
you say not very. >> not complicated. >> easy interface. in, like, developing countries, they don't have the same electronics as us we want to make sure that it's very simple. they may -- >> tell me whats >> this is the control panel here. basically, we have to prop wires above here so we can collect the solar. >> okay. >> this goes on top. >> uh-huh. >> yep. >> and elijah, what can this power? in terms of how much power it can actually provide for folks. >> well, this is just a mobile unit. we have a secondary unit that can power more. we have one that's powering more. >> the main idea is to have
8:24 am
lights for study and reading at nighttime. we have to plug this in first. >> seems pretty simple, right? >> yes. not so hard to work. >> and then you just help it turn on. the whole mo dem. >> and look. we have light. that's actually a pretty bright light. how excite the are you guys for this trip because that's amazing. i imagine you have never been? >> yeah, i've never been. i'm going to africa. kind of like what most black people think they -- most black people actually just want to go to africa. that's where our roots are. why not go back? >> that's a good reason. for you, dorothy? >> for me, i love traveling but i like traveling with a purse. i'll bring this suitcase there, bringing me a new community, a new source, a new way to live. really, really amazing. >> any other prep besides getting excited? in terms of numbers, how many mobile units and the other puente that you are talking about will you be delivering?
8:25 am
>> we will be delivering four or five of them. >> okay. >> bring them to libraries, schools, maybe some hospitals. so we'll have light. you do not want to study in the dark. >> you do not. >> thank you for coming here. good luck on the trip. we want to hear all about it when you guys come back. >> to learn more about the solar suitcases, go to, click on the morning 2 tab. >> new this morning, a colorado man is furious after seeing a cell phone video that shows his 7th grade daughter being beat up in class by another student. the father said that the fight happened thursday morning involving an 8th grade girl attacking his daughter. he accuses the school district of doing nothing to stop her from being bullied. the school district says that it investigated the incident and followed all policies but the dad does not understand why no one stopped or broke up the
8:26 am
fight. he is angry that both girls have been suspended even though his daughter was the one being bullied. a florida man says he is lucky to be alive when the truck crashed and burst into flames. the driver lost control into a power pole after his brakes went out. he was able to get out of the truck for a broken passenger win -- through a broken passenger window. he walked awhich with just a few minor cuts from the glass still ahead, a score of earthquakes hits the east bay. what the u.s. geological survey had to say. and we are live from the nfl experience. inside the nfl shop, one of the few main attractions. ions.
8:27 am
8:28 am
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all right. we are counting down to the first vote of the year in the race for president. the iowa caucus just two days away. polls in that state are showing this pat will between the reach cans and democratic nomination. good morning. good morning and welcome back. rosemary orozco is here but not ross polombo. that's because he is in the center of the political world this weekend. it's going to be busy weekend,
8:30 am
ross? >> reporter: it is going to be a busys weekend. good morning, rosemary and good morning, claudine. candidates are trying to cross cross the state, touch as many hands as they can and looking people in the eyes. donald trump returning to the huge eye state of a campaigning in new hampshire. we'll talk about dr. ben carson about the ongoing hillary clinton e-mail saga. you'll want to hear about his response. i want to send it back to you now because the countdown is on to super bowl 50 and the all important weather forecast. rosemary, as promised, the temperature now up to 41 degrees as the sun continues to come up. it's warming up. warming up. >> thanks, ross. we'll check back with you in about 15 minutes. >> we start off a little warmer here. but we have a big weekend full
8:31 am
of events. people will be happy to see a break from the rain. >> sure. we need the rain but it's kind of nice to wake up with a little bit of dry weather as well to get super bowl city off to a great start a little bit later this morning. and there you go, a live look at the oakland estuary. sprinkles will continue into our saturday. does not look like a whole lot. if you are worried bit, maybe i'll bring along the umbrella. it will be light, hit or miss. here is a look at storm tracker just right over us, continuing to flow into the bay area. more offshore here. each though we are looking at partly cloudy skies from that live view, we are still looking at live hours as well. we watched that shower activity continue off and on and as we get into the sierra, we have some here as we. tapering off just a little bit.
8:32 am
still winter storm in place for the tahoe area. if you are up in the morning and headed up to do some skiing, we do have that advisory in place. winter storm warning along i-80 as well, highway 50, including the west slopes. the snow levels are fairly high at this point. giving us a live look -- i keep saying a live look. not sure why i say that. maybe i want a live look. 48 in santa rosa. cooler start than where we are yesterday morning with the clearing skies, 46 in novato. south bay, 51 in san jose. when i come back, we'll have a look at the afternoon highs. we'll talk about the second system moving into the bay area but may actually miss it coming up in just a little bit. >> thanks, rosemary. new this morning, the u.s. geological survey detected quakes at 10:54 last night until 2:40 thing. there was a 2.4, 2.0.
8:33 am
and no report of any damage from those tremors. and two san francisco big super bowl attractions are set to open this morning. spot city over at the justin hermann plaza and the nfl experience set to kick off at the moscone center. allie rasmus is in the vip area. >> reporter: first of all, i want to update you. last hit, we talked you about that 18 carat gold. he told me that was $1600 but actually that's 2499 as in $2499. it has gold pins and gold on the visor. it initial under lock and key so we can't show it to you. we are giving you a look at the other high end stuff. i want to show you this guitar.
8:34 am
see the knobs? those are all 18-k gold as well. this is $1500. actually the cap that we were telling you about is more expensive than this functioning gold plated guitar we have here to show you. chris terranova is here with us. it's free to get into the nfl shop but to get into the vip section, that will cost you $300. that's a pretty penny. >> that will get you to the vip room, gift cards and the first 25 people who come today, they get a free duffel bag. gift card, for $300 and gift card. >> part of the attraction in coming to the vip area is that you can maybe see some of the celebrities that are going to be signing autographs here at the shop during the week? >> that's correct. it was in the vip room, using the back half as a staging room for our celebrities. that will be about 25 athletes throughout the week as well as celebrities throughout the week. >> we are talking about roger
8:35 am
craig who is going to be here. alicia milano later this week. is that why you have all the candy there. >> you have to keep them happy, right. >> people can't go and sit down with the celebrities. you can imagine, claudine and rosemary, there are going to be some people, like roger craig sitting there, taking selfies like this from a distance. >> that's the attraction of the vip area, the boutique area. some other attractions, joe montana will be signing autographs at noon. vip sexist 300 bucks. the shop is free. the rest of the nfl experience over at moscone center, you have to pay 25 or $30 to get in. but this is a free a big nfl shop. when we came in, about 45 minutes ago, there was already a line of people waiting outside to get in. >>
8:36 am
>> allallie, you have to. because you have the inside track. i want you to take a selfie with that couch, wear the 2500- dollar cap. >> maybe i can sneak some these golden oreos here. >> now we are talking. >> thanks so much, allie. >> california attorney general pamela harris is issuing a warning about the possibility of fake tickets being sold. scam artists will be there. the demand far exceeds the supplies. the attorney general says it's better to buy tickets from legitimate retailers who guarantee authenticity. the chargers have announce add deal to share a stadium with the rams in englewood next
8:37 am
season but they are working with the city to build a new stadium for next year. if the charmingers stay in san diego, the raiders can move to englewood. but if the chargers head to l.a., the raiders could head to san diego and another city in the mix could be las vegas. the sand ka sin -- casino corporation tweeted a picture with billionaire sheldon adelson. the idea of poaching the raiders is not sitting well with bay area fans of the silver and black. >> i think -- are you kidding me? al davis did this to his loyal fans in oakland and he bylaw they will back. >> the colyseum authority and the alameda county will hold a
8:38 am
meeting to talk about renewing the lease for another year. there is a reward for information leading to capture of who broke into an fbi agent's car stealing badge, hands guns >> no officer at all wants to have their gun taken away, you know. also to be used in the futures in a crime. that's horn dust to think that. that's a guilt that somebody has to live with for the rest of their lives. >> investigators are asking residents to check their security cameras. the fbi is not revealing whether the agent will be disciplined but that's the latest in a stream of cases where guns belonging to state or local officers were stole french their cars santa rosa police are asking for the public's health to find a man suspected of molesting a child. police released this sketch. he grabbed an 11-year-old girl, made lewd comment and tried to
8:39 am
pull her into his car. the girl managed to get away. she describes him as a light skin, possibly latino, 5'0", tall man, about 25 years old. he may have been driving a black honda civic modified for racing. still ahead, cyber thieves are looking to uber riders. an update to a new trick. and participating restaurants are offering lunch and their dinner menu at a special value. restaurant week will end tomorrow.
8:40 am
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all right. turning now to the race for the white house, the first vote in the presidential race of 2016 will be held monday. ross polombo is in iowa. ross, how busy is des moines right now and the entire state of iowa? take a look. donald trump made controversial comments.
8:43 am
he tawld truz, quote, an anchor baby in canada and says that his poll numbers went up by actually skipping the debate here on thursday. >> i did something that was very risky and it turned out great because i'm in the front page of any paper. i'm getting more publicity than if i -- you know >> reporter: meanwhile, ted cruz spent the day campaigning in iowa. he said that he would repeal every, quote, illegal executive action by president obama. he took stabs at cities like san francisco, saying that they would lose federal funding if he were president. marco rubio talked about issues of flip flopping >> we talked to dr. ben carson. he had plenty to say about this ongoing e-mail controversy with hillary clinton. the state department now saying that 22 e-mails had classified
8:44 am
information in them. take a listen to what he had to say. >> i believe bay area voters should be like everybody else. voters lost faith in our government to the point that we expect dishonesty. we need to remove that. we need to also show people that accomplishment is what leads to a good leader. >> joining me right now is charlie zoel from the gop. do you think this will affect hillary, this e-mail controversy? >> absolutely. she has not figured out her answer, has not said sorry. voters are listening, and worried. there is a chance she may get indicted even as she gets the
8:45 am
nomination. >> voters are not concerned about this issue, mostly republican do you think that's going to be an effect here in the call causes. >> i think it will. elect ability is something that people are worried about. bernie sanders has been proven to be more electable than hillary clinton. >> let's talk about the ground game here in iowa, all the major candidates crisscrossing the state. how important is it for them to go to these rural areas and pressing the flesh. >> very important. >> iowans care about this whole state. chuck grassily does it every single year. very important. not necessary. it's so great that you can do it in many different ways. it is always an option. >> even though donald trump was in new hampshire yesterday and has been going to to large events here in iowa, he is ahead in the polls, now up to 31%. his lead over ted cruz is 10 point large now. ted cruz has the largest ground game here in iowa.
8:46 am
so is the fine mic changing? >> donald trump has written his own rules in many cases with the campaign. but the thing is that we have to wait to see how it shakes out february 12th. what's important about the caucus is not that you have to do the 99 county tour. you can. rick santorum goes from being down 1% in the polls to winning it. >> your prediction? trump comes on top? >> no prediction. not my job. >> we want people to come here, have a good time and get its take on iowans? >> do you predict big turnout? >> yes, i think we'll get more than 12,200,000 the previous high. we are ready to go for a larger turnout if necessary. >> all right, charlie szold from the gop iowa. >> claudine, that he the situation here. the ground game is everything and it looks like the
8:47 am
candidates are, of course, really clued into that. that's why they are all across the state. >> a very busy weekend with them. thanks very much, ross. 8:37. let's go right to the weather. >> let's talk about what we have outside of our doors right now and what will happen in the afternoon and the rest of your weekend. this is a beautiful view of the oakland estuary. says a lot. a mix of clouds and sun. we are seeing a little bit of sunshine as we get into san jose you can see a different cloud cover and we have partly sunny skies here with a nice beautiful hue there in san jose. 51 degrees livermore, 49. oakland at 52. low 50s in san francisco, these numbers are cooler than yesterday with a little bit of break in the cloud cover. we continue to watch the moist flow over the bay area. we'll leave in the possibility of a few scattered showers although they're going to be very light. we are looking at this as we head into your afternoon.
8:48 am
i'll show you the future cast model continuing with just a slight possibility. where we have i right now over the diablo range into 5080 right east of livermore. a few scattered showers there. there is that moist flow that will continue to move into the bay area. the next system that moves in on sunday looks like it's going to shift just enough that most of us may remain dry. i'll show you that here. first, let's get through your saturday. again, a mix of sun and clouds, in and out of the sun and the clouds all day. even though we don't see a lot of moisture here over the bay area, you notice to the north of us, we still have some in the sierra and some right off the coast line. again, leaving it, just a slight chance at a few scattered showers on your saturday afternoon. should not be a lot. as we head into sunday, the system begins to move in. look at the next system south of month ray. this could shift a little bit. the models are not in complete agreement. we are looking at the possibility of scattered showers for tomorrow and dry by
8:49 am
sunday afternoon. we'll track it for you between now and then. we'll leave in that chance but looks like we'll be mainly dry, at least at this point. temperatures, in the 50s. the extended forecast, chance this afternoon leaving the possibility for tomorrow, going to be a little breezy into the afternoon on sunday as well. dry and breezy on monday. next chance for some rain will move in tuesday night and could linger into your midweek. >> thanks very much, rosemary there are heros in training today. more than 2000 guide dogs will help passengers get their ticket and security. tom is joining us live now from san ramon. good morning. >> good morning, how are you? >> you lost your vision late another life and this guide dog really has given you back some freedom? >> absolutely. i lost my sight in 2007 and
8:50 am
used a cane for about five years. and then received dynamo two years ago. he is my yellow lab, a four- year-old, about 70 pounds. and he has given me my freedom, security. he opens up a loot of doors for me. >> that's amazing. >> people always want to meet him. >> tell me about in travel how things are different, too. like we just panned down and saw a shot of dynamo sitting there quietly by your side. in an airport environment, when you are going through, you know, something that is that busy and chaotic, how does someone like dynamo change that experience for you? >> he is very calm all the time. he knows what his job is. he is working. he will take me through the line, go through security. he allows security to pat him down and then we put our shoes back on and head towards our
8:51 am
gate. >> that's really amazing. we are looking at video of all those processes happening as they are training these dogs today. we should tell our viewers at home, 25 dogs or so involved in this program. a partnership between alaska airlines and the puppy trainers for guide dogs for the blind. how much training did dynamo have to go through just to be able to be independently with you. >> dynamo had 15 months with puppy trainers and wen back to guide dogs for the blind in san rafael where he had formal training for three months and then i had to go up and live on campus. i was trained for two weeks. he showed me the ropes. then we get to go home together. >> really amazing. >> thank you. i have to say all of this at no cost to me. this is a privately funded
8:52 am
donation-driven organization that takes absolutely no government funding whatsoever. it just gives great gifts to people like myself who have a visual impairment >> really, really remarkable. tom, thanks for talking to us and sharing your story. dynamo is with us. those puppies will be learning lots and we appreciate it. >> thank you for your time. >> absolutely is more information on this program at all you have to do is click on mornings on 2 section. >> very sweep. puppies in training. >> yes, love it. >> really life changing. such a great program. >> right. still to come, one little girl barely learns how to walk. yet, she's already hitting the slopes. up next, a natural born snow boarder who is barely a year old. and football and the tooth fairy. how a little boy may suit up by tossing the football to his dad.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
criminals have been targeting and stealing uber accounts. cyber security experts say that hackers steal the information online. the thieves get free rides and get someone's i'd at this. but experts say there are ways to protect your information. >> as long as the con summer has assed a credit card to link to the uber card as opposed to a debit card, consumers have
8:56 am
stronger rights with credit cards versus debit cards. >> uber says it has security teams focused on protecting people's accounts. the company's website says that you should change your password if you think that someone has broken into your account. a group of bay area high school students had a chance to get involved in a new effort to combat bullying. they met with the creative stream behind the new final witness emoji. the symbol looks like an eye and created as a tool to point out messages or posts that could be considered bullying. student at the press conference say this is an idea whose time has come. organizers demonstrated how to find the "i'm a witness" emoji on the smart phone by coming to the location. >> interesting. the seattle seahawks- carolina panthers nfc championship game was like pulling teeth for many seattle fans but none more so than this
8:57 am
little boy. take a look. jim def row deveraux posted this video. he has a string attached to his loose tooth. he threw the football. although the seahawks fell to the panther, leo came out a big winner. the tooth fairy left him a whole two bucks. many folks from utah love to ski and snow board but 114 month old can really shred the slopes take a look at flone hen der son. she can barry walk but watch her cruising. she snow boards down the hill. >> look at her. >> i'm awesome. i got it. if she had a mike on, she would say, shred, dude. >> they are low to the ground. they don't know, right? >> it's fun. >> they are good. >> so cute.
8:58 am
>> that was probably you. that was claudine at 14 months. >> yeah, that was me. >> good day beyond the slopes up in tahoe. >> we do have that winter storm warning until 10:00 this morning. could be a little bit of tricky travel getting up there. once you get up there, you should be in very good shape. another system tomorrow. that actually looks like it will move south of us. we'll track it here and ross is still in iowa. >> we'll check back with him tomorrow morning. thanks for joining us on this saturday morning. we'll have the latest on our website. see you tomorrow.
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