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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 1, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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it is go red for women. raising awareness for heart disease and getting encouraging women to get tested. we are helping spread the word. >> good morning. let's check the weather and traffic. the weather over the weekend, steve. >> it was crazy sunday. >> the wind chill factor in marin county felt like 30 degrees. >> i was driving in looking at the dark skies. >> that was east bay.>> napa as well. we will show pictures. >> speaking of napa, the airport has an issue. it says 103 degrees on the thermometer. your smartphone may see one of three if you live near that. that is not correct. we do have clearing skies and it's going to be a brisk day. everything is coming out of the northwest and still active in southern california. that system was a good old-
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fashioned cold storm there and that is what it is doing. it is called off now, 101 in napa. things are looking better. there are a few 30s but we're hard-pressed to find too many. find them in los gatos and boulder creek. the breezes out of the northwest. seven nw. san jose. sunny today and increasing clouds tonight. it doesn't look cloudy into tuesday and wednesday. it is a cold one out there. breezy to windy. 30s for him on those. 50s for highs. these are below normal temperatures so bundle up. it is 5:01 am. we can say hello to sell. traffic is doing okay so far. we're off to a decent start at the deposit that people are out
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there early. and at about 530 is when we see the first sign of stop and go traffic. slowing getting into the city. people know that getting in early is your friend if you have to drive into the city for use the bay bridge. looking at interstate 880 n. and south down, traffic is okay. steve has been mentioning it. the byproduct of the wind is clear but right now traffic -- it may be affected by wind. super bowl city closures continue. the only way to class -- crossed market is battery southbound. broken arrow is detoured at washington. it is official. they are here. the carolina panthers and denver broncos have arrived. super bowl week is officially underway. we are live. these are live pictures from san francisco which will be very busy today and the camera giving you this live look at the moscone center.
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home of the nfl experience. and nfl themepark. it opens at 3:00 this afternoon. expect lots of traffic. there is no cause to get into super bowl city. it opens saturday at justin herman plaza in front of the ferry building. games and zip lines and other activities for you to be involved with. also plenty of food and drink stands as well as super bowl gear. tonight is the kickoff for super bowl 50. it is happening in the south bay. both teams are there and they will have an event at the sap center. janine de la vega joins us with a preview. >> reporter: we are here in downtown san jose in front of
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the san jose marriott and you can see this is the team hotel for the carolina panthers. they have a signed their welcoming them. the nfc champions. we looked inside and it looks like there is heavy police and security presence at the check- in. the panthers and the denver broncos will be front and center at media day which is held at the sap center at 5 pm. this is the event where players can be interviewed by everything. it is held on tuesday morning but the nfl move the event to monday night for the first time ever it will be cast on the nfl network during prime time. can get goodie bags with super bowl memorabilia. both teams arrived yesterday at the san jose airport. the broncos touched down first. gary kubiak and his wife rhonda led the way.
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we caught a glimpse of peyton manning. we saw a familiar face, vernon davis, who was traded to the broncos. the panthers landed next with coach ron rivera leading the way and cam newton left quite an impression as he came into san jose. you can see he chose to wear crazy pants. the panthers will be practicing this week at san jose state and the broncos will be holding bears at stanford. both universities have been prepping their fields. a lot is happening today. there is a good chance you may see fans hanging around the hotel. the marriott and the marriott in santa clara. of course lots happening at the sap center tonight. people will be excited. thank you. 5:05 am. remember to download the ktvu
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app to stay connected. we have a list of the events leading up to the big game and find out what the weather will be. we will tell you about traffic backups and there could be some out there. it is all there on the news app. later today to you as justice department will tell us how it will conduct the review of the san francisco police department after the fatal shooting of mario woods. on december 2 you were shot 15 times by five police officers as they said he refused to put down a of the knife. since that shooting there have been several protests and demands for police reform. ed lee and police chief greg suhr will join the justice department officials today. the lawyer for woods family said this may help the healing process start between the minority community and the police. today in san francisco, a
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program to provide condoms for middle school students will be debated tonight. allie rasmus joins us live with details.>> reporter: the idea of making condoms available to students is not a new one for san francisco unified. the district had a program in place for high school students for two decades. the school board's agenda tonight, a similar program that would make condoms available to students in the middle schools. the program is introduced by the school district superintendent, and students would be required to meet with a social worker or school nurse before taking part. we will be talking to parents and officials about the program and the meeting starts tonight at 6:00 and members of the public can comment. the bay area really got spammed by unusual weather over the weekend.
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spawn did you see that? in 20 minutes, the latest storm and when we get more wet weather. today is the big day in iowa. the latest in the race for the white house
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welcome back. it begins today. the person -- first in the nation, the presidential race in iowa. the caucuses began as the polls
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are tightening and there is a flurry of last-minute campaigning. the latest from des moines.>> reporter: good morning. may be a flurry of snow as well. this is a massive get out the vote operation in iowa on the part of every campaign. we could see a record number. the place is not letting up. through the weekend every candidate made a final pitch and a final plea for voters.>> pick a winner this time. i will win. >> a big gop turnout tonight will benefit republican presidential frontrunner donald trump leads recent polls. if you are show up tonight expect senator ted cruz supporters to give him the edge. >> if there is a blizzard they will sever the shovel their way to the caucus. >> this may be a race for third place for marco rubio. >> the excitement and the energy is with our campaign.
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and what that means. >> among democrats vermont senator bernie sanders in one of his final stops hopes this large crowd will translate into actual caucus goers.>> out and caucus tomorrow night. the storm is not coming until after midnight. plenty of time to caucus. >> democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton battling scrutiny over her past email practices has a tiny edge . her supporters may be more familiar navigating the archaic democratic caucus proceedings. and then there is also the former maryland governor martin o'malley wildcard.'s supporters will probably lack the 50% threshold they need which frees them up to support another candidate. will the back clinton was sanders? that is a big question and the other outstanding factor is the weather. it is pleasant enough at the moment but that will
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change. a big storm per year around the time the caucuses are scheduled to end. one of the oldest was a politics that a bad weather can suppress voter turnout. we had seen every other rule violated the course of the campaigns. thank you. microsoft will really be tested later tonight. the smartphone app will be used to add up results from the iowa caucuses. the new app designed to reduce human error and speed up the reporting process. republicans and democrats will say they have confidence in microsoft despite suspicion of corporate influence from vermont senator bernie sanders campaign earlier in the last week. the new caucus reporting app will replace the old school system of calling in results by phone. stay right here for the latest on air and online. ktvu political reporter ross palombo is there in iowa
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covering the caucuses. ross will have a live report later. you can follow him on twitter at ross ktvu. the world health organization is holding an emergency meeting today on whether the zika virus outbreak should be considered an international health emergency. the mosquito borne virus spread from africa to brazil and has been reported in 25 countries. the virus is affecting international events and organizers in rio de janeiro are preparing for health risk. brazil deals with 1 million cases of the virus. >> actions are taken with special vehicles. so this is where it has been done so far. it will continue on the way to the game. >> pregnant women face the greatest risk if they contract the zika virus which has been linked with a birth defect of microcephaly.
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they have serious neurological disorders. let's check in with sal. you are watching the south bay. >> we are watching it all. the traffic is beginning to wake up a little bit. we can see the traffic at the toll plaza will be okay. we will start with 280 in san jose. we are starting with the south bay and you can see the traffic looks good hitting up to highway 17. no major problems here. we are also looking at the east bay commute. coming in from the tracy triangle. it stays that way castro valley. on the freeways no major problems on castro valley commute. if you are at the bay bridged a pleasant you can see traffic is becoming more crowded but not stop and go and all lanes are open. it is called out there.
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son, hail, wind, rain, rainbows and thunder. to the result is cool air in place. it will be sunny today. i would bundle up looking for 40s. staying in the 50s and mainly below normal temps. january, what a wild ending. january did not want to let go. cornucopia if you will the sunshine in windy. we had rain and hail and even snow. the system made it top to bottom in the state of california. gusts, 54. from about napa and pleasant hill and concord over to livermore, that was one of the lines there. we lost one in yesterday's area. the temperature also dropped by 10 degrees in five minutes. jonboat really in san jose.
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called us with 40 degrees. clear, calm, the winds have died down from yesterday but the cool air is in place and the breeze is in place. the rain is down in southern california. it is not 101 in napa. your smart phone may say 101. everyone else is showing 40s and 30s. nevada 41. calistoga 33. on the call side at bodega bay. 21, gusting out of travis. eastern solano county, will get the brunt of it. increasing clouds later tonight with cloudy. tomorrow light rain. breezy to wendy and 30s for a
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few inland locations. those are below normal temperatures. visibility should be good but not warm. if you are in the shade you are thinking oh my goodness. cloudy tomorrow and with light rain. one more system wednesday. it is warmer on sunday. kickoff temperatures 70. >> a big day for a lot of people. that is good. 5:18 am. they were captured here in the bay area. those escapees, authorities are looking for answers after those inmates escaped from prison in southern california. the latest on the investigation coming up. if you use uber your personal information may be at risk. thieves are taking advantage of riders.
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welcome back. china's economy and oil prices are affecting stocks around the world. chinese stocks fell again today. they are trading due to weak manufacturing a report. a six-month slowdown. japan saw gains after the central bank introduced a new policy designed to boost lending and ignite economic growth. the features for the tao and s&p 500, they are all down a little bit. a half percent. we are an hour away from the opening bell and we will follow
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the markets throughout the morning. toyota announced it will start making vehicles for a few days due to a parts shortage. the production suspension will last in japan for six days. the shortage stems from a january explosion at a japanese steel plant. this has affected auto parts used in the engine transmission. toyota says the suspension is from february 8 through february 13. if you use uber, experts are warning beware of thieves stealing personal information. experts say the thieves sell the stolen information online on the darknet. the stolen info can be used to get free rides were still someone's identity. experts say hackers are using a new spend on an old trick and it only takes a few seconds.>> typically a hacker will send a victim an email congratulations, you have won a free gift card. if you are
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going to and they know you are going there and they have username and password because you type it in. >> uber has security teams focused on protecting customer accounts. the website says change your password if you think you have been hacked. bart is about to raise parking piece today at east bay bart stations. the parking rate will go up to two dollars in heyward and 250 in richmond and eight dollars in west oakland. every six months parking lot usage is evaluated and bart says the stations are increased by $.50. riders can use cash, clipper cards or bart tickets. gun-control groups appraising facebook's decision to toughen a policy on online gun sales. it says that private individuals are banned from advertising or selling guns on facebook. the policy is different for
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licensed gun retailers. they can advertise but they can't sell their guns on the site. the policy applies to instagram which is owned by facebook. americans will be watching the biggest sports event of the year this sunday but as super bowl 50 kicks off, a quarter of the world will be busy celebrating the year of the monkey. in china, 1.4 billion people will be celebrating chinese new year's. in the bay area, 1,000,000 1/2 asian americans will welcome lunar new year's eve. 50 years of the super bowl versus 5000 years of tradition. either way you know it will be a busy weekend. carolina panthers quarterback cam newton made a loud fashion statements while heading here to the bay area for super bowl 50. he was spotted wearing these
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print pants. printer was buzzing about it. people trying to find out the design does. it is by first thought she. they cost $850 that they are sold out online. while the panthers and the broncos are getting ready for the super bowl the stars of the other teams took field in hawaii for the pro bowl. jerry rice was there and michael irvin. seattle seahawks quarterback wilson playing for team irving. three touchdowns. offensive and bb. charles woodson played his last nfl game after 18 seasons. deric carr of the raiders has one touchdown pass for team rice. it was a great game -- and woodson signed off. president obama will be honoring the golden state
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warriors championship this week. they will be at the white house on thursday. one day after they played the washington wizards. the warriors are heading to the capital after they beat the new york it next. clay thompson has been given a role. mondrian had his nice triple- double of the season. 44 and 4. they will be hosting oklahoma. oklahoma city. a new development in the mario woods issued investigation in san francisco. a major announcement expected today about a federal review from the san francisco police. live at the embarcadero. super bowl city is kicking into high gear and the countdown to the big game is coming. also the concert you will be
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able to see for free coming up.
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♪ ♪ bend me shape me, any way you want me ♪ ♪ as long as you love me, it's alright ♪ ♪ bend me shape me, any way you want me ♪ shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepia technology adjust any way you want it the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. good morning. monday, february 1. i am dave clark. i pam cook. steve is talking about the weather. it busy weekend but it will be nice. >> if we get past wednesday. all of the video pictures people are sending information today. >> the hill. >> mainly around east bay.
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>> i was on the phone with my friend bob in danville and he said i am in the sun and it is dark. and five minutes later it came down. the temperature dropped 10 degrees in five minutes. it was amazing. i getting your poster -- photos. it was great information. there was very cold air and steep lasser rates and vertical lifting. it all came together. i am posting this on twitter and facebook. that is gone now but the cold there is in place. if you are heading out to super bowl city it will be brisk especially in the morning. there will be clouds coming in later the temperatures will be below average. a really cool day and if you are traveling to southern california, grapevine is closed at 5 am. it is still very active down there. it is not 101 down there.
5:31 am
for just about everybody with a few 30s. walnut creek 37. 37 clayton. cold front out there. if it wasn't for the breeze it would be colder if the cloud cover coming in tonight me stop us from getting cold tomorrow. around -- a round of rain tonight. 30s for some inland areas. below normal temperatures so bundle up even with sunshine. everything okay here so far. i am holding up a ladder to this thermometer. only in napa. >> that is what happens. sometimes we had technical issues. >> what are they playing for us. >> baby it is hot in here. good morning. let's go out to the bay bridge
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toll plaza. it is hot in here. there is already a backup. the metering lights are on and there are no problems as you drive into san francisco but you'll have to wait for 10 minutes before you get onto the bridge. 880 n. and south, traffic looks good. it has been windy. if you drive a small car you may be pulled into the other lane if you are not careful so keep that in mind as you drive across the bridges. we're not looking at anything major on the san mateo or denmark bridge heading to the facebook side. there are no major problems on 1014 280. if you are driving to the silicon valley, all of the roadways looking very good and no slow traffic yet. super bowl week festivities kick in high gear today and expect san francisco
5:33 am
to be busy. that is alex savidge. this is super bowl city. not very many people out yet but it looks current. i got the place to myself right now. >> that is the good news. super bowl city, this is free to the public. anyone can come down and bring your family. later on today when it opens at 10:00. there will be more people here than just me. here is the scene. you have the tents and the booths. we have a set for the nfl network. also its attractions. they have all sorts of games and zip lines and other activities for football fans. we saw broncos fans and panthers fans coming down to
5:34 am
take part in the activities. along with super bowl city the other big attraction here in san francisco is the nfl experience. we want to take you to a live picture of the moscone center. that is the home of the nfl experience. it is an interactive football theme park. that opens up at 3:00 this afternoon. and today i was told by one of the officials, that the nfl is welcoming bay area football fans to the nfl experience so if you show up wearing 49ers were rangers gear you get a discount. five dollars off the admission price. [ music ]. the other big thing is going to be the free concerts. a number of them including tonight, grammy nominated singer aloe black performing at super
5:35 am
bowl city. that concert happens at 6:00 tonight. other performances including the band, perry. and on friday one republic will take the stage at super bowl city. then there will be a fireworks show. alicia keyes will be performing on saturday night. that is going to be a big deal. i imagine it will attract a few fans here to the embarcadero. let's go to a live picture. security is tight. everyone coming to super bowl city has to pass through metal detectors and have their back search. we talked about this before. before you pack up all of your items for your family, keep in mind they are not allowing any bags larger than 18 inches inside super bowl city. keep that in mind as you prepare to come down here to enjoy the festivities.
5:36 am
>> they are very serious about that at levi's stadium. they have a measurement and i have seen people having to throw out purses and things and backpacks. definitely take that to heart. >> they say they take it seriously. for everyone including us. we have experienced that this morning. >> once you get in there you are safe and you know everyone has been checked. you feel comfortable. >> time is 5:36 am. the us justice department will announce plans to review the san francisco police department after the deadly shooting of mario woods by five police officers in december. brian flores to tell us how the woods family is reacting to this. >> according to the chronicle, john burris who represents the family said he supports this review. many say this review is needed to rebuild community trust. the killing of mario woods has
5:37 am
sparked a nationwide call for police reform. this coming after his death. woods was considered a stabbing suspect that the time while he was allegedly armed with a knife shot and killed by five san francisco police officers. video shot shows him shot several times. among those calling for this review were board president linden breed. this announcement is scheduled for this afternoon at 2 pm on the first floor of the san francisco federal building. time is 5:37 am. three we captured inmates who escaped last saturday. video from the sheriff's department chairs hossein nayeri and jonathan tieu being led into jail. they were captured saturday after someone recognized one of them and flagged down police. the three escaped while cutting to a great in plumbing tunnels.
5:38 am
parts of the bay area are cleaning up in the latest el niño storm. >> it looks like it is snowing. >> a woman's car covered inhale in morgan hill yesterday. this is up in napa. cael covered a street and fell on a swimming pool. this is in brentwood. and lafayette hail fell so fast it look like snow. there was a dusting of snow on some bay area peaks. we have more photos as well. it wasn't all hail. the storm brought in strong winds and knocked down trees. this is what it look like. this is the springtown golf course in livermore. look at that in san francisco. a large tree fell on a particular unfortunately no one was inside the car that one driver had a close call when a tree fell in her path as she was making a turn onto a
5:39 am
street. >> we saw it come down. we literally side. my son and i said oh my god. there was no way we could have avoided it. >> the public works department said there are 100,000 piece in san francisco and 11 arborists to maintain. a woman was killed. a giant tree in san diego was uprooted yesterday and it crashed into a home and three- part cars and then a fourth car that was passing by. a woman in that car was killed. winds reached up to 70 in los angeles and ventura county. the snow made for dangerous conditions on interstate 80 yesterday. the chp had to shut down the highway near truckee for three
5:40 am
hours after a crash involving 29 vehicles. it happened at 2:30 pm yesterday. chp said the apposite -- accident involved for cars and semi trucks. this is the largest of several accidents on the interstate yesterday and there was a 10 car crash in norway. a san jose family grieving the death of a man who shot and killed on his 20th birthday. it happened yesterday on clement avenue in walnut wood's dry. members of the family said the victim was killed in a drive-by shooting. the woman was hurt but she is okay. police have not given us details about a possible gunman. police in campbell searching for a woman accused of stealing a police car and injuring an officer over the weekend. 26-year-old if the moala were with two men in a stolen car when she randy police car. the male suspects got out and ran. the police follow.
5:41 am
st. pete beach mayor maria lowe jumped into an empty police car and an officer tried to stop her and she dragged him with the vehicle. police car was later found abandoned. authorities arrested one of the men that the other man, christian hernandez, got away. that officer was treated and released. east bay spca looking for a dog that was stolen during a walk for the shelter volunteer. this is a two-year-old daisy mae. spca said the volunteer stopped to talk to a man who asked about the dog on baldwin street in oakland yesterday when the conversation ended. the men snatch the dog and left in a brown gray sedan. he is a tall african-american man in his 30s with a beer. daisy mae was scheduled to have surgery this week to remove a mass. if you have information please call east be -- bay spca. the process of renaming a
5:42 am
marin county road has begun. the suggestion by park officials after a man was shot to death. only on 2. an inside look as bay area law enforcement crackdown on human trafficking and prostitution as thousands arrived for the super bowl.
5:43 am
5:44 am
welcome back. it is 5:44 am. law enforcement all over the bay area are cracking down on human trafficking.
5:45 am
our cameras were there as officers conducted a two-day undercover operation at a downtown san jose hotel. they made no progress. we get an inside look for this is a story you will only see on 2. >> reporter: this is no ordinary phone call. men responding to an ad online for a sexy brunette in bring to me downtown for sex. the men don't realize that the woman is an undercover san jose officer. >> this is video from a hidden police camera. in another room a dozen officers from a human trafficking task force comprised of san jose and milpitas police and the fbi. in this case the men try to broker a deal for his friend saying her asking price is too low but the super bowl around the corner. >> agencies are taking a stand
5:46 am
for zero tolerance for trafficking. child exploitation. >> police nabbed for men, all residents. this man was willing to exchange $35 in marijuana. >> just lonely and again i wanted a woman's touch. >> he claims this is his first time. i asked him how long it took to find a date online. >> 20 minutes. when people go on their you are able to search and you can scroll down. >> the task force tries to get john's off the street but the purpose is to find miners soliciting sex. >> maybe next time. >> another cop looks for ads with the girls again. most of the time the photos aren't real. when they find underage prostitutes they don't arrest them but offer help. >> it is shocking. and the rise of the numbers. the numbers are increasing.
5:47 am
>> the youngest they have encountered is 12 and i hope all of this will send a message when visitors make their way to the area for super bowl 50. >> if you are going to come to san jose to not come exploiting a young lady were male. >> you should focus on the super bowl because i am focused on you. bay area hospitals are gearing up for an increase in patients during super bowl week. according to the mercury news there is a 20% increase in emergency room visits during the super bowl. the issues doctors anticipate" alcohol and drug overdose, falls, food poisoning and car accidents. hospitals are prepared that they are encouraging people with non-life-threatening injuries to use urgent care instead of the er. some emergency rooms will have incident command centers in the
5:48 am
unlikely case of a terror attack. time is 5:47 am. let's check the commute. sal, everybody behaving? >> it is crowded. drivetime into san francisco if you are driving into the city now you will be waiting at the toll plaza for 25 minutes before you make it onto the bridge. there are no major problems with the traffic. once you make it onto this span. let's go to 880 n. and south down. the traffic is okay. it is a little windy. the traffic is looking good but you can tell it is windy. northbound 87, road work here approaching downtown. it is backing up to cook dinner as you get up to this area because of road work going on until 6:00. fortunately for you you can use
5:49 am
other freeways or other roadways because they are looking good around the south bay. let's go to steve. >> we have clearing skies. everything has moved to the southern california area. for us the cold air is in place for most. john here, if you live near the airport the smartphone has a recording or a reading that is unusual so let's get to it. john says temperatures drop to 101 in napa. the back porch and says it is 45. major climate changes. napa airport, a little malfunction so if you live near there that is what your smartphone app is tapping into. i am sure they are working on it. there is the 101 but it is not far away. 40s and if you 30s. clear skies and cold, 30s and if you 20s from james webb up in cobb, 27 degrees at there.
5:50 am
still some hit and miss rain but mainly in the antelope valley. there is guess at 50 miles per hour from barstow. that would be tough. grapevine is closed at last check. things should be winding down there but a blustery day on the peninsula. half moon bay says 41. palo alto says 41. san mateo to pacifica, it doesn't matter. everyone is chilly and there is a decent western breeze and some of the higher elevations are stronger. 36 kia reno. plenty of teams here. truckee at 18. lake tahoe is 90 degrees and windchills are 0 to 13 degrees and it is calm her down there. the system is on the way
5:51 am
knocking on the door but it will be here until later tonight into tomorrow. we are located today -- okay today. it sweeps through by 9:00. there will be one more system on wednesday into wednesday night. by thursday morning we look to be on the dry side and high pressure builds in for most of the day. clear and cold, 30s for inland lows, 50s for highs. temperatures below normal for probably a day or two. tomorrow will bring rain in but today it is about the chilly temperatures and a breezy pattern into wednesday. clears out thursday and looks like baseball whether for sunday. sunny and warm. >> baseball weather is nice.>> it is 5:51 am. some say it would look like something out of a third world country. the new grass alternative being considered for soccer field in
5:52 am
san jose. if you are celebrating the super bowl you have a chance to be our fan of the day. here are a possible nominee you. hi ladies. we ran into them on super bowl city. she is rooting for the broncos. if you want to be considered to be the fan of the day, send us your photos or videos from facebook for instagram with tvu. the fan of the day will be revealed every night this week on the 10:00 news.
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welcome back to mornings. we may be closer to finding out what may have caused last year's amtrak derailment in philadelphia. the people killed and 200
5:55 am
others hurt. the ntsb has wrapped up its investigation. later today they will release the information they gathered. they will analyze the evidence and prepare a report about the possible cause. investigators said the plane was going about twice the speed limit for the sharp turn where the crash occurred. to students from virginia tech arrested accused of killing a 13-year-old girl. candlelight vigil was held for no well -- noel labelle over the weekend. on saturday her body was found in north carolina. david eisenhauer charged with felony abduction and first- degree murder. natalie keepers accused of helping him dispose of the gross body. police haven't told us how she was killed. a hoverboard is likely to blame for a house fire over the weekend. it happened saturday afternoon on glen drive. say the fire was burning on the first floor and
5:56 am
it only took 10 minutes to put it out. firefighters have not determined the cause but they do say a melted hoverboard was found nearby and no word on what brand that was. the homeowner did say it had been charging since friday afternoon or evening. officials are investigating hoverboard safety after reports of fires. oakland police are planning a pedestrian safety crackdown today. they will be looking out for drivers to speed. make illegal turns or failed to stop for people crossing the street. officers will ticket pedestrians to cross the street illegally. police say they investigated 900 traffic crashes over the past three years. san jose parks and recreation commission hope to save money and water considering the benefits of dirt soccer fields. the commission will talk about whether they should adopt this concept. something usually you don't see
5:57 am
only in very poor countries. it is only being talked about as a possible alternative. the fields made of engineered soil cost more than twice as much to install than grass but they cost half as much to maintain. we're coming up on the 6:00 our. tonight is super bowl media day. the players have arrived and we have a live report on the official kickoff.
5:58 am
dude, dude, dude. (group chatter) this is bad. i think we're stuck. we're going to have to talk to each other or something. nooo. i don't like this elevator. (group surprised and laughter) how did that feel? was it fun being stuck? i do not like getting stuck! so, the nissan leaf s only gets 84 miles on a charge.
5:59 am
but the 2016 chevy volt gets an estimated 400 miles or more on a full charge and a full tank of gas. woah! how's that for not getting stuck? live in san jose were opening night is being held later today. what is being planned and how the teams are settling in. mornings on 2 continues. good morning and thank you for joining us. monday, february 1. i pam cook. >> i dave clark. let's talk about weather. steve has tons of things to tell you. >> it is called out there.
6:00 am
it is a big difference from what we had. >> you're saying that napa's number, if it wasn't for the wendy would be colder.>> it is holding up the low, the wind. the ambient temperature. it stirs up the atmosphere. if it dies down the temperature will drop.>> thank you, steve. >> it is called out there. we have a lot of 40s and if you 30s and even 20s up in cotton mountain. it is boring in southern california. last check grapevine was closed. snow and wind. if you are heading to super bowl city i would bundle up. 56 the high in san francisco today but it is chilly. you can stay up-to-date with the temperatures, ktvu weather app. tomorrow the radar may pick up a little bit.


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