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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  February 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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golden gate. san mateo. martinez. not just along the coast. we'll have that for the morning. still, just cloudy conditions, especially though it was beautiful yesterday, the morning breeze cut through you. ask alex. sprinkles in the marina. report around san mateo. there's some over san mateo bridge. northward not as much. 40s and a few 30s. low, mid- to upper, i don't expect these to change. there's a breeze, south east at 12 miles an hour.
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concord as well, a little bit of a breeze, not a lot. but enough for morning rain. one more system looks only news -- ominous. this will be a morning event. 40s for lows, 50s for highs. temperature below normal. no major problems, sal could be coining siddur -- could be joining us during the 5:00 a.m. hour. you see traffic is picking up a little bit. overall not so bad, 8 to 10 minutes. move to the richmond bridge, pam cook's commute. >> i didn't see all that water. i don't remember that. there's water on the road, and careful, it's not much, you may be dangerous, and careful. take a look at sfo, there's delays and cancellations
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because of the snowy weather in denver, you mentioned that, and aware of that if you're heading in or out, expecting people from denver this morning. new this morning, an investigator with the oakland fire department is on scene looking for what sparked a house fire last night, about 11:00 near the oakland zoo, the house was engulfed in flames. they decided to keep a defensive posture making sure it didn't spread. a witness said the house was engulfed in flames. >> i looked out the window and seen flames, it was real high. >> firefighters said the house was empty, but neighbors reported someone at the home from time to time. we'll have a live report from the scene in 10 minutes. here's a look at the other
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top stories, hillary clinton has edged out bernie sanders in a race for the iowa caucus. the vote was so close three present -- present ordered a coin toss. yahoo! may be slashing jobs. san francisco embarcadero is lit up for this weekend. fans are starting to arrive in the bay area. last night they caught a free
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concert. opening night for super bowl week in san jose, the focus was on the panthers and the broncos, there were unusual characters in the crowd. >> somewhere along the line, super bowl media day or opening night, became as much about the people covering it as those who perform. >> how did you get credentials. >> they just let me in. >> that's the only credential. >> who are you. >> big boy from nickelodeon. >> we're from austria. >> i hear the slalom course is tough. >> is there a slalom course. >> the super bowl. how would you be received at home if the primary colors were
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silver and black. >> i may be booed out of dia. >> an obvious dynamic, young men would rather be interviewed by miss universe. >> will that get you indoors and answers others may not get into with my charm, i hope so. everyone is fighting for attention, i thought sexy referee could work, right? >> do you knowed hockley? >> has anyone committed a personal foul. >> not yet, there's time. this is my subdued outfit compared to others this week. >> this is a conservative approach? >> it is. i'm rocky the colorado
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leadership khan, i -- leadership continue. >> is it media night or comi- con. that was interesting. the nfl experience draws big crowds to san francisco. look at that move. last night it was big showdown between the top youth flag football team. they are 9 to 14, championship teams are crowned in boys, girls and coed divisions. if department of justice will look at use of force and officer training as it looks at the san francisco police department. this is in regard to the shooting death of mario woods. protesters are calling for a federal investigation. >> the review is in response to
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request made by the mayor, chief, elected city officials and community members asking the justice department to examine the police department and use of force and their practices. >> the review will include recommendations, not court ordered reforms. the chief welcomes the review time to look for alternatives to the deadly force. caltran is back on course after it hit a person. the southbound train hit someone on the tracks near 55th avenue. the trains were stopped for an hour. this was the first fatality of the year. details on the bribe rey case on -- bribery case will be
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kept under wraps. the san francisco examiner reports there's files in the case that sensitive information including the identity of people. last week the employees were arraigned. and a san jose man charged with molesting and killing her girlfriend's two-year-old son is due back in court. manuel low pez was arrested last week. they don't have information he committed other crimes. el sir ito police -- sir ito police will wear body cameras how to buy and use devices. they will up explode the foot action -- footage to a server.
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a student may have meningitis. symptoms are a high fever, headache and neck pain. zika is a international tragedy. public health is asking people to take precautions against mosquito bites. the centers for disease control is asking for care. >> pregnant women face the greatest link. it was a big scare for denver bronco fans, we'll tell you about the crash that
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happened yesterday after practice. he was move around, he loved it. >> only a small percentage of babies have survived this heart defect. how a bay area hospital saved a life. we have light rain, nothing too heavy. enough is showing up some of the streets. maybe your commute is wet. if you're heading to super bowl city i would prepare for rain in the morning hours.
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. a fire raged through a home in the oakland hills. what may have caused it. alley rasmus is on the scene. >> we can show you the house
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where it happened. the fire is out. this is near the oakland zoo. it doesn't look like the typical house. they believe the house was in the process of being remodeled. there may have been more of a fire load, more materials than what's in the typical hope. this was a one-alarm time at its worst. the objective was to contain the fire and keep it from spreading. neighbors woke up to hear the commotion and saw the flames. >> i went over there and looked at it, to see what's going on, it was high, and someone was waning on the window. i called 911. >> firefighters say no one was hurt or inside the home, neighbors report seeing someone at the house from time to time.
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it may be the house was in the process of being renovated. at this point they are confident no one was living here. san jose police want your help to identify a pair of robbery suspects that hit a house at the mall. this man and woman following the robbery. it was at j.c. penny. the woman was confronted about security after she placed almosts in her -- items in her purse. a man hit and kicked the security officer. the man was carrying a young child. it's 4:44, going to check with steve, we were expecting some rain. >> there's a little, brian,
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traffic wise. >> it's okay so far. we'll talk about that. >> any rain causes problems. >> it's not widespread, it's a weak system. not a lot to it. light rain. san mateo, on parts of the pens and la. -- peninsula, we know there's rain in sell cerrito, what more do you need to know. there's a back edge of that. this looks like a morning event only. mostly cloudy, there's plenty upstream. a line there, just along 8:80 corridor, right over highway 84, from san mateo heading to redwood city, not a big deal, but it's there. i think there's a lot of 40s.
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even on if peninsula. menlo park, bookends of 46 for hillsborough, half moon bay says 48 degrees. southeast at seven, san jose. hayward, there's your front direction. that's a whopper of a system heading north. here's your morning, light rain, by 9:00, 10:00, we'll get sun breaks, a mix of sun and clouds, the next system tomorrow morning, we don't see rain in the mix until later in the afternoon, after the noon hour taking us into the evening commute for wednesday. by eight, 9:00, gone, after that high pressure. light rain in the mornings, mix
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and rain and clouds. 40s for lows, 50s for highs, these are below normal. one more system to deal with tomorrow afternoon, clear it out thursday morning, good to go friday and into the weekend. if you're heading to super bowl city. light rain in the morning. >> good to know. shove it in the 18 by 18 pack. >> most people don't get there until after nine or 10:00 anyway. early, early participant. >> 4:47 is the time. a baby boy with a heart defect is getting a second chance. the novel aapproach and the
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miracle results. >> liam sylva may not realize it. but around the children's hospital, he's known as the miracle baby. >> he's doing great, he surprised us all. >> weeks before he was born an ultra sound showed he has a heart condition, two of his heart valves bleed. >> it steals blood from his body, it goes backwards, that's been associated with death. >> we didn't know what to think, are we going to bring our son home or bury him, it was hard, we were mourning at the same time we were happy. >> the last two babies at stanford with the same problem died. when the doctor came up with a medical strategy, she put the
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mother on oxygen 12 hours a day, seven days a week to relax the blood investigateels of the fetus -- vessels of the baby. >> we saw there was normization of blood flow. the baby will always need to see a cardiologist but should live a normal, healthy life. >> hoping and praying for a miracle, we got one. a mother from southern california had a emotional reunion in arizona she will never forget. heather clark was able to hear the late son's heart for the first time in three years, she donated herself-month-old son's
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heart and other organs after he died. he saved three lives, one is four-year-old jordan who spent most of her life in the hospital. >> there's another family somewhere who is feeling something like what i'm feeling, and i had the chance to make them not go through what i'm going through. >> she would be selfless to think of another family. >> clark said the sound of the heartbeat was so strong she could feel her son with her. they are friends and will find a way to see each other often. >> so incredible. it is now 4:50. mark davis wants to keep the team in oakland. they won't be moving to las vegas for now. vegas for now.
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a. six puppies found in a dumb officer in merced are recovering in animal shelter. they were recovered by a hair salon worker taking out the
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trash. the pu s are expected to be okay. they will be up for adoption once they are up on their shots and have been spayed and neutered. the contra cost heir -- kosta animal shelter can't take animals until some of the animals they have find homes. the overcrowding is so severe, two weeks ago they offered free animal adoptions. >> helps us to find homes for 79 animals that weekend. the hard thing was that in turn, we had the community bringing us a lot of animals. >> the shelter announced it will be closing a facility that allowed people to surrender animals during after hours. there's a ray of hope for
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raiders to stay in oakland. the owner expects them to stay next season. the current lease expires february 17th. they explored the idea of moving to las vegas they don't think the nfl will allow that move. >> the league is playing games in london. gambling is legal in london, it's more wider spread and broader than in las vegas. it's disingenuous we'll pray in london -- plan in london but not in las vegas. >> there's a chance that oakland can work out a deal to keep the raiders, las vegas is out for this year.
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are you a superfan, how are you celebrating super bowl 50. this is leonard, moved to california from new york, what does he have on his head. trying to figure that out. >> if he was a packer fan it would be a cheesehead. airplane. >> a jet. that would make sense. our smart guy in the studio. keep the pictures and video coming. we want to see them. use the hash tag ktvu. single day tickets go on sale for wine country. >> we have to go. stevie wonder will kick off the
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festival. on saturday it the florence and the machine. on sunday the red hot chili peppers. single day passes start at $109. i want to see, there were a bunch of bands. red hot chili peppers. for the fan of the day story, you should have seen our floor director. it's a jet. coming up, the super bowl celebrations continue. a live report of the events you can take part in.
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. we're inside the stem zone, we're learning about the science of football. we'll talk with it coming up. up. . welcome back. if you've been with us this morning, it's tuesday, february 2, i'm pam cook. i'm dave clark. you didn't tell me it would be
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cold today. >> i did. you did. that's your job. a little bit of rain, not much. it is cold out there, cloudy cold, it will be a morning event. after that sun and clouds, light rain, these are not big systems, they are producing light rain. a few locations. if you're heading to super bowl center city, if you're heading to super bowl city. maybe you're not, but if you are, it's a gorgeous picture. i want to show you the forecast for super bowl city, maybe not. there will be rain in the morning and clear in the afternoon. >> you're hoping that super bowl city graphic would come up. >> what's your first clue? anything working. there we are.


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