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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 3, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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i'm excited to see around that nfl experience. i haven't been. >> me, too. >> welcome back. it is wednesday, february 3. i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. is it cold this morning? >> it doesn't feel as cold as yesterday to me. >> okay. pam knows. >> is it just me? >> i would agree with that, pam. it is still cold, but yesterday, there was something, a dampness, yes. >> maybe the heater in my heated seat helped. >> the heated seats are a beautiful thing, aren't they? >> they are. >> pam and dave, thank you. one more system here, we are waiting for it to move in. it won't be until this afternoon. we get a break this morning, but not a break from the cold. it is in the 30s and 40s. so it is going to continue to cool off. there is not enough cloud cover to really stop it yet. so partly cloudy in the morning and then our system will weaken. you can see it is almost tattered, right through there. so it is going to lose a lot of support. i think light rain for the north bay. after that, it is pretty iffy here. but clouds roll in. some light rain later and tomorrow, we lear it out. morning fog, super bowl, it looks like sunny and warm forecast. and as we head into the weekend. but partly cloudy in the mornings and partly sunny and
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30s and 40s on the temperatures. it is still cold enough. the peninsula shows lots of thirst and woodside and san carlos, and atherton, menlo park, palo alto, los altos, pretty cloak. the system will work its way in and weaken considerably. but still going to cloud us up. stay cool. the cool air really just has no place to go here. afternoon rain. most of the north. and even that won't be much. 50s for highs. some of those will be low 50s in the north bay. >> he is here, at 5:01. sal? >> there you are. good morning. >> i have a quick question for you. >> i have a quick answer. >> so today, i am going out to super bowl city and shy bring my rain coat then? >> for later this afternoon, yes. >> okay. >> not in the morning. but in the afternoon. doing a 4:00 live shot, then yes. >> that would probably be prudent. >> okay, good. i will bring it, thank you, steve. >> all right. you see, i have my own personal weather man and so do you. let's go out and take a look at the commute now. i will try to help you get around. right now, it is actually pretty good, getting through
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the area. this is interstate 880 in oakland. no problems here. as you drive through the area. the traffic continues to move along very nicely. looking at the south bay maps and right now traffic is off to a very good start. just want to mention that on the bridges, san mateo, dumbarton, and bay bridge, they all look pretty good, crossing over the peninsula. so the early driver is actually getting pretty good commutes now, around the bay area. and at 5:02, let's go back to the desk. >> big news this morning about a denver broncos player, one who grew up in the east bay who has been sent home, back to colorado, after being questioned by police about a prostitution sting in san jose. he was not arrested. now, his name is ryan murphy. he is a rookie safety, on the broncos practice squad. and regularly practices with the team. but he did not play in the game this season. and now, as part of a crackdown on human trafficking at the super bowl, murphy was detained by the santa clara county sheriff's office about 5:00 yesterday evening.
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at a motel 6 near monetta san jose airport. ktvu has been told that a prostitute went to the motel and told undercover officers she needed to get something from her car. the officers reportedly followed her to a nearby parking lot, where they say murphy and his brother were found waiting in the car. murphy's brother was cited for solicitation, and was later released. ryan murphy was questioned, but he was not cited or arrested. >> the whole bunch of them, all congregated over here. and then within maybe about 20 minutes to half an hour, all of a sudden, we had black van, people in suits, and all this kind of stuff, mulling around with these sheriffs and everything. >> ryan murphy graduated from oakland tech high school, and he went to oregon state, and the denver broncos head coach ron rivera issued this statement, and i'm quoting. although practice squad safety ryan murphy was not cited by police, we decided it was best for the team if we continued our preparations for super bowl-
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50 without him. ryan is returning to denver but his status as a practice squad player has not changed at this time. >> turning now to the super bowl itself, groundskeepers are busy making sure the turf for levi stadium will be ready for sunday. the end zones are now painted. the colors of the carolina panthers and the denver broncos. the international says work is on schedule. the turf, as we know, haz been replaced. many times. since levi stadium opened in 2014. but the league says the field is now actually one of the best they have seen. the grounds crew says that the pattern of rain and sun has created perfect condition for grass to grow. super bowl l is bringing all kinds of events and attractions to the bay area this weekend, in addition to super bowl city, there is the nfl experience at mosconi center. and alex savage is there this morning, with what it has to offer. it looks like a little -- is that a hall of fame picture of the 49ers? >> well, yes, you know --
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>> alex is in there. >> they saw me throw the footballs yesterday morning. they saw me throwing the footballs. can you find me? they called me up, right away and they said, listen, we need a backup for kap here. >> we are doing the team picture. >> yes, kap might leave. so there you go, alex. opening up for you. >> we need to have a backup plan. for sure. so i may be it. yes, we are doing some team pictures here in this morning. with the 49ers inside the nfl experience. and here at mosconi center. we will give you a lay of the land here. and do all sorts of fun stuff like that. a team photo with the 49ers. this is obviously the major fan activity zone. and more and more fans who are in town, for the big game, are coming here, to the nfl experience. to take part in all of the excitement here. check this out. you can get behind some of these players uniforms. you can also walk into sort of a mock locker room that they have set up here.
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and everything is really big and bold. and lots of highlight reels playing everywhere you go. you get to see what it feels like to be inside an nfl locker room. something most of us probably won't ever experience. so this is the nfl experience. again, unlike super bowl city that we showed you yesterday, this place here, you have to pay some money to get inside. it is $35 for adults to get inside and $25 for kids. to make their way in here. and it is also a nighttime event. we should point that out as well. it goes from 3:00, it opens at 3:00 in the afternoon, and then it stays open until 10:00 at night. so this is really something that you are probably going to want to do after you get off work and maybe take the kids and come over here in san francisco. and all sorts of cool exhibits. they also have a whole interactive area. they have a big field over there. where you can kick, punt, pass,
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and work on your football skills, and hoping, you guys, to make my way over to the field and maybe they will open it up and toss me a football to show them what i got. and we will see about that. and we will be hanging out all morning long at the nfl experience, and again, this is not free to get in here, $35 for adults and $25 for kids. but they got a lot of fantastic exhibits here, a lot of interactive stuff that you can do with the family. >> that looks so fun. i'm glad you gave us a little tour there. we are counting first of all, we are counting on you getting into that field and showing off your stuff. but also, do you know alex, i know, yesterday, were you saying, i think it was yesterday, or the other day, people got a discount if they wore their 49ers gear or raiders gear. was that one day or did they get a discount when they came in? >> a one day thing to get the locals in here. from what i understand, earlier on, in the week, the idea is that you are going to have more of the local fan, folks who live here in the bay area, the folks watching us right now, and as you move, as we move later here through super bowl week, we get through the latter half of the week, and then you
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start to get more and more broncos fan, panthers fans, and football fans, in general, making their way here to the bay area. and then things really sort of ramp up, with a lot of out of towners coming to the nfl experience and super bowl city. that is sort of the way i understand things playing out. >> sounds goods. we will look forward. >> and locals always welcome. >> well of of course. of course. >> we will look forward to more throughout the morning. we will check in. >> time now is 5:08. the protest by the homeless is planned today in san francisco to show outrage of the amount of money the city is spending on the super bowl. >> the homeless and supporters are setting up what they call a homeless super bowl city. among other things, protesters say there is only one bed for every six homeless people in san francisco and the city of san francisco will spend about $5 million on super bowl festivities, and homeless advocates say that money would be better spent on homeless services. >> our time is 5:08.
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this one may disrupt super bowl activities. according to flyers and videos posted on social media, uber drivers are being encouraged to go on strike this sunday. by turning off their apps. and other rumors indicate a possible protest around levi stadium. and uber drivers are angry about recent fare cuts. a similar protest by about 200 drivers was staged in san francisco, earlier this week. meantime, uber is sending a message, that puppies are a fan's best friend. the team, the company is teaming up with the puppy bowl in san francisco, and chicago, and los angeles, and denver. and now, between 11:00 this morning, and 2 24eur9 2:30 this afternoon, the ride sharing company will bring a puppy to where you are with a 15 minute cuddle huddle. with a puppy from local animal shelters. now, this costs about $30. and the money will go back to the local shelters. all you have to do is ask for the puppies option on your uber
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app. >> with millions of people expected to visit the bay area, for super bowl-50, a local blood bank is asking for donations. officials at the stanford blood center want to make sure their inventory is full for their partners stanford health care. they are expecting to see an increase in patients before and during the big game. a spokesperson is encouraging people to donate now, saying that it takes up to three days for blood to be ready before a transfusion. and just a reminder, that you can download the ktvu news app, for all things super bowl. all the fun things. but also the traffic backups and the weather at levi stadium, also all of the activities though in the super bowl events. all right, time is 5:10. canted clare university, plans to hold a news conference today to talk about two cases of men meningitis at the school. an undergrad student became sick on hospital and admitted to a hospital with meningitis. the santa clara heth department learned that a second student was diagnosed yesterday. health officials are urging anyone who may have had contact
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with these individuals to get medical attention. the university is also offering free vaccinations at the school tomorrow. and on friday. and new this morning, california is failing, in it's tempts to cut deaths and disease caused by tobacco products. that's according to the american lung association. this is the 14th annual report. it tracks policies on smoke- free air, tobacco taxes, and funding programs, to prevent tobacco use and also providing health for people who want to stop smoking. california earned a failing grade on three of the four policies that were studied but there are some local bright spots here. 10 bay area cities, and counties, earned top overall grades. and the three biggest cities in the bay area, earned a grade of b. a chp officer is recovering this morning, after a knife attack in san francisco, and a homeless man is behind bars. last night, police identified the suspect, as 44-year-old noel corpus, police say the officer and his partner
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responded to calls of a man wandering on the essex street on-ramp to highway 80 eastbound. when the seven year veteran approached him near a bunch of tents, corpus pulled out a knife and stabbed the officer several times in the neck and chest. >> this type of incident just really shocks us, as you can imagine, it is a very serious violent attack, and also, it is very traumatic for officers on the scene who are there with their friends. >> witnesses were able to describe corpless corp us who was later arrested. and police have not released his booking photo yet but he faces charges including assault on a peace officer and attempted murder. time is now 5:12. new this morning, the government of france wants to extend the state of emergency that has been in place since the deadly november terrorist attacks in paris. a measure proposed today during a government cabinet meeting would extend the state of emergency for three more months. it is scheduled to end on
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february 26. now, the state of emergency expands police powers, to carry out arrests, and searches. and it also allows them to restrict the movement of people in vehicles. the proposed extension is now awaiting the approval of the french parliament. it is 5:13. and on bart, on the streets, and in the air, coming up in 20 minutes, the tough new security measures you may notice as we get closer to the super bowl. >> but first, the presidential race, it is heating up. up next, where the focus is now turning for the candidates after voters spoke out in iowa.
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to learn how you can save energy and money with solar, go to together, we're building a better california. good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. 5:15. today in new hampshire, the campaign trail will be crowded with candidates trying to to steal some momentum from ted cruz and hillary clinton and
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plenty of chances with town halls all over the state. our reporter garrett teny joining us live in washington with the latest on the race for the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave iowa is now in the rear view mirror and all hands on deck, and several republican campaigns are on the line. >> he may have barely finished second in iowa, but self proclaimed socialist bernie sanders is in command in new hampshire. where he is changing his tone and drawing sharper contrasts with hillary clinton. questioning whether she is a true progressive. >> some day, yes. especially when she announces she is a proud moderate. >> reporter: despite being a distant second in recent new hampshire polls, clinton is arguing she is the practical choice for true democrats. >> you ask yourself, does this just sound good on paper or can this get done. >> just about anything to gain a vote. >> marco rubio took his
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unexpectedly strong third place finish showing in iowa and immediately set his sights on caucus winner ted cruz who is trying to convince voters in the other 49 states that he is not a one state wonder like previous caucus winners. >> we ended december 31 with almost more money in the bank, than jeb bush, plus marco rubio, plus john kasich, plus chris christie, all combined together. >> another candidate who doesn't seem to have money problems, donald trump, landed in new hampshire, and landed an endorsement from former massachusetts senator scott brown. >> scott brown, for him to come up and call and say, hey, i love what you are doing, i love where you are going, he loves this area, and he loves you people, for him to endorse me, it is a very important thing. >> when you look at the polls in new hampshire, donald trump is dominating by 20 points. behind him, it is nearly a four- way tie for second place. between ted cruz, john kasich, and marco rubio and jeb bush. six days though until the new hampshire primary happens.
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another debate as well. the voters there are known for waiting until the last minute to make up their minds so a lot can still change over the next six days. >> thank you. garrett teny from washington, thank you. it is 5:17. we will check in with sal. a look at traffic this morning. >> it is nice right now. >> good. >> yes. >> but you know, the san francisco commute will not be the same for about a week and a half more. >> right. >> the super bowl, you know, and then they have the whole week to tear that whole thing down. to get back to normal. and we will start in the south bay. northbound 280 traffic is looking pretty good. getting up to highway 17. no major problems. if you're driving in the south bay, it has been a very nice commute so far. we are also looking at the livermore valley. and westbound 580 traffic, looks good to dublin. and no major problems if you're driving on 680. and also, 680 looks good in concord and walnut creek. and on the east shore freeway, we are off to a decent start here, and on 80 westbound, as
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you head out to the macarthur maze. >> it might rain a little bit today. 518, let's go to steve. >> very little. >> very little, sal. i think most will be north. we do have kind of a break here. although san jose under clear skies is now 39 degrees. and a lot of mid-30s on the peninsula. los altos is in there. woodside. palo alto, livermore, east bay, 37. a few more here, coming up shortly. and partly cloudy for some. and mostly clear for others. our system has a way to go. it is an afternoon event and lifting more northward. so by the time it arrives, i don't think there will be much left but i think we will mention some north of the golden gate bridge, very light rain. clouds increase. sunshine in the morning. partly sunny and then mostly cloudy. and tomorrow we clear it out. patchy fog, but the super bowl, sunny and warm, and if you are visiting, say from other parts of country, you might want to stick around on monday and tuesday, and we will be in the mid-70s, it looks like. and we do have a little bit of an increase and some partly cloudy but overall in the 30s. and fairfield in the mix and livermore, there is fremont,
5:20 am
38, and one observation, palo alto, 37, and i saw another one at 35 and san jose airport at 39 degrees. and speaking of the peninsula, woodside is now dipped to 34. and mid-30s, menlo park, and atherton and palo alto, and los altos and san mateo, says 38 degrees. so if it feels cold, it is. 9 in truckee. and 19 in reno, and 32 in las vegas. and 41 in monterey. a little chill there. oregon is single digits. but truckee at 99. and south lake tahoe at 10. 18, 19 incline in there. temperatures around the lake in the teens but going up a teeny bit with a little bit of cloud cover. but the morning, mostly sunny and cloudy and increasing clouds throughout the afternoon. stays cool. afternoon rain. very light. i would focus on the north bay more than anything else. upper 40s to low 50s to the north. mid-50s elsewhere. the warmest to the saptd clare valley and the system out of here by thursday morning and except for a few high clouds friday, i think we are all set for a warm weekend and maybe warmer early next week.
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>> okay. >> nice way to showcase the bay area. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> and then bring on the rain. >> yes. >> after they are gone. >> yes. >> after everyone goes home. bring it on. >> thanks, steve. >> well, a controversy. >> surrounding the sacramento kings game. up next the chinese new year give away that has one of the team's biggest storms speaking out against it.
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i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that ta in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a coact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile.
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whatit's to you? you'd rather use newer technology? defitely. you'dwell, i've got nsomething to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. welcome back. to mornings on 2. it is 5:23. the sacramento kings pulled a chinese new year give-away at
5:24 am
the very last minute before their game on monday. there were complaints that a year of the monkey t-shirt was racially insensitive on the first day of black history month. kings player demarcus cousins brought it up to the team and the team officials decided to remove the shirts from the sleep train arena. other chinese new year celebrations during the game went on as planned. the warriors, they are wrapping up the latest road trip tonight against the washington wizards and before heading to the nation's capital, they practiced at st. john's university in new york. st. john's is coached by warriors hall of famer chris mullen who has a great appreciation for what his former team is doing. >> it is a treat to have the warriors here. you know, just the level of excellence, it is nice for my players to see, a lot of things i have been preaching to them, on how to play the game, how to approach the game, how to be unselfish and be a good teammate and the warriors are the epitome of that. >> and tomorrow, the warriors go to the white house, and
5:25 am
president obama will honor their 2015 nba title. well 49ers quarterback collin kaerpernick apparently wants out. the new york daily news says according to sources his preferred destination, the new york jets. kaerpernick as you know was benched this season and put on injured reserve, after hurting his shoulder. and he still has five years left on his contract with the 49ers. now the 49ers can trade or cut him, before his $11.9 million base salary becomes guaranteed on april 1. well, 5:25, will see a lot of star-studded super bowl commercials this sunday. >> there is a revolution coming. >> excuse me? what do you mean? >> the one to look out for is this one. lg electronics, futuristic ad, with actor liam neeson playing a man from the future talking to his younger self, played by his real life son. this is lg's first spot ever,
5:26 am
in the super bowl. . what a man, what a man. >> in my face. >> that is ryan reynolds. he is everywhere. this ad for hyundai, it shows two women driving an elantra through the fictional town of ryanville, and the driver gets really distracted but luckily the car has an automatic emergency braking system and stops the car before slamming into a ryan reynolds walking a pack of dogs and riding a bike as well. he is afterwhere. 5:26. a new case of the zika virus here in the u.s. and this one is not from a mosquito. the discovery what is prompting new concerns about the spread of that illness. >> and coming up, we are going to tell you about the new security measures being taken on public transit and in the air in the days ahead at super bowl sunday. >> good morning, we're looking at the commute here in the south bay, and 280 looks good, into the west valley.
5:27 am
not a bad drive all the way up to highway 17. >> cold for some. there is 30s out there. we do get a break in the clouds though. the crescent moon there. what about that last system, will it bring us rain? for some. we will take a look at it.
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welcome back. to mornings on 2. it is wednesday, february 3. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thanks for joining us. if you are just waking up, steve will tell us what the the day is going to be like weather- wise. i love that shot right there of
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the bridge and the embarcadero. >> it is pretty. >> yes. >> nice this morning. just cold, you know. for us. >> yes. >> we have some problems. >> people visiting. >> i had frost. >> i believe it. there are 30s, eastbound. we will show you some coming up. but we get a break here in the morning. increasing clouds throughout the afternoon. we may have some light rain around the golden gate north. by late this afternoon, and this evening, this looks like a pretty weak system. i doubt we get much out of it, especially south but it will give us cloud cover and keep us on the cool side. we are in between, though, and there is the system, and i will tell you most of this is lifting northward. the forecast headline, okay in the morning, a little chilly, and clouds, light rain late and the weekend looks super. in fact warm on super bowl sunday. we will see increasing clouds, but some of these will be slow to arrive so before that, 30s and 40s, and 38 palo alto, and that observation, san jose, 39 and fremont in there, and san ramon, and livermore and fairfield as well. many as well toward the south. and morgan hill and gillroy. and scott's valley, and same thing with los gatos and
5:31 am
saratoga and boulder creek is close. and santa cruz, 40 chilly degrees. and right there. that is kind of snapped like a rubber band stretching it and the middle part gets much weaker. turning cloudy later on. sun in the morning and slowly increasing clouds and stay cool, though, with some afternoon very light rain, and 50s for highs. low to mid, but then after today, we will start to warm tup, sal, as we head into the weekend. >> that sounds good, steve. i want to remind people that today, and after today, we will start getting more crowd into the city. people are beginning to arrive, for the super bowl who are not from in town. and so are you going to see more clouds on bart, you will see more people getting on to uber and lift. and twhr will might be different pricing on that. and keep in mind we are getting to crunch time when it comes to getting around the bay area, as more and more people are joining us for super bowl-50. let's go out and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza right now. it is going to be just okay here. it is backed up for about a 15
5:32 am
to 20 minute wait before you make it on to the bridge. the traffic on the span itself looks pretty good. let's go to 880 now, and you can see traffic, in northbound and southbound 880, not a bad commute here, it looks good, if you're going to any of the three bay area airports. or picking someone up. right now, it is actually looking pretty good here, on all of the freeway, leading to the airport. concord to walnut creek and highway 4, still light at this hour. and so is 80 in west contra costa county. at 5:32. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. local and federal law enforcement agencies are teaming up this week, to protect public transit for the super bowl. ktvu fox 2 news reporter ally ras muss is live in oakland and hearing from bart riders ahead of the big game. >> reporter: most of the people we talked to this morning, say they appreciate any additional security on bart. at the stations, and on the trains, but especially here at the west oakland bart station. this is one of the busiest stations in the entire bart system. in terms of passenger traffic. and you will recall, last
5:33 am
month, there was a fatal shooting on board one of the trains here at west oakland. so security is definitely top of mind for some of the people we talked to this morning. with the super bowl five days away, the transportation security administration is getting involved with this. the tsa is teaming up with local agencies, including bart, san francisco's muni, and santa clara's bta, to provide an increased security and police presence, at stations and on trains. >> i completely agree with that. it makes me feel a lot safer going into the city at 5:00 in the morning, and coming back home at 8:00 and making sure i don't, you know, feel safe every time i walk home. we do appreciate it. >> i definitely would. >> and i totally appreciate the security. i would go for it. >> now, representatives from the fbi, the department of homeland security, and even the u.s. department of energy are all in the bay area. because of the super bowl. working the security angle. the department of energy's nuclear security administration is flying low altitude helicopters, in the area. and this is video of the
5:34 am
department's helicopters doing the same thing in the bay area, four years ago, and back then, it was in order to measure baseline radiation levels on the ground. and this week, though, those repts are looking for anything that -- those repts are looking for anything that could -- helicopters are looking for anything that could indicate a dirty bomb. federal officials says there is no threat. this it is a precaution ahead of super bowl in general. and in general, security measures bay area wide are stepped up because of the big game on sunday. about an hour ago, we did see a bart police patrolling the parking lot here at the west oakland station. and later on, as the morning goes on and things get busier here, we will be keeping an eye out to see if we notice additional police presence here, or any other law enforcement officers, maybe from the tsa or other federal agencies. back to you. >> thank you, ali for that update. 5:34. it is the time. football fans are paying big bucks to go to the big game this sunday. stub hub says it sold two separate single seats for nearly $28,000 each. stub hub told us it is expecting to sell about 6,000 tickets at an average price of
5:35 am
$6,000 a price. but other ticket brokers including crime sports say they are seeing a softer market. the face value of the cheapest ticket is $850. but those ticks are now selling for about three times that month. time now is 5:35. the chp is investigating a deadly accident last night. on interstate 880. the two car crash around 8:30 was near the 238 connector in san leandro. one driver died. police say the other drive her to be pulled out of his car and had major injuries. southbound lanes were closed for more than two hours. after that crash. investigators are looking for witnesses, to help determine what caused that crash. a bicyclist is in the hospital, now, after she was hit by a suspected dui driver in berkeley, and dragged by his car. it happened near fulton and bancroft in berkeley, about 5:00 p.m. yesterday. and 47-year-old berwick haines was arrested after that collision. police say the woman cyclist was dragged under his car, for about 20 feet. before she was pinned beneath
5:36 am
it. and berkeley police have not tried to reconstruct that accident scene. >> yes, it is a little early to tell exactly where the bicycles and the vehicles were, but there is no protective bike lane here. share the roadway. >> police say the 42-year-old victim from berkeley was wearing a helmet. but she is listed in critical condition. health officials in texas have now confirmed for the first time that the zika virus has been sexually transmitted here in the u.s. ktvu's brian flores in our newsroom now with this new concern brian? >> it is a concern worldwide, pam. it is widely known that the zika virus is spread through mosquitoes and while there are cases of zika being spread sexually, doctors and researchers are scrambling to find a vaccine. medical experts say an infected person who traveled back to the u.s. from venezuela, infected another person in texas, and doctors say this is the first case of zika virus transmitted in the u.s. by any means.
5:37 am
until now, about 30 confirmed u.s. cases have all been in people who traveled to latin america. and were bitten there by mosquitoes that carried the virus. the world health organization declared a global emergency over the virus yesterday. the biggest concern though is for pregnant women who become infected due to a possible link to severe birth defects in unborn babies. >> i would like to see a rapid test so that we could take care of the fear of that. because women have enough to worry about through the nine months of their pregnancy, without worrying about the zika virus. it is a very, very low risk. >> now this point, researchers are still not sure how long it will take to develop a test for the virus. they are also scrambling to develop a zika vaccine, but they say that could take as long as five years. now, if you do plan to travel, to countries known to have the virus, the cdc is urging people to use things like epa-approved inspect repellent and wear long sleeves or pants and sleep under a mosquito net. in the next report, we will talk about a social media
5:38 am
campaign launched by facebook to encourage people to learn about the virus. especially expectant mothers. guys, back to you. >> it continues to get scarier, thank you, brian. time now is 5:37. gun owners in san francisco, you now have to make sure your weapons are securely locked when left unattended in a car. that's the decision by the board of supervisors. there have been several cases in the bay area recently when a local police officer or a federal agent, they had their gun and badge stolen from their cars. the san francisco board of supervisors unanimously approved a measure requiring the guns be stored in a lock box. or kept inside the trunk of a car that can't be opened from inside the car. violators could face a $10,000 fine, and up to six months in jail. well, yahoo is cutting more jobs, as expected. the sunnyvale tech giant announced it will eliminate about 1700 jobs and close five of its international offices. yahoo says the move is an attempt to streamline operations and cut costs. most of the job cuts are
5:39 am
expected to happened by the end of the month, next month, that is. yahoo announced the changes when it released the fourth quarter earnings after the bell yesterday, which were less than half what it made during the same time period in 2014. and right now, it looks like yahoo stock is going to open down on that news. another rough day, for wall street yesterday. the dow lost almost 300 points. the nasdaq lost 100 points. and the s&p 500 down 36. just hanging on to that 1900 level there. which is a significant level. analysts say the continuing decline in oil prices remains a drag on the market. oil prices definitely affecting markets in asia, overnight, japan's nikeii dropped more than 3%. the major marks in hong kong, and australia, also lost more than a percent each. european markets have been down all morning long. they are down right now, as well. they are open, and analysts say it could bounce back now for
5:40 am
the january adt report on private sector jobs, if it is strong, it comes out very shortly, we will check in on that. >> all right, time is 5:39. the latest report card on saving water here in california, it is out. and for the third straight month, the state missed governor brown's mandate. and state water regulators say californians cut water use by just over 18% in december. and the governor wants a 5% reduction. the mandate was issued last june. the total amount saved since then is just above the 25% mark. now, drought regulations were set to expire next week. but the state water board has extended it. through october. after years of drought, the monthly snow pack survey conducted yesterday in the sierra, it was pretty good. it shows water content at 130% of normal. and now that survey determined how much water the crucial snow pack will hold for use in the springtime, the summer and the fall. >> that is running about 115,
5:41 am
116% statewide. and higher in the northern sierra, at around 120. but still above average for all areas. >> now, the snow survey chief also says we still have two months left in the rainy service. and it has to keep raining and snowing consistently to make a serious dent in the drought. a well-known tourist destination in san francisco is going to be closed for seven months. alamo square will undergo a $4 million renovation in may. and it is famous for the views and the painted lady. it includes changes in the landscaping to cut water use by an estimated 37%. our time now is 5:41. we are finding out this morning that former raiders great kenny stabeler had a degenerative brain disease, coming up, at can, what researchers found out after he died last summer. r. >> for them to come meet me,
5:42 am
and take time out of practice is cool. >> that young broncos fan has his wish come true. up next, the surprise visit at a bay area hospital, by one of his favorite players. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute that is beginning to wake up a little bit. san mateo bridge is not stop and go but crowded over to the peninsula. >> if you're visiting and you say, i need to keep tabs on the weather around here, know what is going on, well ktvu weather app has all of the answers. just download it to your tablet or phone and good to go if you can't watch us.
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5:44 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. yes, that is lady gaga. she is cop coming to super bowl- 50. the nfl says lady gaga will sing the national anthem this sunday. she will be joined by oscar
5:45 am
award winning actress marty matlin who is deaf by the way, and she will perform using sign language. the super bowl, as usual, will have lots of talent, cold play is headlining the half time show, and beyonce will join them. >> well, former 49ers star jerry rice, the legend, is having some fun during super bowl week. he is going under cover, as a lift driver. >> how are you doing? >> doing well. >> i'm steven. >> jay. nice to meet you. >> who sur team? >> my team has been the 49ers. born and raised in san jose. >> oh, really. >> oh, really? >> you know any players. >> no one seemed to recognize the hall of famer. he has that beard there. but when he did finally review who he was, he got some very excited results. yes, this lady's dancing. and she can dance, too. and the guys were dancing, too. with jerry rice? >> i would do the happy dance
5:46 am
riding around with jerry rice. >> yes. >> they don't good. >> way to go, jerry. >> hilarious. the city of millipitas kicks off its super bowl-50 celebration with special ceremonies last night. fans gathered at city hall for the special event. the building is now lit up in super bowl-50 colors that were turned on for the first time. the city also put up a baner to welcome tourists and fans. there was a super bowl raffle with a prize of two tickets to the big game. >> all i can say, this is really excited and i am still shaking inside. i am a 49ers fan. but because this is happening in our city, you know, it is just so exciting to be able to share in it. >> she says she will be taking her husband with her to the game on sunday. she was one of hundreds of people who took part in a social media contest called shop millipitas 50. everyone who play the the game was entered into the drawing for the super bowl tickets. a young bay area hospital patient who also happens to be
5:47 am
a big denver broncos fan, had a dream come true this week. after a post on facebook. >> alex walter has had nine heart surgeries including a heart transplant. and is now undergoing cancer treatment at the children's hospital in palo alto. but he had one big wish to meet a bronco person in place. so the hospital posted a photo of the 18-year-old alex and a plea for a visit on his facebook page, and his dream came true. >> do you have a lamborghini? >> do i have a lamborghini? what? no way. >> for me to be here, i know it means a lot to alex but it means a lot to me, and you know, i will cherish this moment. >> wow, alex will certainly cherish that moment. that's how great it is. >> and he appreciated him taking time away from practice, to see him. and now, all he is wishing for is a broncos win on sunday. >> he is a great guy. that is a great young man
5:48 am
there. good story. >> that is really nice. ash 47. let's check your traffic. your commute. sal is all over it. what are you checking on? >> i am looking at the east bay freeways and the pattern, people are getting on the road early and interesting to see what happens once the super bowl closures are gone in a couple of weeks and maybe a week and a half or so, to be completely accurate. but right now, people are on the road. let's take a look at the east shore freeway. not a bad commute, it is getting more crowded. and after 6:00 is usually when we start seeing a bigger crowd getting in to san francisco. and it is surprising to me how people have adjusted. yesterday, being at super bowl city this whole week, i was walking along the embarcadero and traffic was light. and people are not driving into the city. i still wouldn't recommend it, because there is really no place to park that is cheap. or if you want to park, or if you are mr. or mrs. money bags. the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up for 20, 25 minutes
5:49 am
with a delay, if you're at the end of the line. no major problems there. and west contra costa county. on 80 westbound. from hercules to richmond. looks good. and as you drive from the benecia bridge, to the walnut creek interchange. steve, i want to ask another forecast question. >> please go ahead, sal. >> this saturday, at&t park, it is metallica. and i think a certain person you might know might be going to that. >> well, you want to know the forecast. yes, i do. >> sal, nothing else matters. except a dry forecast. >> i see. >> and i will seek and destroy any rain that tries to come in. >> that is very good. >> thank you very much. >> looks good. looks good. thank you, sal. >> thanks for asking. would that be dave moore in the control room? i think he is going. thank you. all right. we have a little bit of a system here that has to work its way in. and then, high pressure says it wants to kick in. people are writing me says, steve, oh, no, no, folks, we
5:50 am
are long overdue tore a stretch of dry weather in the winter. this is very common, december, january, we have had off and on rain, rain, rain, this is very common. just hang in there. if you're heading to the super bowl city, 45 is cold out there. and alex savage cold. he was out there yesterday. and i said how cold was it. and he said oh, my gosh, i was freezing. 53 at noon. and afternoon clouds,and light rain to the north. a weak system, weaker than yesterday. and tomorrow it will clear out with some fog, super bowl looks sunny and warm and early next week looks very warm. record-setting warmth. waiting on the system. but i will tell you, it is toppling over and the heaviest cloud cover, any rain to the north and we will have morning sun and increasing clouds throughout the day. and a cold one out there. for us, if you're visiting, 30s and 40s. and it looks like the north bay temperature, a little bit more cloud cover, so they are holding steady in the low 40s for most. and that includes novato, sonoma, and petaluma, in there, and calistoga says 39. and the temperatures today will
5:51 am
be mainly in the 50s but there could be a few 40s and mendocino county and lake county, and a possibility, near 60 santa clara valley. i would think so. because they are far enough south, that the system won't do too much. and truckee at 9. and 19 in reno. and 42 in ukia. and south lake tahoe, 10. and teens around the lake and even reno, at 19 degrees. this is not much of a system. you can look right there. and that is going to snap right there. so that will drag across. let's give us some clouds. and very little rain. i mean there is not much here expected. but increasing clouds, morning sun. it will stay on the cool side, though. a little warmer south bay and cooler to the north bay. and some morning sun, and then 50s for highs. and below normal temperatures, though. we have been below there, so it makes sense that somewhere down the pipeline, we have to warm up. that's how we get average. but it won't be until the weekend. cloud cover, very little rain today. and then a few high clouds into friday, and then everything looks good for sunday. and monday, mid-70s are possible. >> that's great. >> it would be nice.
5:52 am
>> hopefully it won't be too hot sitting out there. >> yes. well, the super bowl, it is hot. >> yes. >> thank you. [ laughter ] speaking of the super bowl, are you a super fan? >> pam, pam? >> let's see how you have brating super bowl-50. this is how jacen from brentwood is celebrating. he is kind of sleeping through. >> he's got his bed to lay on. >> what is so sweet. >> look at that hair. >> yes. >> nice head of red hair. >> maybe a broncos fan. >> that was sent to us from brentwood. keep your pictures coming, facebook, twitter and instagram, use the hash tag ktvu. we want to see your photos. and we will reveal the super fan of the day, later this morning, on the nines. >> keep them coming. and 5:52. it is a system designed to help save lives. up next, a new push by the white house when it comes to warning people about a possible earthquake.
5:53 am
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♪(classical music) ♪(rock music) ♪(rock music) the steakhouse thickburger. onion strings, blue cheese and a1 sauce on a burger. only at carl's jr.
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welcome back. the white house is now backing california's earthquake early warning system. >> earthquake, earthquake, lights shaking expected in two seconds. >> well, it sounds scary. but it is meant to help save people. the white house summit on earthquakes yesterday, bay area seismologists said they hope this shake alert system, it is now being tested, it will be ready within the next few years. the system gave a 5 to 10 second warning prior to the 2014 napa earthquake and enough time for people to take cover and bart to stop trains. and federal buildings are ordered to be built to resist earthquakes. san francisco police arrested a man they say posed as a priest for decades officiating masses and funerals and a wedding. he is facing dozens of criminal charges including grand theft
5:56 am
and perjury. authorities say he has been posing as a priest since the mid-90s at catholic parishes across california. last year, he allegedly pocketed cash from two dozen people selling bogus trips to see pope francis on the east coast. new this morning, president obama will make his first visit to a u.s. mosque to deliver a speech about religious tolerance. the president will hold a round table at the islamic society of baltimore to urge americans to embrace diversity. the visit is in response to a recent uptick in anti-muslim rhetoric in the u.s. president obama was the first sitting president to speak at the israeli embassy, where he warned about the growing anti- semitism in the world. time now is 5:56. $63million. someone in southern california is missing out on all of that money. the winning ticket of the super lottery plus jackpot was sold last year, in chatsworth in august. but the winner hasn't come forward to claim it. they have until tomorrow to
5:57 am
claim that money. otherwise the money goes to the state education fund. the store that sold the ticket may have working security cameras, but the officials, they don't want to release that video, they say it is not clear who the winner is, and so many people were buying tickets at the same time. if that winner doesn't come forward, that $63 million will be the largest unclaimed jackpot in state history. >> it is killing me. >> i know. >> can you imagine, sitting in their pocket somewhere. >> tomorrow. >> it will go to the schools. coming up in the 6:00 hour, a denver broncos player has been sent home. >> the prostitution sting ha has the santa clara sheriff's deputies questioning him at a san jose motel. push that tapen and hit play. this is a hone. have you seen these before? it's called a compt disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology?
5:58 am
well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
5:59 am
a denver broncos player is on his way back home, after police questioned him, about prostitutes. we will have a live report and tell you how the coach is reactioning. >> hey, potential protests, affecting the super bowl, the social media push to get uber drivers to go on strike on sunday. >> mornings on 2, continues.
6:00 am
good morning, thank you for joining us, it is wednesday, february 3. >> i'm pam cook. >> middle of the week. >> i'm dave clark. weather and traffic, and steve, this is cold but not as cold? >> it is 30s and 40s. i mean it is cold. >> yes. >> but it was warmer where i came from. marin county. but you had frost. >> it is cold for some, yes. >> for us, again. if you're visiting from the midwest, you're like oh, my gosh, it is a heat wave but for us, it is cold out here. a break on the cloud cover. there is some but it will increase throughout the day and then very, very light rain to the north. i think north of the golden gate. everything south of that should be pretty weak so if you have outdoor activities you want to do or get some tennis in, the morning is the best bet. super bowl city, 45 to start. and then 55 late this afternoon. there is the system, right there, there is not a lot to it. kind of toppling over and most of the energy is heading north. that's for sure. we will see clouds rolling in. it will keep us on the


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