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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  February 8, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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normal. slowly but surely. good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. monday, february 8th. i'm brian flores. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. i saw you were up skiing. >> i was. >> and it wasn't crowded i bet. >> it wasn't. i've done this three times where i've gone skiing during the super bowl. i go for the morning, try to make it back for the game, fantastic. >> no one is up there. >> no one is up there. >> let's check in with rosemary. don't let out the secret. so many people don't want to miss the game. >> i know. starts in the afternoon, so you have that morning to go up. >> you have time. we didn't have our local teams playing in the super bowl, but bragging rights when it comes to the weather. some folks coming in perhaps the first time to the bay area, mostly sunny and 70, 75 in the south bay where the super bowl was held. pretty fabulous. we are looking at another dry and unseasonably dry day today.
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this morning temperatures are up in many spots. half moon bay, 63 degrees now. temperatures not really cooling off there. around the bay 58 san francisco. 52 heyward. where we are more calm, like walnut creek into the 40s. it's a bit chilly outside your door. santa rosa at 44. napa at 53. most of us are up by at least a few degrees. san jose being the area that's just lightly cooler. again, it has a lot to do with that wind. i showed you napa, up by several degrees this morning. we had that offshore breeze about 14 miles per hour. not everybody experiencing that breeze this morning. where we have it our numbers are warmer. we'll be partly cloudy to mostly sunny for your monday. as we get into the afternoon, 70s will be back. take a look at the color coding. widespread 70s around the bay area. a patch of orange perhaps in
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areas like morganhill and gilroy. when i come back i'll have a look at the afternoon highs, talk about the extended forecast and how long this warming trend is going to last. let's get to the roadways with sal. good morning, sal. >> good morning. now we are looking at a commute here where traffic is not bad, if you are driving around the bay area. as a matter of fact, starting on 880 trying to get to the oakland airport, traffic is moving along very well. trying to get to the san jose, san francisco airport the same. no major problems yet anyway. san mateo bridge, heading to the peninsula, highway 101 traffic looks good over to the peninsula. in the silicon valley, a nice looking commute on all the freeways, even near levi stadium. looks like everything is getting back to normal in the area, which is to say now we are doing very well. let's go back to the desk.
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thank you, sal. chp is investigating a freeway shooting in pinole that sent one person to the hospital. it is the latest in a series of shootings along interstate 80 over the past few months. ktvu channel two's alex savage joins us to explain what happened. alex. >> reporter: pam, good morning to you. this has been an ongoing issue. there have been at least six of these car to car shootings along interstate 80 here in this area in the east bay since just late last year. over the past few months. the one that happened last night in the westbound lanes of traffic near apian way. the chp had to come in and shut down all the lanes of traffic last night to gather evidence in this case. the gunfire was reported at about 9:30 last night. the chp says people in two separate cars driving along the freeway began shooting at each other and at least one person was hit by the gunfire. both of those cars left the
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scene, by the time the chp got there. but later a person with a gunshot wound did show up at a nearby hospital and that person was treated. the chp this morning also says a third car was hit by gunfire. that driver was not involved in the dispute. that was an innocent bystander essentially. this is the latest in a series of shootings along interstate 80 between pinole and berkeley dating back to november of last year. chp suspects some of the attacks may be gang related. so far no arrests. the situation out here in pinole this morning, all the westbound lanes were shut down late into the night to gather evidence, but as you can see behind us, all lanes of traffic now back open after this freeway shooting. another one. >> pretty scary. at least that is the good news that traffic is moving along. >> reporter: sure is. >> thank you, alex.
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here's a look at some of the top stories we're following. denver broncos led the way to the team's first super bowl title since 1998. they beat the carolina panthers last night 24-10. many think this was broncos' peyton manning's last game, but he wouldn't commit to an answer after the game, saying he would celebrate and take time to reflect, and obviously drink budweisers as well. fans spilled out into the streets in downtown denver. but police had to use pepper spray in some instances and arrested at least 12 people. the city will hold a parade and rally tomorrow for the new champs. with football fans heading only, bay area airports will be especially busy. airport officials expect up to 50% more passengers than usual. they are advising people to arrive at the airport at least three hours before their plane is scheduled to take off.
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nba mvp and north carolina native steph curry banged the ceremonial drum before the game [ drum ] >> also playing the drum before the carolina's home opener against houston in november. he's been a big fan. north carolina's governor was involved in an accident shortly after leaving the super bowl. he is okay. but the carolina panthers says governor mccrory was traveling on highway 237 when his car was rear-ended by another car. a spokesman said he had minor pain and didn't ask for medical attention. the chp continues to investigate a fiery crash that killed three men in san francisco over the weekend. authorities say the men were in
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a car that was seen doing doughnuts near 5th and brian streets before 9:30 on saturday night. officers tried to pull the driver over, but he took off. minutes later the car crashed into a taxi near 9th and brannen. the three men in the car died. the taxi driver was also hurt. the victims have not been identified. investigators in marin city are looking into a deadly brawl over the weekend that left two people dead. happened about 10:00 yesterday morning at the public housing apartments on cole drive in marin city. the sheriff's department received several 911 calls reporting a fight involving people armed with knives and baseball bats. by the time the first officers arrived, the fight escalated to gunfire, killing two people and sending one person to the hospital. police have identified those involved. >> these are people with a connection to the community, known to us and others in the community. that's why we know this is most likely more of an isolated
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event, where there's no other threat to the community, beyond those involved. >> investigators would still like to hear from anyone who knows anything about this deadly fight, including why it started. a pregnant oakland woman says she can breathe a sigh of relief after worrying about the zika virus. she now has tested negative for the disease that is transmited by mosquitos. she and her husband had gone to french poll knee shah around christmas time. brazil has turned into ground zero for concerns over the virus. that had caused some concerns for tourists heading to carnival in rio de janeiro. others say they'll just be caution about the tradition of kissing strangers. >>(translator): people have to take care of themselves against
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zika, maybe avoiding to kiss everyone here. >> when i found more about the illness, i'm now not so worried. >> this year's carnival celebration is being considered a dress rehearsal for the summer olympics. millions are expected to descend for the summer games in august, and there's reports the u.s. olympic committee has issued a warning to athletes, telling athletes and staff worried about about the zika virus they should consider not going to the summer games. california drivers regularly pay more for gas than people in other states. today there's a meeting to discuss whether that price difference is fair. we pay more than the rest of the country for gas because of cleaner air standards and higher taxes. but some experts say the taxes and cleaner burning fuel don't account for all the price difference. they also say our gas prices tend to be more volatile than
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other states. consumer advocates, fuel experts and economists are expected to discuss changing state policies to level out price swings. currently in san francisco $2.56. santa rosa, 2:00. oakland and san jose a penny cheaper, down about 30 cents from this time last month. happening this week, critics of the state's high speed rail project will be renewing their arguments against the bullet train. it is the second phase of the court challenge filed in 2011 by central valley farmers. on thursday their attorneys will argue the state has not kept its promise about the cost of building the system and travel times. the price tag is now estimated $68 billion. that's up an initial $40 billion. project is also years behind schedule due to legal, financial and logistical delays. happening today, chipotle is shutting down all its
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restaurants for several hours and coming up at 5:00, the reason the company feels it's important for customer safety. >> first, did all the super bowl ads live up to the hype? up next we'll look at some of the best outcomes and the ones that left some disappointed. >> busy transit day around the bay area, a lot of people heading to the airport. so far so good on all the major freeways, including here in san jose. >> outside this morning joined by 40s, 50s, even a few low 60s. temperatures for the afternoon soaring well above average once again. widespread 70s back in the forecast for your monday. we'll take a look at the current conditions, detail the afternoon highs and the extended forecast coming up.
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welcome back. time is 4:43. two men were killed, four injured in a shooting after a mardi gras parade in mississippi. it happened in pass christian, about 45 miles northeast of new orleans, louisiana. police say the shooting happened after a fight broke out. there were about 50,000 people in the crowd. the parade is known as one of the rowdiest on the gulf coast. so far no arrests. now to new developments on the deadly crane collapse in lower manhattan. new york city mayor de blasio is imposing new restrictions on cranes. a massive construction crane almost 600 feet long collapsed friday morning, killing a pedestrian. the crane operator was taking down the rain to secure it due to rain and snow when -- wind and snow when it happened. >> we want to leave no stone unturned in terms of safety. >> it includes new restrictions
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on cranes, more sidewalk protection for pedestrians and improved notification for surrounding residents and businesses. it's 4:44. want to check in with sal, our traffic was light last week, as you talked about maybe people staying home,. >> taking public transportation possibly. >> definitely record ridership at bart. >> i think today it's going to be still in san francisco since super bowl city is still coming down, embark dario closures still there. will be there a few more days. >> oh, it will. a few more days. >> still there and people might be taking ferries or not going in. we'll be watching closely obviously. let's look at some pictures. thank you very much. this is 280 in san jose. traffic is moving along nicely.
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no major problems, if you're trying to get to one of the bay area airports, should be a nice drive for you anywhere, really. 101 to san jose. 80 to oakland, or 101 to the san francisco airport. also looking at the san mateo bridge, looks good heading out to the highrise. no major problems to the peninsula. east bay traffic looks good. 80 westbound, traffic off to a good start. now driving around the bay area seems to be off to a decent start. at 4:46, let's go to rosemary. >> we're going to continue with this mild dry pattern, not only the next few days, but perhaps the next week or so. giving you a look outside this morning, sun will rise just after 7:00. we have a ways to go. temperatures cool to mild, depending where you're at. here's an example, santa rosa 44. san francisco at 57. low 50s in oakland. upper 40s liver more.
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san jose 45 and calm. half moon bay a little bit of an offshore breeze and 56 degrees. offshore winds continues to drive our temperatures for monday. ridge of high pressure continuing to strengthen. you can see that cloud formation cover moving well to the north. north of even areas like oregon and washington. mostly sunny skies. back into the 70s. mid- to upper 70s for some of our warmer locations. 70 grass this afternoon -- degrees this afternoon for santa cruz. clouds roll in, may see partly sunny wednesday through thursday. looks like we won't see rain. looks like the systems that move through will be north of our area. between now and then we have dry weather and for today we have near record warmth. we have 74, 72. closer to the water, 72 alameda
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there afternoon. south bay locations definitely the warmer area. gilbert 77. widespread 70s on the peninsula. low 70s in san mateo. 70 san francisco. along the coast, daily city, pacifica 70s. if you have company in town, heading to the water, be alert for that. temperatures again continuing to cool just slightly wednesday through friday. still above average for many of us. as we get into your weekend, partly cloudy skies. temperatures remain on the cool to mild side. low to mid- to upper 60s. not bad at all for february. unfortunately, we'd like to see rain in that extended forecast. >> yeah. >> just not seeing it for the next few days. >> okay. we'll take it for now. >> all right. we won't worry just yet. >> thank you, rosemary. it's 4:48. bart riders did set a new record this past weekend.
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bart carried more than 419,000 passengers on saturday. that's about 100,000 more than the previous record for a weekend day. ridership was actually up all week with three days landing in the all time top 10. bart plans to run longer than normal plans to sfo today to help fans from out of town get back home. which commercials did you like? or not like. this morning we're learning which super bowl ads won over the viewers. ♪ can't live if living is without you ♪ >> i think most people liked this one. >> i like this one. >> the heinz commercial featuring a crew of weiner dogs dressed up as hot dogs. they were seen running to their heinz counterparts. >> man, i might just chill tonight. >> puppymonkeybaby.
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puppymonkeybaby. puppymonkeybaby. >> huh? >> i heard a lot of people go, eww, what is that? the mountain dew ad featuring the catch phrase, puppymonkeybaby, memorable, but the reviews about the creature are mixed. mountain dew says it's a combination of three things cute combined into one, like their drink. another ad, that didn't go over so well. >> you're eating your snacks. >> eating your food, it's a cute guy, but they're talking medications to combat diarrhea during the big game. >> that's a accused little guy? >> cute little character. intestine? >> he just looks painful to me. >> what's cuter, that or puppymonkeybaby? >> that's a tough one. >> for sure. >> anyway, the debate continues. oakland's marshawn lynch hints about his future. a lot of people curious about
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that. up next, nfl star's super bowl pick fueling retirement rumors.
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welcome back. it's 4:53. starting today the government will work with business owners who lost money when the crab business was delayed this year.
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the seasons were scheduled to start in november, but a high level of a toxin delayed the start of the season for most of california, and now the crab season has been canceled in northern california. the fda says anyone who thinks this were financially affected should apply for a loan. keeping football players safe and healthy, that is the goal of a bill being introduced this week by a california lawmaker. >> reporter: 106 nfl players took the field sunday night for the biggest game of their lives. for most of them, their football beginnings looked more like this. >> showing kids that the helmet is not used as a weapon. it's the technique. >> reporter: troy lancaster is a coach and athletic director for the river city junior raiders in west sacramento. more so now he says there's an
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emphasis often termed into fear of concussions youth football has on the brain. >> the way they talk, or hesitation, or how the eyes look, automatically the official will say he is done. >> more research shows concussion happen early age,. >> reporter: the assembly man will introduce the bill this week to apply the same standards in high school ball to youth and pee wee ball. >> there's a cost to it, and i think the more information and safe guards in place to protect the players, including kids, is a better thing. >> reporter: the bill would mean youth teams need a concussion plan. coaches would need medical training and players are symptoms -- with symptoms would be moved from the team with no questions asked. lancaster says it starts with how to hit. >> we teach them how to impact
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correctly. >> i have the information that i need to make the decision and say, you know, my sons are going to be perfectly fine. >> what can we teach the youth as a football program that can make him a better person. >> reporter: for their sons, they believe football's life lessons outweigh the risks. oakland native and seattle seahawks running back marshawn lynch seems to be hinting he is quitting the nfl. during the fourth quarter of the super bowl, he tweeted this photo here of cleats hanging up on a wire. the seahawks later added the hankyoubeastmode. several of his teammates paid tribute to lynch on social media. he was plagueed by a hamstring injury and abdominal surgery this season. a year ago he was called one of the best runningbacks in football. i still consider him one of the best in football. he graduateed from oakland tech, also played at cal. it is coming up on our 7:00
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hour. chipotle shutting down all its restaurants for four hours today. the focus of the employee meeting that will be taking place. >> but first, back to the celebrations after the denver broncos won super bowl l. >> good morning, we are looking at a commute where traffic looks good so far. getting a little bit more crowded at the bay bridge approach. >> and for the bay area our taste of spring conditions. may tie or break a few records. a look at what you can expect for your afternoon and current conditions coming up.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ba da ba ba ba ♪
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good morning. there was another shooting on interstate 80 in the east bay. we're going to have the latest on the investigation and the continuing search for the shooter. >> reporter: the game is over and the cleanup has begun. we're live at levi stadium. we'll tell you about the road closures here and san francisco that will still affect you this week. good morning, monday morning, february 8th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. i think it looks good weather- wise. steve is off today. the great rosemary is here. good morning. >> good morning to you.
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when it comes to the weather definitely a winner. >> gorgeous. >> 70s yesterday. a near repeat for today. maybe slightly warmer for some. san francisco, oakland, san jose one of our three of many that could see a new record for the afternoon. giving you a live look into san jose, upper 70s today for our south bay locations. first we want to take a look at the current conditions, if you're stepping out this morning, 47 san jose. 46 livermore. 44walnut creek. we have a bit of cool weather for some. at the bay, temperatures 54 oakland. 52 sfo. half moon bay at


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