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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  February 8, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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broncos fans celebrate as their team defeats the panthers. more highlights from super bowl 50. and now that game is over, the clean-up has begun. we are live at levi stadium. we'll tell you about the road closures here and in san francisco that will still affect you this week. one person injured after another shooting on a bay area freeway. we will tell you about an investigation underway. it's all ahead on "mornings on 2". this is ktvu "mornings on 2". >> 7:00. this feels great. the being back at home.
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>> yes. you're home. >> i am. a busy super bowl week. had so much fun. meant so many ktvu fans. thank you for joining us this monday morning. february 8. i am gasia mikaelian. >> a great job. good to have you back home. >> thank you. >> good morning. i am dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. in for steve this morning, rosemary is back. the sky is now dawning? >> yes. a lot like yesterday, gasia, you were live at levi stadium. >> you needed the sunscreen. >> yeah, the sunblock is what you need for today. the sunglasses. it's going to be another unseasonably warm one. maybe breaking records for this afternoon. this morning our temperatures all over the place and it has to do with the wind. that offshore breeze really kicking the numbers up in areas like half moon bay. but a beautiful view and we have sun now on the way. the official sunrise 7:10. the breeze is not a big deal
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for most of us. we are seeing in the east bay his, the coastal range. when it comes off the hills in that northeasterly breeze really sinks, compresses, warms. it is driving our temperatures this morning. napa has a breeze at 12. 17 degrees warmer in concord than 24 hours ago. 13 in napa. 3 in fairfield. livermore mainly calm and cooler by about 9 degrees because livermore had the breeze yesterday. sfo up by 5 degrees or so. we will start at half moon bay. one of the warmer spots. 63 degrees. 54 san francisco. 55 in oakland. relatively calm for many of us. those areas that are sheltered and bomb, 44 walnut creek. getting into the afternoon today we are looking at temperatures back into the 70s. here is the day planner for santa rosa. upper 50s as we get into about nine, 10:00. it's going to be mild. by noontime upper 60s. mid 70s for the warmer part of
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the day. sun sets 5:40. still 70 degrees. spring-like pattern in place. the extended forecast in a little bit. let's check on the roadways with sal. good morning. traffic is getting busier. in fact, it is busy because of earlier incident. we are tarting off at the bay bridge toll plaza. for a while we had a little bit of a blockage here in one of the carpool lanes. now things have been cleared up. they have moved to the parking lot. traffic is slow at the toll plaza. a 20-minute wait before you make it onto the bridge. 80 is still recovering. we will talk about that in a moment. this is interstate 880 in oakland right in front of the oakland coliseum and the traffic is looking good. if you are trying to get to any of the three bay area airports for your flight this morning, it should be clear getting there on all three approaches. let's go to 80 westbound though from the vallejo area to pinole. clearing up because of an earlier accident into richmond. 580 is a mess.
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a motorcycle crash near hop yard. the traffic solid livermore through pleasanton. 880 is slow south from 238 into hayward. back to the desk. super bowl 50 is in the books. it was a denver broncos defense shutting down carolina panthers quarterback cam newton. after weeks of concern about possible rain, it was a warm sunny day at levi stadium. the game got off to a bumpy start for carolina. they were already down 3-0 when von miller sacked newton and stripped the ball. it rolled into the end zone and was recovered by denver for the touchdown. the panthers got on in the board in the second quarter. game stayed close with carolina having a chance to get within three, but they missed a field goal. boing. denver steels the win. the broncos would store another touchdown. three plays later and won 24-
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10. then time to celebrate where denver head coach gary kubiak getting a gatorade shower. >> i think i will be at peace with it. >> the most amazing moment in my life. this is incredible. you can't believe it.
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we just won the super bowl. got to keep moving on from here. >> this is davis' first super bowl ring. it's the first time the broncos have won since 1998. time is now 7:05. it took weeks to get ready for the super bowl. now that the game is over, the big clean-up is underway. ktvu fox 2's janine de la vega live outside levi stadium. it could take a couple of days to get the streets and surrounding neighbors back to normal, janine. what's it like out there now? >> reporter: we are seeing heavy equipment going into the parking lot. but for the most part, i mean, it looks the same. all the tents are still up. we see the portables and the media village. that all still needs to be tear down and we're expecting once it gets lighter, that's probably going to start happening. that's why all that work, that's why tasman drive is still shut down. now, it did take weeks to construct all these facilities that the nfl used at the
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stadium and the surrounding parking lots. for the next two days, workers are going to be clearing everything out of there. tasman will remain closed from convention through 4 p.m. on tuesday. for those who take their pike to boork, the saratoga creek trail is closed between agnew and tasman drive. in san francisco our crew visited super bowl city this morning and saw some structures being taken down. that work began yesterday afternoon. all the roads that have been closed will stay that way through february 12th. so market street between beal and stewart, southbound embarcadero and howard street between 3rd and 4th streets all remain closed. locals are ready to get their streets back. >> it's nice to be able to walk up and down the street normally. the construction means we are used to abnormal situations
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here anyway. >> reporter: the super bowl cost the city $5 million and the nfl is not reimbursing those funds. santa clara will be receiving money for the nfl for the public safety personnel used to secure the city. san jose is getting reimbursed partially for the staff they used as well. in the next hour the 49ers team store here at levi stadium will be having a merchandise 50% off. although, that doesn't apply to the super bowl 50 champions merchandise. still a good deal if you weren't able to get any in the last few days and don't want to miss out. 50% off is pretty good. dave. >> all right. janine de la vega, thank you. time now 7:08. the city of denver will be holding a parade and rally tomorrow for their super bowl champs. after the game broncos fans spilled out of levi stadium ready to celebrate. >> my boys never showed up.
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and mine did. just like i said they would. >> right now i am not liking him very much. >> we are lifelong broncos fans. we seen them lose a few. it's our first we have seen them win. it's the most amazing thing in the world to be able to share with my boy. >> in denver broncos fans celebrated late into the night. we are going to have much more super bowl coverage through "mornings on 2". in 15 minutes more about lady gaga singing the national anthem and the halftime show. at 7:45 pam cook will be back showing you memorable and not so memorable maybe questionable super bowl commercials. this morning police are investigating yet another shooting along interstate 80. there have been several similar incidents in the recent months. in the latest case, the innocent driver caught in the middle.
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>> reporter: good morning. an innocent bystander caught in the middle of this violence last night. that person was not injured. however, authorities say their car was struck by the gunfire. now, this latest freeway shooting happened where we are in the westbound lanes of interstate 80 near athlen way. they had to gather evidence here in this area last night. the gunfire was reported just about 9:30 last night. this began when people in two separate cars driving along the freeway began to shoot at each other and at least one person was hit. both of those cars were gone be by the time officers got here. but later on a person with a gunshot wound showed up at a nearby hospital and was treated for those injuries. now, the chp says there was a third car that was also hit by gunfire. that car was apparently stopped on the side of the road at the time. the driver in that case not involved in this dispute in any
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way. again, that driver was not injured last night. now, this is the latest in a series of shootings along interstate 80 between pinole and berkeley. there have been at least six shootings going back to november. this would be the sixth shooting. the one that happened last night, the chp suspects there may be a connection in some way between some of these freeway shootings. they also believe, gasia, this may involve guarantee. these may be gang disputes playing out in a very dangerous fashion when you have folks shooting at each other in the middle of traffic and innocent people getting caught up in the middle of it all. >> and alex, as police are looking for information from the public, other drivers might not even know that they were very close to what happened? >> reporter: yeah. we've touched on this before because the question has been raised, why do we keep seeing these car-to-car shootings, potentially gang related playing out on the freeway.
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the answer i have gotten is this a perfect scenario is to do it on the freeway where people may not realize that they are a witness to this. they may not hear or see the gunfire because they are, obviously, traveling at a high rate of speed along the freeway at that tame. not too many witnesses it doesn't sound like in many of these cases making it more difficult for these investigation. caltrans is trying to figure out whether there are corrosion problems in the bay bridge tunnel after a piece of concrete fell eight days ago. according to "the chronicle" a driver ran over a chunk, blowing a tire. the paper says caltrans will shut down one lane of the tunnel to determine if the failure is a sign of widespread corrosion or an isolated incident. 7:12. you would think the turf at the super bowl would be perfect, but apparently it wasn't. up next turf complaints from both the broncos and the panthers during yesterday's big game. first though collapsed
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buildings and scores of people still missing. the desperate search for survivors after last weekend's deadly earthquake in taiwan. good morning. we're looking at a commute that is getting busier in the east bay, but also the south bay commute is taking shape and it's slow through san jose. the sun is up, shining, and near record warmth in store for the second part of the day. we will look at your current conditions, afternoon highs, and the extended forecast coming up.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2". it's seven 15:00. rescue crews in taiwan are racing against the clog to find survivors after saturday's 6.4 magnitude earthquake. two people were pulled out alive today from a collapsed 17 story apartment building. more than 100 people are still believed to be trapped in the rubble of the building. the government order an investigation of the collapse
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after images emerged showing tin cans apparently used as filler inside some of the concrete beams. at least 37 people were killed in that quake. new evidence lax security contributed to a suicide bomber last week. they show two airport workers handing what appears to be a laptop computer to the suspected bomber after he passed through security. the explosion on board the passenger plane blew a hole in the fuselage killing the alleged bomber. because it happened at low altitude, the pilot returned to mogadishu and returned safely. any higher the plane could have disintegrated. 20 people are under arrest. 7:16. chipolte restaurants around the country are going to open their doors late today so employees can go to a meeting about the chain's recent food safety scares. now, the restaurants will open
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at 3 p.m. instead of 11:00. the meeting comes after chipolte saw its sales really slammed by these food safety sar scare -- scares, clueing an e.coli outbreak. they plan to talk to employees about paid sick leave. chipolte's sales plunged 36%. the reason for the outbreak is still under investigation. 7:17. expect a long line outside pete's coffee in berkeley today because warriors star draymond green will be serving as a barista there. he would be helping to serve up a coffee blend named warriors ground. he will donate 5% of the proceeds to the warriors community foundation. green will be a barista from 1:30 to 2:30 this afternoon. you know steph curry can shoot. he is an nba -- an mvp and he is a native of north carolina. there is something else he
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could do. he banged the carolina panthers ceremonial drum before the super bowl. he hit it pretty good, too. he also banged the drum before carolina's home opener against houston back in september. steph curry's been a long-time carolina fan since the organization played its first game back in 1995. he grew up in charlotte, north carolina, where his dad, dell, played for the charlotte hornets. 7:18. traffic-wise, sal, i think today is a trying to get back to normal day. even today i saw more traffic on the road than i did three weeks ago. >> that's right. and the closures at super bowl city, the embarcadero, still going to be there for the rest of this week, or so they say, until they can open that lane. i think a lot of people -- the patterns will be changing still. so by next week everything should be back to normal. we are looking at eastshore freeway this time and 80
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westbound is now a little bit better than it was. there was an accident in pinole. it was almost an hour to drive between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze. now just over a half hour. traffic is still slow. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza you have a 20-minute wait there before you make it on to the bridge. let's talk about contra costa county. highway 4 slowed through bay point, part of pittsburg and 680 slow from 242. 242 itself is slow. getting to danville is going to be slow out of walnut creek. 24 is moderate through lafiette and through the caldecott tunnel. let's go to rosemary. you're here in oakland. you're not in the south bay. no. in oakland this morning a beautiful start to the day. we are going to give you a good looking view over the oakland estuary and take a peek the san francisco there in the backdrop. we have partly cloudy to mostly clear skies in store for today. our temperatures ranging from
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the mid 40s to perhaps mid 60s outside right now. again it has to do with the offshore breeze that continues to blow. the offshore wind that warmed us up yesterday and will continue to do so for your monday afternoon. 42 santa rosa. 54 san francisco. 45 livermore. 47 in san jose. we are looking at these 40s. we have relatively calm conditions. you get into half moon bay where you have that offshore breeze off the coal range, in concord temperatures up 15 degrees over yesterday morning. depends on where you are at and depends whether or not you have that offshore breeze this morning am all of us are expected to get into the 70s for the second part of the day. ridge of high pressure will remain in place. >> storm track moving to the north. it looks like it's going to repain there for the next several days. minor cooling will come our way as we get into midweek wednesday. we have a system that will move in a little bit closer maybe bringing light rain to the north corner of california.
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we are not likely to see any of this. we will remain dry. it will help to bring our temperatures down some. here is a look at the futurecast. when it comes to the winds in the afternoon, not looking at any gusty conditions or, you know, very strong winds for the most part. but coming in from the northeast and from the north, from the east here at half moon bay and in our hills a little gusty at times. here are the afternoon highs. 74 in novato. low 70s stinson beach. in the east bay more of the same. 72 san leandro, 73 danville. south bay 70s. 77 san jose. 77 gilroy and perhaps a new record in gilroy if we hit that 77. 75 redwood city. 72 san francisco. very close to tying or breaking records for areas like san francisco, oakland, san jose today. the extended forecast our temperatures again beginning to cool as early as tomorrow. we will will remain above average. again, unfortunately no rain in that extended forecast.
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>> how long has it been since we have had a dry warm spell like the one we are heading into? >> perhaps dating back to late fall. >> that's what i was thinking. >> we have had some pretty rain come our way. >> okay. >> we'll track it. hopefully, it will change. right now we are looking at a dry spell. >> thank you. time is 7:22. the presidential candidates are in new hampshire making a last-ditch effort to sway voters. in 15 minutes, what tomorrow's primary could mean in that race for the white house. coldplay, bruno mars, beyonce. highlights from yesterday's spectacular halftime show. also, the statement by some of beyonce's dancers about a san francisco police shooting.
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approximate. lady gaga brought down the house sing the national anthem at the super bowl. >> ♪ and the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air gave proof ♪. >> big cheers from the crowd as she sang with just a piano to back up her voice. performance seems to be a big hit on social media. the biggest cheers are these men and women service men listening interest afghanistan. people are also still talk about the halftime show.
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>> [ music playing]. >> see, coldplay opened the show with their hits viva la vida and paradise. they were the headliners. but some say beyonce and bruno mars stole the show. >> ♪ this is that ice cold michelle pfeiffer that white gold ♪. >> i believe it. i'm watching. bruno mars pumped up the crowd. his performance of uptown funk and the crowd loved it when beyonce strutted out to the field. i don't know what to tell you. beyonce, yeah, i know, she performed her new hit "formation"the for the first time. she released the song a day before the super bowl another highlight of the show when bruno mars, chris martin and beyonce walked all together on stage.
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>> absolutely. >> you know, after the show beyonce's backup dancers made a statement about the police shooting of mario woods in san francisco. the black lives matter coalition posted a photo of the dancers holding a sign reading justice for mario woods. alicia keys made a similar statement during her performance the day earlier at super bowl city. you'll remember woods was shot and killed by san francisco police last december. the officers say he was a suspect in a stabbing and that he had refused to drop a knife. 7:27. a massive fight. the weekend brawl that turned deadly. and we're live at sfo this morning. traffic into the airport and passengers flying out, it is very busy this morning. we will tell you advice you need to know if you are heading to the airports this morning. good morning. we are looking at the richmond san rafael bridge approach. a little bit of slowing now. this looks like it's back to
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normal, which means it's back to slow on the way to san rafael. all right. getting outdoors, whether you are flying or on the road, the weather shouldn't cause you much trouble. mostly clear skies. we have clear conditions and warm conditions expected for your money. have look at the current conditions and what you can except for the afternoon coming up.
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♪ i just wanna fly . >> they do just want to fly. shah, sugar ray. they are having a tough time getting through the lines at sfo. this live picture shows you the situation as all those people who came to town for the super bowl and related parties are now getting out of town. it is very busy at sfo. in a minute we will bring in brian flores. he has a very important piece of advise for everyone traveling who might have a specific souvenir that might slow down security. >> i want to know what that is. welcome back to "mornings on 2" this monday morning. i am gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i am dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. in for steve, rosemary. good flying weather? >> absolutely. for those that need to be here another day, not a bad day to be stuck in the bay area. gorgeous weather coming our way. well into the 70s yesterday and a repeat today. maybe slightly warmer for some. a live look at a beautiful start to the day.
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with do have mostly clear skies. we can see all the way into san francisco from our ktvu studio this morning. isn't that beautiful? just soak that in for a moment. let's take a look the a some of the comparisons. san francisco, oakland, san jose, san rafael, gilroy all very close to either tying or breaking records today. here is your example. we have got san rafael going to 73 today. if we hit that, we are going to make a new record. san francisco just shy of it. oakland by 2 degrees. by 2 degrees. we could easily hit 77 today. and san jose if we go to 77, as anticipated, we will set a new record there as well. outside our doors right now 55 degrees in oakland, 54 san francisco, 42 santa rosa, and then we have half moon bay. it has to do with the wind. an offshore breeze right there blowing off the coastal range and in the east bay hills. for some of us relatively mild. for those of us that are calm, relatively cool. 43 degrees in walnut creek. 47 in san jose. when i come back i will have a
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look at the afternoon highs expected for today. we will talk about how long this trend is going to last. first we want to get on to the roadways and see how that is going this morning. hi, sal. hello, rosemary. traffic is going to be busy. we will start off with some problems in the east bay. just issued a sig-alert northbound 680 on the way to walnut creek. three lanes are blocked here and traffic it backing up out of danville. it's slow the other way around from concord all the way down past this. doesn't get better until you make it into danville. three lanes blocked. chp has said that they have -- they expect to be there for a bit. the bay bridge toll plaza right now it is backed up for a 25 to 30-minute wait before you make it onto the bridge. i also want to mention 80 westbound is slow across the richmond bridge. slow traffic as per normal. things are getting a little bit more normalized. more people on the road. this is 280 in downtown san jose. it looks okay. no major problems on the way to
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san jose international airport, but big crowds as you just saw at the airport this morning. now 7:33. back to the desk. >> all right. now lets go back to sfo, which is filling up with travelers right now because it's back to reality for pro football fans who came to the bay area for the super bowl. ktvu fox 2's brian flores there at sfo to show us the scene on this get away monday. also, you've got advice for travelers. i want to hear what people thought of the bay area, too, brian. >> reporter: oh, we'll cover all that, dave. good morning to you. bottom line though, travelers, if you are heading to the airport this morning, whether you are here for the super bowl or not, just arrive early. this is a live look inside terminal 2. an excited denver broncos fan. you also have panthers fans. it's going to be here at all bay area airports. the long lines have died down here. that doesn't mean it's not busy at other airlines. united airlines not far from
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here. what people thought, their experience here, definitely a mixed bag. let's talk about the travel first. airport officials at sfo say today could be one of the busiest days for travel. rivalling some of the holidays. an airport spokesman said they expect 85,000 or more departing passengers today. to put that in perspective. on a typical day they have about 60,000 people fly out of sfo. now, they are urging all travelers, again regard its of whether you came here for the super bowl or not, to arrive three hours before their scheduled flight. speaking of travelers, he whoa spoke -- we spoke with some this morning. we were disappointed that super bowl city was shut down early the last two days. friday and saturday. >> reporter: so you tried going and it was at capacity? >> yeah, by 4:30 on saturday afternoon we weren't allowed in. >> yeah t a venue. levi stadium is fantastic.
7:36 am
the people were nice. great information, folks standing around. couldn't be nicer. people said better luck next year when we left. >> reporter: meantime, at sfo some ticket counters and restaurants, they were open all night. the remaining airline counters opened at 3:30 this morning, an hour earlier than normal. back out here live, some young carolina panthers fans possibly disappointed last from light night. >> it's okay. >> it's okay. >> reporter: you guys going back home? >> yes, we are. >> reporter: you have next year, right? >> the that's right. many more years. >> reporter: that's right. they got a good team in carolina. the other thing we should mention, we talked about this security, this program. the super bowl program is what i should mention. apparently the super bowl program, guys, has some type of hologram on it and apparently it triggers the sensors when you put it into your checked baggage. what airport officials are telling you, if you do have an official super bowl program, carry it on with you inside
7:37 am
your bag. that way you can take it out and show them what it is. that's a little nuance this morning if you are headed out. here in terminal 2 at the virgin american terminal, things are moving nicely. no major lines behind me so far. that is definitely going to change through the morning. back to you. >> brian flores at sfo. good input. thank you. time now 7:37. with the broncos 24-10 win over the carolina panther, denver linebacker von miller was named super bowl mvp. he forced two fumbles, had three sacks in that victory. he was tremendous. he was drafted number two, five years ago, behind cam newton. he is the second defensive player to be named super bowl mvp in the last five years. >> after the game cam newton didn't have much to say. the panthers committed four turnovers and penalties in the
7:38 am
loss. you could tell that newton was upset when he talked to reporters right after the super bowl. he only answered a handful of questions. >> they just played better than us. i don't know what you want me to say. they made more plays than us. that's what it come down to. i mean, we had opportunities. it wasn't nothing special that they did. we dropped balls. we turned the ball over. gave up sacks. threw errant passes. >> really dejected. after answering that question he said i'm done and left the room. time is 7:38. despite weeks of preparations, the turf out there at levi stadium didn't seem to hold up during the super bowl. in fact, even before the game started groundskeepers were seen picking up chunks of loose grass. and by the second quarter, both teams reportedly were switching their cleats because players
7:39 am
were slipping. normally, the nfl uses grass that comes from alabama. but because of that long haul, they decided to go with a company from southern california instead. north carolina's governor was involved in an accident shortly after leaving the super bowl. he is okay, but still the chp says governor pat mccrory was traveling when the car he was riding was rear-ended by a mercedes. a spokesperson for the governor said he had minor pain but didn't ask for medical help. he got into another car and continued on his way. time is 7:39. two people were killed over the weekend in a brawl in marin county. it happened in marin city about 10:00 yesterday morning at the public housing apartments on cole drive. the marin county sheriff's department received several 911 calls reporting a fight that people had knives and baseball bats. by the time the first officers got there, the fight had escalated to gunfire. two people were dead. another person was hurt. investigators say they have identified the people involved and say there is no threat to
7:40 am
the community. this is the final full day of campaigning for the approximatele candidates before shotters head to the polls in new hampshire. the nation's first primary could help narrow the field for the white house. >> the block is sizable and that gives heartburn to the frontrunners of both parties. for those who aren't polling so well, it's reason for hope. this is retail politics in new hampshire. door to door. >> we're volunteers with donald trump's campaign. >> reporter: and this is also the case of donald trump volunteers in the granite state trying to succeed where their iowa counterparts came up short is. getting out the vote for their candidate who is the clear frontrunner here. >> a lot of these politicians say, it's not important who you vote for, but you have to go through the process.
7:41 am
i feel differently. if you're not gonna vote for me, do not vote. okay? >> reporter: and it comes after saturday's debate may have scrambled the gop field. >> this notion of barack obama doesn't know what he is doing -- >> there it is. >> he knows -- >> there he is. a memorized 25 second speech. >> reporter: that left marco rubio reeling. if you don't think there is a pile up for second place in new hampshire. look at that recent poll from monday utley university. kasich, rubio, bush and cruz within two points of one another. the two democrats left new hampshire over the weekend. >> democratic socialism. >> reporter: bernie sanders appeared on nbc "saturday night live," while hillary clinton traveled to flint, michigan to address the water crisis there. but that was after she called out her rivals' foreign policy credentials. >> there isn't any kind of foreign policy network that is supporting and advising senator sanders. >> if you go back to 2008, this
7:42 am
is exactly what the clinton people were doing to senator barack obama. they were attacking him. he didn't have the experience, et cetera, et cetera. >> reporter: now, hillary clinton, meantime, knows what it takes to win new hampshire. she has done it before. she won it in 2008. but based on the polls coming out of that state now, it's not likely to be a repeat performance tomorrow. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. time is 7:42. car commercials were a big hit during the super bowl yesterday. >> >> i feel proud. >> we will take a look at some of the most talked about ads that aired during the big game. good morning. we are looking at the traffic that's heading to marin. there is a little bit of a backup on the way to the richmond san rafael bridge. dry and seasonably warm weather sticking around on this monday. i will have a look at the current conditions and what you can except for the afternoon coming up.
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time is 7:45. some people watch the super bowl for the game. others for the halftime show. and then there are the commercials. >> yeah. pam cook is back in the studio now with a look back, pam, at the commercials and how viewers are reacting to them. >> really good discussion going on on my facebook page. i have read a lot of reviews this morning. a lot of comments. for the most part, people say they are disappointed. there wasn't any really wow factor this year with any of the ads. some did stand out. >> toyota prius, over. >> catch a prius, over. >> this thing is pretty fast. over. >> it was like a real chase, right? i was rifted watching this. they are quiet, eco-friendly, and fast. that's the message from toyota
7:46 am
and its prius ad. the car commercials scored pretty well on the ad meter. kevin hart, the first date in particular did very well. analysts say it grabs your attention. it's funny. people remember the product. >> give me that. and the fritos commercial. they consistently do well. you definitely remember the product. they get your attention. people remember doritos ads for years to come. they are some of the more popular searches on youtube years after the fact. but there were also a lot of ads that were not appetizing. >> i don't want to sound like too obscure, but i thought there were too many commercials about poop and toe fungus. i wanted more commercials about puppies. those other commercials, they felt like infomercials rather than major super bowl spots.
7:47 am
>> the anheuser-busch puppies were missing. mountain dew's creation combining things into one. reaction on my facebook page and in my house, puppymonkeybaby is scary and disturbing. so what makes a commercial successful? it's great if a lot of people like it, but what will drive people to actually buy the product? honestly, like we were saying, cart commercials, this he seemed to deliver a good point. i think people liked it. and you remember that it was a car commercial. i think marmut was one of my favorite. will to make you buy a coat? i don't know. it is a local company. i thought they were cute. they were funny. we'll talk more about the not so cute ones and some of the other good ones. >> the medical ones. a couple felt like is this a "snl" parody? i was waiting for, you know --
7:48 am
but that's what it was. and the thing is, they are serious issues. they are serious illnesses. >> yes. >> so i hate to say that. >> but when you are partying and eating snack food, is it really the right ad? does it sit well with you? >> right. see you in a few, pam. >> thank you. it's 7:48. we can see sal right now because you're watching our commute. anything happening out there? >> yeah, you know, right now we are doing okay, but it's going to be a little bit slow in some areas. we don't have any major crashes, but we have had a couple of things that have blocked lanes for a while. this is a picture of o'malley and northbound traffic on 880 is slowing down past the coliseum and heading up to downtown is where the old traffic patterns are beginning to reappear. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza we have a big backup. it's backed up to the macarthur maze. remember still have street closures in san francisco associated with super bowl city. southbound embarcadero remains closed and it will be for at least the next few days while they take that fan village down. let's move along and take a
7:49 am
look at 680. it's a mess through rut gear road. we had a crash. traffic is slow both directions in danville and alamo. 680 out of concord is slow the walnut creek interchange. i want to mention that 880 is super slow from san leandro to the scene of an earlier accident. pleasanton, 580 is a mess through livermore. a lot of people are on the roads. it's not a light monday. 7:49. let's go to rosemary. >> grab the shades. it's sunny out there. a little breezy in some areas, and that breeze kicking up our morning temps. giving you a look at the golden gate bridge, alcatraz, a beautiful day in store. if you like sunny skies and 70s, that's what we're ordering up for your afternoon. again the wind blowing through the delta over our east bay hills, along the coastal range. many of us not feeling it, but some us are. this coming from hybrid this morning. gusty. my yard will be litter with redwood parts. yes. i took a look. looks like the east bay hills
7:50 am
gusting to 20. you look around the oakland airport and it's 12 miles per hour. for most of us winds are not bad. you have to get in the hills to get some of those gusts. they are offshore. those offshore winds driving up those numbers. concord right now 17 degrees, warmer than where we were 24 hours ago. up by 14 in napa. areas over santa fe up by 5, between 5 and 9. oakland, hayward, small community in there. half moon bay in the low 60s and has remained here for the entire morning. we have a gusty right in this area. looks like 10 to 15 miles per hour, an offshore breeze that continues to keep that number in place. 54 degrees in san francisco. 50 in hayward. and then if we look to areas like walnut creek and san jose where we're trailing behind in the 40s, those areas are calm and cool. giving you a look at the afternoon highs, because again this will be the story today, 74 napa, 75 san rafaelle. i should say santa rosa.
7:51 am
73 expected for san rafael. the water on the coast pacifica, half moon bay a beautiful day in store. the rip currents and the large shore breaks right along the shore will be a possibility again for today. 75 in oakland. 73 in danville. as we shift our eyes to the south bay we will see the warmer weather. 77 gilroy, which if we hit that we'll break a record. 78 in santa cruz. 73 in sunnyvale. mid 70s redwood city. 72 san francisco. 72 half moon bay. if today is your weekend, wow, maybe head that direction. we've got an extended forecast that will show you temperatures will begin to cal off as we get into wednesday, thursday, friday. still above average for many of us until about saturday, and the missing piece here is the rain. there is no rain in that extended forecast. >> yeah. >> we won't worry just yet. of course, we'd like to see that rain come back soon. >> sure worked out for
7:52 am
yesterday's super bowl. >> it really did. >> i was watching the blimp shots. i thought, if we get to be here all the time. >> so spoiled. bragging rights. >> i know it. it felt great. thank you, rosemary. >> got it. so you won't be able to buy food at a chipolte restaurant for a couple of hours adds. in minutes we will talk about the reason why the company says it has to shut down all of its stores temporarily today. fighting the zika virus. up next what president obama is pushing for to try to develop a vaccine.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
the chp continues to investigate a fiery crash that killed three men in san francisco over the weekend. authorities say men were in a car seen doing doughnuts saturday night. officers tried to pull the driver over and he took off. minutes later the car crashed into a taxi near 9th and brannon. the three men in the car tied. a chicago police officer who shot and killed a 19-year-old and accidentally killed a 55-year-old grandmother in the same incident is now suing that teenager's estate. officer robert riamo fired a counter suit. he is seeking more than $10 million from the he is skate of quinntonia lagrier. the officer says he was traumatized after the shooting. he claims lagrier attacked him
7:56 am
with baseball bat forcing him to use his own gun. president obama is asking congress for emergency funding to fight the zika virus. the president wants congress to approve $1.8 billion to develop a vaccine expand mosquito control programs and improve support for low-income pregnant women. the zika virus is spread by mosquitoes and most people who catch it experience mild or no symptoms, but pregnant women can give birth to babies with serious neurological disorders. brazil is the center of concern for the virus. most are saying they will be more cautious than usual and may not take part in the festival's tradition of kissing everyone they see. it's considered a dress rehearsal for the summer olympics. millions of people around the world are expected to descend on brazil for the summer games in august. there is a report from reuters that the u.s. olympic committee is telling athletes and staff worried about mosquitoes and
7:57 am
the zika virus that they should consider not going to the 2016 summer games. time is 7:56. today is the beginning of the lunar new year. san francisco mayor ed lee will kick off the celebration this morning in chinatown. this marks the beginning of the year of the monkey. fest 50s -- festivities run for 15 days. the china parade on february 20th. as always, ktvu, we will be a proud part and a big part of the parade. you will be able to see it right here on ktvu fox 2. super bowl 50's wrapped up. now broncos' celebrations are underway. up next, a bay area tie for some of the players, including denver tight end vernon davis. good morning. we are looking at a commute that's still busy all over the place. this is a look at the macarthur maze. you can see it's busy to the bay bridge. the sun is shining. our temperatures are climbing. we will talk about how warm we
7:58 am
will be for your afternoon coming up. all our handcrafted february is huge for us. classic footlongs are just $6 each, even our subway club and chicken & bacon ranch melt. $6 footlongs are a big deal. but the media is going a little crazy. i am in the heart of what is now being called "sub-mageddon." with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems to be spilling out on the streets. i have never seen anything like this before. enjoy all our delicious classic footlongs for just $6 each... all february, at subway.
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8:00 am
good morning. the chp this morning is investigating another three-way shooting along interstate 80 in the east bay. this time one person was left wounded. we will tell you about the innocent bystander caught in the middle of the violence. also, we know super bowl 50 is officially over. the clean-up is already underway through the bay area. "mornings on 2" continues. this is ktvu "mornings on 2". >> good morning. thank you for joining us. monday, february 8. i am dave clark. >> i am gasia mikaelian.
8:01 am
let's get you out the door with weather and traffic. this is the day you don't need a jacket. am i right, rosemary? >> you're right. some areas along the coast low 60s at half moon bay. well, let me actually edit that just a little bit, gasia, because there are a few spots start outs in the 40s. mostly clear skies. those calm areas actually slipped into the 40s this morning. some areas still remain this. for most of us around the bay 54 in san francisco. giving you a live look there over the oakland estuary where the water is just glistening. we have mostly clear skies to partly cloudy in store for today. unseasonably warm once again, and now let's check in on some of those numbers. so in santa rosa still a cool one. 43 degrees outside your door. you may need a jacket. you get into san francisco 54 to start your morning. oakland 56. livermore 46. san jose 49. the warm spot is half moon bay where we're looking at temperatures in the low 60s. again it has to do with the offshore breeze. if you are just joining us, a little gusty in the hills this
8:02 am
morning. east bay hills along the coastal range and through the delta. so seeing some wind. not everybody, but some of us. and it's helping to drive temperatures for some areas. as we get into the second part of your morning, santa rosa you're looking good. we will be in the 50s. upper 50s by 10:00. upper 60s by lunchtime. and then mid 70s expected to top out 3:00 in the afternoon. sun sets 5:40 these days. 70 degrees. a mild pattern in place. some of us could actually break records today. when i come back i will have a detailed lack at the afternoon highs for our region for today and we will talk about how long this trend is going to last. 8:02. let's check on the roadways with sal. good morning. >> rosemary, good morning to you. we are looking at some very crowded conditions today as it's obvious a lot of people are back to the normal grind. unfortunately though some street closures continue in san francisco, the site of super bowl city. they are taking it down. but embarcadero still closed for the next few days as all that
8:03 am
does come down. still closure in downtown san francisco. the bay bridge is backed up to the macarthur maze and we have at least a 25-minute delay into the city. we also look at traffic on 880 northbound from san leandro all the way up to downtown oakland. it remains slow. but the other way around, it's slow from about marina boulevard heading to union city. we had some earlier problems on 880 south this morning that had made traffic very, very slow all the way down to fremont. 680 slow out of pleasant don. 680 through the walnut creek area, 680 is slow primarily northbound from danville to walnut creek and southbound is slow. 8:03. back to the desk. the denver broncos are expected to head to the airport later this morning for a very happy flight back to colorado no doubt. according to the social media accounts of the team and players, they spent the night celebrating in san jose until the wee hours of the morning. not even sure if peyton manning slept at all because he was up
8:04 am
being interviewed by network crews at 4:00 this morning. got his 200th career win and that second super bowl ring. he wasn't ready after the game to say if he is going to retire. a number of broncos have ties to the bay area, players that is, including running back c.j. anderson, safety t.j. ward and former san francisco 49er vernon davis. >> this is like the most amazing moments that my life. this is incredible. i just can't believe it. we just won the super bowl. got to keep moving on from here. >> this is davis' first super bowl ring and it's the first time the broncos have won since 1998. all right. the super bowl is over. a lot of our out of town fans, they're heading home. now it's time for the bay area to clean up from all those parties in san francisco and santa clara. >> and the clean-up is already underway. it's going to take some time to finish. janine de la vega live right outside the stadium there and has information on fans and a
8:05 am
bonus for fans this morning. janine. >> reporter: yeah, the 49ers team store opened up at levi stadium and as part of fan appreciation day all super bowl merchandise is 50% off. so fans can still access the parking lot here at levi's stadium in the green lot. but keep in mind there is a road closure out here. i do want to mention, in the past couple of minutes tasman was supposed to be closed in both directions but it looks like they have opened up this one lane of traffic in the westbound direction. you can look behind tasman. there are tents and portables that are still up, but there are barricades still in place because tasman is not completely open. it's going to take time to breaking down everything around levi stadium. the parking lot surrounding it were used by the nfl and also the soccer fields around it. we have seen companies coming in to haul away porta-potties and heavy equipment this morning.
8:06 am
that's just the beginning. tasman will remain closed through 4 p.m. on tuesday. as you mentioned, it looks like at least in the westbound direction they do have one lane open. in san francisco, though, things won't be back to normal until february 12. our crew was at super bowl city this morning as saw some of the clean-up. it began yesterday afternoon. so remember all the same closure in effect from last week, market street between beal and stuart, southbound embarcadero from washington to don chee way, and howard street between 3rd and 4th street. businesses say they are ready to welcome back their local customers. . >> it will be nice get back to regular business. i mean, we were assaulted by the whole nfl. >> and it's estimated the super bowl cost san francisco around $5 million. the city isn't getting
8:07 am
reimbursed by the nfl. some supervisors are looking into that. in santa clara the city will get reimbursed for the money it took for safety, fire, emergency medical services and all that is estimated to be around $4 million. gasia. >> thank you. time is 8:07. we have learned this morning the city of denver will hold a parade and rally tomorrow for their super bowl champs. after the game broncos fans at the super bowl spilled out of levi's stadium ready to start celebrating. >> my boys never showed up. and mine did. just like i said they would. >> right now i'm not liking him very much. >> we are lifelong broncos fans. we have seen them lose a few. to be at one where they win one, it's our first we have seen them win. it's fantastic. >> and in denver the broncos fans celebrated late into the night. >> ♪ we are the champions we
8:08 am
are the champions ♪. >> they spilled out of the bars into the streets. they danced. they sang. but there were some problems. at least 12 people were arrested. time is 8:07. well, this morning the chp is investigating yet another shooting that happened along interstate 80. there have been similar incidents in recent months. in the latest case one person was hurt on 80 in pinole last night. alex savidge is there with what police are telling you. >> reporter: well, you guys, certainly troubling trends to say the least for the chp as they investigate all of these shootings. the one that happened last night at least the sixth car to car shooting along this stretch of interstate 80 where we are this morning. the shooting that happened last night left one person wounded, and it happened here in the westbound lanes of the freeway near apian way. the chp did have to shut down all of those lanes for a short time last night to gather evidence this in case. the gunfire was reported just
8:09 am
about 9:30 last night. the chp says that gunfire was exchanged between people traveling in two separate cars on the freeway. again, one person was hit by the gunfire. by the time chp officers got to the scene, both the cars involved in the shooting were gone. later on a gunshot victim showed up at a nearby hospital and was treated, and the chp pieced things together. there was a third car involved here. that car was driven by an innocent driver, and it was, in fact, hit by gunfire while it was stopped on the side of the freeway. that person was not wounded in all of this, was not hurt and not involved in the dispute in any way. this is the latest in a series of shootings along interstate 80 between pinole and berkeley. six going back to november. the chp believes that some of these attacks, possibly, are gang related, and in most cases
8:10 am
the investigators do believe that they were targeted attacks. again you have a lot of innocent people traveling along the freeway when this is all taking place and a lot of innocent drivers put at risk. >> all right. alex savidge. thank you. time is 8:09. forget the holiday travel season. today. today could be the busiest day at sfo ever. these are live pictures. coming up at 8:30 how early travelers should get to the airport to deal with these super crowds. first though north korea defies the international community by launching a long-range missile. next the surprising connection of the launch with levi's stadium. good morning. right now we are looking at a commute that is still very busy. but here on 680 it looks good heading south. but 680 in danville, alamo, walnut creek is a mess. we will talk about that when we come back.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
happening right now the san francisco super bowl 50 host committee is handing over the s, if you will, to houston. let's lins in. >> i want to just quickly tell people that when we bud on the super bowl, when jed called me and when mayor lee called me and asked if we could do this, and
8:14 am
if i would have the honor of doing this, we said we had to make this about our community. we put community first from day one. and so when we did our bid two and a half years ago, we submitted, we said 25% of all the corporate dollars would go back into our community. it turns out we raised over $13 million. all of that going back here to the bay area community. > [ applause ] >> so that's the legacy of the 50 fund and the super bowl 50 host committee that i am most proud of. i know that this region loves, loves to debate things, and loves to have their voices heard, and i love that about my hometown. and what i want everybody to know, having left this bay area, is that we were the most philanthropic super bowl ever,
8:15 am
and that is something that i hope everybody here in the san francisco bay area is incredibly proud of. i know we're going to talk in the weeks to come about economic activity and records being broken. all of that i also will be incredibly proud of. i want to thank everybody on the host committee, the team. you have done an incredible. thank you so very much. > [ applause ] >> and i also, i need to also thank mayor ed lee for his leadership on this and bringing a collaborative spirit to this game from day one. we could have not done this alone in san francisco, santa clara, san jose, or oakland. it took everyone pulling together. this game's kind of a big deal now. and we -- it requires everybody
8:16 am
working together. and the four major mayors of these cities did an incredible job. and finally i will say that we don't get this game without jed york and the 9ers. we don't get it without an unbelievable stadium in levi's stadium. i think we proved yesterday that that stadium is world-class. and so i want to congratulate the man that made that happen. jed york, congratulations. > [ applause ] >> even though i will be redundant, i have to thank a lot of the same people that have been named and mentioned. i want to start with daniel and keith. they set the vision of an unbelievable week. there was so much work and so much planning that went into it, and the best thing to me, and you think daniel hit on it, we are going to have a legacy of
8:17 am
super bowl 50 that lives on in the bay area for many years to come from $13 million going back to the community. and i think that sets a new trend for how the super bowl can be giving and make sure that we leave a legacy after the game takes place. we live in the greatest region in the world. mayor lee, mayor liccardo, mayor matthews, mayor schaff all came together and their communities came together. all the police departments, you know. california high school patrol. i mean, the thousands of hol volcano tears that i got -- thousands of volunteers that i got to meet. they flew them work -- >> we are hearing jed york praising the team that came together to not only bring super bowl 50 to the bay area, but to make it the success that so many people say it was. speaking a lot about charitable giving, collaboration, and now
8:18 am
handing the reins over to the next super bowl, which will be in houston. >> there are several people on stage. you don't see them on camera now. you see roger goodell there. pulling back the african-american gentleman there, he is the brand new mayor of houston, texas. recently was inaugurated. we also see keith bruce, the host committee. all the san francisco people are on the left of your screen. yes. you see them all there. there is keith bruce right there and daniel lori and nfl commissioner roger goodell of the houston people are on the right of the screen. it is a busy historic day. jed york talking about the collaboration of all of these people and the hard work of making this super bowl a success. time is now 8:18. the united nations security council is strongly condemnk north korea's launch of a long-range missile yesterday. the missile passed over japan and landed near the
8:19 am
philippines. its path was closely track bid the u.s., japan, and south korea. north korea insists the purpose of the missile launch was to carry a satellite into space, but the u.n. security council says it violated u.n. resolutions banning ballistic missile tests. according to data, the satellite launched by north korea passed right over levi's stadium about an hour after the super bowl ended. north korea says it is an observation slight and the purpose was to monitor the weather and provide data that might help farmers. no word if the passing over levi's stadium was anything more than a coincidence. don't plan on going to a chipolte restaurant for lunch today. chipolte restaurants around the nation will open their doors late so workers can go to a meeting about the chain's recent food safety scares. the restaurants will open at 3:00. the meeting comes after chipolte saw its sales really slammed by food scares, including an
8:20 am
e.coli outbreak. the company plans to go over its food safety program. they will also be talking about paid sick leave for their employees. chipolte's sales really plunged about 36% in the middle of all of this. the cause of the outbreak was still never determined. at least not yet. 8:20. a moment ago we brought it to you live. the handing over of the reins of the super bowl to houston, which takes on super bowl li. sal castaneda, the bay area dealing with traffic effects as a result of super bowl 50 this morning? >> as a matter of fact, some of the closures on the embarcadero still there, gasia, as you know from washington down to don chee way. so effectively from washington to mission southbound embarcadero will be closed for the next few days. i want to start this time with a crash, a motorcycle crash on 80 westbound right after ashby avenue. it looks like there is a motorcyclist down in the lanes and this is a rather new accident. chp has arrived on the scene. but traffic going to be really
8:21 am
busy. they are sending paramedic teams to this area. as we pull back a little bit you can see that the traffic is going to be busy. it's going to be very slow all the way up eastshore freeway. eastshore freeway hasn't been able to catch a break really. we have had terrible commutes and still 40 minutes. it was recovering after some earlier problems. but it's still pretty bad. all right. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic backed up for a 20-minute delay. in san jose it's a little bit slow to the airport. nothing out of the ordinary. 101, 85 and 280 are normally slow into the west valley. 8:21. back to rosemary. >> yes. >> good morning to you. >> i'm doing okay. i think the story of the day for most is just going to be how mild it is out there. we have mostly sunny skies turning partly cloudy at times. look at this. crystal blue skies over oakland this morning. temperatures will be back into the 70s for the afternoon. perhaps even breaking a few records.
8:22 am
we will have to see how that all shakes out. bill martin will be here later and have the update on that. meanwhile, this morning temperatures range from the low 40s to the low 50s. even a few low 60s out there. it has do with the offshore breeze. that warmed up us yesterday and we'll continue our warming trend for today. i want to show you the satellite view. in the actual satellite view. we have a ridge of high pressure in place for the bay area. you can see on active pattern out over the pacific. this ridge of high pressure is deflecting those storms, pushing them up and over our area, at least for the next few days. so we do have, it could be several dry case coming our way. mostly sunny skies. temperatures in the 70s. upper 70s to near 80 degrees for areas along the south bay. that's where the warmer air will be today. we have a system that's going to drop in, maybe brink a few sprinkles to northern california wednesday and thursday. for us in the bay area it looks like just partly to mostly cloudy. temperatures falling off some. unfortunately, it looks like we are going to remain dry on that one. giving you a look here at
8:23 am
what's going on right now, 18 degrees warmer in concord this morning as well as napa. by 5, even nine degrees on that stretch. oakland by nine. in mountain view just a tad warmer than 24 hours ago. take a look at some of these numbers. 66 in half moon bay. then if i shift your eyes into the inner areas around walnut creek 44. the rest of us in between. make that 45. it just switched over. we have the offshore winds out there and those winds are driving temperatures in some areas. it's breezy in some of our hills. along the east bay hills as well as the coastal range and delta this morning. 74 in novato this afternoon. 73 danville. 74 hayward. for the south bay upper 70s. gilroy 77. 76 saratoga. 78 in santa cruz. if you have the day off, head that direction. 75 redwood city. 7 it san francisco. san francisco, oakland, san jose, gilroy will get close to tying or breaking records today. the extended forecast shows you temperatures begin to fall off as early as tomorrow.
8:24 am
we remain above average all the way to closer to weekend and dry through the weekend. >> felt bad spending so many hours inside in front of the tv yesterday when it was so nice. >> enjoy. >> thank you. time is 8:23. just one day left before voters in new hampshire go to the polls for the presidential primary. >> i am weighing all my options. i want to be educated. >> how the candidates feel as thousands of people get ready to cast their ballots.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
taking a look at the opening bell from earlier this morning, trading has been underway for two hours. checking wall street, a pretty big and steady slide right now. the markets are firmly down. the dow is below the 16,000 mark, falling more than 2%. the story is the same for the s&p and the nasdaq has dropped by 2.75%. many people say this has to do with the price of oil and those low crude oil prices continue to a heavily global financial market. oil is selling for under $34 a barrel. there are concerns since oil producers don't seem interested in out cutting back production. no signs that opec and non-opec countries are interested in meeting. a record number of people gave up their american
8:28 am
citizenship last year. market watch reports more than 4700 people gave up their u.s. passport or green card in 2015. a tax lawyer says the main reason taxes. the u.s. taxes american citizens on their overseas earnings and complying with that can be difficult. time is 8:29. a big talker after the super bowl yesterday, those multi-million dollar ads. >> oh, in my face! >> next some of the winners and some of the losers that did still catch viewers' attention. good morningk guys. it could be a record-breaking day for passengers leaving sfo and for the airport itself. has something to do with the super bowl. we will tell you the advise you need to know if you are heading out this morning. i was walking home. just picked us up two breakfast croissants for four bucks, when this bear attacked.
8:29 am
with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up and took care of the beast, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours? it survived. share it with yourself. freshly cracked egg with ham and bacon, or sausage, get two breakfast croissants for four bucks.
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8:31 am
8:30. welcome back to "mornings on 2". >> yeah, let's check your weather right now. steve is off today, but rosemary is working hard and the forecast. this is the stuff you like to work hard on? >> yes. making it easy on me. nice weather coming our way. we would like to see some rain in the forecast. not going to see much of that any time soon. but if you enjoy the 70s, that's where we're going for the afternoon. once again today, let's step outside and take a look at the beautiful start over oakland. mostly clear skies. no fog to speak of. we have a little bit of wind at times. i noticed the flag moving at times over the tribune tower. you can see right now at the moment calm conditions. in the east bay hills, the coastal range, through the delta we watched the wind pick up at times. because of some of that offshore wind coming off the hills, our temperatures all over the place. if you are calm, you're cool. if you do have that offshore breeze in areas like half moon bay, you're 64 degrees right now. 43 santa rosa.
8:32 am
56 san francisco. 56 in oakland. livermore 46. upper 40s for santa rosa. here is a comparison for you. some of the areas that are expected to get close to tying or breaking a record for today san rafael 73 in the afternoon. if so, we will set a new record. san francisco going to be very, very close. the standing record 74. expected to hit 72 this afternoon. oakland as well 75 expected. if we hit that 77, which is only two degrees, we will tie the record there. san jose expected to break a record today if we hit that 77. expected 75. here is a better view of the region. 73 anitoch this afternoon. 73 san rafael. 75 redwood city and 76 morgan hill. not on this map, but gilroy 77 would also set a record for this afternoon. so when i come back we will have a look at the extended forecast. we will go looking for rain and we will talk about how long this trend is going to last. let's check on the highways with sal. good morning, rosemary. right now we have a serious
8:33 am
crash on 80 westbound at ashby avenue or just past it really. closer to powell in the left lane. a motorcycle crash. it's a very serious crash. chp issued a sig-alert. the two left lanes and carpool lane will be taken up until further notice. we are also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. you'll see that because of people not getting through, suddenly it's a little lighter at the toll plaza. if you are driving into san francisco, you might want to take advantage of that. this is a look at the slow traffic on the freeways in the san ramon, walnut creek area. northbound and southbound 680 a mess because of earlier issues. 8:33. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. certainly, the weather is cooperating on this super bowl getaway monday. brian flores live at sfo with important advice for all those people heading back home. brian. >> reporter: yeah, bottom line,
8:34 am
gasia, is going to be very busy. we are now on the second level of sfo terminal 7. we are making our way down the escalator this morning. certainly had this rollercoaster feel in terms of the passengers this morning. earlier we saw large crowds of people. it's dying down a little bit. don't let that fool you. it is definitely going to be very busy this morning at not just this airport, but several airports, all the airports here in the bay area this morning. as we go to video now, and when we say arrive early, we mean really early. if you are flying out of sfo they say to arrive three hours earlier than your scheduled departure time. we checked in with mineta, oakland, san jose airports. they say arrive two hours before departure time. thousands of people heading out from the super bowl festivities. be patient today. they are expecting 85,000 passengers to depart from sfo today. we have talked to fans, airport
8:35 am
officials, and also ran into a member of the super bowl committee from houston to get their impressions of how the bay area did. >> i think san francisco did an outstanding job. the airports, whether it was san jose, san francisco or oakland, looked really, really well as far as being able to process the people through the checkpoints and the facilitation of all the people was very efficient. >> reporter: he also says they will basically, the committee will review all the notes and work on any changes for next year. overall, he says he was impressed. a final note for travelers today. if you are headed out to the airport and you have an official super bowl program, airport officials say to put that program in your carry-on luggage. apparently the program has a hologram near the front of it and they told me that the hologram, program itself somehow triggers an alert for tsa officials. so keep that in mind if you are heading to the airport this morning. basically,ing it expedite the process -- basically, it will
8:36 am
expedite the process. overall, things are running smoothly so far. we will keep an eye on things through the morning. >> thank you. the faa says it intercepted three planes that violated the airspace flight restrictions around levi's stadium during the super bowl. the faa closed the airspace within 32 miles of the stadium between 2 in the afternoon and midnight. the faa isn't releasing details about any incidents or haven't set up any sanctions imposed on the pilots involved. 8:36. people still talking about that super bowl halftime show. >> [ music playing]. >> coldplay opened the show with "viva la vida" and paradise. they were the headliners. some people say beyonce and braun mars stole the show.
8:37 am
bruno mars pumped up the crowd with "uptown funk." the crowd loved it when beyonce took the field. beyonce performed "formation" for the first time. she released the song and music video a day before the super bowl. another highlight is when bruno mars, chris martin and beyonce performed together. after the halftime show was over there was a commercial announcing beyonce's new headlining stadium tour. her 40-day tour called forrest kicks off april 27. she will be back at levi's stadium on may 16th. by the way, tickets go on sale next week. 8:37. in addition to the big halftime performances, a lot of people talking about the commercials this morning. >> pam cook is back in the studio now leading the discussion about what worked and what didn't work.
8:38 am
pam. >> yeah, the companies want people to like the commercials, right? they also want to sell the product. the car commercials scored pretty big with brand recognition, loyalty, and humor. >> ♪ what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man ♪. >> ryan reynolds everywhere in ryanville. grabbed mostly women's decision. analysts say hyundai did well in the ad meters with that one, and this one. a commercial about a first date starting comedian kevin hart. >> ♪ can't live, live without you ♪. >> a lot of people liked the heinz commercial. very popular. it did have the cute factor. it was a product selling the product that they were selling very clear. clearly displayed. but the discussion on my facebook page, there weren't enough pup peats during the
8:39 am
super bowl commercials and way too a many ads for stomach problems. >> urgent diarrhea. you never know when ibsd will show up. >> a lot of people didn't want to see that during their snacking during the super bowl. much more advertising though from a company that does consistently well and they had puppies in one of them. doritos. it's customer german content. >> that was pretty good. >> this was cute. this was cute. they are trying to get into the doritos. again, this is budding filmmakers from all over the world competing to get their ads on the super bowl. it's customer drink. they have to grab your attention. they are usually funny. so doritos scores big. and i know, dave, you mentioned the one with the baby delivery hit a personal cord with you? >> it reminded me of my first child and some of the stupid things i did. >> including stopping on the way to the hospital? >> on the way to the hospital to have my first child born, i stopped at mcdonald's. the doctor told me i had to
8:40 am
eat. >> you need to eat. >> i feel so stupid now. >> no. the doctor was concerned about you at that morning. forget mrs. dave clark. >> don't tell anybody i did that. that's between the two of us. >> that also is very successful. they are funny. they make you laugh because you see something in yourself. >> right. i was so embarrassed. >> great. coming up on "the 9" the doritos dog commercial, we are going to talk with the inning man who made that commercial. he won that contest. made a million bucks. >> that's great. >> thank you, pam. time is 8:40. well, we switch because there was some tense moments in london. a bus exploded on a bridge. up next you will see it and the big concerns about what turned out to be part of a upcoming movie. we are talking about the mayor about not only the super bowl and the latest on apple's plan to build a new campus. and we do have a lot of slow traffic this morning. we have had a couple of incidents that have made traffic slow on the east shore. i will give you a drive time
8:41 am
for this commute coming up. spring-like weather will continue as we get back to work on this monday. the current conditions and how long this trend is expected to last coming up. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tapen and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compt disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago.
8:42 am
chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
8:43 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2". it's 8:43.
8:44 am
look at this bus here in london. yeah. now, that explosion caused fears of a terror attack over the weekend, but it was part of a scene from a movie. the movie the foreigner starring jackie chan and pierce brossen. that red double decker bus burst into flames right there. there was signs warning people they were filming. panicked people called the police. a lot got on twitter saying the public wasn't properly warned in advance. they said kids who saw the explosion were unnecessarily frightened. back here at home your super bowl prediction may have been a bust, but now it's time to start thinking presidential predictions. the first primary will be held in new hampshire tomorrow. donald trump says he's pretty confident with his debate performance and how he's leading in the state's republican polls, while senator marco rubio says he hopes to build on his momentum from his strong performance in iowa. now, on the democratic side
8:45 am
hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they're avoiding predictions about tuesday after their really tight race in iowa. and a lot of voters, they're still trying to decide. >> i'm weighing all my options. i want to be educated. >> i know a lot of people i talk with back home is unsure. you know, trying to pick between three or four candidates right now. >> now, the state of new hampshire predicts about 550,000 voters will go to the polls tomorrow. well, president obama is coming back here to the bay area this week. he'll be in san jose on wednesday helping to raise money for democratic candidates. on thursday he is due to attend a fundraising event held by the democratic national committee. now, after his bay area visit, he heads for southern california. he'll spend the weekend in palm springs. that's where he is hosting a summit with leaders from the association of southeast asian nations. time is 8:45. it's no secret the south bay has seen a surge of people thanks
8:46 am
to super bowl 50 and the surge may not stop there now that apple is continuing to expand in san jose. i am happy to say joining us now from san jose city hall is san jose mayor sam liccardo. mr. mayor, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. >> always good to see you. i know you didn't get to go to the super bowl yesterday, but let's talk about super bowl 50. how did san jose benefit from having the super bowl around? >> it was great to have so many people enlivening our downtown, filling up our restaurants restaurants. our he tells did very, very well. that's great for the city, too, because we generate a lot of tax revenue off those hotel rooms. it helps us pay for city services. >> you're feeling pretty good this morning. i see that smile on your face. >> well, we're happy to take the money. but certainly we love having thousands of people from around the country here to enjoy what's great in the south bay.
8:47 am
i think it was a great regional partnership with santa clara and san francisco. i'm particularly grateful to a lot of folks in the fire and police departments who did a lot of overtime work over the last week to really ensure we were safe. i think the whole thing went off incredibly well. we owe our thanks to them and everybody else who worked so hard. >> let's turn to business news and another big story. apple is expanding in your city. what exactly are they doing? where are they going? >> well, they can build you up to four million square feet of space, primarily appears to be research and development space. that would actually be larger if it was built out, larger than their headquarters. they are tight-lipped about the details. so you need crypto secret clearance to know what's going to happen in there. there is a lot of speculation. >> can you speculate what this
8:48 am
may mean for jobs and san jose's economy? >> yeah. i mean, it's a great thing for us certainly. we know they are already moving into one of the buildings even before they built out the rest of the campus. that's thousands of jobs here in the city. we know that a large number of apple employees live here in san jose. in fact, about a quarter of them, from what we understand. that means an awful lot of folks could face shorter commutes. that's a good thing. and it's certainly good to see us continue to expand our job basins traditionally we have been the bedroom community for the rest of the valley. this is a great opportunity to expand jobs and we can provide more police and street and pavement and all those things we need in our city. >> mr. mayor, i wish you well with all of that. thank you for stopping by to see us again. san jose mayor, sam liccardo. >> thanks. have a great day.
8:49 am
>> you too, sir. thank you. time is 8:48. let's check your commute right now. sal is watching things. by the way, sal, did you know that today is klay thompson of the warriors birthday? he turns 26. >> still a young man. >> still a young man. >> still plenty of time go to be a star, right? >> yeah, right. >> he is already a star. good morning everybody. let's take a look at the commute. the traffic is going to be busy from the carquinez bridge to the maze. they cleared the accident near the powell street exit involving a motorcyclist, but it's still very slow getting down to the bay bridge. now, when you get to the bay bridge though, some people were held back and the actual backup at the bay bridge isn't all that packed. traffic is moving along okay. now, if you are driving on 680 this morning, i wanted to show you 680 from san ramon to danville, the other way around, that's a terrible place to be on the freeway. try to avoid that area because of earlier issues. this area between san ramon and
8:50 am
walnut creek is going to be very slow. let's go to rosemary. >> thank you, sal. good morning to you. we are looking at some fabulous weather. if you enjoy 70s and mostly sunny skies, that's what we have coming our way for the afternoon. we start out this morning with cool temperatures for some of us and relatively mild for others. the wind has a lot to do with what we are seeing in the morning hours and the afternoon. a ridge of high pressure building in and you know what? it looks like it's going to stick around for a little while. we are looking at a dry forecast for the week ahead and the futurecast models want to keep us dry into the 17th. so this could change, and we hope it does. but we may in for several dry days. ridge of high pressure again in place. there is that storm tack pushed to the north. it is active out here, but that ridge is going to deflect any rain from coming our way. by wednesday into thursday, maybe a little bit of a change. but for today we're mostly sunny. temperatures in the 70s once again. system drops in. gets very close to california.
8:51 am
maybe a few scattered showers over the north edge. for us we will see a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures will be coming down. still may be above average. let's take care of today. outside our doors right now in concord 62 degrees. in walnut creek 45. again depending on what areas have that wind out there, in half moon bay it's now 68 degrees where we are looking at low 60s to mid 60s for most of the morning. continuing to climb with an offshore breeze reported there as well. a lot of 50s around the bay. 55 redwood city. 58 in san francisco. then you get into santa rosa where it's mostly calm and still trailing behind at 43 degrees. so we're all over the place when it comes to the numbers this morning. was we get into the afternoon, more uniforms. low-to-mid 70s in the forecast for areas napa, sonoma, santa rosa 75. for the east bay shoreline 72 alameda, 74 castro valley, 74 livermore. warmer numbers in the south bay. 76 morgan hill and cupertino.
8:52 am
for the peninsula low-to-mid 70s to you. palo alto 74. the 72 san francisco. low 70s pacifica, half moon bay. we still have rip currents and the possibility of large breaks along the shore. so take it easy if you are going to be out and about, playing in the water today. the extended forecast. temperatures drop off tomorrow. cooling off a bit more as we get into your bay area saturday. but again that extended forecast right now looking dry. you don't want to worry about it, but we would like to see some rain come back soon. >> all right. rosemary, thank you. >> you're welcome. time is 8:52. starting today the government's gonna work with business owners who lost money when the crab fishing season was delayed this year. the sba will offer low-interest loans to small commercial fishermen, dock workers, processors and retailers. the dungeness and rock crab seasons were scheduled to start in number, but a high level of a toxin delayed the season for
8:53 am
most of california. now the dungeness crab season has been canceled in northern california. the sba encouraging anyone financially affected by that delay to fill out a loan application. time is 8:52. more trouble with that turf at levi's stadium. some of the complaints from the super bowl players as they were out on the field for super bowl 50.
8:54 am
8:55 am
welcome back. despite weeks of preparations the turf at levi's stadium didn't is seem to hold up well during the super bowl 50. even before the game started groundskeepers were seen picking up chunks of loose grass. and by the second quarter both teams were reportedly switching their cleats because players were complaining they were slipping. normally, the nfl uses grass from alabama. but because of the long haul, they decided to go to a company from southern california instead. well, what is going on with marshawn lynch? the oakland native and seattle
8:56 am
seahawks star running back seems to be hinting he's quitting the nfl. now, during the fourth quarter of the super bowl, this is what he tweeted. this photo. his cleats hanging up on a wire. the seahawks leader added the hashtag thank you beastmode to his original post. several of his teammates paid tribute to marshawn lynch on social media. marshawn was lynch -- was plagued by a hamstring injury, and then he had abdominal surgery this season. just a year ago he's now 30 years old, he was called one of the best running backs in football. he is just an incredible runner. he graduated from oakland tech and played at cal. well, today is the star of the lunar new year, and san francisco mayor ed lee will kick off the celebration in chinatown this morning. this marks the beginning of the year of the monkey. festivities here will run for 15 days. the biggest public event and the highlight of the celebration will be the chinese new year
8:57 am
parade on february 20th. a week from saturday. and as always ktvu wl be a big part of that parade. you'll be able to see it right here on ktvu fox 2. well, two of the three winners from last month's record powerball jackpot still have not come forward. you remember the top prize was worth $1.5 billion. a man in tennessee's already claimed his half billion dollars, but whoever has the tickets sold in southern california and florida haven't come forward yet. experts say that's not surprising because all of that money is life changing. it will be smart to get financial and legal advice before you claim the money. lottery rules vary from state to state, and the california winner has until next january to turn in the ticket. the florida winner has until july. all right. "the 9" is back in our original studio. i think we're happy to be back. we are going to talk about the super bowl. maybe you didn't watch the
8:58 am
super bowl. maybe you just watched the commercials. what did you think of gaga singing the national anthem? and also if you you're expecting rain, we'll see about that. rosmary orozco has the forecast. coming up on "the 9".
8:59 am
9:00 am
go broncos! >> with super bowl 50 in the books, we're breaking down the hottest moments everyone's talking about this morning. >> from the halftime show and the most searched players on the field. >> you are messing with the wrong guy! >> i'm taking you home. >> to the commercials that were both fun. >> puppymonkeybaby. >> and strange. "mornings on 2: the 9" starts now. >> ♪ this is that ice cold that michelle pfeiffer ♪.


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