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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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good afternoon. >> the bay area super bowl party is a wrap in the cleanup is well underway both in san francisco in the south bay. janine de la vega tells us there is an unexpected bonus for some football fans the day after.>> reporter: public drum -- the breakdown is happening in the 49ers open their team store for fan appreciation day. super bowl merchandise is 50% off and fans can still access the store by parking in the green want but keep in mind that tasman drive is still closed. take a look. tents and portables are still
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up and their kids are still in place. it's going to take time to break everything down. the parking lots and adjacent soccer filled words used by the nfl. some rental companies have arrived to haul out part of parties but that's just -- porter parties -- porta poties but that's just the beginning. our crew was at super bowl sam saw some of the cleanup this morning. it began yesterday afternoon. all the same closures are still in effect from last week including market street between beall and stuart, south bend embarcadero from washington and howard street between third and fourth. businesses tell us they are ready to welcome back their customers. >> the last two days are some of the busiest we have had in our twenty-year history but if
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only be good to get -- back to regular business. we were just assaulted by the whole nfl. >> the whole super bowl cost run $5 million in the city is and getting reimbursed by the nfl. some supervisors are looking into that. santa clara will get reimbursed for the money it used for public safety, fire and emergency medical services. that's expected to be about $4 million. after the game, broncos fan -- fans spilled out of levi stadium ready to celebrate. >> my boys never showed up. >> and minded. >> right now, i'm not liking him very much. >> we are lifelong broncos fans. to be a form they win, that's fantastic. >> here at home, no reports of problems of rowdy fans following the game.
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a bit of a different story in denver. fans spilled out of the bars into the streets dancing and singing. police arrested at least 12 people and used pepper spray to disperse crowds. a parade and rally set for tomorrow in denver to honor the super bowl champions. and is still a lot of chatter about the super bowl halftime show. coldplay opened the show with their hits civil evita -- viva la vida and paradise. but some are saying beyonci and bruno mars stole the show. bruno mars pump up the crowd with his performance uptown funk and the crowd loved it when beyonci took the field as well.
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beyonci performed her new song information for the very first time. she released the song and video the day before the super bowl. right after the halftime show, a commercial announced her new headlining stadium tour. she will be back at levi stadium on may 16. tickets go on sale next week. back to reality for the football fans who came to the bay area for the super bowl. sfo, as you can imagine was packed this morning. here are those long lines. airport officials have been advising people to arrive at least three hours earlier than the scheduled departure time. cinemas and oakland international say travelers should shop at least two hours before their departure time as thousands of people fly out of the bay area. >> today may be one of the record days of all times at sfo. we are expecting about 85,000 departing passengers today and just for reference, a typical day is about 60,000 so that's
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almost 50% more than we normally see because of the super bowl activities took >> and when it comes to moving all those people to security -- through security, super bowl programs are slowing things down. the hologram logo apparently triggers a sensor through baggage checks. agents suggest putting that on a carrydown soy tsa agent doesn't have to open your checked luggage. the super bowl 50 host committee officially passed the torch to its next home, houston texas. >> we are ready to welcome you and you will get that southern hospitality like none other. i know the bay area has set the bar high but wait until you come to the city of houston. we look forward to hosting you and 2017. >> even though it's a year away, where sylvester turner says he is ready for super bowl 50 one. the san francisco host committee held their hand of ceremony at moscone center. jed york and roger goodell were
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on hand for the presentation which even featured a video from nasa astronauts saying next year's big game will be out of this world. for all things super bowl, log onto we are also posting updates and pictures on our facebook and twitter pages. the coast guard is looking for a possibly missing better. an empty kayak was seen floating on the water about 10 am this morning setting off a search by a coast guard helicopter. we spoke with a boater who told the kayak there were personal items inside including a backpack. we are told there are no reports of any missing persons. san francisco police are now handling the investigation. highway patrol is investigating a freeway shooting in the east bay. the latest in a series of attacks on i 80. last night's gunfire left one person injured as ktvu alex savidge reports, that innocent driver was caught in the middle of the gunfire.
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>> reporter: it turns out an innocent bystander was caught up in the middle of this violence last night. that person was not injured but their car was struck by the gunfire while it was sitting on the side of the freeway. this latest freeway shooting happened here in the westbound lanes of interstate 80 near appian way and it was about 9:30 pm last night when the 911 calls started to come in. to chp set -- shut down all lanes of traffic to gather evidence. they believe two people in two separate cars began shooting at each other and one person in one of those cars wound up being hit. both cars involved in the dispute were gone by the time officers got here but later in the night, someone showed up at a nearby hospital with a gunshot wound in chp believes that was the victim from this freeway shooting. chp says there was also a third car that was hit by gunfire. that car just happened to be sitting on the side of the
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freeway. the person who was in that car was not injured and was not involved in any way in this dispute, simply an innocent bystander. this is the latest in a series of shootings that have happened along the stretch of i-80 between pinole and berkeley. there have been six such car to car shootings since last november. chp is continuing to investigate and officers are stressing that all of these shootings do not appear to be random. they appear to be targeted attacks that there is a major concern because you have a lot of innocent people driving along the freeway potentially at risk. investigators are trying to find out what sparked a violent brawl that left two people dead and another seriously hurt. it happened just about 10 am yesterday in more and city. the sheriff's department says it received 911 calls about people with knives and baseball bats fighting.
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gunfire soon erupted after words. when deputies arrived, they found two who had been shot and killed and a third victim was transported to the hospital. investigators say they believe the fight may have started as a domestic dispute but they are looking for anyone who has more information. protesters say three people were arrested at the disputed deal track in albany. this was a demonstrator trying to block heavy equipment the property, which is owned by uc berkeley should be used by firming according to the protesters. he also see them building a senior assisted living center. cal state employees have set a date for a potential strike in mid-april. the union that represents faculty, librarians and coaches says leaders voted for walkouts on april 13-15 in april 18 and 19 unless administrators make a better contract offer. the faculty association is
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seeking a 5% salary increase while the university offers 2% raises. suspicious fire in santa rosa left a firefighter injured last night. fire broke out near heard avenue. the home had plywood on doors and windows that had to be removed before crews could enter. no one was home. one firefighter suffered a twisted ankle when his foot went through the floor. the fire did about $100,000 in damage. the stock market is just plummeting. details coming up. from town halls to coffee shops, the last-minute push for votes in new hampshire ahead of tomorrow's key primary vote. springlike weather in february as we take this live look at downtown san francisco. rosemary orozco will be here with a look at how long the mild weather will stick around. more release at the gas pump. here what analysts say is driving prices down.
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it was all smiles at the opening bell but here we are with about half an hour left to go in trading and the mood has certainly soured. wall street sank sharply today as financial stocks sold off as interest rates worry investors
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for richly valued consumer and tech stocks. at one point, the dow was down by 400 points. the dow is still losing more than 2%. these same story for s&p and nasdaq is almost down by 3%. the price of gas is declining across the country to well under two dollars per gallon. a new survey out today showed the average price for regular unleaded dropped eight cents during the last week to $1.82 per gallon, $.37 lower than the same time last year. analysts say prices at the pump will drop even further if crude oil prices continue to slide. check and the prices here in the bay area. the average price in san francisco, $2.56. santa rosa, 242 -- $2.42. those prices are down about $.40 from a year ago. all eyes are on new hampshire ahead of the states primary vote tomorrow. as molly line reports, both candidates on --'s candidates on both sides are drumming up last-minute support.
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>> reporter: as the clock ticks toward tuesday, presidential hopefuls aren't wasting a minute from town halls to coffee stops. to rallies. candidates are doing all they can to say the undecided before the new hampshire primary. with iowa behind them, they know tuesday's results could make or break some lagging campaigns. >> you either mailed or shine under that light. >> reporter: governor chris christie continues to criticize the younger white house hopeful's. >> the president of the united states is not about having a nice suits and reading the teleprompter. the fact is that you need to have some experience of doing less. it's nothing like the united states senate. >> reporter: jeb bush has turned his sights to donald trump. bush says the businessman who is still holding a double-digit lead isn't a true conservative and would not be able to beat
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hillary clinton. >> you can say what he says, you can disparage people, divide the nation and expect to win. >> bernie sanders is still leading hillary clinton by double digits. clinton has multiple events in the granite state today but yesterday she did slip away for a brief visit to flint michigan where she spoke with local leaders about the toxic water crisis. some so that short trip out-of- state as a bit unusual and were to set clinton allies are downplaying expectations here in the state so a closer than expected finish could be viewed as a won. -- win. another gop debate is set for this saturday in greenville south carolina just ahead of their primary. president obama is set to return to the bay area this week in san jose wednesday to help raise money for democratic candidates. on thursday, he is scheduled to attend a fund-raising event held by the democratic national committee following his bay
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area visit. he will send down to southern california where he will spend the weekend in palm springs where he is hosting a summit with leaders from the association of southeast asian nations. tripole restaurants across the country will open their doors late today. they are closed so that workers can attend a meeting about the chains -- chain's recent food safety scares. the meeting comes after chipotle saw its sales slammed by those food scares including an e. coli outbreak. the company plans to go over its food safety program and talk about paid sick leave for employees to make up for the closure. chipotle is offering a coupon for a free burrito. check out for the details. lady gaga brought on the house with the super bowl national yesterday.
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big chairs from the crowd as she sang with just a piano is back up. the largest cheers came when they showed servicemen and women on the stage camera. lady gaga's performance was also a big hit for social media. north kera -- north carolina native steph curry banged the north carolina drums before the game. lots of cheers. he also did that in houston in the past. he has been a huge fan since 1995. a great start to the work week. let's check with rosemary orozco to see how long it will last. >> springlike weather in the forecast for our monday. already nice and mild out there. you can already see nice skies
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out of the -- out over the area. temperatures perhaps even making new records. we will take a look at those numbers in just a minutes. here's a look at the ridge that is firmly in control at this point bringing gusty conditions in our east bay hills as well as the coastal range. through the delta we had a bit of a breeze this afternoon. a lot of folks are tweeting and facepainting saying it's quite breezy in my area. most of us looking at anywhere from five to 10 miles per hour. fairfield, 14, napa 16 but gusting at 21. a little breezy during the afternoon and temperatures are expected to be warmer than yesterday. that's what we've been seeing most of the day so far. in concorde, up by 60. up by 50 in fairfield. cooler here in oakland but for most areas slightly up over yesterday's readings at the sour. take a look at half moon bay. 700 right now. san francisco, 690. mid-to upper 60s at sfo. 700 for mountain view.
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inland, upper 60s at livermore, walnut creek and over portions of the north bay, 670. santa rosa, napa, 690 in the south a san jose. here's a look at some of the areas that could tie or break records for today. we are looking at 730 for san rafael. the standing record is 720. san francisco is expected to be at 6220 for the rest of the day which would be just shy of a record. by 20 or so, we could actually tie it. san jose likely to hit the mid- to upper 70s for the mid afternoon. if we hit 770 we will pass the old record of 750. to the east bay, low to mid-70s for the east bay shoreline plus 70s in and here, brentwood, livermore. ourselves bay location, warmer areas, mid-to upper 70s. 760 for saratoga and cupertino. 700 for santa cruz.
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along the peninsula, 740 in san bruno. your extended forecast showing a dry pattern in place tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday and into your weekend. temperatures are expected to drop off into the 60s, maybe even low 60s in times for saturday. in this extended forecast, we don't see any rain. we are following breaking news. sky fox appearing over the scene where a train has hit a person. we are still and -- we understand that person has died as a result. this is on bancroft way in berkeley. the person who was hit by the train is dead. at this point, details are scarce. avoid the area because there is an investigation under way. we do understand that capital corridor pleaded out that train 535 is having a delay between weekly and emeryville due to what they call a trespasser --
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berkeley and emeryville due to what they call a trespasser. more details coming up on the 4:00. still to come, he is a store on the court but how does he make a cup of coffee? details on when it's dream on greens turn as a barista.
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taking one more peek at stocks. a major slide on wall street. s&p is down almost 2%. dow is down by 1.5% and nasdaq down by 2.5%. starting today, the government will work with business owners who lost money when the crab fishing season was delayed. the small business administration will offer low- interest loans to small commercial workers, processors, dockers and retailers. the dungeness crab and rock crab seasons were scheduled to start in november but a high level of a toxin delayed the start of the season for most of california and now the dungeness crab season has been canceled in north carolina -- northern california. expect a long line if there isn't one already outside of pete's coffee shop in berkeley because draymond green will be a barista. he will be helping serve a
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recently released coffee blend called warriors ground. for every special purchase, 5% of proceeds will be given to the warriors -- their mission. crude oil prices continue to we have a. >> oil is selling for less than $34 a barrel, up slightly but there are still concerns since oil producers don't seem interested in cutting back, that would force prices up and there are no signs that opec and not opec countries are interested in meeting to discuss the price slump. a quick update on the impossible missing kayaker. >> police say they have located the owner of that kayak. it was found floating near san francisco's hunters point with belongings but no one on board. that kayaker has been located safe and sound. >> that's good to know. good to be back here at home after a week of super bowl
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city. things so much for tweeting and facebook and with us.>> we are always hear -- here. i will see what 4:00. -- see you at 4:00.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> rob kardashian, this is a big deal. doesn't have the beard anymore, but he still has blac chyna. >> he's smiling. he looks really happy. >> doesn't rob have a history of falling hard for women and then when it doesn't work out, he falls into a deep depression? >> this is what he's falling apart into right here. [laughter] >> eugene from "the walking dead'." i was just reading the walkers have to go through training. he then gives us a demonstration. >> just kind of like this. >> you have to look like you're on death's door. harvey: through death's door. >> right, oh, right. >> abby lee miller from "dance moms" is pissed ofat


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