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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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when officers arrived, they found the suspect. the suspect bolted, ran up from the 800 block of campus drive up an embankment and ended up in the backyard of home on the 800 block of st. francis boulevard. there some kind of confrontation occurred in a backyard and an officer shot the suspect in the arm. the suspect's name has not been identified. neither has the officer. what we also know is that this will be part of a multi-agency investigation. we spoke with a police department sergeant short time ago, and this is what he said. >> witnesses reported that the male was possibly armed with a knife. officers shortly arrived on scene after that where they located the suspect. the suspect fled on foot. the officers were involved in a short foot pursuit. at that time the suspect entered the private residence,
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going through the backyard, and there was an officer that contacted the suspect. the suspect was shot one time. he was transported to a local hospital where he was treated for nonlife-threatening injuries, and he is currently in stable condition. >> reporter: so still a lot of unanswered questions here, frank, including what led the officer to fire and shoot at the suspect. was there a knife recovered at the scene? there are a lot of questions the officer did not have answers to at the moment but this will be part of an ongoing investigation. many agencies here investigating, frank. senate's frightening to think potentially chasing after a woman with a knife. do we know how the woman is doing tonight? >> reporter: we also don't know that, frank, whether or not there was any initial injuries suffered bey this woman in the domestic dispute. >> maybe we'll have some more information tonight at 10:00. henry lee in daily city, thank you. new at 6:00, a former san jose police officer took the
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witness stand today to defend himself against a charge of rape. 40-year-old jeffrey grave is on trial for allegedly raping a 36- year-old woman while on duty. prosecutors say grave had responded to a domestic disturbance call last march. they say grave took the woman to a hotel where he raped her. the san jose mercury news says that grave testified the woman was laughing and friendly. he was fired from the department last september and faces a life sentence if convicted. the highway patrol is asking for the public's help tonight after another shooting on interstate 80 in the east bay. investigators say the shots were fired about 9:30 last night in pinole. officers say a man in one car was hit and critically injured but is expected to recover. another car which just happened to be stopped on the side of the road with a flat tire was also hit but no one in that car was injured. the chp says at this point no arrests have been made. since november there have been six shootings on i-80 between
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pinole and berkeley. >> it's a scary reality. it's one that i think we need to figure out a solution to. >> i think it's ridiculous. we shouldn't have to worry about something like that but if you really look at the area, richmond, san pablo, oakland, their crime rates are really high. >> the chp says the shootings are not random and that the general public is not at risk. investigators say they suspect gang activity is behind at least some of those shootings. >> now to super bowl 50. while the big game is over the cleanup is just beginning. skyfox flew over levi's stadium. you can see a lot of orange confetti still covering the sidelines there. the broncos received a champions welcome home after they landed in denver this afternoon, and they came back with a very special passenger. take a look. the team tweeted this picture of the lombardi trophy buckled into its own seat. and in san francisco crews
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wasted no time breaking down super bowl city. over the weekend thousands of people filled it to capacity. from the weather to the transportation it all seemed to work out very smoothly for the tens of thousands of people who were in the bay area for the big game. as ktvu's ann rubin reports, the host committee is already talking about bringing the super bowl back to the bay area. >> reporter: the breakdown and cleanup have begun. crews estimate it will take two weeks to remove what took two months to put up, and many fans say they're sad to see it all go. >> we had a fantastic time. it was great experience overall. couldn't have been better. >> reporter: there were some complaints. the uber wait was long, that it was hard to get around. >> we couldn't get in the east entryway and there was no way to get across the bridge so they walked us about two miles all the way around. >> reporter: and there were the fans that feared a shortage of beer. >> another young lady came up to ask if there was any beer left, so i bought every bud light they had. >> reporter: but if you ask
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organizers the nfl gave the bay area rave reviews. >> it was all positive. they are elated with this super bowl. i think they had very high expectations. the region delivered. >> reporter: the stadium reports record wi-fi usage and record use of the super bowl app. vta says they transported 10,000 passengers each way without a hitch, and law enforcement report only about 20, a none major. >> they ranged from intoxication to some counterfeiting, some illegal vendor sales in and out of the stadium. >> reporter: the only other complaint from on the field where a couple of players reported they had to change their cleats, but organizers don't believe there was any problem with the new field the nfl put in. >> i think you might have seen some cleat changing just because players adjust to the turf. >> reporter: santa clara says the region should be proud. >> we set a new standard for hosting the super bowl. >> it was a great experience. it's just that we didn't experience the win. >> reporter: and in a surprise
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announcement the mayor of santa clara, jamie matthews, says' stepping down effective tomorrow morning. he said he wanted to end his political career on a high note, and he wants to spend more tame with his family. the vice-mayor will take over the position temporarily. in santa clara, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. >> san francisco international airport was packed today with people heading home after the super bowl. thousands of football fans from across the country all came to the bay area to see the game. and at sfo passengers were being told today to arrive at the airport three hours early because of the crowds. >> so today may be one of the record days of all time at sfo. we're expecting 85,000 departing passengers today. just for reference a typical day at sfo is about 60,000. so that's almost 5% more than we normally see because of the super bowl activity. >> so again possible record travel, and you can see the lines there as everyone from
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the super bowl heading home, and again the advice to passengers, arrive at least three hours early because of those long lines. okay, in san francisco people who had to adapt to more traffic, fewer parking spaces and more crowds can now go back to their normal routines. as ktvu's tara moriarty reports, some are relieved the celebration is finally over. >> reporter: dismantling super bowl city. the nuts and bolts are coming out. trash tossed aside. baths and stages gone. >> the city was alive. >> reporter: since the super bowl kickoff yesterday crews have been dealing with the city's so-called hangover. >> we worked until 11:00 last night, and then we started back up 8:00. >> reporter: market and embarcadero is slowly morphing back to its old self. and kenneth bowens couldn't be happier. >> i do like fifty, 60 shines a day. >> reporter: but when the super bowl came to town --
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>> it was like slow. it wasn't busy. i was getting like, man, about 10, 13 shines a day. >> reporter: this man says his flower sales slid by nearly 80%. >> they let the people from out of town, nfl, they took over the business, and they let us summer. people were here only for souvenirs. >> reporter: but several blocks away at a pub near the moscone center business was pumping. >> these last two days were some of the busiest days we've had in our 20-year history but it will be nice to get back to regular business. i mean, we were just assaulted bey the whole nfl. >> i think san francisco is getting a lot of publicity, but at the same time it was really disruptive. just coming by to get lunch it would take you 40 minutes. >> reporter: carlos lopez had to work from home because it was too tough to get around the traffic barriers. >> now it's monday, back to business. thank god. >> we can forget this and start over again and enjoy this
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beautiful city and let the business come back to us. >> reporter: bey thursday morning crews say all of this construction should be gone, the streets will be back open, and san franciscans can get back to life as usual. tara moriarty, fox 2 news. >> stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. our web team has posted a slide show of the most memorable moments from that big game. look for the story near the top viewer home page. two french nuns known for feeding the homeless could soon be homeless themselves. >> this is the kind of thanks we're getting from the owner. >> the rent hike that could force them out of the neighborhood that they serve. plus, teaching technology. the initiative straight from president obama that made its way to an east bay classroom today. record warmth again today in bay area. i will have all the records, and there were a bunch of them, and let you know if we could see some more records for your wednesday. and taking a look at the evening commute now, that's i- 80, the university overcrossing right up there at the top of
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the screen. this is traditionally always heavy at this hour, so it's a pretty normal commute on the way home this monday night. a live look at the conditions along interstate 880 in oakland near the coliseum. it's crowded but moving in both directions.
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new at 6:00, a pair of french nuns who have spent years feeding the homeless in san francisco could soon become homeless themselves all because of a large rent hike that they say they just can't afford. the nuns say they have been warned to pay a $2,000-a-month rent increase or leave. >> ktvu's rob roth visited the nuns in the tenderloin who are now asking for help.
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>> reporter: here in the heart of the tenderloin, homeless people filed continuously into this soup kitchen for a hot lunch prepared by two nuns from france. >> you get a lot back. >> reporter: the sisters have been feeding homeless people out of this tiny dining room for eight years. >> at least three meals a week that i depend on. these are the best meals i get actually because the sisters are, you know, they're the sisters. they do the best. >> reporter: but last month the sisters received a notice from their landlord. their rent was being raised to $5500 a month for the tenderloin. >> the increase is $2,055, the increase. >> reporter: the notice says pay it or face eviction. >> this is the kind of thanks we get from the owner? >> reporter: his attorney said
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he was out of the country and would meet with the nuns when he returned later this week. until then the matter is on hold. >> we don't know anything about. that maybe that said that to you but not to us. >> reporter: the sisters sleep in a room in the back and survive financially on home made pastries they sell at farmers market and on donations. now they fear they're being priced out. >> i said, oh, my god, did you see what's happening? >> reporter: the sisters say if they are evicted they hope they can find another place nearby where they can feed lunch to the homeless. rob roth, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> faculty members at all 23 campuses of california state university say they are prepared to strike in april. the union says it's been deadlocked since last may over money. faculty members are asking for a 5% raise, and the university is offering 2%. the union is waiting for an independent fact finding report due out next month. if no deal is reached the union
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says its members will strike for five days starting april 13th. high school students in oakland today learned firsthand how president obama's computer science for all initiative works. the u.s. chief technology officer megan smith paid a visit to skyline high school. she was joined by oakland mayor libby schaaf. >> nine out of 10 parents really want their children to have coding experience at school. so you feel the american -- our base across the country can see this. >> as part of the president's initiative, all students will have access to computer science education in the classroom by 20 20. california gas prices may be going down but we're still paying $0 poe 70 to $1.00 more than most places across the country. the group blames refineries for increasing exports but the independent oil marketer's
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association points to regulations on cleaner fuel plus high sales and highway taxes. a spokesperson said down the road gas producers may decide they don't want to do business in california. >> our refiners are going to make economic decisions on whether they want to stay here, and if they leave, we've got a big problem. >> a panel appointed by the state energy commission is looking into whether gas prices could be lowered through changes in state policies or the law. time now to turn our attention to the weather. a beautiful day in the bay area once again. back to bill now to find out if that -- if this beautiful weather is going to last. >> look at that sunset. >> yeah, it is. it's been stung all weekend, super bowl weekend in the bay area just off the charts. record warmth yesterday for the super bowl. record warmth again today and we could see record warmth again tomorrow. outside, the city's skyline is as good as it gets. there's folks basking in temperatures still in the 60s. a lot less wind.
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we've had reports of wind early this morning. wind up in the oakland hills. winds are still out there, a northeast wind. it would be a fire danger wind in the summer. but it's just enough of a wind that it's allowing these temperatures to heat up the air, and it sinks. so it sinks 5,000 feet, it warms five degrees from whatever it was. so it's warming as it sinchts that's why these highs got to record level. 75 in san francisco. sfo was a tied record at 7 3. oakland at 81 degrees. that's the oakland museum. san jose 78. all the activity is out in the pacific. there's a lot going on out there. it's definitely plenty of moisture if we looked out here and just saw blue, then you would say, oh my gosh, where's el niƱo? it's out there. it's just not focused on us. if this would be focused on us, the latitude of this storm here would be pushing through, but what's happening here is the jet stream is doing this.
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so it's driving it up here. that's unfortunate for us. eventually this thing will break under the ridge and this stuff will be able to come through. but that is a very aggressive footprint out in the pacific. and not just for rain but we're seeing significant waves as we have really for the last two months being generated by these westerly -- these storms that are producing westerly swells. i think we could see, well, i mentioned earlier they're going to do the big wave classic on the north shore of hawaii. they're going to probably run that on wednesday because of those big swessments those same wednesday swells get here friday. i imagine mavericks would be a go but i think they're all going to be at the north shore of hawaii so they may not be able to get everybody over here in time. so it hits washington, then it hits here a couple days later. current temperatures outside are in the 70s. temperatures for tomorrow are in the 70s. yellows are 70s.
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everybody is being hit with big numbers tomorrow, just like today. might be a degree or two cooler, might be a degree or two warmer. just depends where you are. it's all the coast of california. not just california. it's beautiful everywhere. and this week is going to be a dry week which we've talked about. you are going to see temperatures like these tomorrow. not that cold overnight. not worried about frost and fog at this point because of the circulating winds that are dropping down, warming. but a dry, nice warm forecast as you go through the rest of this week. so, yeah, we haven't had one of these -- well, we did last week works this two-week dry period is definitely the first dry period we've seen, because october, it's been wet from october all the way through. hopefully something breaks through, julie, in answer to your question. right now i don't see anything but something could develop. >> you know what surprised me about the game? all last week we were talking about how the weather would be great, we would see these great aerials. i don't remember seeing -- well, they took the chopper up.
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cbs took the chopper up. >> i saw a couple of those, but i didn't see any blimp shots. >> you think with the weather being that great? at the beginning, but i didn't see them. >> not enough, because you could go wall to wall in that super bowl. >> you're right. i only saw those maybe three or four or five. >> all right, thanks, bill. >> recent rain has left bay area reservoirs in good shape but some of the state's biggest reservoirs still after long way to go. lake shasta is the state's largest resser viral. right now it is just over half full or 85 feet below the fill line. officials say they still need another 20 million acre feet of water to fill it up. unlike other reservoirs which depend on snow runoff, shasta depends on the rain. officials say it will take a few more years of average rainfall to catch up. >> we really depend on our average rainfall, which is about 62 inches of rain a year,
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which we haven't seen in about four or five years. >> the second largest reservoir is lake oroville. it's still below its historical average. the other big reservoirs are trinity lake, don pedro, and new melonas. the only exception is folsom, but it is a relatively small reservoir. coming up, more on the post- game super bowl stories. also, the warriors preparing to play without one of their players. mark is up next with sports.
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a familiar face on the golden state warriors facebook page in honor of the chinese new year. look at this. the team posted this picture.
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that's claudine wong along with klay thompson and the reverend are norman fong. claudine helped unveil the jersey last month in chinatown. as always watch the parade live right here on ktvu fox two. we'll bring you the celebration next saturday, february 20th. our coverage begins at 6:00. >> it is almost here. mark is back now with more news about the warriors. this time it's always good news but it's some serious news. >> yeah, this is something that could hurt them. they've had such a sensational sea soon, string of everything going right. but i tell you what, one of their valuable components, the big guy in the middle, festus ezeli is going to miss some serious time as he undergoes what is being called successful arthroscopic surgery to clean out debris from his left knee. he started experiencing pain about five games ago and has missed time since then. he is expected to return this
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season but won't be reevaluated as to when he might return for another six weeks. but he is officially now on the mend. and kind of nice to take a little break from super bowl coverage. but back at it, because it is still the talk of the town as the pack-up and get out of town day today after the super bowl. the broncos and peyton manning going out a winner, although he has officially not stated whether or not he is going to return, if you look to his performance yesterday he does, at 39 years old, look like he's reached the end of the lain. although after the game he's ready to talk about what he might have to drink, but not what he plans to do next year. >> i want to go kiss my wife, kiss my kids. i want to go celebrate with my family and teammates, and i'm going drink a lot of beer tonight, budweiser. von miller is buying. those are my priorities at this point. >> priorities are straight. you know what, he should enjoy the moment for awhile, and there will be time enough for
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retirement and time apparently came for retirement with regard to local product marshawn lynch out of cal and oakland tech. marshawn lynch last night on social media causing quite a stir as he put up a post that showed green cleats hanging from a power line with a peace sign emoji, and the inference there that he planned to retire. today his agent doug hendrix confirms that marshawn lynch will be calling it quits. great running back, doing most of his damage with the seattle seahawks. and that's the sporting life for right now what. are we going to do? what are we going to talk about? >> he had a bad stomach problem for awhile, a leg injury. >> sports hernia, they call it. >> let me tell you what, marshawn lynch dished out some punishment in his tame as a running back with the seahawks. the 49ers will be glad to see him go. >> i'll never forget beast
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mode. >> thanks mark. tonight at 10, a healthcare provider under fire. tonight new details about the death of an inmate, and a jail nurse who worries it could happen again. that story and much more coming up tonight at 10:00. thanks for joining us tonight. good night. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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