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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  February 9, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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underway. and after campaigning for months, presidential candidates will finally find out if their hard work has paid off. we'll have a live report from the first primary election in new hampshire. mornings on 2 starts now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday, february 9th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm brian flores. let us get your day started with a check on weather and traffic. steve paulson is here with the strength of 10 weather men. >> it was record setting warm yesterday. >> felt like almost summer. >> you have the strength of 10 weather men but -- >> eight of them are stick. but i'm here. you always get better once you get to work, right? [ laughter ] >> we won't have an offshore wind so it will be above normal but not like yesterday. some of the record highs -- not
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even listed here. santa cruz said 85. oakland, 81. 73 oakland airport. and san jose 78 degrees. a system is on the way. 40s on the temps or 50s, 56 in san francisco. and i mean there's still a slight component of an offshore breeze. it's starting to turn a little bit but not as robust as yesterday. the system will usher in a westerly breeze, it's a cooler morning and sunny and warm but above normal. not as breezy and warm as yesterday but still temperatures are running well above where they should be for this time of year. good morning. i think we'll play music every time your talk since your voice is to deep. is it that anchor deep. we'll play the theme from
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shaft. >> a little barry white. >> exactly. let's take a look at the commute. it's an early commute. not a bad one as you drive through the area. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic is looking very good as you drive into san francisco. also looking at 880 north and southbound. this traffic is moving along very well. no problems heading to highway 92. and if you're in the south bay, silicon valley commute. all the freeways look very good. we are following a developing story out of germany this morning where two regional trains crashed head on, killing at least nine people and injuring 150 others, injured passengers were taken by helicopter and ambulance. it happened in bavaria. all survivors have been rescued and it's not clear what caused
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the trains to collide. in keeping with tradition, the voters in dixville notch, new hampshire -- all nine of them -- were the first to cast their votes in the primary today. >> on the republican side we have for donald trump, two. >> but ohio governor john kasich got one more vote to take a 3-2 lead. all the democrats voted for bernie sanders over hillary clinton. coming up at 4:15, we'll have a live report from new hampshire where many voters remain undecided up to the last minute. fireworks for the lunar new year may have sparked a fire at the san jose shopping mall. >> several people posted these clips of the fireworks and then you see the fire on social media. it was first reported after 8:30 last night at the grand
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century shopping mall on story road. the cause of the fire is still under investigation but witnesses believe it was sparked by those lunar new year fireworks. in a surprise announcement on the heels of the super bowl. the mayor of santa clara is stepping down. the 53-year-old still has two years left on his second term but he's proud of how the super bowl went but now he wants to slow down and spend more time with his family. and health issues did not play a role in his decision he said. the council has 30 days to appoint a new mayor. and in the meantime, the vice mayor teresa o'neil will serve as the interim mayor. a controversial treatment clinic will not open today in san francisco due to neighbors'
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objections. >> don't step into our neighborhood and expect us to drink the kool-aid. a private operator, sharper future, wants to open the facility on church street near duboce avenue. there are schools in the area. >> this shouldn't be forced down our throat. and i feel like it's being forced down our throat. >> they are not the monsters that come up in your mind as some guy jumping out of the bushes. >> sharper future says they measured the buffer zone and the company learned the location may be too close to child care centers. the clinic would serve 78 sex offenders and operate three days a week. a suspect in a domestic dispute is in stable condition this morning after he was shot
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by daly city police. officers responded to reports at noon yesterday of a man armed with a knife chasing a woman. police pursued the suspect to the backyard of a home near highway 101 and that's where the shooting occurred. a school district administration building was put on lockdown. the police shot the man once in the arm and the injury is not considered life-threatening. >> the officer was involved in a short foot pursuit at the time. the suspect entered the private residence, going through the backyard, and there was an officer that contacted the suspect and the suspect was shot one time. >> the police officer who opened fire is on paid administrative leave pending an investigation. at a news conference, the police sergeant says the investigation was just beginning and he didn't know
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the circumstances of the domestic dispute or what prompted the officer to shoot the suspect. president obama will ask for $2 billion to fight the zika virus. it would pay to expand mosquito control programs and help create a vaccine. the virus is carried by mosquitoes and it's spreading quickly through latin america. it's suspected of causing babies to be born with neurological disorders. blood source which serves the sacramento area processes blood donations for 5 million people each year. because of concerns of zika, it may ask some people to stop donating. >> the impact will not be inconsequential. between two and 4% across the united states. >> they may have to reexamine the blood supply if donors report coming down with the
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symptoms. fever, headaches, rash, or pink eye. medical experts say it's unlikely that the mosquitoes will transmit the virus in california but they want to eliminate all possible methods of transmission. a million people are expected to celebrate the denver broncos today. they left the bay area yesterday. it took a united jet from san jose to denver. and of course, they had a valuable passenger on board. there it is. the team tweeted a photo of the lombardi trophy in its own seat. of course you have to get it its own seat. the players boarded buses to the team facility. and some fans lined the streets. the broncos celebration begins at 10:00 with a concert in the civic center park and the parade gets underway at noon.
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they won back to back in the 1997, 1998 seasons. updaten manning already took part in a parade -- the guest of honor at disneyland. he celebrated with his twin children mosley and marshall. the super bowl may have been the last game of manning's career. many are predicting he'll retire. looking like a lot of fun. >> look at those cuties. >> he's going to take time to reflect. probably drink more budweiser as well. t-shirts were printed at a rate of 300 an hour. and they were also prepared to print carolina panthers t- shirts if they won the super bowl. they were happy to be able to print the t-shirts for the hometown team. organizers are calling the super bowl a huge success. the host committee and leaders of santa clara and san jose say
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they are proud of how the region worked together. 83,000 showed up for the super bowl. and during the game. there were 20 arrests for minor offenses. they say that's not bad. there were no issues with security and safety. and they are also commending dta for transmitting 10,000 people without problems. >> first people had a good time. and we had a lot of activity in downtown san jose, the san pedro square, san pedro street. >> the exact economic impact won't be known for weeks. but some downtown restaurants had a fewer people than they expected. the santa clara county sheriff's office conducted a number of sex trafficking stings leading up to the super bowl. they found at least 42
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potential human trafficking victims. most were from outside santa clara county. and two were under the age of 18. deputies cited or arrested 30 men for soliciting prostitution. ryan murphy got caught in a sting. and murphy himself was only questioned and released. the broncos sent him back to denver, forcing him to sit out the super bowl. could the bay area host another super bowl any time soon? organizers say it's a possibility. >> the overall reaction was so positive that the odds of us wanting us to do this again, and certainly the nfl being excited about bringing a super bowl to the region is a very real possibility. >> the bay area showed that it has the ability to host a world class event. and it needs to keep the momentum going. the hope is to host super bowl lvi at levi's stadium.
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the roman numerals would be lvi just in case you're wondering. the reason the district attorney's office cannot charge a man with murder right now. and we'll take you live to new hampshire where the first primary election is underway. we are looking at the golden gate bridge. and traffic does look pretty good south from marin county into the city. we had records yesterday. don't think we'll see that today. but it will be warm, just not as warm. we'll have the numbers coming up.
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hi dad uh huh, okay yeah..sorry about that. what do you think? hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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good morning. welcome back. rough day for the global financial stock markets around the world. the nikkei fell 5.5% overnight. that's the largest drop since june 2013. australia, singapore and china saw smaller declines. there's concern about the glut of oil on the market. hong kong bucked the trend. small gains there. the european stock market, checking in on those now. they are trading currently. [bell] checking in on our indexes.
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s&p 500, dow, and nasdaq are going to open down between 1.5 to 2%. major indexes fell more than 1%. the s&p 500 had the lowest close in two years. the s&p 500 starts the day below 1900 and again, the analysts are waiting to hear coca-cola's earnings report. it could indicate that consumers are taking money and spending it. that would be a sign of consumer confidence. the nation's first presidential primary is happening in new hampshire in a race that could shift the field from republicans and democrats. doug luzader is live in manchester in what's become the center of the political genuine versus. good morning, doug. and we've seen some results to trickle in as they always do in new hampshire. this is going to a long, long
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day. but at the end of it we may have a better idea of who is going to be in for the long haul and who may have to drop out. the first votes were cast in tiny addictionville moch where -- tiny dixville notch. the gop winner by one, john kasich. all four democratic votes went for bernie sanders. >> we're still undecided. >> it's just now that we're starting to look at the candidates. >> phone calls, five or six every night. i feel sorry for the postman. he's getting the mailers. >> reporter: even at the last minute, there are a ton of undecided voters here. only 60% of likely democratic voters in new hampshire are fully committed to a candidate. and it drops to 50% for
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republicans. the stakes could not be higher for the front-runners, if bernie sanders can't win here, it's not clear where he can win. and if donald trump doesn't deliver, he's in trouble. >> truth is that motivation is always the best thing that gets people in their cars on a snowstorm and gets them to the polling spot. >> reporter: some of the people showing up at the final events are undecided and we mean undecided. >> it's a tossup for me now. it could go hillary clinton. it could go bernie, it could go rubio, kasich, bush. >> that guy doesn't even know which party he's supporting. there's a lot of uncertainty right now. there is certainly the possibility we mayn't some republicans drop out after the results come in today. and on the democratic side
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there was a report that hillary clinton's campaign is considering a staff shakeup. they denied that. but clearly clinton is bracing for a likely loss in new hampshire today. >> very interesting how this is shaping up. doug luzader from what looks like a cold manchester, new hampshire. >> reporter: a little chilly. >> thanks a lot. >> we say man chest ta. i'm wondering if doug can still hear me. no, he can't. it's going to be 70 degrees in some spots. >> and where doug is, it's 19 degrees. the traffic is doing well right now. traffic is moving along nicely. and looking at the commute here, you can see it's moving along nicely on 880 in front of
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the oakland coliseum. no major problems there. and traffic is moving nicely. how many times can i say that. it's clear. let's go to the san mateo bridge. it's a clear drive out to the high-rise. it's off to a good start on all the bay area bridges, and we can look at the south bay where all the freeways are at or close to the speed limit according to the road sensors. right now we have a little bit of a good start here. let's go to steve. we do have clear skies. it's not as breezy. the offshore wind yesterday really helped and it's still there but nothing compared to yesterday after we shattered records yesterday. if you thought it was warm, it was. most of the records go back to 2006. a few 1954. santa cruz, 85, oakland, 81. oakland airport, 79. and napa, 78. others, sure. we have more.
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san francisco, 75. kentfield and san rafael at 74. records for the day. any change today? a teeny bit. a system is going to turn around the easterly breeze and give us a westerly breeze closer to the coast. 43 santa rosa and they are reporting fog. so there's a teeny bit out there. and also out to the valley. livermore is 43. north at the napa airport, northeast. a decent system is going to run into a ridge of high pressure and fall apart. a cooler morning with patchy fog and isolated. it will still be above average on the temps which means a lot of 70s. could be a little bit of a late breeze but not enough to stop the temps from being above normal. there will be mid-70s today. records close but nothing compared to yesterday. and cooler as we go to the weekend but no sign of rain
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yet. >> that's too bad. >> it will get there. >> we'll hang in there just like you. >> i feel better than i sound. >> that's good 'cause you don't sound so great. >> thank you very much, pam. >> it makes me want to give you some tea and honey. >> that sounds good. >> we'll work on that. 4:22 is the time. a warrior facing another surgery. the recovery following knee surgery as the team gets ready to close out the first half of the season.
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the warriors host the houston rockets tonight wearing the special chinese new year uniforms. festus-- >> he i.d. went knee surgery yesterday. and will miss the next six weeks. >> hopefully, he's back in full strength and 100% for april, may, and june. >> festus has been good for us offensively. he dives hard to the rim and gets offensive rims and put- backs. we'll miss him at both ends. >> yes, we will. tonight is the last home game of the month. they play the suns in arizona and then the all star break. and the warriors open up the second half of the season with
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a six game road trip before returning to oracle arena. luke walsh has been mentioned as a coaching candidate for a couple of jobs. sources tell espn that the new york knicks are interested in callton after firing derek fisher yesterday. he is also reportedly wanted by the lakers. and walton will not entertain head coaching offers until the off season. >> makes sense. take a look at this. this is where beyonce stayed during her visit to the super bowl. >> wow. >> nice of you to share your home. >> yeah, right. >> she stayed at this home in the los altos hills. the rental is $10,000 a night.
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>> that's nothing for her. >> 12 acres of land, five bedrooms, eight bathrooms. and a pool table and fitness center. did she have time to do any of that. she probably just slept there. >> they were at the warriors game the friday before the super bowl. they might have had some time in the infinity pool. >> maybe 10 or 15 minutes at the house. coming up, two nuns who fed the hungry in san francisco are facing eviction. a huge rent increase may force them to shut down. >> >> a san francisco neighborhood is fighting back. plans to open a rehab center for paroled sex offenders. why the opening set for the today was delayed.
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hello. good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's tuesday, february 9th. i'm brian florida. >> good morning. i'm pack cook. thank you for joining us. pretty warm yesterday. i pulled out the flip-flops steve. >> well, it's 80 degrees for crying out loud. >> is that going to continue? >> no, still warm but not as warm. and no rain that's for sure. we had a bunch, a gaggle of record highs. today will be above normal. the breeze at the surface has tailed off. i've seen 16 miles per hour but yesterday coming off the caldicott and other locations it was roaring and that's not the case today. we have an offshore push but nothing as strong as 24 hours ago. santa rosa 43. and livermore 43. santa rosa has a teeny bit of fog. not hardly a breeze but there's a


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