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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  February 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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market. is it in a bubble. what is different this time around. the emotional family after police officer shot and killed in a domestic dispute share their memories of the beloved patriarch. the 4 on 2 starts now. hi and welcome to the 4 on 2. i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm keba arnold. >> the sun was out and the best surfers were at the surf contest and it was hard to look away. >> 24 of the top big wave surfers rushed to pillar point to compete with a few days notice and a good day for the locals. the champion, nick lamb a santa cruz native and travis payne representing the fire department, an alternate for pacifica and he played second and greg lamb was the championship in 2008. we have team coverage. tara moriarty has been talking to fans and spectators but
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let's start with our chief meteorologist bill martin. what a day out there. yeah. it was. we got out here keba about, six or seven. watching the finals and the prelims and the whole bit. it was amazing day for surf. tide was perfect but the wind was not. today would have been an epic day. epic if the wind had not come up and it made it tough for the surfers and people viewing the contest as well. it made it hard to get into. when you look at the waves guys were taking off on, you would see guys getting stuck in the lip. that's a function of the wind. big waves require conditions more manageable. we have added a bump to the water and it makes it tough to get into a wedge. that is what we saw a lot of guys. i suspect that is why the two
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local boys did well to some extent because they surf out here often and know what the south shore wind is about. the best thing was the local guys got to shine. the other thing interesting, the wave, maybe 25-foot or bigger. hard to say and the waves, it was kind of magical, if you were in the right spot and time it was your day and i suspect those two local kids were in the right spot at the right time a bunch of times and the swell peaked at one or 2:00 and the wind and fog came in and they are behind me. i don't think you can see them, jacob but the champions are getting off of the boat and getting some interviews in and it will warm up. colder than it looks. yesterday at this time it was 68 degrees at half-moon day and today about 58. so, bill, i mean you talked
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about it being magical if you caught the right wave but did you get a sense of frustration from some of the guys that got knocked out early? >> reporter: yeah, you can always see that. that's -- surfing is not like anything else because the best surfers did not win. it is kind of luck. i can't think of any sport like that, that you have to wait for mother nature to dish you up something so you can win. if you could be the best surfer, kelly slater and cam a wave and if nick lamb gets the wave he is on the magazine. pete melt a few years ago won it and he split the prize money with all of the finalists. it has that vibe. a brotherhood. these guys are dudes and they are dudes. we have been talking them as they get off of the boat and
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throughout the day. and they are just dudes. they will go to the pizza parlor and talk about life. >> about life. >> yes. kind of beautiful that way. >> for bill, for us, nonsurfers, what makes it good is that you stay on the board long enough and able to get the highest wave and stay on the board, how do you win? >> well, if your judging -- if i'm judging this contest today, first of all i'm taking into county the difficulty, the wind. if the wind was not there, i would change how i would judge, the wind is blowing and the bigger boards are going to have trouble getting in here and the guys are getting judged i would think on the drops because all of the drops, the ones, i didn't see the helicopter stuff but the drops were late drops, as a judge you go whoa, that is critical stuff and the hardest thing to do is surfing and dropping in and i would judge it on the drop and how they got
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in the section and if they could make the wave, the drop was the crucial thing base on the wind. nice, bill martin joining us live. a long day for you, bill, but thank you for all of the hard work and more importantly no one got hurt which is the best thing at the end of the day. you guys know who is out here with me? >> who? >> who do you got? >> jacob. see how good that shot looks? >> the chief himself. >> two chiefs. there we go. see how that worked out. >> we have been having a good day. i will see you at five. let go to ktvu tara moriarty. you spent the day talking to the fans and spectators, what was it like for them to witness this? >> reporter: they were so excited. we heard a lot of the cheers when they announced that nick lamb won the competition and a few minutes ago we believe he drove by in his truck with one of his friend with a surfboard and everybody was screaming his
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name all excited. we are told that surfers will be coming here to this bar old princeton landing and what a day it was for the locals. nick lamb nabbing that top spot. the big surprise as you know is travis payne. he is a paramedic that works for the san francisco fire department. he is from pacifica and he was an alternative. he was replacing tray dorian that was nursing a back a lot of fans were disappointed because they wanted to see the action in person who the fans that watched it from the tv but it was better.
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at the bluff the surfers look like ants and the people said it brought them closer together. a couple of band here and a few people with a little too much drunk but the fans are getting ready and the surfers wives are inside and we are waiting for them to show up so they can get a well deserved on the bat. >> that would be fun. we found out about this event earlier this week. everyone had to rush in and make plans like you gather to watch a football game or whatever sporting event, it is just about being there together, right? enjoying it. >> well, yeah, you know that is the fun of maverick giving 48 hours notice. we had a guy from south africa and one from brazil and fans from chicago and chile and all over the world and they come in to see this. the nice thing it is still relatively small so you get that sense of community and the people from around here, they really take pride in this event and this is really -- this is
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the pinnacle of big wave surfing contests. all right, tara moriarty. thank you very much. appreciate it. truly are really the best big wave surfers in the world but even they can't climb the mall and is can watch more on our facebook page and you you will find more on police in san jose have located a red honda matching the description of the one involved in a deadly hit-and- run that killed a cyclist. the accident happened just after midnight on winchester boulevard near hamilton. investigators say the cyclist was hit with such force that his bike landed yards away. the victim has not yet been named. san jose police say the suspected hit and run car was found about a mile-and-a-half away in a parking lot. officers at this point are still looking for the driver.
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the family of a richmond police officer shot and killed inside his home gathered today to share their memories of the beloved patriarch. the shooting appears to have resulted from some sort of family dispute. 5 8-year-old augustine vegas served 15 years with the police department. he was shot and killed yesterday morning in his home. he leaves behind 10 children and 20 grandchildren and many that gathered with their pastor to make funeral arrangements. >> reflect with the dad that would we're his soles of the shoes would separate to make sure we had food on the table. >> just heart breaking. police have arrested this man here, 30 years old and his name is robert vega in connection to the shooting. vega here served in the
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military and the father of one of the victims grandkids. police say that vega fled the house with his 6-year-old son and soon stopped and he was arrested by police. in arizona, high school campus filled with 2,000 students was locked down after two girls were found shot to death. police in the phoenix suburb of glendale say the 15-year-old girls were sophomores and their bodies found at independence high school and each girl had a single gunshot wound. the police are not searching for a suspect. we don't believe there is any outstanding suspects. these two young women were found next to each other. there was a weapon found beside them. police and school administrators say it is not clear what the link was between those two girls.
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the pressure on the u.s. economy are increasing. but are interest rates going up. a dry and mild pattern for the start of the week end. we will look at your forecast coming up. valentine's day is coming up. is it a perfect day? log on my facebook page and we will see what you have to say about the good old valentine's day. traffic was light for me coming to work. it looks like it will be sluggish getting out. southbound 80 by the coliseum. the 4 on 2 will be right back.
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federal reserve chair janet yellon says it is too soon to change the federal rate policy. the fed will revisit the decision come march but markets are falling globally and some investigators say the hands off approach the fed is taking might not be the best tactic. with us now george a wealth advisor with morgan stanley. thanks for being here. what about the hands-off approach, do you think that is working, are the hands tied?
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can the feds do anything? >> we had two days of exciting tv. janet yellon talking to the federal reserve. the keyword was our economy was resilient and creating 225 jobs per month and the unemployment rate is up five percent and the inflation rate is low and gas prices are low but we have head winds. china has kind of slowed down. we had the price of oil and we don't know where it will go and the strong dollar. those are huge head winds. it sounded like, she didn't say so but it sounded like she was reluctant to raise the rate in march. we thought 25 basis points in june but that may be off the table but she suggested a negative interest rate. let's talk about the negative interest rates. the plan was to do a small increase throughout 2016.
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now some analysts are saying let's do the negative interest rate. what would it do to the economy and is that a good idea? >> if we ask for it it might get a negative reaction. i think janet yellon is clear. we have to create more jobs. we have to keep this economy going but the head wind is with the stock market. the volatility is done because of europe and 48% of the revenues from the s&p 500 come from europe. so if europe slows down, it could slow down the economy. >> we are only in february throughout the rest of the year, is it too early to say no more interest rate for 2016, are we in this wait and see period where we will reevaluate the quarter? >> the feds will be cautious and have the meeting in march and it is likely there won't be an increase.
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they will look at june and by the end the year we may not see another increase. they want to be cautious from the huge head winds and our economy is doing well and it is a global economy and one affects the other. >> investigators are reacting off of just fear. the unknown. >> exactly. well, die a little calculation for you before i came over. >> tell me about that. >> from january until today, the s&p five hundred has been up one percent. >> okay. >> and down one percent half of the trading day this year. that's a lot of volatility to stomach and when that happens for the average investor it creates fear and that creates bad behavior. we want to get order back to the market. we want the global economy to be more predictable and that helps the markets to settle down. we will hear more from
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janet yellon in march. yes. >> looking forward to it. and now going to the weather. >> do you see bill martin, covered in gray giving you a live look, the oakland estuary. the clouds there and here is a look at the buoy report, waves from 10 to 15 feet and this energetic swell with us for the weekend and there is a high surf advisory in place until 8:00 tomorrow night with occasional waves reaching 25 feet. this is the entire coast. our north bay coast all the way down to monterey. if you do plan on spending time on the coast be prepared, you will have the high surf. temperatures right now in the upper 60s to near 70s. 70s walnut creek and upper 60s fairfield and napa 65 and 75 in
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santa rosa and low 60s along the peninsula and 70s redwood city and redwood bay. 57 degrees. a cool one. here is a look at the 24 hour temperature change, some cooler and some warmer. minor changes around the bay and hayward down by 8 degrees. down by 6 mountain view and 5 san jose and 4 in napa. the fog redeveloping on the coast and moving inland and getting in the evening hours and the fog forming for the valley location. we will have that tomorrow morning. for the afternoon temperatures tomorrow, similar today and slightly cooler and by sunday things change and we are looking at a warmup coming our way for your val's day. giving you a look at the numbers tomorrow morning. temperatures will range in the low 40s to low 50s and 40s for
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santa rosa at the losest part. 47 redwood city and the south bay 49 to start the morning san jose. again a very dry, mild pattern interne a look at santa rosa by 9:00 in the 50s and feeling more comfortable. for the lunch hour topping off in the 70s. tomorrow upper 60s for santa rosa and san francisco 66 for the afternoon in to the south bay, temperatures ranging from 71 in san jose to 71 in santa cruz and tahoe, it will be dry. upper 50s in the forecast with partly to mostly cloudy skies saturday as well as sunday. here is a look at your extended forecast with your bay area weekend in view. again noticing the second part of the weekend definitely a
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notable warmup. monday could be the warmest day. we will have an increase in clouds coming tuesday and temperatures begin to fall off a little bit and the first chance for rain is wednesday into thursday. so we will see how that goes. all eyes on that. how long has it been. >> the 3rd. february 3rd was the late time we had rain. looking at ten days. how about the chinese parade? >> the system looks like it will roll through and may be dry. >> it is hard to tell. >> what about march 15th? >> that's march madness. good point. thank you, rosemary. chocolate is very hot commodity every valentine's day but this year cocoa beans could be a tough get. what is making it harder to get your hands on. the 4 on 2 will be right back.
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recreational crab fishermen can fish. the fishing season was delayed three months because of high levels of acid that has a health risk. the commercial crab fishing remains closed around the entire though. the state officials and the
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crabbers plan to discuss the possibility of opening commercial crabbing next week in. >> if your valentine's likes chocolates chances you may pour more. >> it is about supply and demand. most of the world's cocoa supply comes from west africa facing a fungus killing off chocolate plants and severe climate changes affecting supplies. as for demand for chocolate it is growing in new markets such as china. analysts predict chocolate sales will grow to $4.3 billion in the effects 3 years up nearly 60% from 2014 and an american company set to benefit from that is herschey. its sales are up in china and it recently acquired a majority share in a chinese candy maker. chocolate prices have soared up 40% since 2012 but it seems chocolate lovers don't care. demand hit an all-time high last year. there are chocolate companies
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you can invest in. some that are publicly traded. we talked about herche along with nestle. ghiradelli. another native is owned by lint chocolate. some of the big names is announcing investments in improving the situation for the chocolate crop. herschey and mars are spending one billion dollars on projects that support sustainable farming practices and research on the business. we all know bay area real estate is skyrocketing but what makes it differently this time around. coming up in the 404. we will look at the way tech is changing the mortgage business. also the san francisco police chief has a debate about
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the tasers. coming up, we asked our legal analyst michael cordosa questions. valentine's day. is it a big deal for you. you can go to to my fake -- facebook page and tell me what you think or is it just another
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day. san francisco fish prices have risen so much they are no longer sustainable and they say the bay area prices are reaching bubble territory. the last time we experienced this was three years before the dot com of 2000. bay area in coms have increased 44% and this price versus the spread is what making bay area affordablity unstainable. a realtor with red fin data dot com says the prices are not soaring. >> steady appreciable in the single digits so not the feverish appreciation that we
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were seeing but not kind of a bubble bursting or prices going down year after year. >> kathy is a long-term pacific realtor. >> the prices will level off. they expect this year that there might be three percent, maybe five percent depreciation but over the next couple of years, small increments of appreciation may be two percent or three percent and a flatning. >> the types of loans that led to the last recession. no down payment are not available. buyers must have their own money in the property. interest rates very low. >> the interest rates have helped the market and the affordablity. >> banks are buying ultrarisky backed securities and bay area job growth is strong double that the rest of the nation. we have less space to build and
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more building restrictions limiting the supply. if you are worried about the tech companies, even the dot com crash of 2000 housing prices remained strong and this remains one of the most desirable places to live on earth. tom vacar, fox 2 news. in the 4 by 4 joined by ralph mcglaughlin. chief economist. thanks for coming in. in my season it is like the for sale signs coming up. i don't know if the for sale signs are there for half a day and the homes being sold go it is bought. coming down a little bit. we will head in the peak season in the next few months. that said, a fellow coworker tried to buy a house in san
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jose, the day it was lifted it sold for 7% over asking price. >> just recently. >> yes. >> things are crazy but we are expecting them to calm down. >> meaning prices come down, in the east bay and the walnut creek area this, brand new area, ridiculous, a million plus homes, five of them, all four sold quickly and once the development is done and the one, the most expensive one, 1.6, it has been a few months. i'm wondering if it depends on the area, no one wants to buy this brand new expensive home? >> it does. we have done research and the more expensive homes take longer to sell even in hot markets. >> even in the bay area? >> yes. >> people have the money. >> three to five million dollar range. >> anything in about the top 25% takes longer to sell. >> keba mentioned home prices
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in the city do you think they have risen to a level that is unsupportable by bay area income. >> we suggest that we are not in a bubble or headed that way. >> we think they are headed towards a plateau and the difference is that the bubble bursts and the plateau doesn't. we are getting close to a peak but not expecting prices to crash. >> because of the tighter restrictions? >> yes. tighter restrictions on landing. you can't get a low document loan. >> tighter restrictions. back in the day you are going to wells fargo or bank of america, now you have the direct loans and fast track loans do it online and still with the restrictions but a different way to get your money. >> trying to make it easier and
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anyone to buy a home knows that the mortgage process is one of the longest aspects. to get that approval. these new players trying to make it easier and cut it down to below 30 days. they still have to follow the same rules. >> yes. many of those new lenders are selling their mortgages to the same people that traditional banks are. >> are you talking about rocket mortgages. there was that super bowl ad, in 8 minutes you can get your 30 year fixed. >> and there was confusion. i think people thought they were subprime loans. they are trying to make the process faster and easier, not trying to reduce the standards. >> you get a loan, not those days. >> those days are over. >> is the biggest threat in the bay area to price appreciation or reduction, the tech industry? because it is so solid here? >> so we think it is two
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things. first, certainly a lot of the demand is driven by tech. if it goes through another correction like in 2000 we may see prices starting to moderate, the second is affordablity. if we see slow down maybe a slow down in the tech center. >> what about the rest of 2016? just the next few months? >> we are expecting prices to moderate. >> moderate. >> you have to put it into context. this is the bay area. the last few years we saw prices increase 15 to 20% which is crazy. >> yes. >> we are expect that to slow down probably between five and 10% which is more in the normallish range for the bay area. >> normallish, i like that.
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>> plateau. >> thanks, ralph. ralph mcglaughlin, chief economist were truology. a bay officer shot in his home. could the suspect face different charges because the officer was off duty? >> we get into the bay area week and the second half of the weekend things change and i'm tracking the numbers for the extended forecast coming up. beautiful shot, rosemary and north 680, a beautiful shot on this friday afternoon. the 4 on 2 will be right back.
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federal investigators still have not nailed down the exact cause of that deadly greyhound bus crash in san jose but they have ruled out two factors. the national transportation safety board says a preliminary inspection of the bus shows there were no mechanical defects. the bus wound up on the center divide of the highway 101 early in the morning of january 19th. two passengers died. investigators say the bus driver's preliminary toxicology results were negative for alcohol or illegal drugs. the city of berkeley says the balconies and decks on more than 400 buildings need to be fixed after inspections that followed the collapse last year. the city sent out 6000 notices
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to properties and 70% responded. of that group, 402 buildings have significant damage that needed repairs. the program and new building safety codes were launched after the collapse of a 4th floor building balcony in june of last year. 6 young people died and several others seriously injured. new properties must meet new codes. in all property owners are required to have their building inspected at least every three years. there is growing frustration in parts of san jose over illegal firework being used to celebrate the lunar new year. illegal fireworks started a two alarm fire at the grand century strip mall. neighbors are worried that more fires will happen as lunar celebrations ramp up. one video shows fireworks going off in his neighborhood. >> i feel like putting up a sign. come to san jose you can buy,
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sell and explode any kind of fireworks without any punishment. today in the verdict we talk about the legal case facing the man accused of killing gus vegas and the san francisco police commissioner will he grant the request to arm his officers with tasers. i sat down with our legal analyst michael cordoza. when they asked police commissioners for tasers 8 years ago, a police officer wrote that in the years coming someone will die in san francisco because you all are not giving us tasers. >> opponents of this said at the commission meeting that the chief is using mario woods and his death to once again bring
4:43 pm
this back, those opponents were saying that sfpd needs better training and compassion. that's the answer, not another weapon. >> i will tell you what, do they need more training, most police officers do need more training or continued training, no problem but make it a condition of giving them the tasers so they don't have to shoot somebody. i can imagine if mario woods got by that group of police there stabbed somebody, one of our kids or one of the kids out there, how do you think that family would have reacted. how did you let that happen, why did he get by you. why is my child dead because he stabbed him to death. you can't have it both ways. the police did in this situation what they thought was correct. now should the community go after them for this? i have no problem. give them the tasers and train them to use them properly. >> you know the commission,
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what is your verdict. do you think sfpd officers will have tasers by the end of the year. >> i don't think they will. it will be political and go with the politics so nobody gets mad at them instead of having the gumption to stand up and do what is right. give them the tasers to save lives. might some people die, possibly but lessens the probability. >> i got a question in regard to a tragic story out of the city of vallejo. an off duty richmond police officer this week was shot and killed. suspect in custody, the question and it's a question a lot of the us is talking about. is there difference is there a difference because he was off duty and not on duty. is there a line of difference? >> there is a difference and i can guarantee they will be prosecuting this. the officer from my officer was shot in the head but not on duty so that doesn't, for that
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reason bring it in to the special circumstances life without possibility of parole or death. when a police officer is shot, they have to be in the course of their duties but we all know he was a police officer. will it be treated differently? no. and it won't go in the special circuit. >> got it. that's michael cardoza and this weeks the verdict. behind the scenes as rosemary and we are talking about the need not to wear tights. >> and i got rid of the boots. >> nice for now and getting back to what we need? >> let's hope for rain. we'll talk about that giving you a look at the cloud cover. we are getting cloud cover from a system that is bringing a little bit of rain to northern california. we are not going to see that. we will continue with the clouds and temperatures today, depending on where you are at.
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some of us cooler and some warmer. in any case right above average. santa rosa 72 and still mild outside your door. on the other hand san francisco at 61, half-moon bay with mostly cloudy skies and a cool one. oakland 64 and livermore 70s and san jose 64. we talked about it at the top of the hour. a high surf advisory for the coastline for the day. all the way to saturday evening. that to be aware of. let's talk about the dry forecast. we mentioned it in the last half hour, the last time we saw rain on the 2nd and 3rd of february and it looks like the next time we will see rain next wednesday into thursday. we will be tracking it between now and then, dry weather in the forecast. we have a warmup coming our way. here is a look at the future cast model as we get through the next few days, sunday, monday, tuesday look to be warmer days and as we get to wednesday the changes happen and you can see here the future cast model picking up on that
4:47 pm
rain over northern california. we are looking at sun and clouds and mild weather for the next few days. here we go for saturday, starting off with a patchy fog. low clouds, 40s to low 50s and for the afternoon low 60s to 70s and the temperatures tomorrow morning. getting going, widespread 40s for the inland community, concord and antioch. around the bay, upper 40s and redwood city 74 and san francisco 50s expected in the morning. in the south bay, upper 40s for san jose and 47 for morgan hill. afternoon highs for tomorrow. it will be like today. partly to new jersey at times. 69 degrees expected for nevada. 70 for napa and vallejo and fairfield. to the water, 66 for france and 64 for pacifica and 70s in oakland for the afternoon.
4:48 pm
for the inner east bay, upper 60s to low 70s. south bay locations 71 for san jose and 72 for morgan hill and santa cruz goes to 70s. the extended forecast. clouds and temperatures in the low 70s for saturday. valentine's day. if you are celebrating outdoors you will need the sunblock. temperatures in the low to mid- 70s and even slightly warmer as we get back to work on monday. don't cringe, back to work on monday. wednesday into thursday. rain. >> absolutely. thank you, rosemary. frank somerville live in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we are working on for fox 2 news at five. hearing from friends how beautiful a man gus vegas was. >> it was heart breaking to
4:49 pm
hear them talk about officer vegas. his family talked about the kind of person he was. what is interesting to here is the story about his shoes. it sums up everything you need to know about the kind of person officer vegas was. a wild day along the coast. >> amazing pictures. meteorologist bill martin is a long time surfer out there on the water. we will talk about what it was like being next to the monster waves and i want to ask him how loud are the waves and what is it like when they come crashing down. you say he is on water but not on the board. >> no. okay. fred, we will see you soon. senator john mccain travels to serbia fleeing their
4:50 pm
homeland. two things that need to help in ordinary to help them.
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time to get social while seth curry and his wife are
4:53 pm
takenning up with the first lady, michelle obama. >> ba, ba, ba, ba,la,la. the first lady tweeted out this video to help promote fruits and vegetables. it was taped during the warriors visit to the white house. he is in canada for the all- star break. last year curry was part of the first lady's campaign with the partnership for a healthier america to promote healthier eating with fruits and vegetables. >> and the song they sang was from the minons. >> yes. i recognized it. >> let's talk about love. >> valentine's day. big plans? >> no. maybe china beach and sunset and gazing in for her eyes and a little bottle of bubbly.
4:54 pm
>> simple. >> yes. i will have to do more of a sunrise thing. >> we asked on facebook to describe your perfect valentine's day. on my facebook page or is it no big deal. we heard from juan. he wrote i like to surprise the women in my life and buy flowers and grandchildren and see my daughter-in-laws and for my wife i have flowers delivered and candy and cook and take her out to din. >> you will have to talk to juan. >> randy says i love it and write me a letter and send me flowers. >> valentine's day sunday. a lot of people in the ktvu newsroom celebrate. frank somerville shared a picture with us with his three valentines. his wife, donna and daughters calle and sidney. >> and julie.
4:55 pm
julie haener and her valentine, her husband ryan. this is a perfect perfection from greece. >> and this is melissa with her valentine boyfriend jesse in our newsroom. one of the assignment editors. and misha and her boyfriend michael at a game. celebrating love and others that think it is another day. that is cool. keba, what do you expect? >> not a lot. >> what is a lot for you. >> maybe a dinner and a card. i'm big on cards. all right. that's it. >> happy valentine's day. thank you. you too.
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senator john mccain met with syrian refugees trying to make their way to western europe. >> senator mccain is parts of a congressional delegation traveling in the bullcans. the groups trying to flee from the military groups. speaking to migrants. senator mccain plans to go back to congress to ask for more aid because helping the refugees is refugees is expensive but money alone is not the solution. >> we also will do everything
4:59 pm
we can to bring about peace in the middle east to stop the killings that is causing this enormous humanitarian problem that is spreading all through europe and eventually to the united states. >> i cannot understand the cause of brother going before me. united nations says more than 4-and-a-half million refugees that have been displaced from the middle east. during an interview the serbian president says he intends to take control of the country from rebel forces. >> this comes after a day that john kerry agreed to a cease fire. that's all we have on the 4. let's go to frank and julie.
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so many people showing their support for a life lost way too soon. >> that's right. learning about richmond police officer gus vegas. in a very emotional news conference. friends and family spoke about officer vegas. growing up with a dad that would literally wear his shoes until the soles of the shoes would separate just to make sure we had food on the table. this as investigators continue to piece together the moments that led up to officer vegas' killing. ktvu news at five starts now. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. >> one day after the killing after richmond police officer in his own home, there was an emotional news conference outside his church. john suzuki is at the church in vallejo and the conference did not go how everyone


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