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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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so many people showing their support for a life lost way too soon. >> that's right. learning about richmond police officer gus vegas. in a very emotional news conference. friends and family spoke about officer vegas. growing up with a dad that would literally wear his shoes until the soles of the shoes would separate just to make sure we had food on the table. this as investigators continue to piece together the moments that led up to officer vegas' killing. ktvu news at five starts now. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. >> one day after the killing after richmond police officer in his own home, there was an emotional news conference outside his church. john suzuki is at the church in vallejo and the conference did not go how everyone expected.
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>> reporter: supposed to be the family but more people appeared and one of his sons spoke fighting back the tears. the family of rich land police officer gus vegas gathered on the church on the hill and his widow sobbing. vegas' son joe talked about the amazing man his dad was. >> my dad would literally wear his shoes until the soles of the shoes would separate just to make sure we had food on the table. >> reporter: joe vegas and the family's pastor shared stories and laughs. >> the vegas family loved the denver broncos through the thick and the thin. we have been broncos fans and last sunday it was gus' family and my family that got together and we watched the super bowl together. man did we celebrate. and that was the last time that i saw gus. i will always treasure that
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memory. >> i can't help but think now that compassion, the generosity and the love that we're receiving is a testament to the life that he led. >> vegas killed in his home thursday morning by the father of his grandson. one of his partners describes this loss. >> >> this one hit me hard. it affected me but we will get past it. that's what he will want us to do because he was a professional. >> the vegas neighborhood was quiet and a thin line waving in the breeze across from the home. a neighbor was clearly devastated. >> there is people that go to church and don't live out their faith. this guy and his wife, they lived out their faith and you can see it in their kids and you can really see it in them as parents. and grandparents. >> i talked with his widow sandra that says he was her
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super hero. he was the breadwinner there is two accounts one a go fund me and another one on our facebook page. >> heart breaking seeing the family. do we know anything about what led up to the shooting and what was the issue? >> vallejo police are being tight lipped about this and told richmond police not to say anything because they want to get the investigation right. john sacramento in vallejo. thank you. we are getting a good look at the suspect. 30-year-old robert vega. believed he is the father of officer vegas' grandson and being held in fairfield where authorities took him into custody yesterday. a bizarre collision between a pickup truck and a car caused delays. the rear wheels of the pickup wound up on the roof of a sedan and ended up on a muni bus.
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one person was injured seriously and it happened at ocean avenue at 11:30 this morning. it took until two this afternoon to clear the scene. a three-alarm fire has destroyed a home in pacifica. a viewer sent us pictures of the intense flames and black smoke that was pouring out of the building. you can see a fire truck arriving and dropping off a long fire hose. sky fox got these pictures from the oceanside of the fire. firefighters poured a lot of water on the fire but you can see that the home unfortunately looks to be a total loss. >> the fire broke out about 3:00 this afternoon at the home on palmetto avenue. this is part of the shoreline that has been battered by el niƱo storms and part of the cliff as you know is fallen away. and just nearby off of the coast, lead surfers were competing in the titans of mavericks competition. the first time in two years it has taken place and a winner
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was crown. a surfer from santa cruz. >> nick lamb. bill, how close were you to those waves and what was it like being that close seeing the gigantic waves? >> well, i thought about it a lot. we talked last night and you, me and julie about what will be the most impactful thing and you pointed out, hey, the sound, the noise, the concussion. and in fact, that is. when the right wave comes through and it throws and hits and explodes, you hear it and you just don't hear it, you feel it and there is sort of a vibration. that's the first thing. i was there at 5:00 this morning. the thing that is a drag. everything came together. the swell was perfect and the tide. the side wind came up and it turned the contest to what was completely epic day. good contest to a good contest.
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it was great and the right people did well and that was good but it just didn't have that glassy aspect, that smooth aspect from last friday. if you remember, a week ago it was breaking there and unreal. it was -- it was an 8 out of 10 on the contest. i think i saw a 25 to 30-foot face. some of the local boys are calling it 20-foot but on some of those faces at the peak it was 30-foot. the thing you noticed a lot was because of the wind it blows it big. they are 10 feet long and pushing down the face and the wind is blowing up the face and it pushes you backwards. all of the momentum and the physics of you getting down the face of the wave it gets stalled and that's the moment you are getting to your feet
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and stand up and if you get blown up the back or get stuck for a second or two the chances are you could have a catastrophic wipeout like ken collins. he got dinged up pretty good. that's the most dangerous situation and that's what we had today because of the strong winds. >> and bill, what can you tell us about the winner, a guy from santa cruz and i heard an alternative did pretty well as well. >> yes, the santa cruz guy did great. he has been owning this contest, daryl or flee we all know him as. the santa cruz guys are used to big waves. i get in my car and i'm in santa cruz in an hour and all between here and santa cruz there is big waves and there is a couple spots that you haven't heard of not as big but nearly
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as big. the real story is travis payne, a pacifica kid. i just met his dad out here. i remember his dad and i surf with his dad. these guys, we have to realize tomorrow morning and the next day, every surfer magazine and web size, they are on the cover. the premier local event. when locals do good it is good. a good day for a contest, the wind made it more treacherous than it needed to be. >> i'm trying to put this into perspective. you have been surferring for years when you looked at them was it part of you to get out there and do something like mavericks? >> i brought my wet suit and it is where my bag is and i thought between sessions ... there were smaller waves i
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thought i could surf that but when a real wave came, a real set, it would go from 15 to 30 feet and i was scared. to answer your question, frank, i would have no -- a guy like me has no business. we are average surfers and these guys are another level. >> just amazing what they do. a lot of big wave surfing fans have been waiting for this. the only problem, no one was allowed to watch it from shore because it is too dangerous. >> ktvu's tara moriarty was with the crowds and joins us live from half-moon bay. hi, tara. >> reporter: good afternoon. this was a fun event and two locals nabbed the top two honors was great. we talked about nick lamb being from santa cruz and travis payne from pacifica and firefighter medic. you can bet your bottom dollar
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the station 49 was going off about an hour ago. you can see behind me the fans are gathered at the old prince landing bar and they really appreciated the way the surfers put their lives on the line today. the athleticism was not left out on this crowd and even the wipe out amazing to watch. the el nino fueled 30-foot wave offs gave surfers from south africa and brazil a ride of a lifetime. >> some took the day off work. >> your friend called in sick. >> no, no, no, no one called in sick. >> we met fans from chicago and even brazil. >> you are from chile. >> yes. >> that's a long flight. >> yes. maybe 20 -- something hours. >> the lines for food were long. the place packed.
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>> we expected to be busy but not 250 people at the gate at 8:00 in the morning. >> you could barely see the waves but because there is no viewing on the beach this is as close as people are getting. >> our experts at the parks department has determined it is unsafe. >> allen payton drove in from antioch and disappointed he couldn't watch mavericks in person. >> the sheriff says no you can't get out there because of safety reasons and they had to air lift four people last year so we will hang out here at the old prince landing and watch on the big screen. >> reporter: in the end most people could see the action better on the big screen and the viewing experience at the bars, they say it brought the fans closer together. back here live you can see the folks are awaiting for the surfers to arrive. this is where they come after the awards ceremony. i think a couple of them may be
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here and a bunch of the surfers wives and everybody is excited about mavericks and it is great ending the fact we had local boys capture the title. a great story for the community and pretty flowers. in other news for the second time this week human remains have been found in santa clara county. last night a woman found a human skull along interstate 280 near san jose college. the chpd says a woman was looking for her lost phone and instead found the human skull. after further search investigators found nearly an entire skeleton and clothing. the chp says the home was near a homeless encampment so they believe the person may have been homeless. >> we are trying to get an idea of who it may have been or what happened so we can eliminate anything. >> on wednesday, pg and e contractors found a human skull
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near gil roy. there was some speculation at first. it could be those of missing teen sierra lamar but investigators concluded they were not her remains based dental work. a man covered in blood less police in and arrested for murder. a neighbor called the police and said he heard a man calling for help. officers went to the home on morgan avenue in san leandro. when they knocked on the door they found a man covered in blood and another man dead in the home. police have not released the name of the suspect or victim. professional surfers at mavericks but tonight at 5:30, how that high surf can turn deadly. a growing trend in san francisco, a group gets locked in a room together and has to solve puzzles and riddles to
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find their way out. crab fishing comes on but will the people eat let alone
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buy the crab. >> fisherman facing a delayed start for the crab season are hurting for money. >> tom vacar reports even though you think the opening would be a blessing for the crab season a lot of crabbers say they don't think it should be opened until the fall. >> captain james smith has two crab boats. the mad dog is a commercial crab boat still not allowed to go out and harvest crab. the california dawn is a fishing crabber that can go out but withing thanksgiving,
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christmas and new year's past, the captain says crabbing would be fool. >> crabbing is holiday market and this time it is a weak market and our whole season is for the crab side a complete lost. >> too little and too late and not enough interest. nature's conspiring against the crabbers. >> you will dealing with soft sea crabs. >> captain smith has chosen to put his sport fishing in martinez doing sports sturgeon fishing and where the water is calm and nobody gets seasick. no doubt some fishermen move to the ocean for crabs but there will be no dig demand. so wholesalers won't pay crabbers standard prices for it. state assurances of safety notwithstanding, crab unfishable last week will carry a bad stigma this week and in the future. >> bad publicity from the acid.
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>> it is a huge turnoff. nobody will want this crab in volume. nobody will want to go to the store and purchase crab with the fear of getting sick. >> how bad is bad? consider this. the mad dogs strictly a crab boat has not had a single crab on it since march and the likelihood is that it won't have another crab until late fall but the bills, they go on. >> you will have every boat from the entire state fishing down here on weak crab with a soft market. it smells disaster. >> consumers will decide the fate of the crab season. fox tom vacar, fox 2 news. a beautiful day and cloudy along the coast. let's go to rosemary orozco for our holiday weekend. >> temperatures dropping off tomorrow and then warm back up as we get into the valentine's day. outside the doors right now as julie mentioned we have a mix of clouds. those clouds will stick around as we get into your weekend.
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i will explain in a moment. we know about mavericks going on this afternoon and that large long westerly squall will continue. the buoys reporting 10 to 15 waves but that could increase for high tide and the high surf advisory goes to tomorrow night. occasionally seeing waves from 20 to 25 feet and this advisory for the entire coast, from the north bay down san mateo and into monterey. please be prepared if you are going to the coast. low clouds at the coast and mid- level clouds for the rest of us and here is a look at the system. you can see a lot more to come. for your evening we will see in between the sun and the clouds at times. the fog will be back with us tomorrow morning. the low clouds at the coast, because of all of that cloud cover, some of us are actually cooler at this hour than we were 24 hours ago. down by 7 in hayward and down
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by 4 in oakland and down by 3 in mountain view and 5 for san jose. for most of us mild and temperatures similar to where we were. take a look at half-moon bay with the clouds in place. a bit cool and areas like walnut creek and 70s at this hour. temperatures will cool as we get in the evening hours. for tomorrow we will have again mix of sun and clouds, temperatures in the low 60s to low 70s. for your afternoon. morning lows look like this. 49 degrees expected for oakland and 50 for san francisco and along the peninsula. 47 redwood city and 49 for san jose in the south bay, upper 40s for morgan hill and starting in the morning upper 40s for the east bay and 45 for antioch. upper 60s expected for the afternoon for napa and san rafael 67 and 70s for oakland.
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into the south bay, low 70s for san jose and 70s for santa cruz and lake tahoe dry if you are skiing, shouldn't have trouble. partly to mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the 50s. the extended forecast. bay weekend in view. valentine's day on sunday, notice the jump in the temperatures for the afternoon, dry until wednesday when we see some rain come our way. all right. looking good. now we have a nice picture of the rain window opening back up. yeah. let's hope it comes far enough to bring us rain. we will track it. health officials are scrambling to contain a zika virus. we are learning exactly how long it could be until a vaccine may be made public. later new at six. a break in the case after deadly hit-and-run in the south bay. the crucial piece of evidence recovered and how this evidence highlights a bigger problem. we have been seeing a large amount of increases in vehicle
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health officials around the world are still scrambling to contain the zika virus but the world health organization says it will be 18 months before vaccine trials can begin. this comes as more and more cases continue to be reported in the united states. laura engle has the report from new york. >> reporter: health officials at home and broad are working hard to contain the zika virus outbreak but it is not going to be easy or quick. the world health organization
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says that it may take for a year for a vaccine to be deployed. >> many people are working towards having this vaccine as ready as soon as possible. in spite of the encouraging landscape, vaccines are at least 18 months away from launch scale trials. >> meanwhile the virus continues to spread here in the u.s. at least 21 states and the district of columbia now reporting cases. raising concerns from some olympic athletes about the upcoming games in brazil. a country hit hard. >> there are precautions staying out of the areas. >> and shifting virus tests to pregnant women around the country and many fear that there will be a country. for now officials say they
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don't expect widespread transition of the virus in the continental united states and they are urging women to be cautious when traveling. >> the concern is for pregnant women. >> the centers for disease control is asking for emergency funding from congress to fight the virus saying it could spread rapidly in puerto rico and other u.s. territories. in new york, laura engle fox news. republican candidates are focusing on the south carolina primary now 8 days away. it could be a make or break moment. donald trump threatened to sue tez cruz for not being a natural born citizen being born in canada and jeb bush trying to keep his campaign alive. >> we have an entertainer and he pushes people down to make
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himself look larger hillary clinton's campaign is planning to spend $27 million in commercial time in 17 states and less than bernie sanders that is spending 28 million- dollars on political ads. it was media day from at&t park. and what one of the new players is saying about the world series rings he keeps seeing on his teammates. >> about a week to go until the big chinese parade in san francisco but the celebrations are already happening. and high surf a dream for surfers but officials are warning people about the danger of getting in the water.
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>> at mavericks the waves can turn deadly in a blink of an eye. in distress right off still wall number 17. >> reporter: a swimmer in trouble at ocean beach. >> spotted him about 50 yards right off the cry. >> a san francisco fire department team comes in to save him and this was a demonstration but it is a
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scenario that rescuers from the fire department and coast guard seeing with greater frequency during the el nino with the larger waves. >> we are seeing the high surf warningings and king tides. >> in the past two weeks two people have drown in bay area waters. just three days ago 60-year-old larry moore died tuesday while trying to save his wife after a sneaker wave swept her out in the water. she survived but rescue workers were too late for him. >> if you have an untrained person trying to rescue somebody we will end up with two victims rather than the initial one. >> how can someone stand on the beach when a loved one is struggling in the water. >> that's probably the hardest question to answer. and to be in the shoes to
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observe. but we are asking to take faith in our system and abilities to get people out of the water. >> the fire department is averaging three rescues a week at winter beach. this video on the national weather service's facebook page shows just how fast sneaker wave can attack. the post doesn't say where or when it occurred or if the victim survived but rescuers say that people does happen. >> it takes 6-inches of water to knock down an abled body adult. >> the answer is stay a save distance from the shoreline and never turn your back on the ocean. rob roth. fox 2 news. the city of pacifica says it needs to start preparing damage caused by el nino. the seawall in the promenade has taken a beating. work is expected to start in
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two weeks at the cost of $450,000. the city council approved the bill on monday. the wall failed on january 17th and more storms caused more damage. the board of oakland is taking steps to compensate for the five terminal. commissioners will spend one million dollars to help with the flow of cargo in the port and reduce delays. last month ported america was winding down its operation in oakland. >> police are on the lookout for a gun thrown from a car window during a chase. police arrested 37-year-old daryl blackmon on wednesday morning after he used his car to ram others. he pointed a gun at several people during the chase from oakland to berkeley and so far police have not been able to
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find the gun. they are asking homeowners for call 911 if they see the car. chinese celebrations are in full swing with the big parade in san francisco. >> reporter: we got to see a traditional lion dance but we got to see a behind the scenes look at the making of those famous parade floatsen the ms. china town usa pageant. >> a traditional lion dance by san francisco police officers at the senior center brings the celebration to residents that can't attend the parade. >> i can't walk but i watch on center. >> it is rewarding for us. we like to do this. we want to bring the seniors
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good luck and that is what this is about. they smile and clap and they go wild. this is coming here again. >> reporter: for those planning to celebrate in china town artists are going through 600 pounds of litter and dozens of truck loads of lumber and gallons of paint to craft 20 floats for the year of the monkey. >> a whimsical animal that represents fun and we have been having fun floats. >> most of what you will see is stuff that is not out there before. >> another float dedicated to the women competing for the title the pageant. >> the pageant will be held at the palace of the fine arts theater. the parade is next saturday and be airing here on ktvu. what can you tell us about the floats, are they making
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good progress and coming along? >> they are. they started back in november, a long labor of love to make the notes and about 60% done and in the next week 40% left and it is crunch time to get it ready for next saturday. >> and they are beautiful for that parade. cristina thank you. >> and be sure to stay with ktvu. we will bring you all of the festivities on and our live coverage of the parade is saturday february 20th starting at 6:00. hard to leave it is almost baseball season. the giants report to spring training next week but they will stop at at&t park. the giants fan fest is tomorrow. today it is media day and scott riess has our first look. >> reporter: a new look, hair and beards. >> there is no plans. >> new contracts. >> it is exciting. >> and, of course, new players. >> i see these big rings that everybody is wearing and i need
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one in my life. >> the whole guard was front and center, the guys that have the big rings given their propensity to win championships there is a possibility ... >> there is an undertone of eagerness and excitement to get the ball rolling. >> especially with a starting rotation that features five former all-stars. >> i remember my first year i felt like the staff was so good about having healthy competition among themselves and i hope that is something that this staff can bring to the table. >> i feel good physically and mentally and that's a nice part to go into and it is getting the work in and getting things tuned up right. >> how about that. mid february and they are going crazy here at at&t park. the biggest news to come out of
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media day, bruce bochy confirming that dennard will play. a team building exercise. or just a fine night out. we will tell you about the escape room challenge. a historic religious meeting took place today. the roman catholic pope and a russian orthodox patriarch meet for the first time ever. why one expert is telling u.s. lawmakers it is essential to keep troops in afghanistan.
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the house services committee held hearings on the u.s. military commission in afghanistan. officials from the military and defense department testified that afghan government and security forces are solid partners in helping to stabilize the region and the u.s. presence is crucial for homeland security here. >> afghanistan is important to us because it is ensuring that nothing that happens there threatens the homeland. there are 9800 u.s. troops in afghanistan. nearly 2300 u.s. military men and women have died there since the september 11th terror
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attacks in 2001. today the house approved a bill to broaden sanctions against north korea and the bill passed in january but the senate amended it to include expanded provisions such as cyber security. the next stop is president obama desk for signing. the pope is meeting in cuba. there is two leaders of churches that are meeting. >> reporter: pope francis departing rome for a meeting in cuba. the two leaders will talk. >> it is the first time that the patriarch of the russian orthodox church and the catholic church meet. >> pope francis is credited with hoping to mend ties with the u.s. and easing 1000 years
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of discord between the western and eastern branches of christian it. francis and caril are supposed to sign and deliver speeches. >> it is for life and for all the world. >> reporter: the meeting comes as tensions between moscow and other countries remain high over crisis in syrian and ukraine. the patriarch's spokesman says he is not carrying any message from putin. >> this is a meeting of two church leaders and no politics in this meeting and trying to find it there it absolutely pointless. >> from cuba president the point will go to mexico to perform mass on the u.s. mexican border. new eye wear that can help cancer patients. see how doctors use these new
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glasses to detect malignant cancer cells during surgery. we have been growing month after month. a growing trend, the team building exercise that will require you to solve puzzles to escape a locked room. minor changes for the weekend with bigger changes on the back half. we will have a look at the numbers expected plus in the extended forecast, when the rain is expected to come back coming up.
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they're called escape rooms and growing in popularity with thousands now worldwide. according to one industry website. california has the most rooms than any state. >> here is what escape rooms do. they require you to do just that. escape by solving puzzles. >> reporter: walk in. and you walk into the game. >> what do you do? you got to think. that's obvious, linda. search and explore and play the game. you have an idea try it out. you have nothing to lose. >> reporter: we took a team from channel 2 to try it out. without knowing if we could get out. >> the year is 1928.
5:48 pm
and the group of bootleggers got together in some underground bar but they got bused and it is your chance to move in. >> sounds easy? >> well. >> we are designed to mess with your head. >> and you only have a certain amount of time. >> we have an hour. are we running out of time already? >> kids start with the easiest ones first and in order to complicate things. adult overcomplicate things. >> and we did overcomplicate things. >> we don't want to give anything away but truth be told while we had moments of clarity. >> okay. >> and accomplishment. we were plagued by many more moments of confusion. >> it must mean something. more and more people are signing up for the challenge. >> we have been growing month
5:49 pm
after month and the amount of business we had smart young adults and looking for something to do and so many tourists that come. i estimate 20% of our business is out of state. >> maybe it is the bonds created in this escape room. >> bringing people closer. >> and maybe it is the hope you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. even down the aisle. >> i want to know what you are doing for the rest of your life. will you marry me? >> yes. >> reporter: there is more than one room. from art thieves to prison cells, the competition is growing. >> it is on trend. a year ago there was 2000 escape rooms and just in berry alone there is a dozen. >> every game offering a
5:50 pm
different challenge. >> it is smart entertainment. >> reporter: how smart are you? hopefully smarter than us. >> reporter: in san francisco claudine wong, fox ktvu now. i have never heard of that. that looks like fun. >> what is that 222 mean. >> they only had two minutes left. >> to get out. they barrel made it. >> i don't know if i will. let's talk about the weather. rosemary orozco is here. and a nice day and that sunset. holy cow. >> setting now. >> the orange makes it pretty. all of the clouds in the sky provides those colors and we are again looking at the sunset about 5:45 depending on where you live. we will be in and out of those clouds for the evening hours and for your weekend as well. giving you a look here at the numbers isn't that just
5:51 pm
gorgeous? 68 degrees, santa rosa and 66 in livermore. temperatures this afternoon, low 60s to low 70s depending on where you were. the possibility of rain coming our way. we know we have been dry and will be dry for the weekend. the next chance for rain wednesday and thursday. back on the 3rd was the last time we had rain for february. we will be tracking that. in the meanwhile we have mild temperatures expected for your saturday afternoon and by sunday things start to warm up. partly cloudy skies and patchy fog as we are in the evening. and for tomorrow morning, a mix of sun and clouds to start the day and some of us will see a minor drop in temperatures that shouldn't be too much but we quickly rebound for sunday and monday looks to be warmer day. we have been talking anything this. high surf advisory that will continue to tonight and tomorrow and doesn't expire until tomorrow night. if you think about heading to
5:52 pm
thecross line. rip waves and the large shore breaks will be with us. and the shade of purple is for the coast. north bay and san mateo into monterey. tomorrow morning as we step out the door, it will be a cool one for those that have to be out early. 45 in antioch and 40 in fairfield and to the north bay, 43 santa rosa and 46 in napa. around the bay not as chilly and 49 in oakland and 50s san francisco and 51 expected for pacifica and out and about, for san francisco tomorrow morning, 50s for 7:00 a.m. and noontime feels good, 63 degrees expected and we will top out in the mid to upper 60s and closer to sunset 5:00, 60s and afternoon highs around the region starting in the north bay, 69 for nevada and 67 in san rafael. and in the south bay 71 for you in san jose and morgan hill 72 and partly cloudy for mostly
5:53 pm
cloudy skies 72 and 70s in the forecast. a dry weekend. valentine's day warmer and the warmest day on monday and maybe flirting with record highs once again. increasing clouds on tuesday and the models will bring the rain back wednesday and thursday. a decent amount of rain? >> they are scaling back a bit. i know. i know. aniling about it will be good. we'll wait and see. thank you. they are called superman glasses or cancer goggles and being used during surgery. see how the glasses can help doctors spot tumors inpatients. in minutes, new at six, a break in the case of the deadly hit-and-run in the south bay. the critical piece of evidence recovered and how this evidence highlights an even bigger problem. >> a lot of these appear to be accidental.
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a california congressman decided the best way to show his distaste for an amendment to band products on airplanes was to take a drag from his own e cigarette at a congressional hearing. >> so this is called a vaporizer. there is no combustion and no carcinogens. that's representative duncan hunter during the opening argument yesterday. a vocal supporter of e
5:57 pm
cigarettes. hunter failed to win support from the house transportation and infrastructure committee and it passed. vaporizing are for bidden by most airplanes. and we learn how these special glasses work. this woman was on vacation and she felt a lump. >> a diagnosis of breast cancer crushed her and left her in denial. >> i have no family history or risk factors. >> fear gave way to hope when she learned her special surgeon would be wearing eye we're doing her operation. >> we have superman glasses. >> known simply as cancer goggles work with infrared lights help to see a doctor see
5:58 pm
cancer that sees a glow. >> it helps me see fluorescents that is taken up by the cancer cell. >> this doctor first used this device on a breast cancer patient to determine whether it works and it does. >> when the doctor used the goggles, she wanted to know if they could identify margins around tumors and lymph nodes. >> it did confirm some microscope in tumor extensions so we saw down to that level of detail. we would not have been able to see that without the goggles. >> the eye wear had been used successfully in the fight against other cancer. dr. fields used it on a patient with skin cancer. >> incredible piece of technology that has a lot of opportunity to improve on what we do in the operating room. that was shirley washington reporting. those goggles are awaiting
5:59 pm
approval from the food and drug administration. ktvu fox 2 news at six, starts now. an outpouring of emotion from the family of a bay area police officer who was shot and killed. not while on duty but in his own home. i can't help but think now that compassion, the generosity and the love that we are receiving is a test tam to that life that he led. the life of the police officer that he devoted to protecting others. and the life as a father and he ultimately sacrificed in protecting his family. despite their grief, family members say that they have already forgiven the suspect. the alleged gunman is the grandson of the officer's sun man. >> i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. >> friends and family of police officer frank vegas talked since the first time he was
6:00 pm
killed. emotional outside of his church. described officer vegas as man of deep faith. caring and compassionate and did what he could to take care of his family. we get our first look at the man suspected of killing him. 30-year-old robert vegga shot and killed officer vegas inside the officer's home in vallejo. it happened after what appears to be a family dispute. john suzuki was at the news conference and you can see just how devastated the officer's family is especially his wife. >> the family of richmond police officer gus vegas walked up and gathered outside vallejo's church on the hill and his widow sandra sobbing. his son talk about the amazing man that he was. >> he would literally wear the shoes until the soles of the shoe separated to make sure we had food on the


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