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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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they won't see that, even close today. the record is 77. gil roy 79, that would be two shy of 81 in 1977. livermore seven would be within 1 degree. we'll be there. some areas are way down on the temp compared to 24 hours ago. a lot more 40s. 24 hour temperature change. fairfield down nine. livermore cooled off. that's a big difference. oakland airport -9. we lose the breeze. calistoga was in the 60s yesterday. bow kega bay was -- bodega bay was in the 70s. rain on the way for wednesday evening commute, not today. sunny, warm, cooler coast and
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bay, well inland for some. lighter breeze, that breeze should turn westerly. 60s and 70s today. sal, things have picked up. >> they have. there's more traffic, good morning you to, we'll start off with live pictures and with the bridge traffic, it looks good once you make on it the span, it's more crowded. 10 to 15 minute clay. and it's backed up to the maze. looking at the commute, if you are driving on interstate 880 the traffic looks good in both directions, 580 west bound continues to be slow westbound after the altamont pass, traffic continuing to slow until you get into livermore, for the most part doing well across the bay, we have a crash eastbound 92 at 101, it's there on the shoulder, 6:01.
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san francisco and richland police teamed up to catch a man suspected -- of a triple shooting at twin peaks. more on the arrest and the raid afterward. >> the motive in the shooting is not clear, police sources told ktvu it cannot appear the gunman knew the victim. the suspect has been arrested. police tracked the man to a home in richmond. as he left the home the police followed him, stopped the vehicle he was in and made the arrest. two hours later a s.w.a.t. team raided the home, neighbor who's saw the raid and learned with the man that was arrested was in shock. >> it's too close to home, we have to hope these type of things are few. >> police say a gunman on
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sunday killed two people and wounded a third man who was still in the hospital. the suv was found near the richmond home and police say it the vehicle that the gunman carjacked. press believe the gunman carjacked the vehicle, stole it from two tourist to escape. the police have not released they deb tee of the -- identity of the man arrested. >> so many questions about what led up to this and how they are or are not connected. a south bay man accused of killing his coworkers is charged with the murder of kyle merrick. they worked together. merrick was killed last month and the body dumped in the santa cruz mountains.
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friends of the san jose man shot to death on valentine's day say they don't understand why anyone would harm such a good person. friends held a vigil for the man they called d.c. the coroner has not identified him but loved ones gave us this photo. he was hop lar with the neighbor -- popular in the neighborhood. he was helping to park his roommates car when he was shot. he crashed into a pole and died at the scene. >> he would fix the kid's bikes in the neighborhood. and he fed people that were hungry. he was awesome. >> so far known has been a-- no one has been arrested. the sheriff department is searching for a missing man. steven mitchel is involved in
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the case of the sheriff deputy who shot and killed andy lopez. mitchels car was found near jenner, his cell phone and clothing were found near his car. why he drove there and what happened is a mystery. >> right now we don't have information to believe that anyone else took his vehicle. no foul play is suspected. we're going on the premise he drove there himself. >> mitchel was hired to defend sonoma county against a civil lawsuit. the 13-year-old was shot to death by a sheriff deputy. he was carrying a realistic toy gun. the sheriff department does not believe his professional life has anything to do with his disappearance. the search continues for 73-
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year-old john beck, this is a photo showing him walking on a trail in san francisco, it was tape a week ago -- taken a week ago. beck is facing a $113 million judgment from the federal trade commission over a get-rich quick scheme. prescription drugs are available for free at a south bay pharmacy. the better health pharmacy is celebrating the grand opening in a couple hours. you say this is the first of its kind in northern california. >> good morning, it is. even though this area is full of affluent people there's a huge disparity. county officials know that low income people and seniors skip their medication because they
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can't afford it. those in need don't have to. they can getter in per descriptioning fill -- prescription filled for free. you don't need insurance you need a valid prescription. the pharmacy may not have the medication in stock. it changes day-to-day. it does not carry controlled drugs. all the drugs are donated by skilled licensed nursing facilities. and the medication is inspected by pharmacist before they dispense it. the pharmacy is helping the environment, county officials say oftentimes unused medication can end up in waterways or in the air. this is a way redistributing
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the drugs is making a difference. time now is 6:07. the alameda city council will vote on a new rent control proposal. they want to make sure alameda stay as ford able. the measure would limit rent increases to once a year and the landlords would notify the city when a rent hike is 5% or more and pay moving costs if they evict a tenant. the danville town council will vote whether the ban all short-term rentals. some have asked for a ban on airbnb type rentals. they say short-term rentals are not regular rated the same and
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they have increased traffic and parking problems. but critics say there's only 15 airbnb rentals. that meeting tonight will be held at the town hall starting at 7:30. permanent housing for the homeless, the old motel providing more than a place to leap -- sleep. this is part of it, we'll show you highlights from the grammy awards, including the emotional tributes. good morning, the road centers don't know slow traffic. what am i talking about? you have to stay tuned to find out. 680 southbound looks good. i'm in the newsroom. let's go to steve. >> i can't wait, i'm not going anywhere. we have a nice day on tap.
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not as warm as yesterday. big changes tomorrow.
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all our handcrafted february is huge for us. classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs for just $6 each. welcome back. she was famous for concert performance along side prince. the entertainer known as vanity died in fremont. [singing]
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that's a beautiful vanity. her real name was d niece matthews. she received a kidney transplant in 1977. then she devoted her life to the church. she denounced her former career and speaking around the country at churches. if you didn't watch the grammy awards i want to show you the big moments you missed. uptown funk. >> uptown funsch took home best -- bunk took home best record of the year. kendrick lamar good best record.
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lady gaga did a tribute to david bowie. another music legends were remembered. stevie wonder remembered maurice white. and the eagles remembered glen frey. the night was not without problems. at one point the sound dropped out during adele's performance. twitter exploded and some called the singer out of tune. adele tweeted the glitch was caused by a folk phone -- microphone on the piano strings. a graduate of cal state won for his work on a album that won
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the best reggae album on the year. >> a lot of people talking about a lot of things, and a lot of complaints. time is 6:14. i don't know if you complain about the commute. >> we have a couple things going on. i want to mention the traffic is busier, today will be busier than yesterday. let's look at what we have. the traffic will be slow on the bridge approach, once you make it on the bridge, it looks okay, there's no major problems, traffic is moving well, i'm going to ask kevin on the fly, when i go away from this, can you look at westbound avenue at ashby, got a report of a new crash. let's move away from the picture. westbound 92 as you head to the commute here at san mateo
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bridge, it's moderately -- heavy. 92 east bound at 101, we had an earlier accident. it's been cleared up. back to the east shore shot, we got a report of an accident. westbound 80 at ashby avenue, looks like something is in the middle. chp and the fire department on the way. we don't know what it is. we'll get it to. you can see how the traffic is stopping there, it gets better after. 6:16 let's go to steve. nice weather, it will be okay today. not as warm as yesterday. we've lot a lot of the -- lost a lot of the breeze. today is the day, tomorrow everybody changes, a
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significant change. northwest breeze at 4 miles an hour. the count for pollen in the air. a lot of pollen in the air. rain would cleanse the air. i was talking, i know a couple allergist, i may talk to them next week. some of the records today, kent feel 76. these are a few. gil roy 79, we're clear. yesterday was right there, we had five around here, many in southern california. 90s. 94 in santa ana. 47 palo alto. livermore is way down. mountain view and san jose are
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way down. east bay temps are low the mid- 40's instead of the 50s to near 60 degrees. this is 57, 45 alamo, walnut creek is 44. 44 in ukiah. 23 truckee. tahoe city 32. they are down 5-7 degrees from yesterday. the system is on the way. once it inches closer the wind will turn more westerly. temperature will be above average. inland, a light ever breeze, way above normal temps. tomorrow we'll cloud it up and bring in rain. today it's about mild temperature. upper 70s for a few. closer to the coast it's more
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60s. 70s on the peninsula. tomorrow clouds up rain for the evening commute. off and on rain. better for the weekend. not as warm as now. we'll take it. as long as it doesn't rain for the parade. >> will you be working outside. >> i was standing with my microphone ready to talk to everyone. it's about me. >> it's all about you. >> that's enough about me, let's talk about me. the race for the president is heating up with the nevada caucus, the south carolina primary coming up this weekend.
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. former president bush hitting the campaign trial on behalf of his brother. he remains popular and the appearance came as the g.o.p frontrunner has been critical of the former president's record. so jeb bush speak out saying president bush kept the u.s. safe. >> i never thought any
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republican debate we would talk about impitching a republican president who was popular for good reason. i thought that was weird. >> hillary clinton is in nevada where the caucuses will be held on saturday. most polls give chin don't -- clinton a solid lead. >> to the death of antonin scalia and the political battle over filling his seat. a political professor said republicans may block anyone that president obama nominates. the constitution said the president will nominate and appoint a judge with the advice and consent of the ♪. with 54 senators it will be hard. >> he needs a majority to pass
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a bill, but you need 40 senators to prevent anything from being considered by the chamber. >> doctors been expectlation -- speculation the president will use a law that gives him the ability to appoint someone while the congress is on resays -- recess. president obama wraps up the second day of a summit in southern california for the leaders of 10 southeast asian countries. it is in rancho mirage. it is to strength and the relationship with the southeast asian countries. >> this reflects my personal commitment and the national commitment of the united states to a strong and enduring partnership with your 10 nations individually, and to
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southeast asia as one region, as one community. >> protesters gathered criticizing the regimes of the south east asian leaders. fremont animal service need your help. they are trying to get a six day old baby horseback on its feet. this is valentine. he was found injured in fremont on valentine's day. he was spotted by a hiker and when rescue crews got to him he had a fractures pelvis. fire crewed wrapped him up and took him to safe. >> the vet was astonished after two days he was still living. usually after a couple hours in the cold, wet conditions they guy. >> today valentine will hit to the u.c. davis school to have surgery.
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it's expected to cost between seven and $10,000. a go fund he page has been set up. if you are interested in helping out get in contact with the fremont animal service. >> cab season -- crab season could begin this week. >> later today, muni will move to's violations for young people who break the rules on buses. how the agency is looking to level the playing field. >> good morning. thereafter will be okay if you're looking at the east shore freeway. we have an earlier accident that's been cleared. once you get to toll plaza there's a delay. >> it will be another nice day. we're cooler the lows.
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any records? we'll see if it's close.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ba da ba ba ba ♪
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. welcome back. tuesday, february 16th. it's time to check weather and traffic. >> almost one time? >> 6:30. it's flying by. sun is coming up. what's that. >> where else would you rather be. >> nowhere. >> good answer. clear skies, another nice, warm day, but cooler than 24 hours ago. temperature will be above average, i don't think they will be yesterday's temperature. but close on the records.
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get some information from big milk 75. good morning. there it is, baghdad by the bay. san francisco will be close the record high. they are 5 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. ago. . >> everything looks good today. todays 40s and 50s to start. there's a few areas, livermore down nine, santa rosa nine. a lot of mid-40's here.
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49 san mateo owe -- mateo. the wind turns westerly and a cool town tomorrow. cooler coast and bay. warm for some. lighter offshore breeze. things got busy. 80 got busy. accident was noninjury crash. looking farther down. on the way out the if bay bridge toll plaza the traffic is backed up to the maze. i want to mention the traffic on 880 is getting slower, or more crowded, but not stop-and- go. farther down we have stop-and- go traffic in heyward. right floor 238 it boggs down and slows traffic. traffic has been slow out of union city,is not a good
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commute to a start on 880. 6:31. let's go to the desk. there could be good news for commercial crab fishermen. one call could help ring the start of the season. >> we are fisherman's wharf in san francisco, it is quiet and for the crab fishing season it's been quiet. these crab traps have been along the docks since last year. they have not touched the water this season. that could change this week. at 10:00 there's a conference call scheduled with the crab task force. they will hear the test results
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regarding the acid. it cautioned by algae blooms and if exposed could cause problemmed. the levels of the acid has gone down. the officials opened the water toes recreational fishermen. but the impact to professional fishermen has been a disaster. it cost the state more than $48 million in lost revenue. as we take you out here live. a bulk of the revenue was during the holiday season, thanksgiving christmas. many of the boats out here. some say even though it may open up it's too little to late, others taking jobs to make ends meet. we'll try to talk with to fishermen and get their view.
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>> sheriff detectives and police are hoping that a blurry cell phone photo will track down a suspect. this man you see here badly beat a 21-year-old man during a fight at a house party saturday morning on can meany -- camino encinas. the man accused of stabbing and killing his father could be charged today or tomorrow. isiah bostic was covered in blood when he answered the door. officers went inside and found the body of his father. the police recovered a knife they believe was used to kill him. the pastor lived in that
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apartment for some time. >> the residents in the apartment complex called to report hearing a struggle. physical altercation and a voice yelling daddy is bleeding, i don't want want to die. time is 6:35, oakland police are investigating a deadly shooting. sky fox was flying over the crime scene after police responded to reports of a disturbance, two men who were shot arrived at a hospital, one of them died. police say the other man is not cooperating with the investigation. there's no word on a suspect. >> muni officials are easing penalties for young people who commit violations on buses including not giving up their
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seat. the disparity that's being addressed. >> good morning. muni board of directors wants to level the playing field by making sure that young people that break the rules while on board buses are treated the same as adults. a young person that doesn't give up their seat could face a severe punishment and higher fines than an adult. adults are given administrative citations with fines up to $112. someone under 18 faces criminal penalties and fees of $380. later today the muni board of directors will vote to decriminal a youth punishments and decrease the fees. one rider said that doesn't
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seem like a huge issue to him. >> i personally haven't seen any young people not give up my -- their seat. i don't think it's an issue, maybe it is. maybe it time to revisit it. i believe they should be given up. >> right now criminal bus citations for young people are hamed by the local courts. muni is looking to change that, and that would allow parents and children to address the citations by mail, online and by phone opposed to going to the courthouse. the fees could be reduced by more than half for young people for breaking certain rules on buses, not giving up your seat
6:38 am
and fair evasion violations as well. those fees could be addressed. >> it will be interesting to see what they decide. mobby is going to consider changing how much it charges to right the -- ride the bus. if approved monthly muni passes will go to 75, and life-line passes would go to $38. residential parking would jump to $128. muni is not expected to take action until april. oakland police are searching for two men who robbed people in the locker room of a 24 hour fitness club. it was on alameda avenue. a member of the club said two men walked into the locker
6:39 am
room, robbed everyone inside. the club manager said safety is the first priority and they are cooperating with the investigation. stores that accept food stamps may have to stock more healthy food. the rules would require stores to stock 168 items deemed healthy. that's designed to make sure that people have better access to fruits and vegetables. time is 6:39. the home mess move -- homeless is moving into a motel. the palms inn has been turned into permanent housing for 100 homeless people, the former motel has 104 rooms. some converted into the areas
6:40 am
for counseling, health job training. >> having 104 rooms for tourist, we give 104 people a place so they don't wonder where they will sleep. >> they fought for the country, they made it possible for everyone to have what's going on now, to have our freedom. for them to get off the streets is wonderful. >> the residents will pay a third of the income in rent. people arrested in connection with a hate crime. it happened at u.c. davis. >> i don't know why god picked us, but i'm grateful for it. >> the beeped that was performing when the gunman opened fire in the paris continue expert hall.
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>> good morning, we're looking at a commute where traffic is going to be busy on the san mateo bridge.
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. good morning. the band eagles of death mellal -- metal will perform in paris.
6:44 am
they were performing when the terrorist killed 89 people. the band's front man is talking about why they are going back to france. >> the sounds and images of the terrorist attacks in paris are seared into our memories and healing high pressure system in difficulty -- happens in different ways for different people. for some it's too soon to attend the concert. >> return there so soon, and being in a venue, i think for me personally it's too soon-to- be there mentally and physically. >> jerry hughes, front man of the eagles of death metal has been appearing on european television ahead of the concert. >> i don't know why god picked us to be the band.
6:45 am
>> he gave his take on gun control. >> gun control doesn't have anything to do with it. did your french gun control stopped a single person from dying. i don't think so. i think the only thing that stopped it was some of the bravest men i've seen in my life charging into the face of death with their firearms. people will disagree, god made men and women, and guns made them equal. i hate it that it's that way. i think the only way my mind has been changed, until nobody has guns everybody has to have them. i don't want this to ever have them again. i saw people die that maybe could have lived. i don't know. the reason his band has to per
6:46 am
form today, you can't let thed what guys win. >> pope francis is in mexico. he will turn his attention to a part of the country known for drugs and smuggles. he's criticized the church for not being tough enough on those involved with drugs. >> time is now 6:46. what's coming up in the next hour. >> when i join you in a few, a man comes face-to-face with an armed inintruder in his home. after the criminal got away the man discovered he left his cell phone, on it's a selfie. this huge clue on the phone
6:47 am
ensures the police will track this guy down. recent vents are prompting people to think about fallout shelters. the new trend that's popping up. we'll talk about this and more. let's check in with sal, it's been busy in the commute. >> it's very busy out there, we have a lot of slow traffic as you head out the mcarthur maze, it's moving in you're at the maze, once you make the turn you will see traffic backed up to the maze and that's about a 15 to 20 minute delay. there's no major problems on the san mateo bridge, but it's crowded. it's slow, and it's slow once you get to peninsula. we have a lot of slow traffic
6:48 am
on 880, earlier accident at mowry, it's there, traffic is slow. 680 is slow. 6:47. >> we have mostly clear skies, high clouds, temps are cooler, some are a lot cooler, it will be a sunny day, mild the warm, near records for some. 70 and 80-degree temps in february, i'm very excited, claudine wong tweeted me. >> i did. >> allergies come with a good weather. >> bless you. that's a good question. that's enough. if you're suffering, claudine is asking. brad schafer, clear morning
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with bay bridge lights going strong. possible records today. san rafael 76, that's one shy. san jose 77, one off. richmond 74, just under 75 set last year. san francisco 73, that would not be a record, sfo looks like they will be one of the best opportunitying to set a record, -- opportunities. there's others, inland temps better than coast and bay. 76 kent field, that's 11 -- within one. >> a few high clouds in the north bay. 5 to 10 degrees with some. fairfield down seven. mountain view is -10.
6:50 am
oakland airport -9. south bay temps. 49 santa cruz. saratoga 51, they were 60 at this time yesterday. 20s in the mountains, 44 ukiah, that's cooler. incline village 30 on the temps. a few high clouds showing up. that's the sign of things to come. the breeze will turn more onshore. sunny and warm, cooler coast and bay. a lot of these are wind driven, we don't have the breeze today. a lot of 70s here, temperature will tail off a little bit here, nice, but over by the coast, that's why we're going with 60s there, inland temps well above. changes are brewing for later today. tomorrow clouding up with
6:51 am
evening arain. >> never complain about rain. from affirmative action to immigration, questions about key supreme court decisions. >> first great east bay moms are helping girls who thought they couldn't afford to go to the prom, but they are building confidence. i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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. winter storm remark -- warnings, three tornado hit florida and mississippi. >> people have -- had to be pulled out of the debly. look at this. the strong winds the storm is dropping snow, sleet and freezing rain in north carolina to maine. >> all lanes of interstate 980 in oakland are open after two crashes last night. the chp said after 10:31 car hit not car, and the driver took off. a short time later victim's car was hit again by atmosphere least 1-- at least one oncoming vehicle. crews had to rescue people trapped in a car. none of the injuries are
6:55 am
believed to be serious. u.c. berkeley police are looking for a man who robbed a girl at knife point. a girl was walking when a man in his late 20s to early 30s approached her. police say the victim wasn't hurt. anyone with information call u.c. berkeley police. >> a former political consultant accused of making a bomb will be back in court today. his name is ryan chamberlin, he's charged with possessing a destructive device. he pled not guilty. his trial was supposed to start today. prosecutors indicated he may be ready to make a plea deal. >> people who take the ferry will have to use another way to get across the bay. the blue and gold ferry will be
6:56 am
out of commission. repairs need to be made to the floating dock. commuter buses will be available and someone will be directing passengers. ferry ticketing will be accepted. >> going to the prom is expensive, now two east bay mothers teamed up to help teenage girls who wouldn't be able to buy a prom dress. prom dresses and accessories are given away free of charge. the mom who's founded east bay dress day hope the dresses will help the girls build their confidence and expense a rite of passage. >> it was exciting i would be able to go. >> i want them to come in, and in their mind whatever they imagined their dress would and they find it. >> it's a small token, this
6:57 am
could have opened up doors because of her outlook in life. >> east bay dress day will open the store saturday, noontime, girls from anywhere in the bay area, you are welcome to participate. the group will offer shoes and hair dos to go with the experience. any girl who needs a dress for the prom and accessories you should make an appointment. go to and get more information. >> an arrest in the double homicide on san francisco twin peaks helped police track down the suspect. >> there's relief, if you can't afford to buy medicine a pharmacy is opening where you can get free pscription drugs.
6:58 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ba da ba ba ba ♪ the man suspected of killing two people at a san francisco tourist spot is behind bars this morning. the police operation that led to his arrest. >> reporter: prescription drugs are now available for free at a pharmacy in san josi, the first of its kind in northern
7:00 am
california. we'll tell you how they are able to do this and what the catch is. 7:00 this tuesday morning, taking a look a at the sun beginning to rise. we have had some really warm days here. today you're going to feel the beginning of a change that's going to lead to the rain we all know and need, and kind of miss at this point. >> i know, we need it. >> we'll have to see about that in a second. welcome to mornings on 2 this tuesday, february 16th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm dave clark. steve, you're anxious to tell us what's coming? >> not as windy as yesterday, but it will still be warm. it's clear out there for now, although there are higher


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