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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. good afternoon. >> a 12-year-old boy is being treated at a hospital after being hit by a vehicle right in front of dublin high school. >> brian flores is live from police headquarters we just spoke to the driver today. >> reporter: identified. good afternoon. i spoke with him and he says he is very shaken up. he simply tells me he didn't see the boy coming in the opposite direction. of course, this happened when it was very busy in the very early morning hours as kids were going to school. want to go to some video from earlier that we shot when we got here. dublin service police officers re-created the scene when we arrived.
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this happened just before 8 am this morning right in front of dublin high school in village park. the 72-year-old driver was exiting the parking lot of dublin high school. the driver tells me he was dropping off his granddaughter at school. as he was exiting, he says he looked at northbound traffic on village parkway and said he did not see a 12-year-old boy riding his bike on the sidewalk coming the opposite direction. >> i was exiting this parking lot and i looked over to the left side for traffic to clear because i was trying to get out so as soon as it was clear, i turned right and i heard something. i felt something wrong with my car but it was too late. they told me to stop, stop you hit somebody.>>reporter: police say the boy was pinned underneath the car after being dragged approximately 50 feet. alameda county fire crews responded and had to use the jaws of life and a hydraulic
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airbag system to lift the car and relive the boy from underneath. for everybody involved in this kind of situation, it gives you chills. especially for folks with children. >> seeing somebody underneath a vehicle, i know the students who were around, the other parents, the driver of the vehicle as well as the first responders, it gives everybody chills when you see something as dramatic as that. >> reporter: again, the boy was on his way to wells middle school. after the accident, he was airlifted from dublin high school's field to dublin children's hospital in oakland where police say he may have sustained scrapes and bruises and a broken arm but otherwise non-life-threatening injuries. we spoke with the driver who is obviously shaken up. another family member had to come and pick him up. when i spoke to the driver, i asked if this was his first accident and he said yes. police say it's unlikely he will be cited in the case. they are deeming this as for now an accident. >> thankfully the 12-year-old looks like he will be okay.
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police still looking for whoever is responsible for shooting those three teenagers. >> the teens age 16, 18 and 19 were all sitting in a car on san pablo avenue when someone open fire. two were rushed to the hospital in serious condition. last night, investigators were able to talk to the victims. it's unclear at this point if the victims were cooperative. neighbors say they heard all the chaos.>> i remember seeing a car go by really fast but that doesn't really happen on my street but -- >> like it was speeding away after the gunman? >> yes and there was just a woman screaming. >> there is a lot of screaming and yelling to get an ambulance. a lot of hysteria and screaming trying to figure out what was going on. >> very disturbing. it's not something that you expect to see close to home. >> we have been here nine years and up until just this year, we haven't had anything this close
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to home. >> as of this afternoon, investigators say they are still trying to determine if the shooter acted alone and if there was any confrontation before the shooting. uc berkeley police are looking into two violent crimes on or near campus. police say a female student was sexually assaulted near people's park. she was walking on haye street at about 9:20 pm thursday night when she was grabbed and pushed to the ground. the attacker described as a man in his mid-20s, 5'9" tall with curly hair and a beard back then on saturday, police say a man robbed a 15-year-old girl at knife point on campus at about 9:30 pm. she was not hurt. the men got away. we're learning more about what led up to an attack at a cinema high school. >> video shows a girl attacking a boy on campus. the video has gone viral with more than 13 million views. alex savidge tells us what friends say prompted the fight. >>reporter: the girl seen on that video goes to a nearby continuation school but according to one of her
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friends, she came here to sonoma valley high school this last thursday to confront a couple of boys who had been insulting her school work what happened next was captured on cell phone video and has now been seen by millions of people around the world. this is the video that was posted to facebook and has been seen by more than 13 million people. you see a senior from creekside high school and she drops a freshman boy down to the ground and then you can see knees him in the face twice. this video and viral this last weekend after it was posted on the facebook page of popular mma fighter kit dale. after this assault, the girl seen running off while a teacher chases after her. many people who commented on this facebook post suggested originally that the boy who was attacked had been bullying other students and that's why he was targeted. but his friends told me this morning, that was not the case.
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and friends of the girl seen on this video say that she was provoked. >> she went and confronted this kid because he was talking smack on facebook. they started talking back to her , words escalated and things escalated into basically she swung at him because he flung food at her when she walked away. >> such an upbeat guy. it's a bad thing that's happened to him and it's publicly being shown because it gives him a really bad misconception of what kind of dude he actually is. >> reporter: the school district sent a letter home with students about the video. in it, the superintendent said quote the district does not condone such behaviors and continues to support and provide ongoing programs available to our students at our various schools centered on student safety and digital responsibility. the district also asked facebook to remove that video because of the violent content. facebook apparently declined to do so.
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either way, one of the friends of the girl told me she was suspended for five days for that assault. in just about an hour, the man accused of killing an off- duty police officer last week is due in a fairfield courtroom. >> robert vega is being held in the solano county jail on suspicion of murder. he is accused of shooting the veteran police officer, gus vegas in his home in an apparent family dispute. robert vega is the father of gus vegas's grandson. state prison officials are investigating the death of an inmate killed in his jail cell at folsom prison. officials are waiting to notify the next of kin before releasing the inmate's aim -- name. they say he was convicted of first-degree murder more than 30 years ago in more in county he had been in prison since 1983. his cellmate, identified as
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rambo martin is suspected of killing him. he is serving 12 years on multiple assault charges. how the inmate was killed by the suspected motive has not yet been released. after days of dry weather and record-breaking temperatures, rain is on the way. taking a live look from right outside our studios here in oakland, the oakland estuary has clouds above, a little sun trying to peek through. it does look like there is a storm looming. over the san francisco airport, high winds are causing problems for travelers. the root -- the airport is canceling and delaying flights. some arriving flights have been delayed for 2.5 hours. those plans that haven't been able to take off have been delayed for up to 30 minutes. travelers should check with their airlines before heading out to sfo. the wind is also causing problems in the sierra. there are reports of wind damage in plaster, el dorado and nevada county's. in truckee, a downed tree crushed a cheap but no word of injuries. the winds are really expected to pick up in the next hour or
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so with snow levels also dropping to 4000 feet overnight and up to 2 feet of fresh powder by tomorrow. we're learning that a power outage in richmond is affecting 2500 customers. >> pg&e says it has crews headed to that area and we have calls into the agency to find out what the exact cause what is. right now, pg&e is estimating the power will be restored by about 1:00. apple ceo tim cook says his company will fight a federal magistrate's order to help the fbi unlike an iphone. >> the order comes as agents try to uncover data from an iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists but as adam housley reports, apple says the order would have widespread legal implications. >> reporter: it's apple against the federal government in a case that could have huge legal implications. apple ceo tim cook says he will fight a court order requiring his company to help the fbi recover data from an iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. >> that really makes no sense
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whatsoever. >> reporter: the ruling requires apple to help the fbi disable the security feature which erases data from the iphone after too many attempts to unlock it. with the feature disabled, the feds can try as many times as they need to unlock the phone but cook says he is fighting the order over privacy concerns. arguing it has implications far beyond the legal case at hand. >> volunteer if apple wants to, yes. having the guesstimate, having big brother tell you -- having big brother, having the government tell you you have to is another story. >> reporter: someone enforcement officials are hoping this ruling will make it easier to get court orders to bypass those locks. >> i have numerous homicide investigations i get into the physical phone. >> reporter: but it can be a tough sell with some saying nobody should be able to override the privacy features
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they pay for. >> i don't even let my friends in it so i what i let the police? >> maybe the police are looking at more than what they say they are trying to find? >> reporter: the iphone is essential to the case according to fbi and possible terrorist connections overseas. apple now has five business days to fully respond to the ruling. the republican primary in south carolina is just three days away and candidates are coming out swinging.>> he thinks he can use his real estate skills to magically bring to light the weapons systems necessary to keep our war fighters safe. >> jeb bush is hoping to make a strong showing by taking on front runner donald trump and his harsh criticism of george w. bush who remains popular there in south carolina. ted cruz and marco rubio also fighting for a second place finish. >> this guy ted cruz, he stands -- >> [booing]
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>> i voted against john kerry. donald trump supported john kerry. not only that, he gave money to him and supported him to be president. >> john kasich who came in a surprise second in new hampshire has been adding last- minute events in south carolina in hopes of staying in the race. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are courting support from african-american voters. senator sanders spoke out against -- about the economy at a prayer breakfast in south carolina will clinton stopped in harlem to meet with al sharpton and other civil rights leaders took our recent poll shows clinton and sanders in a dead heat ahead of the nevada caucuses on saturday. pulls from south carolina give hillary clinton a strong lead among voters. at this point, we are waiting to find out when a man accused of killing two and and injuring a third at a lot -- at a lookout will be in court. after the break, we hear from a victim -- a victim's father and whether he knew the alleged gunman. and rain is on the way. steve paulson will tell you what it means for the evening commute and how long it will
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last. after hours of heated debate that went into early hours of the morning, the alameda city council votes on a proposed rent control ordinance.
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the man suspected of a troubleshooting at san francisco's twin peaks could be charged in the case as early as
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today. >> richard contreras faces charges including two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder in connection with a shooting that killed 21- year-old julio peraza and rene mora as well as critically wounded an 18-year-old man. risk in our and down talked -- cristina rendon talk to his father. >> reporter: achalasia -- a collage brings back memories of rene mora's life. his dad says his some of vessel and soccer and had big dreams for the future. >> he wanted to join the army. he wanted to go to school. he had his plans in front of him. it's such a shame. >> reporter: he and his friend were shot and killed at the twin peaks outlook early sunday. a place he would go to enjoy the views. >> they would say yeah dad i can see the city from here.
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he just loved going over there. >> reporter: the family has a lot of questions about what led up to the shooting. they've never heard of richardson harris -- richard contreras and have no idea why the shooting happened. >> they say things always happen for a reason. i want to believe he is in god's hands. >> that was cristina rendon reporting. she still has police investigating the shooting. the monument crisis center is asking for help getting their pickup truck back. >> it's used to carry food donations to and from the center. it was reported stolen from outside the facility on monday night. a surveillance video in front of the building that an image of a man walking up to the center and looking inside just moments before the truck was driven out of the parking lot. >> i want to find the truck. i hope it's in one piece so that we can go back to the work we are doing. >> concorde police say they have seen a rush of truck thefts
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this year including 34 trucks stolen in separate cases. if you have any information, contact concorde police. after hours of contentious debate, a controversial measure to issue and control is underway. >> the city council gave preliminary approval at 2:30 am. measure strengthens the city's process for a grieving -- for reviewing rent increases of more than 5%, limits evictions and requires landlords to pay moving costs for some evictions. >> we need very fair, stricter guidelines that are monitored and enforced to be able to make renters feel safe in their own homes again. that they are not going to come home to a 60 day notice. >> it's about time landlords and property owners aren't demonized. >> a second reading of the ordinance is scheduled for the next council meeting. an agency is being created to enforce a ban on short-term vacation rentals which was approved just last night. the city council band short- term -- heard requests to band
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short-term rentals for creating additional traffic and neighborhoods and decreasing traffic through hotels and businesses. a lawsuit is about to result in the release of personal data of millions of california students.>> those records include social security numbers for some 10 million k- 12 students. and morgan hill parents organization sued looking for information to show that students with special needs aren't getting the help they need. a us district judge ordered the release. some critics are concerned data can fall into the wrong hands. schools will have to post information on how parents can request an exemption from the court order. good afternoon. is two-part system here. it was cloudy and windy for some, breezy for others and no and for a few but for most, it was really roaring and it still does for some of this hour but it's picking and choosing its
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spots. wins at the higher elevations treated early this morning and continue until 7 pm tonight. we are in between systems and cold air is on its way producing some light rain but our february has been dry, and record-setting warm. some of that is already pushing some rain in the higher elevations. until it arrives later tonight, we are looking for a mostly cloudy to breezy warm windy day. some rain has developed. the rain came in and some temperatures dropped into the upper 30s. for us, there might be a little hit and miss showers but the front has a ways to go. temperatures for almost everybody are up. that's compared to 24 hours ago. you expect that with the breeze and cloud cover. some of that wind has been upwards of 25-35 miles per hour . still getting really strong gusts in marin county.
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also, peninsula and south bay to parts of the 880 corridor have had really breezy, windy conditions. you can see this break. that's on its way for later tonight. that's a lot of rain coming. there will be one more system on friday. cloudy, mostly cloudy and breezy and some winds are howling but the rain moves in later. up was a very warm morning. that will carry into the evening hours until that cold air arrives so 60s to near 70s for some but cold air moves in for some and rain moves later this afternoon and evening into thursday. off and on rain, cooler temperatures into friday but the weekend, the all important weekend, looks better. tesla is not getting ready to release a brand-new one of the model s. >> but there's a catch. they are designed for children. how much these mini teslas are going to cost you.
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taking a live look at the tao. oil prices rose 7% today rebounding from the lowest levels we seen in a dozen years and the ceiling a market's jump today. at this point, the tao up by almost 1.5%. the story is the same on the s&p. it's even better on the nasdaq. that index rising almost 2%. tesla's aren't just for people with a drivers license anymore. radio flyer, which makes the chamizal red wagons and
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tricycles has announced -- tricycles and those little red wagons has announced they will be creating miniature teslas for children. it can reach a top speed of six miles per hour. it will cost you $500. preorders are now available and cars will ship in may. one of america's favorite families is back. a red carpet event was held in la for the upcoming series fuller house. >> it's a spinoff of the popular 90s sitcom full house of in san francisco. all the original cast minus mary kate and ashley olsen will make the cast. stephanie and best friend kimmy gibler move into helping sonoma the race for children. >> the first time i walked,
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said, i of freaked out. was all by myself and i couldn't believe they rebuilt it. >> from the very minute i stepped on the set, i had the script in my hand. it's like kimmy has been dormant inside of me for 20 years. she was so ready to come out. >> fuller house will be available to stream on netflix february 26. colin kaepernick is now going public about who he is dating. >> his romantic relationship may have caused a former rift with a former -- a rift with a former teammate. this is a picture on valentine's day with his girlfriend, nasa -- nessa you might recognize him as the former girlfriend of alvin smith. the couple's relationship might have been the source of a reported altercation between content permit -- colin
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kaepernick and smith earlier in the year. apple ceo tim cook is taking on the fbi to fight a court order that says apple engineers need to help the government essentially hack into the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. >> while tim cook is outlining his reasons for resisting this court order, we are asking a legal expert what's next and how can the government compel apple to cooperate? >> we will have that when we see you on the 4 tomorrow.
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harvey: best video of the year. paul mccartney, the biggest star in the world in music, denied at an after party. >> denied twice from tyga's grammy party. >> maybe this is not paul mccartney's deal here. harvey: i would know snoop if i saw him and paul mccartney is at least as popular as snoop. >> paul mccartney was nominated for a rap grammy this year. in your face. >> it's in your mouth now. >> taylor swift. the grammy cameras caught after after she just opened the show and she was like i missed that note. harvey: nobody can hear it but she heard it. >> did you see when ed sheeran won his award? >> she goes so crazy. he wins d


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