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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  February 19, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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sexual assaults near the uc berkeley campus. new surveillance video police are hoping will lead them to a suspect. mornings on 2 starts now. >> this is mornings on 2. >> good morning and thank you for joining us. it's friday, february 19th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning, everybody. i'm brian flores. let's start with weather and traffic. is it going to be raining later on? >> much weaker. >> it feels like it sort of dissipated. >> it's there. >> he knows. >> he knows. we have one more system farther south. north bay decent amounts online. and you can see there's our system. so it will swing through more late than early. and some of the rain has started on the coast. and there'll be rain north of santa rosa. the increasing clouds are on the way. it's noticeably cooler with low
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340s for some. mid-40s to low 50s around san francisco, and also sfo. i don't think we'll get much of a breeze unless you're on the coast. turning cloudy to mostly cloudy. and rain starts to the north earlier. and for most of the bay area, late morning, early afternoon. highs in the upper 50s to lower 60s. 4:01 on a friday. we're off to a great start. not a lot going on when it comes to traffic. and that's exactly what you want to hear if you have to get on the road early. my mike just fell off. inauspicious start. inauspicious is one of my
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favorite words. let's look at i-880. northbound and southbound it's moving nicely. and as we take a look at the south bay map. traffic all over the south bay according to the road sensors is doing very well. justice antonin scalia will be laid to rest on saturday but today he'll be honored in the u.s. supreme court. we have more on justice scalia's friend and how people plan to pay respects. >> reporter: the 79-year-old father of nine was appointed in 1986 and was a staunch conservative voice on the bench. and now his unexpected death has left a gaping hole in the high court. >> i looked at the words of the constitution. but i ask what did those words mean to the society that
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adopted them? >> reporter: known as somewhat of a fire brand he had a disarming way of charming while simultaneously skewering those with whom he disagreed. his death took many by surprise and sparked a political fire storm over his vacant seat. senate republicans want to delay until after the general election. >> if i vacancy occurs, his job is to nominate a qualified individual. after that it's out of his hands. he acknowledges that scalia's intellect will be hard to match. >> obviously, we had different political orientations and probably would have disagreed on the outcome of certain cases but there's no doubt that he was a giant on the supreme court. >> reporter: president obama
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will be paying his respects at the court here in just a few hours and he will not be attending the funeral tomorrow. vice president joe biden had a closer personal relationship with scalia and he will represent the administration at the funeral tomorrow. >> thank you for giving us a glimpse into what will be happening. happening this morning, a memorial service will be held for a well respected richmond police officer shot and killed in a family dispute. gus vegas served 15 years in the richmond police department. he had 10 children and 20 grandchildren. robert vega, the father of one of the grandkids is accused of the shooting. the event is open to the public. the casket will be taken from sky view mortuary in vallejo to
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the auditorium. we'll have live coverage throughout the morning on mornings on 2,, and our mobile app. berkeley police say there may be a pattern involving three recent sexual assaults near the uc berkeley campus. went to go to surveillance video of a possible suspect showing a man running down hay street. a woman says a man came up behind her and assaulted her. the victim chased after the attacker and a surveillance camera recorded a man running down the street. another woman was assaulted a half hour earlier. >> we don't know if the person lives in the area or hangs out in the area. so that was one of the other reasons we want this information out there in case someone recognizes the fern. >> in each of the cases college
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age asian women were targeted. the suspect is african-american or east indian in his early 20s tweet 5'9" and 6 feet tall with dark curly hair or dreadlocks pulled back. a san jose man accused in a hit-and-run was arrested. investigators say he was driving a honda last friday and hit a cyclist. the cyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. and the abandoned car was later recovered by police a few blocks away from the crash. the chp needs your help to track down cars involved in a weekend side show on the bay bridge. [engines] >> this video was posted to social media and shows a driver spinning doughnuts west of treasure island. the police rushed to the scene,
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stationed patrol cars at both ends of the bridge but so far none of the cars have been located. >> new express lanes are opening on 580 in livermore valley. two eastbound laned opened this morning. and a new westbound lane will open next monday. all three lanes will open from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays. solo drivers can pay a toll to use them. if you carpool and get a fast pass flex you won't be charged. a new underground subway line in san francisco would extend the subway tunnel past the west portal station and make the ocean view line faster. the price tag would be as much as $3 billion.
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a public hearing is scheduled thursday at 6 p.m. at waldorf high school. yesterday we watched as excavators and bulldozers demolished a building at esplanade avenue. it has been sitting empty since 2010. many neighbors came out to watch the demolition. one woman who lives one building down says she's not particularly worried about the eroding cliff. >> i'll never be able to afford this kind of view anywhere. so, you know, i'm going to stick it out. the end of this building is the worst. i've got the best edge. so i'm just going to hang out until they kick me out or i fall in i guess. >> north of the now demolished
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building is 320 esplanade which has also been red tagged since 2010. the demolition of that building could happen any day now. the third building sitting on the edge of the cliff is a complex that was yellow tagged in january. it's being closely watched. el niño is making the winter rough on the coast. the coastline is constantly eroding. and during el niño years, the damage can be tenfold. homeowners are not the only ones impacted. beaches can be dangerous with powerful rip tides that are not a match for even experienced lifeguards. >> the cold water can create a panic. and that's one of the biggest dangers, the water temperature alone. >> this is a look at what can happen during el niño years. they lose power before hitting the beaches usually.
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but in el niño years, they come from the west where there are no obstacles in the way. and they smack into the coast with full power. a san jose police officer who was fired gets his job back. at 4:30 the decision to reinstate him after controversial tweets about the black lives matter protests. >> white smoke was coming out of the back of the helicopter. and a dramatic helicopter crash caught on video in hawaii. what the pilot did to help save lives. we are looking at a commute on the bridge that does look pretty good. on the golden gate bridge heading south -- we'll tell you more coming up. we started the week with record heat, 70s and 80s, and then wind and rain. and one more system will be weaker and make for light rain on this friday.
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we are following a developing story in libya this morning where u.s. war planes attacked several isis targets including a militant training camp and a senior extremist leader. the u.s. has been monitoring isis movements in libya and small teams have moved in and out of the country over a period of months. stay tuned for updates on this story. we have an update on a
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terrifying crash. it was all caught on video. a tour helicopter in hawaii -- a 16-year-old passenger suffered critical injuries and four people on board the helicopter were hurt, two of whom are in the hospital but in stable condition. the ntsb is sending a team to investigate. and a tour guide who witnessed the crash says the rotors did not make a normal sound before the helicopter plunged into the water and flipped upside down. >> i definitely thought it was part of a tour. i thought they were getting close. and when someone screamed i was like -- we just turned and ran. >> some people standing nearby rescued the teenage victim who was trapped in the helicopter. witnesses believe the pilot prevented the aircraft from hitting people on the shore which would have caused more injuries. republican presidential candidate donald trump is once again involved in a war of words, this time with the pope.
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flying home from his visit to mexico, pope francis was told by reporters about his pledge to build a wall at the mexican border. the pope said a person who thinks about building walls instead of bridges is not a christian. trump fired back. >> they're using the pope as a pawn and they should be ashamed of themselves. >> aristotle defined the -- at least i am a human person and i am a pawn -- maybe. i will leave that up to your judgment. >> interesting. asked whether or not held discourage americans from voting for trump, he said he would not get mixed up in that.
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there's speculation that one of the three candidates could drop out of the race if they don't have a good showing in south carolina. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck in nevada where democratic voters cast theirs tomorrow. the anti-wall street message appears to be gaining momentum in nevada. it's 4:16 and we want to check in with sal for an early look at traffic. >> did you notice the disparity between the pope's actual voice and the translator. [ speaking spanish ] >> i think they should match the voice a little bit better. >> there was a bit of a difference. >> a little bit of a difference. >> did you have your coffee this morning. >> i think he's had extra
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coffee. that was funny. >> all aboard! >> let's take a look at what we have now. >> our director also had extra coffee. >> i haven't had coffee yet. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, nice and empty and if you're at 4:17 that's what you want to see. empty at the bay bridge toll plaza. and same thing goes with the san mateo bridge. no major problems heading out to the high-rise. traffic looks good all the way to the peninsula. >> and northbound 101 it's so light that traffic is not affected but it's there and we'll let you know if it develops into something major. 4:17 and let's go to steve. >> that was good, sal. but you don't want to peak too early. >> save it for later. we have one more system in the old weather pipeline. what a crazy week.
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topsy-turvy. wind, rain, thunderstorms. yesterday they were beginning to develop. one more system and the colder air to the top left of the screen, that's heading more north. a pretty good line heading to the dell nor today and humble coast. >> in lake county -- right now a little bit north of fort bragg. not my forecast zone. 40s on the temps. oakland airport and sfo checking in at 50. sebastopol is 43. . i doubt those winds change much but south i think they will. there are breaks in the clouds further south. 30 up in truckee. ree knee, 41.
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and down in monterey. sierra nevada looks good. they'll have precipitation moving in later. this system will weaken because the front is moving away from the parent low and the energy source. it will not have the oomph that the last system had. some of the rain will start in the north bay maybe around 9:00. the front starts to march through by noon and starts to move into marin and napa. and by 2:00 it's over the bay area. it's really begins to fall apart as we head to 4:00 or 6:00. north bay will get heavier amounts. clearing out by saturday and sunday and we look good to go for sunshine and warmer temps. increasing clouds, afternoon rain and sooner up to the north. the heaviest rain will be northward. 50s and 60s on the temps, they've come way down from the
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beginning of the week. after this system clears, we'll see mostly sunny skies on saturday and then warmer weather sunday, monday and tuesday. >> just in time for the chinese new year parade which is lovely. >> thank you, steve. it's 4:20 right now. and twin sisters from san ramon are sharing their luck and $6 million. she bought the tickets after spotting a yellow lady bug and said it was a sign. so she stopped in the fast and easy mart and bought $210 set for life scratchers. she may buy a vacation home and a new van. her sister wants to pay off student loans. >> how many i can't see the sign. >> that's great, a yellow lady
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bug. >> i saw the sign. >> rapper kanye west is going on another twitter rant. this time he mentions steph curry. how curry is responding this morning.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 4:32. and later today, richard branson will unveil a new spaceship. the move comes after an earlier spacecraft was destroyed in a
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test flight in october of 2014. one of the pilots was killed in that. but the new spaceship two can carry up to six passengers and fly more than 60 miles off the ground. for a few minutes, passengers will feel weightless. test flights are set to begin later this year. >> unveiling a spaceship is a very important milestone. >> branson will unveil the spacecraft at the mojave air and space port. hundreds of people have put down deposits of $250,000 for a chance to fly into space with virgin galactic. we're getting a better look at the faces on the giants, including starts pitcher jeff samardzija. he likes to be considered not just a pitcher but an athlete.
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he's hoping to give baumgartner a run for the plate. >> the cool thing about a great starting rotation is you compete over everything. don't ever think you'll come to the field without having to be on your toes. whether you're competing on the cross word or the singles, it's never ending. >> for his part. bumgarner is super excited that the giants went after is a ma gentleman. . the first workout is on sunday. the full squad reports to mesa on thursday. >> rapper kanye west has unleashed a couple of rants on twitter repeatedly he wrote i am the jordan and steph curry
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of music. okay. meaning i'm the best of two generations. curry was asked about it yesterday after practice. >> i've seen a lot of his crazy, outlandish tweets in the past, especially in the past month. and when i saw my name, that was pretty funny and honoring at the same time. also very weird for me in the same conversation as michael and kanye. >> that's an interesting group. >> the tweet was sent out shortly before the end of the all star game where curry scored 26 points. well, he successfully helped challenge california's ban on same-sex marriage and apple is working out for his help. the high profile attorney
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working on the apple dispute with the fbi. the east bay preparing to say goodbye to officer gus vegas. and looking at the south bay commute coming up. and this is 280 in san jose. we'll take a look at your santa clara valley commute when we come back. well, we have rain on the way. this system is much weaker unless you're up north. and we're looking for increasing clouds. the almost full moon won't be full until monday morning.
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welcome back. friday, february 19th and i'm brian flores. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it's almost 4:30 and we were going to get a little rain today. >> north bay much more than the
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south bay. different from the system we had wednesday and thursday. that was a good one. people were still talking about it yesterday. >> especially because of the wind. >> that and the intensity of the rainfall. >> right. >> when it wakes you up at midnight. but that's not the case with this system. it will be if you're north of fort bragg. this system is lifting a little more north. and seattle i should mention is within a couple hundredths of setting the all time wettest winter ever. how about that? i wonder where the storm track went this year? i think it went north. they have almost 36 inches of rain in seattle. and you rememberer toy. >> yes. >> and when it rains it's a big deal. and when it doesn't rain in seattle it's a big deal. >> she's spending a lot of time up there now. >> they've had a lot of rain. we have a lo


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