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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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the majority of the detectives are focusing under that blue tent. we're told around 4:00 the shooting broke out in which a blackmon at the carlo -- a black monte carlo was riddled by bullets. all we know at this point is there were two men inside that black monte carlo. one was killed, the other was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. it appears that other bullets, possibly stray bullets, hit another child and another woman, according to police. >> a nine-year-old child was transported to the hospital, as well as another adult female who was shot in the hand. they're both expected to survive, although the nine-year- old had a head injury, head wound from we believe a bullet. >> condolences to the family. that's it. very good people. i don't know why out of all
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these houses a good person's home got shot up. >> reporter: and that person that we talked to says knows the family. again, as you heard him say, a very good family, a nice family. doesn't understand why anybody would target them. it's unclear at this point if the entire family members were targeted, or if they were victim of a random shooting. the search continues for those shooters. again two men that we believe are the shooters, and they're searching for a maroon sedan. so as soon as we get more information we'll give it to you but that's all we know at this boy. shootings, four people have been shot, one person shot and a child injured. >> crime scene tape is still soup that road it looks like is still blocked off at this hour. >> reporter: if you are going to be heading in the area, the 500 block of porter, you might want to avoid it because it's still an active crime scene. you're going to have to find an alternative route. >> cristina, thank you. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we are working to bring you the very latest in all of our
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newscasts. you can also find updates on our facebook and twitter pages and the ktvu mobile app. new at 6:00, san francisco police are asking for the public's help finding the man who robbed a walgreens and got away with powerful drugs. police released surveillance video of the robbery from wednesday night at the walgreens on franklin street and geary. you see the man walk directly to the pharmacy and showed his weapon. police say he then gave the technician a note with his demands. >> basically saying i want your oxy, i want your fentanyl, and i want the xanax. the woman reading the note immediately complies. >> on the street, the drugs could sell for up to triple the value. to the weather now it's been a rainy friday here in the bay area. take a look at the conditions this afternoon in san francisco
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where the umbrellas were back out today. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin is here now. it was never really coming down but we did get a little bit. >> in the north bay it was a rainy friday for sure. areas south from about san francisco, oakland south, it's been this kind of nuisance mist all day. it happened to reign the north bay. trace amounts of rain for most of us. san francisco got .15 of an inch so that was rain there. but you get the idea. the system did what it was supposed to do. timing was pretty good. we expected it noon to 4:00. that's pretty much when it rolled through. now it's making its way through the san jose area where it's delivering almost sear row. there are some of the totals. very significant. novato .02. san francisco .13. areas in marin county in the mill valley area, up to half an inch of rain there. so as you look outside now there's still a little bit of drizzle. just because the radar is not
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showing it doesn't mean it's not happening. there's more systems in the pacific. they're going to miss us as we head towards this weekend we've got significant warming to talk about. sigh back here. >> sigh in a bit, bill. the we weather is making for slick roads and a slow friday commute. take a look at our live drive time traffic map. the red lines you see there show areas where traffic is moving slowly, and those square icons, those are spots where acts have been reported. now we want to good outside and take a look at the conditions along interstate 80. this is near the university avenue exit in berkeley. from these live pictures you can see those headlights coming toward us are heading toward the bay bridge, toward the macarthur maze, and it is slow going on this friday night. download the free app for the very latest. our team of meteorologists are also posting updates on facebook, twitter, and instagram. new at 6:00, confidential police records could be made public if a new bill becomes
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law. senator mark leneau unveiled the bill today. the bill also says records can be withheld from the public if a judge determines that privacy outweighs the public interest. the state senator hopes this bill will restore some public trust in law enforcement. >> if we can agree that law enforcement's business is the public's business, then greater transparency and accountability will benefit both. >> the increasing law enforcement transparency bill would also allow people who file a complaint accusing an officer of misconduct to learn more about their case. specifically, if the complaint was sustained, what an investigation uncovered and whether the officer faced any sort of corrective action. a tourist walking with his niece in the early evening was attacked near japan in to san francisco and stabbed in the
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head. it happened last night in a generally quiet residential area near post and franklin streets. ktvu's rob roth tells us police are now looking for a man and woman who carried out this attack. >> this is a very disgusting act that occurred. >> reporter: that's how police describe what happened about 8:30 last night here on post street between gough and franklin streets just a block away from st. mary's cathedral. they say an uncle visiting from the united kingdom was walking with his niece from southern california. that's when police say a man and woman confronted them. >> the male suspect approached the male victim, chased him down the block, and essentially was able to take his property. all of a sudden some kind of brief struggle. during the commission of the robbery there was a stabbing that the suspect stabbed the victim in the head, we believe to be a knife or sharp object. >> reporter: the 44-year-old man was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police say the female attacker
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apparently trade unsuccessfully to grab the niece's backpack. the 23-year-old niece was not injured. the attackers ran off with the man's cash, credit cards, cell phone, and passport. >> our investigators are canvassing the neighborhood to see if we can locate any type of video surveillance to see if it captured the images of the. >> reporter: police have released a vague description. they say the man they're looking for is african- american, 5' 10" with a muscular build wearing a dark has haded sweat shirt. they say the woman is 5' 4" with dreadlocks. those who live in this residential neighborhood describe it as pretty safe. >> i think it's awful that it happens, especially in this neighborhood. we don't really see things like. that. >> reporter: police say they did find a scarf they believe was left behind by the female attacker, and they say they will be checking it for any dna evidence. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. now to a touching tribute today in richmond for a police officer who was shot and killed
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inside his own home last week. >> he did fall in the line of duty, and that was the line of duty as a father and as a husband. >> family, friends, and fellow law enforcement all filled the richmond auditorium today. they were there to remember officer gus vegas. >> john sasaki was at the service where there were plenty of tears but also some laughter. >> reporter: the respect for richmond police officer gus vegas was obvious and heartfelt as his casket passed his saluting brothers and sisters in blue. despite his not dying in the line of duty but rather in a domestic dispute at his vallejo home, the richmond auditorium was filled as if vegas had died saving the lives of city residents. >> but such a danger is never expected to be lurking within the walls of your personal sank you the ware. it there are some things in life that are just beyond our
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ability to comprehend. >> reporter: his family says he did die in the line of duty. >> dad's final breath doing what he always taught us, and that was to protect his family at all cost. take care of the pride. he felt did he fall in the line of duty and that was the line of duty as a father and husband, protecting his pride like a king lion. >> reporter: one after another most of vegas' ten children and stepchildren spoke of the man who is obviously larger than life in their world. >> on our way over here i was like, wow, i can't believe on a weekday they shut down one of the -- probably the busiest highways to honor him. and i could just see him, like, that's right. >> he always did some crazy things that i didn't understand when i was little, lake put me on the top of a roof and tell me to jump.
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but i did it every time because i trusted him so much, and i knew he would catch me. ♪ since i've been away i've been down and lonely ♪ >> reporter: one song chosen by the family was by diana ross. ♪ thinking of you >> i'm so honored to be protected by him. i'm honored to be his daughter. i am honored for them to be my family. >> dad, the love and encouragement you showed all of us kids is the same love and encouragement we will show our kids, and for that reason, you will live on, and will you forever be in our hearts. >> reporter: joe vegas gave the eulogy and made a powerful statement about his father's impact on the world. >> if he's taught you something, if he's trained you, if he's touched your life or somebody you flow, can you just
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raise your hand? i'm just curious. >> reporter: half the huge crowd raised their hands. afterwards, it was time for the ride to the cemetery in vallejo. vegas add huge contingent of police officers to ensure he arrived at his final resting place safely. in richmond, aim john sasaki, ktvu fox 2 news. >> on we've posted more pictures and videos. you can find a link near the top of our home page. wow, that's really something to watch seeing his daughters up there talking. that was just so emotional. >> he had ten children, and you could tell how much he meant not only to his family but the entire community. >> how many people he affected during his lifetime. coming up next an unusual campaign in front of san jose city hall. >> i think it's just terrible that it's like letting kids know that it's okay, and i think it's really wrong. >> one group's controversial efforts to get marijuana
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legalized. plus, pg&e upgrades its natural gas system. the improvements just made in light of that disaster in san bruno.
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a contra costa county judge ordered the release of a man who is considered a sexually violent predator. 52-year-old robert bates is to be released as a transient. no permanent home was found for him after a seven-month search. bates will now be staying at five different hotels for four days at a time. he's been convicted of three sex off fences against boys ranging in age from six to 15 years old. >> new developments in the showdown between apple and the
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fbi. today frustrated justice department asked a judge to force apple to comply with its demands. the d.o.j. wants apple to make a back door so the fbi can unlock the phone of syed farook. he was one of did two terrorists who killed 14 people in san bernardino last year. today the d.o.j. said apple is more concerned about its, quote, public brand marketing strategy than legal rationale. senator dianne feinstein also weighed in and said today, "apple is not above the laws of the united states." new at 6:00, a controversial campaign going on right in front of san jose city hall. a group there is trying to rally potential voters by giving them marijuana. the group says it is offering vouchers for free marijuana in exchange for voters' information. >> as ktvu's ann rubin explains, they want that information on the november ballot. >> hey, what's up, man? want to sign up for free weed?
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>> reporter: the contact information is for free marijuana. >> you get a voucher and get a gram of free weed. >> to redeem these we'll have to get legalization passed. there are some cannabis clubs that may honor them for medical cannabis patients today. >> the bowl is to drive awareness around the 201 election. >> reporter: which is why yards away a separate group is ready to register voters. just next to them, volunteers with petitions to get on the november ballot. >> we need 365,000 or more signatures to get on the ballot so that's what we're attempting to do. >> reporter: in fact, there are competing measures vying for voters attention. >> actually the two here that are competing are pretty close. >> reporter: still, there are those when find both the idea of legalization and the lure of free marijuana vouchers distasteful. >> that's just terrible.
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it makes me feel like we're in a whole new world now days. >> reporter: organizers have until the end of april to gather enough signatures to get on the ballot. >> whenever they have stuff like this i always try to show support. right now they need the support. >> reporter: the group plans to be here until 8:00 tonight. up next, a tour of california to hand out more vouchers. in san jose, ann rub birntion ktvu fox 2 news. >> time to talk about the weather. it turned gray and rainy. let's go back to bill for more. >> just a little longer, julie, then we get into the weekend and a much nicer weather pattern. we need rain. right now we're not looking at much coming our way. but the weekend is coming your way and the weather looks good. by sunday we could see temperatures back into the low 70s. that's the system that slid through this afternoon, early afternoon, the later afternoon. the rainfall act excuse me you laightsdz, we mentioned it, not
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too bad. up to half an inch in some places, the heavy spots north bay, coastal hills, but something is good. a few sprinkles lingering now. you're seeing a little bit of light shower activity south down towards the palo alto area but it's just drizzle. wipers on intermittent, the pacific is active. it's a very active pacific. there's a lot going on. you've got a cyclone in the pacific. we've got lots of storminess but it's not coming our way, at least in any strong form. the current radar shows light sprinkles. where are we now? out towards san ramon, east to livermore, but it's winding down. we head to tomorrow. with the wet ground, we've got a good shot at seeing valley fog tomorrow morning then sunday morning. so think valley fog if you've got early morning travel plans to the mountains. the rainfall accumulations thus far this season 88% of arching san francisco. as i mentioned before, with february almost being wiped out in terms of rainfall, we've had just an abysmal february.
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we'll be fine. we'll probably end up close to 100%, but that's not what we need. we need to be about 150% for a couple of years. warmer as we head towards the bay area weekend. when is the next rain? next week, like friday, like seven days from now. that could -- hopefully that pans out but that could move, too. these are the forecast highs tomorrow. lots of 60s. warmer, mid-60s in the warmer spots. as i mentioned on sunday, there's a good chance for some low 70s. and monday we could even see some mid-70s. so enjoy. it's california. but we had a nice little roll there in january and december and october, november. those were all significant rainfall accumulations months for us. well above the average for the month. but here we are in february, february right now, typical big el niño. it's significant. a typical big el niño.
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two in the past. a typical big one, you are going to go 300, 280% of rainfall average for the month of february. we're in many cases about 30% of average. so now in february, it's a big rainfall month. so it's not the end of the world. it's just, we've been kind of like cheerleaders for each storm that comes in. our team didn't score during the month of february. >> thanks bill. pg&e has completed a major improvement to its natural gas. pg&e recently installed more than 20 remote control shutout valves. delays in shutting off valves during the san bruno firestorm led to this ultra high-tech control room and remote criminal. they say the improvements will keep gas or fire from spewing out of a broken pipeline. >> this control center is the single point within the company where we have real-time insight into what's happening on the. what i can assure you is that we'll never forget san bruno.
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safety is absolutely the most important thing for us. >> pg&e made the improvement on the system based on recommendations from the national transportation safety board. the giants and the a's are mourning the loss of former standout players tonight. mark is coming up to take a look back at the remarkable careers of tony phillips and jimmy davenport. right now we want to check in with keen bain the newsroom with a look at what we're work on for 7:00. >> reporter: frank, thousands of mourners paid their final respects to supreme court justice an to anyone ska whree i can't. what president obama had to say about the conservative leader of the in addition's highest court. also, sir paul mccartney and three big names from hollywood dined together in los angeles. what was discussed during their four-hour long power dinner. those stories and your top headlines at 7:00 on tv 36.
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these are the hands, the hands that drive commerce, that build business across borders. these are the hands of pitney bowes, e craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands that sew the seeds of business growth, that weave the data, and find the perfect spot to thrive. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce.
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we are less than 24 hours away from san francisco's chinese new year parade. teams are putting the finishing touches on tomorrow's big event. they've been working for months at pier 54 building and decorating 20 colorful floats. as always you can watch the big parade right here on ktvu fox 2. our live coverage starts tomorrow evening at 6:00. mark is here now with sports. unfortunately some sad news. >> yeah, i can tell you i've been doing sports here 37 years. never had a sportscast like this. two very prominent bay area baseball players passing away on the same day. and we'll talk about jimmy davenport first.
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longtime giant, 51 years with the organization. and just one of the men you can truly say an absolute gentleman. this is a look at him in some of the early days of his playing career. what a career it was. just an all-star third baseman, a gold glove winner, and a gentle spirit who came up through the giants' organization. later managed the team. he also coached. loved being around the young players. he was just beloved by his teammates as well. here's a former giants teammate, felipe alou talking with joe fonzi earlier today. >> he was maybe the best friend that the latinos and the blacks had on the team. it was a tremendous group of players, but davy was the guy would was always worried about how we were doing. he was from alabama.
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but he was like one of us. and i repeat, up, there was not a trace of racism. >> all right, and, you know, i had the opportunity to play in a fantasy camp with a giants deal in arizona with jimmy davenport. i can tell you just great story, and his alabama act september, i could listen to him all day long. he died of heart failure down on the peninsula. jimmy davenport was 82 years old. and today also very unexpected, untimely death of oakland a's tony phillips. just 56 years old. the oakland a's have not released the cause of death. he made the final defensive play when the a's beat the giants in the 1989 world series. a great player. and jose canseco tweeted out, i'm in total shock. i played golf with him last week. he was in great health. nobody expected this. tony phillips, 56 years old. >> far too soon. mark, thank you. tonight on the 10:00 news we're
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continuing to follow breaking news in vallejo where four people were shot. we have a crew on the scene. we're trying to figure out what led to this shooting. >> stay with us at 10:30 for a special chinese new year's edition of bay area people. we'll see you at the parade tomorrow night. have a good one, everyone.
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