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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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g this has been an amazing evening. >> a big super tuesday for donald trump. but ted cruz isn't giving up. >> god bless the lone star state. >> it's clear tonight the states in this election have never been -- the stakes have never been higher. >> reporter: hillary clinton widens her lead. bernie sanders reminds us it's not over yet. >> this is not a general election. by the end of tonight, we are going to win many hundreds of delegates. [ cheering ] it is a big night in the race for the white house. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. super tuesday is now in the books with donald trump and hillary clinton solidifying their front-runner status.
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clinton swept the south, take a look at georgia where she came away with 71% of the democratic vote. she also scored victories in alabama, arkansas, tennessee and virginia. >> outside of the south, it was much closer. massachusetts here, it's a liberal state, clinton won tonight but her margin was small faller at 50-49%. >> sanders got on the board, going home tonight with four wins including oklahoma, also won by a landslide in his home state of vermont and came out on top in minnesota. and in colorado. >> to the republicans, donald trump won early and often. in virginia, he came out on top with 35%. marco rubio at 32, ted cruz with 17%.
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>> another state where trump won big is tennessee. 39% of the vote, cruz managed to score second, switching places with rubio. >> ted cruz did win texas. that was the biggest prize on super tuesday. and cruz won fairly easily with a double-digit margin over donald trump. cruz also won in oklahoma. >> marco rubio got on the board with his first victory, the winner of the republican caucus in minnesota where cruz came in second and trump came in third. >> as the votes came in, each of the candidates spoke out. while clinton and trump seemed to be closing in, the rest of the field isn't ready to clear out just yet. >> jana katsuyama in our newsroom with what the candidates said about the super tuesday results. >> reporter: one of the big things that stood out to me was this change of tone on the part of the front-runners. clinton and trump. both of them seemed to pick their messages toward focusing
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on a message of unifying their party, the nation, and winning the general election. >> the republican race took a new turn, with a big super tuesday winner, donald trump, celebrating victory flanked by flags in an opulent room that suggested a presidential press conference with a new calm her tone. >> i am a unifier. once we get all of this finished, i'm going to go after one person, hillary clinton. >> reporter: for leaders who doubt him, trump had a reality check. >> remember this, i have millions and millions and millions of people. this is not a close match. it's only too bad that winner didn't take all. if winner took all, this thing is over. we're just having a celebration. >> reporter: ted cruz did celebrate, winning texas and oklahoma. his message to other candidates, get out of the race. >> so long as the field remains divided, donald trump's path to the nomination remains more likely. and that would be a disaster
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for republicans. >> reporter: marco rubio with one win now in his pocket, rallied supporters in his home state of florida where he needs a win in two weeks to remain relevant. >> five days ago, we began to explain to the american people that donald trump is a con artist. [ cheering ] >> reporter: in the democratic race, the sanders surprise. >> this campaign is not just about electing a president. it is about transforming america. >> reporter: bernie sanders celebrated his for stage wins, a showcase of his populist power. >> our message is resonating and the people, when we say it together, will be victorious. >> hillary! hillary! >> i believe what we need in america today is more love and kindness. [ cheering ]
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>> reporter: hillary clinton in miami congratulated sanders, but also pivoted to a general election speech against the gop and trump. >> instead of building walls, we're going to break down barriers. >> reporter: on the gop side, john kasich and ben carson did not win any states but it appears they're going to stay in the race for now. there is a big gop debate scheduled for thursday. >> such an interesting race. it keeps shaping up, thanks very much. when it comes to who gets the nomination, it all comes down to the number of delegates. in the gop field, 1237 are needed to win. right now donald trump leads with 268, ted cruz has 142, marco rubio has 78. on the democratic side, 2383 are needed to win. hillary clinton is just shy of 1000 with 984.
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bernie sanders has 347 delegates so far. now to how tonight's results will shape the race moving forward, joining us now for analysis, james taylor, professor of politics at university of san francisco. and political analyst brian sobel. >> brian, let me start with you, this was a very good night for donald trump, seems to be gaining momentum. can cruz or marco rubio stop him? >> it's a real question. frank, the idea that these two people in cruz and rubio knocking down trump is really on a roll, is a loaded question. it looks ever more difficult for them to stop him unless a bunch of people get out of this race in a hurry. and coalesce around one of the other candidates. >> professor taylor, ted cruz won two states. what does he have to do to try
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to catch up with trump? >> i don't think there's a whole lot he can do. i think trump is going to be the republican nominee. what cruz can try to do and i don't mean to be disrespectful but he has to stop being himself, because he's very unpopular. even though a lot of people don't -- actually supported donald trump tonight in virginia and arkansas and alabama, that voted for trump, that's still don't believe that he can win. they still are not supporters of cruz and cruz did expect to do well amongst evangelicals and southerners in general. he did not do well across the board in the south. that's a problem going forward. >> brian, you were talking about how some people need to drop out. do you think there's pressure on the republican establishment or from the establishment for marco rubio or ted cruz to drop out of the race? >> frank, there has to be discussions going on. from the national party leadership talking to frankly, cruz, and rubio and carson.
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and kasich, to get movement here. the longer this goes on, the more donald trump is assured of the nomination. and for the mainstream republican establishment, that's not their preferred outcome. >> let's switch to the democratic side. a good showing tonight for hillary clinton. is the window now closing for bernie sanders to catch up with her? >> i don't think so. mathematically obviously she's almost halfway there, but there are a number of things going forward that bernie will do well in. i think he has michigan, ohio, illinois, he has new york, connecticut, pennsylvania, rhode island. those are places where bernie sanders can do well. even though hillary clinton was super -- frontloaded with super tuesday victories, bernie sanders did win four states. more than anybody expected. >> that's what i wanted to ask you. bernie sanders did win four states tonight.
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was he thinking in his camp? >> i think he believes he just had to march forward. continue to try to win states as he moves along. it's a numbers game at this point. and he's behind in delegates. so he has to catch fire as well. otherwise hillary clinton gets the nomination. >> let me add real quickly, bernie sanders has actually earned money each time he's lost. he's got about $50 million. he's not going anywhere until that 50 million runs out. >> i want to get your take on marco rubio. despite wrapping up his attacks over the past week, he didn't do well. only winning minnesota. what's the biggest problem for him? >> the reason why i'm smiling, i'm stunned he's actually in this race. everyone thinks he's going to miraculously end up with the nomination. i just don't see that scenario anyway. he won a caucus, not a primary.
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in minnesota if i'm not mistaken. so he has to win his state. either he or kasich. we'll see one of those two leave in the next 14 days. >> i think the rubio piece of this is that he appeared up until this evening to be possibly the republican establishment consensus candidate. and he didn't perform well tonight. that's going to cost him. the professor is right. he has to win in florida. of course, kasich in ohio, same way. >> right now the polls have donald trump way ahead of marco rubio in florida. thank you both for joining us tonight. >> you're welcome. publican candidate -- candidates faced each other in another debate this thursday in detroit with fox news hosting. then this weekend the next set
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of primaries and caucuses, five states will vote. the biggest event, louisiana. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage this election season on-air, online and on social media. we will keep you up-to-the- minute. rising real estate prices, robust job growth and skyhigh valuations. fears of a tech bubble. and why some experts -- what some experts are telling us. tracking the wednesday forecast, some showers that will impact one of the commutes. i'll let you know which one. increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? r2, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base. for every family that lives star wars, this is the place where star wars lives. where a galaxy far, far away... closer than ever before. move along. come join star wars awakens. and right now you can save on premium rooms at the disneyland resort.
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a major shakeup tonight for some historic newspapers. the oakland tribune and the contra costa times, they've been publishing for more than 200 years. as of april 5, they will no longer exist. debora villalon is in walnut creek with the downsizing plan announced today. deborah? >> reporter: six papers all part of the bay area news group will be condensed down to two for the trip and the cocoa times, it's the end of an era. >> do you think your paper has the resources to take that on? >> the film about a big boston globe investigation won the oscar for best picture. but the bustling newspaper it portrayed is becoming a relic. >> we're saying who's going to do that in the future? there's nobody left. >> reporter: a newspaper editor who shifted to silicon valley and now teaches journalism. >> all these newspapers have a
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history of being locally owned by people who cared about these communities. >> reporter: two of the biggest papers serving alameda and contra costa counties will become one. the east bay times. santa clara's mainstay becomes the mercury news, dropping the san jose and folding in san mateo. >> i grew up as a paperboy. it was sad news, sad to see it go. >> reporter: the tribune tower, a personal and professional reaction from a newspaper editor laid off last year. >> newspapers are important, town square, sets the issues of the day that we can all debate. when newspapers go down, we lose something in our civic discourse. >> reporter: the tribune newsroom like the others, is a shadow of what it once was. cutbacks and consolidation, the norm as newspapers lose eyes and adds to digital media. many young people never had the newspaper habit. and even among those who did --
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>> i still put stamps on my mail. that's how old-fashioned i am. >> reporter: are you reading the tribune? >> i haven't. to be honest with you, i haven't. but i wish it wouldn't go away. >> not a matter of how much it costs. i won't pay. >> reporter: downsizing will continue as long as people balk at paying for online edition's. only 11% are willing. netflix has 75 million subscribers. by comparison, the new york times, 1 million. ironically, as newspapers become more generic, it may send more readers away. >> there are going to be fewer resources available to go deep on local stories. when there's fewer people and fewer feet on the street, they are not going to come across the stories. >> reporter: this statement today, it is a sad thought that the daily oakley -- oakland tribute will cease to exist, but it appears to be a sign of the times. about 40 jobs will be lost
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beginning with buyouts of veteran employees. live in walnut creek, debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. now to san francisco where the city cleared out the last of the homeless encampment along division street. police officers and about 50 workers from the department of public works began cleaning up the encampment about 4:00 this morning. the homeless had pitched their tents on the wide sidewalk along division from south end. crews removed 90% of the items left there and they say most of the homeless have complied with their order to leave. the city of san jose is rolling out the red carpet for a film festival over the next two weeks, more than 100,000 people are estimated to attend. ktvu's azenith smith live now at the california theater in san jose where that festival is being recognized as one of the year's most anticipated. azenith? >> reporter: let me tell you, this place was bubbling with excitement for a city that wants to celebrate the arts, culture and diversity, this is
10:17 pm
a huge deal. this year's film festival is premiering 129 films from all over the world. with a touch of hollywood glitz and glamour, hundreds of eager movie buffs packed the california theater for opening night of the "cinequest" film festival. >> the fact that helen mirren movie, my favorite actress, and the fact it is a beautiful theater that i haven't seen before, that is awesome. >> reporter: it showcases more than 200 films, majority are independent. with the theme unite, the festival comes with controversy over the lack of diversity in film. organizers say this year's festival is more inclusive. >> recently we had some issues with the academy. "cinequest" has 50% of its films directed by women. not only that we've always been inclusive, we've never had to try. it's an amazing lineup that represents the globe, different countries and cultures, lgbt community. >> reporter: it's attracting big names among those on the
10:18 pm
red carpet, director gavin hood who directed this year's opening-night film the eye in the sky. it stars dame helen mirren and the late alan mcglynn. -- alan rickman. despite losing his baggage at the airport, he's glad to be back. >> great to be in san jose. the spirit here is a film lover and people who come to lock -- to watch movies because they love him. i feel completely at home dressed in what i was wearing 15 hours ago. >> reporter: remember me, starring rita moreno. she along with james franco are recipients of this year's spirit awards. and his first feature film, but he solitaire, he will hoping he will get discovered and uses this festival as a way to keep the arts live in san jose. >> a lot of things going on. i see a lot of artists, filmmakers down here and "cinequest" is a huge part of that because it's a great platform for filmmakers to
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launch their films. >> reporter: tomorrow the hammer theater formerly the downtown san jose theater will showcase this film, a screening of a san jose state student film called yellow wallpaper. it's all part of this year's "cinequest" film festival. julie? >> looks like a lot of fun. thank you. at, we have posted more information about this festival. look for it in the web links section. water officials are hoping el niño will return with a vengeance this month after a disappointing snowpack survey. they checked the snowpack for water content near echo summit. it was near 83% of average. that is up from 19% of normal in march of last year. water officials say it needs to be 150% of average by april to make a real dent in the drought. the year did begin with a lot of much-needed rain but el niño storms. north and missed california for most of february. that's about to change.
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after a ridiculously dry february, we're setting up with hope for a pretty significant rain event next couple weeks. storm door opens up, and we start seeing rain in here as early as tomorrow night. and thursday morning. the real rain once again towards the weekend, for tomorrow, clouds increasing bit. from the system here, by the late afternoon, early evening, sprinkle's and showers north of santa rosa. than those showers will move into our area overnight tomorrow night into thursday morning. right now 50s outside, here's the model, the fog comes to the coast, indication the flow is going the right way. pushes the fog up, here's the rain i'm talking about tomorrow morning, here we are tomorrow evening. this thing is t'ed up, this slides right through. as we go into your thursday night. your snow report behind me,
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plenty of snow in the mountains, snow levels will be hi. when i come back, we're going to talk about the bigger storms coming. is the bay area on the verge of a tech bubble? signs of a softening economy in silicon valley. and what's changed since bust?
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about a dozen people came together today to celebrate a last-minute reprieve for a unique san francisco church threatened with eviction. jazz music filled the st. john coltrane church in the fillmore
10:24 pm
district. the landlord wants the church to move out of its space but leaders recently found out they have a 60 day extension on their lease. >> we don't look at it like 60 days. it's not a reprieve. we just refused to leave at gunpoint. we were leaving anyway. on our own terms. >> st. john coltrane church was started in 1969. the cofounders say the idea was to appreciate the spiritual quality of coltrane's music. formal charges filed against two sheriff's deputies and a former deputy. all accused of forcing jail inmates to fight each other for entertainment in a gladiator style fight club. ktvu's henry lee tells us the district attorney detailed the charges during a news conference today. >> reporter: san francisco district attorney george gascon says the deputies forced inmates ricardo garcia and stanley harris to fight each
10:25 pm
other at least twice in the jail on brian strait. then deputy scott new told intimates if they didn't fight each other, he would handcuff them, taste them, beat them or send them to a different jail. >> this severely undermined the moral authority of the honest, hard-working deputies that work hard day in and day out to protect us. >> reporter: a public defender brought the allegations to light. >> we call this a game of thrones gladiator fight. because it really was done for just. -- jest. >> reporter: harry stern told me off-camera the charges are
10:26 pm
overblown, the case is being pursued by a grandstanding d.a. at most his client may have let the inmates wrestle to settle a dispute about who was stronger. gascon says the fights were real. >> it's really unfortunate when we start downplaying really bad behavior. this is not horseplay. this was really bad behavior by law enforcement officers. >> reporter: san francisco sheriff vicki hennessy wasn't in office at the time of the fights but said she wants to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> the biggest thing for me is that all the deputy sheriffs in the department are all very disappointed. and we're disappointed about these allegations. >> reporter: she has been charged with several felonies including assault and taking criminal threats. deputy eugene jones is on unpaid leave charged with felonies. clifford chiba faces misdemeanor charges and is still employed although he has no contact with inmates. in san francisco, henry lee,
10:27 pm
ktvu fox 2 news. a year in space, just about two hours ago, a homecoming, astronaut scott kelly's return to earth. in silicon valley, on the verge of a tech bubble? hear what experts have to say and how this is no do
10:28 pm
10:29 pm
on segment two, we look at the bay area's robust economy from job to housing. the growth experienced here is the envy of the nation. >> question is, have we gone too far too fast? some are questioning whether a tech bubble is forming. maureen naylor talks with a handful of experts to get there opinions about a possible slowdown and what's at stake. >> reporter: when you talk about bubbles, these kind are fun. that's not the case with an
10:30 pm
economic bubble burst. >> [ singing ] oh, baby, baby, how was i supposed to know? >> reporter: britney spears topped the charts in 1999 and silicon valley was on the verge of the dot-com bust. it was a day of lavish parties and ipos. but when that bubble burst, silicon valley lost 20% of its jobs. the rest of the market dropped 30% and housing prices did 10%. fast-forward to today, some say we're on the verge of another slowdown. >> it does remind me of the dot- com bust. >> i didn't use the word bubble, but evaluations got so extreme over the last couple years that it is bubble-like again. >> reporter: ken rosen, chair of the fisher center for real estate says unlike 2000, companies have business plans and have shown profitability. however, the problem lies in
10:31 pm
investors pouring so much money in that some tech companies are way overvalued and due for a correction. they've been dubbed unicorns, private companies valued at $1 billion or more. because a few years ago it was rare to have a private company valued at that much. today, there are 152 unicorns. including uber, airbnb and pinterest. >> if you ask most investor they will tell you, no bubble here. everything is just fine. thank you very much. can you invest in my start up? >> reporter: steve baker was behind eight startups and teaches entrepreneurship at stanford. >> the nice part is it is deflating rather than popping. and unlike the bubble at the turn-of-the-century, this isn't going to hurt your grandmother. >> reporter: what would a modern bubble burst mean? the bay area high end housing market is already softening. he expects in the next three years home prices and rents could drop 15%. >> so i would be surprised to
10:32 pm
lose 20, 30,000 jobs or 40,000 jobs over the next three years. at some point. we're not there yet. >> steven levy is the director of the center for continuing study at the california economy. he says the bay area economy is strong. companies are -- like apple are expanding with unemployment lower than anywhere in the nation and tourism and airports are setting records. while people are leaving the bay area, more people from other areas are moving in. >> all of the experts thought everybody would leave the companies would leave. the people would leave. and it hasn't happened. >> reporter: silicon valley tech analyst has watched the industry for 30 years. >> i've heard this story over and over again. silicon valley's dead. we're not going to go anywhere. the bottom line is they don't understand the fact that part of this is clickable. >> reporter: a chief economist for the association of bay area governments also agrees a
10:33 pm
cyclical shakeout is coming. >> in the bay area, it means at a minimum slower growth. and possibly a downturn in jobs. but when that will happen is very hard to say. >> reporter: everyone we spoke with agreed the biggest crisis for the bay area is affordable housing. >> i can't tell you how many people i know personally who i work with who are thinking i can't afford to live here. >> reporter: if there is a downturn, history shows silicon valley has done well in the recovery. experts say despite high housing prices, traffic and taxes, it's still a place where people want to live. in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. new evidence today just how big the tech sector is in california. a study by the nonprofit comp tia puts tech employment at 1.1 million people. the average tech worker makes nearly $150,000. collectively, tech payrolls statewide totals more than $171
10:34 pm
billion. fbi director james comey admitted his agency made a mistake following the attacks in san bernardino when agents reset the password on one of the attacker's icloud accounts. he made that admission on a congressional hearing. he said agents thought resetting the password would give them access to syed farook's iphone but instead, it locked them out of the phone. now comey says apple should be forced to help investigators create a backdoor into the device. >> we only use the tools that are given to us under the law. it's our job simply to tell people there is a problem. >> apple says creating the software to hack the phone would endanger the privacy of all iphone users. apple's council told lawmakers, had the fbi not reset the password, the phone contents might have been easily
10:35 pm
recovered and there wouldn't have been a dispute in the first place. a huge rally on wall street today, the best day in more than a month. the dow was up 348, nasdaq up 131, s&p 500 gained 46. investors were in a bind -- in a buying mood, solid growth in the u.s. economy. new signs are up at the robin williams tunnel in marin county. it used to be known as the rainbow tunnel. it's official name was the waldo tunnel but thanks to a campaign by fans of robin williams, the legislature approved the change last june. it's taken a few months to get the signs and the $3000 cost came from public donations. robin williams committed suicide in august 2014. a contagious stomach bug appears to be making its way around uc berkeley. campus health service says it's received 29 reports of students with symptoms that are typical of normal virus. three cases have been confirmed and health officials have not been able to track the source
10:36 pm
but they think some cases might be linked to a bali would dance event on february 20. symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and fever. living off other people's discarded cans and bottles. >> real hard to make a living like this. >> bay area filmmakers have a gritty story about surviving on the streets of oakland. we talked about potential for went on the wednesday commute. now we move forward, there's going to be a lot of opportunity for more rain on the commute. we're about to show you an incredibly low fare. like all our fares, you get two free bags and zero change fees. because what's the point of an incredibly low fare
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if you're just going to stack fees on top of it? our sale fares have nothing up their sleeves. book them now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. sfx: clap, clap, ding
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new at 10, the year in space mission for scott kelly and his russian partner ended
10:39 pm
about two years ago -- two hours ago. kelly was smiling as he was pulled out of a sow use captive -- capsule. they spent 340 days in space, a little less than a full year. it was still a new record for u.s. spaceflight. after a few minutes of breathing fresh air, kelly made a phone call as his vital signs were tested. kelly reflected on his ear in space. he said having no running water was difficult but there was something even harder. >> the hardest part is being isolated in a physical sense from people on the ground that are important to you. >> kelly is set to fly back to houston tomorrow night for a homecoming with his family including his twin brother. being twins gives nasa a unique opportunity to compare physical changes between the identical twins. the knowledge gathered can be used for future spaceflight possibly to mars. the sonoma county coroner
10:40 pm
has identified a body. it confirms it's that of 56- year-old stephen mitchell of santa rosa. the body was found in the water south of salmon creek. investigators said mitchell left a suicide note on february 14. he was an attorney and represented simona county in a civil suit filed by the family of 13-year-old andy lopez who was killed by a sheriff's deputy in 2013 while he was holding an airsoft rifle that looks like a real assault rifle. san jose's interim police chief got the job today and was sworn in as the new head of the police department in the bay area's most populous city. >> congratulations. [ applause ] >> reporter: the san jose city council ratified the employment of eddie garcia as police chief. he's been the acting chief since january when larry esquibel left to run the tracy police department. garcia joined in 1992 and served as second in command
10:41 pm
under esquibel, just before today's ceremony, garcia explained his own vision for the police department. >> everything we do here as an organization i'd like to think it's a co-op with the rank and file. we're going to do it together. not checking boxes, we're trying to make this community better and safer. >> garcia's assent to the position was widely expected giving that san jose never launched a formal search. wet weather is back in the forecast. and a lot of it. bill martin will take us to the series of storms heading our way.
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
new at 10, stories of survival. a new documentary chronicling the lives of people who eke out
10:44 pm
a living off the bay area trash. it's called dogtown retention named after the west oakland neighborhood where two local filmmakers followed their subjects. >> amber lee is in oakland tonight wear that film premiered earlier this evening. amber? >> reporter: frank, we're at the parkway theater. the filmmakers tell me the project started off being about poverty but ended up being about so much more during the eight years they spent making this film. the homeless retrieve countless bottles and cans. >> we talk about the refugee crisis in syria, but these refugees in america, we call the homeless. >> reporter: the documentary is called dogtown redemption. dogtown is the name of the neighborhood. redemption is what the recyclers are seeking. >> hard to make a living like this. it ain't easy.
10:45 pm
get have to -- have to get up before the garbageman gets up. do what you have to do to survive. >> reporter: now he and others are surviving against all odds. living off what others have thrown away. making enough to try to hold onto their dignity, what little they have. >> we get a lot of looks from people. most of the time when people see you, they call the police. >> reporter: with only an eighth-grade education, jason with says his options for making a living are limited. >> people are surviving off trash. that says something about civilization, about creativity. >> reporter: the film follows individual recyclers and captures their personal struggle is. >> my family don't want to talk to me. >> reporter: this was the heart of our film. the loss of her partner lead to a downward spiral. she died after someone assaulted her on the street last summer. just one month before the film
10:46 pm
was finished. >> somebody smashed her head against the street. it was a collision with the street. >> reporter: a stark reality in the world of the homeless recycler. >> if our films can create a slightly deeper conversation, we've done our job. >> reporter: the filmmakers dedicated the documentary to miss kay. it will be shown the weekend of april 9 and 10th. julie? >> thank you. we're tracking the rain headed our way. a little bit of rain, and a lot of rain it will last for a couple weeks. the first few weeks of march, that's the plan. outside you may have noticed clouds this evening, clouds around tonight, a little bit. then again tomorrow, chance for some showers late tomorrow night. early into thursday morning. that's just the beginning. outside now, no radar returns but tomorrow night at this time, i'll spin the radar and we'll have something to show you up north i'm sure.
10:47 pm
maybe even a little further down in san rafael into san francisco by this time tomorrow night. current temperatures are in the 50s. mid-latitude storms setting up for a very wet period, a pattern shift that takes us through the halfway through march basically. going to see what weather, storms moving to the bay area, west coast of the united states over the next 10 to 15 days. so here we are tomorrow morning, short range model, then extending out, tomorrow morning a 7:00, that system about 8:00 tomorrow night, then it moves in tomorrow night after midnight, 4:00 a.m., wet roadways, here we are for the morning commute. not tomorrow but thursday. now we're going to push through to thursday night. a few scattered showers, now around 2:00, longer range model. starting off on friday night, here comes the next system, this one looks potent. this model is showing you about where the rain is because it's such a long-range deal but that
10:48 pm
is friday night. watch what happens on saturday, saturday night, that's a big storm right there. sunday, more rain. here comes monday, more rain. here comes tuesday, more rain. more behind that, we're getting ready for a wet period. some rainfall estimates coming in, for this period through sunday, three, four inches of rain in the north bay. a half foot of rain north of there. over the course of 10 days, some models suggesting up to a foot of rain in the bay area proper. so we are talking about a significant series of rain events moving into the bay area mainly starting tomorrow night. the real deal is going to be friday, saturday, sunday and beyond. fingers crossed for this. hopefully we'll get the breaks we need and march is turning out. only downside is the warmer system, lower latitude el niño, so snow levels will be higher, low elevation snow is going to be melted off pretty rapidly but we are definitely setting up for wet commutes. >> that was so nice seeing you
10:49 pm
say, and more rain. >> right? >> and more rain behind that. >> a series of storms. >> if something drastically changes, this could change but all the models are syncing up on this wet pattern first half of march. >> when all is said and done, how much ram do you think we might get? >> we could easily be a half foot of rain in the north bay by next week. over 10 days we could be up to a foot of rain in parts -- >> getting breaks in between? >> hard to tell right now but fingers crossed. right now looks like we will. >> thank you. warriors went to overtime tonight with their winning streak on the line and two of their star players unavailable.
10:50 pm
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mark is here with sports. seriously, what more can you say about the warriors? they still win without two of their key players. >> it was just a breeze tonight. people have tried a lot of ways to beat the warriors. overtime is not the way to do it. five straight times this season they've done it. no steph curry, no iguodala. no problem. not quite that simple. 43rd consecutive home victory. against atlanta, not one of their masterpiece classics. more like absolute will to win or maybe just more accurately refusal to lose.
10:53 pm
staff nursing the sore ankle, tweaked in oklahoma city. andre iguodala has a slight hamstring pull. andrew bogut in his stead shows up large, watch the big guy get out here, taking the past from draymond green and showing some spring in his legs. the guys on the bench love it. 19 points tonight, green all over the place as usual, starts this with a steel, hot potato, harrison barnes and the slamdunk, up 11 at the half. looking to continue the pace, didn't work out that way. klay thompson will bury this three. he was only 8-27 shooting. the hawks were able to go on a run in the fourth quarter. watch green fire away and missed badly, that sets the hawks up here beautifully, al horford on the other end, 13-to run -- 13-2 run. into overtime, the shot winding down here, final moments, look at green as
10:54 pm
the shot clock is expiring, he hits a three with 40.2 left. the warriors lead by four. pick it up now, leading only 107-105. klay thompson will work for his shot, beautiful little jumper right there, winds up with 26, 11.4 seconds left. up four and they pull it out, 43 straight at home. 109-105. five straight overtime wins. just another day at the office. >> all week, the guys -- like 25 or 30 shots that are available. steph curry is not playing. [ laughter ] let's try to spread them out. i said it at shootaround, lb stared at klay thompson like doesn't mean you're going to get all of them, right? we told everyone we want the ball to move. if you've got an opening, attack and be aggressive.
10:55 pm
>> all's well that ends well. yet another challenge awaits the warriors, they must overcome the infamous sports illustrated coverages. over the years, you appear on the cover and suddenly fortunes seem to change for the worst. the big three will be on the cover of -- this is a little video from behind the scenes. going to hit the stands later this week. lots to write about with this team, lots to read for the fans. historic season so far. closing in on the cactus league season, a's will launch thursday. nobody sure what to expect but it appears the bar is set fairly low with the athletics, they are fairly certain of what they will get from their all- star catcher, stephen coming off his best season with 18 homers, 71 rbis. counted on to be a stabilizing influence on their young pitching staff. at age 31, a feeling that he finally belongs. >> to go to a major league all- star game and know that you belong there -- it was a hard realization for me to come to,
10:56 pm
i went through, what the heck am i doing here? i don't belong here. but you do. i think that's a huge step for everyone to take in their career. to know that you belong with your peers and so for me to know that was very special. as for the giants, you remember hunter pence, the giants indestructible man. after missing much of last year, things are looking iffy again this year, mri on an achilles heel injury, not going to see action for at least another week. exhibition season starts wednesday. hunter pence insists the injury is not serious. he says they are playing it extremely conservatively with the injury. as for now, every reason to believe he will be ready for opening day. that is the sporting life for tuesday night. warriors roll on, next game thursday against oklahoma city, rematch. >> such a pleasure to watch steve kerr talk. he talks like a normal guy.
10:57 pm
>> mark, thank you. see you later, everyone.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
here she is! [ all cheering ] thanks for being there, you guys. [ lisping ] we wouldn't have missed it, sweetie. your speech was fantastic. what's wrong with your speech? oh, is it that obvious? i... i got adult braces! [ chuckles ] oh! are you sure? 'cause they don't seem like they fit right. um... you know your dad wishes he could be here. phil: what are you talking about? i'm right here! [ laughs ] i had andy set me up so i could be here with you all. i just had to plug him in. it was a nice reversal from when i had to pull the plug on my dad in the hospital. while he was away on a business trip, phil got a terrible ear infection, and the doctors said he could burst an eardrum if he flew. i was devastated to miss alex's graduation, until i realized i didn't have to. i got to hold up my phone for two hours so phil could see the graduation live.


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