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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  March 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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gop primary with 59 delegates up for grabs in michigan alone. and in today's tech tuesday, the print some of those popular internet quizzes pose. the four on 2 starts now. good afternoon and welcome to the four on 2. i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm keba arnold. union specific crews have been working to remove a derailed train from the tracks in fremont. >> nine people hurt and no one was killed. fox 2 paul chambers joining us live with the investigation that is under way. >> reporter: good afternoon. within the hour they were able to finally get that last train out of the water and on its side. you can see it right there. crews have been working throughout the day like right on time and they expect to be out at 4:00 and that happened. they were able to remove the
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ace train from the alameda creek. 214 were aboard a san jose base train heading to stockton. we will go to video now around 7:30 that's when the train traveling 35 miles per hour in a 40 miles per hour zone collided with a tree and a mudslide. [ no audio] >> it looks like we lost paul chambers audio. they are making progress in removing the trains off of the track. ktvu cristina rendon has been talking about the threat that weather can play. it believes that the mudslides caused that problem. how are trains alerted and to make sure that the tracks are safe. >> cristina is in sky fox, we
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will hear from her at 4:30. and also ahead, ktvu fox news alex savidge live on air this morning reporting on the derailment when a car nearly hit him. ktvu photo journalist chip vaughn yelled at alex to get out of the way a split second before the crash. we'll have more on this close call for you coming up at 4:30. of course you can find more about the crash and watch video of the response from chip and alex at other news we are following. san jose police released new details about a deadly officer- involved shooting from last night. officers were called to a home on south 3rd and martha streets at 6:15. on a report of a stabbing. when they got there. the officers saw the suspects and two stabs victims outside a home. police tell us the suspect is the estranged husband of at least one of the victims. the officer fired his gun after telling the man to drop his
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knife. the suspect died at the scene. two stabbing victims hospitalized with life- threatening injuries. three officers were justified in fatally shooting a murder suspect that aimed a weapon back in 2014. police shot 53-year-old glen gregs as he barricaded himself in his bedroom. he was being investigated for the murder of his roommate. an autopsy gregs was shot five times. he had toxic levels of methamphetamines in his system. more homeless shelters, the first of steps. public land to be used for shelters and navigation center
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to link homeless with the services. many are calling this a success. >> reporter: you really want more of these shelters to be opening up, why? >> we know what works. when the mayor and i talked about this navigation center it could change the game and we see that it has done that. and in less than a year more than 300 people have actually been placed in permanent housing because of the center. we know that it works. why is that it we haven't opened another one? when i volunteered the mission to be the place where the center would open, the first one, the understanding was that there would be several centers. i am tired of justifying to my con tissue -- constituents are not doing enough. how do you tell the mother that
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is walking over human feces to get to her school. how do you explain to that person that a bathroom is going to the bathroom in front of their driveway. we know what works and we will open up navigation centers. we need to set requirements, deadlines for when they will open up. look, i think that this is a crisis of unprecedented proportions. i have never seen san francisco this way. i have tried to be a part of the solution by opening volunteering to open this navigation center in my district and opening a shelter but enough is enough. and i think it is not only inhumane to the homeless people but it is irresponsible to the taxpayers of san francisco that are paying their taxes and yet they're the ones that are dealing with the con sequences.
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>> is there a shelter crisis? >> shelter crisis is the technical term but recognition that we are in a state of emergency and that allows or gives the city the ability to expedite the use of public land. that's one of the resources we have. we're not sure why it is that it has taken so long to open up another navigation center but we don't want the red tape to get in the way. the beginning of a long-term solution. look, i don't know that i have the silver bullet for homelessness but we got to try something different. the status quo is not working. also in september mayor ed lee set aside 3 million-dollars to create more of those navigation centers. he also asked city business to financially support the effort even through donations. >> no sites have been publicly identified and there is no word of any business contributions. the navigation partnership fund. >> more on the top story. developing story.
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we will go back out to paul chambers in fremont where the ace train derailed. you said they are making progress when it comes to get that train out of there. >> keba they made a great deal of progress. two trains that derailed. you can see there is only one here remaining. and that's the one they got out of the water. we had a little technical difficulty and apologize. but i will bring you a live interview. francisco is with union pacific. what is the latest going on? >> we made a lot of progress. two cars derailed and we got three out earlier, the last one that you see here in the ditch, a lot of work amongst the up crew to get that last car out of the water and on the tracks. they used cranes to pull it up and turn it in a way that actually be placed on the tracks and be pulled out. a lot of work challenging but made a lot of progress and hope to have the track ready to go. >> we talked about a 4:00
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deadline. you got out of the water at that time. >> almost and we are proud of the u p crew working all night and all morning to make sure that they do this in a safe way but that the tracks are ready to be back open. >> a mudslide caused this? >> sure. it caused the derailment. you can see the mud up to the halfway point of the rear wheels so crews are trying to get the mud on it to move the mud cars. clearly it was a mudslide and we're just glad that this is almost behind us and we can get the roadway open. >> lastly, i saw you had crews on the hillside where the mud may have happened. not sure 100% but what were they doing? >> making sure that there was no loose branches and no loose
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trees in that area. checking to see if the wall was sturdy. just doing precautionary work to get the wall opened soon to prevent it from occurring. francisco, thank you. i talked to a spokesperson with ace and they said that train was going 35 miles per hour here. this is a 45 miles per hour zone. they think it happened between 6:30 and 7:30 and they thad one earlier that had no issues and then this happened. the senator here is touring the area and since no one was killed he believed it was a miracle. you will hear from him at 5:00. francisco touched upon it but with the rain in the rest of the week in the bay area, how stable is the hillside? he had crews clearing branches
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but i'm wondering if they brought in geologists to make sure. if i'm a commuter and going through the stretch on thursday and friday and even tomorrow i would be concerned. >> that's very true and that's one of the things that the congressman talked about because the el niƱo is bringing this weather. they do have people on the roadway in the area. they have tractors out here and those kinds of things they are surveying the area to make sure the tracks are working because they say safety is their number one priority. paul chambers, live near fremont at the site of the train derailment, thank you. and it's always exciting when mad bomb takes the mound. he will start in scottsdale.
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mark ibanez arrived there. you got the shades on. talk to you. >> reporter: well, my goal in this live shot, my goal is to not make you guys feel bad. i don't want to rub it in. >> you already have. goal not accomplished. >> reporter: we need the rain and the bay area, right? just keep telling yourself that. here we are on a perfect day, 72 degrees early evening. let's pan of giants taking some batting practice. they are just starting to let fans into scottsdale stadium. and it is going to be what would be like a summer night. a beautiful summer night at at&t park. beautiful. not a cloud in the sky. keep repeating to yourself we need the rain because you are not going to get any here in the scottsdale sun valley. in the meantime as mike
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mentioned, madison baumgartner will be taking the mound tonight. for you giant fans it's going to be a little bit different looking madison baumgartner. clean-shaven. the clean face, the new look counted on to be the ace of the team. by the way i have it confirmed madison did pull in, in a big old ford truck. he is for real on that account. the rest of the giants look relaxed. when you talk to giants fans and i did they bring up man this is our year. it's the even year syndrome for the giants and we know what that means. do the players believe that? let's talk about the even year positive jinx with the giants. i think every year it is a thing. we are trying to win the world series every year. no matter if it is even or odd. always proven in the last three years so we will try for another one. >> it seems like we have a lot
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of injuries to overcome and that's part of baseball. you have to overcome the injuries and we didn't do a great job of doing that in the odd numbered years. on the even numbered years we keep the guys on the field and hopefully we will do it this year. we have a great chance of doing that. >> talking about injuries. hunter pence dealing with achilles heel issue. 100% ready to go but being conservative and probably won't play to the end of the week. do you have anything you want to add? >> i do. somewhat serious. bigger nets. i want to show our viewers something. you may have seen this in regards to a couple of photos tweeted out, the dad basically over the weekend protecting his
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son from a flying bat there in the stands at spring training. where you are at in scottsdale do you notice the changes in regards to the netting? >> reporter: let me say years ago they used to promote new stadiums by saying you will be close are than ever to the action. that's turned out to be a dangerous thing. it really is something that hits close to home with me when my oldest son was under a year left i thought it would be or a year old i thought it would be cool to take him to opening day. giants were down the 3rd base side and great box seat tickets and max venable slices a vicious line drive down the third base line and just out of instinct i reached over and my wife had him on her lap and i'm telling you it hit my hand so hard right in front of my
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little baby's face and man my heart was beating and my son can attest to that. they spoke to him and he backs up my story. i actually saved his life. >> there's a story that exists in our family during opening day i was less than a year so i don't recall it but apparently my dad reached in front of my face when there was a foul ball wizzing by my head and saved my life. if anyone knows my dad he knows a little bit of an an exaggerator, maybe it was a beach boy or someone tossing up a piece of gum. >> baseball? was it a baseball? >> now. now. look it. i had the thread marks of that baseball on my hand end --
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engraved on my hand. he has grown up to be a nice guy except for thatling interview. >> in this day and age it would have been all over facebook you could have taken a pick and had the evidence. >> i could have been a hero but right now i'm basking in the sunshine in scottsdale arizona ready to watch a ball game reds and giants. turn on the lights. thanks, appreciate it. online quizzes, a whole lot of fun. the personality tests and you can decide what character you are from a tv show to a movie. there is risks too. we are requesting our resident on call how you can protect yourself from the data from the quizzes that they are trying to access. outside the doors, cloudy and cool and tracking a few scattered showers. we will take a look at the current conditions and in the extended forecast stronger storms on the way. and another live look outside. 680 northbound.
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the snow grade slow. not bumper to bumper. southbound not bad at all. four on 2 will be right back.
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it is tech tuesday and we are talking about those internet quizzes that people love. they take them and share them but you really need to be careful. some of them are actually collecting information but and sometimes for nefarious reasons. ryan eldridge, cofounder of nerds on call.
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sometimes they are for fun, right? they are interesting and i want to know what it would say about me. your friends do it and you want to do it. >> i'm arielle when i take that quiz. >> i have seen them all. >> and they are kind of cool. a little bit fun but there's a secret dark side to these quizzes. >> tell us. >> some aren't bad. when we are online we think of a web site like an island but it isn't. all of them are connected in different ways and creating marketing profiles about you. so if you go in there and say which disney princess am i or harry potter character and you click on a link and share it you log in with your facebook. >> you usually see it on your facebook. your friend took it and click on it and another web site. >> and you have to log in with facebook and your email address. it attaches all of your answers to your new behavioral profile. and then the marketing
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companies can use that data to market different things to you on facebook or elsewhere. plus when you share it on facebook they are getting free access to your contacts and friends and everything else. here is something super creepy a lot of the marketers will score you based on your email address if it is connected to facebook, they will say this person is worth 87 and sell that to other marketers. >> no, no, no. >> there is a couple of different web sites. one is talking about just like it's called share, care and it does a real age assessment and we found this on buzz feed. >> share care. >> and you answer a bunch of questions like your personal history, things about your held and stuff like that and then it gives you, your biological age is 36. then you share on it facebook. the interesting thing is that this is sponsored by drug companies and they are taking
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your answers and emailing you solicitations and they will say you answered this question about depression or whatever if you are depressed here is some help and medications to check out. it is super creepy. >> and not just innocent. what else do you have? >> the other is check my personnity. this is kind of interesting. when you go there. you sign up with your email address and answer the questions and it asks you for your credit card numbers to get the results and you think not that big of a deal. it turns out according to p c they go in and charge your credit card a few pennys to make sure that the card is active and they pay a third party person or company to go out and create a big profile about you and sell that to a bunch of marketers. >> wow. what else? >> other ones is straight up fishing what is your dog's name. >> seems innocent. >> and your elementary school schools. those are security questions
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and if you want to check your password and what school do you go to. they can go to your password and sell that information. >> what do we need to know before we take the quizzes, can you take them for fun and not share them. >> you can take them for fun but as soon as they start asking for personal information and anything at all personal, i just wouldn't do it. it is not worth it. the fun finding out what you are supposed to be from is not the stuff you are going to have to give up. you can go to zelkster and there's different arielles that you can test. its is hard to read on the screen but they are like avg and web root and will give you the ability to look up the website. >> zelste ryan eldridge. don't take the quizes. >> they are not worth it. >> coming up. there is a loft clues, police
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officers look for when trying to spot a drunk driver but how about a 15-foot tree stuck to the car. we will tell you about this story after the break. >> this part of the news sponsored by california phones.
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welcome back to the four on 2. hope you like to get wet because we are going to get wet the rest of the week rosemary. >> keep the rain gear handy.
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we got a few scattered showers. a weak wave moving through. the strongest storms for thursday and another one on saturday. but for the next several days we are going to see rain and that will come in the extended forecast. outside it is cloudy and cool and a little damp. take a look at the scattered showers. not all of this hitting the ground but a few sprinkles. in the evening more widespread and could impact the morning drive a bit. here is a look at where we are seeing the santa cruz mountains and san mateo a few scattered showers and wood side in and around palo alto. to the north moisture over hercules and richmond and i-80 and saint helena. by midnight. notice it becomes widespread. we'll continue for the overnight hours. tomorrow morning. hit or miss scattered showers on the morning drive. could be less than this. could be more. but that's what we are planning
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for. for wednesday afternoon, we will dry out. the next system still way up in here. it will move in on thursday. and with that thursday system, we are looking at a whole lot more moisture coming along with it. more on that in a bit. so for your wednesday, mostly cloudy skies and calling morning showers over the north bay a few one hundredths of an inch, maybe up to a quarter, not a lot. central and south bay less. sierra picking up scattered showers and no advisory in place with little to no accumulation expected over the sierra as we roll through your midweek wednesday. outside the doors right now, 58 degrees in walnut creek and 68 in oakland. along the peninsula upper 50s. san jose checking in at 58. for the overnight. temperatures will come up with the clouds in place, the scattered showers and it will feel really cool as you get going tomorrow without any sunshine, 49 degrees, san rafel
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for tomorrow and 44 in concord and 47 for hayward and 46 redwood city and closer to the coast pacifica showers expected. the second part of the day, a chance for light showers but not much. 67 in berkeley and 70 expected in oakland. 65 in san francisco. relatively mild with partly to mostly cloudy skies. in the south bay, looking at 65 tomorrow for san jose. 64 los gatos. the next system thursday afternoon and sticks around friday with a bit of a break for friday night. saturday looks like it starts dry but by the evening hours, we have rain back in the forecast. and it looks like sunday could be wet as well. i was looking at the seven-day forecast projections and anywhere from five to six inches of rain possible for the north bay. maybe up to three inches of rain expected for the central
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and south bay by next tuesday. okay. >> march will be wet. >> looking good. >> rosemary, thank you. there are a lot of things police look for trying to spot drunk drivers, swerving but take a look at this. >> you won't believe it. roseal police department out of illinois. they released this video. do you see the car? it is a 15-foot tree embedded in the front of the grille. the driver kept on going. the officer pulled the driver over and noticed her air bags deployed. she apparently crashed into that tree but kept on going. yes, the story ends with her arrest for driving under the influence. you would not believe it if you did not see that video. >> no. >> straight ahead. following the developing investigation in the commuter train derailment in alameda county. what we have learned about track safety rules and the last
4:31 pm
time that stretch was inspected train officials. cristina rendon will join us live. >> there is alex savidge. today chip saved his life when a car nearly hit them. the four on 2 will be right
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back. back to our top story.
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the altamonte corridor express train that collided and nine people hurt nobody hurt. pacific crews working to remove the train cars. >> they believe weather conditions led to a mudslide that caused the crash. got us wondering who make sure the tracks are clear and who is responsible for inspecting them. >> fox two news cristina rendon is live above the scene in sky fox with that part of the developing story. hey, cristina. >> mike and keba arnolda. we are getting good images. union pacific has a team dedicated to track maintenance. they expect the rails twice a week and infant it had been inspected less than 24 hours ago, that area before the derailment happened and crews did not find anything wrong. let's take a look at the incredible images that we are seeing here from sky fox. if we zoom in you can see the
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railcar, 3309. that's the one that derailed and was in alameda creek overnight and they said they wanted to get it out by four p.m. and they met their goals. they had crews working on that entire excavation process and able to get it back out of the water. in terms of track maintenance with union pacific railroad. they do it twice a week and actually a crew was sent out yesterday morning at five a.m. to check that area because there was a weather alert. we have been having these weekend storms and it is really saturated the area and had the crew went out at five in the morning they didn't see anything wrong. and then an hour before the derailment another ace train was able to pass through and had no issues either. no defects, they didn't see a mudslide, they didn't see a tree, somewhere between 6:30 in the evening and 7:30 in the evening, that mudslide happened. the tree fell and the train hit it and caused that derailment.
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that is what we are learning today from union pacific itself. ace is saying this is impacting 2700 passengers, on average that's how many people they carry from san jose to stockton. thankfully no one hurt. a small impact. 2700 people, that is small when you think of the people that ride commuters trains to and from work. back out here at the chopper i want to take a live look inside fox 2 we were talking to union pacific and said how does this happen and they said we inspect all of the wind gusts and got millions in the infrastructure to check the rails but sometimes you can't predict what mother nature does and they had no idea this would happen and no one saw this coming. cristina i know you are on the ground reporting from big
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scenes similar to this. what is the perspective looking down on this compared to being boots on the ground reporting from that scene? >> reporter: right. i think that the views up here are incredible. it is the very interesting to see just how small everything looks. the perspective is different up here. but you know about two hours ago we were down there at the actual site watching the crews working to remove that derailed train itself. and it just looks so different. everything looks very different from sky fox because you can see all of the manpower and all of the work brought in and the tools and all of the machinery brought in to basically take the train out of the water and upright. a lot of work and now we are being able to see exactly how crews will go in there. they have to dig out that mud and all of that debris because they need to make sure that rail is working again. we are told there was minimal damage to the rail. they only need to replace a few ties and caps to the rail or track itself.
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other than that, no major damage and that's the good news. no major damage to the rail because that means if they can get the tracks repaired quickly it can be in working order for the ace trains although we don't have an tim on when it will reopen. we mentioned it earlier there is concern or you would think there would be concern with wet weather on the way as well for that area. >> reporter: that's right. and i do want to mention they say they do get weather alerts and know they will have bad weather they will take a look but they can't predict everything all of the time and in this case even though it was inspected in the morning they had no idea this would happen. >> the train passed an hour problem with no problems. >> cristina rendon live in sky fox this afternoon. cristina, thank you for that report. and confusing situation ... a very close call this morning as ktvu alex savidge and chip vaughn were nearly hit while
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doing a live report on that train derailment. >> they were not hit. that's the good news. everyone is okay. they were standing in a parking lot on mission boulevard while chip yelled to alex to get out of the way. >> it was confusing situation ... holy smokes. oh, my god. >> we're okay. my goodness. every time i see this ... alex and chip not hit but the car nearby hit a light stand. alex and chip were on the air talking about with what happened and how you know what they look out for each other when they are out there in the field. >> i want to bring chip out
4:40 pm
here. >> yeah. this is our photographer. i would like to thank chip. >> you're all right. >> thanks. it was scary. >> it's all right. alex, you collect your thoughts. we are thankful to see you and chip. glad you are okay and we will talk more about what happened. you showed us you're okay. collect your thoughts. >> scary. >> thank you very much. >> we send you hugs and love alex. chip spoke to tmz about the experience and talked with ktvu about how our reporters and photographers look out for each other every day and we will hear more from them at 5:00. it is one of my biggest fears reporting in the field along the highway interstate and street you rely on your photographer and chip did what he has been trained to do and it is nice to have good
4:41 pm
teammates because it is all about a team. >> absolutely and to know that everyone is okay. hit a light stand. we can get that but we have alex and chip. exactly. it is not exactly super tuesday today but key races today in the race for the white house. still to come the delegates up for grabs in four states. outside the doors this afternoon, a little damp and a few scattered showers. how long this is expected to last in the extended forecast. several chances at getting wet. i will detail that coming up. san mateo bridge slow. it looks like 92 making the way to the east bay. headed towards the peninsula. the four on two will be right
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talking politics now. there are primaries in four states. michigan, mississippi, idaho and hawaii. >> and political analysts it could look different in the morning. joe wallman has more. >> i know who i want and every vote counts. >> reporter: michigan is tuesday's biggest delegate prize. the latest poll showing donald trump in the lead with 34% and the race is tightening with ted cruz in second place and marco rubio third and john kasich in
4:45 pm
4th and gaining the most up 11 points since january. >> he has been telling us that he can be the strongest in the midwest and he also wants to do better than expected this week so that he does indeed carry his home state of ohio which is essential. >> reporter: marco rubio pulling last in the michigan primary has turned his attention back tomorrow to florida where next tuesday's winner takes all primary is a must win and donald trump is trying to deliver a blow with a new attack ad call corrupt marco. it comes as marco rubio dismisses more rumors he is dropping out of the race before next week. >> i am the only one to beat him in florida and stop him here. >> reporter: the fight for michigan 130 democratic delegates at stake. hillary clinton and bernie sanders making a last-ditch effort to win over voters in the economically hard hit cities of flint and detroit. >> we will have a renaissance in manufacturing and i am very proud that i voted to make sure
4:46 pm
we could rescue the auto industry. >> mitt romney's continuing efforts to prevent donald trump from becoming the republican nominee would get out the robo calls on behalf of struggling gop contenders, marco rubio and john kasich. a bit of a break in the weather. rosemary on my way in, the sun felt nice. chilly, a little cool but no rain. >> yeah. you know actually a few thoughts here and there. we do have a few scattered showers. >> maybe the east bay? >> yes. we are seeing not hitting the ground but a few sprinkles. saw a little on the lens and a few areas over san francisco and morin. a few light scattered showers and that will continue for the evening. as we get to the overnight it will increase. here is a look at storm tracker 2. light stuff and not everybody feeling it. dry but there are a few
4:47 pm
scattered showers out there and we will stop the radar and take a look around and see what is going on. along the peninsula through sunnyvale and saratoga. light rain over 280 shifting into the east bay and a light sprinkle. and leandro and further north we have more moisture in and around nevada. saint helena. napa and fairfield and this is going to continue for the evening. very light hit or miss on and off. as we get to tomorrow morning. you may have some as well. it could impact the morning drive on wednesday and another storm for thursday and i will take it from you as we get to wednesday and expect a little bit here and it won't be a lot. looking for a quarter inch to less than that with this system if you want to call it that. very warm air moving through. this is thursday. as we get to thursday, it is
4:48 pm
over the bay area. as we get to friday, notice more rain in the forecast. friday night and most of saturday, right now, looks to be mainly dry as we get to saturday night, the rain is back. and it looks like sunday could be wet as well. we will be in between dry and wet weather at times but for the next several days rain with on almost each passing day. here is a look at what we are seeing. tomorrow morning, quarter inch or less for most of us. a few 100ths in san jose and livermore and to the north bay like napa and santa rosa. 57 in walnut creek. 49 in santa rosa. tomorrow temperatures not as chilly as this morning but cloudy. going to be cool with the scattered showers in place. 46 expected in santa rosa.
4:49 pm
51 in oakland and along the peninsula mid-40s. afternoon highs mid to upper 60s in the north bay. a mild day. mostly cloudy. 60s for gilroy. for the extended forecast it will change but it looks like right now thursday and friday, friday looks wet as well and a break for the first part of saturday and maybe for the baseball games in the morning, a little break. >> just three innings. >> saturday night into sunday more rain. >> and more people would see that. that's going to be most of us. we will see it in the bay area. >> storms for the week will be stronger. rosemary, thank you. fred summerville with the stories for fox 2 news at 5. a phenomenal story about a highway patrol officer. it is. take a look. this is a ch p officer rescuing
4:50 pm
two kids from a burning car. we will show you more at five and talk live with the officer. it happens to be his day off and ask him what happened and what was going through his mind as he was rescuing those two young kids. frank, what is this eviction story out of san francisco? >> 84 low-income people including the elderly and artists are being evict from the building where they live in san francisco. they are wondering where they will go especially because it is so tough to find i fordable housing. will you hear from them and what the owner of the building is saying about being evicted. look forward to it and the four on 2 will be right back.
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time now to get social as we give you look at things trending on social media.
4:53 pm
one topic trending on twitter ... >> the game of thrones trailer. have you seen it? >> stand aside it will be violence. >> okay. well, for the first time it gives fans a glimpse beyond the novel written by george r. martin. the surprise is images of character john snow that dies in the finale. the shot seems to show that character only returns as a corpse. the show has been teasing fans for months with photos and short clips. the season premier -- i know you know this but april 24th. 21 years since windows 95 was introduced to the world. check out this video that is going viral of teenagers being asked about the revolutionary operating system? >> like the first computer made. >> the size of this room.
4:54 pm
>> okay. >> for me this is the first computer. >> windows 95. >> prehistoric. it is an old dinosaur. >> prehistoric. >> wow. >> 20 years ago. >> these teams were asked to try to turn on the seemingly archaic device and gave commentary how long it took to load and also you know they had a blast with the dial up. remember dial up. >> i can hear it now. >> the teens talking reacts to the technology and going viral on youtube and the video has been viewed already more than two-and-a-half million times. wow, windows 95. >> a good idea to get the reaction. i like that. >> what is this? >> we'll be right back. dial up, what is that?
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drama video showing an activist in oregon the standoff moments before he was shot and killed in january. >> put the bullet through the head. >> he was shot. one of the few people left at the wildlife refuge and protesting the prison sentences of two local ranchers sent to prison for setting fires on federal land. the shooting was justified because finnegan was armed and a threat to law enforcement.
4:58 pm
>> we have determined that 8 shots were fired on that day. sick of which have been attribute to the oregon state police. including the three shots that resulted in the death of mr. finnegan and two shots fired by the f.b.i. operators. the department of justice is investigating the f.b.i.'s role in the shooting because it says the agents on the scene failed to disclose they fired two rounds. after finnegan's death most of the occupiers cleared out of the wildlife reserve. a few hold outs stayed before they surrendered february 11th. time to turn to frank and keba and busy day in alameda county niles canyon. >> a train was pulled out of the creek. >> and we have learned details about when the train track was last inspected and why union pacific has ruled out operator error. fox 2 news at five starts
4:59 pm
now. good evening i'm keba arnold. >> and i'm frank somerville. >> the train car was pulled out of alameda creek. it happened 20 hours after the train initially derailed. nine people injured when one car ended up in the water. right now the derailment is blamed on a mudslide. here is a live look from sky fox 2. you can see there's only one car remaining. they've pull away the other three cars. the question now, the track, how bad is the track damaged? and when might ace train service resume? >> and this is where that train derail in the water. it happened about a mile west of niles canyon road between the fremont and pleasanton stations. the train goes through livermore and to tracy before the 2 hour and 12 minute ride
5:00 pm
ends in stockton. >> we have coverage. cristina rendon is in the air in sky fox 2 when the tracks were last inspected. paul chambers is at the scene where they pulled the car out of the water. >> reporter: they are actually pulling the train down the line and they put it back on the track within the hour. and now moments ago, they just started to take it down a line. you can see behind us that's the area where it was. you can see the crews out here. i don't know, it may and long swing but if we go to the other side you can see they are pushing the train. you may not be able to see it through the trees but taking it down the track and pulled it out an hour later than expected. they believe the mudslide caused the incident. just after 3 this was the scene. as union pacific crews removed this derailed altamonte express from the creek. according to ace officials, 214 people aboard the san jose based


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