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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning and welcome back, and thank you for joining us. it's wednesday, march 9, and i am pam cook. good morning, i am dave clark. i saw a rain while driving in. >> i did have the windshield wipers going.>> and looking good this morning.>> we have some rain out there, but not as cold is yesterday morning. and it is cloudy and mild. some patchy fog and light rain, temperatures are up compared to yesterday. and in vallejo, current conditions are 50 degrees, light rain falling, no we and. nice to see alex with us. nice to see alex anywhere. >> absolutely, and it is good to be indoors today. and here's your cloud cover
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and light rain, not a lot here, but this is the warm sector, and no dynamics. it is with this, and it will start lifting later, and more to the north and south later on. the south will be mild and muggy today upper 60s. 50s and 40s on the tents, -- temperatures, and sliding back toward us. mild and muggy or toward the south bay, the rain focusing the energy toward the north, but widespread this morning. mid to upper 50s and 60s. it's only fitting that i'm covering the traffic today. that is what the folks are pointing out on social media today. i am indoors and glad to be doing well. i appreciate everybody's well wishes. there were far too many people wishing me well and wishing by photographer well.
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overwhelming and outpouring. getting down to business, the toll plaza, still a good- looking ride if you're heading from the east bay into san francisco this morning, a few bar cars making the drive. but a good time to make the trip. 880 in oakland flowing smoothly right past the colosseum and heading into the downtown area, trouble-free. a little bit of slowing as we take a look at the map, the right along 580 westbound over the altamont pass ever so slightly slowing. looking good all things considered at this hour. and highway 101 up into the city, nice-looking ride, 502 is fine. back to you. your time is 5:02 am. the ace train is back in service, good news after the monday derailment, and it
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pulled out of stockton about 40 minutes ago. and we are in pleasanton, and the train is due to arrive shortly.>> reporter: that's right, it left stockton at 420, expected to pass through the pleasanton station at about 5:30 am, less than 48 hours after the derailment that happened through niles canyon. there were 196 people on board, nine passengers were injured, and had head trauma and back injury. the mudslide that brought the trees and debris onto the track is believed to be the cause of the derailment. they are not sure if the mud flowed onto the tracks before the train arrived or if it hit the train as it came by. another train to pass through the area with no problem one hour before. they are saying that steps need to be taken to prevent this from happening again. >> the best way to handle that
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is for the owners of the rural, union pacific railroad, to do a good job in grooming the slopes, and the pg&e cuts down the branches, and you cannot have those big trees hanging over the tracks.>> another safety manager they are considering installing fences with the sensors. >> reporter: ace will last union pacific to install the sensors to notify officials that there is a mudslide or debris on the tracks. the train was going 35 miles an hour when the train derailed, below the speed limit in that area, so this does not appear that the train operator was at fault. coming up, we hope to talk to some the passengers taking the ace train this morning. new this morning, a man is
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under arrest on suspicion of assaulting a woman in the san jose state university library. campus police were responding to an unrelated call at the martin luther king library at about 9 pm last night, and students told the officer there was an assault in the women's restroom. the police tracked down the suspect at the escalator. he is not a student at the school, but the witness said that the suspect had wrapped a wire around the woman's neck, but we are still trying to confirm that with the police. the suspect has been booked on charges of false imprisonment, battery and under the influence. the victim was treated at the scene but declined to go to the hospital. a fire in fremont forcing several people out of their home, on fremont boulevard east of interstate 880. the fire was put out in just under 40 minutes, but three apartments were damaged, seven people are now out of the homes. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. your time now 5:05 am.
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san francisco elementary school is shutting down, st marys in chinatown is a bilingual k-8 school that opened in 1921, serving chinese immigrants, but only 80 students today. the archdiocese said that due to the low enrollment, they cannot afford to keep the school open and parents were notified yesterday. >> it is sad to hear they are shutting down, but hopefully it will reopen. >> the school will close at the end of the school year, and the paris could consider reopening kindergarten and the lower classes. in the bilingual preschool will continue to operate. a man and woman in these cost the county are charged with animal cruelty after 19 severely neglected dogs were found in the back of a u-haul truck. the sheriff's deputies arrested the couple in the bay point
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area after finding $19 crammed into a u-haul truck starving, dirty and without air circulation. two of the dogs were in such bad shape that they had to be euthanized, and 10 others have been adopted. seven more are still up for adoption and that is through the contra county animal service. mourning the loss of the man referred to as the sixth the beetle, sir george martin, the legendary music producer that meant toward the beatles, and he passed away peacefully at his home in england at the age of 90. during his 60 year career, martin produce most of the beatles recordings and worked with elton john and celine dion. ringo starr tweeted out a picture of martin in the band with the caption, "thank you for all of your love and kindness, george. peace and love." and paul mccartney posted on
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his website sharing his favorite memories of martin and called him a true gentleman, saying he was like a second father. >> those are great photos. your time is 5:07 am. nine seattle firefighters hurt in an explosion. up next. and including what may have caused the blast. we are keeping an eye on the roadways, and so far a nice ride around the bay area, but slick conditions on the roadway. we will show you the maze, coming up. a lot of cloud cover and light rain around, have your rain is on the way, taking us into monday.
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the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. welcome back, and we want to update you on that developing story in seattle, and we first reported this a half-hour ago, an explosion rocking the seattle neighborhood girder this morning, nine firefighters at the hospital with injuries that include cuts, bruises and burns. they are expected to be released soon. there were reports of a natural gas leak when the blast occurred. >> reporter: there are multiple buildings, and i know there's one apartment building, and i believe the next building is a
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housing building. >> the explosion shattered windows, damaging several buildings, and debris is scattered all over, look at this. the photojournalist describing the scene as a war zone. your time now is 5:11 am. the race for the white house is one step closer to becoming the battle for the titans, donald trump solidifies his lead, and hillary clinton patted his delegate lead. but bernie sanders chalked up a big win. and we have the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, day, and so much for the questions on the lost momentum for donald trump, he had a strong message for the republican establishment in his victory speech, and he said to jump on board or get out of the way. >> reporter: the donald trump train rolled on with the double win in michigan, mississippi in hawaii, looking more like the
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inevitable nominee, calling for the party to come together. >> leave it or not, i am again a fire, look at all of the things i have built all over the world. i get along with people, have great relations, right?>> reporter: texas senator ted cruz was the big winner, and says it's now a two-man race and that john kasich and marco rubio should drop out. >> there are only two candidates that have a plausible path to the election, donald trump and me.>> reporter: bernie sanders narrowly winning the michigan primary after trailing hillary clinton by double digits in the polls. >> let's show the world that democracy is alive and well with a huge voter turnout. >> reporter: in mississippi,
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the democratic primary, the african-american votes gave an easy victory to clayton. >> -- anytime you think it cannot get uglier, they find a way, and asked the rhetoric keeps sinking lower, the stakes in this election keep rising higher. >> reporter: a lot is riding on this next week on the republican side with primaries in florida and ohio, and the campaign future for marco rubio and john kasich is on the line if they do not win their home states. a developing story out of new zealand, a gunman suspected of shooting for police officers is held up in a standup -- standoff with the police. it started when somebody fired shots at a police airplane as it flew over an illegal
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marijuana grow operation, and no officers in the airplane were injured. as the officers moved in on the ground, he shot at them, hitting four officers, one severely injury. they believe there is one suspect, and they are still trying to convince him to surrender, and again, this is in new zealand. an american college student studying in israel was killed by palestinian man. the 28-year-old was enrolled at the vanderbilt university mba program, on a school sponsored trip to israel to learn about global entrepreneurship. last night he was out along the popular israeli boardwalk, a palestinian man went on a stabbing rampage, killing the american student, and injuring 10 others. a graduate of west point, served in iraq in afghanistan,
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and killed the same day that joe biden arrived in israel. back here at home will get you where you need to go. we have alex savidge sitting in for sal. >> we have "salalex." let's take a look at the maze this morning, i know that a lot of you will be making that ride into the east bay, and heading toward the maze and toll plaza, traffic is beginning to build. no backups to report, so still looking pretty good heading into the city. as we go to the south bay, this is 280 in san jose, and yes you can see, traffic is still fairly light.
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i will show you the maps, and looking at the bigger picture of san jose in the greater san jose area. you can see highway 101 looks good, 280 looks good, and 680 looks good. nice looking ride in the south bay. it is 5:17 am. in here let's go back to steve. we had some pretty good rain, like rain and drizzle, all in the mix. more this is lifting northward, but it will return tomorrow. let's put the north bay on alert for possible very heavy rain starting tomorrow and going into the weekend and even early monday. this system may stall, from marin county northward, we will keep an eye on this. yesterday 30s and 40s, and now here's this system moving
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across with this light rain. occasional moderate rain, but moving quickly. this system will be with us through the afternoon, 40s and 50s. there is extensive plume of moisture going down to the hawaiian islands that is on its way. here is the futurecast, and you can see there is a little bit around to the noon. this will lift up as this system defense, and to the west, lifting, clearing the skies. in this rain comes right back in, and this not go very far into the north bay. it will stay there, and everybody gets in on this tomorrow afternoon. and tomorrow night, with this not really moving, staying over the northern counties, and coming right back in on friday. that is the concern, that this will stall out over the north bay. if it does, it could rain, rain
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and rain. mild in warm, like rain with that the -- upper 50s and low 60s. mid-60s heading to the east bay, and the possibility of upper 60s as we get more sunshine, near 70 in gilroy. temperatures are tropical light, a lot of moisture in the air. -- tropical light, and the rain kicking back in on friday, and it looks like all the way back into sunday and monday. we could see over 10 inches of rain over the north santa rosa over the next five days and we may get a bug -- above the lake level, this is a warmer system. >> be advised, and a lot of
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people are excited, but sunday could be a rough drive home. >> more to the north and to the south is the concern. more problems for chipotle restaurants this morning, a confirmed case of norovirus forcing another restaurant to temporarily close its doors. this is in massachusetts, closed yesterday after an employee called in sick, tested positive for norovirus, and to make others may have the virus, but so far no customers have reported getting sick. this closure comes as chipotle is recovering from the norovirus last year that sickened some of the customers. an unbelievable rescue in monterey, up next we will show you how this chp officer was able to pull two young children out of the burning car.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 and it is 5:23 am. here's a video of a highway patrol helicopter rescuing a man that spent monday night stranded on a cliff and more in county, stuck 30 feet above the ocean at rodeo beach. he tried to take a shortcut back to the car while hiking, and he called out to other hikers for help and was eventually brought to safety.
5:24 am
he is doing okay. you have to see this video. this chp officer in monterey saved two children from the burning car, caught on video. this officer happened to be driving behind the car monday morning, and the smoke and flames started coming from the hood. the newspaper reporter was driving behind him and took this video as he pulled the two- year-old girl in one-year-old boy from the back seat. the woman in the passenger seat was able to get out, but the drivers door would not open, so she had declined to the passenger door, and they were all treated for smoke inhalation, but otherwise are okay. a lighter note, a runaway causing quite a stir, running in the traffic, look at this piglet. this was about 7 am yesterday morning, captured by brother
5:25 am
damien with the society of saint francis, a nearby church. saint francis is the patron saint of animals. the pig is doing well, and they have even named her, janice. if nobody claims it in five days, she will be turned over to the rescue group. millions all over the world solve this, the only tolar soli eclipse of the year. and the live feed of the man was provided in san francisco, and people in indonesia, fornia and sumatra could see this live, and they were reminded not to look directly at the sun. it blocked the light from the sun just after 430 after 4:30 pm -- and next year a total solar eclipse available in visible in the u. s., but in the bay area, we will only see a partial eclipse.
5:26 am
nasa researchers are excited about the latest project, small enough to fit in your hand, this is a microsatellite. it can be as little as a 4 inch cube that weighs up to 2 pounds, one of the leading centers for testing and operating these very small satellites. one big advantage is that the smaller satellites are a lot less expensive. >> perhaps a few million dollars in this case as opposed to the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.>> i won't one. -- i want one. they can talk to one another and coordinate locations, and together they can cover a wide area. that is helpful when you monitor climate change, cultural projects or what is going on in outer space. your time now is 5:26 am.
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a new push to help undocumented workers work in the united states. a case that mark zuckerberg is taken to the courts. a woman was allegedly assaulted in the bathroom, and how the police tracked down the suspect.
5:28 am
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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2 and it
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is march 9, i'm dave clark. i am pam cook, and thank you for joining us. it's about 5:30 am, and if you are just waking up, you may want to know how long this rain will last. >> mainly in the morning, but we have a lot of rain on the way.>> so we better enjoyed the commute today. >> it will be tough over the next couple of days. it is much warmer than yesterday, and yesterday 30 readings. today not as much cloud cover, and often on light rain with 40s. as we head into the next few days, we will have to keep an eye on things. and in the san jose area, good morning. and a little bit warmer due to the overcast skies, and you can see this moisture is sticking around. this will left later on, and
5:31 am
everything out of the west, and this is a moisture plume, and a warm sector coming in right now. light rain generally, nothing heavy yet. but the problem is this could stall out in the north day tomorrow and friday, 40s and 50s, much warmer. after tonight we will see up break as this list and comes back again tomorrow. muggy in the south bay, and north bay is cloudy with light rain. 60s on most of the temperatures, mid-to upper in the santa clara valley. and let's talk about the highways in the byways. it is a good time to head out the door or wherever you may be heading two, all of your roadways are looking good. no major problems in the bay area. that is good news, and let's take a look at the golden gate
5:32 am
bridge, traffic is beginning to pick up. we hardly so anybody one hour ago, but now a lot of people making the drive into the city from marin county. and here is the san mateo bridge, getting busier as the folks on the right-hand side head toward the financial up. a good time to make the trip, no crashes in the area. going to the maps, as you make your ride on highway 4 out of antioch and the pittsburg area, just a little bit of slowing on highway 4 westbound as you head toward concord, but nothing much to speak of. a little bit of slowing along the 580 westbound and on the altamont pass. 5:32 am. the good news is that the ace train has resumed services after the monday night derailment. the first train pulled out of stockton at 4:20 am, passing through niles canyon in about 10 minutes.
5:33 am
there was no service yesterday as the union pacific workers removed the derailed train cars and inspected the track. they believe the mudslide calls that derailment, but they are still examining whether the mud flowed onto the tracks before the train arrived, or if it hit the train as it rolled past. another train went to the area with no problems one hour earlier, but they do not believe the operator was at fault. >> he was under the speed limit, and doing the right thing. but when you come around a turn, and that trees across the tracks, right in front of the train, you cannot stop that big train in time.>> the derailment set nine people to the hospital with injuries including head trauma, bruises and back pain. a reported attack inside the women's restroom at the library at the san jose state university, on campus with what we know so far about this, but
5:34 am
that is pretty scary. >> reporter: yes, and this man we are told was arrested at the martin luther king jr. library. he was apparently found running down the escalator. the officers were able to catch him, and this happened at around 9 pm last night. the campus police were near the library on an unrelated call, and the students told them that the assault was happening in the women's restroom. the officers entered and saw the suspect trying to get away, and he was arrested for false imprisonment, battery and under the influence. we have not received details on the assault, but it allegedly happened in the second floor restroom, and the suspect is not affiliated with the school. the suspect was using some type of wire around the woman's neck, but we have not been able to confirm the details about that.
5:35 am
we have reached out to the campus police and the school officials to get more information about exactly what happened, and how the students have been notified about this.>> we will be anxious to hear more. your time is 5:35 am, and another inmate has died at the jail in the alameda county sheriff department is investigating. melvin stubbs died a couple of hours after being booked into the jail, arrested on suspicion of killing his wife, but they now say his wife died from acute bacterial meningitis. melvin stubbs was a diabetic and one of his legs had been amputated. the gel could not booked him on saturday because he had a high blood sugar level. but he was stabilized at the hospital and returned to the jail on sunday. but about 90 minutes later, a nurse found him unresponsive, and started giving cpr, but he died at the hospital.
5:36 am
the coroner has not released the official cause of death. the healthcare at the gel is provided by the company that is issued a statement, and saying they are issuing sincere condolences and asking for the public's patients why the investigation into the cause of death is completed, and last year they settled over the death of an m-8 after the family claimed that the nurses botched the diagnosis. the daily officer-involved shooting, called to a home in about 6:15 pm monday night with reports of a stabbing. the two stabbing victims and the suspect were outside of the home, and one officer opened fire after seeing the suspect holding a knife and walking toward another potential victim. the suspect died at the scene, and the stabbing victims were sent to the hospital with serious injuries, and are
5:37 am
expected to survive. the suspect was the estranged husband of one of the victims. the clearing of three sunnyvale police officers in the shooting of a man in 2014. they served a warrant on a suspect in the murder of his girlfriend, and linked to three other women that mysteriously died after dating him. during the serving of the war, he pulled a bb gun that resembled a shotgun, and officers fired. your time is 5:30 am, thousands expected to gather at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley to honor the former first lady nancy reagan. today's the first of three days of ceremonies in her honor, a small ceremony held for family and friends today. that will be followed by the public. this afternoon at the library, and it will continue tomorrow.
5:38 am
a private funeral will be held on friday. nancy reagan will be led to rest next to her husband -- laid to rest next to her husband on the hillside facing west toward the pacific ocean. the fight between apple and the fbi has gone back to federal court. the government wants the federal judge to reverse the ruling in the new york case where apple did not have to unlock the iphone. this is separate from the big case that was involving this san bernardino shooter, but it could have an impact as we go forward. and apple is speaking out, and in support of the refusal to provide access to the phones. >> creating a backdoor will open a pandora's box, and there is a chance that hackers can find a way into it. and if you put that in the hands of the fbi, that will likely happen. back steve wallace eat -- and
5:39 am
they said that apple should not give in to the federal government. mark zuckerberg among those asking for the right to give the right for undocumented workers to work in the u. s. undocumented workers to work in the u. s. the letter says that the u. s. is facing a shortage of skilled workers, and that immigrants play a critical role in filling the positions to which there simply are not enough native born applicants health his first say that one out of five could be affected -- infected with the zika virus in puerto rico. the director for the u. s. center for disease control is helping to test a new insecticide to skill -- to kill the mosquitoes that are
5:40 am
carrying the virus, and six people have been hospitalized, 14 pregnant women have contracted the virus, linked to very serious birth defects. in the first six months of last year, california had the most pedestrian deaths, 345 people killed in the first half of the year. and according to the safety association, florida had the second highest number, 273. nationwide, 2368 pedestrians were killed, a 60 -- a 6% rise from 2014. full speed ahead, the sacramento judge has ruled that the plans can go forward after the opponents said the $64 billion project is violating promises made to the boulders when they approved the boaters -- boaters co -- voters, and
5:41 am
the construction has already started, and this will run from north of bakersfield to san jose. concord is listed as one of the top 10 places in the world to retire. according to the magazine the traveler, concord is seventh out of the top 10, and the magazine says that concord has excellent healthcare facilities, free community activities throughout the year, and access to parked -- barked -- bart, and has a low crime rate. it is also one of the few cities that has a working drive-in theater.>> where would you like to retire?>> i don't know, but i have to decide.
5:42 am
>> i'm asking on facebook. i would say probably san diego. i love the beach. and i would not mind a place that is walking distance to the barked -- bart. a lot of people say they want to retire right here. anyway, we would love to hear from you on facebook, where you would like to retire. we will check back on that. your time now is 5:42 am. there is a lot of noise coming from a small airport on the peninsula, and what san mateo county is doing in the wake of complaints in san carlos. closing arguments and jury deliberations expected later today in the trial of the officers on alex nieto . light rain falling in some
5:43 am
spots, and so far a nice- looking ride. here's looking across the eastern span of the bay bridge, and we will show you the rest of the ride, coming up. a new forecast calling for some light rain, and generally dry this afternoon. everything changing to a wet pattern beginning tomorrow.
5:44 am
5:45 am
welcome back, 5:45 am, and jury selection's are expected to continue today in this story we have been telling quite some time, the shooting of alex nieto . >> we are in san francisco with some of the evidence. >> reporter: the jury has heard from witnesses, from a dog walker that said he stall the
5:46 am
incident that day. also an expert that works with the taser company, brought in and why they say that alex nieto pointed a stun gun at the officers. and they have declared that they were justified in firing the shot, and that is the main question this morning. the officers said they had to defend themselves after alex nieto threatened them with the taser. since then, the parents of alex nieto filed a civil lawsuit after their son was shot and killed. the witnesses had that the officers fired without warning, contradicting the testimony of the officers. closing arguments expected to take place at about 9 am this morning, and the jury should get the case by noon. we will stay on top of this story, coming up we will delve deeper into more of the testimony we've been hearing all we. -- all week.
5:47 am
>> a very emotional interesting case. your time is 5:46 am. and let's check on your morning commute with alex. and i hope you didn't mind a hug this morning. >> i need all the hugs i can get . >> you have had a lot of hugs this morning. >> i have received a lot of virtual hugs as well. it is appreciated, and it means a lot to me, and all of the support. i really appreciate that. i cannot respond everybody that is with -- wish to me and chip well, and everybody is incredible. i will get emotional if i keep talking about that. let's talk about the traffic. showing you the toll plaza, it is beginning to get a little
5:48 am
bit busier as folks are waking up and you have a lot more friends join you through the toll plaza to get into san francisco, but no major backup. 880 through oakland going past the coliseum in the arena into downtown is still a good ride, but getting busier. no crashes. on the math you can see that the big picture and the south bay is pretty good, a little slowing on highway 101. but no crashes are being recorded in the san jose area, so now's a good time to head out to work. and there you go. and highway 4, let me show you that, antioch westbound is getting busier, and traffic is beginning to build as you head toward the antioch and pittsburg area toward concord. 5:48 am. we have had some light
5:49 am
rain, moderate rain overnight, and most of it looks like it has gone through, some breaks in the clouds, and on the mild side. yesterday was very cold to where we have been lately, but upper 40s and low to mid 50s, and a lot of this moisture is beginning to move to the east, and today will not be too bad. tomorrow we will have a lot of rain coming in, and good morning everybody. we will be 50 in light drizzle and calm in this area, and light rain. and here's the back slight to this, partly sunny skies coming in. and it will be on the mild side, and the rain continuing to lift to the north, and we should get a respite but this moisture goes all the way to the hawaiian islands. 40s and 50s, 54 in san jose, upper 40s and lower 50s. yesterday there was a 10 degree
5:50 am
difference, and much different. today running a little bit cooler, but everybody is close to 50 degrees. in truckee 38 in reno light rain. and this is a very warm part of this system, but it will start moving toward us. there's not much left of this system, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. this will lift of and be with us tonight, and tomorrow we will have the rain coming back in. it will hang out with this in the north bay tomorrow morning, and it will stall out. that is what could be this heavy rain producing system, at the north bay, marin county and north of the golden gate. the russian river area in parts of the mendocino county, napa county could have steady rain, and other areas may have to wait just a little bit. muggy and a lot of moisture in
5:51 am
the erie -- in the area, and here's a sunrise photo, a few breaks in the clouds comer -- and south san francisco looks like low to mid, possibly upper 60s. rain is on the way, and we could get a lot of rain on friday through monday. >> so anybody living in a place where it's flooding. >> i would keep an eye on a lot of those creeks and rivers, particularly in marin county. 5:51 am. and the northern california rivers are rising thanks to all of this rain, and the precautions being taken for the low-lying parks and parking lots are beginning to flood.
5:52 am
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your time is 5:54 am, and welcome back to mornings on 2 and we are talking about the rivers. where in the middle of two storms, the american river has risen by 2 feet, all spillways are open on folsom lake. and swallowing up the parks by the rising water. the park officials are warning people to stay say, and it --
5:55 am
steer clear of the currents.>> i have been here a few years, and i have never seen this before. >> i have never seen it flooded before, but it is not surprising, that it makes me feel a lot better about the drought.>> yesterday the rescue crews were heading out for training exercises to make sure they are ready in case people do not heed the warnings. the san francisco restaurant sinbad's restaurant being torn down, it's been here since 1975. it had the support of san francisco, that they will demolish it and replace it with an expanded ferry terminal, and there has been a contentious battle, but the superior court jury sided with the court, and the restaurant was closed for months ago. parents in petaluma are complaining about what the kids are seeing on the ipads they get
5:56 am
from school. every student was given a tablet when school started last fall. last night the parents told the school board that if the filters cannot be improved, maybe the tablets should not be used. parents say that the younger students are wasting time searching for things like star wars and steph curry. and parents say the kids can be exposed to races, violent and sexual content. >> all it takes is one kid to say type this in and say what you get. >> this is a nude woman about to be kissed by of -- by a man.>> in the older students say that what is an appropriate for an elementary skid -- inappropriate for an elementary kid maybe with a need for a school project. and how that should have different filters for different age groups. your next trip to the sfo could be more relaxing estate launch a new program, "airport butler."
5:57 am
you can order the butler to greet them at the airport, and provide curbside and baggage assistance, help with connecting flights. the service will be unveiled later this morning. the butler. i like that. >> i need a butler. coming up, the ace train is running again this morning, good news, and safety measures are being considered after the train derailment injuring nine people. a big explosion rocks the seattle neighborhood, injuring nine firefighters, new pictures coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
the ace train services back to normal this morning, after the monday night derailment, and the trains had through niles canyon later today. the police are investigating an attack on a woman in a bathroom at the san jose state university library, and how they caught up with the suspect as mornings on 2
6:00 am
continues. good morning, and thank you for joining us on this wednesday, good morning, and thank you for joining us on this wednesday, march 9, and i am pam cook. i am dave clark, and we are going to check on the traffic. >> there are some breaks in the clouds, and a nice sunrise. there will be a lot of rain all over, and here we have kevin , back from his vacation. thank you kevin. kevin is a friend. and it looks like this is moderate to heavy rain overnight, but you can see we have some breaks. mostly cloudy and partly sunny, but very muggy with high dew points.


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