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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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. officials say they didn't send out an alert because the suspect was immediately apprehended. >> learning by u.s. special forces captured the head of the chemical weapons unit of isis.
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and the information was released by iraqi officials. and the u.s. send two commandos in september to kill leaders and then another state commander was probably killed in an air strike last week. >> more about the fight between apple and the fbi. asking to reverse the ruling in a case in a drug case, separate from one request in the san bernardino shooting. -- apple is refusing to provide the access. >> opening pandora's box. if you put it in the hands of the fbi, could get into it. >> and apple has always
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protected the customers' rights. honoring the life of nancy reagan. her daughter among the mourners. a public viewing begins in an hour at the library. a private funeral service will be later. going to be laid to rest by ronl reagan in a hill side tomb facing the pacific ocean. mourning the loss of who many call the fifth beatle. . >> that's sir george martin conducting the orchestra in yesterday, around 1999. he managed the beatles and he
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passed away peatfully -- peacefully. produced almost all of the recordings. a look at the winners of yesterday's primaries and tell you about the bay area moguls that met secretly to discuss donald trump. free agency for the nfl. one mig name appears to -- big name appears to be leaving the bay area. >> and the latest on the otter at the zoo.
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. donald trump is calling for party unity after he won the republican primary in mississippi and michigan as well as the hawaii caucus. >> believe it or not, i am a unifier. i unify. look at the things i built. i'm a unifier. i get along with people and getting along with you, right? >> texas senator ted cruz won the idaho primary and today, he received the endorsement of former candidate, carly fiorina. bernie sanders pulling off a very big upset win in the state of michigan. >> let's show the world that
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democracy is alive and well with a huge turnout. huge. >> hillary clinton won mississippi's democrat primary. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will meet with a big debate ahead of the primary in florida and ohio. ross polumbo is going to cover it and join us on 2. the focus of an annual meeting was donald trump. big names in silicon valley, including apple ceo and -- american enterprise think tank. and karl rove showing many see trump as erratic and not presidential. here at home, faculty at the california state universe
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campuses could go on strike next month. union wants 5% for its 26 ,000 members. the union is officering 2%. university officials say they plan to keep all the campuses open and say they're taking steps to minimize the impact on students. the san francisco elementary school is shutting down. st. mary's is a k-8 in chinatown. and today, only 80 students. the san francisco archdiocese saying they can't keep it going. parents were notified yesterday. >> sad moment to hear that. hopefully reopens, right? >> the school is going to close at the end of the year and could reopen kindergarten in a few years.
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the bling wall bilingual school. a fire on #u8 0 -- 880. no one injured. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. sinbad's is being torn down. been there since 1975. and a plan to demolish it and a contentious battle and -- close about four months ago. san francisco international airport want the passengers to feel like rock stars when they come through the terminals. looking at airport butler. anyone can request a personal concierge. and provide baggage assistance,
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super accompanying a senior or minor. >> we know that international passengers enjoy that airport concierge as much as at major international airports. we're hearing it loud and clear that the passengers want that at sfo as well. >> the minimum charge is 250 and can go up, depending on what services you want and how many are traveling. must reserve it 24 hours prior to the flight. mother and baby, a delight delighted crowds. moved out into the bay. >> the aquarium posted these photos. the otter was out and cameras were rolling. the marine biologist is saying she is going to look for food as the offspring grows. the rain is on its way,
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isn't it, mark. >> two storms coming through yesterday and tomorrow into friday. today, moisture out there, coming down in the form of a few storms. tht the golden gate bridge and the cal ra here, an if showers to contend with. this is the developing situation here in the pacific. noing the -- you can see 245 miles across. this is what they call atmospheric weather. that's approaching the area as it does, sets up significant rainfall and that's going to be the case once we move to thursday and your friday forecast as well. right now, a lot of clouds in the way. and on the golden gait bridge, you krv that and scattered around the area.
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toward richmond and hercules for you this afternoon. in the starm watch, moving in. the second one, going to be for friday. the first one stronger. the rainfall totals could be an inch and places to the south bay, by morgan and gillroy. five inches for some neighborhoods in a few select spots in the immediate coastline. the the next few days, santa rosa, you get that. the target zone is going to be up in the coast and significant rain for the entire bay area. with that we are concerned with the rivers, showing you this. napa river, expected to crest around 12 feet below flood stage and other rivers cresting on friday. these numbers can change. all depends on the rainfall that actually develop. and could be cresting under 17 feet.
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and keep an eye on kernville this could be close to flood stage. could be to 33 or 34 feet, all depending on the downpours. keep an eye on that, especially this one. the forecast model, taking us into your thursday morning at 6:00 a.m.. the rainfall at the north bay, notice it stalls over the bay area for thursday. and into friday, more moisture moving into the area. the morning commute, very wet out there. and could be talking about a break on friday and saturday morning and possibly into the second half of the weekend. could be talking about another system into the region. some on friday and saturday. keep the umbrella on stand by, you're going to need it. heavy rain for thursday. more rain could be heavy at tiles and especially for the friday morning commute.
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saturday morning could be starting dry and more showers later in the day and possibly a few scattered showers later in the day. the change you have been waiting for. too much rain in a short amount of time. could watch the rivers and creeks. >> busy rest of the week. >> absolutely. >> thank you, mark. the san francisco 49ers are losing another player. alex boone is signing with the vikings. playing his six-year career with the 49ers. two pro bowls. and going to play for san francisco's tight ends coach last season. living vicariously through himself. winning the lifetime achievement twice.
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>> and dos equis's most interesting man in the world.
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. take a look at the opening bell on wall street. some pluses and everything -- going to finish essentially flat. s & p and nasdaq looking to finish up a quarter of a percent. dos equis with the most interesting man in the world.
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a one man mission to mars. . his only regret is not knowing what regret feels like. he is the most interesting man in the world. . >> this commercial will be the last feature actor, featuring the actor. saying it's not the end, but an evolution. and since launching the campaign, 83% of men say they have been encouraged to live more interesting lives. dos equis is going to introduce a new most interesting man in the world next year. baseball under way for exhibition in sarz. >> the ache r angels and the giants and -- the pitcher johnny cueto. going to play the rockies.
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and bumgartner. three runs in the first and he took it all in stride. >> last start, batters weren't very good like normal. still better, but not where i want them. command felt pretty good. everything felt good. thought i made a lot of good pitches. and just got hit. >> in the dodgers and rockies, kwa tote toe gave -- cueto gave up one hit and it was a home run. the golden state warriors looking to extend their winning streak with the magic. they beat -- may be without finals nvp, andre igoudala with
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> kim kardashian has gone all kanye, attacking bette midler, attacking piers morgan, chloe moretz. it is war on twitter, folks. it is war. [laughter] >> denver broncos quarterback brock osweiler was at a situation in a pizza joint in scottsdale, arizona, where he got into an altercation with some people. he gets hit from behind and stumbles. he stays on his feet. he goes all like this. >> you've seen nothing except the pizza in that video! that's all you see in that video. >> cuba gooding jr. was in miami. he starts taking off his shirt. he puts his cell phone, a random person's cell phone, in his mouth.


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