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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 14, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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several problems, and we will show you a sinkhole in a mudslide, forcing people out of their homes. your mornings on 2 starts now. good morning, and thank you for joining us on this monday, this monday, march 14. let's check on the weather and traffic. i think it has been raining for the last four days. >> i don't remember it raining this many days in a row.>> we will get a break from this system, the last in a series, and we do not want this to continue and go into april, but pretty quiet this week. the pattern is changing, and today will be the transition
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day, going from the rain to partly sunny skies. would not be surprised if we get some fog unless the breeze picks up. 50s on the temperatures, cold air still to the north, partly sunny and cool to mild. in the 60s today, but the rain will be ending, temperatures in the 60s around 60 to 62 degrees. 4:01 am and good morning to you.>> good morning. had a fantastic weekend, and good to be back. >> we want a quiet week this week. >> the roadways are looking good so far this morning, and taking you outside, you can see the conditions. this is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, still slick so keep that in mind as you
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head out the door. a nice easy ride from the east bay into the city. coming in from marin county and across the golden gate bridge, here you go. not much in the way of traffic into san francisco. you can see on the map, it will be an easy ride through the livermore valley and over the altamont pass along 580, an easy ride. south bay is problem-free this morning, no crashes. a smooth ride for you folks in the south bay. we are following a developing story out of san francisco, a building in the mission district went up in flames, 22nd and mission started at started at 11:30 pm, the building is vacant, but the buildings next door had to be evacuated, and it took about an hour to get the fire under
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control, no injuries reported in the cause of the fire is under investigation. this same building burned in january of last year, one man died in that fire and seven others injured. and since then, the building has been empty, boarded up. just last month the building inspectors ordered the owner to demolish the building due to safety concerns, and the former tenant wants the city to take over the building and turn it into affordable housing. a car went into a creek off of highway 4, three adults and three children in the car, and those that saw the cargo off of the road jumped in the water and pulled the children to safety, to adults died in one taken to the hospital in critical injuries. the pg&e crews are working to repair a broken gas line caused by a
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sinkhole. a few hours later a traffic light pole suddenly dropped 7 feet, and pierced a gas pipe. >> when the pole dropped, they heard the gas go. you heard a loud hissing noise.>> about 450 people were evacuated from the ring shopping center, and hundreds of residents were asked to shelter in place. the shelter in place order has been lifted, but about 2500 people are without gas service right now and they hope it is turned back on by later today, and there is no time frame on when to expect the sinkhole repaired. and a landslide causing two families to move out of their home, and they noticed the
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erosion at the bottom of the hillside a few months ago, but not until last week was the home impacted. he said that the railing on his back deck started to slide down, and the recent rain made it even mars. >> -- even worse. >> it is now about 15 feet below the frame of the house. in the upper two thirds of the house is still in place, but folding in half and hanging where the earth this dropping. >> the human is bold utility district owns the land that is sliding downhill just below the houses, and they say that the agency knew about the problem for a while but only sent engineers yesterday. they say there was nothing they could of done to prevent the landslide, many hills in the east bay are susceptible to this problem. >> and concerns about flooding prompting the evaluation of
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campers in santa clara county. this is just a long side the reservoir, and here are some pictures from social media of the area. the campers are spending the night at a church shelter in morgan hill and could be allowed back at the campground today if the water to recede's. -- if the water precedes. the water flooded the only bridge into the campground, and inspectors will be there to see if there was any damage. a high surf advisory is in effect until 5 pm tonight. waves as biggest 20 feet, and sneaker waves are predicted. avoid turning your back to the ocean, and avoid fishing from the rocks. from our their -- for more information, be sure
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to download our weather app. just search for the ktvu at -- app in your app store. the focus is now on the second super tuesday, and tomorrow could make all the different. we have the latest from washington. >> reporter: it is the big winner take all states of ohio and florida getting the attention, and if the polls are correct, donald trump is in a good position to win florida, and john kasich could win ohio. if this is a split decision, this contest could go on and on. >> i love florida. >> reporter: donald trump trying to sell the sunshine state he has credentials at a rally last night. he h a rally in cleveland on
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saturday, chicago on friday, and donald trump is in a good position to win. and it is a tough time for marco rubio, using a bullhorn, scrambling to build a last- minute support from make come behind win. ohio could be the battleground with john kasich narrowly leading over donald trump. >> do we go to the dark side with negativity. >> reporter: and ted cruz was counting on upsetting donald trump in north carolina. in just about any scenario could lead to a contested convention, something that the campaigns are already bracing for a. >> these are coming from the state parties, and these campaigns are already supporting delegates, talking to the delegates, and making their case to the delegates. they are well aware of this could end up with at the
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convention. >> reporter: and hillary clinton doing very well in almost all of the states, but the exception, oddly enough, illinois, her home state, where bernie sanders is shown in ahead in the polls.>> bernie sanders is calling on donald trump to tell his supporters that violence in this political process is not acceptable. the presidential hopeful was asked about the allegations that sanders campaigns have protesters to disrupt the rally, and sanders said that he is campaign is never encouraged anybody to disrupt anything. a derailment, on a straight section of track near dodge city, kansas, five train cars ended up on their side, about 140 passengers and crew members
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on board, and the people that were not taken to the hospital were brought to the recreation center and will be given alternate transportation. the cause of the crash is under investigation. carrying out airstrikes against the kurdish rebels in a rough -- iran. -- iraq, in the u. s. and other nato members are condemning the attack, the second time in a month that turkey has blamed the kurdish rebels for an attack in a car a period at least 16 people have died in this attack, the first in the west african country, and the government says it has been bracing for problems after similar assaults
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in the neighboring countries, in france is sending top ministers to show solidarity. they also killed six of the attackers, and the branch of al- qaeda is claiming responsibility. back in the bay area, a tree crashed into a home in oakland, and one woman says she is lucky to be alive. several feet of new snow falling in the sierra over the weekend, and the challenges that the drivers are facing to get home. keeping an eye on the roadways this morning, tracking one problem that has popped up on the peninsula, and coming up. it looks like this last system in a series, and a long one. we should get some pattern change and we will talk about what is in store coming up.
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the latest storm bringing lots of snow to the sierra, several feet hauling over the weekend, and skiers and snowboarders have flocked to the area to take advantage of the conditions. some areas received more than 400 inches of snow this year, but still under the average.
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change are required on interstate 80 and highway 50, getting to and the sierra this weekend was a challenge. it boosted the snow-packed, and it is putting more money in the pockets of the businesses in the sierra, some calling this a march miracle. >> all of this white is green for us, since the doppler is green. it works out for us after a couple of years of drought. >> a winter storm warning is in effect until 11 am this morning, and wind gusts could reach up to 50 miles per hour or higher . recovering in the hospital after being hit by a car directing traffic near the donner summit. he was hit by another vehicle,
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and suffered a broken hip and a head injury. the chp veteran is expected to be in the hospital for several weeks, and described as a dedicated officer, loving husband and father of three. >> he is the kind of guide that if there is a dog hurt without a home, he would bring the dog home to take care of it. >> he goes out of his way to ensure that people get the best service.>> three chp officers have been hit in the past few weeks in the sierra, and urging the drivers to slow down, especially if they see first responders on the road. flooding in mississippi damaging thousands of homes, and for back have died since the flooding's began last week, and they have rescued 3300 people. flood warnings remain in effect
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today as many of the rivers continue to stay dangerously high. yesterday president obama signed an order declaring alabama a major disaster, triggering federal aid for the flood victims. it is for 16 a.m. it is for 16 a.m. the roads are still wet this morning, and we are keeping an eye on it.>> so far we are doing pretty good. we have one issue that we will get to in just a moment. this could cause problems, and we will keep an eye on this. taking a look at the cameras, you can see that the rain is obviously not falling, but the roadways are still quite wet. it's a good idea to take it easy this morning. an easy ride into san francisco along highway 101. on the san mateo bridge, if you're driving in that span, it will be a nice drive.
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we want to touch on this issue, going to the maps, eight crash just coming in. 101 southbound, just south of the holly street exit. this is a crash involving two vehicles, blocking at least one lane. we are trying to find out whether the lanes are still blocked, and we will work to get more information. keep in mind there is a crash, 101 southbound, just south of the holly street exit in redwood city. 4:18 am. still very early. we do have things calming down, and winding down, streets are wet, but the patterns are changing. and some of the numbers are coming in.
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if you have monthly total, send it in. it is much needed, and staggering. in sausalito, 4.82. 205% of the monthly average. 102% for the season, so how about that. everybody made up ground. i think we need a break, and we should get it. and the airflow taking toward central and southern california. there are still a lot of moisture, but the high pressure will begin to build. from seattle to san diego. 50s on the temperatures, low to mid for most, with cool air moving in. holding onto these isolated showers, partly sunny, cool to mild with inland fog. the rain will be winding down, and it looks like a drier week
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in the 50s and low 60s. after today, we will have mostly sunny skies would temperatures warming up, warmer on wednesday and thursday, probably into friday, and rain returning to the north over the weekend. and the just posted on facebook about the reservoir. >> it is at a historical level, and the last time it was this i was april 2013, and before that in the 70s, but it is where it should be. and that is without the snow melts. the demolition of the apartment building at at the risk of falling off in pacifica, expected to be completed today as they tear down the building at 320 esplanade avenue. the building was declared unsafe in 2010, and since then
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the building has become a hazard for those walking on the beach below, and in an environmental hazard for the ocean. crews will work to keep the clip from eroding any farther. it is now 4:20 am, and we know that the team will be headed to the ncaa tournament, and something never done before.
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welcome back, your time now
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is 4:23 am. heading to the ncaa tournament, the golden bears ranked fourth in the south region. the golden bears finished 23- 10, winning nine of their last games, and this is the first trip since 2013. >> the most important thing is to get into the tournament. for our guys, this is a great time to be a part of the basketball scout program -- cal program, and facing the warriors in spokane washington. >> st marys feeling snubbed, 27- 5, champions of the west conference. they lost in the final
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tournaments for the wcc, and will host new mexico state in the first round, and the game is a p.m. tomorrow night. the ncaa is investigating after somebody leaked the bracket on twitter. this year's show was two hours extended from the last year one hour, some teens waiting to hear whether they were in a route found out on social media. the ncaa says it goes to great links to make sure this does not get leaked early and they consider this matter very serious. and competition for six other cities to get the federal grant for self-driving cars, and the cities will have to create a traffic network plan. they must also show how the ideas are to cut the greenhouse gases, the winter getting $50 million and some of the cities
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competing are austin, texas, pittsburgh, pennsylvania and portland, oregon. and time travel, people visit london as it is now, and how it was long ago. you could do this with a smartphone and cardboard headset, and visit the tower of london, standing in front of the tower, you can switch on the app and see what it looked like in 1255. >> we overlay the current infrastructure with the infrastructure was like in the 13th century london. >> the tour guides say this helps to tell the stories about the landmarks more easily, and images do not need to be translated from one language to the other, and it makes it possible for even young children to appreciate what they see. 4:26 am, changes coming
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following a spike in sexual harassment cases, just announced by the uc president. a building on the mission street goes up in flames overnight, the latest on that investigation, and the connection it had to a fire last year.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 and it is monday, march 14, and i am brian florez. we should get a bit of a break after today. we are good with 72% of average in shasta. good news. >> there is a nice skiing place by shasta. we still have some showers
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holding on, preventing us from warming up too much. and will it ever stop raining, yes it will. a river running down the driveway and a river runs through it, i guess. everything is moving to the north, clipping northern california, and the rain and snow continuing to stack up for reading, shasta and maybe north of mendocino. driving southward out of a our area. and time to take this high pressure and of the along the west coast. fog has to be an issue, and we are not done yet. partly cloudy and partly sunny, rain ending after today,


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