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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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trouble on the tracks. commuters on bart are being told to expect trains to be more crowded than usual as part workers scramble to repair 58 cars knocked out of service by
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a phantom electrical problem. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. a warning tonight for bart commuters. the delays that starts -- 36 hours ago are going to last through tomorrow and possibly beyond. pittsburg bay point stations is currently out of service and a bus bridge has been set up to north concord as part tries to figure out what caused that power surge on wednesday that damaged dozens of trains. we got the developing news now from ktvu's amber lee in north concord where bart passengers are complaining about a longer commute. >> reporter: that's right, frank. bart spokesman tells me there's no clear timeline for when service will be restored. and the transit agency is asking for patients from passengers. during the evening commute, the line was long for passengers waiting for the bus bridge between the north concord and pittsburg stations. >> we leave early, have to have patience. frustrating. you know? a little bit late to work.
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>> reporter: passengers tell us it's taking longer getting to where they need to go. in some cases up to an hour or more. >> in san francisco, taking it all the way back here, all the way to brentwood. it's kind of a pain. >> reporter: pain from service disruptions that started wednesday morning, to bypass the pittsburg station, driving to north concord. >> i didn't want to have to take the bus. i didn't know it was going to be packed. >> fewer cars in service means shorter trains, lower capacity and sometimes longer waits to step onto a train. once inside, a little more cramped. >> already close and intimate. was a little bit more? >> bart says an electrical voltage spike between the stations damaged at least 50 cars. the cause is still unknown. >> we're doing everything can -- everything we can put it could be weeks or months that we have every one of those train cars back in service. >> reporter: bark is working with pg&e and bringing in
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outside experts to find the cause. some commuters are considering plan b for friday and beyond. >> i'm going to drive here, no parking, i'm going to keep driving until i get to work. >> might look for a different means of transportation over the weekend. >> reporter: such as? >> commuting with somebody. >> reporter: the bus bridge will be up and running until bark train service remains. -- resumes. at least through this weekend, bark saw a similar problem three weeks ago when trains coming out of the trains bay tube was affected in west oakland. bart does not know the cause of that incident and they do not know if the same problem is behind both incidents. frank and julie? >> amber, how long between those buses? what's the weight in between? >> reporter: it didn't look very long. every time that i saw passengers , the line started forming when people get off the trains but they didn't have to wait long. it was a little deceptive. the lines looked long but there were a lot of buses on standby.
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>> certainly good. amber lee in north concord, thank you. bart is struggling to fix the 50 or so cars damaged by that phantom electrical problem on the tracks. today bart's chief mechanical officer allowed our cameras into the richer -- repair shop where he explained how the power surge fries the propulsion systems on bart's older trains. he says other newer cars have fuses which prevent that type of damage but older cars have older parts. >> this is a device that's failing on our c cars. we think somewhere between 50 and 100 of these devices failed. we can't restore and reuse, so they cost about $1000 apiece. >> the problem is those parts are difficult to find and can take up to 22 weeks for replacements. in the meantime, bart is hoping to expedite a shipment. as for the power surge that caused the problems, engineers still haven't figured out what's causing it. stay with ktvu for continuing
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coverage of the bart situation, tune into our morning newscast for the latest. also posting updates on facebook, twitter and our free ktvu mobile app. new at 10 a violent confrontation caught on camera. surveillance video shows the moments leading up to a stabbing outside a bar in san jose. police call it a bold attack. tonight they need your help identifying a suspect. the stabbing took place outside the willow dunbar on lincoln avenue in san jose's willow glen area. ktvu's azenith smith is live at the bar with the surveillance video police want you to see. azenith? >> reporter: julie, police are calling this an attempted murder. it happened outside of this bar back in november. police today released the video because they say they've exhausted all their leads. tonight san jose police are hoping someone recognizes this man in the light t-shirt. they say it was started as pushing and shoving between two
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strangers inside the willow dunbar, it escalated into a knife fight where the victim was repeatedly stabbed. >> nobody deserves to be stabbed. you have an argument, talk it over, you can have an argument, whatever. that's fine. leave it at that. >> reporter: the assault happened around one in the morning and know some -- on november 15. this man confronted the victim inside the bar. after bumping into each other and would not let up. he's seen throughout the video following the victim as a security guards intervened. >> the victim is trying to let the whole thing go. the suspect is relentless, he's preying on the victim. you can see that he is targeting only the victim and nobody else. >> reporter: at one point meant end up on the streets where they exchanged words. what the victim may not have realized, a suspect was armed. he runs after the victim reaching into his right hand pocket, pulling out a knife and stabbing the victim several times. the suspect then takes off running. >> the guy had a death grip on the weapon. it took three guys to get it out. >> reporter: the owner of the video -- of the bar turned the
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video over to please. >> fortunately, our head of security ran into the middle of the street and tackled these two guys as the fight was going on. and dislodged the weapon. >> police fear the suspect may have done this before. unfazed by his surroundings. they are worried he could do it again. the suspect is described as latino, 25 to 30 years old. 5'10", 180 pounds with a scar on the back or top of his head. police tell us the victim is okay and they are confident someone knows who's this -- who the suspect is. anyone with information is asked to contact san jose police. >> really clear images, thank you. an assistant track coach at mount pleasant high school in san jose was arrested this week for alleged sex crimes with students. investigators say 20-year-old -- 21-year-old you knock garcia
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-- enoch garcia was booked on monday. inappropriate relationships with a 14-year-old student and a 17-year-old student, both are enrolled at mount pleasant high. now to san francisco where a war of words has erupted between the police officers union and the district attorney. the poa is now running radio ads accusing d.a. george gascon of going easy on criminals. >> crime reporter henry lee is here now and tell us the officers are blaming gascon for an increase in crime in the city. >> reporter: frank and julie, property crimes went up 17% last year, largely because of a big jump in car burglaries. now the blame game which is pretty intense even by san francisco standards. >> since george gascon became district attorney, violent crime has risen nearly 25%. >> reporter: that is the president of the san francisco
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police union in a radio ad. >> gascon, the co-author of the prop 47 law, is passing out get out of jail free cards for drug offenses and property crimes under $950. that's right. if you leave your pursing your car and it ends up in the hands of a criminal under gascon's law, it's only a slap on the wrist. >> reporter: in most places, cops are in lockstep with the d.a. in san francisco, they are at loggerheads. no secret there's no love lost between the sfpd and d.a. george gascon himself a former sf top cop. lately gascon has been on a campaign for police reform and that irritated the rank-and- file. but officers are also upset with prop 47 which reduced many property crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. police have long blamed prop 47 for the increase in crimes like auto burglaries. last year there were nearly 26,000, quadruple the number since 2012. >> very difficult to catch these individuals in the act. and then of course, once we catch the individuals in the act, and there's the issue of
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the prosecution, the case going to the district attorney's office. and seeing especially under prop 47, whether or not they are going to prosecute the person. >> reporter: a spokesman tells us the union doesn't know what it's talking about. >> beyond ridiculous. the fact of the matter is that this is an organization that has zero credibility, they've completely demonstrated they're willing to say anything in order to evade scrutiny and hoodwink the public and distract people from the problems that the department is happening. >> reporter: as far as prop 47, throwing stones. >> asserting that prop 47, statewide initiative is responsible when our arrest rate as poor as it is is not making this problem go away, making an arrest in burglary cases is going to make this problem go away. >> reporter: it took action on 80% of the cases it was given. but that's only 1.5% of all car burglaries that occurred. >> this is becoming a political football. it's not about making sure
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people are safe or that your car is not getting broken into. this is about pointing fingers. >> just a political thing. [ laughter ] just had to do with politics. >> reporter: we met william villanueva outside the hall of justice. he says the criminal justice system didn't go easy on him. >> i did 32 months for petty theft. stole something for less than $100. i did 32 months for that. >> reporter: i spoke to an advisor for the police unit who actually helped bring gascon to san francisco when he was up for the chief job. the advisor says he has a serious case of buyer's remorse. the union wouldn't say meanwhile how much they spend for this ad. >> why would the unit be doing this? what's the motivation? >> reporter: rank-and-file cops are upset that gascon is looking at corruption in the department. they are saying to your job as a prosecutor. >> seems like the last thing's emphasis curry needs right now. because they are both on the same team. >> that's right. >> reporter: when you have a public defender agreeing with the d.a., you know something is
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very unusual in san francisco. rough-and-tumble world in the city. >> henry, thank you. we've never seen a situation like this before. in history. >> tackling trump, up next why experts say it is increasingly likely republicans will need to battle it out at a brokered convention. tracking the friday forecast, it does call for a bit of a cooldown, fog returning to the coast. how much cooler in your backyard.
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a new twist tonight in the race for the white house. some experts have crunched the numbers and say it's likely that none of the republican candidates will win enough delegates to clinch the nomination. >> in the meantime a group of conservative leaders met today in washington, dc to discuss how to try to derail donald trump's march to the nomination. >> ktvu's jana katsuyama is in the newsroom with how this could impact california voters. >> reporter: julianne frank, this meeting was private and included activists, commentators and other leaders. they said their plan now is to try to stop trump and force republicans to decide the nominee in a contested convention. senator marco rubio returned to capitol hill thursday voicing what many republican leaders are thinking.
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>> hopefully there's time to prevent a trump nomination which i think would fracture the party and be damaging to the conservative movement. >> reporter: with rubio's exit, donald trump has a large lead over the two remaining republicans. senator ted cruz and jeff -- governor john kasich. >> i'm dealing with two smart, tough guys and i want to make sure i end up winning. i'd like to get the finish line. >> reporter: reaching that finish line appears to be increasingly difficult even for trump. according to uc berkeley dean of goldman school of public policy, henry brady. >> he's been winning 48% of the delegates. he's got to win 55% in the future, that's a push upwards. that's going to be helped by the fact that some of the voters are now going to go for him now that rubio is out of the race. >> reporter: cruz faces an even tougher battle nearly 80% of the many delegates. >> if we beat donald consistently, we end up winning more than 80% of the delegates.
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>> reporter: brady says that's unlikely. it appears a brokered convention may be the only path forward. >> we've never seen a situation like this before in american history. we've had contested conventions with -- that was before we had a series of primaries and caucuses that let the people speak and supposedly chose the nominees. >> reporter: california vice chair harvey dylan says the tight race will likely turn california into a battleground state despite its late june primary. >> because it's not winner take all, that means each of the candidates remaining has an opportunity in their area of strength to pick up delegates and they are going to need as many as they can get. >> reporter: as for governor john kasich, brady says kasich has no chance of winning a right but he could be a spoiler taking delegates away from trump and cruz. the next round of voting is tuesday in arizona and utah. live in the newsroom, jenna cuts it -- jana katsuyama, fox 2 news. bernie sanders conceded the
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missouri primary to hillary clinton. only about 1500 votes separated them from the election on tuesday. some provisional ballots as well as military and overseas ballots still need to be counted but sanders said he wanted to spare missouri taxpayers the expense of a recount. the fbi said a uc merced student was inspired by the islamic state when he went on a stabbing rampage late last year. 18-year-old mohammad of santa clara had become self radicalized. he stabbed for students before he was shot and killed by a campus police officer back on november 4. the fbi says there is every indication mohammed acted alone. investigators found isis propaganda on his laptop and say he planned that attack a week before. the obama administration proclaimed the islamic state is committing genocide. their victims include christians and other minorities in iraq and syria. the declaration is something that congress and human rights groups have been asking for but it doesn't carry any legal
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weight. or obligate the u.s. to take any additional action against isis. there are some people in richmond who are concerned that the city's recent increase in homicides is linked to the absence of a permanent police chief. city leaders tell us richmond's overall crime rate is actually down. today they told ktvu's paul chambers they plan to name a permanent police chief next week. >> reporter: the city of richmond is in a transition state. former police chief chris magnus left the city for a job in tucson. since his departure there's been a rise in homicide rate in richmond, this time last year there were three homicides. so far this year, that number has doubled. >> these are incidents that are specifically targeted to the folks who are victimized. so they are not random crimes. >> still, responsibly to lower the crime rate is in the hands of interim chief allwyn brown to -- he says his department is doing all they can but they need help from others to make the community safe. >> not just a police effort or
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agency effort, it's the effort of family and community. >> when we get these spikes, our aim is to ramp up so that we disrupt what history has shown us can be a back-and- forth pattern of gun violence that escalates and plays on public streets. >> reporter: the overall crime rate is down 10%, something that people believe comes from the leadership team of magnus, brown and the entire department. >> although the city of richmond has an interim chief, that will soon change as a city officials will announce the new chief next week. >> reporter: they say they are confident that person is the right one for the job. >> good momentum going, a good model. we feel like we want to keep that momentum going. and we have good leadership. >> reporter: brown believes the department is close to making an arrest in three of the six homicides. in richmond, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. weekly drought data is out tonight. it shows el niƱo has made a dent but california remains very much in a drought. 74% of the state remains under
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severe drought. that's a 10% improvement over last week. here on the left, you see conditions from one year ago, much of the state covered in red to signify severe or extreme drought conditions. on the right is today. you see more yellow including in the bay area to indicate moderate drought conditions. state water officials are increasing water allocations for a third time since december thanks to the recent rain. state water project clients will now get 45% of their requested amounts of from 10% a few months ago. officials say in order to reduce water use by 20%, it will remain in effect. the water project supplies 25 million californians. it warmed up nicely out there today, we've got fog back along the coast. now as you look off in the distance you see a little bit of fog pushing through. fog at the beaches, fog tomorrow morning when you wake up. and a cooler day, highs today easily into the mid-70s, even upper 70s. big weather system out here,
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tracking the bottom half of it, it wants to rip through the bay area as we head down the road in the five-day forecast. for tomorrow, looking at fog and low clouds along the coast, start off with fog pretty much everywhere. temperatures cooler by a good 10 degrees, 5 to 8 cooler than they were today.'s overnight lows, lots of low 40s, 50s around the bay, then tomorrow morning, look at the fog footprint, that's like summer. see how far inland it goes? temperatures drop down, slow to warm and afternoon, it burns back by noon. but the 70s get pushed into the central valley. lots of 60s tomorrow around the bay, mid and upper 60s. some low 70s out towards clayton and some of the warmer spots. a different kind of football team moving into the 49ers former home. at 10:45, a plan to bring professional sports back and
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why not everyone is happy about it. later, the annual march madness ritual is underway.
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its intelligent drive is paradigm-shifting. its technology-filled cabin...jaw-dropping.
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its performance...breathtaking. its self-parking...and the all-new glc. mercedes-benz resets the bar for the luxury suv. starting at $38,950. black lives matter! >> more outrage on the campus of san jose state over a racially charged hazing case. this afternoon students held a rally to protest a jury decision last month not to convict three white students of hate crime charges in connection with a hazing of their black roommate in 2013. instead, the three white students were convicted of misdemeanor battery. they were accused of taunting their roommate with racial slurs and forcing a bike lock around his neck. the students who protested today told us the university
10:25 pm
isn't doing enough to foster a safe environment on campus. the university official pointed to several steps the school has taken since 2013 including a new diversity awareness program for incoming students. some supervisors are coming under fire for apparently using an encrypted messaging app called telegram. ktvu's tom vacar tells us it destroys messages even communications that should be part of the public record. >> reporter: people tweet, facebook instagram and message billions of communications every day. applications such as telegram not only facilitate such communications but can also then obliterate them. so why would some san francisco public officials subject to volumes of sunshine open reading of public records laws have such an app on their devices? might they be using such technology to sidestep or circumvent these laws without fear of being caught? >> it may seem like this is causing a problem, but
10:26 pm
realistically, it's not any different than email or text message or any other kind of paper communication that could be shredded. there's certain kinds of documents that people should retain. >> reporter: we put that question to supervisors john allis, david campos, malia cohen, jade kim and aaron peskin. supervisor peskin was the only one who responded let alone answered the question. >> used almost exclusively for nonpublic business matters, but in one instance actually used for public business matter. >> reporter: that business was a group discussion regarding the city's contract negotiations. but because it was in a group discussion the records were retained and available for public inspection. in certain sensitive areas such as pending lawsuits, or personnel matters, public officials may indeed meet in private but those exceptions to sunshine laws are few and far
10:27 pm
between. >> meanwhile i am not going to use this application for any public business until we hear from the city attorney. >> public records are public irrespective of whether it is something you are conducting on a private device or private email account. >> reporter: sunshine laws are there precisely to put sunshine on public policymaking. even though for legislators sometimes that makes things difficult, if not next to impossible, it is the law. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. st. patrick's day celebrations now underway. >> reporter: st. patrick's day awash in alcohol, have the luck of the irish won't help you out of a dui. plus a major announcement from seaworld after years of public pressure. the changes coming to the amusement park.
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bagpipes and beer, the st.
10:30 pm
patrick's day celebration is well underway but it's not all fun and festivities. all that celebrating is leaving some people in no shape to drive home tonight. >> that means tonight law enforcement is out in force. working to keep the road say. ktvu's debora villalon is in san francisco tonight. deborah, this is a dangerous night to be on the road. >> reporter: for anyone. frank, right up there with new year's eve and fourth of july. some communities will try to intercept drunk drivers with checkpoints. others are mobile, catching them in the act. >> [ music ] >> reporter: not even 5:00 and the music is bearing -- blaring and the beer is flowing in san francisco's financial district. >> we'll stay out until we fall down. >> reporter: along with the drinking -- >> zero-tolerance enforcement action plan. >> reporter: enforcement is blue, police agencies -- on
10:31 pm
this annual celebration -- >> looking for drivers under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. they will be arrested. >> reporter: there's the dark side. impaired drivers who will hurt themselves or others getting home. drivers who didn't make a plan or stick to one. >> how will you get home? >> public transportation. >> taking the bart train. >> reporter: that's the ideal. but those who tried to drive, extra patrols are out tonight. >> people see them and hear them, they will think twice about getting behind the wheel. they may look and go, this isn't a good idea. >> reporter: motorcycle officers are sick a long pole and union where the bar scene is particularly likely. someone who started socializing after work may not be able to judge their own impairment. >> a percent really wasted, gets behind the wheel, they kind of realize they can't drive, it's the person who is borderline where they think i'm still good, i can still drive, i still have my motor skills. not there yet. i stopped in time.
10:32 pm
they are the ones who don't realize. >> reporter: about 35 people die each day in alcohol-related crashes. 45 during the christmas period, 55 over new year's. binge drinkers are 14 times more likely to get a dui. sometimes it's drugs, not just booze on board. >> not as obvious as alcoholic -- alcohol has a smell. you can smell the alcohol with -- with narcotics outside of marijuana, there's not a lot of smell but it is still detectable. you have to have special training for that. >> i changed my name. my name is patty o'malley today. [ laughter ] >> reporter: nothing kills the buzz faster than an arrest or accident. on this day, we make our own luck. >> uber or bark. not driving. >> reporter: as this party winds down, we're seeing a lot of people coming out, finding -- climbing it cabs or private cars. another motivator might be the high cost of the dui conviction. between 10 and $15,000. that is a pot of gold.
10:33 pm
>> debora villalon in san francisco. update to a story we reported last night about vandals shooting a bb gun into parked cars in the east bay. police now say way more car windows were shot out that they originally thought. we're told 180 cars have been damaged since late december in san leandro, castro valley and san lorenzo. this surveillance video shows one of the shootings. police say they think the incidents are related but at this point they haven't made any arrests. berkeley police are investigating a possible kidnapping attempt after a nine- year-old told her mother a man tried to grab her. two men in a green van followed her on monday as she walked to malcolm x elementary on prince street. the driver is described as a black man in his 20s with shoulder length dreadlocks. the passenger, a latino in late 20s with dark straight hair.
10:34 pm
police say the green van is similar to one used in an attempted abduction in berkeley last fall. seaworld is bowing to public pressure and is now going to end their captive breeding program for killer whales. the company says the current generation of wales will be there last. killer whale shows what are also going to be phased out. seaworld says theatrical performances will be replaced by a visitor encounters that showcase a more natural environment for the killer whales. changes will begin next year at seaworld san diego and expand to parks in orlando and san antonio by 2019. >> they will still be there. it will be much more educational and you will hear about the plight of the killer whales in the wild as opposed to a theatrical show. >> it's also best that seaworld's killer whales remain in captivity since they probably wouldn't survive if they were released into the wild. he says birth control will be used to stop them from breeding. seaworld's three parks have a total of 29 killer whales including six on loan to a park in spain. there is a long list of fun
10:35 pm
events around the bay area during the first weekend of spring especially for music, wine and flower lovers. here is ktvu's rosemary orozco with our weekend watch. >> spring arrives and so goes the annual macy's flower show held in union square. this year's theme is america the beautiful. show will have flowers, food, art and music, opening day is sunday. also in san francisco, last chance to see the u.s. naval academy men's glee club performance. >> [ singing ] the free concert is friday from 7 to 830 oh clock at the grace cathedral. the nationally acclaimed glee club is considered one of america's premier men's ensembles. in the south bay, enjoy a day of family fun at the 2016 blossom festival. the free event of yesteryear will provide music of the '30s and '40s. the festival is saturday from 10:00 till 4:00 in the heritage orchard civic center area.
10:36 pm
blastoff is the east bay where you can taste wind right out of the barrel. the eighth annual barrel tasting weekend takes place in livermore, for more than 35 wineries on hand to offer samples, guests have the opportunity to prepurchase winds at a discount. the event is from 12:00 till 4:30. sharks play at home, warriors and? are away. i'm rosemary orozco. that is your weekend watch. so we talked about a cooldown. now as we move toward the weekend and beyond, more clouds and a chance of some rain.
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electrician working on a high-rise in los angeles fell to his death today. from the 53rd floor. it was only his second day on the job. the high-rise is under construction and the company says that worker did not have clearance to work above the third floor. they also say for some reason he had removed his safety harness and hardhat. after falling, he landed on a moving car. the female driver didn't appear to be injured but was taken to a hospital for evaluation. los angeles police and osha are investigating the new wilshire grand center will be the tallest building in los angeles when it's done next year. it will have a total of 73 stories. the retail kitchenware company williams-sonoma announced it is cutting 5% of its corporate workforce. the job cuts come after the san francisco based company reported disappointing earnings for its fourth quarter. shares fell 6.2% today to close at 55.74. the broader markets pushed higher, the dow gained 155 points.
10:40 pm
it is now in positive territory for the year. wiping out its losses in january. the nasdaq rose 11 but it is down nearly 5% for 2016. s&p added 13, down a fraction for the year. president obama's supreme court nominee made the traditional courtesy calls to capital today but only found a few doors open. merrick garland was welcomed by democratic senators but republican leaders do not plan to hold a confirmation hearing or a vote. they want that left to the next president. but some on both sides of the aisle say that could be a risky move. >> i would rather have a less liberal nominee like merrick garland than a nominee that hillary clinton, if she were president, would put forward. >> their failure to do their job and give judge garland the consideration he deserves ties them to trump in a way they cannot untangle. >> a few senate republicans have agreed to meet with
10:41 pm
garland but majority leader mitch mcconnell is not one of them. coming up a pro soccer team coming to san francisco. >> it's exciting to bring what's called the beautiful game to our beautiful city. >> the plan to bring a professional team to a former home of the 49ers.
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
professional soccer team is coming to san francisco and it's set to play its games at kezar stadium, the first home of the 49ers. >> final approval was given to the plan. as rob roth tells us, some folks who live near kezar stadium are worried about traffic, booze and rowdy fans. >> reporter: kezar stadium will once again be home to a professional sports team. beginning next year soccer fans
10:44 pm
will be able to cheer for the new startup soccer team the san francisco deltas of the north american soccer league. >> i was born in san francisco and i think we've been waiting a long time for this. >> reporter: at a hearing packed with soccer fans wearing deltas scarves, the recreation and parks commission gave final approval allowing the deltas to call keys are home. the ceo says san francisco is the perfect city to host a pro soccer team. >> it's a global city that's missing the most popular sport in the world. so it's exciting to bring what's called the beautiful game to our beautiful city. >> reporter: not everyone was exuberant. many residents who live near kezar have two main concerns. traffic on game days and alcohol. some wanted an alcohol ban. >> people come out of the game from these kind of events and they go to the bars. when the bars close, people come out of the bars and don't have anywhere to relieve themselves. >> reporter: the team needs the
10:45 pm
alcohol sales to stay afloat. >> we share those concerns. >> reporter: the deltas will host 20 games a season and play in division two of the north american soccer league. the team is committed to making improvements in kezar. supporters say businesses will benefit by fans coming to the neighborhood but more importantly it will be fun for families. >> also going to be very good for the community. the ashbury residents. to have an organized, supervised, healthy alternative for saturday night activities. >> reporter: with the approval now granted, the soccer season is expected to begin about a year from now when the era of the san francisco deltas will begin. in san francisco, rob roth ktvu fox 2 news. warmest day of the week today. for a little while anyway, we got up to 80 degrees in oakland. 80 in morgan hill, 81 in
10:46 pm
antioch. what a day. beautiful out there. not as warm tomorrow, fog along the coast right now, the fog picked up earlier, one of our cameras, can't see it on this one but if you look hard past the skyline towards the avenues out towards twin peaks, you can't really see it but there is fog out there right now at the beaches. that fog is going to push inland tomorrow. temperatures will drop down based on that onshore flow. some stuff moving to atlanta right now. by tomorrow morning, hold on. travel day tomorrow should be fairly easy. so if you do cross-country stuff tomorrow, you are fine. this is the big system we're tracking, it is big, going that way. underneath it, coming up underneath, that's the one that will clip us on sunday night into monday. we're going to get rain too which would be great. but fog along the coast right now. winds were north-northeast today. at the beach blowing fairly significantly north-northeast. the winds are on short now and that's how the fog gets its
10:47 pm
push inland. today's temperature in santa rosa was 78. tomorrow, 70s. so there's an eight degree drop. 80 in oakland today, down to 69 tomorrow so 11 off. temperatures cooling off significantly tomorrow. so let's go out in the pacific and take a look at what we have. good-looking action out there for this late in the season, we have a lot of storm activity in the pacific which is going to allow us to get that opportunity for some showers in here on sunday night. as we go through tomorrow, cooler saturday, more fog, clouds and by sunday, this system clips the north bay and parts of the bay area, san francisco will see 0.1, 0.15. santa rosa could see 0.25 to 0.5. so here is the computer model, this is friday, through each day, you will see things breakdown, friday, frederick -- saturday night, not much happening. sunday, there goes, clicks through sunday night, a little bit on monday morning and monday afternoon. maybe a little touch more as we
10:48 pm
head into tuesday. and then another clipper to the north, everything just a little far northwest. sunday into monday, we get legit rain. how much? some models are suggesting, not nothing compared to what working but santa rosa could get your .75. maybe tuesday afternoon. san francisco just under a half inch. not better than nothing. the five-day forecast, there is. plenty of warmth, despite the cloud cover. showers sunday into monday. >> bill, thank you. sports is coming up next, a couple upsets in the ncaa tournament.
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marc is here tonight and we're starting with some sharks news. >> they've shown they are ready to peak at the right time but it wasn't happening out on the road where usually the sharks best hockey comes away from the tank. not tonight. the coyotes down in phoenix slowed their role, 3-1 the final. first loss away from the tank in the last five games. it had the look of one of their early-season games. not a whole lot of energy or offensive oomph. a little unexpected glitch in the desert you might say. look at this, their second goal that would be waved off. officials say the puck was
10:52 pm
kicked into the night. i think the video was inconclusive really. down to 1-0. the put-back, that's his 17th of the year. 1-1. just 1:30 left in regulation, shane doan, a weird angle, for phoenix, it will find its way into the net. the decider, they did add a power-play goal 30 seconds later. 3-one final after the sharks beat the caps and the bruins. maybe a little let down against the lesser phoenix coyotes. nothing like a bit of adversity. cal will get a chance to respond to bad luck and worst timing. on the eve of their highest seeded appearance ever in the ncaa tournament, their leading scorer and top assist man, point guard, one of their most inspirational players, out with a broken hand sustained in yesterday's practice. he will be out for the tournament.
10:53 pm
heartbreaking turn of events in his senior year. >> it's unfortunate, tyrone wallace not here with us. he's brought a lot to our program and the two things with tyrone wallace, he decided to come back to school and get his degree. the other thing to play in the ncaa tournament. should be a lot of fun against a great, talented hawaii team. nonetheless, cal will take on hawaii tomorrow in spokane. 11:00 a.m. hard time. seems like everyone loves the upsets. we had a couple of note in the opening round. enough to wreck a few brackets along the way. little regarded little rock ruins perdue's entire season. double-overtime -- spectacular, seems to defy day one every you. under 10 seconds left, josh hagans with a deep three. steph curry-deep. it goes to the first overtime. 31 for hagans. under a minute to go, hagans on the baseline with the fate, little rock up three, perdue
10:54 pm
had one last gasp. johnny hill to the bucket, can't make it go, little rock beats purdue by a bucket. they were losing to an ivy league team, or perhaps just upset about the hideous uniforms they were wearing, didn't work out for baylor. the west region, justin sears with a nice up and under. jail goes up 70 -- gail -- yale wins 79-75. yale with their first win in tournament play ever , they will face duke in the next round. that's good to see, pretty excited about it. nobody shows up on the giants injured list today. the way things have gone lately, that constitutes greatness. not only that, they win the ballgame, their starting pitcher looked pretty decent which has not been the case in
10:55 pm
early spring so far for bruce bochy and company. he and jared parker trying to win himself a spot on this roster. 3-0 pitch, gets the greenlight and that would do it. gone. 2-0 over the padres. this is the young catcher trying to make the roster, trevor brown. cashes in a pair of runs with a seeing eye single to left. jake peavy by the way, for innings, gave up two earned runs, 8-4 giants the final over the padres. a's fit to be tied literally, typical exhibition score, 11-11 with the manners. danny valencia lia -- valencia leaving the yard. coco crisp trying to prove he can be healthy again, looking pretty good from the right-hand side of the plate, cottons of a double, couple rbi. kendall gray started for oakland. 4 1/3, gave up three runs.
10:56 pm
11-11 is the final. a busy and bountiful off-season for the raiders so far and their quarterback of the here, now and future has taken notice. derek carr tweeted out so excited about everyone we've added and we shouldn't be excited about trying to be paper champs. a lot of work to do. busy times for the quarterback himself, just about 12 hours later, instagram picture of a his brand-new baby boy born last night. welcome nine pound -- a raider of the future, he will be taking snaps under center in no time. decker car brain -- decker car brain -- decker car. >> such a bummer about cal. >> adversity, see how they do it. >> we'll see what happens tomorrow morning. >> 11:00. university of hawaii. thank you for joining us. up next, modern family.
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oh, hey, honey. have a great time at the game. thanks. [ plastic crinkles ] ah, why are you crunching? ordinarily, i'm a rule follower, but when someone tells me i can't bring my own snacks into their stadium, that's when i get a little nuts. [ plastic crinkles ] it's a free country, right? let's just say it ruffles me... [ plastic crinkles ] ...when some goobers... [ plastic crinkles ] ...tell me i have to spend half my payday... [ plastic crinkles ] ...on their hot dogs. [ plastic crinkles ] please, just remember the family portrait. we only have the photographer for an hour. okay. okay? and, sweetie, did you have a chance to try on the white pants i put in your closet? oh, what do they look like? is there really a more clear way to describe white pants? sweetie, if they don't fit you, you're gonna be the only one not wearing white, and then you're gonna stand out like "where's waldo?"


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