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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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we have him, the first word from a belgium official 90 minutes ago after europe's most wanted man was captured alive. good afternoon everyone, salah abdeslam was taken into custody in a massive police raid in the brussels suburb of molenbeek. officials say he was shot in the leg, we received new video of the raid in our newsroom, he is believed to be one of the 10 men who directly carried out the paris terror attack in only one still alive. police conduct to his trail when they found his fingerprints inside an apartment rated by officers tuesday.
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they also found an islamic state flag and rifle. he has been on the run since the attack on paris cafis, a rock concert in a soccer stadium. 130 people died in the coordinated attacks november 13. the nine other attackers died in suicide bombings or gun battle with police later. police tie the suspect to brussels which went on an intense security lockdown during the manhunt last year. the big break came when salah abdeslam fingerprints were found. one more fugitive believed to have driven him is still being sought. >> we're getting word to explosions have been hurt in the brussels suburb and more people may be in custody, for the latest head to and the facebook page. back in the bay area another day of delays and shuttle buses for bart riders. a section of traffic shut down
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after a power served damaged. cristian captain. shows us injuries -- engineers are working on it but the closure could go on more than just the weekend. 4 passengers are having to go through bus bridges, here is one heading from concord bart station to pittsburgh bay point, -- pittsburg bay point. passengers learning a fix could take months. earlier we road the bus bridge to north concord, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes. some passengers take in stride but some are expressing frustration at how long the fix my take. >> there is a possibility it would take 22 weeks, but frequently we of these leadtimes and the manufacturing process we can expedite those. >> it is disheartening, to think we have to deal with this for find them in half months -- for
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5 1/2 months and make other arrangements, my commute is averaging 2 1/2 months between. that is unsustainable with my family. >> told electrical problem knockout 50 cars wednesday, the problem on the track between north concord and pittsburg point. when a man yesterday was confusion on the platforms about what train to take and which side of the platform to stand on. still trying to get an idea how today's commute will shape up, we heard some people say the real difficulty comes at the end of the day, whenever and tries to leave san francisco and oakland towards concord, pittsburg point. they think they will expect full trains at that point, and they do they can to get a seat and get a space on the trains. we're also following a developing story in the east bay where authorities have opened fire on a man holed up inside a home in byron, these are live pictures from sky fox, over the scene.
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you can see the truck, police truck in the driveway, the started late last night. what we know is this, the man barricaded himself inside the home, after deputies tried to serve an arrest warrant. negotiators and a swat team responded and at some time during the ordeal shots were fired. the man's condition not yet known, this is a developing story. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. a chinese restaurant got fire in san francisco around 9:45 am, in the inner richmond area near clementa and seventh avenue. firefighters put it out but they are asking people to avoid the area. one person was hurt in the fire. three families joining together to draw attention to what they call excessive use of force by san francisco police. relatives and friends of mario woods, else yet oh and perez
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lopez are holding a rally on the steps of city hall at this time. the three men were shot and killed by san francisco police. the rally comes a week after a federal jury found the four police officers who shot alex nieto and 2014 did not use excessive force. supervisor john avalos criticized the department of justice investigation into the department.>> this is the investigation we called for. the doj investigation. it isn't reaching into our community. it isn't seeking to build trust. it isn't seeking to restore justice. >> sfpd announced sweeping police reforms after the shooting of mario woods, they plan to have officers outfitted with body cameras, supplies of less lethal beanbag rounds have doubled in patrol cars are equipped with batons. an assistant track coach at a south bay high school charged
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with having sects with two students and it isn't the first time the school district has responded to these allegations. brian forest spoke with the students who knows the coach. >> this is the second case in the past two months where an adult associated with a high school here in this district has had an inappropriate relationship with a student, and the letter sent out by the superintendent he says he is disappointed by the allegations. investigators say 21-year-old 20 -- enoch garcia was booked to say, a school district employee contacted employees monday to allege an inappropriate relationship he had with a 14-year-old girl and 17-year-old girl. both students at mount pleasant high. it remains unclear how long the relationships or encounters lasted. according to the east side unified high school district he was a part-time employee who was an off-campus or walk-on coach at the high school the past two years. the student we spoke with says
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he was a long-distance coach for the track team. he has been fired from the job as a result of the allegations. the district says garcia passed all background checks and had no previous incidents. his bail is set at $200,000, earlier we reach out to a student who said he was coached by garcia and he is surprised by the allegations. >> he was a good coach. he used to tell his group to do things great. i'm surprised he did it. >> it was reported to a teacher , the teacher as i said immediately came in to the principal and reported it. we took action immediately. this person isn't a teacher or classified employee but an assistant track coach. >> this is the second incident for that is -- for the district, in early february the acting vice principal at the time was arrested for having inappropriate contact with a student. 35-year-old josi gonzalez
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booked for charge of annoying or molesting a child under 18, we understand that happened over last summer. we understand sga -- sj pete will speak with staff, about the warning signs of semen and what -- on an inappropriate situation. in san jose brian flores . a threatening letter sent to donald trump son eric, campaigning for his father, has prompted an investigation into new york city police and the fbi. place officials say it contained a white powder which didn't turn out to be hazardous. as for the presidential race analysts say it appears none of the republican candidates will win enough delegates took clenched the nomination by the summer. donald trump has the delegate lead over senator. ted cruz and governor. john kasich and according to the tune of public policy, it doesn't look like trump will
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get the 237 delegates. >> he is one about 47%, he is to win 55% in the future, a push upwards. it will be held by some of the voters will go for him now that marco rubio is out of the race. >> days after dropping out of the race, marco rubio says he is refusing to endorse trump. he said on capitol hill his nomination should be prevented. as for the democrat bernie sanders says he is no plans to drop out of the race after reports surfaced that president. obama encourage donors to support clinton. sanders says he would do better moving forward as the primaries shift to the western states. fbi faces a hurdle in its quest to unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino terror gunmen. apple engineers and employees say they would quit or stop working if the court orders them to create a back door into the iphone. the new york times reports that
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if enough of the company's employees participate in the action it could make the fbi school nearly impossible to achieve. apple said from day one, building the software would be an invasion of privacy and set a dangerous precedent. a big sports day over at uc berkeley, the cal men's baseball team playing in the ncaa tournament, the focus isn't just basketball today, also pro day at memorial stadium for cal football players. seniors including daniel lascaux are showing off their skills, going through measurements and doing various drills for nfl coaches and scouts. they were also invited to participate, goff, lascaux and lawler participated in the combine last month. >> the basketball team up in spokane, playing hawaii and the opening of our -- round of the tournament, playing without one of their keep players, tyrone
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wallace, i was a broken hand. they are trailing by six points, and halftime some cal students said they are confident the golden bears will pick up the victory today. >> it is a big tournament with upsets predicted. it doesn't bode well for the four seeds but i hope they can pull through. >> the winner of the game will play sunday against the winner of the game between maryland and south dakota state. police turn to the public for help in an unsolved case, a violent encounter, camera and why police fear the suspect could strike again. to cooldown going down, showers still ahead to be part of your weekend. we'll check in with your complete forecast. the fbi warning vehicles -- drivers vehicles can be hacked, and how to protect themselves.
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side effects may include allergic reactions, injection site pain, fatigue, uti, painful urination and difficulty emptying your bladder. tell your doctor your medical history. muscle or nerve conditions, medications including botulinum toxins, antiplatelets and blood thinners, may increase the risk of serious side effects. ask a urology specialist if botox can help calm your bladder. visit and learn how botox can be a low cost option. an american who fought with isis is speaking out about his three months with the extremist group and why he decided to turn himself in. in an edited interview, 26-year- old mohammed jumal quite didn't say why he decided to do -- join the islamic state but he says in turkey he met a woman who helped get to iraq while he says and muzzle he lived with 70 people in the house from different countries, but no
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other americans. >> once we got to the place where we began the sharia, to learn about the religion, i didn't support their ideology. >> he grew up in fairfax virginia and set a friend help them escape and met up with curtis troops and he surrendered monday. his family thought he was on vacation in greece. it is unclear if he will be returned to the us to face prosecution. north korea launched a ballistic the middle -- missile into japan, it is being condemned as a violation of un resolution and is part of the country's effort to develop along right muscles that could reach the us. they say it flew 500 feet before crashing into the sea,
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the un and us recently imposed sanctions against north korea for launching missiles in january. police turning the public for help on a -- on a case that started as a violent confrontation escalated into a stabbing, janine de la vega shows the encounter was caught on camera. 4 this happened outside the willow dunbar, let's people around, security there but that didn't stop the suspect. take a good look at the man wearing the white t-shirt, he has been at large since november. insecurity he is seen exiting the bar. the conversation starts when he and and that -- he and another man bump into each other. the suspect won't let it go. security try to get the suspect to back off and one point the victim is seen leaving in the suspect follows him onto the avenue. he runs after him and stabbed him several times before running away. >> no one deserves to be step. you have an argument, talk it over, whatever, but the vet
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that. >> police are calling it attempted murder, they fear the suspect may strike again given how he acted. he was described as latino, 25 to 30, 180 pounds, a scar on the back of his head or top. if you recognize him or know his whereabouts contact san jose police. they exhausted all leads on the case so that is why they are releasing surveillance video. reporting from san jose. the debate is heating up regarding jerry brown's plan to build to giant -- two tunnels to carry water from sacramento south, supporters think it will be the year regulators decide whether to approve the 15 point whether to approve the $15.2 billion project. the proposed 35 mile tunnels would carry water south from the aqueduct, the governor says it would mean a more reliable water supply for two thirds of california residents in hundreds of farms. opponents
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say the tunnels would damage the delta ecosystem and threatened fish and other species. blue skies yesterday, a different story rosemary on this friday. >> reporter: in for cooldown as we get into the bay area, hajjar breeze, we're likely to see rain. more on that, let's take a look at what is happening outside our door. live look at berkeley, clouds beginning to cut away, mostly cloudy skies today, mostly cloudy along the coastline. take a look at the numbers, big change from yesterday. 59 degrees in livermore, 63 concorde, 56 napa, around the bay upper 50s and hayward, 56 edgewood city and south bay 59 in san jose. a big chains like i said. 24-hour temperature change down by 14 degrees santa rosa, 12 napa, nine livermore, 10 san jose. all of us feeling a cooldown
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and open as well. temperatures will trend downward as we get into saturday but here's what we expect the rest of the afternoon. clouds will continue to clear out, partly cloudy for the bay, mostly cloudy at the coastline, back it up, you can see the onshore breeze, you can also see the system, this is what is bringing us cooler weather. we look at some rain entering the north bay by sunday. and then scattered showers into the afternoon. in a nutshell cooler saturday was wet weather in the forecast for most of your weekend which also happens to be the first full day of spring. futurecast model, at noon, we of the clouds there, tomorrow morning we wake up in the clouds are back over us again. a repeat with partly cloudy skies in the afternoon and now into sunday. the rain moves in and it looks like by noon we could wake up with drizzle, but the actual event will hold off until the afternoon. centers today upper 60s to low
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70s, 71 for sonoma, 68 in san rafael, 60% lito, east bay more the same, upper 60s to low 70s but a good 5, 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. 68 oakland, 73 danville, 71 livermore, southlake temperatures range in the low 70s santa clara stretching to san jose, 74 gilroy, upper 60s santa cruz, one last stop along the peninsula, 66 san bruno, 65 san francisco. low 60s, partly cloudy skies, pacifica and half moon bay. extended forecast, bay area always in view, clouds with us tomorrow, could see an increase in the saturday night. sunday looks to be a cloudy day was showers by sunday afternoon, could linger into monday, even tuesday with temperatures on the cool side. last day of winter tomorrow, full day of spring sunday,
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transition back to springtime showers as we get into the first week of spring. what has been called the most patriotic eagle message in america has a new arrival. you are looking at one of the 2 eggs in the bald eagle nest at the national arboretum in washington dc, it hatched last night. the eagles build their nests in 2014, they have been nicknamed mr. president. and the first lady. the eagle watchers say the 2nd egg could hats this weekend, you can watch it live on the usda webcams 24 hours a day. uc santa cruz set and accepted's email to thousands of students who did not even apply to attend the university. one theory being tossed around about how this mixup happened.
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stocks rising on wall street, winning streak is a race most of the early losses, the dow up a dollar 31, 131 points. nasdaq 22 points, s&p 500 9 points. uc santa cruz mistakenly sent expected's emails to thousands of out-of-state students who did not apply. emails one out to 4000 students along the east coast congratulating them on being accepted into the school. the washington post reported original admissions officer accidentally sent the email invitation, the university has
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sent out a correction letter. really 60,000 people applied to the school for the upcoming fall, student started receiving the decisions tuesday. fbi warning drivers about internet attacks on automobiles. the federal government is putting out an announcement and not -- warning the public car hacking is a risk. with advancement and auto technology cybersecurity experts say it is easier for hackers to remotely break into vehicles. experts can minimize risk by keeping their cars computer software up to date and be careful when connecting insecure -- unsecure gadgets to the network. google is asking the federal government for permission to bring self driving cars in the the market, they want expedited permission to bring the vehicles that do not require a driver to the public. right now google is facing a regulatory roadblocks, the us does not allow the mainstream self to point cars.
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the company laid out its proposal in a letter to federal transportation officials. they plan to speak with others in the auto industry before making big decisions. san francisco plans to collect more taxes on air being be and other home sharing posts by asking them to pay taxes on furniture and household items their guests use. the chronicle reports the san francisco office will notify them that they have to hand over a lift of either -- listed items their guests use in those items will be taxed 1%. taxing these items is standard practice for businesses is what they say. airbnb calls it an invasion of privacy. you will soon be able to follow the pope on instagram tomorrow, the day before palm sunday, his instagram page will become active. his handle will be at francis, he joined twitter 2 years ago,
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a point 9 million followers. the bay area is known for art and technology, tomorrow we will speak with a curator and educator on a new exhibition that combines elements, you can learn more about the exhibit that looks at current issues and possible solutions, 4 pm with keba arnold and myself, have a great rest of the afternoon, thank you for watching.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: it looks like madonna may have to pull a train because amtrak won't, she's so late. >> people couldn't even get home she was so late. >> the trains had stopped running. >> so aren't there ubers and cabs? harvey: this is in briz-bane. >> brisbane and, yes, we have cabs. [laughter] >> rihanna is filming a new music video. she's still not wearing any clothes. she's holding a gun, which makes it hotter for some reason. >> no, that's bad. >> why is it bad? >> promotes gun violence. >> ok, back to boobs. >> back to boobs. >> zach miko. >> back to boobs. >> zach miko


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