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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 21, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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hoping they are closer to fixing the problem. your mornings on 2 starts now. good morning and welcome to mornings on 2, it's monday, it's monday, march 21. let's get you started with a check on your weather and traffic. >> yesterday morning it was sunny and nice and about noon, a shower came out of nowhere.>> today will be different, i don't think you will see much sun. this is that secondary part of this system, about russian river north was okay, but south not so much. and cloverdale, and in the lake county, south you could not find much, but the cloud cover
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continues. 40s and 50s, a cloudy morning, cooler morning, and we will have to wait for this system back here to develop, rotating tonight into early tuesday. cloudy, cool and rain beginning north and moving to the south later on. 60s for the highs. a few upper 50s farther north. and will take a full look. and between the north concord and pittsburg stations on bart , still having electrical surges that damaged 50 cars last week, and it could take weeks or possibly months to fix the problems. they ran the trains yesterday hoping to isolate the issues, and for now bart is asking people to plan to use the
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buses.>> and uber is adding their service for the areas affected, and during this, it will be about 25% cheaper than normal during non-commute times and this will be along the concorde creek and the pitch heard -- pittsburg bart line . we are keeping an eye on the roads this morning, everything looking good, and here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is moving nicely. this is 880 oakland, just past the colosseum and things look nice, no major problems. finally, a look at the golden gate bridge, traffic moving in and out of san francisco, and we will be keeping an eye on the road.
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the latest round of wet weather expected to bring dangerous conditions to the coast, a high surf advisory until 9:00 tomorrow night, and some areas could see waves 20 feet or higher, and sneaker waves are expected. you should avoid turning your back to the ocean, and avoid fishing on the rocks. get ready for snow in this year, expected to fall below 5000 feet this afternoon in some areas could see up to 8 inches of new snow, expect chain control to be in effect and the snow is welcome news for many ski resorts, as they continue to bring in big business following a lackluster winter last year. some people are questioning whether a drought emergency still exist here in california, and there was a mandate to cut the water used like 25%, but
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next month they will take another look at the snowpack to decide whether to drop the restrictions. until then, they say that people should still keep saving water. >> one year of average rain may not be enough to prepare for the drought because we don't know how long it will be. we have to keep these practices alive. >> and the reservoirs here in northern california are full, central and southern california reservoirs remain low, 74% of the state remains under a severe drought. and folsom lake has rebounded so well that they are releasing the water downstream to reduce the risk of flooding. this has not been needed in years due to the drought, and they keep the reservoir at or below 60% of total capacity,
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and the water levels are now at 67%. and ktvu is your coverage for your el nino coverage, and you can find your storm tracker 2 radar and just search for ktvu in the app store. the tech giant has invited select reporters to an event at the apple silicon valley headquarters, and tim cook is expected to announce a new addition to the line of devices, but they have not yet said that what they were released today, but we expect it will be a smaller iphone and smaller ipad. if you want to watch it, there is live streaming online. and apple is looking ahead to their court hearing tomorrow, the battle between apple and the fbi is expected to heat up as the fbi wants apple to help them unlock the terrorist
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encrypted iphone and they say would be an invasion of privacy. president obama is receiving a warm welcome on his historic visit to cuba. people and the streets cheered as the president and his family toured old havana in the rain. following the reopening of the restrictions between the u. s. and cuba, and the first sitting president to visit cuba since nearly 90 years ago under president coolidge. >> this is the opportunity to forge new agreements, commercial bills, and to build new ties between our people and to layout a tradition brighter
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than our past. >> he is expected to meet with the cuban president castro today, and tonight president and first lady michelle obama will be the guest of honor at a dinner. >> air be in the -- air bnb has announced mansion -- expansion plans in cuba, and says it has achieved authorization to handle listings in cuba, and this comes as the deal to take over three cuban hotels by the marriott. >> and in the meantime chelsea clinton will be in the bay area. front runner hillary clinton will be in the bay on monday, and bernie sanders has been campaigning in washington state in hopes of making a solid
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delegate lead currently held by hillary clinton. more than 20,000 people turned out at a high school in vancouver, washington. clinton has a lead of more than 300 delegates over sanders. donald trump kicking off a major effort today to unite his fraction party. much of it may take place behind closed doors near capitol hill. >> reporter: this powerful law firm in washington is where donald trump is expected to try to unite the party today, meeting with republican insiders. the donald trump rallies continued to drop instigators and violent clashes. for donald trump, the larger issue is uniting those that should be on the same side, the republicans, and in the shadow of the u. s. capitol he will make an attempt.
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>> we have to bring our party together. if we bring our party together we will win by numbers you have never seen before. >> reporter: donald trump talked about the importance of uniting the party even as he is facing continued opposition from ted cruz, john kasich and other republicans that of talked about rallying behind a third-party candidate, even though they believe it would throw the election to the democrats. >> sure it would. but i also think it's far too late. >> reporter: one tactic involves the u. s. supreme court, and appointing the conservative justice as president and prepared to make compromise. >> i will make a list of 5 to 10 judges that i would 100% pit and put into nomination. >> reporter: other candidates
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will also be speaking before the american israel public affairs committee to outline the position with the middle east, something we do not know a lot about at this point. your time now is 4:09 am. coming up, a windy bay area highway notorious for crashes, and the number of collisions on highway 17 could increase. a nine-year-old boy from southern california is the best excuse for being late to school. what bruce springsteen did for a fan. we will talk about your morning commute and the rest of the week.
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♪ let's go ♪ hey, oh ♪ let's go [ beep ] ♪ they're piling in the backseat ♪ aah! ♪ they're generating steam heat ♪ ♪ pulsating to the back beat
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♪ the blitzkrieg bop ♪ ♪ hey, oh, let's go ♪ shoot 'em in the back now ♪ what they want, i don't know ♪ they're all revved up and ready to go ♪ a number of senate republicans say they plan to meet with the president obama supreme court nominee, this coming after mitch mcconnell said there would be no meeting, but six republican senators say that they will meet with garland , and some standing firm that seat should state empty until after the election. >> it is not this lame-duck president that should make the decision, but the next president, next year.>> mitch
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mcconnell said that he would not consider holding a bow -- vote even if a republican is elected president. >> we will stand by here with him until the end of the term. >> the senate republicans have agreed to meet with judge garland in about two weeks. in the meantime, donald trump says he will release a list of judges that he would nominate if elected, and said he will pick 5 to 10 conservative judges that "everybody respects, likes and totally admires." but he did not specify when he would release that list. a dream, and an excuse to rock out, this fourth-grader
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and his dad went to a sold-out bruce springsteen concert in la recently, and the boy held up a sign asking bruce to sign his tardy note, and he wrote this note saying "dear miss jackson, the savvy -- zabbi has been out rocking and rolling, and please excuse him for being tardy." >> that is cool. taking a look at the map, so far we have a sea of green, and we have the bus bridge today since bart is still out. this is in the concord and walnut creek area, so be aware of this this morning, but so
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far, a sea of green, which is a good sign. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, and you can see the traffic, so far, so good, 8 to 10 minutes to get across the span into san francisco. here is to 80 san jose, this is the south bay, looking good. we will keep an eye on your roads. it is still early, 4 am and the roads are pretty clear, and there will be some rain this morning and it could get tricky. for the north bay, and everyone else will wait after the morning commute, but we do have some north. yesterday the system did not do much, and the system will have more punch today. it looks to a live -- to arrive late morning or early afternoon. from mendocino county, lake
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county, and the system is still offshore a little bit. cloudy to mostly cloudy, and maybe some early morning sunshine until that system suites in. 40s and 50s, and i doubt this will change much. we have this system back here, and it is a little bit cooler, and this has to swing through, and this is the bottom of the trough, moving through tonight and early tomorrow and things will begin to calm down. cloudy and cool, mostly cloudy in the south they with rain to the north, moving south later this morning early afternoon and cool. 50s and 60s. after tomorrow, i think early morning we may see some stuff, but after that mostly sunny, and sunny and warmer as we go through the latter part of the week in the early part of the
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weekend. >> 77 is getting up there. the concord area this afternoon around 4:15 pm? >> i would think you are looking at rain. >> i have to coach the kids and wondered if we would be playing baseball today. >> my guess would be no. >> we will blame you. >> go ahead, everybody else does. new hope following deciding of a sea otter in southern california near laguna beach, the first sea otter that has been cited their in about five years, and the marine are hoping this is a sign of a resurgence. and there have been more sea otter sightings near san mateo and sang clemente, and they could be returning to look for food.
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and we have here five cheetah cubs, brought in this world through a rare see section procedure, -- c-section procedure, and their immune system is not acting very well and they are unable to fight off infection and will be in the nursery for at least eight weeks. >> they are so adorable and they already had their spots. coming up on your mornings on 2, learning new information about the man arrested in connection with the deadly paris attacks. the other taxi may have been planning that could have made the situation much worse.
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representatives in the u. s. and south korea met today to ease the tensions in north and south korea, and north korea has been firing missiles to the coast, in response to the ongoing annual military drills between the u. s. and south korea according to north korea. we are learning that the u. s. marine killed in the isis rocket attack, staff sergeant lewis -- louis cardin was
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killed, and the marines had been sent to a rough -- iraq and he is the first to die in combat in iraq since 2011. a plane crash killing 62 people on or, making its second attempt to land in strong winds when it crashed, and most of the passengers were russian and on vacation. they are getting the flight recorders, and looking at the weather conditions, pilot error or possible equipment problems as the reason for the crash. them terrorist has told investigators he was plotting another major assault when salah abdeslam was arrested last week, and has been cooperating with the investigators since being arrested on friday.
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he has admitted that he was involved in the paris attacks in says that he was supposed by -- to die that night but changed his mind. >> to be a suicide bomber is tough. >> 130 people were killed in those attacks, and salah abdeslam was stopped while crossing the border in belgium, but he was allowed to pass through the checkpoint and his suicide vest was found later on the streets of paris. pope francis is calling attention to the plight of the refugees entering your, and during a mass in front of tens of thousands of people he decried what he called an indifference to refugees and appealing the nations not to turn their backs on those that seek asylum. this marks the start of holy week, commemorating the arrival of jesus to jerusalem before he
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was crucified. and checking on the european market, trading at a narrow range, most asian markets finished the day with again, and closing it more than 2% for the chinese index after they loosened restrictions on investors that wanted to borrow more money to purchase new stock, and japan was closed for a national holiday. and in the u. s. stocks, the dow closed up 120 points, nasdaq and s&p also up by a half %. there was a time when rock music was banding cuba, but the rolling stones are set to bring the music to the cuban people in person, but the concert has been delayed due to the visit from the president. >> [ music playing ]. the
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rolling stones were set to play in havana yesterday, but the concert has been postponed for five days due to the arrival of the president, and 140 stone employees and 80 cubans are setting up to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of spectators expected to attend the concert. cubans know the rolling stones at music even though their music was once banned the communist government. this is the first major international rockstar to perform in cuba since the normalized relations. >> we will have a lot of stories coming out of cuba over the next few months. >> and other musicians will be following. your time now is 4:26 am, and keeping children safe, a new invention designed to prevent death. in the east bay, dozens of bart cars are still out of
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service due to a mysterious electrical problem and we will tell you about the bus bridges in place. some areas will not have any rain this morning, but it fog in the north bay and light rain, an update on your monday coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is monday, welcome back to mornings on 2, it is monday, march 21. let's take a look at the weather and traffic. we have little bit of rain and the north bay, but for most of us it will be after the morning commute.>> the poor kids. and you will be rained out.
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we have this system moving into the north, and this system has a little bit more energy than what we had yesterday afternoon. light rain already to the north, and in northern sonoma and napa county, and at clearlake, and just north of calistoga, nothing too heavy, but sleeping in with a lot of clouds. and in the south bay, this fog has moved in and 40s and 50s on the temperatures. not much of a brief yet, but that will pick up as this front gets closer. stronger on the coast and higher elevations. this will move in later, this cooler and unstable air that will be with this through tuesday morning. cloudy and cool with patchy fog and rain in the evening, 50s and 60s. it is 4:30 am. i am well rested. good


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