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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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will be done with this. the greatest amount will be in north they, and not allow -- a lot in the south bay. we will keep an eye on that, but this looks to be the trend. in the morning hours, cloud cover is on the increase, and this front will eventually work toward is giving everybody rain. 40s and 50s on the temperatures on the cool side, and everything will point toward warmer weather by midweek. cloudy and mostly cloudy and cool, 50s and 60s for your temperatures. you may have struggle in the east bay. that is right is heart plans -- barked -- bart buses are picking up the passengers from
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the pittsburg bay and taking them to concorde every 15 minutes, and the buses are not crowded, but that is expected to change as we get deeper into the commute. they still do not know what is causing the electrical surges damaging the cars, and they say it could take weeks, possibly months, to fix the cars and get them rolling again. they fixed some trains hoping to isolate the issue and running test yesterday and today. for now, barked his -- bart is asking people to continue to use the bus bridge, but not everyone wants to ride that bus bridge. and here's the last camera on highway 4, and people are driving only as far as the north concord bart station and others are continuing in their cars, and we've certainly seen that. taking a look at the other commutes, the bay bridge is
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backed up to the macarthur maze, 15 to 20 minute delay at the toll plaza. 80 is getting more crowded, and we want to mention the south bay northbound 87 a problem getting to 280. traffic is still a little bit slow, and in the santa cruz mountains, northbound 17 at glenwood drive a crash creating a big back up on north down 17. if this is your commute, you need to leave the house earlier and stay on schedule. anticipation is building at the apple headquarters, the ceo will make a big announcement involving new products, that is what we expect. and we will soon find out if tim cook will address the ongoing battle with the fbi.>> reporter: in a couple of hours we will see the reporters and analysts heading into the
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headquarters building behind me. tim cook is expected to take the stage for this event that begins at 8 am with a focus on new products. analysts say they do not think he will mention the latest court battle between apple and the fbi. tomorrow will be the first time that the two will argue before the judge on whether apple should build new software to unlock the encrypted iphone of the san bernardino shooter. this morning cook is expected to talk about the newer iphone, but this one is rumored to be smaller, and some say it will be called the st -- se and it is supposed to have better camera and a smaller ipad will be revealed with a 9.7 inch display and a speedier processor and upgraded features.
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apple is also expected to show off some new apple watch straps , keeping the height surrounding the watch until there is a full upgrade to the actual hardware. san francisco teachers could be exempt from certain types of no-fault evictions under city ordinance, more than 44% of the educators in san francisco say they fear losing their homes. the san francisco schools are already facing a teacher shortage in could see a turnover of more than 100 two- year -- this year and they will take this subject up today. last year governor jerry brown issued a mandate to cut the water used a 25%, but next month the state water officials will take another look at the snowpack and decide whether it's time to relax were dropped the restrictions. and until then they say that
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people should continue to save water. >> one year of average rain may not be enough to rip pair four years of drought -- repair four years of drought and because we do not know how long this will last we need to keep these practices alive. >> and while our reservoirs are full, central and southern california remain low, 74% of the state remaining under a severe drought. folsom lake near sacramento has rebounded so well that they are releasing the water downstream, and water releases are routine but have not been needed in years due to the drought. federal guidelines call for the water released to keep the water reservoir at or below 60% of capacity, and water levels right now at 67%. and ktvu is your source for continued coverage, and you can download our ktvu weather app, and search for ktvu in your app
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store. president obama receiving a warm welcome on his historic visit to cuba.>> [ applause and cheering ] people in the streets tiered and this following the normalization of the relationship between the two countries, and we will be back to explain what is on the president's agenda for today. gop front-runner donald trump kicking off an effort to unite his party behind that controversial campaign to the white house, and much of it may take place behind the closed doors near capitol hill. >> reporter: at this powerful law firm in washington is where donald trump is expected to try to reunite the party meeting with republican insiders. donald trump rallies continue to draw instigators and violent clashes as this supporter pummeled a protester. but the larger issue is
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reuniting the people that should be on the same side, republicans. in the shadow of the u. s. capitol, is expected to make an attempt by meeting with the largely undisclosed list of insiders. >> we have to bring our party together. if we bring our party together, we will win by numbers you have never seen before. >> reporter: donald trump talked about the importance of reuniting the party even as he is facing continued opposition from ted cruz, john kasich and other republicans that are talking about rallying behind a third-party candidate. but the party chairman thinks that we throw the election to the democrats. >> of course it would. but i also think it's far too late. >> reporter: one donald trump tactic involves the u. s. supreme court and republican skepticism that he would appoint a conservative justice. >> i'm going to give a list of five or 10 judges that i will
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pick 100% pick, that i will put in for nomination. >> reporter: beyond the donald trump meeting with the republicans and insiders, he and other candidates will be facing before the american israel public affairs committee, and trump will outline his position on the middle east, something we don't know a lot about at this point. hillary and chelsea clinton are heading back to the bay area, chelsea clinton holding two events today, palo alto and san francisco. democratic front-runner hillary clinton will be in the bay area on wednesday holding fundraiser in hillsboro and atherton. bernie sanders is campaigning in washington state in hopes of making up ground after his solid delegate lead built by hillary clinton with more than 7500 people turning out at the high school in vancouver, 10,000 showed up at the arena in seattle for the sanders rally, and clinton has
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a lead of more than 300 delegates. your time is 6:08 am. imposters demanding you pay the overdue bill, the new phone scam that pg&e is warning you about. >> he came in and all of his clothes were muddy. a terrifying deal for two young boys in maryland, and how they ended up in a 30 foot hole in front of the mcdonald's restaurant. a commute that continues to grow in some areas, and the san mateo bridge to stop look bad heading to the financial a. the weather does not look bad, rain to the north and making his way south and an update on your monday forecast. forced
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a retired pennsylvania state trooper is dead after the police say he shot and killed a turnpike toll collector and a guard that happened yesterday morning at the toll plaza 65 miles west of harrisburg, pennsylvania. the suspect it's a former state trooper clarence briggs that retired in 2012, accused of shooting and killing the victims before stealing the fare collection vehicle that had just pulled up to the toll plaza. >> he gained access to the vehicle and drove at a short distance to an area where his car was parked. at this time he started to unload the money from the vehicle, and into his car.
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troopers arrived on scene minutes after the original call for help when out over the radio.>> the first state trooper to arrive on scene killed the suspect in a shootout, and the shootings and robbery are under investigation or two young boys treated for serious injuries after falling in a 30 foot hole in maryland, they discovered a soft spot in the ground, and they began jumping on it, causing the ground to kden, and the boys fell nearly 30 and the boys fell nearly 38. -- to kden, and the boys -- cave in and the boys fell nearly 30 feet. >> i heard somebody calling for help and told them to get somebody here to save these kids.>> many say that it was a disaster waiting to happen and that the hole should've been
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properly covered, and county officials say they plan to fill the whole -- hole this week. and bruce springsteen, gives a good excuse for being tardy. a boy held up a sign during the concert asking bruce springsteen to sign his tardy note and bruce springsteen did, and the wrote a note saying that the boy was out late rocking and rolling and to excuse him for being tardy. >> we help that dad did not take that little sign from the sun, but a nice momento to take home. >> absolutely, getting bruce springsteen to sign your letter and a picture. your morning commute will be a little bit slow today, but if you take highway 87, there is an accident on northbound 87, and we have had alternates.
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stay on 17 or 101, but do not use 87. and 17 a little bit farther down, near glenwood drive, clearing up an injury accident, so traffic over the mountain. if this is your commute, you will need extra time. and also looking at the east bay, westbound 580 traffic is slow, and also on highway 4 due to the bus bridge. more slow traffic coming up and over the hill over toward concord from pittsburg . more people are on the road than normal because of the bus bridge that barked -- bart has set up. traffic looking good i-80 southbound, and at the bay bridge, backed up to the macarthur maze, a 20 minute delay. today's weather, rain is coming. >> that is correct.
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we should make you do a one- page report. and if you were there, did bruce springsteen play "code of silence." let me know if you were there. we have some pockets of fog, mostly clear to partly cloudy, especially south of san francisco. rainfall pretty good app in the cazadero, when inch of rain, occidental coming in just shy of that, and send the lena had three quarters of an inch, mill valley .39. after the north bay, it was rather quiet. except for ben loma, .91. concord .08, san francisco .09,
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and for some it was okay. one more system has to come through, early afternoon rain developing, and already up north. rain will eventually move south, and weakening, but everybody will get in on the rain by later this afternoon. weather advisory starting at 11 am going through 5:00 on tuesday with 10 inches of snow possible, and santa rosa north looks to be the line. and a possibility of thunderstorms are the north, but i don't think in our area. we see some darker green over lake county. and folks in arcadia and crescent city could see more in the way of rainfall. clouds increasing, 40s and 50s, livermore at 45, 53 for gilroy, santa cruz 49. 37 in truckee, last report on
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the mild side, a south reason ahead of this, reports of brain, turning to snow later on. this system will swing through, and we have this portion right here carving its way and swimming by. the coolest they of the week, and by friday even warmer. cloudy and cool with rain into the morning for the north bay, everybody else late morning and early afternoon. heavy is by far north of the golden gate. 60s on the temperatures, upper 50s, santa rosa and 59 today, and after some brief early morning tuesday showers picking it out and warmer temperatures. thursday through saturday luke warm. -- looking warm. the latest, wet weather bringing dangerous conditions
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to the coast and eight high surf advisory issued from 3 pm today until 9 pm tomorrow night. some areas could see waves 20 feet or higher, sneaker waves are predicted, and officials say to avoid turning your back to the ocean and avoid fishing on the rocks. snow levels following and some areas could see update inches of snow. if you are heading up this year, expect chain controls in effect and the weather is expected to clear by tomorrow. but the snow was welcome news to the ski resorts that continue to bring in big business following the lackluster winter for last year. and fears of more crashes, the notorious could be even more dangerous than in years past. new details on the alleged planner of the terror attacks, and the other plot authorities learned about.
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we are learning the u. s. marine that was killed in a rough over the weekend was from southern california, staff sergeant louis cardin was killed on saturday after the isis fighters fired rockets to the base set up just days ago. they were sent to defend the iraqi troops and he is the
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first american to die in combat in iraq 2011. a divide plane crashed while trying to land on saturday, killing all 62 on board, making its second attempt to land in strong winds and it crashed. most of the passengers were russians on vacation. they are examining the flight recorders, and looking at the weather conditions, pilot error or equipment problems as they tried to determine why the plane crash. the man accused of planning the paris attack says said he was plotting another major assault, and salah abdeslam has been cooperating with investigators since his arrest on friday. he admitted he was involved in the paris attacks and that he was supposed to die that night setting off his suicide vest at the stadium, but changed his mind. >> he wanted to go to the south of france in paris, and to do a
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suicide bombing, but it was tough.>> 130 people killed in those attacks, and salah abdeslam was stopped while crossing the border back into belgium, that security officials allowed him to pass to the checkpoint. they believe his suicide vest was found days later on the streets of paris. a man accused of the shooting death of kate steinle, lopez sanchez asking for the murder charge to be dismissed saying that the shooting was an accident. she was shot and killed while on a walk with her family at the san francisco. 14, and he is pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and other charges. sanchez is from mexico and in the country illegally, and had been deported five times and released from jail even though the federal immigration authorities had asked that they will make him remain in custody. pg&e is warning about a phone scam, involving a caller
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demanding payment for a past- due bill, threatening to turn off the electricity if they do not receive immediate payment. and then they request that the payment be made with a prepaid cash card like paypal or green dot, and if you get a suspicious call like that, reported to the police. under the fire for hiring scantily dressed women, and microsoft. a tough commute for bart riders, and a bus bridge set up between the pittsburg bay section and the north concord section, shut down and we will tell you how long it may be closed. other problems of the morning commute, including a problem on the santa cruz mountains, coming up. rain
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up north eventually making it late morning for everyone else, and an update on your monday report.
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good morning, your time now is 6:28 am. here's a live look at the north concord bart station. as we take a look, they are using the bus bridge, many commuters taking that between the pittsburg station and the north concord station, major headaches just trying to get to work. we have our alex savidge talking to the riders, and welcome back. it is monday, march 21 and i am brian flores in for dave clark.>> i am gasia mikaelian and let's look at some warm
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weather. >> we will get it at the end of the week. until then we have clouds and rain to deal with, especially for the north bay. and evening commute could be a different ballgame, the system will be sliding through bringing in areas of rain to everybody. north bay will get the most by far. far lesser to the south, but take the umbrella and you will probably need it with temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. there will not be a lot with this system, from marin county northward i think over the next 24 hours. san jose forecasted for just a little and san francisco maybe a half inch of rain. there will be some to the north, and that is where it is right now. so far not moving southward yet, and it's trying. it looks like it will stay to the north for another hour, but it will take a while for it to
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get here. 40s and 50s on your temperatures, rain holding off for most of the morning, picking up by late morning and early afternoon. this will swing through bringing in color and unstable air, increasing the rain later on. cloudy, mostly cloudy and cool with rain through the evening, 50s and 60s on your temperatures. 6:30 am. highway 4 is busy and we have a big problem in the santa cruz mountains. this will affect a lot of people, the backup continues to grow on northbound 17, northbound 17 at glenwood drive. we even overturned vehicle with injuries, and the traffic is very, very slow, backing up a very long way. in fact, if this continues, he will get backed up into santa cruz before too long. if this is your commute, you need to give yourself extra time, or you could decide to
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work from home until this clears up. this is a terrible commute. and the south bay commute is waking up, 101 a little slow and 280 is not that bad. and we talked about that commute on highway 4, and i will pull this up manually. let's see if we can find this, highway 4 traffic is very slow. it is backed up almost all the way into antioch westbound. this is correlated with that bus bridge we've been talking about all morning. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, backed up through the maccarthur maze. san francisco not bad on highway 101, but it looks like the northbound 101 near the vermont street exit there is something that is distracting the drivers, you can see the southbound 101 is slow and so is north found -- northbound. we have been mentioning the delays in overcrowded trains
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for the bart riders due to that ongoing electrical problem, and dozens of cars on the bart system, and they had to shut down a system of the track. alex savidge is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. bart is using buses to get the riders from the pittsburg bay section to the north concord section, and many commuters say they are having to leave much a earlier to get to work on time. the entire section of track has been shut down as the engineers try to pinpoint the electrical problem that damaged at least 50 cars in the last week. there were 80 cars knocked out in february by a power surge, and again, that is the issue. some mysterious electrical issue along that section of track. dozens of cars are being repaired and bart is running
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shorter trains leading to crowding and delays. riders are hoping that the problem does not drag on for too long. back i hope it does not. i hope they get the track.>> reporter: and you have to leave early? >> yes, indeed. i am still asleep. i forgot to ask the bart inspectors if they have later bus. they never said anything that i noticed. >> reporter: here is a live picture from the pittsburg bay point station, and we are told that a test train just left the station to run along the tracks between the pittsburg bay point and north concord to figure out where that spike in the voltage is happening, and that is the power surge that appears to be knocking these cars out
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of service. in the meantime, bart says that the bus bridge will remain in place today, and possibly tomorrow. the buses are running is often as they can, about one dozen buses circulating and running the loop to get his many people where they need to go. and a major problem on northbound highway 17, the overturned vehicle causing delays, but chp says they have noticed an increase in the number of accidents on that stretch of highway from the silicon valley and santa cruz. 60 accidents last year, and 81 more than the year before and 240 more than the year before that. they say that more people are driving on the winding road due to improving economy and lower gas prices, driving faster. more drivers using the cell phone behind the wheel leading
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to distracted driving. there also. officers to keep the traffic moving when there is an accident. the city of san jose is taking steps building manufactured homes for the homeless on a plot of land. the san jose mercury news reports that the county sent out notices of intent last week to award contracts, and the buildings would house between 100 and 170 people and look similar to the san jose facilities. the public meeting is set for march 30. 6:35 am. the first time a sitting president has made this trip in almost a century, resident obama is in cuba, and he has a packed schedule and an important meeting scheduled for later today.>> reporter: one of the most important items on the agenda, a private meeting with his cuban counterpart raul
6:36 am
castro, and he has meeting set with the private sector including the cuban entrepreneurs. the president and first lady michelle obama arrived in cuba yesterday, touring old havana last night to the cheers and applause. president obama joked about how much the world has changed since the last sitting u. s. president visited the island nation. >> it's been nearly 90 years since a u. s. president stepped foot in cuba. it's wonderful to be here. back in 1928, resident coolidge came on a battleship, and it took him three days to get here. it only took me three hours. for the first time ever, air force one has landed in cuba, and this is our very first stop. this is a historic visit. >> later today president obama and president castro will speak together at a news conference. tonight president and first
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lady michelle obama will be the guest of honor at the state dinner. tomorrow he is scheduled to watch the baseball game between the tampa rays and the cuban national baseball team. but noticeably absent on his three-day visit, he will not be meeting with fidel castro, the leader of the cuban resolution until he stepped down eight years ago. priceline says it's the first youth online -- online travel agency to make cuban hotels available, authorized to make it available through the subsidiary, booking .com and americans will be able to reserve and pay for rooms at a number of the cuban and foreign hotels beginning in a few weeks. and the san francisco-based air bnb says that travelers can use their service to book a home in cuba, and air bnb has been
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operating in cuba on a limited basis under u. s. laws, but has received expanded authorization to handle listings in cuba. 6:37 am. u. s. representatives and south korea meeting in seoul, and north korea reportedly filing -- firing missiles in the off coast, and the u. s. and south korea say that north korea appears to be rehearsing for an invasion. thousands of refugees are stranded today between the borders of greece and macedonia. they are holding over 12,000 people, mostly from syria and iraq and conditions are said to be terrible. these refugees became stranded after many european countries began posting their borders to them. european leaders are meeting in brussels to reach a deal with turkey to it helped ease the refugee crisis. pope francis eustis sunday
6:39 am
service at the vatican to call attention to the blight in europe with the refugees. the pontiff went off script from the prepared homily, and decried and indifference toward refugees, appealing to the nations not to turn their back on those seeking asylum. palm sunday march the start of holy week and commemorates the arrival of jesus to crew islam -- jesus to jerusalem before he was crucified. gas going up, $.12 in the past week, the biggest increase in a single week in more than a year. the national averages $1.94 a gallon, and here in california $2.59, and even higher in the bay area. in san jose $2.65, north bay and east bay, gas averaging $2.63 a gallon, more than $.35 a gallon and we were paying one
6:40 am
month ago. and for those that purchase a green card, changing beginning march 30, higher income buyers were no longer get a rebate or the vehicles, $250,000 a year over people will not qualify. people that by the electric, hybrid or fuel-cell vehicles could get as much as $5000 in the state, but people with lower incomes will get a bigger rebate, helping those that live in communities with the worst air pollution to buy cleaner cars and better air quality in the neighborhoods. and those that own the amazon kindle, in a few days you will not be able to use the tablet, and we will tell you what you need to know. passing time by watching move on the iphone, moments later it bursting the flames causing panic midair. we've had a rough commute, especially in the santa cruz mountains,
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northbounds 17 slow. 280 is not bad yet. to back forecast, north bay rain falling, but holding off for the south, and update coming up.
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a federal judge in san francisco is expected to sentenced chinatown gang leader raymond chow on wednesday. he was convicted in january on 162 counts, including racketeering and murder, also
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convicted of money laundering, illegal trafficking of alcohol and cigarettes. his arrest in 2014 was part of a five-year federal undercover operation which also resulted in charges against the former state senator lee linda yee. the attorney of the man convicted of being the grim sleeper plans on focusing on dna evidence to defend his client, arrested 25 years after the first killing. accused of murdering nine women and a 15-year-old girl. all the bodies were dumped in alleys and garage bins after being strangled and shot in the chest after sexual contact. franklin's attorney will make the opening statement to the jurors today and he says that the dna was not connected to franklin. the case was nicknamed the "grim sleeper" after a 14 year gap in the killings. two families were displaced
6:45 am
after a fire in his stead reported just after 2 am sunday morning on mount mckinley drive, and they found the shihad's on fire on property next to one another and it spread to the homes. firefighters believe the cause is accidental, and the red cross is helping those two families that were displaced. a fire on board the alaskan airlines flight from washington state to a white, and anna was watching a movie on her iphone and flames started shooting out of it. the fire was quickly put out by the flight attendant and the plane made it safely to honolulu, but it left her shaken, as she describes what happened on a skype interview from hawaii. >> flames started coming from iphone and i flipped it to the ground and the flames were getting high your. -- higher.>> the alaskan airlines officials say they are trained to deal with that situation and no one
6:46 am
was hurt. l abrading its 10th anniversary today, the cofounder and ceo of twitter, jack dorsey, sending his first week on this date in 2006, a worldwide boys for movements, and twitter has 320 million active users. microsoft says it was wrong to host the party with the scantily dressed female dancers at a conference in san francisco last week. several people complained on social media about the dancers being offensive, and some noted the irony that hours earlier microsoft sponsored a women and gaming luncheon to promote diversity in the industry, and long been complaints that the video gaming industry object of eyes women. and focusing on a major back up on 17 and the issues with bart. >> the commute is messed up, getting out of santa cruz over
6:47 am
the hill. let's put this on a map, the crash has been there for quite a while, a tough area to get in of and out of. look at this back of, it's almost into santa cruz, past the scotts valley, northbound 17 at glenwood drive, almost more than an hour old. if this is your commute, get on the road early or just resign yourself to the fact that you will be behind schedule. they are making some progress, but it is a very tough commute. we will stay on the maps and go to the east bay, 580 through the altamont pass slow, 680 out of dublin slowing down. we go to highway 4, very slow over the last few days, correlated with the bus bridge that bart has set up. it seems more people are on the road, this commute is definitely slower getting over the hill.
6:48 am
going to the live pictures, in san francisco and earlier problem near vermont street that is cleared up, but 101 is slow, and southbound looks fine. bay bridge toll plaza backed up through the maccarthur maze with metering lights on. it's a tough monday, but we are helping you out. 6:48 am. good morning, mostly cloudy and drive for most unless you are up north, and it looks like santa rosa north so far. cloud cover on the move in the rain will get here late morning early afternoon, and the afternoon commute will be tougher than the morning commute. there are areas of rain well to the north, and after tomorrow morning it looks like the rest of the week will be quiet. today cloud cover and some rain in the past 24 hour, pretty good in the north bay, and cazadero just sight of an inch, and mendocino county almost one-
6:49 am
inch, and angling -- angwin and for us very little. kenfield had a half inch of rain, santa rosa up to .7 no, and never had over a quarter of an inch of rain. this rain developing, already to the north and sliding to the south. the heavy is by far will be to the north. clearing and moving south by this afternoon tonight, your winter weather advisory starts at 11 am this morning, and rain in the lower elevations, and eventually 5 to 10 inches of snow in some good activity lining up in the extreme northern california. forecasting thunderstorms in the northern sacramento valley,
6:50 am
but for us i don't think so. and lake county and cobb, going south you can see that line picking up out of the russian river area. into the santa rosa north, that looks to be the line right now. otherwise clouds rolling in, 40s and 50s in your temperatures. 37 in truckee, 51 in marina, and it looks like rain and snow at the higher peaks, and turning over to snow later on once this cold air comes in that is still back over here. it has to swing in, and it will later this afternoon, enhancing the rain for everybody. not a lot to the south, more to the north. cloudy mama -- cloudy and mostly cloudy, a golden gate northward, southward mid-60s, of north mid-60s and a cold day. we will hold on to the rain for
6:51 am
early tuesday morning, out by wednesday through saturday. and turn it up. >> i look at that and i think there are some schools on spring break, so not a bad forecast. >> it does look good. >> when i take my spring break it will probably be horrible. we will enjoy it. folks not allowed in and out of the harbor, emergency dredging at the harbor entrance resumes this morning after the u. s. coast guard issued a emergency order at the santa cruz harbor due to the hazardous conditions. the harbormaster hopes they can open the harbor by the start of next week ahead of salmon season which begins april 1. commercial crab season will start on saturday, after the health reports show that the crabs south of the mendocino and sonoma county land -- line
6:52 am
it no longer pose a health threat to humans. 6:51 am imagine driving to work without a traffic light, and that could become obsolete. and are republicans shifting their views on the president obama supreme court nominee? up next, the meeting expected to happen on capitol hill.
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your time is 6:54 am. trading started about 25 minutes ago, and the dow jones is flat, and the nasdaq is up about one quarter of 1%. wintry weather in the forecast for the east coast, the national weather service says that boston may get from 36 inches of new snow, 1 to 3 inches in new york city, up to 12 inches in northern maine. philadelphia may get about 1 inch of snow. the chilly weather did not stop people for lining up for the free italian ice desserts, celebrating the first day of spring. in texas and louisiana, finally able to assess the damage from the flooding. in monroe, louisiana, the floodwater started rising this weekend after the black by you river began to flash black by you -- black bayou river begin
6:56 am
to overflow. and no beatings or confirmation hearings on the nomination of merrick garland, that is what mitch mcconnell said, but now they may be reconsidering. >> the american people need to weigh in and decide who is going to make this decision, not this lame-duck president on the way out the door, but the next president, next year.>> the white house is denying reports that president obama may nominate someone more liberal if a democrat wins the presidential election in november. >> we will stand by him from now until he is confirmed and sitting on the supreme court. >> through the end of the presidential term? >> that is correct. back in scheduled to meet with judge garland in about two weeks. tonight the warriors of to
6:57 am
bounce back from their seventh the loss of the season as they face the timberwolves in minnesota. and the coach says he knew that the warriors were not in full strength in san antonio. and in a venue where the warriors of not one cents 1990 -- won since 1997 and he has faith. >> it seems like every time we lose one we we intend. -- we will win back 10. it's a testament to how hard our guys have fought. back on pace to be the regular- season set by the chicago bulls, and they were at this point one game behind where the warriors were after 69 games. your time now, 6:57 am. what the silicon valley
6:58 am
tech giant, what apple may unveil in just a few hours.
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good morning. once again commuter problems in the east bay. bart riders being forced to take buses between the pittsburg bay point station and the north concord station because of an electrical. we will tell you about the testing going on right now hoping to eliminate this issue. plus, more rain moves into the bay area today. why the recent rain has some officials rethinking water conservation measures. "mornings on 2" continues. 7:00. a rough bart commute for so many in the far east bay. they have been forced to take a bus bridge between the north concord bart station because they are not able to run trains there in that small stretch. boy, it is adding time to people's morning commute. people are lining up on the bus bridges to make their way to work. >> an update from the no


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