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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  March 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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president since nineteen 28. president obama and castro shake hands but discuss differences j. a second straight day of spring showers bring in a new round of snow to the sierra. "the four on 2" starts now. welcome to "the four on 2". i'm keba arnold. >> i'm mike mibach. relief is in sight for bart riders after days of overcrowded trains. >> bart is narrowing in on the power problem that has shut down the tracks between north concord and pittsburg/bay point. >> reporter: mike, keba, it's good news for bart riders as they have restored limited service between those two stations. now, if we can take a look at video here, bart has been working all weekend long, testing out trains between the pittsburg/bay point and north concord stations. over the weekend the transit
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agency says it ran tests around the clock and even brought in specialists to see what was causing the power surge that damaged more than 50 cars. for passengers, that means bartd is still rang full schedule for now during commute hours bart will run a train every 15 minutes between the two stations during non peak hours the bus bridges will be the only option for the riders which may cause the problem while they're trying to figure out what pinpointed it all. >> we still haven't gotten to the root cause but we have taken every possibility and are one by one eliminating them. >> reporter: all right, so the good news is within the hour like they said there will be only train service every 15 minutes between the two stations. no bus service on the off peak hours when there's? commute that's when the bus service will be back up and running. now, bart also says there will be no issues with the train, none whatsoever, that's why it's safe for people to ride it between the two stations, and they also say they wanted more people to be on it to test it
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to see the exact capacity that would normally happen. i will also tell you one more thing. the good news for bart, they were able to repair 36 trains over the weekend so they have 36 additional trains back up and running. but once again let's remind everyone the service is still limited. >> paul, a quick question. last week bart was saying more than 50 trains were damaged because they were running through that stretch of track. since the weekend, has any more trains been damaged as they continue to test, or is that all kind of in the past from last week and so far so good this week? >> reporter: basically what you said. so far so good. they've been testing and looking systemweighed. they say normally they have about five or six problems or issues with the high voltage during those hours but the 50 cars taking them out at one time was unusual. that's why they are testing. since then there have not been any additional issues at other train stations but they are staying on top of it. coming up at 5:00 we're going
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to hop aboard one of those test trains and bring you some video of how that ride goes. >> paul chambers live in concord. today marks the second straight day of spring showers right here in the bay area. >> chief meteorologist bill martin tweeted this video of the rain in the east bay. meteorologist rosemary orozco joins us now in studio where you're tracking the rain. anything coming down? >> yes, it continues to come down. today's system a little stronger than yesterday with moderate rain. still fairly widespread. take a look at storm tracker. you can see north, south, east, west, we've got that rain continuing to fall. the moderate pockets now beginning to taper off. in the south bay we still have a little bit going on. moderate rain along highway 101 between san jose and morgan hill. if we shift up along the peninsula light rain over areas like palo alto, san ma day o. a little bit on the west edge of san francisco. to the east, light rain falling
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along 580 and 680. san ramon through pleasanton and livermore. rain falling over sun noel. on the east bayshore line a few hit or miss showers. to the north bay light rain over areas like petaluma, novato, and this stretch over 101. as we get into rush hour these showers will continue to taper off. but we really won't dry out until tomorrow. so the scattered showers will remain in the forecast with more and more moisture continuing to pull in. we also have advisories. we have a high surf advisory. when i come back i'll detail. this we talked about snow in the is i era. there's an advisory cumptdly going on there. more on those plus what you can expect as we get into the next 24 hours. in the extended forecast, when we dry out and warm up. amazing as it may seem hat now been seven years since one of the darkest dance in history of bay area law enforcement. that was the day that four oakland police officers were shot and killed. >> there was a short memorial
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service at st. benedict's church in east oakland to remember john hagy and the three officers shot in 2009. family was there as many current and former oakland police officers. thinking back on that terrible day, lieutenant arturo bautista who raced to the scene said did it not feel real. >> as i was driving in i was hearing through the police radio the things that were going on, and i just couldn't believe it. one of the individuals was a classmate of mine. another one i was a supervisor. so it was something that wasn't real. i couldn't believe it. and for the first day or two, it was just like it wasn't real. >> oakland mayor libby schaaf also attended the service saying she what happened to be there to support the city's officers and the families.
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>> ktvu's henry lee joining us. we were speaking in the newsroom. i was working that day here at ktvu. a terrible day for me personally, just having to be a part of that story and seeing what the department and the families were going through. but yourself, henry, you were off but you said your sources started calling you. >> i think a lot of us remember where we were that exact same day. i got the call, two officers shot and killed. only to learn two hours later, two more officers, the s.w.a.t. team members, kid. an unfortunate single deadliest day in the department's history. what the board determined, while they said the same gay, the gunman that's solely responsible for the homicides, there were a lot of institutional issues. unbeknownst to the officers at the time had been accused of raping as many as five or six people, including a 12-year-old girl. he may have suspected he was about to be arrested. the officers didn't know that he was the suspect at the time.
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a lot of things have been learned. a lot of lessons learned. the report said that the two motorcycle officers that approached his car on the same side, then two hours later it was what they called an ad hoc or incomplete s.w.a.t. team that had been assembled rather rationally, that they went in without proper preparation. >> so seven years ago henry a report obviously an investigation happened. what has changed since then with then oakland pd? maybe practices, policies. >> reporter: i know when they do call for a blue alert, which is the oakland police jargon for calling out the s.w.a.t. team, they want to make sure they have an entire compliment of snipers, hostage negotiators, s.w.a.t. team members and support officers instead of just a few people that they haphazardlily cobble together. they want to make sure they have an action plan, to make sure every single part of this plan sin still tutted when you
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talk about a suspect holed up. of course, officer safety is real important. they train the new officers, as well as veteran officers, you can never be too say. you have to make sure you have enough cover, that you practice sound practices. >> you can train as much aus want. i feel at that time, seven years ago, your emotions just take charge. in this case these officers saw two of their own, or heard on the radio that they had just been shot and killed. you want to get the person. i don't know if you can train for that. senate's tough. that report made very clear that the heroics of the officer what responded to their fallen officers, that they acted appropriately, but that was to be understood. but still the report said they had a long way to go. now they have instituted many changes to make sure the officers are as safe as can be. >> any more changes? it's been seven years but are they still looking ahead? >> the important thing is a lot of changes have been made but you can't always plan.
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every single incident out in the field is different so there's no specific way to do it all the time. >> like they said, there's no such thing as a routine traffic stop. nothing routine about it. thank you very much, henry. it's a scene that has not happened since 192. today in cuba president obama met with cuban president raul castro. it was an historic face to face as the president's trip to cuba took a diplomatic turn. president obama arrived in havana yesterday with the first family. they took a walk tour of old havana, taking in the sights and sounds of the city. but today the official business began. president obama called his trip to cuba a, quote, berlin wall moment. reporter kevin cork is traveling with the president and has more on today's first in decades face to face. >> reporter: something like this hasn't been zion nearly nine decades. president obama on cuban soil, shaking hands with cuban leader raul castro in havana after becoming the first commander in
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chief to visit the island nation since calvin coolidge in 1928. >> as is true with countries around the world where we have normalized relations, we will continue to stand up for basic principles that we believe in. america believes in democracy. >> reporter: president obama also visiting revolutionary square. sculptures of cuban revolutionary figures towering behind him. >> cuba is so vern and rightly has great pride, and the future of cuba will be decided by cubans, not by anybody else. >> reporter: the two presidents announcing in december 2014 ties would be restored after more than 50 years of hostility. embassies opening in washington and havana since then. but tensions remain over issues such as the u.s. trade embargo. >> there are defined differences between our country
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that will not go away. >> reporter: president obama also taking part in an entrepreneurship event and will attend the state dinner tonight. on tuesday he is expected to address the cuban people in a speech, and he's also expected to meet with some political disdepartments here on the island. in havana, traveling with the president, kevin cork, fox news. in 1928 president calvin coolidge sailed in to the sound of the cuban artillery saluting the arrival. it was president coolidge's only foreign trip as president. he attended the sixth pan american conference to declare goodwill toward cuba after decades of hostility, but no sitting president has returned up until now. coming up, apple's product announcements always come with a whole lot of fanfare. today is no exception. we are asking our expert about the new offering just for the
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apple faithful, or is it something that maybe any of us can get excited about? you've got to go to our facebook page. an easter bunny involved in a brawl. it happened inside a new jersey mall where families were there trying to get the children's pictures taken. watch the video. ktvu on facebook. a quick peek outside. northbound 680 through the sunol grade slow. "the four on 2" will be right back.
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the surprise had been leaked but that did not stop the fanfare surrounding apple's unveiling of new products. but late morning members of the media surrounded tables displaying the new iphone and ipad. the devices are smaller than the older versions and sell for less. industry analysts say the market for cell phones and tablets is saturated so apple is tempting shoppers with lower costs and added features. >> the rest of it is what you wrap around the iphone. there's the apple watch and a whole range of products. that's key for them to grow going forward, is what else do they add to that portfolio of products. >> executives also unveiled new wristbands for their apple watch and dropped the price to just $299. the items go on sale march 31st but will consumers take the bait? we're joined by ryan eldredge, cofounder of in other words on call and our resident tech
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expert. there's an urgent crossing the wire right now. it says, in a filing late this afternoon federal prosecutors said an outside party has come forward and shown the fbi a possible method on howtown lock that particular iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. federal authorities have asked to hold off on that much anticipated court hearing that was set for tomorrow. big news. >> it's huge news. >> tim cook spent a bunch of time talking about the fbi, everything else. the interesting thing about the 5c, the only phone that is in the current lineup that does not do the encryption on the chip itself, which means that you can de crypt it, and that's what apple has been fighting about. they say we want to protect privacy. today, during the press conference they were talking about the new ios 9.3, and it is going to close a loophole that allows hackers to see
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videos and see photos. so maybe that exploit that apple just fixed today is they may be taking advantage of. we're not really sure because they're not naming their source. could be anybody. >> a possible method. but enough that the court hearing has been canceled that was set for tomorrow. what do you think is going on with apple? from what i heard and saw, and i didn't watch it all. we talked about innovation. is apple coming to a point -- their stock didn't move up or down today -- where they've run out of product to invent? >> i think wall street is seeing exactly what we're seeing. there's no more real innovation at apple. they made everything bigger, now they're making everything smaller, and i just don't get excited about that. the samsung phone is coming out with waterproof. we've been seeing bendable display. adding some new functional tee, even on some of the newer products, having have etching
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on the phone's back where you can see text messages, almost like a dual screen. and how about a fold-up screen? they can make it very small. >> for the phone that we saw today, kind of looks like the 5. >> exactly. >> maybe not inside, but -- >> united states' more like the iphone 6 and the 6 plus, but it is nothing of innovation. it's got the a9 chip, a 12 megapixel camera, so it's nicer, but one of the things apple is doing, they're also dealing with china. in china, price is a big deal. out here with us rich americans, we can buy whatever we want, but over there, $299 is still a stretch, but dropping everything by $100, for the apple watch, the ipad pro is dropping in price because they're going down in size. now the iphone se is going to
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drop the price. >> i think we're losing your mic. >> will you still be able to do the multiuse on the pad where you can do two things at once. that's kind of come. it comes with the new keyboard feature for the cover. so it's kind of cool. the ipad pro, 9.7 inches is pretty cool. >> we've got to stop. >> we'll be back tomorrow. >> thanks, brian. >> rosemary. >> we actually had some downpours move through. today's system definitely stronger than yesterday. that's a beautiful view. as we roll through the next few hours, those moderate pocket of rain will begin to taper off. for the evening hours we will remain with scattered showers, but for the most part they will be light and spotty. giving awe look at some of the rainfall amounts, we have seen santa rosa almost an inch of rain. north bay seeing the most
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amounts. san jose .15 of an inch. not so bad. we could always, of course, do better. but that's what we're looking at for san jose. san francisco a quarter of an inch. concord now picking up a 10th or so over the last 24 hours, even 36. it's taken some time for some of us to accumulate some of that rainfall. giving awe look here at storm tracker 2, the system continues to push through california, and you can see from northern california all the way down into central california we're seeing some of this rain. not so much for southern california. there's a circulation right in there, the most active weather, but we saw a little bit of active weather come our way and we will continue to watch those pockets of heavier rain move out. if we sweep back in, take a look at morgan hill this is where we are seeing some moderate rain along highway 101, over the diablo range. our stretch up along the peninsula as well, we have rain falling over 280 as well as 101. san mateo, san francisco, you can see some there over the
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golden gate bridge. crossing over the bridge will you find some. east bay, a few spotty showers along the shoreline. hayward and then along 680, maybe right there near san ramon. 580 at the top of the hour we had light rain over livermore. now it looks like hat moved east of livermore. to the north bay we have novato, sausalito, this stretch down 101 and the american canyon area we've got light rain falling there over the san pablo bay and richmond. breezy out there. the on shore breeze, fairfield gusting to 28 miles per hour. concord reporting a steady wind at 24, oakland 16. so it's cloudy, cool, a bit rainy. this is going to continue as we get into the evening hours. here's your futurecast model, picking it up as we get into the drive home. 6:00, spotty showers. then we stop it here at 8:00. still spotty showers but beginning to taper off. they will continue as we get into the overnight hours. the time now reads tuesday, 7:00 a.m. notice wavy few pockets there that will linger as we get into
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tuesday morning. perhaps not enough to impact the morning drive. but still we'll be trying to dry out by tomorrow morning. giving awe look at the winter weather advisory that will go until early tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. snow levels all the way down to 4500 feet. even a little lower than that in some areas. here at home along our coastline we have a high surf advisory that started this afternoon and will go all the way until 4:00 a.m. on wednesday. tomorrow morning, under soggy conditions, we have mid-40s to low 50s in the forecast. 46 in fremont, 51 for san francisco. into the afternoon we'll be turning partly cloudy. perhaps a lingering shower but pretty much mainly dry at that point. upper 50s, low 60s in the forecast for tomorrow, so a little cool, a little breezy. the extended forecast, once we dry out tomorrow morning we're going to be dry wednesday, thursday, then we start to see temperatures move upwards as we get into your bay area weekend. we're looking at temperatures in the low 70s so mild conditions. >> amazing. >> more spring like.
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>> sure. it's going to feel pretty good. >> rosemary, thank you. >> donald trump gathers his foreign policy team's addresses the very powerful political group in washington. >> the important appearance as several capped dates are making before the annual pro-israel apac policy conference.
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republican donald trump has tapped former military officers to form his foreign policy team this as he speaks before a
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powerful political conference in washington, d.c. >> the annual apac draws thousands of pro israel supporters along with several presidential candidates. reporter doug is mr. as the candidates make their case. >> reporter: donald trump made a rare public appearance in the nation's capital. >> the most amazing thing, we before. >> reporter: his appearances may be part of trump's efforts to recast his image. >> it's a very washington presidential sort of day for trump. >> reporter: reports say he met with top republican leaders. >> his failure to win the majority of the popular vote tenth primaries is a dangerous sign going forward. >> reporter: democrat hillary clinton was the first
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presidential candidate to speak to apac in front of the largest crowd ever at its annual conference. clinton took a not so thinly veiled swipe at trump in what she described as divisive hatred. >> america should be better than this. and i believe it's our responsibility as citizens to say so. >> reporter: tomorrow another key day in the election as voters in three states in the west cast their votes for the party's presidential nomination. in washington, doug mcelway, fox news. a sense of closure about battle to keep the united states safe. they are also a way to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. now there's an effort in oakland to locate the world war ii veterans who haven't had a chance to say good-bye. more on this coming up. "the four on 2" will be right back.
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,welcome back to "the four on 2". they are called honor flights. all-expense paid flights for veterans to honor them for their service and sacrifice. honor flights offer veterans closure about those they lost in battle. now there's an effort to reach out to some bay area world war ii veterans and offer them the special opportunity. >> we are joined now by the vice mayor here in oakland. thanks for coming in.
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this has something for you to be involved in this. >> absolutely. it's so important to me that we show our oakland veterans that we really honor their service, and that we want to do something special for them. >> okay, and you are looking exactly for 26 world war ii veterans? >> that's right. world war ii veterans from oakland who have not yet had the opportunity to see their memorial. >> i bet there are some of those veterans who may not have seen washington, d.c. at all. >> that's exactly right. that's exactly who we're looking for. these world war ii veterans are in their 90s now, and this may be their last big trip. we want to honor their service and really allow them to remember and to have closure in this part of their lives. >> if someone is out there watching, they know someone that might know, hey, wasn't my neighbor a world war ii veteran, that's the point, but there's really two parts to this. it there's also fund raising. >> that's right. so this san all-expenses paid
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trip and flight, but each veteran has a guardian that accompanies them to make sure they get through the entire trip safely. so we're raising the money for the guardians to go on the trip so they don't have to -- so that no guardian has a barrier to going on the trip, because of finances. >> so both sides of the world war -- so besides the world war ii memorial, where else will they be able to go? >> the itinerary is packed. this will be september 8th through 10th this year. the itinerary is planned from start to finish by honor flight, which is a national program that we're working with. honor flight bay area is the chapter that oakland is closest to. so that's who we're working with. they plan the itinerary from start to finish to visit all of the memorials in washington, d.c. >> have you heard from some of these veterans to go and how special the experience is for them? >> yes, absolutely. and they're advising us on how to reach out to the veterans so i appreciate this opportunity to let them know. >> i was reading, by the year
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2036 it's estimated there will be no living veterans of world war ii. that's just 20 years away. many of them, as you said, are in their 80s and 90s. >> exactly right. >> so six months, tall order. we need to find 26 oakland world war ii veterans and also raise the money. you said it was september -- >> 8th through 10th. >> that's right. >> what else are you do snug ear here with us telling our viewers. what else? >> tomorrow we'll have a press conference on the stairs of city hall and let all of the media know we are going to be visiting churches in oakland. we'll be reaching out to the veterans administration building, the veterans clinic, and really try to tap into all those neighborhood institutions that veterans currently use. >> it's a great idea. great trip. congratulations on being a part of it. we will get the word out. >> quickly, who do they call? >> they can call may office, 510-238-7004.
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that's my office, vice mayor, anny campbell, and we will put them in touch. >> appreciate it. now to the latest on the arrest of a man investigators are describing as key player in last year's deadly attacks in paris. salah abdeslam was captured last week. the belgian born fugitive was dubbed the most wanted. his lawyers say he is talking with investigators and there is now word that a manhunt is underway for a newly identified suspect. prosecutors are appealing to the public about a 24-year-old who allegedly traveled to hungary with abdeslam before last november's attacks, and that one claimed 130 lives. a cafe that was one of the targets of the paris attacks reopened today. the restaurant has been renovated and given a new look at the entrance to the restaurant there is a new
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fresco covered with flowers to commemorate the victims killed there. the artwork includes the names of the 20 customers and staff who were killed there. the restaurant is the last of the sites targeted to be reopened. the pentagon identified the u.s. marine in northern iraq killed by an isis rocket attack over the weekend. staff sergeant lewis cardon was 27 years old. his death confirms that combat troops remain in iraq. reporter conor powell has the latest on the fight against isis. >> reporter: the pentagon con firming marines from the 26th expeditionary unit are on the ground in iraq fighting isis. the disclosure coming after an isis rocket attack killed a hail decorated mar reerntion staff sergeant lewis cardon. but the military says even though troops have been deployed their role is mostly defensive. >> to provide protection for
4:36 pm
those advisers, we realize that we need some fire support. we need some artillery. >> the pentagon won't release the exact number of marines but says it's less than 200. the deployment part of the obama administration's plan to retake the key city of mosul. >> we inherited the situation with regard to terrorism. it's going to be a lot worse now than what we found. we would like to get mosul liberated before he leaves office. that's why he has sent in more troops. >> reporter: attacks on isis continue while a temporary truce has reduced fighting between assad forces. hoping to coordinate a response to what it calls violations of the cease fire. >> a delay on the agreed rules of to the violation of the cease fire sun acceptable. as a result of provocative actions and shelling civilians
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die every day. >> reporter: the u.s. is rejecting russia's calls for a meeting, prompting them to threat unilateral action. are tech stocks a good bet? should you invest, and why are some tech stocks doing better than old school utilities? scattered showers continue to fall over the bay area. we will take a look at radar, show you what you can expect as you get through the evening drive and when these showers are going to taper off coming up. an interesting look outside. the 280/880 split, not too bad. "the four on 2" will be right back.
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it is money monday and we are talking about tech stocks. things are changing. we are joined by richard del monte. thanks for being here. >> great to be here. >> doing a google search on this website i read something that said one sector that is cash rich is technology. the yields are solid and look to be well kurd. do you agree with that? >> some of the companies like oracle have over $50 billion in cash, and also, microsoft has
4:41 pm
$100 billion. apple has over $200 billion in the bank. >> what's changed? why is this happening when it comes to these tech stocks? >> well, typically tech stocks start out really young, growing really fast. so they have to save every penny they've got to reinvest in the company. they've got to buy more plants and equipment and hire people and bay other acquisitions and other companies so when they are doing that they have to grow the company. at some point they reach a point where, you know, they've kind of -- they're starting to make big money and the money just starts stacking up, so they either buy stock back or start paying dividends. >> you said investors can now have their cake and eat it too. >> yeah. >> how is that so? >> you can still invest in growing companies that are growing rapidly in the technology sector which is a great place ton. probably will be the rest of our lifetime. but at the same time you can get dividends, which is a new phenomenon. >> coffing your cake and eating it too.
4:42 pm
we have a slide that breaks down qualcomm, cisco, and pg&e. >> these are some of the higher yielding tech stocks. compare to the pg&e which typically people think of utilities as a place to get high yields. look at that. they're both beating -- cisco and qualcomm have a hire yield than pg&e. there's other companies like ibm and in tell that are all beating pg&e. >> what do you say to your investors? i know everyone is at a different age. some people are about to retear, some have another 20 years. is this the way to go? >> it it's the way to go for part of your portfolio. you never want to go all the way into one thing. >> small part? big part? medium part? >> representative with what the tech sector is. 10, 15%. but typically before it wasn't even on anybody's radar screen because there was no yield. now it can be in there so you can have a better chance to grow your money over time, and get it -- a decent yield. >> isn't that the key? grow it over time.
4:43 pm
you need that time. >> absolutely. and patience, too. >> right. okay. so you think these tech stocks are going to be around for awhile? >> yet. oh, for sure, they're going to be around. >> maybe we need to start tweaking our portfolios. >> you should think about adding those. >> richard del monte, thank you. >> good to be here. rosemary, over to you. >> thank you very much. you may want to put the umbrellas away. good out there and dance in the rain because this could be it. >> you're right. >> this could be the last significant amount of rain. true or false. >> at least for the next few days. >> we are seeing scattered showers tonight. unfortunately going to hit m of us on teaching drive home. we will have those sprinkles as we move through the evening hours, then we may actually have a little bit tomorrow morning before all is said and done. as we get into your evening the scattered showers will continue lightening up. already sneak. we had a pretty good downpour here and there as we move
4:44 pm
through the second part of our afternoon. but those are beginning to wind down. high surf advisory until 4:00 wednesday morning. we have large breakers right along the coast. it's for the entire coast. north bay all the way down into monterey. winter weather advisory for the sierra. snow levels have been lowering this afternoon. and we could see several inches of new snow for some of the higher peaks. that is great news. here's a look at the store. most of northern california all the way down into central california, you can see this rain and snow continue to pile up. there's the center of the storm that will continue to track towards the east as we move through the afternoon. this system a little stronger than what we had yesterday because of that active weather and more unstable weather that associated with the center of the storm. a look at where we're seeing a few downpours. highway 101, a bit treacherous for those trying to get between morgan hill and gilroy. santa cruz mountains we have some light rain. along the peninsula we have
4:45 pm
some pretty good rain falling along the coastline and right here along san mateo county coast area, half moon bay, pacific car, steady rain. and stretches into the sunset district and into san francisco. 280, 101 is a wet drive. all our small communities. palo alto, all the way north of the golden gate bridge into tiburon, sausalito. to the east bay where we have the shoreline, hayward, 580, as you get closer to livermore we get a bit of a break. 680, san ramon, danville, small communities, and to the north bay where we have light rain falling san rafael, across the richmond san rafael bridge. american canyon, vallejo, and it stretches over towards martinez. as we get into teaching hours this will continue to wiped down. 6:00, 9:00, 9:00. notice not as much on the screen. but tomorrow morning, still tracking a few cells. so we will wake up tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, maybe a
4:46 pm
little fog, maybe a few sprinkles. it wants to carry into's the afternoon. but for the most part we will be mainly dry for your tuesday. as far as rainfall amounts over the next 24 hours or so, we could pick up another quarter inch or a little bit more for the north basement temperatures now under mostly cloudy skies, breezy out there. and we do have again the rain continuing to fall. we're in the 50s and low six. 63 in concord, 57 at half moon bay. scattered showers tomorrow morning. temperatures will be cool, 44 in livermore, 46 santa rosa, upper 40s in san mateo. then for the afternoon upper 50s to low six in the forecast. could be a little breezy behind the storm. your extended forecast here, temperatures slowly start to climb as we get into the middle part of the week. then in time for your bay area weekend for those celebrating easter it is going to be beautiful, temperatures in the low 70s for the afternoon. >> all the little ones can wear their easter dresses and not to have wore flee. the easter egg hunt should be fine.
4:47 pm
>> brunch outside. >> bring it on. sounds good. >> frank is live in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 as well as 6:00. frank, evening commute underway. >> we do have progress to report tonight involving bart service that's been shut down between two stations in the east bay. tonight cars are running between those two stations. but only during certain hours of the day. also tonight, we're learning there may be some serious issues with the company that's building hundreds of new bart cars. tom vacar has been investigate thasmght we'll hear from him at 5:00. >> so bay a souvenir, get thrown in jail. what is this story? >> a story that is just mind boggling. it involves a couple from the bay area. they were in south africa where they bought a souvenir that they were told was legal. when they traveled to tanzania they were thrown in jail. that was just the beginning. the huge amount of money they had to pay before they were released. >> "the four on 2" will be right back.
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google i can't, hue, and microsoft are mopping the big names collaborating on a new encryption standard for e-mail. >> this new technology was outlined in a draft proposal filed with the task force on friday. the technology is called smtp, strict transport security. what would it do is it would check to see if an e-mail recipient's system is set up to support encryption. if not, the e-mail would not go through. google already uses encryption technology for its g mail service but most e-mail uses that old technology. >> the security concern over unencrypted messages of that e- mail can be intercepted midstream. that's something edward snowden
4:51 pm
revealed when he leaked secret documents of widespread internet surveillance. switching gears it is time to get soarchlt a look at what's happening on social media. i can't believe this. twitter celebrating its 10th birthday. snow just like that. >> happy birthday. >> micro blogging site tweeted out this two and a half minute video in a message slowly revealed during this video. twitter says, on our 10th birthday we thank you for making history, driving change, lifting each other up, and laughing together every day. >> the video featured the first tweet from space and pope francis joining twitter as well as change like the supreme court ruling on same-sex marriage, hashtags conveying solidarity for victims of the paris attacks and even the tsunami disaster in japan. great moments like this. lebron james tweet about steph curry's buzzer beater shot.
4:52 pm
easter sunday is this weekend, the day the bible says jesus christ rose from the dead after being crucified on the cross. last night fox network retold the tire in live concert event called the passion live. [ music ] that is the latin actor as jesus during the last supper with the 12 disciples. it was a live event held in new orleans with some parts pre filmed. >> the story takes a modern twist with police officers arresting jesus instead of roman soldiers. it also includes a long list of pop hits like creed's arms wide open. jesus also raises from the dead and sings katy perry. the music is what made the
4:53 pm
production popular in europe and the netherlands. [ music ] that "american idol" alum chris daughtry played judas. trisha yearwood was jees' mother. it was written and directed by tyler perry. you can watch it streaming on >> this is one of those you would see the promos for weeks, maybe even a month. i dvr'ed it. we'll be right back.
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the county where flint, michigan is located is demanding $1 million from the state of michigan. >> officials say the money is needed for reimbursement for the county's response to the water crisis. today the county board of commissioners sent a letter to michigan governor rick snyder saying that the flint water emergency was manmade and caused by failures at the state level. officials say without a reimbursement the county will have trouble maintaining its bond rating and will be forced to make layoffs. >> we didn't fail at anything. we stood up, we took the bull by the horns, and it's cost us
4:57 pm
over a million dollars. and there's a concern that some people will have to be laid off because of the failure of the state of michigan to act. and i would hope that the governor, as part of his apology, would take a serious look at paying that money back. >> michigan officials did not require flint to add anti- corrosive chemicals when the city began drawing water from the flint river after switching from detroit's water. now, as a result, the water supply was contaminated with lead. last week during intense questioning on capitol hill michigan's governor blamed bureaucrats at the state and federal levels but also repeatedly apologized for his role in the crisis. >> today governor insider said that he wants flint and the entire state to have more stringent regulations than those required by the federal government. let's turn to frank and julie. some bart cars getting the
4:58 pm
green light. >> it's the news bart passengers have been waiting for. limited service has resignaled one part of the east bay. >> bart announced that pappingers will be able to ride trains instead of buses during certain times of the day. good evening everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. the track between the pittsburg/bay point and north concord stations has been closed since last week. that meant riders were forced to take buses between the stations during the morning and afternoon commutes. starting today that has all changed. ktvu's paul chambers is in concord where some of those trains are running again. paul. >> reporter: julie, good news for the bart riders because i tell you what, no bus service between 3:00 and 8:00, and dunn on these tracks right now there is a bart train. that's not the actual train but every 15 minutes a bart train will go through here going back to pittsburg/bay point.
4:59 pm
the agency has made progress. the ride seemed normal. over the weekend the transit agency says it ran tests around the clock and even brought in specialists to see what's causing the power surges that damaged more than 50 cars. >> we still. gotten to the root cause but we have systematically taken every possibility and are one by one eliminating them. >> reporter: the passengers, that means bart is running a full schedule. for now they will run a train every 15 minutes between the stations. during non peak hours the bus bridge will be the only option as crews try to pinpoint the problem. one passenger says it's understandable. >> it's very old sitting around for i don't know how long but all my life, i'm 24. so 24 years of like thousands and thousands of people riding the train. it's going to have some wear and tear on it. >> reporter: and the news is
5:00 pm
getting even better for bart because they were able to repair 36 trains over the weekend. that's 36 of the 50 plus that went out of systems. i will tell you the other good news is at 8:00 the trains will stop rung, the buses will be the only osmghts coming up at 6:00 i will tell you how it will affect your morning commute. >> paul, thank you. this morning one of those 12 buses rung on a loop started smoking. it happened shortly after it pulled out of the pittsburg/bay point station. all of the passengers were taken off the bus and then transferred to the north concord station. >> bart is buying more than 700 new cars but tonight we've learned there may be some serious wishes the canadian company that's building those cars. tom vacar is in the newsroom. >> reporter: even if everything was working absolutely perfectly, bart's fleet is still the nation's oldest and it must be replaced. there's a schedule to get 775 deliveries. here's the sche


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