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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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the courtroom showdown in the iphone encryption case is canceled after the fbi reveals it may have a way to revealed the data without apple's help. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. a major development in the tug- of-war between apple and the
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fbi over iphone encryption. ktvu's jana katsuyama is here to tell us about the fbi getting help from a quote, outside party. >> reporter: this is an interesting development. the request canceled tomorrow's hearing, was filed at the 11th hour. the court documents state this outside party came forward just yesterday. at monday's unveiling of new products, apple ceo tim cook defended his court battle with the government apparently unaware it would take a drastic turn hours later. >> we need to decide as a nation how much power the government should have over our data. and over our privacy. >> reporter: the government's unexpected filing stated that worldwide publicity on this case has prompted people outside the government, -- to contact the fbi offering suggestions for cracking the locked iphone of syed farook, the shooter in the
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san bernardino attack. prosecutors stated on march 20, an outside party demonstrated to the fbi a possible method for unlocking the iphone. >> this is a victory for apple. >> reporter: nate cardozo is with the electronic frontier foundation, more than one of a dozen companies that submitted documents supporting apple's position. >> the fbi chose this case not because they didn't want to try to get into it themselves, but because they wanted to set a legal precedent that they could ordered apple to break in for them. >> reporter: at issue was the security feature which erases iphone data if an incorrect password is entered too many times. a federal court had ordered apple under an old law called the all writs act to write software that would disable the feature. apple refused saying that would set a dangerous legal precedent and argued the fbi should find a way to hack around the security feature. >> the fact that apple took this position change things overnight.
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i think this is the easiest way for the fbi to try to solve this. >> definitely a retreat on the government's part. if that the fbi was planning to continue this fight, they would not have asked to take the hearing off calendar for tomorrow. the only reason why you ask to take a hearing off calendar unilaterally is because you are done, dropping the case. >> reporter: the fbi has not identified who the outside party is. the government asked to have a two-week extension until april 5 two testing and then file a status report with the court. apple says it's too soon to proclaim victory. if the fbi is unsuccessful using the suggestions from this outside party, both sides could end up right back in court. >> so this means potentially if the government can get into this home with that outside help they could get into any iphone? >> reporter: that's the question. obviously, hackers are able to try and exploit weaknesses. but apple just revealed a new update to the ios system and that patches all of those
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breaks so they are saying if they can get into this old version, it might not necessarily compromise phones out on the market. >> i also imagine the fbi has to be careful that they don't erase all of the data by making one wrong move. >> absolutely. >> reporter: that's why they need some time to be very careful as they go through because they don't want to try something and then inadvertently end up erasing the data. >> thank you. it was a big day for apple. tonight at 10:30 the new products unveiled today and why they may reflect an effort to attract newcomers -- new customers. the silicon valley is mourning the death of a tech giant tonight, intel announced that former ceo andy grove has died. grove was the first higher back in 1968 and he led intel's transformation into a widely recognized consumer brand. he became ceo in 1987 and served as chairman of the board until may 2005.
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grove passed away today, his cause of death was not given but he did suffer from parkinson's for many years. andy grove was 79 years old. now the storm that moved through the bay area today, rain was really coming down at times, we captured this downpour in san jose this afternoon. >> many drivers encountered slick roads for the evening commute. a dash camera took this video on highway 92 in foster city just before the san mateo bridge. >> take a look at this. a large rock landed in the passenger seat of this car during today's storm. it crashed right through the windshield and just missed the driver. >> ktvu's debora villalon went to sonoma county to find out more about that driver. deborah? >> reporter: julie, he spent a few hours getting checked out at sonoma west medical center. but he's home now, too tired to talk about it, but first responders are still shaking their heads. >> it came from up here. this light area. >> reporter: soaked by rain,
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shale broke loose like a projectile as the driver headed home on custody or highway, never saw it coming. >> a crash, he thinks he's getting hit head-on so he swerved to avoid what he thinks is another car. and he hits this tree over here. >> reporter: crashing into the tree wipes out the front of his honda and deploys his airbag. then he realizes what hit him. >> he looked over and saw a rock. >> an off-duty firemen stopped and called for help. >> reporter: everyone who saw the hole in the windshield and the size of the boulder couldn't believe his close call. >> it was a good-sized rock. it was a solid rock. very fortunate it hit the passenger side. >> reporter: no one in that seat. and the driver spared by inches or seconds. >> a little bit faster, might have gone through the driver's side. definitely enough to kill him if he had gotten hit. >> he came out of it just fine. no major injuries.
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he went home. >> reporter: the 64-year-old man was taken to the nearest emergency room in sebastopol. he had some chest pain from being hit by the airbag. >> i think the airbag was more of an issue for his injuries and the rock was itself. he's pretty lucky. >> reporter: lucky that his collision with the tree, while jarring, kept him from launching into this tree -- creek at 40 miles an hour. the accident happened as rain was moving through west sonoma county and this area is one of the bay area's whitest. >> no way you can anticipate that. it just happened. >> certainly other slopes are ready to give way. >> reporter: with a car passing this outcome was a fluke and about as fortunate as one could get. >> cazadero, this is the rainiest part of sonoma county. the only part that is more rainy that this would be boulder creek in santa cruz. >> reporter: that slope is about 40 feet high. the rock, about the size of a
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cinderblock. it took just the right trajectory but imagine if someone had been in that passenger seat. a different story. >> that guy is just so lucky. deborah, thank you. a flight attendant is on the run after a tsa screener found about 60 pounds of cocaine in her carry-on luggage. airport police say she kicked off her gucci shoes and bolted from a security checkpoint after she was selected for a random screening friday night. the jetblue flight attendant left her bags and the drugs behind. police have not been able to find her since. at lax pilots and flight crew are not subject to the same searches as passengers. the union for the airport police says the incident underscores why all airline employees should be fully screened. there are new developments tonight involving bart, the transit agency has rolled out a plan to move commuters down a section of troubled track. this as bart tries a new strategy to solve the phantom electrical problems. >> we're hoping this tool will help solve the problems. >> right now bart is testing
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that new piece of equipment on problematic section of tracks between the north concord and pittsburg bay point stations. they hope the tool will help them pinpoint exactly what's causing the spike in voltage that's damaging train cars. ktvu's heather holmes is at the north concord station with more on that and also the limited train service being offered. heather? >> reporter: frank, that tool just purchased offers bart it's best chance yet at pinto -- pinpointing the problem. the device is able -- able to sense the timing with millisecond precision. it's being tested on the tracks between here and pittsburg station during off hours. allowing bart to offer a shuttle train during peak commute times and -- instead of the bus bridge. sounds like some relief. right? well, not exactly. earlier i found plenty of confused commuters. at the height of the evening commute, buses sat idle outside
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the north concord bart station. the transit agency instead operated a shuttle train between north concord and pittsburg bay point station has something it hasn't done since it shutdown that set of track last week after electrical problems damaged several cars. >> definitely confused. >> it only seemed to complicate the commute for many. riders still have to get off their train and wait on the platform for the shuttle. >> i have a baby at home. i want to get to him as soon as possible. all these people in yellow vests but no one is telling you what to do until it's too late. >> reporter: officials were hoping to operate more than just the one, six car shuttle train but say the mysterious glitch popped up again during testing monday. >> we got a little optimistic and added another test train so that two were running in the loop and we had a propulsion failure. something is happening where if we put too many trains, the draw is too great for the system right now. >> reporter: until the problem is fixed, bart is offering
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snacks and apologies. >> i'd much rather have a clear communications and a candy bar at the end of the day. >> reporter: perhaps that confusion will ease, this was after all the first day of the shuttle train. while there were plenty of frustrated passengers, bart is calling this an improvement and riders should start to see trains become less crowded as more of those damaged cars are repaired and put back into service. they say today, 557 cars were available, that's 36 more than on friday. >> well, that is a step in the right direction. heather holmes, thank you. for now bart says it's shuttle service between north concord and pittsburg bay point will be during commute hours only. that means 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. for the morning commute, 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for the evening commute. the train will run every 15 minutes. the bus bridge will be up during all other times. heroine addicts can get
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clean, they get cleaned every saturday. >> she came to san francisco on spring break and became addicted to heroin. one woman's story of overcoming addiction. tracking the tuesday forecast, how we could see a few stray sprinkles on one of those commutes tomorrow. i'll talk about that and we'll go out beyond your tuesday. on the grounds of one of the most stunning pieces of real estate in the bay area.
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new at 10, an the state that some say has become a neighborhood nuisance with loud parties, weekend after weekend. the house in the oakland hills and its owner have been the target of complaints from neighbors and the city for almost 2 years but the end may be near. ktvu's ken wayne live now in the oakland hills to explain. ken? >> reporter: we got a bit of a surprise when we came up here tonight to do this story. we ran into the owner of this property. and he invited us in onto the grounds through the gates to show you this amazing sweeping view of the entire bay and san francisco in the distance beyond. it is quiet, peaceful, serene but neighbors say on the weekends, it's a whole different story. >> [ music ] >> reporter: neighbors say it happens almost every weekend, loud music, crowds of people, large trucks and buses, blocking the narrow road that
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is panoramic way. the road leads up to this luxurious home known as skyfall. >> start on a friday with trucks making their way up the hill with catering trucks and party event trucks. >> reporter: the complaints started pouring into officials in april 2014. >> later on in the evening as the evening goes on, the music starts and it plays well into the night. >> reporter: skyfall advertises online at one point highlighting its so-called 50 shades of gray room complete with handcuffs. two years ago city officials told the order of the home that he was violating zoning ordinances by hosting weddings at skyfall, charging up to $5000 per event. >> waiting for commercial activities. you still book weddings? you were aware and you continue to take money. is that correct? >> yes. >> reporter: last week boyd testified at yet another
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nuisance abatement hearing about his property saying he needs the money from the wedding business. he said he didn't have the records city officials demanded. >> no. in a lot of cases i don't have contracts. >> you don't have any contracts? >> i don't have books. i don't generally keep receipts. >> reporter: the city wants boyd to pay a $500 a day fine for almost 200 days of violations. mrmówuáo2:)ah#g $97,000. rmówuáo2:)ah#g city building inspectors told the hearing officer boyd has ignored notices and continues to book weddings. >> the website continued to advertise. that didn't change. neighbors repeatedly called me, emailed me and informed me that events were continually happening about their -- happening up there. >> reporter: boyd is seeking a continual use permit. some neighbors suspect he's trying to find a loophole to
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continue his commercial activities. >> ken, when will the city decide on that $97,000 fine? >> reporter: both sides have to submit written briefs by wednesday. then that officer has 30 days to make a ruling. that's when we will find out whether or not he will face those stiff fines. >> ken wayne reporting in the oakland hills, thank you, ken. santa clara police officer appeared on charges of misdemeanor indecent exposure. accused of exposing himself to his girlfriend's coworker in may of last year. he refused a plea deal and moved ahead with a trial. jury selection is set to begin tomorrow. he has been on paid administrative leave since his arrest last summer. president obama spent his first full day in cuba today visiting revolutionary square and meeting with raul castro. kevin porter reports on the historic visit. >> something like this hasn't been seen in nearly nine decades. president obama on cuban soil shaking hands with cuban leader
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raul castro in havana after becoming the first commander-in- chief to visit the island nation since calvin coolidge in 1928. >> with countries around the world where we have normalized relations. we will continue to stand up for basic principles that we believe in. america believes in democracy. >> reporter: president obama also visiting revolutionary square, sculptures of revolutionary figures towering behind him, the president touring a museum dedicated to hose a parties. >> cuba has great pride. and the future of cuba will be decided by cubans. not by anybody else. >> reporter: the two president announcing ties would be restored after more than 50 years of hostility. embassies opening in washington and havana since then. but tensions remain over issues such as the u.s. trade embargo. >> translator: there are profound differences between
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our countries. they will not go away. >> reporter: president obama taking part in an entrepreneurship event. he is expected to address the cuban people in a speech and he is also expected to meet with political dissidents on the island. in havana, traveling with the president, kevin court, fox news. barbara lee is among a group of lawmakers to accompany the president on his trip. she tweeted this picture of herself right there in front of air force one after it landed in cuba. the congresswoman told us by phone that the relaxing of sanctions on cuba would benefit the tech industry here in the bay area. >> when we look at the brilliant innovators in my district and throughout the east bay, cuba needs a lot of what we can offer. broadband access to technology. >> she has been a long-standing advocate for lifting u.s.
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sanctions, she has traveled to cuba more than 20 times and she led a delegation of the black congressional caucus in 2009. got a little bit of rain out there today, bonus rain if you will come models last week said 0.1 but in some places we got up to in the last 24 hours, nearly 0.5 and some places in the hills, around santa cruz, up to an inch of rain. a nice little event. still scattered showers out there right now, widely scattered showers, this system trying to clear itself out what it's going to take a little while so tomorrow morning there may be a lingering shower. right now i've got a few lingering showers showing up just in the pages area, they've had quite a few showers this evening, more showing up just to the north where we can showers up around marin county, and then showers showing up down south, just south of gilroy. widely scattered. that's how we would go tomorrow morning, widely scattered like you see in santa rosa. as we head into your bay area
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tuesday, warmer, more sunshine but we start off with some clouds and we end up with highs just in the warmer spots in the mid-60s but rain should be done by noon. coming up, apple shows off its newest products. still ahead the new iphone that starts in just -- $399. the warriors were put to the test but this time they stormed back to win. how the warriors could become the only nba team to go a full season and never lose two in a row. (vo) making the most out of every mile.
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that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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presidential candidate donald trump made a trip to washington, dc in an effort to make peace with members of the republican party. trump reportedly met with gop donors and republican leaders including alabama senator jeff sessions and former house speaker newt gingrich.
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mr. trump took the stage at the american israel public affairs committee in washington, dc during their annual policy conference. the candidate attacked the united nations saying it hasn't been supportive of israel. >> the united nations is not a friend of democracy. it's not a friend to freedom. it's not a friend even to the united states of america where as you know, it has its home. and it surely is not a friend to israel. [ applause ] >> trump's attacks on president obama and hillary clinton were met with a mix of boos and applause. >> hillary clinton also addressed the committee, she took aim at trump criticizing his neutral stance on israel. >> we need steady hands, not a president who says he's neutral on monday, pro-israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because everything's negotiable. [ applause ]
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>> clinton called trump and unpredictable bully who could not be relied on to defend israel's interests and keep america safe. tomorrow republicans will vote in arizona and will caucus in utah. democrats will vote in arizona and utah. and also have a caucus in idaho. and american samoa republicans will have their nominating convention. now to renewed concerns about the safety of highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains, this afternoon numbers revealed a dramatic increase in accidents there. ktvu's ann rubin tells us how authorities are trying to address the problem. >> reporter: from fender bender's to spinouts to serious injury accidents, the site of wreckage along highway 17 has become all too common. >> it does get pretty crowded and i've seen a lot more accidents recently. i've been taking 17 for a couple years. >> reporter: do numbers show what they consider to be a troubling trend. there were 187 injury accidents
10:26 pm
last year as compared to 136 in 2013 and just 126 back in 2011. 2015 was the most dangerous year they recorded in the last 15. >> so there is an increase in injury collisions for 2015. and that is the highest since 1999. so it's definitely a pause for thought, people are thinking about it and trying to figure out how we need to adjust. >> reporter: that involves working on engineering and enforcement along 17. chp says they believe increased distractions from smartphones may be one contributed factor, more rain another. they say there were simply more people driving 70 each day. >> more people on the road, inevitably you have -- you see numbers in crashes and things like that go up. >> reporter: they hope the increase will be a wake-up call for drivers. >> always the same message we're trying to get out. watch your speed, watch your following distance and put the
10:27 pm
distractions down. >> reporter: one bright spot, there were no traffic fatalities , something which hasn't happened since 2011. along highway 17, ann rubin,'s -- ktvu fox 2 news. kindness and generosity from an eight-year-old girl. later tonight how she turned a birthday wish into help for firefighters. from a heroin addict to a mother of three small children, her message and mission to help others.
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theno one surface...out there. no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. a woman who spent eight years addicted to heroine and homeless on the streets of san francisco's tenderloin has published a new book. anne is talking openly about her experience. amber lee live now in the city with this life-changing story
10:30 pm
about addiction, recovery and the will to stay clean. amber? >> reporter: the 45-year-old works here at sf general running a mental health program, she tells me she has been clean and sober for 18 years. she hopes that by being open about her past, she'll be able to help others. >> is this your food, katie? >> yeah. >> reporter: my life is pretty easy now. >> reporter: tracy says she's happy with her life. >> my life is great. i have three beautiful children. a nice husband. we've been together for almost 16 years. >> reporter: she says she lives in a world far from the ones -- the one she once knew. >> i was eating out of garbage cans and sleeping outside with whatever blankets i had. this is just from the past year. >> reporter: in 1995, she agreed to be among five addicts profiled in the documentary black tar heroin thinking it would be a cautionary tale for others. >> i thought i would die or be
10:31 pm
murdered in the streets of san francisco or one of the hotels i was living in. >> reporter: her life spiraled out of control after discovering heroin when she was visiting san francisco as a college student from ohio. she says she was on spring break and never left. >> when you are injecting drugs in the soles of your feet, it is pretty low. >> i can't even imagine. why the soles of your feet? >> i didn't have any more veins. >> reporter: she says it is difficult to watch certain scenes of the film. >> i remember exactly what i was feeling or thinking at that moment. that's really painful to see. >> in and out of jail for offenses ranging from blocking the sidewalk to drug sales, she eventually found the inner strength to fight for a sober life. >> it's a really lonely and early recovery from heroin -- but that was something i had to deal with, sometimes you have to hang on until the craving leaves or until the sadness leaves. >> reporter: recovery was possible with help from caring individuals and programs
10:32 pm
including sober living homes where she spent four years. there was something her addiction did not steal from her. >> it's really that small belief in myself and then using my inner resilience. >> reporter: she earned a bachelors and masters degree at san francisco state. on march 8, her memoir, the big six, was published. there is hope after heroine addiction. >> heroine addicts can get clean, they get clean every single day. you can go live a productive life and a happy life, hopefully. >> reporter: she tells me during recovery, she set goals for herself which included reestablishing a relationship with her family, finding a safe place to live and a partner who loves her. she said she met all those goals but she also emphasizes the road to recovery is different for each person. julie? >> what an amazing story and so strong of her to share her story. hopefully she continues to have that strength.
10:33 pm
so many people never get that. thank you. the youth soccer league in santa clara will soon be back on its home turf. santa clara about the nfl to take over soccer fields just outside of levi's stadium during super bowl 50. the youth league went to court but a judge sided with the nfl. the nfl promised to fix the fields when the super bowl was over and workers are now making sure that happens. in a tweet, the soccer league said the turf fields are ready today, the grass fields should be available in april. after weeks of speculation, apple today unveiled its newest product, ceo tim cook unveiled a smaller iphone, the four inch iphone sed. the ipad pro will now come in a smaller 9.7 inch version and there's a less expensive version of the apple watch. jesse gary was at apple headquarters in cupertino for today's event. >> reporter: few things create a media scrum like a table full of the latest apple gadgets.
10:34 pm
>> 100% of our data centers are powered by clean sources of energy like the sun. wind. and water. >> reporter: ceo tim cook and a cavalcade of executives extolled the virtues of going green and making tech do more in healthcare. then they unveiled the main course. a new iphone sed and a new ipad pro. both of which look a lot like the older versions of the same products. industry analysts are underwhelmed. >> this is one of those off- season apple announcements. outside the fall which is when their big announcements tend to be. >> reporter: of course, it is a home field advantage for them. how does all of this play out in the real world where a lot of people own not one but maybe two apple products? >> i love apple. everything is apple. apple is the new 45. from the '50s. >> reporter: true believers are on the bandwagon and cynics say, no way. >> is there anything apple can do to woo you?
10:35 pm
>> you know, i don't know. i had a very -- a bad experience once so i just went android and i've been happy since then. >> reporter: the middle ground is the goal for the world's largest company. which has been forced to concede size does matter. >> it peaks your interest? >> absolutely. sometimes it's a little big to put in your pocket. and the five would fit better. >> reporter: analysts say the new gizmos are not for everyone but today's unveiling will help jumpstart apples upgrades cycle and work everyone into a frenzy of the expected launch of iphone seven. in cupertino, jesse gary, fox 2 news. san francisco board of supervisors will soon decide whether to make it illegal for landlords in the city to evict teachers. under the ordinance proposed by supervisor david campos, teachers who live and work in san francisco could not be forced out of their homes for reasons beyond their control during the school year. we talked to a gym teacher at
10:36 pm
paul revere elementary in bernal heights today. she is being forced out of her rent-controlled apartment because her landlord wants to make improvements to the property. >> i make around 60,000 a year. the only reason i was able to stay in san francisco for the last 10 years was because of rent control. >> campos' ordinance has made it out of committee and it is headed to the board of supervisors for a vote on april 5. a little girl with a mission. >> i want to make people happy. >> her special delivery of stuffed animals. we talked about tuesday's chance for showers. as we push forward now, we're going to talk about a temperature trends that will be going up.
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the oakland police department is remembering one of the saddest days in the history of bay area law enforcement. seven years ago today these four officers were shot to death. officer john haiti and sergeant daniel sakata, mark donegan and irv romans all killed by a parolee on march 21, 2009 after he was pulled over for a traffic violation. today there was a short memorial service at saint benedict's in east oakland to remember those four officers. family members as well as many current and former oakland police officers were all there, thinking back on that horrible day lieutenant arturo bautista, who raced to the scene, said it didn't feel real. >> as i was driving in, i was hearing through the radio the things that were going on and i couldn't believe it. one of the individuals was an academy classmate of mine,
10:40 pm
another one i was a supervisor. so it was something that wasn't real. i couldn't believe it. and for the first day or two, it was like it wasn't real. >> oakland mayor libby schaaf also attended saying she wanted to be there soon to support the police department and families of those fallen officers. a report revealed two oakland police officers who were fired for misconduct are now getting their jobs back. opd has been under federal oversight since 2003 as a result of a police misconduct case known as the writer scandal. edward swanson is reviewing the department discipline procedures. he says since last april opd has had the fibers of two police officers reversed by an arbitrator. in one case an officer was accused of inappropriate conduct with a prostitute. in another an officer was fired for using excessive force. a bay area couple is telling a harrowing story of a dream safari vacation to africa that turned into a nightmare.
10:41 pm
john and linda grant of foster city were in africa earlier this year, they say their trouble started when they tried to leave tanzania. airport security so their souvenir of a hand carved giraffe bone and called anti- poaching authorities. the couple was taken to jail. linda grant said they bought it during a stop in south africa and that the seller assured her it was legal. they say they ended up paying thousands of dollars to bribe a judge and other officials to get the charges reduced and to get an earlier court hearing. >> they said are you willing to pay that? we set absolutely. so it cost us $30,000 of fines for buying a souvenir. plus additional $30,000 in bribes and lawyers fees to get out of there. >> the grants were detained for three weeks. they are relieved to finally be home but they say they still have nightmares about what happened. a bay area charity is coming to the aid of a 16-year- old boy whose custom-made bike was stolen. we first brought you the story
10:42 pm
of ramon avena last friday night. the san jose teen has a rare genetic disorder similar to cerebral palsy. variety children's charity which had the $6000 bike built especially for ramon says it is raising money to have another one built. the charity says it's also going to help the family find a more secure place to store the bike. rain today but what about the rest of the week? bill martin on the trend he's tracking. special delivery from an eight-year-old girl in the south bay, what she dropped off at this fire station, she hopes will spread joy and kindness in the community.
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new at 10, an act of kindness and generosity from an eight-year-old girl. >> instead of receiving gifts, she asked for donations of
10:45 pm
stuffed animals so she could give them to the fire department. ktvu's azenith smith live at the campbell fire station where that little girl made her special delivery today. >> reporter: she tells me she hopes others will see her generous spirit and be inspired to do the same. >> i really like it. >> reporter: in talking with eight-year-old lily, it's obvious how much joy these stuffed animals bring her. >> this one, i got from my friend irene at the birthday party. >> reporter: presents from her birthday party in january. it wasn't easy for the second grader to part with them but she did. >> i'm parting with them because i want to make people happy. >> reporter: she dropped off 15 stuffed animals to her hometown fire station in campbell. last summer a friend fell from a slide. the fire department responded giving her friend a teddy bear for comfort. >> i saw the teddy bear and i thought, when i came up to my birthday, i should collect
10:46 pm
teddy bears. >> totally impressed with a little girl's heart. and her wanting to take the initiative to pay it forward, a kind act for somebody else. >> reporter: the santa clara find it is county fire department says every day they meet victims who are thinking it's the worst day of their life and need tlc. >> we have little dogs. >> reporter: he says the department has given out thousands of stuffed animals and they've become a hot commodity. lily's donations will add to the stock the department keeps on their rigs to give to a child overwhelmed with crisis. >> when you have little to nothing and you get a gift like that, it becomes your favorite thing. >> reporter: turning tragedy into a symbol of something positive when asked lily what she hoped these bears will provide, without hesitation -- >> i think that will bring love, kindness, and joy. >> reporter: lily went down the slide at the fire station with
10:47 pm
her father. she left with big bear hugs from the firefighters. next year for her ninth birthday she is considering donating food to the homeless in lieu of presence. this whole idea was inspired by her classmates who did just that for his birthday. live in campbell, azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 is. we've got some nice weather to talk about. we had some clearing out there now but some scattered showers lingering. we got the rain today, that was great. heavy at times, then it back off a little bit here and there. now we're going into this widely scattered, almost done thing which means by tomorrow, lunch time it's over in terms of any like shower but don't worry, tomorrow morning will be dry. travel tomorrow across the country, eastern seaboard is set. not a big deal in terms of worrying about flight delays. chicago had -- i think you've
10:48 pm
got chicago, new york, boston, atlanta, everybody looking good tomorrow. traveling nationwide, the hubs are going to be doing fine. you see the rain up to the north of us, that system is moving into the pacific northwest. and you see the widely scattered showers, which are lingering throughout the state. those showers -- like this area out here just east of san jose south and -- south and east of 130, showers, reports of downpours, just a brief moment, santa rosa, brief heavy downpours, guerneville as well, some heavy downpours, that is how the whole night goes. then by tomorrow, just winding down to nothing. overnight scattered showers, maybe some for the morning. maybe a little bit wet on the roadway but i wouldn't change. overnight lows down into the mid-40s. 40s. and low 50s. san francisco tomorrow sprinkles , the model paints in a few sprinkles here, if you can see it. mostly cloudy, maybe a stray
10:49 pm
sprinkle and this is how the afternoon looks. a nice day and i might add that we are looking friday for quite a while. looking dry actually -- that is not correct -- it's going to be nice tomorrow. we are going to be dry for the next foreseeable future, certainly the rest of this month. so dry after this wet period, 59 in napa, 62 vallejo. tuesday highs. each day a little bit warmer so it's going to start feeling like spring. that's what i'm trying to say. temperatures by the end of the week make it into the mid-70s. so low 70s by saturday and sunday popping up a little more, showers pretty much a thing of the past by 10:00 tomorrow. and even then, what we do see in the morning will be very light, shouldn't be much of a big deal at all. >> drive for the rest of the month? >> looks like it. not very heartening in terms of water watchers because it is very dry right out to the end of the month, early april is the next chance for long-range models. >> thank you, bill. to the warriors come back to win after a tough loss over
10:50 pm
the weekend?
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
mark is here with sports. a little bit of a struggle tonight but the warriors pulled it out and got the win. >> not that they need any excuses but think about it, they've played seven games in the last 11 nights. so it takes its toll. but no such thing as a losing streak when you are talking
10:53 pm
about the warriors. not once have they lost twice in succession this year. that little tidbit is what coach steve kerr called the thing he is most proud of so far. they had to get it out tonight in the land of 10,000 lakes, which you would figure would be a great place for the splash bloodies. they had plenty of support as the warriors always do. sloppy turnover here, leads to zach lavine, the nba dunk champion, you don't want him out on the open court. steph does wind up with 19 points, works the wizardry for that but only one of his two threes on the night. steph with a turnover, he had five. ricky rubio to tayshaun prince, perfectly done. they are putting the heat on. just before the half, you know what curry does, draymond green up on the offensive board at the buzzer, the warriors up three at intermission. and they close it out, and 8-0
10:54 pm
run in the third, draymond, sensational tonight, great drive down the lane, 24 points. this time steph did have 11 assists even though the shooting was not there. a beautiful pass for draymond. the warriors start to pull away but not quite -- livingston for draymond. they are great at the inbound plays. 109-104. 63-7. that was their 31st road game of the year. this is steph before the game, they had more people than any other game so far doing his thing, signing autographs, but steph is human, the last two games, 3-21 from three. in the fourth quarter against the spurs, 0-6. last couple games, only averaging 16.5 points a game. but he is human and he is probably a little tired. definitely cut him some slack.
10:55 pm
even though it was not dropping for him tonight. good news comes in twos tonight. spurs lose. the greg popovich not able to prevent it. look at the resurrection of jeremy lin for the hornets, the hornets trailed 28-7 after one quarter. but in the fourth, here they come, jeremy lin had 29 points tonight. the spurs wind up losing 91-88. so they are now for full games behind the warriors in the western conference. might be closer to the truth to say the stanford women didn't win tonight as much as they escaped by the skin of their teeth at maples, their home floor no less against south dakota state, tara vanderveer, she has seen it all in her 1000 games for stanford. jackrabbits led by two.
10:56 pm
lilli thompson drives in, she's fouled, it counts and hit the free throw. with 8.2 left, stanford up one. last gasp for the jackrabbits. i love that name. it doesn't go for them. they are beaten, the cargo moves on, they will play notre dame on friday. explanation time, a's beat the giants. but the giants sent us the highlights. the a's did not so even though a's when the ballgame, you will see no evidence of that. sorry. a's organization, start sending us the highlights. billy burns is robbed by angel pagan. hunter pence is having a pretty good spring once he took care of that achilles' heel. gone to let, jeff samardzija pitches six innings, gives up six runs, but as i said, the a's did win. apologies -- >> that cracks me up. what are you going to do? >> explanation out there.
10:57 pm
>> thanks for joining us tonight.
10:58 pm
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