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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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alternate routes. we will check in and just a little bit. thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning, march 22, and a very busy morning. i am pam cook. good morning everybody, i am brian flores in for dave clark. most of this rain is about done, and some holding on at the marin coast and the san mateo crews, and about a quarter of an inch, and although san francisco was just shy of a half-inch of rain, and again, a lot of this is about done. just coming along, and just skirting along the marin coast and san mateo in santa cruz, holding onto a few showers, and getting some heavy rain at boulder creek along highway. a
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little bit heading into santa cruz and the santa cruz mountains, a highway 17. and 39 at the napa airport and little bit of chill in the air. and hillsboro 46, in snow continues in the sierra for a couple of more hours. a few showers, mix of sun and clouds, breezy and windy. parts of the coast below normal highs on the temperatures, 50s and low 60s. a 80 bay bridge, a bunch going on. first of all, going to the east bay, this crash that we told you about on 880 is not affecting the bay bridge, still backed up. going to the 880 picture, 880 north bound near market, a fatal collision involving a pedestrian, northbound 880 is backed up. the bay bridge is still backed up, so do not think you can get
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by without a backup, but approach the bay bridge from 580, and do not use 880 northbound because the traffic is not doing well. going to the south bay, the east bay montague expressway, a crash involving injuries just west of delacruz. this is fully closed. it looks like the traffic is not doing well, so stay on 237 if you're going eastbound. 6:02 am. just a horrific scene this morning, the top story, developing news out of belgium, the immediate aftermath of the two explosions at the brussels airport, filled with smoke. there was also an explosion at the subway station. at least 26 people killed, more
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than 130 people injured. we are joined now with some new video and interviews from witnesses that were at the scene. >> a very disturbing scene, this all started with at least one, possibly two explosions at the brussels airport at 8 am brussels time, midnight our time. this was in the departure area as hundreds of people were checking in for their flights, at least one of the airport attacks was a suicide bomber, and you can see those ceiling tiles on the floor, people running in trying to escape to safety. new information on the casualty , they initially said 13 killed at the airport, and have revised the number two and have revised the number 211 -- to 11, and you can see some of these
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people watching the blood off of their face walking out of the terminal area, and you can see the rush of people running with that smoke coming from the roof of the building behind them in the video. we are hearing from the passengers that heard what happened, escape to safety in describing a terrifying scene. >> everybody crying, and we could see the smoke. and they are working here and we realized it was not the construction. >> it was clear to the people that something was wrong, and take a look at this, about one hour later another explosion on the brussels subway system, destroying one train car completely.
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this was one car that was not impacted by the blast, but the subway system was shut down, and you see the people getting off of the cars, walking down the dark tunnel to get to safety. the transit official said that at least 15 people killed in the subway blasts, as many as 55 injured, and between these attacks, 136 injured, 26 killed. all of this happening days after the crime suspect in the paris attacks in november, salah abdeslam, was arrested in brussels, and they have been bracing for an attack for weeks a new that isis was preparing something, and they have heightened their security. so far, no organization has come forward to claim responsibility for the attacks, but the prime minister said that what they hear what happen and they were hit with blind
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attacks. the police are in the process of conducting raids in the city to find the people behind the attacks and we will continue to follow this breaking news, and bring you an update in about one hour. we are also hearing from the united airlines this morning, they did have two flights from the u. s. to brussels and that all passengers and employees are safe and accounted for. they released a statement saying that the united family is deeply saddened by the tragedy in brussels earlier today in our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. all remaining flights to and from brussels international have been suspended until further information from the authorities, more coming up at 6:30 am. your time now is 6:06 am. back here at home, the ongoing bark problem, -- bart problem, limited service has
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been reinstated between the pittsburg and the concorde station. >> reporter: good morning. it has been a trying week for many of the bart riders, especially in the east bay. to make up for that inconvenience, let me show you will we have at the north concord station, employees handing out passes for a free round-trip ride on bart this morning to make up for what the riders are having to go through getting on the bus bridges and all of that. but this morning a shuttle train has been set up instead of the shuttle trains they were using yesterday, and they spokesperson for bart said that one shuttle trains running between the pittsburg base station in the concord station --
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>> we have one train showing up during the peak hours, and when the off-peak hours shows up we had the bus bridge. so peak hours, expect a train, off-peak hours the bus bridge. >> every 15 minutes between the two stations, and get off and get on the regular train to go down the line. >> that's right, you will have to get off of the train, crossed the platform, get on another train to continue your trip.>> reporter: they are still trying to figure out what this mysterious electrical problem is that has knocked out 50 cars. many have been brought back into service, but they are still working to find out what the issue is. is that part of the reason you cannot put more trains on this area of the track? >> we are trying to run more trains together at the same time and we experienced problems, but we successfully ran this one train all day yesterday and the night before,
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so it's going smooth with this one train. this should be enough for the morning commute and we will keep our eyes on this. we have the bus bridge handy if we need it.>> reporter: obviously we had these terror attacks that took place in brussels, following that developing story out of your, one bomb exploded in the subway metro station in that area, and what is bart doing differently in light of that for security? >> we want our riders to feel comfortable and we have and increased uniform presence, and we have the critical asset patrol teams specially trained, and we have our if you see it campaign, if you see something weird, do not hesitate to call it in. >> reporter: our spokesperson for bart, and thank you for taking the time to stock -- to talk with us this morning. the bart train, if you want to get between the pittsburg bay
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point line in the north concord station, get on the shuttle train, and again that will run every 15 minutes throughout your morning commute.>> is alicia still there? we want to clarify the peak hours. >> reporter: peak hours are from 4 am through 9 am. and then from 3 pm to 8 pm during the evening. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage on the bart problem and how it will affect your morning commute, and you can also find more information on facebook, twitter and our ktvu app. president obama addressing the cuban people in about one hour, and yesterday they made history becoming the first heads of state from the neighboring countries to meet on cuban soil in 88 years. the two leaders met and had a joint news conference where
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president obama did they discussed when the u. s. may lift the trade embargo. >> how quickly that happens, will impart depend upon whether we can bridge some of our differences around human rights issues, and that is why the dialogue i think is so important.>> this morning president obama is scheduled to make a speech to the cuban people, and once again, is expected to be broadcast on cuban television, and he also plans to meet with the cuban dissidents and will go to the baseball game between the tampa rays in the cuban national team . changing requirements for the new police recruits, at 6:30 am, the substitution planned that the department hopes will boost its staffing levels. controversial remark from the director of the southern california tennis tournament, the decision he made after
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drawing criticism from around the world. we have some slow traffic out there, and 880 northbound slowing past downtown oakland due to a deadly crash.
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on our election coverage this morning, voters are heading to the polls, a primer
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in arizona and caucuses in utah, and the gop has a caucus in the territory of america samoa. democrats voting today in arizona and utah, and also a caucus in idaho. republicans held their vote there two weeks ago. gop front-runner donald trump is extending an olive branch to some members of the republican party, heading to washington dc on monday and met with the big pocket donors and gop leaders. he also spent with the pro- israeli lobbying group the american israel republican affairs committee at their conference. >> the united nations is not a friend of democracy. it's not a friend to freedom, it's not a friend even to the united states of america where as you know, it has its home. and it's surely not a friend to israel. >> trump also criticize president obama and the democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton, and
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his addicts would met booswith a mix of -- with a mix of boos and applause. >> hillary clinton said he does not have america's interest at heart. >> we need a president that is not neutral on monday, pro- israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because everything is negotiable. >> written also called -- clinton also called trump and unpredictable bully, and clayton has two fundraisers in the bay area tomorrow. bernie sanders will appear in a rally in san diego tonight, and sanders says he will continue to fight for a spot in the white house despite hillary clinton's at widening lead, raising $9.5 million for his campaign in california. marco rubio has reportedly
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refused offers to join ted cruz as the running mate, and the crews -- cruz supporters have asked him to join the ticket, and marco rubio has declined and is not decided whether to endorse the texas senator. ted cruz said he has not spoken to marco rubio personally about it, but that any republican would look seriously at him for the choice for vice president. and raymond moore has resigned, the director of indian wells after his remarks about female players. [ inaudible ] >> he mentioned that he thinks that the men carried the sport, and larry ellison, the owner of the tournament announced that raymond moore was quitting, and was criticized by serena
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williams, and executives from the williams in the men's pro tours. shaping up to be a busy morning on the roads, and talking about bart. we have the deadly crash involving the pedestrian on northbound 880. traffic is narrowing down, only a couple of lanes, northbound 880. it is backed up into downtown oakland, backed up beyond 980. you can see this, chp is at the scene, and you will see a lot of slow traffic as you pass this thing, the seventh street west grand exit, investigation is still ongoing. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, backed up, 15 to 20 minute delay before making it onto the bridge. east montague expressway, and injury accident close most of
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the eastbound montague expressway. it looks like they are making progress, but a good area to avoid. 618. -- 6:18 am. most of the rain is done, still skirting the san mateo area, but most of it has moved away. decent amount, mendocino county 1 1/4 inches, and occidental and the russian river .86, santa cruz mountains .85, novato , two thirds of an inch, and the dublin fire station picked up over a quarter of an inch of rain, and most locations received about a quarter to a third. san francisco .49, and some isolated areas where there were some downpours, san jose received a quarter of an inch, and morgan hill .31, mountain
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view in redwood city .29, so pretty close. some areas had more than others. most of us are done with this rain. to the north there has been some good rain at fort bragg, and still getting some right now, and a cold rain. reports of health yesterday at the mendocino coast and lake county. it is cool this morning, and right along here, you can still see some popping up and coming in on the peninsula, san mateo and 280. along highway one heading into the santa cruz mountains. we are winding down, but not done with the rain yet, and also at the than a clear it -- santa clara valley, and 40s and 30s to the north, and 39 with livermore down to 42, much cooler toward the south bay, morgan hill to gilroy mid-40s, scotts valley 42, and 44 at
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saratoga and pretty cool. still snowing in lake tahoe in truckee and it looks like it's about done there as well, and things tapering off. this cool air is in place, a breeze out of the northwest, the source of this system coming by. we still have few showers, clear and partly sunny, breezy and windy, especially in the hills with below normal temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. as this system come 10, it exists out and will start to build in this high pressure, giving us a warmer pattern into at least saturday. it will change on sunday and monday.>> like rain? >> i don't think rain here, windy and cooler and snow in the sierra.>> we will take it, skiers are very happy. and we must mention this
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skiers and snowboarders, and thank you. 6:21 am is the time. two la laker players are accused of sexual harassment, and what woman claims they did to her and her mother after they pulled up next to them in a car. paying it forward, how this eight-year-old girl in the south bay decided to help the firefighters on her birthday.
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welcome back. we are talking about a driver in the north bay did feels he is lucky to be alive after this large rock landed in the passenger seat of his car during the storm yesterday. it apparently came down the cliff along the cazadero highway in sonoma county and crashed through his windshield, just missing the driver. it left a cute holding his winter, and the 64-year-old man was taken to the emergency room and had chest pain from being hit by the airbag. other than that, he is expected to make a full recovery. the los angeles lakers are looking into the claim of two women that say they were sexually harassed by two of the team members. they claim that a car driven by nick young pulled up next to them while driving in west hollywood sunday night, and jordan clarkson was also in the car. jordan told the los angeles
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times that they were making vulgar and sexually explicit motions at her mother, and posted the story on the instagram, and the photos do not show that they were making gestures and no police report has been filed. heading back home after barely aborting using two games in a road, and the warriors overcame 17 turnovers, beating the timberwolves 109-104. steph curry finishes with a double double, 19 points and 11 assists. and they now host the la clippers tomorrow night at the oracle arena. stanford women in the sweet 16 after surviving the second round game, and the jackrabbits headed a point lead with five minutes to go but the cardinal came back, and lillie thompson ties the game with eight
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seconds left. she was fouled and made a free throw that gave them a one- point lead, and preserving the 66-65 win. stanford will play the top- seeded notre dame on friday in kentucky. and playing at 4 pm this afternoon in indiana in the winter moves on to the semi finals next week at the madison square garden in new york. 6:27 am is the time, and the popular attraction getting a makeover, and great views of the bay. a crash on northbound 880 as you approach seven and what it is doing to the traffic as you head toward the bay bridge. almost done with the rain mostly clear skies around santa
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cruise -- santa cruz coast in an update coming up. we will be right back.
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. we are sitting up nice and tall. >> just like mom told us. welcome back to mornings on 2, tuesday, march 21 -- march 22 and i am brine floors in for dave clark. and i am pam cook. i was visiting my friends in orange county. >> and coming up here. >> they were very busy at disneyland, and big cheerleading competition, and very warm down there. it is not sunny and warmer over here yet, but it will start to roll in tomorrow and thursday, and a couple of showers in inverness and the san mateo coast, and a closer look coming up in just a
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moment. we are showing you near inverness, and not a lot here, but there could be a little bit. and over here at 280 in san carlos, and it looks like san mateo, and not done yet. 30s and 40s on the temperatures, upper 30s for a few and low 40s, calistoga 39, petaluma 41, sonoma at 42, instill snow in the sierra. everybody is about ready to say goodbye to this system. a few showers, mostly sunny and partly cloudy, cool and breezy at times, especially in higher elevations, and 50s and 60s on the highs. and we got busy on the freeways pretty quickly. northbound 880 at the seventh, grand exit, a deadly
6:32 am
crash blocking one right lane, and it looks like the exit lane. northbound 880 is going to be slow. looks like they are laying out more players as the investigation continues -- laying out more flares as the investigation continues, and someone called and said they saw a pedestrian hit by a car. and let's move along. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic, i think we have new pictures. traffic is going to be slow at the toll plaza getting off past the metering lights, and you will have about 15 to 20 minute wait. mentioning southbound 880 is slowing from 238 heading south toward union city. live a major south bay roadway shut down, and we are live on
6:33 am
the montague expressway. >> reporter: we are in the eastbound lanes of the montague expressway, and as you can see, the santa clara police have completely blocked off from the mission college to the delacruz, and there is an accident that occurred in the lanes of the montague expressway, eastbound lane. when we passed by we saw a mangled car on the right hand shoulder, two vehicles involved. we cannot get to it because we've not had clearance from the police, about half-mile from where we are standing. we know that the ambulances have been sent there, not sure about the injuries. i've been told by an officer on the scene that they've been able to clear everything to the right hand shoulder and will soon be opening up some of the lanes of the montague expressway to get the traffic flowing. you can see right now the
6:34 am
police cars are blocking and we will update you when things get open. returning to the developing news out of brussels, belgium, three explosions have killed more than 30 people. the mayor of brussels has said that at least 20 people died in the subway attack near the european headquarters, two explosions at the airport killing at least 11 people, hundreds checking in for their flight. the european security official says that at least one, possibly two rifles have been found in the departure lounge at the brussels airport after the attacks. stay with ktvu for the latest. the u. s. military base in iraq coming under attack for the second time in three days, and this comes as the pentagon confirms that more u. s. soldiers have been sent to the country, marines are now on the ground fighting isis. the pentagon will not release the exact number of release, --
6:35 am
number of marines, but fewer than 200, this comes after a marine was killed in iraq over the weekend. chp officer that died in the line of duty, 35-year-old nathan taylor died on march 13 after being hit by car while directing traffic on interstate 80 near truckee. officer taylor leaves behind a wife and three young sons, and governor brown and the state attorney general paris will be attending the memorial service that begins at 10 am and roseville. your time now is 6:35 am. expected showdown between apple and the fbi will not happen today because the government filed unexpected request to postpone the hearing that is attracting worldwide attention. prosecutors asked the delay saying that an outside party came forward with a method to unlock the iphone used by the
6:36 am
san bernardino shooter. and they frontier foundation has supported the apple refusal to unlock the phone in saying that the government wanted to set a legal precedent by having apple unlock its own product. >> if the fbi was going to continue this fight they would not have asked to take a hearing off of a calendar. the only time you asked to take a hearing off calendar is unilaterally you are done in dropping the case. >> apple says it is premature to declare victory in the case, and the apple attorney says they have no idea how the government will try to unlock the iphone, and apple also said that the government could head back to court to get the help from apple if the method does not work. the former intel ceo andrew grove has died, and was suffering from parkinson's disease for many years, and grove was the first tire at
6:37 am
intel in 1978, and led the company into a widely recognized brand, became ceo and 87 and served as chairman of the board until 2005. and oakland unsuccessfully trying to fired two officers accused of misconduct, and reviewing the department disciplinary procedures, and they say there is progress. he cited two cases as reason why there is still room for improvement, and opd has had the firing of two officers reversed by the arbitrator, and one case accused of inappropriate content with the prostitute and the other excessive force. the attorney general is trying her support behind a plan to make it easier to track police involved shootings, requiring police agencies to fire a detailed electronic report about officer-involved shootings. the report go to her office making it easier to post for
6:38 am
public viewing, and state law requires them to report an officer-involved shooting, but the reports are frequently sent on paper, making it hard to enforce the law and to answer questions about the case. san jose police department is accepting military service in place of the college credit for the new recruits, part of an effort to boost the dwindling staffing levels. they now have 900 officers, down from 1400 down from 1408 years ago. under the -- 14 at officers, eight years ago. they can substitute their career service for the 40 semester credits required by the department. the department complex sitting on the crumbling cliff, and the building at 310 esplanade was jell-o tag in january after part of the cliff gave way, next to the apartment complex that was demolished last week. the city leaders plan to ask
6:39 am
the safety commission to uphold the evacuation order and will release the results of the independent analysis showing that the erosion is a clear danger to those that live there. almost april and easter, and the sierra is still looking like winter with several inches falling at the lake tahoe area, falling at 5000 feet and continuing to fall overnight. chains are required on interstate 80 and 50, and they are welcoming the skiers, snowboarders and business owners hoping for a longer ski season this year. >> very windy and cold but a lot of fresh powder.'s -- there are no lines up here.>> we better go before those lines grow. and last year we were skiing over rocks, pretty much. the water content levels in the sierra snowpack are eight times higher than last year. and the parts promenade
6:40 am
being repaved and widened this fall at the field, and those that use the park say that the 20 foot wide walkway is getting too crowded and full of potholes. widening the path to 30 feet and drainage improvement expected to begin in october, being paid for by a $2.5 million national park service grant and private donations. your time now is 6:40 am. and the new products presented by apple and the customers they are targeting with the new gadget. taking a look at the bay bridge, traffic is backing up as we come up toward the pay gates. mostly clear and a few showers holding on in the peninsula, otherwise looking for nice day, but not very warm, coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, 6:43 am. a little girl in the south bay is reaching out to help some kids in need, and lily is asking for donations of stuffed animals for birthday to give to the fire department. she dropped off 15 stuffed animals in yesterday. she got the idea when her rent fell from the slide in the camp and when the emergency crews responded, they gave her friend a teddy bear. back i saw them give my friend a teddy bear. i thought when it came up to my
6:44 am
birthday that i should give some teddy bears. >> her heart, taking the initiative to pay it forward to a kind act for someone that needs it. >> the fire department has given out thousands of stuffed animals, and these donations will add to the supply of stuffed animals on hand here apple unveiling its new products, and the ceo tim cook shows off the smaller iphone, the 4 inch iphone sd -- se, and a less six -- less expensive version of the watch as well. they have some iphones for people to try out, but the big question is what will the consumers think of the new products. not surprisingly, the reaction was mixed depending on the devices that people already
6:45 am
have. >> i love apple, everything is apple, the new 45 or 50. >> i had a bad experience with a apple phone, with android and i've been happy with my phone.>> analyst say that the new products are not for everyone, but could be interesting to customers that have aborted the apple products due to the cost or size. time for the check-in on a look at what is coming up on mornings on 2. when i join you in the next hour we will be following the big news of the day, and bring cuba as he addresses the from attacks in brussels, again dozens of dead and many across europe paralyzed with fear. oakland trying to find a way to keep the raiders, and they had some strong words for the other site that could be did new home of the raiders, calling it a great opportunity, and the oakland efforts and where they
6:46 am
stand and i will see you in just a few for your mornings on 2. your time now is 6:45 am, and we will check-in with sal and talking about bark in the expressway, so where do we want to go?>> people are worried about their commute, and this does look like some people are not getting through on the bay bridge, 880 northbound at the deadly crash northbound 880 at the grand avenue, west grand seventh. people are stuck in the backup. i will show you how to get around, 880 northbound is backing up almost all the way down, not quite down to the coliseum. and 580 is the good alternate, not looking too bad, in fact, looking normal. and after that 24 interchange
6:47 am
getting to the bay bridge would be much better for you, and avoid 880 until they get that crash cleaned up. let's go to northbound to eddie, beginning to get slow into the west valley. going back to steve. good morning, let's get to it. light rain on the peninsula by hillsboro in redwood city, mineral park. mostly clear, cool to cold out there. a few upper 30s and lots of 40s, breezes cranking up and taking care of business, and the winery, thanks for coming by on the saturday, and look forward to seeing you at the winery again soon. as i said, we went to the winery in livermore valley. had a good time. and greta in middletown, picking up 1.39 inches of rain and it never stopped, heavy at times, and it was in parts of
6:48 am
mendocino county and lake county. canastota nine tents, and danilova in santa cruz mountains, .85, boulder creek pretty close to that as well. novato two thirds of an inch, and dublin fire station picked up a quarter of an inch. about a quarter of an inch in san jose, observations some heavier or lighter, and canfield also in that range, and usually they are the leaders of the pack. napa a third of its, and a quarter of an inch in oakland. still a mix coming down from the northwest, clipping parts of the mendocino coast northward, and we are looking to see, a little bit that is not doing much. we have to keep a few of these showers in the forecast that is happening right now on the financial and redwood city back
6:49 am
to hillsboro in belmont as well. there is a little bit still there on skyline, 40s on your temperatures, upper 30s and low 40s and a cool morning. 40 in walnut creek, and also blackhawk at 48, brentwood and antioch as well, and still snow but it looks like it's about done. a couple of showers in a and breezy pattern. mostly sunny, partly cloudy and i would not be surprised if we get some build up over the hills later on today, temperatures below average. we should be a little bit warmer than this, and we will be starting tomorrow, above normal temperatures as we head into thursday, friday and saturday, cooler and breezy on sunday and monday. $5 million settlement, the
6:50 am
incident at one of the most iconic tourist lots in san francisco leading to a payout. the stolen cement truck, they chased it for more than an hour, and the surprising suspect behind the wheel.
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a couple near los angeles broke down in tears after the social workers took away their foster child because they were
6:53 am
part native american. >> i was scared to let her go. >> rusty paige and his wife began taking care of six-year- old lexie when she was seven months old, and this 1.25% of choctaw native american which gives them the right to take control of her under the native american indian act. >> this is an outrageous abuse of power and it must stop now. let me speak directly to the people that took our daughter. and who have for now. please search deep in your heart and soul and do what is best for lexie.>> the choctaw tribe says they are doing what they think is best for lexie, and a social worker took the girl from her birth parents because her mother was battling substance abuse, and her father had a long terminal record.
6:54 am
a flight attendant is on the run after the tsa screeners found 70 pounds of cocaine in her carry-on luggage. the airport police say she ran after being selected for a random screening friday night. the flight attendant that was not identified with jetblue left her bags behind, and they have not -- have not been able to find her cents. the union for the airport police should -- says that this shows the importance of all employees being fully screened. the police say a man took a cement truck, george ride, but ended up being a juvenile. -- on a joyride, but was a juvenile. they chased the cement truck for more than an hour, and he would pretend to stop the truck and then take off when the officers that out of the car. he later broadsided a car, and
6:55 am
had punctures from the spike strips, and the boy tried to run and they caught him. fortunately no one was hurt. the luxury estate in the east bay hills the target of the neighborhood complaints and possibly eight large fine. neighbors say that trucks and buses make the way to the home known as the "sky fall" panoramic way in oakland, and the open city officials told the homeowner in 2014 that he was violating the zoning ordinances by hosting weddings, but the parties continued. >> so there is still commercial activity?>> yes. >> and you still have weddings in you continue to take people's money, is that it's correct? >> yes.>> this city has to
6:56 am
decide whether to find him for more than $97,000, and the owner is seeking a permit for what he is calling "civic activity." soon deciding whether it will be illegal for landlords to evict teachers, and teachers that live and work in san francisco under the bill would not be able to be forced out of their home for reasons beyond their control during the school year. we spoke to a gym teacher who is being forced out of or rent control apartment because her landlord wants to make improvements to the property. >> i make around $60,000 a year and the only reason i was able to stay in san francisco over the last 10 years to teach is due to the rent control.>> the ordinance is out of committee and will head to the full board of supervisors for a vote on april 5. the atlantic city new jersey was once a crown jewel
6:57 am
of the east coast, and now it's down on its luck, and could be forced to shut down all but it's essential services because they do not have enough money to keep it going. that would mean city hall, city offices, parks and libraries would close the doors for months after running into budget problems. four of the 12 casinos close, and people that live there say they have had enough.>> i am weary of atlantic city problems, these were not made by the residents, but by big shots. >> this city was good, but at this time, the economy is going down. >> atlantic city is asking for help from the state, but the state wants to take over the city finances for five years. if there is no resolution, the city shut down will start in april. we continue to follow the terror attacks in brussels, 30
6:58 am
people confirmed dead after the bombings, the main airport, and at the metro station in brussels, new information about the weapons that were found at one of the scenes and we will talk to you about how far -- bart is responding in the bay
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