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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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ktvu fox two news at new starts now seen so terror and -- of terror and belgian bombs exploded the airport and a busy -- am busy subway station. islamic state extreme is claiming responsibility. we are following developments in black brussels at this hour, three bombs went off this morning two at the main airport and one in the subway train during the morning rush hour. at least 30 people were killed. nearly 200 people hurt. isis is claiming responsibility for the deadly violent. christina is live freight now.
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at least we americans are among those hurt. >> those americans use the injured and three men -- or three men from utah, missionaries for the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints. richard norby, joseph m.d. and mason wells were escorting a missionary to her assignment in ohio. the church had the woman passed through the security and amended not. and were close to the expulsion near the departure area. there were two separate blast at the airport that killed 11 people and the european security official in contact with belgian police told the associated press at least one possibly two rifles were found in the airport after the attacks. there's also a suicide that belt that was found, an hour later on an explosion rocked the subway system around 9:00 a.m. brussels time 1:00 a.m. our time in that tech at least 20 others were killed and many rush to escape. this morning president obama
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addressed the attack from cuba. we will do whatever is necessary to support belgian in bringing to justice those who are responsible and this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together. take a look at this image, released by belgian authorities a few hours ago, they believe these are the three suspects behind the brussels airport attacks. both of them have in circles around there -- having circles around their left-handed that's they were wearing gloves, those flights in and out of the airport were canceled and trains being diverted away from the city. a big bang everybody cried. smoke. >> there was a very loud explosion. >> the attacks come 40s after the main suspect in the november paris attack was
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arrested in brussels after his arrest, saw -- he's said that new attacks were in the works, but did not mention any details. officials had been great bracing for major attacks. warned that isis is preparing and now we know that isis is claiming responsibility. people living in brussels started moving around again. now that the lockdown was the's slightly. the mood there still very ten. we are joined by blue -- lewis who was outside the brussels. it has now been 11 hours, please explain what exactly -- and of course your reaction. it was quite early in the day when people got to the airport and into the metro station. they chose an hour where they knew a lot of people would be
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present as -- at those places. the problem was, there were a lot of people in -- and a lot of people got hurt because they because they use mail -- mail bombs. there's been a lot of police activity and brussels since the attack in paris, what is daily like been like and what do you expect today going forward from this attack? >> the thing is, with belgian people, the got afraid after that paris attack and that lasted for a day and then we got used to the fact that every day and every hour and every minute of the day could be a possible explosion because those terrorist are among us. and you can cannot point them out from the other people from iraq or syria or afghanistan
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and that's the biggest problem here in belgium. because you can't point them out and it's difficult to find the people responsible. belgian capitol brussels not stranger to terror at an alisa connection to a terror attack in europe. for people who live in the country, do they feel the government is doing enough to combat the terrorists? >> on the one hand, yes because military is present and a lot of police are in the capitol and in bruges also. the biggest problem is immigration and i can blame them because syria is right now. i cannot blame them because syria as right now. the biggest problem is the cannot sort the bad ones from the good ones, from children and women and that's the
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biggest problem you're all caps right now. thank you. our thoughts are with you. airports in europe are tightening security in light of the attacks in brussels including paris, london and amsterdam. in san francisco, he saw police officers with arms the dogs walking in the terminals and they're not making -- they are not making any special changing's two screening procedures at this time, but they are reviewing the situation with tsa. they -- their increasing patrols around sfo in response to the attacks in brussels. we will have officers on foot or terminals and the port of san francisco. we will have a visible increased presence on patrol as well above and below ground. the high alert could last monday could last several days and confirmed it has stepped up uniform patrol in the system including special needs to critical asset teams. people around the world are
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expected to have solidarity. it's trending on twitter. and to twitter to express sorrow. our thoughts go out to the victims and their families. we stand united against terrorism. we hope you stay with us for the continuing coverage. you can follow us for him twitter on updates and facebook page. if you would like to leave your own message. now to the ongoing electrical problem that damage dozens of cars and created headaches to commuter. this morning limited service have been restored between pittsburgh and north concord station. what writers can expect in the days to come? >> things slowly turning to number normal, the bart was running shuttle trains at this one between the pittsburgh eight-point station and the -- point station and the north
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concord station where we are. the bus bridges that we saw yesterday are no longer in place during the peak commute hours and the key thing the commuters need to keep in mind is if you take one of the shuttle trains, we need to get off and get on a regular trained to keep on going to your desk today -- destination, some are confusing, so my limited services, the shuttle trains only woman in the morning and evening rush hour and off-peak hours there will be bus is in place. they're still trying to figure out what caused the power surges along the stretch of tracks, 50 cars not off service just last week and they wrote in an outside consultant and using a special piece of equipment to precisely measure electrical out on the tracks. the figure out what's going wrong. officials say they are glad to have one train running again on the trouble stretch of tracks. is the first sign of her time -- returned to service at the bart. you can only have one train we
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can successfully run and we don't want to add more trains and overload the system. we are seeing side of the voltage problem. to show their appreciation, large employees this morning were handing out free round- trip passes, hoping to make up for the inconvenience. shuttle trains like this one are now running during the morning commute hours in the evening commute hours between pittsburgh bay point and north concord stations, the trains run every 15 minutes. the expected courtroom showdown between the fbi and apple over iphone encryption will not happen today because the governor held in an expected request to postpone the hearing that attracted worldwide attention -- attention. the ask for a delayed send an outside party -- parties hoping to unlock that's the iphone.
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attorneys say the company had no idea how the fbi will try to unlock the iphone and if that method is what the government can head back to court to get apple's help. a somber summary was held to honor the life of a california highway patrol man killed in the line of duty -- nathan taylor died on march 13. he was hit by an suv while directing traffic on interstate 80. governor brown and pamela harris were among those who attended the service. taylor was survived by his wife and three young sons. they were% -- percentage with his pledge number -- presented with his badge number 20154 during the service. how do you -- for the past 15 years. the only thing i can think of what's to ask a favor of everyone in the room, all i want is for everyone to try and no harder if each of us this room from the governor and -- one from the governor and the commissioner to those in
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uniform, and and the rest of us and each of us went out of their way for stranger. how our community change. it's with great sorrow that we've -- we mourned the passing of an officer nathan taylor who served the covenant -- conference highway patrol of the citizens of the california, a true public servant. patrolmen taylor spent his first assignment in the bay area at the office in san jose. still ahead of six-year-old girl taken away from the southern california families who have lived with the no caps four years, they ordered her to because of her native american heritage. the bay area and live -- in line for a slight warm-up. rosemary orozco is here on to expected. neighbors have been complaining about for years and now the owner of the so-called party helge -- house in the face of more than $97,000 in fines.
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the owner of a luxury home in the east bay hill could face a hefty fine for zoning violations. neighbors say almost every weekend trucks and buses make their way to the estate known as sky fall on panoramic lay in oakland. they say weddings and other events and booming music go way
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into the night and officials told the home on her back in 2014 that he was a violating zoning ordinances by hosting weddings there, but the evans continues. can you still look weddings. >> yes. >> you take people's money is that correct. >> yes. >> last week the owner testified at a city hearing the city is expected to decide whether to find him more than $97,000 for violations in about a month, the owner is seeking a use permit for what he calls civic activity. six are all girl is must spend -- has been taken away from her poster parents and forced to live with relatives and -- in utah. that choctaw indian tribe used the indian child welfare act to gain custody of her. this is -- a family in
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california counterpart as social workers take a foster child away from the page family home she had been living with century was 17 months old. six-year-old lexie blood is 1.5% choctaw make -- naked american, allowing her to be placed with her native tribe under the engine indian tribe welfare act, i don't understand it is a family is not native american and we are and it's like we love her so much and we have -- have given her a good home and a good family. and she sleeping. the family had been trying to adopt her for years, but have been unsuccessful. supporters of this page family had been protesting to keep lexie with them. >> i have been working with them and it's heartbreaking that this is happening. the tribe is sending lexie to a family in utah that's not related to her by blood.
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that family is has been visiting lexie every month and says the pages should have allowed her to move in sooner, but the pages say they will continue to push for her return. the outrages -- outrageous abuse of power must stop now. that me speak directly to the people who took our daughter. and you have her now. police, search deep in your heart and soul and do what's best for lexie. did the right thing and bring the choctaw tribe released a statement saying they want what is best for lexie. in new york, kelly wright -- right fox news. the symbol of inclusion for transgender people in santa clara county, they raised a flag -- flag in san jose this morning the flag is on display at the county government linked to celebrate international transgender day of -- in march 31st, it is about increasing awareness and support. more people are honest and open about themselves and as we
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learn more about trains teenagers as well. realizing that the struggles they go through and anything can do to make their lives better to do -- be more accepting and don't experience any kind of bullying that as a society will be that much stronger. the event kicks off a full month of holiness and -- awareness and community events. looks like it's a beautiful day. >> just a few isolated showers left in the forecast for the afternoon and temperatures will be on the cool side the sun is shining. take a look at the view, cumulus clouds, build up of continue to get to the afternoon and unsettled weather over san jose and the rest will see this as well looking into areas over berkeley in the distance it -- to the north and cap -- cap clouds as well. santa rosa checking in at 50 degrees, san francisco --
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oakland -- 59 san jose. cooler, sunshine and mainly dry at this time, in the last six hours dublin picked up a little bit of rain. a few 100th of an -- hundredths of an inch. that's about it. areas of a l l ahead light showers early on and smooth out and also some -- in santa cruz. the back -- northwesterly flow brings a possibility of moshe because you -- motion because you can see some wall to the north of us and for -- north of us and for the afternoon partly cloudy sky temperature below the seasonal average we're looking at just a slight possibility of a few sprinkles remaining the forecast. here we are at this hour and here at 2:00, higher elevation likely to see more of this if any and 4:00 a little bit less
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than five 6:00 with the evening, we are dry. i surf advisory yesterday will continue through tuesday and doesn't expire until early tomorrow morning. if you want to head to the coast be prepared, large breaking waves expected. san mateo county coastline although he down to -- all the way down to monterey. afternoon high will be a little bit cool for this time of year, 59 for napa, 60 degrees san rafael, and berkeley, antioch 64. closer to the water 63 oakland and semper cisco 59, 60s pineta, southlake temperatures low 60s. sixty-three san jose mountain view sexy two and 63 in the forecast for los gatos. a few sprinkles remaining for today and tomorrow patchy fog to strike morning -- start morning mostly sunny by the
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afternoon, temperatures are in the upper 60s and the beginning of all -- a warm-up thursday and friday will see sunny sky of 70s and the forecast we have mild pleasant weather in store for saturday slightly cooler for those celebrating easter on sunday back to you. restaurant chains chipotle is opening an online game that will help will -- and your customers. a bay area best boko -- possible cause being -- in the hall of fame, details after this.
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taking a live look at the -- dow joins is down, but not much, s&p flat and nasdaq has gained one quarter of 1% over all today we saw travel stocks after the attacks in belgium, chipola trying something new to new customers back. it's an online game called block hunter and players can win free chips and guacamole on the website people to -- can try to spot five subtle differences between the photos and if they do that often enough, they win. the came goes on until the end of the month. south bay reaching out to help other children in need of comfort to get she has been collecting donations of stuffed animals for her birthday to get to the santa clara fire department. they dropped off 15 step stuffed animals and she was inspired by summer went -- the responding fire crew give the
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-- a teddy bear. i saw the teddy bear and i thought when it came up for my birthday i -- to my birthday i shared get that he barriers. >> i was impressed with her heart and her wanting to take the initiative to pay for the kind that somebody might need -- content that somebody might need it. >> the department gave out thousands over the years and donations from -- only add to the supply is. >> the stanford women are heading to the sweet 16 for -- to demonstrate you after surviving the second one that -- against the -- they had an eight-point lead with less than five minutes ago and the cardinals fought back. tied the game with eight seconds and she was fouled and made the free-throw that gave the card in all want point lead and -- the second shot to the service the -- process the six -- 56 -- 65 with they played go today -- poker game on friday in kentucky, mike montgomery
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the third winningest coach is being inducted into the national collegiate passable hall of fame. he retired in 2014 after more than 30 years of coaching at stanford. >> he also was the coach for golden state warriors, he retired with 677 collegiate means and he will be in charge in november in kansas city. back now to belgium. they declared three days of mourning for 31 people killed and attacks in brussels today. extremists claimed responsibility for the attack. at this hour police raid is happening across a country. police say -- the country. police say they found him mail you the -- mail filled bomb chemical products and islamic state flag in one home be searched. this is the one that authorities -- authority to release the three men taken at the airport and two were possibly suicide bombers and third men wearing there -- their and hat and glasses is being sought by police. a live look at the eiffel tower in paris, it is lit up in
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the colors of the belgians like gold bands of flight, red yellow and red one of the many signs of solidarity coming from around the world so many people morning for was happening in belgium and we will have more coming up on the four. you can follow us on and facebook and twitter for the latest out of belgium.
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>> today on "tmz"- >> best party sunday night was in houston. drake shut down e city block. ♪ >> they're up on the roof at the chicken and waffles place. the whole block is singing after it ended at like nighttime and it's like trapped. >> was there chicken everywhere, like chicken bones? >> no, we use trash cans. don't just eat chicken and throw the bones. >> hulk hogan got a huge sex damages award. the punitive phase of his trial is starting.


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