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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 23, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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we continue to follow the latest developments from brussels as an intense manhunt is still underway for one suspect directly connected to the attacks. their live with medical students in belgium as the country recovers. and extra security here at home. we are talking to a retired fbi terrorism expert about the threat and investigation now under way. plus, these attacks could change the tone of the
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presidential election. we are joined by reporter ross palombo. welcome to ktvu mornings on 2 . you see the golden gate ridge in the distance. we are temperature was just about where we should be. a nice sunny day certainly helping to lift the mood after all we went through yesterday morning in response to the terror attacks in belgium. we will start with it because we're getting a number of new developments. 31 people are dead as a result. authorities in baltimore now trying to identify two brothers and those attacks. one of the brothers is seen in the surveillance image. he is the one in the middle. the other dressed in black with the other suicide bomber at the airport. the men on the far right and the white coat was seen leaving the airport. he is now the subject of an
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intense manhunt. authorities say they arrested someone in connection with the attacks but they have not said who that person is. brussels international airport will remain closed until at least tomorrow night and the maelbeek metro station remains closed this morning. >> and we're learning that at least four americans are still unaccounted for in the aftermath. sister and brother sasha and alexander -- who live in new york had just arrived at the airport in brussels when the bombs went off. their relatives claim i have not heard from them since. a husband and wife originally from tennessee, kentucky were also at the airport and are also still missing. the state department says at least eight americans have been confirmed injured but so far no reports of any killed. support from brussels is pouring in across the world as people begin to move forward. we're joined live via skype by medical student laura dezore.
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how are things today compared to yesterday? >> i think the reality of things is even more clear today . a lot of developments in the news, i followed it throughout the day yesterday as well. and i feel like you cannot move on from that in a day. everyone is still very consent about the situation in brussels, about their family and friends living there. it is still very difficult for us. >> i remember after 9/11 how we didn't really get back to normal life for a while. is that your sense? even though people are trying to get back to normal it, it's going to be a while before people put this behind them or at least can focus on other things?
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>> well, you are right. we really want to get on with our lives and people i know who live in brussels are really saying that they have to move on but i think they will be much more careful and a little more suspicious of course than they were before hand. so, i think it's a hard blow and will be hard to recover from it. >> is there a sense of anger starting to settle in the streets there in brussels right now? >> yes. i think there is. you see it all over the social media as well. people have very emotional reactions and they form their opinions in a very emotional way that is sometimes really angry but i hope we will turn that anger into hope and into a positive thing for us to fight.
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>> is that anger directed at at what or whom? >> both i think. i feel like a lot of people are trying to polarize some of the things that happened are a result of polarization so it's a very scary thing to hear and read everything people post on social media. >> are you changing our daily pattern? did you shortly after the paris attacks? do you plan on changing things now? >> shortly after the paris attacks, i was in brussels on the subway and i felt like people were more nervous them otherwise. i have lived in brussels for two years and i have never felt unsafe. after the paris attacks, it was clear that brussels would be the next attacking point and
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this has proven to be right. of course, i will think twice before -- i will still go to brussels because i really love the city even though everything that has happened yesterday, but i will be more careful and the people i know in brussels have already contacted me and told me about that. for example, people tried to work from home and study from home. >> stay safe. my thoughts are with you. thank you for joining us live. >> u.s. state department has issued a travel alert for americans in europe or planning a trip. the alert says potential terror targets might include sporting events and tourist sites as well as restaurants and
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transportation hubs. the state department advises americans traveling in europe to avoid large crowds, festivals and events. >> security has increased at major airports around the world and prayer of -- rail and transit stations. bomb sniffing dogs are being used at sfo. bart continues to use camera and police on stations, trains and buses. agency say there is more security we can't see. the investigation into the attacks is now under way as the rest of the world is on heightened alert. we are joined by rick smith, a former terrorism expert of the fbi san francisco base for corporations and law firms. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> if i'm the fbi, i'm going to brussels right now because americans were injured. according to one bay area congressman, americans were targeted.
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brussels must be a main concern when it comes to counterterrorism. >> i'm sure the fbi is right there now. the concern here is paris authorities investigated the paris attacks and the suspect was arrested in brussels. those concern about attacks in brussels. it happened. there is a lot of pressure on the belgian authorities but my understanding is it could have been better coordinated. >> but where's the intelligence identifying these cells? >> this happens every single time one of these things happens. why on the dots being connected? first of all, we have to recognize the problem. call this an islamic terrorist threat. identify it as a war and pursue it accordingly. what happens is law enforcement knows it is a war. intelligence
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community is aware that day in and day out, they investigate this accordingly, but there has to be some awareness with the rest of the population and the government politicians. this is not going away. there needs to be support. law enforcement needs tools to investigate these things and the criticism of not enough intelligence, this is a war. this is a day to day operation and it needs to be fought that way. >> i wanted to ask you, are we naove to think that somehow the united states has better protection and better intelligence to keep that from happening here, or in your opinion is it just a matter of time before something like that happens here? >> just a matter of time. there are some people that are in my youth. law enforcement isn't naove. the intelligence community isn't naove. there is a certain amount of anxiety right now because these attacks just happened but there needs to be anger associated with the anxiety. i think that might be happening but it needs to happen right
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now. we need to be more aware than ever about what these possibilities are, the potential, and support law enforcement and intelligence community. >> but how are you going to get that anger -- how do you expect that anger to materialize into a productive way of preventing terror? i think there are some people who might say now is not the time to get angry, especially here at home pick that will only make a very tense situation even worse. >> how was it not tense? this is going on all the time. it's going to happen in this country. people say don't panic. i'm not advocating panic but you better be ready for this. to say that anger is an unnecessary motion or going in the wrong direction, we better be angered at the people that are doing this to the west. it's a war. pure and simple. >> i will ask you for a concrete example or two of what
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needs to be done that isn't happening now. >> the apple-fbi case. this is the innovation of -- invasion of privacy, civil rights, don't have to change the constitution the fbi the tools necessary to investigate these cases. that's what needs to happen. there's an attempted erosion of the patriot act. that stuff is absolutely necessary to investigate these things accordingly. unless we have that mindset, we're going to be in the same position as those poor people in brussels. >> i don't know if you are a profiler, but san bernardino we had a husband and a wife, reports that a couple of the bombers in brussels were brothers. who should we be looking for? is that the single guy in an apartment? a single woman in an apartment? it seems like it's a little bit of everyone. buck that's exactly the problem. you don't know where it's going to come from. the people that plan these
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attacks know that. they are trying to do it in this way. if it's homegrown or something sponsored in one country and sent and planned in one country to another, that is very difficult to follow. it takes a combined effort. more coordination between european countries and the united states needs to happen and from the different intelligence communities and organizations. it's exactly the situation that the terrorists are trying to accomplish, which is anxiety, terror. right now, they are succeeding. >> rick smith, former fbi agent specialist. thanks for joining us. >> i know president obama right now is in argentina meeting with the president there. the president just made a few comments. he has pledged the united states will go after the islamic state aggressively. coming up, after days of service disruptions, a little relief for some bart raters
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a live look over the bay. angel island, nice day to get out there. temperatures warmer than yesterday. warm up expected the rest of the week. >> sounds good following some of the top stories around the bay area, let's go to brian flores. >> reporter: dog owners will have another chance to sound off today about a proposal that would put new limits on dog friendly areas at parks run by the golden gate national recreation center. many dog owners held up paper plates that failure and rigged at the meeting last night. 22 parks would be leash only
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dog parks. only a few of those parts would be -- permit dogs to be off leash but none of them are in san mateo county. there will be more meetings later this month. we posted a list of the remaining five meetings at . just look for the knuckle -- local news section. the mystery electrical issue plaguing bart is affecting passengers they're still trying to figure out the problem. in the meantime, the transit is running only in the morning and evenings. a shuttle train on the troubled tracks between pittsburgh and north concord. 42 real cars damaged by power surges have now returned to service. the shuttle train runs between pittsburgh and north concord during peak hours every day from 4 am to 9 am and 3 pm to 8
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pm. a bus bridge will operate at the other times because of your morning headlines from the newsroom. we're staying on top of details at home and in belgium but it might be time for fun. we get to talk to god --, the lady behind my big fat greek wedding and now it's my big fat greek wedding 2. we want to know what is your favorite movie sequel or perhaps you have a favorite movie that needs a sequel? sometimes the sql they should be sequels are so bad. >> people could also say something like that should never have been a sequel to the film they show that film. the weather is heating up and that means spring allergies. they are right around the corner. up next, live with a doctor on how bad this season could be. and the attack in brussels
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is leading to a fear of backlash among muslims. we're talking to a local representative on the council of american islamic relations.
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the weather is heating up and that means allergy season is right around the corner. >> this year might be worse than ever. steve paulson has a local doctor for more. >> we are joined by a doctor from you was health works. doctor steve and i talk about allergies routinely. it is it worse because it's been raining a lot? >> i think that allowed for more foliage and as an extension, more pollen, so yes. i think those a downstream effect. >> a lot of people, is that i would talk to an allergy doctor and i got a whole bunch of people already suffering. >> i would say trees by her gold-medal right now.
9:21 am
>> is there one that stands out more than others? >> in this area, it depends on which region of the country but i don't think i can speak to specifically what tree. but trees take the front lead. >> a lot of people are saying that's me. what are some of the easy first steps you can do to make your allergies less mother some? >> most directives are to avoid. to the extent that you can do that, which is simple stuff like avoiding by closing windows, not being out during peak pollen periods of the time, midmorning to lunchtime or so, and then going further with things at home. cleaning linens, air purifiers, and from that point you move on to things like that he '-- like netty pots. >> does an allergy shot come into play?
9:22 am
>> that is probably the point when everything else has been exhausted. you have fired off all these bullets and nothing else seems to really help you manage this. i think that's when you go get evaluated by an allergist. my colleagues in the field do do testing for that and that maybe an indication at that stage of the game. >> can allergies affect other health? for example if you're breathing well, you might not get good sleep? >> no doubt. the disruption of sleep is something not just related to allergies but in general we are mindful because of people are not well rested, their baseline health won't be good. it's disrupting their rem sleep so we have a problem. >> have you noticed allergy season starting earlier? >> i think it's pretty
9:23 am
consistent because we had more rain this year. we talked about this earlier. we have more foliage so it may be starting earlier this go around. >> what is the most common type of allergy? i feel like a lot of people say pollen but other allergies? i know i am allergic to house dust because of this -- some of the contents. >> after trees, probably grass and after that, mold. especially with the barometric pressure and humidity. that combination results in more mold. those are probably right up there with trees took >> had we write out here for certain types of allergies versus other parts of the country? is there something unique to us? >> i think the significant regional variance. if you look in the data, it has shown the southeast tends to be
9:24 am
the worst on account of a confluence of humidity, just everything as it relates to ecology in that area tends to make that region more problematic relatively speaking . i think out here, we are a little bit fortunate on everything as it relates to being by the see for example. that helps keep pollen counts relatively lower. >> okay, thanks so much for joining us. hopefully, i will get a little bit better. breaking news. parts of a report on the controversial and severe beating of a suspect by alameda county sheriff's deputies in san francisco have been leaked online. tara moriarty joins us live from san francisco. you just looked at these documents. you are learning something about the deputy's body cam?>> reporter: that's right. most interesting page of the report actually focuses on the section which says that 11
9:25 am
deputies did not have their body cameras turned on. these tweets started coming very late last night from mike --, a self-described privacy activist who says that he is focused on law enforcement surveillance allergies. the page that we have obtained was written by an officer designed to investigate whether any deputies turned on their body cam's. the names of the deputies are spelled out. the report also mentions two sergeants did not have their body cameras turned on but that a dash camera was recording from a patrol car. whether it was recording the beating of the suspect remains to be seen. none of the officers have been charged with criminal wrongdoing but the da is expected to announce charges soon. the department policy states that turning on body cameras is actually optional. it's up to the officer's discretion but it is highly encouraged. no word on whether that policy will change in light of this
9:26 am
incident. november 12, a man led deputies on a high-speed 30 mile chase out of the east bay, ending up in a san francisco alleyway. they say he tried to kill them by ramming a patrol car with his car, which they believe was stolen. witnesses say the two deputies who responded used execs of -- excessive force. >> optional but encouraged, interesting. for our viewers, we have posted a link to the documents on our website right there under the web links tab. big wins for donald trump and hillary clinton in yesterday's primaries. implead results and where the race stands. most important, where it goes from here.
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republican presidential candidate ted cruz calls for law enforcement to step up leasing and muslim
9:29 am
neighborhoods in the united states in the wake of the terror attacks in brussels. he says the controversial surveillance efforts that were implemented by new york mayor michael bloomberg should be used as a model program. >> and in a peak of political correctness, the following mayor canceled the program. the world is too dangerous. >> the mayor and commission both criticized ted cruz for his comments >> i would remind the senator he lives in the united states of america. and the statements -- and the statements he made today are why he will not become the president of this country. we do not need a president at that disrespects the values that founded this nation. of -- >> the mayor said he took great offense, knowing that there 900 muslim officers in the new york lease department. hillary
9:30 am
clinton scheduled a last minute speech at danford to address the brussels attacks. the democratic residential candidate was already scheduled to be in the bay area for two fundraisers in hillsboro. clinton is expected to call for you of leadership and solidarity with allies as a way to stop terrorism. she says that she does not want to close u.s. borders as her political rebel, donald trump has suggested. >> there are growing fears of a backlash against the muslim community in the wake of the attacks. joining us live, -- from the council on american islamic relations. thanks for joining us this morning. are you or those in your office already seeing a backlash based on yesterday's attacks and some of the rhetoric we are hearing from some politicians already >> honestly, it feels like six months of continuous backlash. what we hill regularly from american muslims as they are afraid of going outside in
9:31 am
their headscarves, the children are being bullied and there is concern about one enforcement surveillance and harassment. it's not just the attacks, but the really horrible rhetoric we have seen from some of our politicians. >> is more education the answer? new policies? what is going to, in your opinion, stop some of this backlash? >> what's really important in my opinion is hate speech, islamaphobia. we need to make it unacceptable for people to feel as though they can paint an entire community that is so diverse, that contributes to the american fabric with a broad brush and make sure people know they can't commit violence against american muslims without consequences. those things are punishable by law. >> i know you speak about politicians and you're surprised about the rhetoric, but are you surprised that someone like donald trump, who has proposed a ban on muslim immigration is campaigning
9:32 am
across the united states and winning states? and he won again last night in arizona. >> i'm frightened. i'm frightened that what felt like a joke a few months ago is now looking like a very real presidential race. i worry as we advance toward november that the rhetoric may become even more dangerous and violent. >> if i can talk on a personal level. i remember after the september 11 attacks, we heard stories about people choosing not to wear their headscarves in public, people changing their names to a more american name. are you seeing these changes happening perhaps since the paris or san bernardino attacks? >> more and more so. just this week, we're working with a family of a young girl who had her headscarf pulled off at school. it's not just adults. it's happening at school's. it's young people. our concern is that people need to feel as though they are safe
9:33 am
to practice their faith. that is what the first amendment guarantees and it's what we're working hard to ensure. >> and do you feel people here in the bay area, friends of yours, do they feel safe walking outside? >> we have heard mixed feelings. there are some people who do continue to feel safe but overwhelmingly, people say they try not to go out alone at night, if they go out alone, they try not to go into dark areas. they are trying to be discreet. we hear from some women who are the most visible targets but also allies in the seek -- sikh american community. >> these attacks and was on this could have a big impact on a personal -- presidential election. i asked, we've heard the rhetoric over the months. this isn't new in this campaign.
9:34 am
regarding muslims and immigration, closing borders. i will ask the same question. trump continues to win. >> exactly. it's unfortunate. the event was devastating but it only helps donald trump. it's obvious he knows this because he continues with the anti-islamic rhetoric right away. for hillary clinton on her side with the democrats, it only helps hillary clinton as well. she is the former secretary of state. she is strong on affairs and this only plays to her strength as well. conversely, with republicans, this actually hurts. hillary clinton is seen as weak and this hurts donald trump as well because people think he doesn't know what he is doing. just yesterday or a few days ago, he was calling for the -- not the end of nato, but a de- escalation of our involvement with nato which ted cruz right away said was naove. >> we just had an fbi agent a
9:35 am
little while ago who seemed angry that we are not doing enough. maybe, some of the political candidates are tapping into that anger and trying to motivate people to vote for them because they're going to do something? >> absolutely. what's going on with donald trump is he has tapped into a vein of anger in the united states. look at arizona, which he did very well in last night. early on, he endorsed -- received be endorsement of joe arpaio, five term sheriff of maricopa county. a sheriff since 1993 on the front edge of this anti- immigration, anti-illegal immigration movement. he embraces donald trump very early and look at donald trump does last night? donald trump is really gaining momentum on the republican side, utilizing this rhetoric. let's talk about last night for donald trump,
9:36 am
hillary clinton, both winners as voters went to the polls yesterday. we want to show you some of the results. donald trump got 47% of the vote in the state of arizona. he will take all 58 delegates, bringing his delegate total to 741. he is on track to potentially take the nomination outright. on the democratic side, hillary clinton won 50% of the vote in arizona to 40% for bernie sanders took >> bernie sanders got a big win in utah, 80% of the vote, 33 delegates at stake. ted cruz got a key victory in utah, winning 69% of the vote, which means 40 delegates. this money, he received an endorsement from jeb bush. >> bernie sanders won in ohio -- idaho and party leaders say they saw a record turnout there. the state's 27 delegates are awarded proportionally on the democratic side. overall, clinton and sanders
9:37 am
ended the night with about the same number of delegates. >> i thought this exposed their strengths and weaknesses. as we were talking about with arizona, donald trump really is joe arpaio. they talk the exact same topic they no doubt helped him there. hillary clinton we all knew was going to do well in arizona. it was the big delegate state of the night. it really expose hillary clinton's witness because both of those dates are predominantly white. she does really bad with that crowd. conversely, for donald trump on the republican side, utah and idaho are more conservative. those of the people who want a tried and true, tested conservative leader. that's why they went for ted cruz it shows the weakness and the split within each party. >> let's bring up a name that hasn't been said. what does john kasich do now? >> i think he is positioning himself for the convention. he is hoping if this ends up as a convention fight, he is
9:38 am
somehow in the mix. he is the ultimate outsider in the sense of being an insider. his campaign as interesting to watch because he has no chance of gaining the nomination. he is playing for the convention. >> isil here republican leaders on national shows talking about a brokered confession but now donald trump that all those delegates. will they not be able to pull it off? what if he gets 1237 delegates? >> then he's got the nomination but if he doesn't, it goes to what is known as an open or brokered convention. and the republican party, you have what is known as pledged votes and a hard-core, hard vote. 90% of all republicans will be bound going into the convention to vote for who they will be the delegate of but at the end of the first ballot, all bets are off. >> if bernie sanders starts to
9:39 am
fade over the weeks and months, do you see him unifying behind hillary clinton? at the convention? kind of like she did with president obama? >> it's really interesting. just a few days ago on another network, bernie sanders made a comment indicating that he is willing to take this battle to the convention. for democrats, that's really alarming to see how far he is going to take it back he's at least going to go to our primerica here at the beginning of june in california. he was in san diego last night and we had the biggest prize of all and he thinks he can make up a lot of ground. remember, his strategy is that if he wins more delegates, superdelegates will start to swing his way. >> but is it important for clinton to get him on his side if he doesn't? >> i think he will coalesce around hillary clinton at the end of the day that he is the conscience of the democratic party right now. he is saying things that people on the left -- >> his rallies are allowed.
9:40 am
>> a lot of passion. >> ice bernie sanders bumper stickers around town. i tell you. >> what's happening on the hard right and hard left is very similar in terms of their passion, their feelings about government not working for them. very similar. it's very interesting. >> it's great to see the results last night on the networks. specifically, the state of arizona. there were paid -- still people in line waiting to vote. >> last i was really the first night we saw long lines for democrats. the story all along has been republicans are getting the turnout everywhere. now, the democrats are getting it to. bernie sanders is so important, keeping hillary clinton in the headlines. he is really dragging her a little bit to the left and by the time we get to the convention, if he does not get the nomination, he is going to throw his support port hillary clinton.
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at 9:43 am. in 2002, i big frat greek wedding went from a one-woman comedy show to the highest grossing indie movie of all time. >> your we are 15 years later, and writer and actress nia vardalos is here. >> hello, everybody. how are you? >> you love san francisco? when was the last time you were a.? >> i love san francisco. there is a restaurant there called greens. i cannot get enough of it. >> are you vegetarian?
9:44 am
>> no, but i was. still sometimes i like to cook a little vegetarian meal. it's just nature's broom. >> i have a funny story that i heard about you that when you did this film, you are kind of shy for your kissing scene. you had never done one before. tell the story of how you practiced for the scene. >> i approached john corbett, whom i had known for four days and i said john, i am very nervous about this scene. everybody is going to be there and i am so embarrassed. i didn't realize when i wrote this movie that i would actually be kissing somebody. so he goes what you need? we were by ourselves right outside the hair and makeup trailer. i said whether you kiss me right now? we'll just get it over with. he said okay. we got it over with. it's not embarrassing.
9:45 am
we found out years later that the here and makeup guy opened the door and thought we were having an affair. >> i have to first tell you i am 100% armenian. when i saw your movie, i thought it could have been my big fat armenian wedding. do have people of all other nationalities coming to you and saying it could have been my indian, scandinavian, italian wedding? >> that makes me very happy because the ultimate bond is just the family that loves you to the point of suffocation. >> is this sequel about marriage? being a parent? where would you say this film is headed in instruction from start to finish? and also the inspiration behind it. >> inspiration is actually the theme of the film. i waited until i was a mom and on my daughter's first day of kindergarten, somebody said something about how quickly they will go to college so i started writing that day. this film takes place 10 years after the other one.
9:46 am
we had a six-year-old daughter so all the son, this girl wants to leave us and is interested in going away to college in another state, which is horrifying to us. in -- eon -- ian and i have been married for 14 years. were dealing with her marriage. not sure we want to lose her. this cast is really funny. >> this is a family movie? something i can bring my kids too? >> yes. i promise. really don't like to push that comedy into our world for a family comedy. i enjoy movies like everybody but this is a family movie. i don't want to embarrass you when you're there with your child and parents. it's got to be that type of comedy everyone can enjoy.
9:47 am
>> are you going to be the kind of mom who buys the house for her adult child right next- door? >> yes, i see no problem with that. >> nothing wrong with that. i cannot wait to see my big fat greek wedding 2. do people come up to you and get the windex line? >> it's so beautiful. we just met an eight-year-old boy who just did the entire on speech about bulge on her neck she claims is a twin. i can't wait to hear quotes from the new one. it has just been really fun. >> do feel more pressure because of the sequel? >> now. low pressure. >> you don't look like you have aged a day. they are going to have to put makeup on you to make you look older. >> you're so nice. actually, i do not wear any makeup in the opening scenes and that really is the gray in
9:48 am
my temples. i let it all come in and hang out. it's the authentic parenting experience. >> i cannot wait. >> come visit us next time you're up here. my big fat greek wedding 2 comes out friday the 25th. >> i will see you soon. >> i love her. i love the film. i have to say, my big fat greek wedding was the little engine that could. they made it for like $11. >> $360 million worldwide. >> she also said this is an independent, low-budget film. >> i love it. you mentioned are you scared because it's a sequel and people might expect lightning to strike twice. we asked you to let us know what your favorite sequel is our if there is a movie that needs a sequel. one person says ferris bueller day off -- ferris bueller's day of needs a sequel. and superstar, the one with
9:49 am
molly shannon and will sequel needs one. >> aliens are my big fat greek wedding could be new phase -- favorite. -- aliens or my big fat greek wedding could be my new favorite. screenagers is a new documentary being shown at schools around the country . it looks at the impact of all those hours children spend on their phones and tablets. in the film, doctors confirm that it is an addiction when we are on our screens, our brain releases dopamine. we enjoy ourselves and so do our children. teenagers, in their brain development stage are most susceptible to the effects of dopamine and have a hard time fighting that addiction. one of the coproducers lived in marin county and joined us to talk about the goals of the film. >> if you take -- if you all
9:50 am
look at how much time you're spending on one app, everybody in the family, talk about it at dinner or in the car and count how much time you're spending on that one app. try taking it off for one week and see how much time you have saved. >> it's being shown at schools, organizations and companies across the country to help give parents the tools they need to help their children navigate the digital world we live in. you can request a screening in your neighborhood. >> one of the big takeaways is that children look at what you are doing. i have noticed when i get home i'm like this and i see my daughter is looking at me. and i've got to put it away. if you keep doing that, the minute they get theirs, they will do it too. >> i know we have talked various times about this. you can just set the phone free
9:51 am
chunks of your day. perhaps in the car or at the dinner table. if you decide that ahead of time, you don't have to put it down, 10 more minutes, blah blah blah. >> you still have me laughing about buying a house next your kid. >> i am fourth-generation armenian-american. i wouldn't be surprised. coming up, think of one of the most personal, intimate text you could send now, imagine that text going to a stranger's 'phone. the mix of that led to a heartwarming meeting between two families at a hospital.
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new this morning, a new chemistry has been solved. about this think nearly 100 years ago has been found just off the fair wind islands. it headed for pearl harbor in march 1921. never made it there. 56 -- the 56 man crew was declared lost at sea. they launched the largest search at the time but it was never found until now. federal researchers are mapping about 300 shipwrecks off of san francisco and discovered it are among the wreckage. >> -- sarah palin has a new job.
9:55 am
she has been named to preside over a new tv courtroom reality show. executive producer with the founder of judge judy and judge joe brown. like those two, palin does not have a lot agree. producers still have to make a pilot program to sell to tv stations and it still needs a nine but producers expect it to be a nationally syndicated show by next fall pics suck a massachusetts woman is trying to open up a dialogue about the muslim faith one person at a time. this is mona. signs say ask a muslim, talk to a muslim. they offer free coffee for those who want to stop and talk. she is a poet, musician and teacher. being on the receiving end of a text from a complete stranger pick in this case, it was about as personal as you can get back on saturday, a man in georgia texted" we are at
9:56 am
the hospital having a baby today. a little later came the photo of the newborn. those texts went to a young man named dennis williams who texted back well, i don't know you all, but me and the boys will be through to take a picture with the baby. sure enough, they showed up with gifts and posted the proof on facebook. the parent, mark and lindsay said if we all only have this kind of heart. >> they are honorary uncles now. >> i guess. after my daughter was born, i texted my friend lori. lori has since moved away and i guess she changed her phone number. i texted her a picture of my daughter savanna. and she texted back that's a nice picture but this isn't lori. i don't know you. but beautiful baby girl. >> at least whatever this was -- >> i said sorry for the mixup, thanks with an embarrassed face
9:57 am
emoji. isil have that number and here. i could tell her we talked about her today. >> i think about all i could go wrong. how many times heavyset i can't stand her, she's making me crazy and then send it to the wrong person. >> i triple check whoever i send my text to. i think we had a lot of fun this morning. i hope you did too.
9:58 am
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>>. >> live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. >> you won't believe what i'm able to tell you. with all due respect, have several. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. ♪ >> announcer: here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: yeah.


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