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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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northern california is now behind bars. we will tell you how a tip from a ktv viewer may have led to the capture of the so-called bearded bandit. >> friday eve. >> you stole my line. >> i did. it's thursday march 24th. i'm pam cook. >> in for dave clark today. let's get your day started a quick look at your weather and traffic. had to say that slower this morning. steve is here. cooler. >> i will do a quick look. >> quick look. >> and a nice picture of the moon there. >> yes the full moon here. probably easy to see since we don't have any clouds hardly. patch or two of fog and overall lows are -- mostly couple degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. there are is still a few 30s boulder creek, scott's valley and wood side have checked in at 39. it'll be nice in downtown
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oakland. winds 70 degrees for a high. mountain view will head down toward the peninsula. it'll be sunny, high today of 70 degrees and san jose start offing off at 46. it'll be clear to mostly clear and then nice, sunny, highs 65 at noon and then a high -- also of 70 degrees which is a little bit above average for oakland. everything as far as cloud cover is staying north. 40s for a few, couple of upper 30s but -- to near 50 for some. 45 for sonoma. once we get going it'll be a chilly morning but sunny and warmer later on today a lot of upper 60's and low 70s. slightly above average on these temperatures. changes sunday but i will have more on that in ten minutes. >> that's okay steve you know -- you can always hide the eggs inside. the easter egg --. >> i think we will be fine sunday morning. >> okay. good. it's all good. >> through go.
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>> i'm not putting pressure on you >> i have enough. >> exactly. let's go out and take a look at the drive. the traffic is actually okay. we haven't had that many incidents of any consequence. fender benders here and there. nothing major. bay bridge toll plaza. no problems getting in to the city. we are looking at the san mateo and dunbarton drive. this is a live picture showing northbound 101 on the 80 split 280 a little bit of slow traffic. for the most part we have had a nice commute. 6:02 let's go back to the desk. we are following new developments. police say there may be another possible suspect on the run and they are looking into ties with the paris attacks last november. we are in the newsroom following information. >> reporter: yeah. we are getting more details on what happened in the belgiu many, attacks and who may have
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been involved as authorities continue to search for outstanding suspects. police are hunting for another person in the subway bombings. they spotted an unidentified man on surveillance video carrying a large bag and traveling a pan who would event rise in anti blow himself up at the train station. the suicide bomber had a brother who blew himself up an hour earlyer at the airport. authorities are now saying one of those men who detonated one of those bombs appears to be a man named in the paris attacks in november of last year. nowauthorities believe that he left the airport and left behind a suitcase with a 35- pound bomb later set off in a controlled explosion by the authorities. there are conflicting report that he actually might have died as a suicide bomber. as for the two brothers who authorities say were responsible for the suicide attack one left a note saying that the authorities were closing in on them and they
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were known to authorities with long rap sheets for nonterror related charge. still neighbors say that they were surprised to learn the men who lived among them were planning an attack that would kill dozens and injury hundreds. >> we saw them at night working. we didn't know they would be terrorists doing things here. >> in a possible connection paris attack suspect arrived in court under heavy security he was arrested just last week. authorities are looking to see if his arrest may have moved up timeline on these latest attacks. meanwhile there are reports in turkey that turkey expelled one of the suicide bombers that country last summer but that suspect was later freed from the netherlands because of no proof of terrorist ties a lot for authorities to look into today. continuing to look to see if will are any -- connections to other terror attacks.
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>> seem like a long way to go. >> absolutely. >> thank you. memorials for the victims of the terror attacks continuing to grow by the day. mourners have been gathering at a main square in brussels leaving flowers and messages of sympathy. you can see the memorial huge out there the country is boveing three days of mourning. as christian said the suspect in the paris terror attack was back in court many rehabilitative not fight extradition to france a judge granted a defense request to delay the hearing for him for two weeks a defense lawyer told reporters that his client didn't know about the attacks and that he would not fight extradition because he wants to return to his home country of france as soon as possible to explain himself. back here in the united states authorities say an effort to fight extremists recruiting americans is off to a slow start. the federal government announced a campaign to fight recruitment in the cities of los angeles, minneapolis and
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boston. police and prosecutors in those cities are acknowledging that very few programs so far have directly come out of the pilot initiative called countering violent extremeists. time now is 6:06. we are learning new details this morning about the act of incused serial bank robber known as the bearded bandit. we are live in lafayette with what the fbi is saying. >> reporter: good morning to you. the bearded bandit would pass a note to bang tellers demanding money and he got away with quite a bit of cash. this is the latest bank that he hit according to authorities it's that chase branch in lafayette. now when the fugitive was captured on surveillance camera he was seen with a bushy beard every time he committed one of these crimes. when he was captured last night he was clean shaven. have a look. here is new photographs showing the man who authorities say was the bearded bandit being arrested in brentwood.
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these photographs provided to us by the east county today newspaper. the arrest was made after neighbors say the man went into a cvs pharmacy store and shaved his beard and head before then driving off and leading authorities on a short chase before finally being arrested. the so-called bearded bandit was wanted for 15 bank robberies in the bay area, the central valley and the sacramento area. they totaled about $28,000 that's how much he got away with. sources say that it was actually a ktvu viewer who saw our report on the bank robberies earlier this week and contacted police. that set off a chain of event that helped lead authorities to making that arrest that happened again last night in brentwood. authorities say that the bearded ban diplomat was not seen using any weapons during the robberies but obviously there was quite a bit of concern about things, potentially escalating and they are certainly happy that the man they believe is the bearded
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bandit is wanted serial bank robber is now behind bars. >> we are certainly thankful though a viewer saw the picture and called police. >> reporter: i think that's amazing as pam said earlier, this is the reason that we put these photographs on television and urge people to take a close look at what they are seeing. here it worked out. >> absolutely. all right thank you. four bay area highway patrol officers are boeing hoon -- being honored. one talked a woman off a bay bridge what was ready to jump. it happened just last month. he put on a strap around his waist, climb over the railing, held the woman's hand until she got off the ledge. another officer is being recognized for giving life saving aid to his partner who was stabbed several times last
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month. he is also being honored. joshua nelson arrested 27 auto suspects last year and recovered 56 stolen vehicles the ceremony will happen later today. a group of san francisco high school students will leave today on a nine day trip to ghana. they are part of a police department program called operation genesis. jason johnson organized the trip to connect the students to their past so they can gain an understanding of the struggles their ancestors. most of the kids live in the bayview district. some have never even been on an airplane. shipment be exciting for them. >> an emotional anniversary in the south bay. at 6:30 this morning the highway dedication set for today to honor fallen san jose police officer michael johnson. >> first, uber is looking for a few hackers. the money up for grabs for people who can find bugs in
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ride share company mobile app. >> the east bay commute is getting busier. heading out from the east shore freeway to the maze. we will tell you more about that. >> little chill in the morning air. not as cold as yesterday morning. for most and temperatures will bump up. we will be above average.
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joe boy deen is expected to do damage control on remarks from 24 years ago have this come back to haunt him. according to a speech that he will give at georgetown law school later today the vice president will say that he helped get eight supreme court nominees through the committee as a senator. back in 1992 he made a speech on the senate floor that's now called the biden rule. biden said that the then president george hw bush should not nominate anyone the summer before the election if a justice should retire. the president is wrapping up his visit to argentina. he was welcomed by the new president with a state dinner a dancer also invited him to show off his dance skills at the state dinner. the president's trips to cuba
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and argentina are camed to rebuild relationships. >> i'm here because mr. president the world has noticed your eagerness to restart with the community. >> your visit comes at a perfect time. at a time when we have understand and decided to build mature and reasonable relationships with every country in the world. >> some republicans here in the united states are calling for the president to return to the united states saying that he should not be traveling oversea after the attacks attack. new this morning the people of new zealand have made their decision on whether to not to change the national flag. on the left is the current flag which has been in place since 1902. it features the union jack. they were picked out of ten thousand.
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ub er looking for people to hack the code for its app. they will have to find four or more bugs before being awarded but uber will play between three and ten thousand dollars to people. other tech companies have similar program that uber pay outs higher than most. 30,000 tickets to burning man sold out in 30 minutes. tickets costing $390 went on sale at noon yesterday. there are a few other sale dates lined up though and the official burning man secure ticket exchange will open on april 13 april 13th. tickets more expensive because of a 9% live entertainment tax. burning man by the way gets
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underway in the black rock desert. i like to watch that basically on channel 2. never have, never will. i like san francisco when it's empty. >> get these burners to go out there. i can roll up and get a parking spot. good morning to you. hip sister i'm doing this traffic report for you as well. let's go out and take a look at the drive now. traffic moving at long pretty well if you are driving on 80 westbound. until you get to richmond. it bogs down and then gets better by the time you reach emoryville. there's a patch where traffic
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is slow. it's not all that bad. at the bay bridge toll plaza we have a little bit of slow traffic backing up to the mcarthur maze. if you are driving on the bay area brings it hasn't been thatted bad. we have been looking at the commutes. trying to see if my maps will work. 6:17. let's go to steve. >> that was good. we have a couple of upper 30s. scotts valley. maybe a patch or two of fog. there's not a lot but a little bit. we are looking for sunny, nice day.
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thank you. i appreciate that. maybe a little bit. does look like snow a little bit. >> keep the theme going. we need more precipitation. patchy fog. 50 degrees warming up a little above average which is closer to 62. 66 today. that's two warmer than yesterday. the haywood forecast starts off at 48. we will bumpl you up by noon a high of 68 degrees. 81, 18906. 30 in 1894. its clear here. 42napa.
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east bay temperatures running warmer than yesterday. five warmer than yesterday. sign that temperatures will rebound quick here. chilly morning but sunny and warmer, all the way back into saturday. sunday when changes develop. we will get the wind to pick up and temperatures will drop it. today we will get a few more 70s a mattering yesterday but a lot more ones today. kemp field in there. sonoma, clear lake, out to vacaville same for antioch and brentwood. downtown oakland. 67alameda. 74 gilroy and morgan hill. san jose at 70 degrees and 60s on the coast. upper 60s. low 70s on the peninsula. wood side, i went 70 today. patchy fog on friday. still sunny. nice into saturday and then wind picks up and much cooler sunday into monday. >> okay. >> there you go.
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>> with respeechless. >> i know. it's a -- this is the time of year -- dioqu have a little bit of everything. wind, rain, sun. >> denver had 13 inches of snow yesterday. the fifth greatest march snow fall for them. it days ago it was 70. that's spring in the rockies which is -- more dramatic than here. >> yeah. >> you know for skiers and boarders, nice dumping and then sunny weather. >> i think the sierra will get snow sunday, monday, tuesday. >> and then the sun comes back. >> i like your snowy tie. an act of kindness at a coffee stand. up next the emotional enter sax between baristas and a customer.
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hearts remain heavy after that 6-year-old girl was taken in her foster family in southern california because of her native american heritage. the page family held a vigil yesterday in honor of the 1- year-old. lexi was sent to live with extended family in utah following the ruling stemming from the indian well welfare act. it seeks to keep native american children with native families. >> difficult. god is listening to us.
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we have been able to continue focusing on getting her back. at the end of the day there's a hole and it's a big one. >> the tribe released a statement saying they want what is best for lexi and that her relatives in utah have created a loving relationship with her. working parents in san francisco are a step closer now to being able to start bonding with their children without taking a pay cut. the proposed parental leave ordinance would make san francisco the first city in the united states to compensate parents for six weeks of paid leave. currently workers entitled to receive up to 55% of their salary under california's paid family leave program. the legislation would require businesses with 20 or more workers to fund the remaining 45%. the proposal advanced yesterday in a budget and finance committee hearing the full board will vet on it on april 5th. is a story people are talking about all round the
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world. a crew of baristas at a drive through coffee stand in the state of washington is getting a lot of attention because of an act of kindness a driver pulled up to the drive through window of the dutch bross coffee stand. she was in tears and said she had just lost their husband. the driver in the car behind her took a photograph of what happened next. though the stand was busy they reached through the window, took her hand and prayed with her. >> as soon as they said that i was like there is nothing more you need to say. we got this. we will do what we always do, we will give them our love. >> they also gave her a free drink and thought that was the end of it but the photograph has gone viral and they say that it'll remind others to be kind and helpful which they say can change the world. >> love that story. the warrior its broke a franchise record by getting to 57 games over 500. that's unbelievable too. that happened in last night's
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114-98 win over the la clippers. they had a two point lead at half and started to take control in the third. with that man. he had 33 points clay thompson had a good night as well. having 32 points there are is 11 games left in the regular season the warriors have to go- 9-2. they host the mavericks tomorrow night. nba mvp seth curry is in wax. they will reveal his wax figure today. that's freaky. >> i know the eyes. >> it took nearly four months to create after a team took 250 measurements. the wax figure will show him dribbling a basketball. will soon be on display at fisherman's wharf. >> it's a cool place and they have video carrying yes showing how they make them. >> it's amazing. >> they are so real. >> yeah i just took my kids
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there. i will have so post picture. >> they should do one of you. >> i don't think so. right next to seth. a bay area teenager has been bullied because she is muslim. >> i just feel really scared. >> the harassment she said she faced for years and how her school is responding. >> we are live in san jose where its been a year since a police officer lost his life responding to a call. we will tell you the special way that officer michael johnson is being remembered today and for days to come. >> good morning. san francisco traffic getting up to the city, downtown or the other way around which is southbound 101 on the right there you can see both looking good but getting more crowded. >> and the weather will look good. maybe a patch or two of fog but all signs point toward more on that warmer afternoon. we will show you the numbers.
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good morning. thank you for joining us. it's thursday march 24. . i'm brian flores. >> i'm pam cook it's 6:30 and we want to check in with steve as we head in to the weekend. >> yeah. >> people have plans for outdoor. >> they do. >> church services and easter egg hunts and picnics. >> no. >> yes. >> pressure is on. >> all right >> as always. >> we will do everything saturday then. sunday is --. >> that's not what we want to hear. >> i think we are all right sunday morning. the afternoon a low will come back in from the sierra nevada, northern, eastern oregon and coming overland so it doesn't have much moisture. that will change the weather but not until sunday, monument today sunny and warm friday into saturday mild to warm then the president picks up and much cooler temperatures, there will be snow showers in the sierra
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nevada and maybe for us next week around tuesday or wednesday we have still some time to deal with it. san francisco, average 62, 49. the record high 1926. the record low 40 in 1913. long distance record it's you will. everything stays to the forth for now. 40s, 50s on the temperatures action couple of upper 30s. wood side one, boulder creek, scotts valley. low 40s. menlo park. san carlos 49. temperatures but for a few high clouds, lake county subpoena some patchy fog here will end up with a the will of upper 60's to low 70s. these are slightly above average. getting busy ear. >> they are. they are. let's go out and take a look at what we have now. the photograph like be busy if you are driving to the bay bridge. also going to be busy to the san mateo bridge. you can see it's pretty crowded here a lot of volume getting
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out to the peninsula. no trouble while you get there. also the morning drive looks okay at the toll plaza but you will be waiting for ten minutes before you make it onto the bridge. notice again the highway 4 where i have drawn the arrow a lot of slow traffic up and over the hill. 680, beginning to get slow. the evidence shows and this is just correspond congratulations congratulationsation -- bart doesn't have the direct trains. it's correspond lated more slow traffic on highway 4 and 680. thank you. one year ago today the city lost a veteran police officer. michael johnson was shot and killed while responding to a call about a suicide alleman. city leader also hon dear sir leader also honor him today. we are live from san jose to tell us about this morning's honor. >> reporter: good morning. we just learned that in the next 15 minutes a small group
6:33 am
of recruit also be out here in front of the substation in south san jose. this he will do an informal ceremony honoring the officer later on. it'll be the more formal ceremony. i remember very clearly a year ago being around the officers on that day that the officer was killed. it was very quiet a quiet day a dark day. today the city is going to make sure that they honor johnson permanently a five mile stretch of highway 87 between interstate 280 and highway 85 will be officially named the police officer michael johnson memorial highway. signs will be placed along the route which connects where the police department is located to the area in san jose where johnson grew up he was a 14 year veteran of the police department he died after responding to a call of an intoxicated suicide alleman on the city's eastside. the man shot him from a balcony in front of other officers.
6:34 am
the death devastated the department. >> i think any time any agency looses an officer you change forever. you will always have that in your gut, that sick spot you that remember that you never want to feel again. >> reporter: johnson left behind a wife and many family members. his mother showed us a shrine she has of her 38-year-old son in her home. she feels grateful and blessed to have the highway dedicated in his honor. she and michael used to ride bikes on that stretch of road. the ceremony will be taking place at ten this morning here at police substation on grate oaks parkway. back to you. >> thank you. bart will continue to run shuttle trains in the east bay as it tries to figure out that mystery electrical problem. here is a look at today's schedule. from four to nine there will be two shuttle trains between the pittsburgh and north concord
6:35 am
stations the bus bridge goats in goes into effect and then between three and eight it goes back to the two shuttle trains between the two stations. then between eight and midnight back to the bus bridges. also the gm set to update the bart board on the status of that problem a spoke in electrical voltage damaged 50 cars last week. repairs underway. today's meeting starts at nine. clinton laid out her strategy for fighting terrorism in an address at stanford. she was already scheduled to be in the south bay but after the terror attacks scheduled the speech at stanford. she said the attacks were a brutal remind tear the united states and it's allies must work closely in its counter terrorism efforts. she also criticize trump >> slogans aren't a strategy. loose cannons tend to miss
6:36 am
fire. what america needs strong, smart, steady leadership to wage and win this struggle. >> clinton also criticized the proposal by ted cruz to increase policing of muslim neighborhoods here in the united states. she said that would only oli, nate muslims. >> ted cruz however not backing down on his call for police to monitor muslim neighborhoods and in response some muslim around the country are posting images on twitter of life in their muslim neighborhoods. the photographs show every day activities, girls walking home from school with the comment scary? nope. another said in my muslim neighborhood you will find people planting trees and boarding up abandoned homes. islamic families here say that they have seen a rise in anti muslim sentiment a 13-year- old talked to us about the discrimination she has encountered because of her religion. she spoke to us on the
6:37 am
condition we would not show her face she said bullying classmates started in elementary school. students picked on her for wearing the traditional muslim head scarf. the harassment got so bad she stopped wearing it. she said one boy has bullied her for years. >> feel really scared. i don't feel like coming to school. he just started bull yessing march -- bullying me for a long time. after that he called me a terrorist and asked i was a terrorist and i said no. >> a teacher at her school reported the most recent incident last week to administrators. the school said its taking immediate steps to address the issues and will expand anti bullying efforts campus wide. democratic presidential candidate sanders is also campaigning in california. he spoke at a rally last night in los angeles. he is celebrate his victories in tuesday's voting he continues to attack rival
6:38 am
candidate clinton for what we calls her close ties to wall street. he has called on her to repleas speeches she gave to wall street firms for which she was paid up to 22 5,000 dollars. >> it must be a mind shattering speech. it must be a planetary transforming speech. must be written in shakespeare's pro se and i think the secretary should share that speech with all of us. >> the race to the nomination continues this saturday with three for the democrats in alaska, hawaii and washington. a new poll shows the democratic presidential race between clinton and sanders is tightening in california. the public policy institute survey found clinton with 48% support among likely voters and sanders with 41%.
6:39 am
among republicans trump had 38% support. followed by ted cruz. california's primary election is june 7. . the city of pacifica has upheld an order for the evacuation of apartments. the building was yellow tagged back in january and resident was forced to move out. that's after storms caused further erosion to the cliff side. two buildings next to that one have been red tagged and both of them have been torn down. the city and red cross have been helping resident who haven't found another place to live. the commercial crab fishing season will finally open on saturday. fishermen can put out their crab pots tomorrow morning and bring them back in starting saturday. the season normally starts back in november but of course it was delayed after that toxin was found in the crabs. it's since been allowed -- since last month but only south of point reyes. the commercial season will be
6:40 am
restricted to theo sense south of mendecino county. more stories of survival. >> my son and daughter and wife came running in the other direction saying go. >> in 20 minutes you will hear from a father who said that his family was just on the other side of the airport checkpoint where one of the bombs exploded. >> first the business of baseball. which major league team is most valuable and what is unique about the giants. >> good morning. we are looking at some new troubles in the south bay. also 280. we will tell you what is going on that may affect your drive. that's coming up. >> little cool this morning but it'll be sunny, nice and warmer today. we will see how long it pattern will hold. there are changes on the weekend though.
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a police officer who was under investigation for an alleged rape has been cleared of those charges but has been arrested on other charges now. is he charged with six misdemeanors involving unauthorized access of confidential records. he was used of assaulting a woman he had take own on a date. the da has decided there was not enough evidence. he has been on unpaid leave since the investigation
6:44 am
started. a lieutenant is also being investigated. we have new information about an arrest where two sheriff's deputies were seen on video using force to subdue a suspect. and then led deputies on a high speed chase. video shows two sheriff's deputies hitting him with batons. in the sheriff's accident report the acts by the two deputies both dated four days later are strikingly similar with both describing themselves as exhausted dizzy with their batons having little effect. >> it looks like a total cover up. we have the main officers who use high levels of force didn't even write a report until days later. by then the video was out. out >> none of the deputies turn ronde their body cameras.
6:45 am
department policy states turning on the camera is an option. we check in over the knelt hour. we will talk about the governor of california facing a backlash after make age move that some say reverses decades of progress of ending discrimination. how his decision is a reagency over which bath ram transgender people are allowed to use. >> and while seth curry is a star here is prove his daughter has imagine after pull. she helped him pick under armor over two other companies wanting his endorsement and how a shoe executive miss pronounced his name and that really sealed the name i will sue you in just a few.
6:46 am
>> thank you. giants expected to play at a sold out park. should be no surprise the giants had fourth mvp. the giants had the biggest year over your gain. last year doubling in value to two billion dollars. the list has the a's at the other end of the list. valued at $725 million. let's check in with sal a look at traffic. >> finds out about a protest going on at the new apple headquarters. the one that's under construction. some sort of protest near that area.
6:47 am
near the -- the opening or the entrance if you will causing some slow traffic. reportedly on stevens creek and -- right in that area. if you are in coopertino don't be surprised by. right here -- just draw a little indication here is -- where it's reported. we have a crew on the way. again some of the local streets may be affected. the freeway doesn't seem all that bad. as i pull back let me pull back. let's move along and take a look at northbound 280. bay bridge toll plaza backed up
6:48 am
to the maze. metering rights are on -- the bridge into the city. >> thank you. >> welcome. good morning. mostly clear out there. patch of fog. as you can plain lay see -- where are we? san jose? i think we are san jose. >> clearance. roger. roger. >> very good. very clever control room. got some sleep last night. i like that. thank you. that's flight 1522 coming in from phoenix on time. sunny and warm friday, saturday, sunny and warm. some snow mayber us here. it'll be close. it'll be windy. santa rosa. oakland 68, concord just missed
6:49 am
70 and san jose downtown 67, 70 so it'll be consistent here. slightly above average. mountain view looks like a beautiful day. mountain view a high today of 70 degrees, three and four. right in line with just about everybody else. it's bringing in some light rain. livermore. 44. san ramone. that observation. also 42. 23, 36, reno. 44. monterey. excement for maybe a few high clouds, lake county and mats it. i think we are good to go for sunshine and warmer temperatures. sunny and warmer today a few
6:50 am
30s for lows a couple of them and upper 60's, low 70s. for temperatures low 70s. 68, vallejo, 73 vacaville. santa rose 570. upper 60s. even from berkeley 68, to pittsburgh 72. pleasanton 71. warmest gilroy at 74. look like a nice day on friday. fog will creep back and then the wind, love those temperatures. >> this is --. >> very mild. >> march is my favorite move the year. very mild. >> yes. the hills green. the air is clean. >> it is pretty. i didn't realize how brown they were until now. we have the green. >> very. yes. >> thank you. its been two weeks since that ace train did he railed in
6:51 am
niles canyon. we will tell you what we are learning will happen to the car that plunged into alameda creek. >> first looking for two thieves in the south bay. the high end bike thefts under investigation in campbell. ♪ let's go ♪ hey, oh ♪ let's go [ beep ] ♪ they're piling in the backseat ♪ aah! ♪ they're generating steam heat ♪ ♪ pulsating to the back beat ♪ the blitzkrieg bop ♪ ♪ hey, oh, let's go
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welcome back . time is 6:53. the jetblue flight attendant who tried to sneak cocaine
6:54 am
through security at lax has been arrested. the 31-year-old gave up to dea agents at jfk. she is due in federal report later today before being returned here to california. police say she ran from lax on friday night after she was randomly picked for a security screening. she left bags filled with drugs. she got on a flight to new york the next day. a judge in san francisco has delayed the sentencing of crime boss ray mobbed chor. he was due to be sentenced yesterday but the judge wanted to wait until after post trial motions. those motions are now due april 15th. chow was convicted of racketeering, conspiracy and murder charges back in january. the latest legal showdown in a five-year battle between apple and samsung has been put on hold at least for now a judge agreed to postpone a hearing scheduled for next monday after the united states supreme court decided to step
6:55 am
in to the ongoing patent fight between the two tech giants the judge said that monday's hearing which focused on damages to be paid for patent violations could be a waste of time until the highest court makes its decision. samsung has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for copying i-phone technology. the nfl is being accused of funning campaigns of lawmaker who are reviewing consecution issues -- concussion issues. the political action committee has given $300,000 to 41 members of a key cook congressional committee that's reviewing concussion research. the lawmakers and nfl haven't commented. today a judge could tell lyft that it's settlement with drivers may not be enough. they agreed to pay more than $12 million to settle the lawsuit over whether it's drivers should be classified as employees or independent
6:56 am
contractors. drivers first sought $126 million in damages. today's hearing standard and will look at the settlement to make sure it's fair. if approved would mean driver who receive an average of $56 each. the settlement doesn't force lyft to classify its drivers as employees. police in the south bay are hoping new surveillance video carrying yes will help them track down two people who stole high end bikes. police say two men stole several high end bikes a locked storage area there last month. the theft is not surprising to the sales manager of a local bike shop called tread. he said thieves even using social media to figure out where bike owners live based on their posts. >> they drill a hole in the garage, hit the release, pull up the garage door, get the bike and can put the door down.
6:57 am
>> price say it wasn't -- police say it wasn't clear if the thief was familiar with the apartment complex. they hope someone recognizes them the video is pretty clear. coming up at 7:00, a search underway for a possible second suspect from this week's terror attacks. up next the red flags raised about the border security just before the attacks >> and accused serial robber was caught. what someone saw him buy that led to his arrest.
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning. a serial bank robber wanted for 15 holdups across northern california since last month. this morning he is behind bars. we will tell you how a tip from a ktvu viewer helped authorities capture the so-called bearded bandit. and a search underway for a second possible suspect in this week's terror attacks in brussels. also hearing from a northern california family who was at the airport close to where one of those bombs went off. this is ktvu "mornings on 2". 7:00. take a look at your screen. this is what you're missing if
7:00 am
you are not outside at this moment. the moon glowing. a gorgeous full moon. more about the day's weather and what the days ahead are going to bring. thursday, this close to friday. i am gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. on your friday eve, i am brian flores in four dave clark. let's get your day started with a look at weather and traffic. it's going to warm up? >> that is correct, sir. >> what a pretty picture. >> clear skies, as gasia touched on. and maybe a little patch or two of some fog. some rain up on the north coast. that's not an impact here. temperatures. a few 30s. a lot of upper 60s to 70s. san francisco 66. 51 the forecast high/low. 62/49 for this time of year. 40 in 1913. the record low. head on over to hayward there and take a look at


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