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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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attention. the first update, those mysterious power spikes that have disabled dozens of bart cars. that we have not definitively determined yet what the source of the original problem was. >> reporter: bart has exhausted all current resources, technology, and outside advisers without a solution. so bart is now assembling a so- called tiger team of experts to do nothing but find out the root of these problems on the concord/pittsburg/bay point line as well as the same but still undetermined earlier failures on the transbay and oakland tracks. this tiger team is fresh, with no previous involvement in these problems but will have access to any people or technology it needs. >> a group of engineers, supervisors, managers, a small group from the disciplines involved, primarily maintenance and engineering, the electrical group, and rolling stock and shops. >> reporter: the board also
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heard about the status of the delivery of 775 new bart cars, cars needed as soon as possible to replace the oldest transit fleet in the nation. the car maker, bombardier, a company in deep financial trouble with late deliveries to amtrak and new york city, toronto, switzerland, phoenix and london, but continues to pile up new orders. the bart contract is already and will remain at least a year behind schedule for the next two to four years. nonetheless, promising to catch up and have all cars delivered by 202 1. >> i believe if we run into any engineering problem, huge engineering problem, there could be another small slippage, but i believe that we're going to execute this contract as stated. >> it but state senator steve glazer, bart's chief critic, remains unconvinced that bombardier can supply cars on tame or at all. >> it has had a troubled past. it continues to this day.
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there's real questions as to whether this company is going to be able to perform. we wants afford the extra time to get another company on board. >> reporter: for now limited train service will remain on the pittsburg/bay point line. we will see that first car at an april 4th press unveiling. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> tom, are you aware of anything written into the contract that essential guarantees that those cars will be delivered on time? it wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement for bombardier saying -- hearing that bart board of directors saying we think the contract is going to be executed as expected. >> reporter: he is the guy that's in charge of the entire program, himself a former member of a railroad building company. the bottom line is this. there are penalties. there are non performance penalties. there are all kinds of what they call liquidated damages. that's all true. that's provided that the company, a, doesn't do what it's supposed to do cherks thinks itl but, b, has the money to pay those liquidated
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damages. and at this point in time, bombardier is asking the canadian government for a billion dollar bailout. they're even looking to new york for money. hopefully this is a coyne canada that's too big to fail. if it is, then everything should go reasonably well except maybe that delivery date. >> let's hope they get close to that delivery date at the very least. today officials dedicated a stretch of highway 87 near highway 280 in san jose to the memory of officer michael johnson. johnson was killed in the line of duty one year ago today. ktvu's ann rubin joins us along that stretch of highway that bears his name. ann. >> reporter: the sign is in an area near downtown, a very well traveled area. the family hopes that this will be a lasting reminder of john sop's memory and a lasting reminder of his sacrifice. for a brief moment authorities shut down the highway, gathered
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the family, and unveiled the tribute one year in the making this section of the highway will bear the name of officer michael johnson. >> he loved the community so much to. see all these people come out and show how much they loved him as much as we did was just phenomenal. i'm so proud that i get to drive down to work every day and see the highway. >> reporter: it was exactly one year ago that johnson was shot and killed while responding to a suicide threat. he had been a 14-year veteran of the police department. this morning a formal ceremony marked the dedication of the road. even though months have passed, the pain is still fresh. so are the memories. >> i hope they think about his smile. he could walk into a room and smile and would it light up the whole place. >> reporter: they say he died doing the job he was destined to do. betty garcia calls him a hero.
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>> the job that the men and women do for this city on a daily basis. >> reporter: assembly member nora campos pushed for the dedication. >> so every time someone drives through and they see memorial highway, officer michael johnson, they will remember. >> reporter: it's a 47 of road johnson used to bick as a kid, and as an adult he drove it to work each day. >> it's amazing. it's disbelief. it couldn't be more perfect. i love it. >> reporter: a second sign in the northbound direction should go up in a day or two. live in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. >> such a touching tribute to the family. ann, thank you. the so-called bearded bandit bank robbery suspect has been caught and today was identified as 30-year-old kenneth ellis of stockton. yesterday an alert ktvu viewer saw the is in the parking lot
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of a safeway store and recognized him from our report on the holdups. >> last night in brentwood, a viewer who saw the telecast on ktvu a few nights ago that you did saw our bearded bandit inside of a safe way over there. they reported that he was acting suspicious. he immediately called the police. >> officers. >> officers pulled him over in the same mustang. sources say ellis was having financial problems and has no criminal history. he's accused of robbing, trying to rob, or indication 15 banks in northern california. he ended up getting away weds 28,000. henry lee talks to the person would 0. the suspect was arrested again. that's tonight at 6:00. four people walked away from an emergency landing at the san jose airport this afternoon. airport officials say the pilot
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of a twin-engine private plane radioed that there was a problem with the plane's landing gear. that small plane landed with the gear collapsed a few minutes after noon. crews sprayed fire retardant foam. we have late word that belgian prosecutors have detained six people in connection with those attacks. the attacks killed at least 31 people and injured 270 more. greg palkot is in brussels with our report tonight. >> reporter: emotions high at a memorial to the victims. people gathering to hold a minute of silence in their memory. belgium's king and queen joining for a wreath laying. >> the liberty of daily life was slaughtered. it's at the basis of our democracy. >> reporter: authorities are on the hunt for a third attacker,
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the man seen wearing a hat and light coat. >> the government and the competent authorities will do their utmost to shed light on both these attacks and all the related events. >> prosecutors say subway bomber khalid el-bakraoui rented the house. officials size brother in bra. a terrorist fighter was set free due to lack of evidence. bell gup's interior minister offered to resign following the revelation. >> clearly this morning i was requested to stay on given the current situation in that a war situation you cannot leave the field. >> reporter: in brussels, greg
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palkot, fox news. in france authorities are reporting the arrest of a french citizen allegedly involved in an advanced terror plot. they say he was arrested north of paris where police are now conducting raids. a bomb squad was also called in. no details on the nature of the planned attack or whether the suspect is linked to the attacks in paris or brussels. the university of california became the first public university system to condemn anti-semitic behavior. uc's governing board adopted that statement. it also. some jewish groups have said they're concerned that anti- semitic behavior is increasing. the statement doesn't outline penalties for violations.
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70 union two. plumbers and pipefitters picketed at the massive campus that is sometimes referred to as the spaceship. the union plumbers claim they're foppedz. >> they should be a good corporate citizen and paid the workers, and not take the. they do say the project supports nearly 13,000 construction jobs. just when chp officers thought they had seen everything they arrested a man who is painted all gold. take a look. oakland chp says an off-duty officer saw this man hit three cars on eastbound 80. the officer followed him until a wheel fell off the suspect's
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car. the c. he was coming from a photo shoot and was hey on inhalants from spray paint. coming up, a longtime homeless services center may be forced to close its doors. >> the city of richmond battling a tbuj. people in san francisco are upset about would they say is a coyote problem in their neighborhood what. is being done to keep their pets safe from the roaming predators, and are residents getting the. i'll let you know what you can expect for the holiday weekend.
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a way ward seal is now being cared for at the marine mammal center in sausalito. it was found in fremont then rescued. she had a tag indicating she had been rescued and treated before for malnutrition. in november the same seal was found and wound up being released in the bay. in san francisco people are concerned about the coyote population. they say their pets aren't safe any more and that the city needs to do something about it. >> today many pet owners gave the board of supervisors an ear full. tara mo i will. >> coyotes have kid at least two small dogs, the most recent
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attack to jeff's dog. >> our dog came racing back in the house, bleeding profusely out of the side, and died within probably 10 minutes. >> they live in balboa terrace, one neighborhood over where neighbors say coyotes lounge in the sun during the day and run wild at night. daniel lives near the family. he came here today to let the board of supervisors know the city isn't doing enough. >> i think it's time to either u than neighs them or at least inject them with some kind of birth control. >> reporter: three years ago officials estimated there were only 15 coyotes in san francisco. now they're everywhere. ktvu found this coyote a few blocks from berks rnal heights park. >> we want our park patrons to feel safe. >> reporter: presidio trust
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has unveiled a plan to start tagging the animals. a move the park would like to do. but killing and relocating the kai note tee, it says, is not an option. >> people have tried throughout the country to eliminate coyotes, the and they just come back. >> reporter: they say that coyotes are here to statement they say never feed coyotes. meantime officials are going to be ramping up erst to keep better tabs on the number of sightings. stay you are going to get more if you don't control the breeding. >> reporter: tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. let's bring in chief mere roll gift. i was down by lake merritt. amazing what weather does. everyone seems come to out of the woodwork. >> you get some nice weather, and you're right, frank, i think people really bait on it and get out and enjoy it. do exactly that because
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tomorrow you are going to get more of the same. a beautiful day in san francisco today. lots of 60s and 70s out there. weather system to the north of us, a few clouds trying to filter in but nothing to be an issue. we will see some changes towards the weekend. you will see that in the five- day forecast. as we look at the current temperatures, 70 in concord, consistent walnut creek, 70 in santa rosa, highs tomorrow are going to make it to the mid 70s. these current temperatures are warmer than yesterday by three degrees in santa rose 15. just to give on idea of the trend. oak land is five degrees warmer right now than it was yesterday at this time. so the warm-up continues. it is going to be warmer or about the same tomorrow and a little warmer on saturday. the overnight lows are getting down there. it's chilly. there's a little fog. i picked up fog in some of those inland bay valleys. tomorrow afternoon, these are the forecast highs. i don't see any oranges. a lot of yellows.
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there's a chance we could see a low 80 down towards morgan hill. wouldn't be surprised up towards marysville, might even see an upper 70. so mid. in san francisco tomorrow 50, mostly sunny. a perfect friday. get out and enjoy. your afternoon drive coming home, or maybe you're going skiing, maybe going up to the mountains, the valley. it is 0 fop 0. friday and saturday done play ate what we -- duplicate what we saw today. then the pattern change kicks insunday and monday. maybe some snow flurries in the mountains. cooler and some gusty winds. that's the story. so the five-day forecast, there
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it is. a little patchy valley fog in the morning hours. there is cooler and windy. if you look -- if you don't look at the bunny real close it kind of looks like a little tick or flee. but it's a bunny and it's getting ready for easter. temperatures are going to be slightly cooler, maybe five or six degrees cooler. >> it's a real leggett bunny. >> thanks bill. >> still to come. new polls out in the race for the white house. they show how each of the candidates stack up against each other including how donald trump would do against hillary clinton. >> the ktvu viewer who spotted the bearded bandit, then called police what. he told us about the hours long stake-out. plus, the real steph curry makes sure that the wax steph curry is up to par, and little rylie weighs in as well. >> how is it, ri?
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is it weird? there's two of us up here.
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volkswagen has one more month to come up with an emissions fix for thousands of diesel cars. a judge issued the port after reports the car maker has made progress in talks about a solution. the scandal broke last september when vw admitted that devices were installed in about 600,000 u.s. cars that would cheat on emissions tests.
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the cars must be brought into compliance with clean air laws or removed. the judge wants an answer by april 21st. the stock markets closed mixed today. the dow jones gained 13, nasdaq added four, and the s & p 500 was down a frac shufnlt wall street marked its first weekly loss since the middle of february. now to the race for president. there are new polls out tonight on how the candidates would do in the general election. joel waldman tells us who came out on top. >> reporter: the latest polls are a hash reminder to the republican party of what it would look like to move forward with front runner donald trump as the gop nome nee. bloomberg politics national poll showing voters favored democrat hillary clinton 54-36% over trump in a hypothetical head to head match-up. and the latest fox news poll backs that up, the survey showing trump trailing clinton by double digits. >> there's a presumption here in washington that a trump
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nominee would essentially hand the white house to hillary clinton. >> it may be why trump is getting more perm in his attacks against ted cruz. the two gop candidates most recently trading tweets about the other's wife. today the trump camp releasing a new video going after politicians who have chosen to endorse the first term texas senator. >> ted cruz is like any other politician. he says whatever he needs to say to get elected. >> ted cruz is not my favorite by any means. >> reporter: while hillary clinton remains the leader on the democratic side, bernie sanders is the run away winner when it comes to hops tee. bloomberg polling showing the vermont senator nearly 40 points ahead of the former secretary of state when it comes to the issue of trust. >> secretary clinton, who was then in the united states senate, heard the same information that i did. she voted for the war in iraq. >> reporter: while hillary clinton bates donald trump in a
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potential head to head match- up, a new poll shows the democratic front runner losing to one gop candidate, john kasich, currently in last place. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. actor and comedian garry shandling died today at the age of 66. he was known for the larry sanders show. shandling hosted the grammys and the emmy awards several times. he died suddenly at a hines los angeles today. still ahead we are just hours away from crab season getting underway. crabbing boats are gearing up now and heading out. when they will be able to cast out their pots and bring in their tasty hauls. if we can't move soon, they'd like us to shut down. >> a homeless services center in san rafael may be forced to shut down as a city works to move the homeless it. next, after years of budget cuts, an east bay city may have
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to make more cuts it is a heads into the next fiscal year.
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the city of richmond says it is struck leg to find ways to close a major budget shortfall. john sasaki tells us cuts could be coming to every city department including public say. >> reporter: in richmond the city's budget is in the red.
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>> it's about -- between $7 million and $8 million, on a $140 million budget. >> reporter: the mayor says the city has had budget problems for years. >> we've cut our workforce by 30% in the last seven years. >> reporter: the police department had a meeting with the finance department in the afternoon to look for ways to trim $1.4 million. that could include eliminating some newer technologies such as license plate readers. >> our hope is not to reduce personnel. the i'm hoping it won't come to. that trchlts new police chief says much of the savings might come from hiring five new officers with grant money. >> closing the gap on staffing means that we don't have to do these sort of mandatory overtime to meet minimum staffing levels, which can be pretty expensive. >> reporter: the fire department will have to trim about $1 million from a $28.5 million budget. >> we're making cuts across the budget. >> reporter: but chief shepherd
5:30 pm
says rotating closures of fire stations are not on the table. >> some administrative functions have been taken away. we don't look at filling those anytime soon. we recently had a fire marshall retire. i have assumed those functions. >> reporter: new revenue could include fees from marijuana and a new litter tax that would focus on cigarette refuge. >> they put a $0.40 tax on cigarettes. >> reporter: this deficit is for fiscal year 2017 which starts this summer but it's not a one-time shortfall which mean any cuts may have to be permanent. a federal jouling in san francisco postponed the sentencing of chinatown crime leader raymond chow. he was supposed to be sentenced after beg convicted on 162 counts including racketeering
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and murder. but defense attorneys asked for more time to file post-trial motions. they're seeking a dismissal of charges and a new trial. the judge agreed to delay sentencing. a hearing is now scheduled for next month to set a new sentencing date. the terrorist attacks in brussels have emergency personnel at home reviewing their own threat response protocols. police and fire officials in fairfield teamed up for a joint exercise today at the solano towne centre mall. the training included an active shooter scenario inside the movie theater at the mall with actors playing injured victims. officers say this training was in the planning stages for month and that the tragedy in brussels is just a reminder that threats can happen anytime, anywhere. >> we do this to prepare. we're hoping that it never happens, but we also know that realistically it probably will at some point so we want to be prepared fort. >> the emergency training started at 6:00 this morning
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and lasted until about noon. this drill is one of several taking place at the mall by police and firefighters during the month of march. the commercial dunn gunness oh oh dungeness crab season is set to begin tomorrow morning. the season normally starts in november but it was delayed after a neuro toxin was found in the crab. we found one fisherman what said's worried about quality this late in the season. >> springtime is the crab's molt. when they lose the shell there's no meat. we don't know if they're molten yet or not. >> fishermen say they have suffered financially and hope to make up some of their losses. they still need to reach an agreement on a price for the crab. recreational crab fishing begins february 11th. the city of san rafael is trying to reduce the number of
5:33 pm
homeless people who tend to congregate downtown. rob roth tells us those efforts may force a longtime program to either move or close down. >> reporter: for the past 35 years, the ritter center has been helping homeless people and the work poor here near downtown san rafael. it's where this homeless man comes to do his laundry, get food, medical occasions and take a shower, gee can't do anywhere else in town while living on the street. >> that also aids us in helping to find jobs because we look and smell like normal people, rather than like bums. >> reporter: but the city may be forcing ritt tore either move out of downtown or drastically reduce the number of people it serves each day. >> i think the goal of the city is to get us to move. if we can't move soon, they would like us to shut down. >> reporter: the problem is homeless people congregate near those services exactly where many businesses and residents don't want them. the owner of this pawnshop a
5:34 pm
block from downtown and across from ritter says enough is enough. >> i've chased thieves into our gates. we collect uncapped needles in our parking lot. we have to pick up fee sines our parking lot. >> reporter: the city council recently approved a moratorium on many downtown homeless services. >> if there were other services offered elsewhere instead of circulated only into san rafael, there would be a little bit of a disbursement because we're concentrated here. >> it's tough enough living on the streets. to not have a place to take a shower and wash your clothes and look like a productive, normal person, would it just make it more difficult. >> reporter: ritter setsz willing to move butt isn't easy especially for a homeless program. the city says it is helping. >> we can't move because we can't find a suitable place. it's a real catch-22. >> reporter: the issue could come to a head in may. that's when the san rafael city council could decide whether to
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close or limit the ritter center or leave it the way it is. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. >> stanford's men's basketball coach has a new job after being let go last week. the university of central florida introduced johnny dawkins today. he says the new job gives him an opportunity to grow and do something special. the 52-year-old spent eight years as the coach of the cardinal. sanford fired him after the team missed out on the ncaa tournament. 19 lane forcement officers are being honored today in the south bay for their actions while on duty. tonight hear from one officer who went way above and beyond to talk a suicidal woman off of the bay bridge. also ahead, a bay area high school basketball team playing for the division 1 state title. it has been a long time coming. the last time berkeley high was in the big game, calvin coolidge was in office. and president obama working
5:36 pm
to mend fences by releasing previously classified files relating to argentina's violent past.
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. president obama is wrapping up his visit to argentina by paying tribute to the victims of that nation's dirt i can't, war 40 years ago. the president promised to open previously classified files related to that period.
5:39 pm
>> reporter: president obama spending his final days in argentina paying tribute to the victims of the dirty war, a dark period of military rule marked by the deaths of tens of thousands. it was sparked by a military coup supported by the u.s. president obama says it's time for america to take responsibility for the role it played. >> democracies have to have the courage to acknowledge when we don't live up to the ideals that we stand for. we've been slow to speak out for human rights. >> the president has agreed to declassify previously secret documents including for the first time military and intelligence records. his argentine counterpart noticing the symbolic actions. are some offended by the timing
5:40 pm
and are still skeptical after decades of mistrust. >> it is a provocation that he has chosen to come on this date in which we recognize 40 years of a coup de tat. >> confronting crimes committed by our own leaders, by our own people that can be divisive and frustrating, but it's essential to moving forward. >> reporter: the president and first family are make one more stop, doing some sight seeing in patagonia before heading home to the white house. in washington, i'm garrett tenney. >> secretary of state john kerry spent the day in russia meeting with vladimir putin. this comes ten days after putin announced that he was pulling the military out of syria. today both leaders acknowledged the progress but kerry is hoping to see more action from russia toward a political
5:41 pm
transition in syria. >> the serious approach that we have been able to cooperate on has made a difference to the life of people in syria and to the possibilities of making progress on peace. >> secretary of state kerry will be traveling to brussels tomorrow to offer u.s. support following those terrorist attacks earlier this week. 19 bay area peace officers honored. and along with thanking them for going above and beyond the call of duty, officials used the opportunity to talk about some very serious issues. the boys varsity team here in berkeley is hoping to bring a championship to this gi. hear about the excitement. getting ready for that holiday weekend for many. i'll have the specifics on what you can expect for saturday and sunday.
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the boys basketball team there berkeley high, the yellow jacket, playing for the title. the first time berkeley high has played in championship game since the nineteen 20s. cristina rendon is on campus in the gym. >> reporter: well, frank, tip- off is in two hours. the boys team is lirnd sacramento at the sleeptrain arena, home of the kings. it is a big difference from this gym where the only
5:45 pm
championship basketball banners on display belong to women. berkeley high school is buzzing about the big boys on campus. the yellow jackets varsity basketball team. >> we can't get too excited because we're not at the game yet. right now we have to make sure we stay calm to the game. >> reporter: the boys are headed to the division 1 championship for the first time since 1924, back when calvin coolidge was president. >> i'm excited. i'm ready. i've been thinking about the game all week. >> the city of berk hall been waiting for a champion ship to be brought back for a very long time. my mom wasn't born, my grandmother wasn't born in 1924 so this is very exciting for us to leave our legacy. >> reporter: after clinching the northern california title last week they take on their
5:46 pm
opponent this week. >> we know they're a talented team but we believe we are, too. >> i think this team has come together and is peaking at the right time. >> reporter: the only banners on display belong to women. after 92 years they say it it's their turn. >> coach is always telling them, leave your legacy. >> hopefully we get a w so we can get the banner in here. >> it's been one of our big goals as a team. it will mean the world for us to bring it back. >> we're told the berkeley high alumni are very excited that the boys are bringing basketball back. they're also getting well wishes from around the city for their obviously big game tonight. frank, i know you're probably rooting for them, too. >> class of '76. we had some good teams in the '70s, but this is fantastic
5:47 pm
news for them. ktvu has its own yellow jackets. take a look. here they are. there's frank. >> that guy is good looking there on the left. >> that's a picture of you in high school. the picture in the middle, john sasaki. this was taken around the time he was at berkeley high. and in his cap and gown, there's alex. >> alex looks exactly the same. >> he does. >> now a look at john and alex today showing their yellow jacket pride in matching shirts that say i love bsf. our producer chris is an alumni of crespy. i guess we could say we have in a-house rivalry. >> i got one of those shirts, too. it's on my desk. back in the '70s we had a guy by the name of gene ran. so he was phenomenal, but we never went to the championship. a check of weather from bill martin. >> you have to realize when you say nevada state champions orendain regone state champions
5:48 pm
or new york, when you talk about california, awe ear talking about five states. it is the d 1 potential and a big deal. >> the berkeley high girls team has been very good, but this is the first time the boys team has gone there. you're right. >> it's a big deal. >> it's been years since they've had this chance. >> what time is the game? >> later on tonight. >> i'm on that. that's exciting. >> our producer just said, i hope c rerkz spy wins. we had a warm day. temperatures are going to be warmer tomorrow or the same. then warmer still as we head into your bay area saturday. so tomorrow, like today, lots of 70s. antioch got to 76. a beautiful day. notice my allergies today. i actually get the pollens that mess with me more than the trees. you've got skyline shot tonight, no fog at the coast. there was fog earlier this
5:49 pm
morning. valley fog in some of the inland bay valleys, short- lived. look at this ohio mississippi valley. that's a big one. it is a mavs off to the eastern seaboard, you are going to find some slowdowns in atlanta, new york, boston, chicago is going to have issues, denver is still digging out. so tomorrow's travel or tent's travel, just check ahead. that system on the east coast should be offshore by tomorrow certainly, but it should cause you some backups in the overnight hours. pay attention to. that in the many time there's our cloud cover what clouds we will see tonight at sunset under a ridge of high pressure which means fair weather right into the bay area friday and saturday. current temperatures are in the 70s in some places. a little bit breezy as we head into the bay area weekend. high pressure setting up to give us a great tomorrow, friday. another really nice saturday. quite frankly, even though this system kicks in, comes in kind of from the north and the east, or comes down from the north, it's a colder.
5:50 pm
shouldn't be that we have. snow in the mountains, even though this thing drops in. it's still going to be a beautiful easter sunday and monday but we will see some gusty indz. temperatures slightly cooler. so mid-70s not something we're going to see on sunday. but we will see those on saturday. here's the next few days. there's friday out there. kind of giving you the long range. i want to you see the jet stream. so here is friday. here comes that inside slider on saturday. sunday it drops down. see, it drops some activity around the foothills of the sierra nevada, but misses us. monday, a weak inside slider. as we head into tuesday, still kind of lingering in the mountains. as that thing translates in the great basin it's going top load. but we're on the wrong side. usually they come in from the west and move towards east. this one is going in from the north, then moving east, so it's missing us, which is not the norm actually. it happens occasionally.
5:51 pm
there's wednesday. so what did i just show you? i just showed you looks like rain. there could be a sprinkle or two, but not enough to shut your plans down. the main impact of that system will be breezy on sunday and monday, with temperatures not like these. mostly in the mid-60s for sunday and monday. so in the meantime there's your friday. enjoy your friday and saturday. the five-day forecast is stung. a little bit of fog in the morning hours. right into the cooling beginning on sunday. there's a slight chance of sprinkles in there but not much. i always laugh when people go, oa buddy of mine was all wide receiver for nevada, it's a big deal. but when you talk about all- state sever or all-state basketball d 1 in this state -- >> what do we have, 29 million people? >> it's a massive accomplishment. >> what year did you graduate? >> i was '77. >> very exciting. >> we won north section. that was up in the valley. never state. >> bill, thank you. ktvu sports has two
5:52 pm
specials coming up ahead of opening day for the a's and the giants. our special giants 2016 armed and dangerous airs tomorrow night at 10:30. the a's special will be rung saturday night at 10:30. let's hope both teams do well. there's always a lot of optimism at the beginning of the season. still ahead, peace officers honored for heroic actions. >> it's good to be able to be versed in that area of training and being able to rely upon it when necessary. >> in a fashion you may expect, those officers were humble while accepting the award, even after saving someone's life. and an interesting new ruling you know san francisco. does being habitually drunk mean you can't be deported? the gum's decision at 6:00. plus, steph curry meets his wax figure, and he joke, it may be missing one thing. >> there might be a seasonal
5:53 pm
accent missing.
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it was a sight for sore eyes along the shores of california's second largest reservoir. the water board is in flood control mode and began releasing water from lake oroville this morning. right now it is 83%. that is more than 10% vaferg for this time of year. lake oroville has filled up fast with recent el niƱo
5:56 pm
stores. hat risen 180 feet since its december low. but officials say it's not enough to lift water use restrictions. if as long as there's a drought declaration, we have the power to ask water districts to keep con serving water. >> the state has been releasing water from the state's largest reservoir for several days now. water officials want to wait until the end of the water year in april to measure water levels. they're re-- they will reevaluate the water situation in california at that time. in the south bay today some special recognition for 19 law enforcement officers from various bay area departments. among the honorees a chp officer who went above and beyond to keep a distraught woman from jumping off the bay bridge. jesse gary has the story and a closer look at the training that allowed the officer to do his job. >> reporter: if ever someone shuns the limelight, it's
5:57 pm
officer jeremy miles. he stood sheepishly to collect an award well earned for heroism. >> i'm honored that i'm getting the award, but honestly i think i just went to work that day, did my job and went home. >> reporter: that's an over-sim play if i indication. flash back to february. he and his partner, dustin, received a radio call for a distraught woman contemplating jumping from the bay bridge. efforts bithe officer to talk the woman back failed. so maya, using a harness to secure himself, climbed out on the ledge, too. >> i was able to utilize my training to assist her with coming back off the ledge. >> reporter: maya has been trained for such incidents. >> just so we can come up with better actions, not every person that we encounter needs to go to jail. >> reporter: he says that day in february he focused on slowing down events and making a person connection.
5:58 pm
textbook training according to the behavioral health services. >> officers, we've learned, have a tendency to want to jump to -- from a to b really fast, and we want them to begin to use their words to talk. >> reporter: 20 minutes of soul- searching talk allowed maya to make the connection that's the difference between life and death. >> it's good to be able to be versed in that area of training and being able to rely upon it. >> reporter: so this reluctant hero says' relieved the spotlight is fading. but he won't be able to dodge the next honor. injust a few months his wife makes him a father for the second time. in santa claire remarks jesse gary, fox 2 news. the bearded ban at this time caught. police say the man behind at least a dozen bank robberies is now behind bars. and officers think he even changed his beard and his head. good evening. i'm frank somerville.
5:59 pm
>> i'm julie haener. tonight we are hearing from the tipster who helped put an end to those hold-ups. he said he recognized the bandit from a tv report he saw right here on ktvu. today he spoke with crime reporter henry lee. >> reporter: this is video showing brentwood police arresting 30-year-old kenneth ellis of stockton. police say he's the bank robber known as the bearded ban duty. he's accused of robbing, or trying to rocks 15 bainchts when police swooped in his head and beard were shaved off leaving only a goatee. just hours earlier he looked the way you see him here with a full beard. and that's what he looked like when he walked out of this safe way store in brentwood. he was spotted by a ktvu viewer what wanted only to be identified as james. >> i noticed a gay walking out, and i said to myself, that looks just like the bearded bank robber that i've seen on channel 2. i didn't understand it. when i saw all the broadcasts, know never change his style. it was always the same. >> last night in brentwood, a
6:00 pm
viewer who saw the telecast on ktvu a few nights ago that you did saw our bearded bandit inside of a safeway over there. they reported that he was acting suspicious. it he immediately called the police. >> reporter: brentwood officers showed up. ellis was gone, but the ford mustang he was driving was still there. so police staked the car out for hours, and it paid off. police say ellis went to a nearby gym to shave and came back to the mustang. he drove off but was arrested during a traffic stop. police say he didn't ask why he was beg stopped. sources tell us ellis has no criminal history but is a business owner would told police he's been suffering from financial problems. the bearded bandit robbed 11 banks throughout northern california, taking $28,000. police say he tried to rob a 12th and cased three others. as for the witness, james says he was at the right place at the right time. >> civic duty. just doing what anybody else would do, i would think. i'm not hero or


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