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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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racist graffiti in the children's part. police have suspects but wonder why the vandals would use racist words against themselves. a powerful message of community. >> family conference, strangers come together for easter and
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builds community. the faithful gathered to celebrate. forget nascar. delbert -- daredevils take to the crook it is street in the city in a san francisco tradition. the 10:00 new zone ktvu fox two news starts now. i am ken wayne. >> i am heather holmes. it is a disturbing case of vandalism one that san leandro police need help solving. racist graffiti was scrawled at marina park overnight, a 30 acre park with picnic and play areas along the san leandro shoreline. deborah beale alone talked with investigators and learned that the slurs have again component. >> reporter: investigators believe a hayward gang came into san leandro and tied the part fair in certain about why. easter egg hunts were still going strong at marina park even as the sun started to drop and temperatures cool. many stolen the part's south
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end did not seem to notice the freshly painted wall.>> stupidity is stupid.>> reporter: this dad had heard about the graffiti discovered by of this easter morning. >> it doesn't belong here. too many kids. all types of races here. there ain't been no trouble. we have been your most of the day.>> we do not believe this is a white supremacist game but a turf game. >> reporter: along with graffiti that was anti-african- american, there was a face with a red hat and symbols suggesting the number 14, identified with the norton euros street gang.>> they are marking their territory. their expletives on the wall as well as derogatory comments about african-american and hispanic races. >> reporter: a mexican medicare can -- a mexican-american gang
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slurred itself. >> why would again with different ethnicities spray paint the words that were on this wall?>> reporter: san leandro made a quick arrested the 21-year-old man suspected of spray painting graffiti on a building. they say that has no connection to this vandalism.>> there's a lot of gang activity in hayward. >> reporter: generally people feel safe in the park. on this busy holiday, police made a point to be visible near the defaced wall. after a few slow rolls through the parking lot, some large groups left. clearing out under the watchful eyes of officers abandoning their easter mass for others to clean up. the graffiti possibly more prank than hate crime. >> a lot of people hang out to look at the water.
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sometimes they may drink or smoke around here. a lot of times when that in their system, they may do things they will regret later. >> police say because the messages were mixed, not directed at a person or group and not threatening, the hate crime element becomes more murky. if the damage exceeds $950, it is felony vandalism. they are hoping to hear back from anyone who knows something. >> you mentioned this happened overnight. can anyone have access to that park at any time? >> reporter: it is popular at night. people like to see the city lights. there is a 10 pm curfew, but it's almost impossible to enforce. there are several ways in and no gates. no way to lock it up. also, there are few surveillance cameras, another reason they need tips from the public. >> let's hope to get those. thank you. in pakistan, officials say and eastern day
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-- easter day blast killed 65 people and wounded 300 others. a spokesman for to alabama group told the ap the suicide attack deliberately targeted christians on easter sunday. the explosion took place near an area filled with children's rides. a government spokesman announced a three-day mourning people and promised to bring them to justice. pope francis announced violence and his easter address at st. peter's square. tens of thousands of catholics went through security to get near the pontiff and listen to his message. the pope urged people to support the victims of terrorism and efforts to stop the violence. he also called on more countries to welcome migrants and refugees fleeing war-torn areas. many people marked the holiday today with the loved ones. others focus on strangers.
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cara liu shows us how the glide foundation made that happen. >> reporter: moved by music, lifted by faith, sharing and community. thousands joined for guides easter celebration in san francisco's tenderloin. led by cecil williams, glide has been serving san francisco's homeless for more than 50 years. >> love is an active saying to the world i accept you as you are.>> you get in the moment and the spirit and take a break in life. being thankful and feeling resurrected. >> i was diagnosed with a terminal disease in san diego. i decided to move here and the church helped me feel like i am involved with the community. >> a very powerful message of
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community and inclusion.>> reporter: downstairs in the kitchen, volunteers are serving 3000 hot meals including fried chicken, math potatoes -- mashed potatoes and a piece of fruit. for kathleen gonzalez, it met support in her struggle with illness and addiction.>> this is part of a step forward for me to stop and get something to eat and start all over.>> why is it about transformation? it's about rising up from the dead. it's about life more than death. we believe transformation as possible if we can accept each other.>> reporter: cara liu, ktvu fox 2news. some more fun, the 25th annual easter
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parade also held in san francisco this afternoon. the street fair included more than just the easter bunny, both kids and adults came out to enjoy entertainment including rollerskating fairy scott train rides, games, and live music. is known as the biggest little parade in san francisco. another san francisco tradition, the easter celebration on mount davidson. this morning marked the 94th sunrise service on the highest peak in the city. several churches in san francisco sponsored the service that draws thousands of people every year. the cross at mount davidson is one him of the largest in the country at 103 feet tall. uc berkeley officials announced an interim leader in the effort to battle sexual misconduct. three prominent faculty members have resigned amid sexual harassment allegations. a basketball coach was recently
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fired. nicholas dirks announced in a statement that social scientists's department dean carla has since been appointed to tackle sexual harassment and assault claims including resolving pending cases. the times reports the university is investigating 25 sexual harassment or violence cases. san francisco police investigating circumstances around the disappearance of a man with mental health issues. perez reyes has been seen in three days. authorities say he has the mental capacity of the six-year- old. police say his caretaker left him with her boyfriend thursday so that she could go to a funeral and that's when both men disappeared. reyes is about 5 foot six, 185 pounds with brown eyes and brown hair. it was last seen wearing a gray hat and tan and brown plaid shirt, bluejeans, black and gray shoes. richmond police investigating the shooting of
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the 21-year-old last night. officers responded to a gunshot victim call on main street near 17th. the victim was bleeding and they gave him first aid but the man died at the hospital. they identified him as malik booker. police have not released information on a suspect automotive. fire officials released a new video from a morning fire that is being considered suspicious. it started before four this morning at an abandoned warehouse. flames were reported on the second floor of the building. witnesses told fire officials they heard an explosion in the area. there were no reports of injuries. the cause of the fire is under investigation. firefighters found evidence that people may have been living inside the building. a vote is expected next week for a new law that would require convicted drunk drivers in california to use an ignition interlock device. the driver has to blow into the device before his or her car will start preventing people
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who have had too much to drink from driving. the jarome -- drivers -- devices are required in four counties in california. bill 1046 would expand the program to all 58 counties. a demonstration of the device is set for a news conference tomorrow at police headquarters ahead of the committee vote in sacramento tuesday. a bay area man is facing vehicular manslaughter charges and drunk driving after a crash on 80 near cordelia. mark croll he of sison city was traveling on the interstate near the highway when he struck a disabled car that was on the shoulder. that vehicle crashed into the two people standing in front of it, killing one, and 18-year- old girl. the other victim and probably were hospitalized. a horrific head-on crash in the mission dolores neighborhood left one dead.
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the driver was near 18th and gore arrow when he suffered a medical emergency and crashed into another car. the driver of that vehicle suffered minor injuries. the vta is back up and running between the civic center in st. james stations. it was shut down thursday for emergency track repairs. crews had to replace a frog that allows trains to transfer from one set of rails to another. investigators found a crack a week and half ago. the crack could have caused a derailment. crab fishermen are waiting for wholesalers to complete test of the quality of crabs in order to set a price. the stateless -- lifted its ban on grabbing yesterday. the season was delayed five months after hazardous toxins were found in a crushstation. two boats went out to catch crabs. they will be testing the quality of the meat. test results are expected tomorrow and if all goes well,
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the long crab drought could be over by weeks end. police officers give police and edge when it comes to catching criminals. at 10:45, learn what goes into training police dogs. college sweethearts traveling with family. we're learning more about the kentucky couple killed in the attack in brussels. residential candidates did not slow down on easter. the war of words continue on the campaign trail.
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a system ming in from the north of the past few hours. i will let enough the cloud stick around
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when stored pacifica, san mateo. temperatures will be in the 40s to right around 50 degrees to start out your monday. you can see gusts throughout the day. the strongest winds towards half-moon bay. this is monday 7 am. they will be clocking in throughout the north and evening hours. they could grab you back it up as we head into tuesday. here's the area of low pressure. a cold front will move into nevada over the next few days. coming up at 10:40, we'll talk about snow in the forecast. forget the easter bunny.
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a chance to win it checked out tricycle. the challenge that brings out large crowds. the warriors continued their winning ways in their quest for history. highlights next in sports.
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ken and i were in the newsroom at about 7:00. at 7:30, we realize the game was over.>> it's not a complete night when they are not playing.>> the numbers continue to pile up for the warriors. nine games left to play, they are close to wrapping up the number one playoff spot in the northwest. hosting the worst team in basketball, the 76ers. the warriors get their opponents best every night. marie's face on the offense aboard, jamming down some teams and doing what is his custom,
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hitting two shots from beyond the arc. that it was time for the starters to kick in in. stephen curry with greene. green is fouled -- greene is fouled. 12 triple-double of the season. by halftime, the warriors had a 16 point lead. thompson -- thompson heated it up in the second half. thompson, 7-14 from three point range, consecutive games for -- topping points with consecutive games for the second time in his career. 117-105 for the warriors. they are five games up on the spurs for the top playoff spot on the west with nine regular- season games to play. the landscape changed dramatically when it came to women's pac-12 basketball. for years, it was stanford, then everybody else.
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stanford in a big hole against washington today trying to make it into the final four. they had no answer for shantel inside two of her 24, palling from behind. they came back in the second half to make it close. that was thompson with three of for 19 points. mccall hit three from -- with 7.5 minutes left. washington stretched out the lead with two off the board. washington wins -- went seven of eight as the sanford players new their fate. washington moves and then the final four with an 85-76 win.>> for some reason, it did not come out with the intensity and aggressively it's that we needed to. i am proud of our team. we had a great season, we have a young team that i hope will rededicate itself in the off- season and we want to be back here going to the final four
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next year. the men's final four is set. for the third straight game, the regional top seed was sent packing. jim berry chaim of syracuse tried to upset virginia, the number one team in the nude -- midwest. that didn't seem likely one london karate made his shots. the orange closed the game on a 29-8 run. alec i richardson put syracuse in front for the first time since early in the first half. richardson scored 21 of his 23 points. he comes up empty on his first try. the orange keep it alive. richardson gets two more, syracuse pulls off the 68-62 upset. the orange had to wait for the late game to see who the opponent would be in the final four. north carolina trying not to be the fourth number one against notre dame. the irish hanging around early, vijay beauchamp drives baseline. he jam step two of his 18 points. watch the guys on the bench. they get going. i have time, the tar heels had
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taken the lead. a wild scramble for the ball in the second half. kennedy makes throws long downcourt, then pinson sets up hicks for a lot. with carolina wins 88-74. the tar heels the only top seed still around will make their record 19th trip to the final four. lots more on sports wrap we will see you then. a friendly race on the streets of san francisco all and it having a good time. coming up, a look at the bring your own big wheel of it. violence breaks out in brussels 100th dressed in black show up at a memorial for the victims of the terror attacks. the actions that led police to call them hooligans.
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a riot broke out at the memorial for terrorists attack victims in brussels. the police used a water cannon to disperse the crowds. brady is in brussels where the mayor expressed discuss at the violence. belgian continues to morning. >> reporter: in the very square with the people of brussels have been gathering each day to remember the dead and wounded, a group of protesters clashed with riot police. upland peace march had been canceled because of security concerns and stretched police resources. this group decided to protest anyway. they were greeted with water cannons. and all this on easter sunday as church services across belgium remember the victims of tuesday's attacks. as worshipers reflected on the
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week's terrible events, soldiers patrolled outside.>> these attacks targeted the foundations of our society, respect, liberty, and solidarity. it's important to underline that the beauty feet -- beauty of a modern society like ours is that whilst we are all different, we are able to respect one another's differences.>> reporter: many people spoke of their need to come together at this time.>> people must demonstrate how they are in the uniting together. people can't hide. if you hide, they win.>> reporter: there were 13 more raids today and nine more arrest. elgin police have charged a fourth man with terrorist activity. it's understood it was this man who was shot friday.
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among the others charged, chef who, who faces charges of terrorist murder, attempted murder, and membership of a terrorist organization. he was arrested outside the investigators front door. brussels is slowly returning to normal. questions persist about the intelligence failings that preceded tuesday's bond that means -- bombings. the interior ministry has invested 420,000,000 pounds in police and security over the past two years. given the events of this week, many people are wondering just what that was spent on. this has been the darkest of weeks for the people of belgian. they are hope now is whatever lessons are learned, the city never has to go through this again. in the brady, sky news, brussels.>> condolences are pouring in for the american
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company killed in brussels.>> reporter: the family was holding out hope that they were still alive. the schultz's were reported in hospital in brussels. that it was -- that was not correct. they were killed at the brussels airport. justin was originally from tennessee, tennessee -- his wife from kentucky. they labored and will -- they were living in brussels when stephanie took a job there in 2015. they would lived in the heart of the city and were at the heart of the brussels airport saying goodbye to a loved one. stephanie's mother was not hurt. justin's brother stated the last thing my brother ever told me is that he loved me. go rest tie on that mountain. he went on to say his brother traveled the world and left every destination header then when he arrived. john kerry weighing in telling the prime minister brussels the
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united states is praying and grieving with you for the loved ones of those cruelly taken from us, including americans and for the many who were injured in these despicable attacks. outside of the schultz's, two other americans were killed. their names have not been err -- release.>> hundreds of migrants protested today after false reports of a greased -- chris porter reopening. many of the migrants are from syria and iraq. they gathered at the border expecting it to be open. 11,000 migrants and refugees are reportedly trapped increase near that location. many demanded police reopen the border while others encouraged people to avoid entering may sidonia illegally.>> some of these people made a plan and they don't know how to do it.
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i don't believe. i don't trust. i don't want to follow them. i was telling everyone to wait for another solution. i don't want to go in a legal way.>> the grease may sidonia and border was shut down this month as were many others. the european union is cutting down on a massive migration of war refugees to european countries. smaller companies in the fantasy sports industry say they could be put out of business by the laws intended to recognize the games as legal. the licensing fees built into some of those laws is the problem. laws passed in virginia and indiana require a $50,000 registration fee, something smaller businesses say they can't afford. other states are considering similar fees although a proposal in new york calls for an initial fee of a half million dollars. the two largest companies say they oppose the high fees. smaller company say the costs could be devastating to their businesses. >> it has become an easter
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sunday tradition for some big wheeling adults. about 100 people brought their tricked out tricycles. around four, the crowd let loose. the tradition began back in 28 -- 2000. residents were not thrilled about it. the a very's -- easter event headed for vermont street in 2008.>> i was here last year. a friend of mine lives on patrol hill.>> i got the minions edition. she has the classic.>> video of the finish line was taken by devon myers. people did dress up in all sorts of wacky outfits as they raced down the truce -- twisty streets. riders have to sign a waiver before heading down the hill.
10:35 pm
good news, no one was hurt.>> as mentioned, that video was shot using fresco news, anat that helps you make money by sharing your pictures and videos with ktvu. mike mibach sat down with frescoes ceo to learn more.>> shoot it, share it, fresco it.>> reporter: a new app allows you to be part of the team.>> if fox two uses your video, you get paid.>> once you download it, you have access to our assignments map. on that map you actually see as a user all of the active assignments that your station has put out.>> reporter: bay area residents are snapping
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away.. people are also taking videos at scenes. like this structure fire in san francisco or hail coming down in murano with a rainbow to follow.>> $20 a photo, $50 for videos. that's pretty great, especially if you sell if you at once.>> reporter: the idea popped up a year ago and it is rob -- up and running in bringing your to the newsroom.>> we are changing the way in which videos are gathered. what will always be there is the proper journalistic context that the newsroom puts over these videos with the teams you have in place already. a tractor company setting up stock in cuba. the steps the owners took to expand and help the cuban people. cooling continues. a live look at downtown. mark tamayo is coming up with
10:37 pm
your full forecast.
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the blustery conditions. throughout the day monday, this forecast model trying to generate a few sprinkles, a light shower to parts of the north base -- bay. we'll keep an eye on tuesday. this was -- is what happens by 4:00. a slight chance of pop up showers in the bay area. be watching out for that as this weather system dives into nevada over the next couple of days. the main impact stress, cooler temperatures, gusty winds for tomorrow and some sierra snow. they will pick up a good 3-6 inches in the monday forecast. here we go with the updated model showing you this. look at this, some accumulating snowfall monday and possibly once again into tuesday. we will keep an eye on wraparound moisture approaching
10:44 pm
the bay area tuesday. forecast ties for your monday, a lot cooler at least compared to last week. temperatures will be in the upper 50s to low to mid-60s. hayward, 64, antioch, 65, san jose, 65, half-moon bay, 60. a look ahead of your five day forecast. temperatures not changing much over the next few days. a slight chance of a shower tuesday. wednesday and thursday, bear skies. friday, another weak system approaches the system. picking up clouds and chance of precipitation saturday morning. heather, you're talking about the gusty winds today. it will stick around for tomorrow. if you have plans for the coast, factor that in.>> if you are in walnut creek, it will not be nearly as windy.>> it's a coastal bay thing. it's kind of two different weather world. sports rack -- wrap is coming up right
10:45 pm
after the news. the golden state warriors record-breaking run continues. the warriors close to nailing down the playoff spot. the men's final four is set, the women's final four will not include stanford. we will tell you about it at 11. catching criminals. our crime reporter gets an up close look at the crucial role of a police dog.
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a $10,000 reward is being offered to find the person who shot and killed and oakland man outside a liquor store. the unidentified 24-year-old man was on 71st year a national boulevard when he was shot after an argument. this was the third homicide in
10:48 pm
oakland since thursday. police and concord continue to search for this man. james gerard is wanted in connection with a drive-by shooting that injured in eight- year-old boy playing in his backyard. investigators say they received several tips about the 32-year- old's whereabouts. their searches have come up empty. officers say the boy is recovering well and should be released from children's hospital soon.>> k-9 officers can give law enforcement officers and edge when it comes to taking criminals into custody. they are intensely trained and obedient. henry lee had a first look at ronin.>> reporter: i am joined by christian palmer. tell me a little bit about your dog and what he does as far as apprehension. >> he is trained to locate and find during the location process if the suspect decides not to give up or poses a threat towards officers or the
10:49 pm
public, the dog is deployed in apprehension mode as far as going and then biting the suspect and pulling them out from whatever hiding spaces might be in or crawlspace or attic or under house, anything that the suspectmight used to conceal himself or herself.>> how long have you been working with ronin we>> i've been working with him for 5.5 years. he is from hungary. we use a vendor down south that i got him from. we have been training him ever since.>> reporter: what kind of suspects have you found? >> anything from suspects and stolen vehicles to carjacking suspects to murder suspects. he is one him of our dogs that employees with our swat team. he goes with them on high risk situations, barricades, anything like that. he gets a variety of
10:50 pm
deployments from small to large. >> reporter: tell me about this special suit. >> this is a bite suit, used for training. it alleviates any kind of injury to our decoys that we use during our k-9 training. is padded everywhere, so depending on where the dog comes in and tries to apprehend you, he will -- you will have protection.>> reporter: ronin thinks this is training. i will essentially be a chew toy.>> basically he knows the bite suit means it's time to bite. based on the number of years i have been working with him, every time the bite suit comes out, it's tribeãa time for training or work. >> the k-9 unit is said to be
10:51 pm
one him of the best in the country. it consists of four teams. they are trained to catch criminals and detect narcotics. he felt snubbed by his grandchildren. many could relate. the easter surprise for one grandfather. turns out lemon juice doesn't cure pink eye. hi. how are you doing today? that's how i am. red head fred. ultra rare. i collect these too. nah, these are for my dog because he can never decide which one he wants until he gets home, so... american express presents the blue cash everyday card with no annual fee. cash back on purchases.
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my only concern is that this is where we put food. a dog's foot is cleaner than a human's mouth. that's what they say. is it? cleaner than my mouth. backed by the service and security of american express.
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. a grandfather in oklahoma celebrated easter with hundreds of strangers all across the country. his story went viral after over one of the six grandchildren came to a cookout at his house. he was anything but lonely today.>> reporter: hundreds rushed to purcell oklahoma from literally all over. >> where did you come from? >> we came from houston.>> des moines.>> winnipeg.>> we love you.>> why would we not drive five hours?>> reporter: this is kenny harmon. you might know him as pop-up. >> i was born in picture a, i
10:55 pm
lived in the lacher debruhl area all my life.>> reporter: now he is an internet sensation. it took him a little while to figure it out. >> i did know about the story for 24 hours. i'm not on facebook. i am not all social media. >> reporter: after his granddaughter tweeted this famous photo... >> i did know what kelsey was doing. she always has a camera.>> nobody showed up to his dinner. i said, what if nobody showed up at this cookout? i need to be there.>> what was your excuse? >> i actually had a different obligation that i had planned the week before that. when he called me i told him that i would be there thursday, because it all happen wednesday. orr three of them had an excellent excuse because they did know about it.>> reporter: the families mission, to remind us all about the importance of
10:56 pm
cherishing your family no matter their age. >> this cookout is about trying to get people to realize that you need to call your grandparents and say you love them and take them out to eat. it will come to an end.>> everybody needs attention including grandma and grandpa. >> that week. >> very sweet. >> kelsey, the granddaughter who tweeted the original picture, has 60,000 followers now. she says the biggest thing was there are so many people who realize they know -- need to go see their grandma and grandpa. it's important.>> a good story. very good lesson. hang onto your hat if you're by the coast. >> near the coast and the day inland, breezy. no real strong storms, april is a wild-card month. we will see what happens with weather. thanks for joining us. sports wrap coming up next.
10:57 pm
we will see you next time.>> good night, everybody.
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straight ahead, holiday fun at oracle. how one warrior is dropping eggs into the basket like anyone has. how these women, they came crashing down one game short of the final four. why orange is the official easter color. with opening day in sight, last year, those struggles, struggled away.


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