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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 28, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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a push to expand the state's ignition interlock law. we are live with mothers against drunk driving as it teams up with survivors and police to help pass what they call the life-saving bill. and raising the minimum wage in california. how much some workers could be paid by 2022. plus, meredith kessler of marin county. the professional triathlete and ironman champion. we talk to her about her training and work to help injured athletes. yes, indeed. that is san jose international. how are you feeling on this very crisp monday morning? if i was a commercial airline pilot, i would probably cue this song up as i take off. no flights taking off at the 9:00 hour out of mineta. welcome to "the 9". it's a pretty shot behind us here in oakland.
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alongside sal. >> a little steppenwolf? >> it felt right on this monday morning. >> absolutely. hello, pam. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> you're here all week? >> we love it. >> before get to the news, bart is reporting minor delays. a train stalled out this morning early and turned out to be a train that had to be taken out of service. they took it out of service. they opened up the tracks. there were delays for most of the morning. so you still might see some on bart. >> they were just coming back from that track repair. >> right. bart had an interesting month. >> yes. >> from the tracks to the roadway. one person killed after a very bizarre accident on a bay area freeway this morning. >> yeah. it happened on interstate 280 in san francisco. ktvu fox 2's christien kafton has been out there. interesting details maybe about how that person was on the freeway in the first place? >> reporter: yeah. some very bizarre details out here. to give you a sense of where we are, we are on i-280 southbound
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just north of the alemany boulevard exit. can you see clean-up crews working to clean up the roadway. chp investigation winding down at this time. at this time they are investigating this as a hit-and-run. now, chp tells me that this all started at 6:18 this morning when calls started coming into their dispatch center about a man in his underwear crawling on the roadway. then moments later calls started coming in that that person had been hit by at least one car. >> we got a call this morning of an individual crawling in the lanes of traffic in his underwear. and shortly after that report, that some vehicles had hit that individual. >> reporter: now, currently chp is restricting i-280 southbound down to two lanes. again they are expected to wrap up their investigation shortly. at this point investigators don't know was hit on i-280. several witnesses stopped and told the chp that they had been
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around when this accident occurred. now, one of the things i asked is if there were any abandoned vehicles in the area to indicate where this person may have come from. they said that is not the case. the major mystery is who is out here. why that individual was oner out on the roadway. they say he was so badly injured when he was struck they are going to have to identify him by fingerprints or dental analysis. >> christien kafton in francisco. thank you. san leandro police want to know who spray painted racist graffiti on a wall at marina park. >> yeah. someone wrote racial slurs on the wall directed at latinos and african-americans. >> ktvu fox 2's alex savidge tells us the reason police think this may be actually gang related. >> reporter: well, san leandro police believe this was the work of a local gang. investigators say there were racial slurs that were spray painted on this amphitheater wall here at the south end of marina park. and you can see that everything has since been painted over by city crews. but here is what things look
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like over the weekend. the racist graffiti was discovered thursday morning. they targeted african-americans and hispanics. police found symbols associated a local street gang and they are working with gang investigators from the city of hayward on this case. people who use the park say they are troubled by the offensive graffiti. >> doesn't belong here. too many kids. it's all different types of races. everybody getting along. it ain't been no trouble. we been here most of the day. >> during the day yesterday san leandro police made a point to be visable near the wall that was defaced as a lot of people enjoyed easter sunday in the park. police say because the hateful messages were not directed at just one group, this may not rise to the level of being a hate crime. but they are taking this case quite seriously . they believe this likely was, again, a prank carried out by a local gang and that's why authorities are hoping that anyone with any
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innings on who was responsible for this act of vandalism will put in a call to san leandro police. alex savidge, ktvu fox 2 news. security is now tighter at tapes center in los angeles following a terrorist threat in january moments before the lakers game. tmz says it obtained a search warrant connected to that threat. the report says someone called police and warned that there were terrorists in the crowd wearing bombs and carrying guns at the laker--clipper game. he used skype to make the call. fans say extra police presence eased some of their concerns, you want to make sure everyone is screened and make sure that nobody has anything we would be worried about. >> make sure that everything -- all the surroundings are safe and, you know, if there is any potential threat, then, you know, more steps should be taken. >> now, according to tmz, police obtained the search warrant to force skype to give them the account information connected
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to the number. the threat is still being investigated. so far police have not identified a suspect. also new this morning, the coast guard released dramatic video of a major drug bust near panama on a submersible boat. now, take a look as armed coast guards men approached suspected gun smugglers with guns drawn. it had $200 million worth of cocaine. smugglers are increasingly using these submersibles because they are difficult to spot. this happened 300 miles southwest of man march 3rd. four people take noon custody. 9:07. we entered a post easter pause on the presidential campaign calendar. >> the next primary contest a week away, but the candidates are not taking of time off. >> several of them are looking ahead to this summer's conventions. >> next up is wisconsin on april 5th. it's going to get a laser focus
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from both democrats and republicans. may give us an idea of whether these things go all the way to the conventions this summer. bernie sanders may be talking about momentum after this weekend. donald trump and ted cruz may still be bickering about their wives. but the steady drum beat of state contests goes on and beyond the ballot boxes what's playing out behind the scenes may matter most. trying to win over delegates should this go all the way to the conventions. for the gop that could mean preparing for multiple ballots. >> and it's who is preparing for a contested convention. clearly, it seems it's the cruz cam pin. >> reporter: the cruz strategy convincing delegates bound to trump to support cruz on a second or third ballot. an uphill battle if trump walks into the convention with a clear delegate lead. >> it's a broken system. it's not fair. >> reporter: in the democratic race, bernie sanders coming off of a big weekend, racking up
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wins in hawaii, alaska, washington, shutting out hillary clinton. it's an uphill battle for sandoval in the delegate race. party insiders can vote as they please. most who have committed to clinton. >> but says sanders. >> you are assuming that every super delegate that supports clinton will stay with her. there are hundreds of super delegates who have not made a decision. we think we can win many of them. >> that may -- ahead of the -- clinton is heavily favored. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> and the latest poll among republicans in california shows donald trump with 37% support. ted cruz 30%. john kasich 12%. among democratic candidates in california, 45% of
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california voters say they back hillary clinton. 37% support bernie sanders. the polls were conduct by usc and the "l.a. times." there is a petition to allow firearms at this year's gop convention. it now has 43,000 signatures. that petition posted on notes that ohio is an open carry state. quicken loans arenastrictly forbids firearms. ted cruz and john kasich have not commented on the petition, but donald trump says he wants to study it and read the fine print. there are reports that the petition may have been launched as a spoof. donald trump is a grandfather again. the billionaire businessman's daughter ivanka trump gave birth to her third child. she announced the birth yesterday saying that the family feels incredibly blessed. donald trump, who is frequently made mention of his daughter's pregnant city while campaigning
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for the -- has not made any statements. here in california lawmakers are scheduled to announce a plan that could raise the state's minimum wage. i mean, we want to know what you think of $15 an hour. too little? too much? could it affect small businesses. let us non on #ktvu the 19. we will have more in 20 minutes and read some of your responses. coming up on montanaer "mornings "the 9", a state bill to keep drunk drivers off the road. and this is crazy. a children's easter egg hunt ruined by misbehaving parents. coming up in 15 minutes, the chaos that caused organizers to call off the event.
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>> all right. this week we will get to find out if any of the el nino storms made an impact in california's
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drought. on wednesday state water managers will do their most significant snow survey. the snowpack timically reaches peak in early spinning. it will help water managers determine if conservation measures can be modified or lifted in addition to an important manual reading taken near echo summit, there are about 100 other remote testing stations across the sierra. steve paulson. your thoughts? >> well, southern california is hurting. we are doing pretty well. >> it's amazing. >> i think 25 inches of water is what i heard. they are getting snow today. >> i ask you the tough questions. how long do you think the ski season will last this year? >> into may. >> into may? that's good. >> all right. >> a little bit of spring skiing. i tend to sit in the lounge. >> that's okay. >> you probably have company.
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>> snow in reno. 6-7 inches up there. so mountain weather. north star's had five. for us it looks beautiful outside. my ship just came in. bundle up because it's cold out there. it's sunny for us. there is clouds off the coast. there is gusts to 33, 40 miles per hour on the coast. it will be a cooler day. i think we will stay sunny. there could be buildups. overall, after tuesday i think calm down. next focus on the a's and giants home openner april. we are following some of the top stories around the bay area. let's go that dave clark. >> sal, thank you. here are some of the top stories we are following for you. opening statements start today in the trial of the man who is accused in the shooting death of an 8-year-old girl killed in oakland during a sleep over. darnell williams is accused of firing a shot into a home.
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alicia caradine and her grandmother were hurt. prosecutors say she targeted that home. williams is charged with killing a man during a dice game and prosecutors, they are seeking the death penalty against williams. meantime, a $5,000 reward is being offered by san francisco police to find the person who stabbed a british tourists during a robbery. 48-year-old paul tam died thursday night more than a month after he was attacked. he was walking with his niece near franklin when a man and woman walked up, tried to rob him. the attacker chases tam and stabs him during a brief struggle, then stealing his bag. tam's niece was not hurt. vta trains, they are running again between the civic center and st. james stations in downtown san jose. surface was shut down on thursday for emergency track
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repairs. the crews replaced a device that lets the trains transfer the one set of rails to another. a crack was found on that device a week and a half ago. if it was not fixed, it could have caused a derailment. and today is a day many bay area crab fishermen have been waiting for. wholesalers will finish testing the quality of dungeness crab in order to set a price. over the weekend the state lifted its ban on commercial crabbing after the season was delayed five months because dangerous levels of toxins were found. two boats went out to catch crab for the quality test. one boat from half moon bay. the other san francisco. if everything goes well, the commercial crab fishing season may begin by the end of this week. those are just some of your morning headlines. mike, sal, pam, i'll send it back you to. >> all right, dave. water canons fired at
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protesters in brussels. the violent crashes at the site of a memorial for victims of last week's terror attacks.
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about. mothers against drunk driving will have a joint news conference. >> it's a fascinating discussion and device. they are urging bay area legislators to pass a bill that would expand the state's ignition interlock law to all
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dui offenders. >> we are joined by natasha thomas. program director for madd in the bay area. good morning. >> good morning. >> so let's talk about six years ago. the dmv was kind of tasked with studying this issue, and madd was not happy with the progress of that particular study? >> yes, exactly. so we're here today to really push and get our community the awareness of sb1046 a bill introduce bid senator hill to incorporate technology for what it's worth to get drunk drivers off the road. >> tell us how it works. it's fascinating how somebody who is a convicted drunk driver is going to have this device. they will be required to have this device that prevents them from start tearing engine if their blood alcohol level is unacceptable? >> reporter: exactly. with a suspended license, 50 to
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75% of people still drive. sb1046 allows them to drive but with that interlock ignition device in their car. actually, that device in the state of california, with our pilot program, had stopped over one million stops for people with blood alcohols of .08 or higher. >> is it easy to disconnect? it seems like anything could be easily circumvented. >> reporter: with technology now, it's a hard device to get over. we know that it will help us save lives. of course, you have those loopholes and things of that nature. this device is going to help save lives on the roadways. >> does it stop people from driving when they have a .08? or is it for people who have been convicted of dui, you can't have any alcohol on you? >> reporter: there is a threshold. you're right. when you are at that .08 level, telling get your device to let
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you know it's time to pull over before it stops. >> it seems reasonable because these are people convicted of a dui and a lot of them go ahead and drive. i imagine there are league hurdles though? >> reporter: could you repeat that? >> what are the legal hurdles against this? it seems like a reasonable thing. you want to keep people from driving again. but what are you faced with some legal hurdles? what are they? >> it's just gonna -- sorry. >> are there any roadblocks to getting this passed? >> you know what? no, there has not. we have done studies. it's been a pilot since 2009. it has really showed the fact that it has stopped people from drinking and driving. like i said, there may be small percentages of loopholes. but it really has deterred and saved lives with people getting
9:24 am
this device installed in their car beyond just the license suspension. >> it's not punishment. it's about prevention in this case, natasha? >> reporter: that's exactly right. at the bottom line, what we do at madd is save lives. this is going to give us that other extra opportunity to really make sure people are aware of those who are convicted to get that device installed in their car for at least six months so they know the dangers of drinking and drives and they are not only saving our roadways and those on our roadways like myself and others, but saving them from killing or harming themselves as well. >> natasha thomas, program director for mothers against drunk driving in the area. thanks for a taking the time. >> thank you, guys as well. >> it is interesting. i know it will be an interesting debate in sacramento. she mentioned some of the loopholes. you never want a friend to allow you to drink and drive. i keep thinking, can someone blow. it? >> you can have someone else do that. you can use someone else's car. at least it's a start.
9:25 am
>> right. and it's picking up steam across the nation. >> a lot of states have successful results with this as well. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", the latest legal development in north carolina's battle over who can use which bathrooms in public places. and the annual big wheel race returns to san francisco. the video given to us by a fresco app user and how you can learn more about the app to get paid. breyers. the good vanilla. our milk and cream come from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones. this is so good! we owhat made their mystskin more radiant?nt. what?! wait! only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream. smooth dewy skin. dove, your daily beauty treatment for radiant skin.
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it
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♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i couldise above state lawmakers are expected to announce a plan to increase california's minimum wage to $15 an hour. state senator mark leno of san francisco says lawmakers and labor unions have reached a tentative agreement to make california's minimum wage the highest in the country by the year 2022. california easy current minimum wage is $10 an hour. if this deal is approved by the state legislator, minimum wage would go up 50 cents next
9:28 am
january and a dollar raises each of the next five years. some restaurants, they are saying that increasing the minimum wage would increase their costs and then they would have to increase prices. they worry that could mean fewer customers. another concern is that other workers who earn more than minimum wage would also demand raises. one restaurant owner says he could save money by serving food that requires less work so he would actually cut back on his staff. other business owners say the minimum wage does not take into account that some restaurant workers earn tips that can exceed their hourly rate. we asked you what are your thoughts. too high? too low? natalie chimed in on our hashtag tvuthe9. i don't see how paying employees can harm your business. >> it's good.
9:29 am
it's reasonable. and then there is also jason tobin. he says it's going to hurt small business. >> sal, you see anything? , $15 an hour will have an easier time keeping up with the cost of living. i think you read that, pam. and it said also here that it's not too little by any means today. by 2022, it should be at least $20 according to karen. she wants a little bit more. the best way to reach us when we ask questions like this is to use hashtag #ktvuthe9. a major disruption at the port of oakland. we have been gathering information this morning. tom joins us live in the newsroom. what's going on? >> reporter: sounds serious. another slowdown at the port of oakland. in this case, the total shut down of a terminal, which is the largest terminal at the port. made more important because of the recent departure of another terminal operator which puts more work in the hands of ssa.
9:30 am
the port opened the terminal at 6 a.m. and the truckers were led in. operations were supposed to start at 7 a.m. but they never started. this is a rumor, but from a fairly decent source, what happened was some of these people coming in very, very late, people that work at the port specifically longshore workers may have been fired because of repeated late attendance. again that is a rumor, but what is not a rumor is shortly after whatever happened the rest of the workers walked off and the ssa terminal closed and that left hundreds, if not thousands, of truckers waiting to get into the port, which isn't going to happen right now. it's a major inconvenience. it shows that either party in this situation can unilaterally shut down a huge section of the port, if not the entire port itself. i am told an arbitrator is en route. this is the way they settle these matters, to come to the port to try to arbitrate this
9:31 am
thing. that could take quite some time. as soon as we know anything more, obviously, we will let you know. that will be the story i will be working on today and we will get to it the bottom of it. >> tom, i have a quick question. you said that this is because some of the people who have been showing up late were they fired or disciplined or both? >> well, the rumor is they were fired. if that's the case, then there may well have been some sympathy for them. when you shut down the entire terminal, that's a very, very big lever. we are talking about all of those huge ships that have thousands and thousands each of those containers that have to be unloaded and loaded so that these ships can stay on schedule. this has been an issue with the port of oakland for many, many years. we thought it was settled after the slowdown at the end of 2014 into the february of 2015 time period. apparently it isn't resolved or whatever else has come up is new. it is big problem at the port of oakland. >> to reiterate, because we
9:32 am
talked about when this happened last time, the truckers lined up. it affects a lot of people. did you say at this point into time it does not look like we will see that kind of line-up waiting? >> i think a lot of the truckers went home knowing that there is no need for them to stick around while they wait endlessly, which they do all the time anyhow because it's so crowded at the port. so many of them have left. but there were trucks backed up onto the freeway today, which is not terribly unusual. it's not the way a port is supposed to operate. this port has a lot of work to do when it's getting more cargo and shipping produce overseas. they have got a mess over there and they have to straighten it out. >> it's also the ships. the ships can back up. >> not only that. this is one-day thing as far as we know right now. but the problem is a ship can change ports, you know, just
9:33 am
offshore. they can decide to go to the port of seattle. they can decide to go port of long beach in l.a. they can go down mexico. they can say the heck with it, we will go through the panama canal and go to the east coast or the gulf coast. they have to get this straightened out. this is a seemingly unending problem at the port of oakland. >> tom is going to be following this for our latest newscast. in an effort to stop recent sexual harassment and assaults uc berkeley has announced an interim leadtory take on the growing issue. >> yeah. this follows high-profile cases of faculty members accused of sexual harassment. >> brian flores is live on carmelo anthony right now with two will now oversee these type of claims and what she plans do. brian. >> reporter: hey, guys. yeah. certainly quite a bit of work to do. and really that includes building the trust of the students. when we spoke with them this morning they say they feel unsafe walking on campus or nearby campus even in the middle of the day. and terms from the university
9:34 am
standpoint, this presents the most urgent challenge they face today in terms of dealing with the sexual assaults and harassment. over the weekend uc berkeley chancellor nicholas dirks announced he appointed carla hessa as the primary coordinator to oversee sexual assault and harassment claims. she is the dean of social sciences. she has been with the university since 1989 as well. in a state she says she hopes to make a quick and significant impact in a number of areas. now, one of her primary responsibilities is the pending cases. the university is handling about 26 cases of sexual assault and harassment. her other responsibilities include ensuring there are enough resources to reduce the time to complete investigations, and also overseeing how reports are taken, which criticism with the university doesn't follow up with cases. we talked with students who remain skeptical this is enough to keep them safe. >> definitely like when we see the news, it's like we're like
9:35 am
pretty surprised, like how frequent these incidents are and how long they kind of go unnoticed for. >> it doesn't make me feel safe. my friends have told me things that have happened to them in the past couple of weeks. to make me unsure about walking by myself even in the middle of day really. >> reporter: now, the university has been under some criticism for not being transparent enough in recent harassment and assault cases. some of the more notable cases the firing of the basketball coach hufnagle and choudhury and marcy over sexual harassment allegations. carla hessa expected to begin this position immediately. the university is reportedly adding investigators to handle these sexual assault games from three people to six people. a lot of work to do as we mentioned. a lot of trust to rebuild here on campus this morning.
9:36 am
back you to. >> brian, thank you very much. new this morning, civil rights groups filed suit over the north carolina law that stops local government from passing their own anti-criminal nation rules. that's after state legislators passed a law that requires people to use bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond to theirend overnight their birth certificate. >> the stated law was? response to the city of charlotte allowing people to use restrooms that correspond to the gender they identify with. >> yeah. supporters of north carolina's new law taking came at san francisco. people held rallies in the city saying that the law infringes on the rights of transgender, bisexual, gay, and lesbians. san francisco mayor ed lee now says he doesn't want any city workers to travel to north carolina unless it's essential for public health or safety. now faith leader franklin graham is saying that mayor lee should focus on san francisco's problems. now to overseas. police in belgium are asking for information about man caught on surveillance video at the brussels airport right before
9:37 am
the terror attacks last week. the man in the white coat and hat is seen with two others believed to be the airport suicide bombers. the man in the hat is suspected of leaving behind a bomb suitcase which did not go off. it is not clear whether police arrested him and want more information to pinpoint his name, or whether police are actually still looking for him. and there is word out of belgium this morning that four people injured in the terror attacks have now died in the hospital bringing the death toll to 35. the u.s. state department says two more americans are confirmed to have been among the people killed in the attacks but the state department is not identifying them publicly yet. over the weekend it was confirmed that americans justin and stephanie shults died in the attacks at the brussels airport. they were living in brussels. they were dropping off stephanie's mother at the airport. her mother was not hurt. two dutch citizens, a brother and sister who lived in new york, were also killed in the
9:38 am
airport bombings. a disturbing incident in brussels yesterday. hundreds of self-described fascist protesters showed up at the site of a memorial for the victims of the terror attacks. police in riot gear used a water cannon to break up the crowd. witnesses say the protesters were chanting racist slogans. >> it was important for us to be here symbolically, and there were riot police blocking the way and there were lots of men who were here and doing the nazi salute shouting death to arabs. >> after police controlled the protesters, those who had come to honor the victims of the attacks were able to string a banner of flags from various countries on steps above the memorial to show their commitment to peace. at least 70 people were killed easter sunday in a suicide bombing in pakistan. the targeted christians there. the taliban is claiming responsibility. it happened at a park in lahore filled with christians.
9:39 am
suicide bombers targeted an area that was near children's rides. >> we are really, really sad and feeling so upset because this is a day of our worship. >> today in the area schools and businesses will be closed. all of pakistan is observing a three-day mourning period. facebook is apologizing for a malfunction in its safety check feature following the bombing in pakistan. the safety check is supposed to be a way for users to let friends and family know they are safe after a crisis, but yesterday people as far way as new york and virginia were sent messages asking if they were affected by the explosion. facebook blames the problem on a bug and apologized to anyone who mistakingly received a notification. probation violation in his easter message denounced the terror attacks in belgium. tens of thousands of catholics
9:40 am
went through very tight skate at st. peter's square to get near the pope and hear his message of hope. he urged support for the victims of terrorism and efforts to stop the violence. >> may he draw us closer on this easter feast to the victims 67 terrorism that blind and brutal form of violence which continues to shed blood in different parts of the world. >> the pope called on more countries to welcome migrants and refugees escaping from war zones. thousands of children are running around the white house lawn. first lady michelle obama called this a bittersweet day. this is the last easter egg roll of the obama administration. more than 35,000 people will turn fourth a day of fun, games and plenty of entertainment. president obama read "where the wild things are" to a crowd of children and later michelle obama is joining youngsters for a fun run around the white house. an easter egg hunt in connecticut got out of hand this weekend and organizers blame
9:41 am
parents. it was organized by pez candy company. it was supposed to take place in three stages starting with the youngest childrens. parents rushed the field knocking down kids in the process. >> my son left with a broken basket and was hysterically crying. >> it's unfortunate people left disappointed. that's never the goal. it's supposed to be a fun, free activity. >> more than 9,000 easter eggs were hidden in the field for kids to find, but organizers say more people showed up than expected. rush the egg hunt? i don't think i heard that before. >> the parents should be -- >> it's a little too competitive. it's an egg hunt. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", speaking of competition, red bull athlete meredith kessler shattered records at the ironman new zealand. we talk to her about her training and work to help challenged athletes reach their goals. and hundreds of thousands
9:42 am
of people come tout hear music that has been banned in cuba for decades. the free outdoor concert by the rolling stones that capped off a history-making week. making week.
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spring training finally wrapping up in arizona. the 2016 baseball season kicks off in just about a week. the giants have a few more games. they faced the white sox yesterday. 5-0 start. then the white sox came back. former giant travis ishikawa went 3 for 5 about five rbis. the white sox win 13-9. and the a's have three
9:45 am
more games before heading back. they routed the defending champion kansas city royals yesterday. the a's win 10-1. seven innings, allowing one run on four hits. the a's and giants begin their annual pre-season battle of the bay thursday at at&t ballpark. friday's game is in san francisco and saturday's game is out at the coliseum. >>all right. the a's open their season on april 4th and the giants on april 7. stay with us on ktvu. we will be live from the coliseum and at&t park on those mornings as baseball season officially gets underway. >> very exciting. we are excited for that. a mother of three from concord is said to take on a challenge that few would dare try. she is one of 29 worldwide winners chosen to take part in the polar 2016. she made this video to apply, received enough votes online to earn her a spot in the five-day
9:46 am
event. this is what it is. it's an arctic wilderness challenge. it involves navigating a dogsled more than 186 miles across norway to sweden. she is an avid hiker with a passion for taking on challenges. she says she has no experience with dogsledding. >> i feel i can do it. it's going to be really hard. i told my husband, and he said you can do it. it's easy for you. and then i thought, okay, maybe. i'll try. >> she has three kids. what's this, right? it starts on april 5th. speaking of challenging, marin based meredith kessler kicked off the 2016 irer ironman season with a record-breaking win in new zealand. >> she also works with challenged athletes to help them accomplish their goal. >> we are joined live onset with red bull ironman athlete
9:47 am
meredith kessler. congratulations. i have always been curious. your high school days, i mean, were you the stud athlete? did you run track? were you a swimmer? >> well, i was a four sport athlete in high school. >> there you go. >> you know. so i got my studying done. i played field hockey, which i played in college. swimming, track and lacrosse. >> and then when did you start thinking about lets just say triathlons? >> i graduated from syracuse in 2000. i literally as my college graduation money to purchase my first bike and i entered an ironman distance which is crazy. i entered a full ironman two weeks later and sort of caught the bug. nauer we at 57 ironmans later. >> wow. what do you do to keep yourself from, you know, overexerting your body. seems like this with be taxing? >> absolutely. it's a long day out there.
9:48 am
it can be anywhere from eight hours for the pro men to you have up to 17 hours to do it. at 37 years old i am hitting the end of my career. we hit frame 32 to 45. >> you crushed new zealand. >> thank you. yeah. you so you have to be careful with recovery and proper nutrition and all of that while maintaining that coveted balance lifestyle, which is what i like to call our brand. >> tell us about this race. it's the world's first global run. anybody can get involved. >> sure. it's the red bull wings for life run. it's running and wheelchair race. and it's a global event on may 8th. mother's day. it raises awareness for spinal cord injury research and cure. so the closest one to the bay area is in san clarita on may 8. >> is sounds like anybody can
9:49 am
do it? >> yes. >> thousand we join? >> you can go on the website wings for life world run dot-com. >> and you just say thaw are -- >> you want to be involved and you can find the nearest one located to where you live and join on may 8. >> people watching at home who, you know, perhaps they are more modest with their fitness goals, they may want to get where you are. >> how do you start? >> sure. you can build -- there are so many triathlons. that's so great. it's a very niche sport. there is the small distance. the sprints that will take maybe an hour up to the ironman distance. then there is the crazy, crazy, double ironman distance. i don't do it. i cap it at a nine-hour day. can you start out slow and slowly build. the hardest part is realizing you can do. give a little time to each. that's different than just running. for us it's three sports and you have to find time for each. there is a way do that. >> what makes you get involved
9:50 am
in helping people with spinal zus they don't get to do what you do. >> sure. another charity i am involved in is the challenge athletes foundation. that is just such an enriching charity that provides funding for disabled and challenged athletes. and it's to provide for funding for their training competition, rehabilitation. and to provide prosthetics. it's a love it is for people without legs and arms. so they are able to provide prosthetics for those people to be able to thrive in both sport and life and reach their goals in that capacity. i will do an event on april 16. it's an indoor charity ride. come on. i know you guys -- >> i can do four hours indoor. indoor cycling studio? san francisco. we will try to raise 300k that day to help challenged athletes reach their goals. >> when you work with the
9:51 am
athletes what do they teach you? >> i have the best example. a challenged athlete that does the run. i do a kids run. it's less than 1k. at the time this was now four years ago, this little girl is now 10. she distinctly, i remember her because she just had gotten -- received her prosthetic leg and we did the run. i am not joking. she was falling every two seconds. just down on the ground. down on the ground. getting used to the leg. the gumption that she had to get up and keep going, that right there is what is so inspiring and what challenged athlete foundation is about. now five years later almost she has had five different prosthetic legs and she is like 1k, where is the 10-mile? like i can do more than this. >> she was appreciative. >> yes. challenged athletes has enriched their life. >> all right. congratulations again on your win in new zealand. here is to a good season.
9:52 am
>> thank you. >> you got it. running the trail. coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", it's a terrible case of mistaken identity. we hear from the family in texas who returned to find their home destroyed after a demolition crew got the wrong address.
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hundreds of thousands of cubaens rock out to the stones. they played 18 of their biggest hits over three hours to wrap up a week that began with the historic visit to cuba by president obama. a texas family is homeless after a demolition company accidentally bulldozed the wrong duplex. i don't know how this happened. the demolition company was supposed to tear down a building a block away, but the street signs were turned around so the demolition team went to the wrong address. the owners of that building was torn down had been waiting on an insurance claim to be approved so they could fix tornado damage. >> when i did get here, i was just in shock. disbelief. hoping kind of just hoping it was a really bad joke. somebody is just messing with me. sure enough, it was gone. and it was left like this. >> your heart sinks first. and just because we felt so bad
9:56 am
for lindsey and mr. cutter that we made this mistake. we're gonna make it right. >> the owners and the demolition company are working with the insurance company to pay for rebuilding. well, in san francisco it's a tradition, 100 people rode down a steep crooked street on big wheels. the annual bring your own big wheel race is an easter tradition. this is video from fresco user devin meyers. the race started 16 years ago. it was originally on lombard street. people who live there weren't excited about it. >> i was here last year. a friend of mine lives up the hill. we said we got to do this. it's on the bucket list. let's do it. >> amazon. i got the "minions'" edition. she's got the classic. >> they get into it. organizers say the people who live on vermont street love the race. you can always hear news with us through the fresco app and get paid. if we use your video photos on
9:57 am
air. to learn more check out right there at >> you can get paid. >> you can get paid. 20 bucks for a photo. 50 for a video. >> i haven't been on a big wheel in a while. >> it's that's probably best, right? >> you think so? >> those things are -- >> they are small. they are plastic wheels. >> when your son -- is your son going to get one? >> no, he is on the mountain bike. >> he is up on the trails. >> yeah. that would be a good family activity. that is our show this morning. thank you for joining us mike and pam and gasia will be back. i don't think pam is gonna rae her hand for that one. >> no. ♪ ♪ ba da ba ba ba ♪
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