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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 30, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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it's the amazing sight of a goat left high and dry after -- >> its horns got caught on those lines. >> see the massive undertaking to move it back to the mountain. >> that is the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen. a racing bike leaneeds a go engine. >> but equally important, brakes. >> see how this biker creates a chain reaction. a dog spots something he loves. the moment the love comes right back. and a video to help guys figure out -- >> how would you like to come
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back to my place to watch netflix tonight. >> see if you recognize the clues to winning the battle of the sexes. >> i think it's got to be shame. >> i like this quote from jay-z, ladies in pink -- what you're about to see is probably self-inflicted. it's not a prank. i'll just let you guys absorb what's going on. >> what? >> wait a minute. did this thing sprout wings? >> no, it's flat-lining. >> poor thing. it was taken by the horns. >> those are really good climbers and i'm thinking this goat was in the brush feeding, eating, and its horns got caught on those lines. so now you've got these three guys standing on top of a van with one of the extendable ladders. see what they're doing? they're pushing the goat to this guy who has the rope trying to
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guide him back to the mountain. >> that's the most ridiculous thing i've ever seen. he must have jumped, though. >> did he bounce himself up. >> there are power lines, he couldn't be that close to the ground. >> never saw that one coming. >> i mean, you have to give it to the men for doing all this work to get the goat down. >> if there wasn't a video, i never would have believed it. there was another rescue that involved a hill. in this case, a giant rock. but you can see right there, that's cody. >> the cow? >> that's the dog. according to the posters, they said that cody's owner was on this giant rock and cody kind of ran up the the hill to try to save him. but then cody realized where he was and got scared and needed a rescue to get back down. cody's like, you know what? i don't want to get in this guy's arm, the other guys are waiting for me, so cody eventually makes it down the
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rock. i guarantee i will get christian's heart rocking. this is a real wheel-to-wheel helmet-to-helmet race to watch. one of the keys to racing is this. e qua as we work our ways through the bends and come up to the straight-away, we really build up the speed. suddenly on screen, we see no brakes. here's the guy in front of him, uh-oh, uh-oh! boom! it's a face full of wall. wouldn't it be great if we had the footage from the guy in front of him? we have the footage from the guy in front of him. watch the left of your screen. you'll see the full impact. boom! you can see it in slow-motion. the guy fell off right there. in the original angle, you can see it filled with almost like a -- of all things he decided to land on, that was the best thing. we head over to the u.k. for
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another race. this is full climbing. this is jeff, 22 years old. storm casey has swept through the u.k. lately and it's a little bit slick. he takes this left-hander, this is the back end, uh-oh, digs in, and goes scraping along on the side before eventually coming to a rest. >> i didn't look that bad. >> he's slid all the way down. within seconds, out of nowhere, the magical ambulance appears. and he slowly finds himself out. now he has no injuries or anything like that. it is a nice spectacular incident first to enjoy. technology is a beautiful thing. it gives us the ability to be in two places at one time and communicate with our loved ones. >> hi, casey. he was your trip? >> these parents are communicating with their son. their son is a marine and they believe he's been deployed to
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japan. they don't think they will see him for a few years. >> that's tough. >> it most definitely is. so they're talking to him. >> are you in okinawa? >> yeah. >> and this technology is pretty nice, video on your phone, boom. >> as they're laughing and talking, something happens. >> he's still on the -- >> boy, that took a lot -- >> oh! >> it takes them a second for it to all register. >> someone is like, wow, this is really, really good technology. >> plus they realized he's standing right in front of them, the screams, hugging commence. this marine got them pretty good. we see a lot of the homecomings from the human perspective. what about the doggy point of view. that dog's hardness is getting all kinds of great video. and watch what happens with his
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soldier. down the hall he goes into his arms -- >> hey, hey, hey! you smell good! i mess you! hey, hey, hey! >> i'm pretty dizzy watching you. you can defeat the enemy, but you the not defeat a dog that misses you. imagine taking a giant trampoline and shrinking it down to about that big. that's what you got in this video. oh, and they set it on fire. oh, yeah, then cover the ground with lots of slippery snow and ice. >> why? >> because the latest video -- check out this awesome black lining video he just put together with some of the best in the business, including one of our favorites sketchy andy, andy lewis. andy reminds me of will ferrell. i don't know why. >> oh, my gosh, he's doing it while the line is on fire. i thought that was just for looks. >> these are incredible ice
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formations. where is it? >> at a place in utah called icecaps. they have multiple locations around the world you can go. this is at the end of the icecapal season. that's why they look a little melted. normally they are the giant capsules that form out of ice that people can visit. but this time he invited in some of the best black liners in the business and watch them flap around. >> that makes them look so easy. >> that's the core strength. he was also kind enough to include some of the fails toward the end of the video. >> ah! >> you're landing in the cold, slushy mud on the ground. some of the guys in the video include andy lewis, nicki wilson, as always, they put together a behind-the-scenes video. if you want to check that out, go to and click on tv show or check out the mobile app. she's trying to go down the
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closed captioning provided by -- kills 99% of bacteria for a 12 hour shield of protection. act® advanced. so this kid is out on vacation in florida. but florida tends to rain a lot. his day a little hampered now, but there's always thunder and lightning. he wanted to take his camera and record it, have u.s. just to se recorded anything cool. and his timing couldn't be more impeccable. did you see how fast after he placed the camera there lightning strikes. and not just anywhere. the building right in front of his room. >> this comes flying off.
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>> i've never seen this. >> no. that's crazy! >> listen to it. >> oh, man. >> how crazy is that? right at the corner of that building it sends debris flying all over the place right off the building. >> it is like a bullet hit with all the shrapnel. that was crazy. >> now this can usually post videos on youtube. let's play xgames, right? now he wants to start a series of blogs. this could be a test video. >> now i want to become a storm chaser. >> looks like my wish was granted. ten seconds after i put down the camera. so confusing, we never know what is going on inside their heads. fortunately, we have a youtube channel to help us decipher the female mind. >> let's see you're at the bar and look across the counter. you see a cute girl that looks at you briefly, does a hair flip
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and turns back to her friend. is she into you? >> yes. that wouldn't necessarily be an indicator but it could be flirting. >> see how confusing that already is. >> you really can't tell from this example. >> second one. something we can all appreciate it. the office environment. >> she says, wow, do you think you can go any slower and playfully punches your arm. is she into you? >> that's playground flirting. >> starts with 5 years. >> you can't really tell from this example either. she might like you but just might be giggling and punching your arm as a sarcastic middle school throw-back. >> number three. christian vera is suddenly in front of you. >> she looks back and says, wow, i'm sweaty already. if only there was the same way to get a workout at home. >> oh, my gosh. if you don't get that i'm into you from that line, y'all got problems. >> the girl wants to be picked
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up at the gym, period. >> still can't tell that one. exercise equipment is pretty expensive and maybe she lives in a small apartment and just doesn't have space. >> okay. last. >> the guys are watching "wally" or something like that, she says, i'm getting bored, why don't you come upstairs with me? it's probably pretty interesting. but you can't be so sure. >> seriously, if she goes that far, she may not be into you? >> she may have a boyfriend. >> i don't think girls are the problem. i think it is guys being shady. >> well, i would like this quote, ladies are -- >> i think it's best to keep your wits about you and continue to look for signs. one thing that i take great
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like in is this. the first one involves this girl at a nightclub. and she's trying to go down the stairs. >> it was beautiful. ah! >> this all went down literally at the nightclub. >> in north england. >> yeah, they posted it on their facebook page. apparently she's a regular. >> why is that not surprising? >> onto these fellas. they played a little raquetball. and then -- >> ooh! ah! >> he went to swing and hit the dude right in the back. and that stung a bit. >> can we watch the the woman of the video falling down again? it's double the trouble
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with -- >> they have gotten into the makeup. >> what can possibly go wrong? >> who has done that to you? >> alice. plus, bartender. no more are you going to have to beg for the bartender's >> when wn technology takes ove. >> what? at olive garden choose one delicious entrée at our place and another for yours starting at $12.99 may all your tomorrow's be as delicious as today olive garden so we brought in a phd phd to help explain you're getting this refund because your son is a qualifying dependent, i, i can see that. good. good. good! good. great. intuit turbo tax.
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life looks great with tampax pearl. it's built-in, back-up braid helps stop leaks by channeling them back into the core giving you the best protection at home and on the go. tampax. power over periods. promotional considerations provided by -- this video is so darn cute, you can't make it up. we love them.
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we have seen them before always doing super cute twin-antics. this is their latest one. they have gotten into the makeup. >> who put that lipstick on you? whose done that to you? >> adley. >> one of them looks like tammy fay. >> are you going to be a makeup artist when you grow up? >> yeah. >> what's on the floor? and what is on the wall behind you? >> nail polish. >> there's lipstick everywhere. mom says you were told not to get into mommy's makeup. and they're like, well, it is not mommy's makeup. >> that's your makeup. >> no, whose makeup is that? >> hally. >> we're not going to use hally's makeup either, are we? >> so basically as a parent, oli, you have to hide everything until they're 7? >> no, everything is just broken. that's why this woman is so chill.
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>> now this isn't the first time the girls have messed with makeup. in fact, one of them not too long ago found the mascara. >> i am putting this on backwards. it's mascara, duh. >> they got the eyeliner in the right general area. that's a plus. >> that looks funny. >> yes, you do. >> you can't get mad at that kid. at the end, don't you worry, they promise mom they will never do it again. >> so, listen, are we ever going to do this again? >> no, we're not. >> no. >> we promise? >> no, i'm not. >> i'm glad they were honest. >> mom better just put her makeup away in a lock box. bartender, bartender -- bartender. those days are over! no more are you going to have to beg for the bartender's attention. now all you have to do is text. what? you can text in your beer order.
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this company has created a device that will serve a beer when you text your order in. so text the special number, it puts your place in line for the beer. how do you know if your beer is ready? because there's lots of other people in line? it texts you back and you enter the last four digits of your phone on the text. >> that's fantastic. >> this is in the works. it is showing off technology or what is possible. right now this is not officially available for purpose. >> you better be worried about drunk texting. nevermind. which leads to my next question, does it cut you off? >> it does. it keeps track of your order and
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frequency. and yes, it can cut you off. >> judgment from my phone. he was trying to reach up for something but now -- >> then he ends up in the compost bin. >> ah! >> see what it takes to get him out. >> he's got thisha
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always make so-and-so's favorite. little axle here is only 3 months old and figuring out how to do the weird looking things below him. >> it's so funny he's so unstable with those big paws. he's trying to figure out how those work. >> the the german shepherd puppies are like -- >> he's so cute. >> he's wearing a hat. >> you hear he's been drinking water in this unconventional way
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since she was a puppy. >> no. >> yes. from the bathroom sink. >> does she turn it on herself, too? >> no, she has to wait for it to be turned on. >> i feel like they need to dedicate the time -- it's incredible. it looks like she's brushing her teeth. what? now this next one cracks me up. see that cat at the bottom. >> oh, i love it. >> uh-oh. >> the person behind the door -- when they pop back up, they have moved up a few steps. >> yes! >> it shows you they're still predators at heart, these cats. >> right. and before you know it, it's all the way at the top and you never saw it move. that's dad. dad is in the compost bin. >> what was he doing in there?
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[ laughter ] he was standing on it and fell through it as he was trying to reach for something else. so now they've all got to come together to get dad out of the compost bin. and this is where it gets good. >> look at him. he's got a michael phelps pose. >> yep. >> so he walks out into the middle of the yard. they each help him out. >> alolook at his chest. >> you see them directing him. they are just going to lay him down on the ground. >> they each grab an arm. >> whoa! whoa! he lands on his stomach and begins to roll. now he's having fun with it. and now you see him trying to
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scoot and scoot and scoot. help a brother out at this point. and that's the end. the video before they get him out the sh. >> that's a bigger fail than dad falling into the thing in the first place. that's it, that's all. catch us on the next "right this minute."
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] charles: welcome to "tmz live." charles here. dax: and dax. charles: so khloe kardashian, we have been saying when is enough going to be enough after we put up the photos of lamar odom at a bar over the weekend and all of the concerns that we know that khloe and other people in lamar's life have about whether or not this is the start of him -- dax: going back downhill. charles: we now know that khloe is this close, this close to saying enough is enough because she is demanding that lamar get help, that he get treatment for she is demanding that lamar get help, that he get treatment for addiction and he is absolutely


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